Learning Curve

by Ri


Veba was on a bench studying her spelling and grammar books. She was in a wooded area in the center the community college waiting for Rickie, Stevie and Dory to meet her after their computer programming class.

She was busily sounding out the words to herself and writing down what she had figured out to be the correct answers. Then she quickly checked the back of her book to see if she had spelled them correctly.

Rickie smiled as she watched her love completely focused on her homework. They had been going to school for a month and Veba loved it. She was so fascinated about what she had learned that she couldn’t wait til she got home to do her assignments.

Veba was driving their history and Poly Science professors to distraction. “Why?” Was now her favorite phrase and she was constantly asking her professors why and how things worked the way they do. In English class she simply absorbed all the information. She did ask questions when she didn’t understand but she mostly just listened and carefully took notes. Their first reading assignment was pretty hard on her. They were working on it together. It seemed to be a bit easier for her love because Rickie was always happy to give a loving explanation on anything that she couldn’t understand.

“How now brown cow,” Rickie whispered into an elegant ear.

Veba smiled but didn’t turn as she replied, “I asked my teacher about that. He said they used it in the old days.” Then she turned and pulled Rickie onto her lap. “Hi.”

“Hi,” said Rickie softly to Veba as she kissed her tenderly. When they pulled back Veba asked, “Where are Dory and Stevie?”

Rickie caressed Veba’s cheek and then she got off her lap and carefully picked up Veba’s books so she could sit next to her. “They’re coming. Dory is getting this weird stuff on her computer and wanted to talk to our Prof about it.”



“Oh. What kind of weird stuff?”

Veba had taken her books from Rickie and placed them in her book bag.  Rickie snuggled closer to her as she answered, “We’re not sure it started last week. Now she’s getting this weird stuff on her tool bar.”


“It’s the top of her computer screen. It’s like some kind of virus only the software won’t capture it. Our Professor had some stuff he said might unscramble so he said they should wait til after class.”

“Oh? Why did you not stay too?”

“Cause I didn’t want to leave my beloved wife all alone. How was class?”

            “You are sooo sweet,” Veba leaned down and kissed her love tenderly. Then she pulled back full of excitement as she said, “It was very interesting. My teacher said I already speak better then most of his students I just need…um, smoothing out….”

            “Hmm, smoothing what out?”

            Blue eyes widened in surprise, “My speech.”

            “Does he touch you, Baby?”

            Veba pulled back all the way and studied Rickie’s face closely. She was confused by the sudden worry. “No he doesn’t. Why would he, Love?”

            “Because you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world…”

            “Rickie he likes men…”

            Now Rickie was shocked, “How…how do you know that?”

            “Because he introduced me to his beloved. He said I was his most promising pupil.”

            Rickie’s face lit up as she said gently brushing unruly bangs out of the big blue eyes, “Well at least he has good taste.”


Rickie laughed and said, “Did you learn anything new today or was it a review?”

“No, it was new stuff. I have a whole list of new words and a grammar list. It may help with Pride and Prejudice.”

            “I’m sure it will. If it that doesn’t help you with it, then I will.”

            Veba hugged Rickie close and said, “I already knew that.”

***                  ***                              ***                  ***                              ***

Veba could see how upset Dory was on the drive home from school. She was moody and wouldn’t talk to anyone. When she did she was unnaturally abrupt and her sense of humor seemed to have vanished.

Veba carefully approached her sister-in-law on the back porch.

“Hi Dory.”

Doris looked over her shoulder and smiled slightly. “Hi Veba, why do you seemed like your suddenly scared of me?”

“Um, you look very angry. You were kind of…upset with Rickie and Stevie in the car…I do not want you mad at me.”

Doris looked into the compassionate blue eyes. “I don’t think I could ever be mad at you Veba. You are so kind and you do everything from your heart. I know you’re here to try to comfort me.”

Veba nodded and sat on the swing next to the smaller woman. “Yes, that is because you are my best friend. It hurts to see you so upset.”

Doris put her head on Veba’s shoulder and Veba put her arms around her pulling her close. Then Doris whispered, “I’m scared Veba.”

“Of what?”

“I think I have a stalker.”

“What is that?”

