By Ri

Disclaimer; This is a tribute to one of my favorite comedies, Called "What’s up Doc" I do not wish to do anything other then borrow the characters, no financial claims will be made they belong solely to Warner Brothers. This is a small focus of very funny complicated movie that always cheers me up when I’m low. So I want to thank Peter Bogdanovich, Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal.

Authors Note; I also would like to thank two of my fellow bards, Mj and Larisa for their help and suggestions for this story, thanks you two J

Judy Maxwell was in San Francisco but she didn’t know where to go. She was suppose to be in school but she had just been thrown out of yet another one. She was too scared to face her patient but concerned father again to tell him she screwed up. He was always kind about it but his nerves were shot and she didn’t want him to get sick because of her, Again, She thought to herself rolling her