“Someone who is trying to get to me but is not in my life.”

“To hurt you?” Veba held Dory protectively this was her sister and every protective instinct prickled her.

“Maybe but if I tell Rickie or Stevie they will act rashly. This needs a very careful approach.”

“You mean My Rickie and Stevie would try and get the one who is trying to hurt you?”


“Yes, I see my Love doing that but not Stevie…”

“She can react like that…”

“What would you like me to do?”


“Am I not your sister?”

Doris pulled back and looked into the concerned blue eyes.  “Yes, you are my sweet protective sister. Um, what you could do is tell Rickie. She will listen to reason if you explain it to her. If I tell her not to go off the deep end she will just ignore me and do it…”

Veba’s eyebrow lifted, “She does not always listen to me but if I ask her to promise me she will not break it.”

“Good, cause I need both my sister’s help.”

“And Stevie?”

“I will try to talk to her but I won’t let him get her because of me.”

“Yes, I understand that. Dory tell her the truth; tell her how you feel.”

“Will that be enough?”

“It is with My Rickie”

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

Rickie had changed into her nightshirt. She knew Veba was out on the back porch talking to her sister. If anyone could get Doris to open it was her sweet wife.

Veba came in and closed the door behind her. Then she went to the bed and sat down staring at the bedspread she said in a soft voice, “Hi Love.”

“Hi Baby, Did you get Dory to talk to you?”

Veba nodded as she played with the edge of the bedspread.

“Oh boy, I knew it wasn’t good but not this bad. So what did she say?”

Worried blue eyes looked up into just as worried green Veba took Rickie’s hand and said, “Sit down please, Sweetheart.”

Rickie sat down and asked, “What did she say, Baby?”

“First she wants you not to…um…to go nuts…”

“Dory said that?”

Veba nodded.

“Ok, I won’t.”

“No, Rickie I want you to promise me.”

“Veba is that necessary?”

“Yes Sweetheart, promise me. Please?”

“I promise.”

Veba smiled sweetly and tenderly kissed Rickie. Then she pulled back and said, “You are so good…um, Dory is very scared. She thinks she has a…stalker. She says we have to be careful and not do something stupid. She needs you Rickie.”

If Veba hadn’t had a firm hold of both her hands and she hadn’t just promised she knew she would have lost it. She took several deep calming breaths and looked deeply into Veba’s sweet loving eyes. Then she blinked and said softly, “Did she say what she wanted us to do?”

“She said she wants our help to find this person. It is someone from your computer class.”

“Do you want to change into your nightshirt before we go to our office?”

Veba was so proud of her Rickie for keeping her promise and not losing her temper. She pulled her onto her lap and kissed her passionately. Then she cupped Rickie’s cheeks as she gently gave her love butterfly kisses all over her face. She whispered between each kiss, “I love you so much. You are the best. You are perfect.”

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

Veba and Rickie looked over Doris’s shoulder as she downloaded the floppy disc she had received from her professor. She then took another disc that had a copy of the opening page from her computer at school and down loaded that. Suddenly the screen filled with  I Love You Doris  with pink hearts all over the screen. The music from Love Story filled the room.

Doris looked at Rickie and Veba who were staring at the screen shocked. Doris said in a soft serious voice, I know this is sappy looking but why the hell would someone do this? Why with an encrypted message that only my professor could decipher? I feel…scared.”

“Drop out of class the rest of this semester,” suggested Rickie.

“What if he follows you or Stevie home? I couldn’t put you in danger.”

“How do you know it is a he?” Asked Veba rather surprised.

“I don’t but I can’t call them it can I? I think it could be a man or a woman. Veba there are 30 people in our computer class how the hell are we going to figure this out?”

Stephanie was leaning against the wall to the office. She was really angry but she had promised her love not to blow up. “Has anyone flirted with you Sweetheart?”

“No, I don’t understand this. I don’t talk to anyone in class other then you two and the professor.”

“Has anyone touched you, Sis?”

“No Rickie; I’m a loner you know that. I just go to class and stick with you. I don’t even talk all that much except if I have a question.”

Veba was staring at the computer. Something was bothering her about it all. Her gut told her that something was not right. This wasn’t cute or charming it was just sickenly sweet like they were trying to be something they were not. She looked at her family and quietly asked, “Is there someone in your class who is…well like a baby?  They are silly or dress too young? They are not really a part of the class because they are too strange?”

Rickie smiled slightly and hugged Veba, “Your getting good at this profiling stuff, huh Love?” Veba blushed and shrugged. Rickie looked at Doris, “How about that weirdo Dawn? She is kind of babyish and she stares at you all the time.”

“Why would she? I don’t speak to her. I don’t even look at her.”

“She may be lonely.  I…I used to play in my head when I lived in the building.  I would pretend one of the people were my friends.  I never went near them it was all in my head they never knew but I would have a whole story in my head and they would be in it.”

Rickie gently lifted the chin that fallen down in shame and whispered, “I am so very glad I found you so you wouldn’t ever be that lonely again.”

There were tears in the big blue eyes as they met green and Veba swallowed and replied, “So am I.” She pulled Rickie on to her lap and hugged her tight.  Then she looked at Doris and Stephanie and said, “If this person is sick in the mind then he might not keep as a game like I did. They might try to reach out and touch the person they were using in their game.”

“Like me?”

“You are very nice Dory, you are pretty and smart. I see why they would pick you.”

The whole thing was setting Stephanie on edge, she asked quietly, “Veba how can we fight someone like this who has taken it way too far?”

Rickie shook her head at her friend frustrating the red head even more. “Stevie we don’t want to push this creep over the edge to where he or she would become dangerous. We want to be calm so we can get them…”

Stevie nodded briskly and stormed out of the room.

“Thanks for trying, Sis. It’s just that she is so mad I’m afraid she will beat the crap at the next person who looks at us. I…I..tried…”

“She loves you Dory, I would be just as upset if someone was after Rickie…I am really upset but I think we have to try and be calm like Rickie said.” Veba said quietly to the frightened woman gently stroking her hair while Rickie rubbed her back tenderly.

“She is trying to protect you, I understand too, I agree with her but I think that we need to take this slow. I want to break this person into pieces too. But I wouldn’t be much good for you from jail though would I?” Asked Rickie with tender smile.

Doris smiled through the tears and said softly, “No you wouldn’t. And think Veba would have a heart attack.”

“Yes, I would…um; do you want us to talk to Stevie?”

“Um, Veba would you?”

Veba nodded.

“And Rickie could stay here and keep me company?”

“Sure Sis.”

Veba bent and tenderly kissed Dory on the cheek. Then she looked at her love who she could see was fighting off tears herself. She kissed her love and then pulled back saying looking at them both, “I love all so much. You mean everything to me.” Then fighting her own flood of tears she left the room.

“Rickie I thank God you found her.”

“I know, so do I every hour of every day.”

***                      ***                       ***                          ***

Veba stood in the doorway of Doris and Stephanie’s room. The door was open and the redhead was on the bed sobbing.


Stevie looked at her friend but couldn’t bring the words she wanted to say out of her mouth yet. Veba approached her like she was approaching a wild animal. Very cautious knowing she could handle what ever was to come but not wanting to provoke anything.

“I know that you are scared.”

Stephanie nodded.

“You have to talk to Dory. You have to tell each other what you think and feel. It’s the only way to help her and yourself.”

Stephanie nodded again she smiled slightly at the wisdom that was coming from her innocent friend. “I know all that Veba. I just…well…we are….”


“Do you really think Dory loves me?”

Veba’s eyes became huge in surprise at the words, “Yes I do.”

“Then why won’t she trust me?”

“Stevie do you think I love Rickie?”

“Of course I do.”

“Do you think that I trust her?”


“Your right I love her with all my heart and soul. I trust her with my life and know she feels the same about me.  There are times when my Love says that she will be calm and reasonable and then she finds that she just can’t. It’s like when we were at that stake out at the diner and she promised she would stay in the car with me.  I knew she meant it.  There is just something inside that is very protective that will make her go out and do dangerous things like that. That is why I watched her carefully and when she started to open the door I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I did it to stop her but I love her so much I got carried away and just loved her til it was all over. I trust her completely but I also understand her and know that I have to protect her from herself.”

“And that’s what you did?”

Veba smiled and nodded.

“And you think that’s what Dory is trying to do for me?”

Veba nodded again.

Stephanie sighed and said, “Your right. Thank you Sweetie.”

Veba shrugged and blushed, “Sure.”

She got up to find Doris and tell her to have an honest chat with her beloved.

***                  ***                  ***                              ***

Rickie was lying on her back her eyes closed tears falling down her cheeks unchecked.

Veba came into the room, when she saw the tears falling down her loves cheeks her heart broke into a million pieces at the sight.  She went quickly to the side of the bed sitting down and pulling the crying woman into her arms. “Sweetheart, what is wrong?”

Rickie allowed herself to be cuddled and soothed. She knew she needed  that  right now and knew that only her Veba could give her what she so desperately needed. “Veba?”

“Yes, my love,” Veba whispered pulling her love onto her lap cradling her like she was wounded. “Why are you crying, Rickie?”

“I’m so worried about Dory and Stevie…and…you never told me about that thing about pretending you had friends…I wish…I feel like…”

“Shh,” Veba kissed her love on her forehead then pulled back and tenderly dried the tears. “We will help them. I…I did not think you…”


“No, no it is not that. I thought you would think it strange that I did that. I was scared you would not…”

Green eyes became huge, “You were scared I wouldn’t love you anymore?”

Veba nodded closing her eyes.

“Open your eyes please,” Tear-filled nervous eyes met Rickie’s, “There is nothing you could do that would make me stop loving you. You are my whole life. I just wish that I could have found you sooner. You must have been so lonely to pretend to have friends…”

“That all stopped when you fell into my arms. I…you always make me feel special.”

“That’s because you are special I am so glad we found each other.” Rickie was tenderly kissing her love along her neck down toward her chest. Veba stretched her neck out her eyes closing as she whispered back, “So..am…I….”

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

Rickie woke to find big blue eyes watching her carefully.


Veba smiled and replied softly, “Good morning, Are you better?”

Rickie nodded and gently untangled Veba’s bangs. “Yes, thanks to you. Sorry I got so emotional.”


            “Why what?”

            “Why are you sorry? Are you not allowed to be scared or worried?”

Rickie nodded, “Yes. It’s just…well I have always been the strong one. The one everyone could come to with their troubles.”

“I do not understand. This means you can not have worries?” Veba shook her head and settled Rickie so her head was comfortably nestled against her shoulder. “That is silly Rickie.” Then she kissed her loves nose.

Rickie chuckled and cuddled even closer but keeping back enough so she could still look into the beloved blue eyes.  “Yes. I know that. I love Dory but I was always the strong one. I was the one to fix everything and make it better. When you first came it was still that way. Once you started to feel confident in your decisions you didn’t need that you actually handle things better then I do. You’re calmer and more understanding. Now we all turn to you and I haven’t completely adjusted to that yet I guess…”

“No Rickie, that is not true. We work through problems as a family. Not one of us but we all work together. I am not alone anymore. I am so happy to have people who love me and I love. I am proud to have family to love, help and protect, aren’t you?”

Rickie pulled Veba closer so their lips were barely apart then she whispered, “I am glad we have you too. I am so grateful that I found you. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life. I love you so much.” She kissed her love with a deep passion.

When they pulled back Veba gently caressed her loves cheek and whispered, “So we are family who works together right?”

“Yes Baby.”


***                  ***                  ***                  ***

They had all just finished their history class and were heading back to the car. Veba was asking question after question as they walked across the campus.

“So we were a part of Mexico? Why are all the people who come from Mexico not apart of the United States?”

Doris was about to explain what happened when she noticed the hood of their car and stiffened. Rickie and Veba turned as one and looked to where the hazel eyes were now focused. On the hood under the windshield wiper was a pink note.  Stephanie stormed over and pulled the note out from under the windshield wiper.

Both Rickie and Doris moaned in reaction to the action.

“What is wrong?” Veba asked as they walked to the car.

“There went any hope of prints.”

“Can you not take Stevie’s prints and eliminate them when you check for the bad persons?”

“Yes Sweetie; that’s an excellent idea,” said Doris softly.

“This person is nuts!” Cried Stephanie when they reached her. Doris walked past her to the car and pulled out some rubber gloves for her, Rickie and Veba.

Then she took the paper from the angry redhead.

Doris my love, don’t worry I am waiting for my opportunity to take you away from that unhappy home.

It was unsigned and the words were cut from magazines. How they found enough letters in pink was what Rickie wondered when she got her turn to look it over. “I’ll analyze it when we get home. I think I’ll call Clark too, we need some help, Dory.”

“No Rickie, Please don’t call him. I don’t want everyone in the bureau to know about this.”

“Dory, Clark is our friend. If we ask him he will not tell everyone,” said Veba softly her eyes very worried as they met Rickie’s.

Rickie nodded at her wife then looked at her sister, “Veba is right Sis; He also has access to a lot of stuff we couldn’t get in to. He will help us and he is our friend.”

Doris closed her eyes and nodded.  She walked over to Stephanie and pulled her into her arms.  She whispered, “It will be ok Love, I promise.”

“Damn straight it will. I will not let this loony lay one finger on you,” said Stephanie hugging her tight trying to control her rage.

Veba looked at Rickie; Rickie put an arm around her waist hugging her close. Then she looked at her family and said, “Come on lets get home.”

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

After they arrived home Rickie called Clark and asked if he would be able to fly to Los Angeles. He was in Las Vegas at the time and just wrapping up a case so he said he would be there the next morning.

Veba was beside Rickie at their partner’s desk carefully studying the note.

“What do you think of it, Sweetheart?”

“I think that Stevie is right. This person is going to try to take Dory away from us.  I am very scared for her. I think we need to…um tail her?” Big blue eyes looked into proud green unsure if she was choosing the right word.

“Yes, that is the perfect word.” Said Rickie smiling, she was so proud of how Veba had learned the terms that she and Dory just used naturally for their work. “I don’t think Dory will give us a problem. She is very scared. I am worried about Stevie. She could get her self arrested by beating the crap out of the mail man.”

“Why would she do that?”

“If she thought he was doing anything that might harm Dory she might even just handing her the mail.”

“But is that not his job?”

“Yes Baby, but that is the problem. Our Stevie is on red alert.  She will be very over protective…”

“More over protective than you?”

“Yes, actually much more.”

“Oh boy, that is scary.”

Rickie smiled for the first time since they got the note. “Are you teasing me?”

Veba smiled shyly back and nodded, “Yes. At least I got you to smile. I am scared for our family too but at least Clark will be here soon. That will help, will it not?”

“Yes Love. He does know his job.”

Veba nodded. She looked back at the letter. She had on rubber gloves so she wouldn’t damage it. The only finger prints were Stevie’s and they hoped the person who was doing this. Rickie took finger prints and put it carefully under glass so Dory could look at it when she got up and Clark could examine them as well.

“Do you see anything that might help, Baby?”

“The paper is sort of like the note on Dory’s computer. It is the same type of person that picked this out. It is all pink at this part…”

“The insert…”

“Yes, the insert is lacy. All the letters are loopy and fancy. It is very carefully done. I wonder if there will be any finger prints at all. This is not a stupid person.”

“You think it might be wiped clean?”

“Yes, it is very neat.  Um, Love…we take a different car every week. How did they know that was our car?”

Green eyes widened as she realized the truth of that. Stephanie had decided to try out all the cars that Veba’s family owned so they drove a new one every week. “Shit! Your right. How could they know that unless…”

“They are watching us?”

“They know our schedule…but how could they…shit!”

“They must have broken into the school files, Rickie.”

“Terrific! That means he could find us. Are we locked in for the night?”

Of course Darling, we do that automatically.” Blue eyes suddenly widened. “Rickie could they get into our phone and computer?”

“No, they would have to break in to do that or at least have a truck out side. I’ll have Clark check in here and have him sweep the area to be sure we’re clean. I’ll also have Dory run our computer system in the morning to make sure there are no little spies in our programming.”

“I’ll go check the house,” said Veba softly as she got up took off the gloves. Then she tenderly kissed her wife before she left the room to make sure the family was safe for the night.

“This is getting too damn scary,” Rickie said to herself when she was alone waiting for Clark to answer his cell.

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

Clark knocked on the door to be met by very sleepy grumpy green eyes. He smiled brightly and said, “Hi ya, String bean.”

“Put a cork in it old man, I am not in the mood right now,” said Rickie as she led her friend to the office down the hall.

“Well if you yawn that big I’d say you had no sleep last night, right?”


“No sleep or a sense of humor makes Rickie a dull girl.”

“Shut up!” Said Rickie as she entered the office and headed right to her wife.

Veba was watching in fascination as Doris used scans of Stephanie’s finger prints to eliminate them and leave only the stalker. She pulled her love into her arms and smiled sweetly at the FBI agent, “Hi Clark.”

“Morning Tiger, See Rick your wife knows how to be pleasant in the morning.”

“I said shut up!” growled the blonde as she was pulled onto Veba’s lap and cuddled close. She felt a soft kiss on the crown of her head she nuzzled her head on her loves warm shoulder.

“Tiger, I think you need to put her to bed.”

Big blue eyes sparkled as they met amused hazel eyes, “Oh yes I will, I want to see you work with Dory first.”


“I want to watch you do your stuff.”

“Why don’t you just tuck her into bed and then come back here.”

“We don’t like going to bed with out each other…”

“That is too much information, Darling,” Whispered Rickie.

“Oh?” She shrugged her shoulders kissed Rickie on the nose which made the smaller woman smile and wiggle so she was even closer.

Clark chuckled as he pulled out his laptop and got to work.

Dory asked, “Did you get anything from the scans you ran outside?”

“Yes. It was all negative. No bugs out there that we can detect. Did you check your phone and computer?”

“Yep, thanks to all the nice shiny equip you sent us. Its all clear.”

“No problem my friend ok let’s see what nutso is doing here.”

“I have a partial print.”

“That may be enough,” said Clark with a smile.

“Would you stop stalling and do it!” growled the sleepy blonde.

“Your wife is really polite, Tiger.”

Veba nuzzled her cheek against Rickie’s and stroked her hair as she replied, “She is just sleepy. She will be fine. What are you going to do with that?”

“I am going to down load your partial print into the FBI files and see what pops out. Even if it’s only a security scan for a job”

“Oh? I did not know people did that.”

“Anyone who works for the Government. Both Rickie and I have one,” said Dory smiling at her curious sister-in-law.

“But why?”

“Because we work for the government a lot.”

“Oh? Would you need to do one for me?”

“Not yet Tiger. Not unless you do some work for the government directly. You haven’t yet so it’s not needed.”

“Oh? Ok,” Veba shrugged as the files blinked on and off the screen and picture focused.

“Do you know that person, Dory?” asked Veba quietly.

Doris shook her head.

“Love?” Veba asked Rickie softly.

Sleepy green eyes blinked open. She was still leaning her head against Veba’s strong shoulder. Her very blearily eyes focused and Rickie said, “No I don’t know him either.”

Doris was still studying the pic carefully, “He does look sort of familiar but I don’t know from where. Do you think it’s a red herring?”

“Could be, I’m printing his file.”

Veba pulled off one copy for her and Rickie to read while Clark read the second one with Doris. Veba was very alert and read the information fastest.

“Clark, this man in is a very bad person. He has done a lot of stuff.”

Rickie nodded, “He’s a terrorist, I think you should call in a team”

Dory shivered as he met her sister and sister-in-law’s eyes and then she looked at Clark. “Do it.”

***                  ***                  ***                  ***

Clark had left and everyone was fast asleep when the peace of the house was disturbed by loud a piercing scream.

Veba and Rickie jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to Doris and Stephanie’s room.  Doris was sitting up still screaming her eyes open and glazed with pure fear. Stephanie had pulled her into her arms and was trying to ease her back into the here and now.

Slowly Doris calmed down and lowered her head onto her love’s shoulder. Stephanie kissed the crown of her head as she rocked them both back and forth in a soothing motion.

Panting Doris whispered, “Sorry.”

Veba and Rickie came to the side of their bed. Veba tenderly took her friends hand and stroked it. Rickie skidded back and gently rubbed her sister’s back.

“No need to say sorry, Dory.”

“Veba is right, Sis. You have every right to be scared.

“I’ve never reacted like this to danger before.’

Rickie met Stephanie’s eyes and slightly shook her head.  “Dory, you’ve never been a target before.”

“I know but we all need our sleep…maybe I should sleep in the living room…”

“No way!” Stephanie said angrily.  “This nut is not going to drive you from our bed. I can deal with the nightmares.”

“Stevie is right Dory, You are allowed to have nightmares…” Veba looked into understanding green eyes, Rickie smiled sweetly and nodded encouraging Veba to continue. Veba took a deep breath and then looked at her sister-in-law with eyes full of the purest understanding.

“When I first met you and Rickie I had nightmares every night. I never screamed….I just got out of bed curled in corner and cried until I was over the fear that haunted me. You see I did not want to wake my love I was worried she would think that I was weak. When Rickie found me a few days after I moved in here with you, I told her what I was hiding and why so she insisted we that have a long talk.”

Doris was surprised she never knew about that. “What were they about?”

“My stepfather hurting you and my Rickie.”

“You’re kidding?”

Veba shrugged and looked at her wife lovingly. Rickie put an arm around her and kissed her cheek tenderly. “No she’s not; they went on for quite a while.”

“What happened,” Asked Doris shocked by the whole story.

“After a month and half of cuddling and talking out her fears they seemed to ease away. After a while they stopped.” Said Rickie then she tenderly kissed Veba on the nose making her smile. Then Rickie looked at her sister and asked, “So?”

A very tiny smile came to Doris’s face which made a flicker of a shadow of one flashed across Stephanie’s. “What?”

“Come on Sis, talk.”

Doris looked at her love and then she smiled at her sister, “You are a pain in my ass.”

Rickie chuckled, and put her head on Veba’s shoulder, “Yep, ain’t I lucky everyone loves me despite my many flaws?”

“I think your flaws are beautiful,” whispered Veba softly and kissing her cheek.

“That’s cause you love me.”

“Very, very true,” purred Veba as she licked the rim of her loves ear.

Doris’s expression had gone from terrified to amusingly annoyed, “Hey, excuse me you two, my problem?”

Rickie playfully snapped her fingers, “Oh yeah that’s why were all on your bed I thought we were having a pajama party.”

All four women laughed relieving some of the tension. “So Sis?”

Doris swallowed then replied softly, “I was walking alone on the campus at the school. I’m looking for all of you.  I can’t find you…I get very desperate as I keep trying to find you. I walk toward the parking lot and find someone standing by my car. I am there but the person disappeared…then suddenly there are cold hands around my throat…then I woke up in a cold sweat screaming my head off…” Doris closed her eyes tears gently falling down her cheeks as she shivered in memory.

“Did he look like that man in the file?”

“No Sweetie. They had no face at all. It was just this scary figure.”

“How long have you been having them?” asked Veba reading the hidden meaning behind the shy hazel eyes.

Doris looked down at her hands and whispered, “A week.”

“A week?” Why didn’t you say anything?” Asked Stephanie shocked and even more upset.

“I didn’t want to worry you, Love.”

“I was already worried.”

“Well, worry you more then…”


“Steph, I…”

“Come on you two lets stop worrying about who did what in the past and concentrate on now please. You can have a talk after we all go back to bed.” Said Rickie trying to defuse the fight before it got out of hand.

“We sure as hell will won’t we?” asked Stephanie pointedly.

Dory nodded mutely.

Veba was observing Dory her head tilted, “Dory were you this nervous before we found that note?”

“I was upset by the computer thing, but no, I didn’t have this kind of feeling of danger. Why?”

“Do you think there is a connection between finding the note and the nightmares?”

Doris blinked.  “Um, yeah I think that’s it… do you think I foresaw this?”



“Oh? Yes, I think that is possible. It is strange that your nightmare is in the parking lot and that is where we found the note.”

Rickie looked at her wife and asked softly, “What are you thinking about?”

“Maybe we should focus on that parking lot in our plans against this person.”

***                              ***                  ****

Continued in Part 2


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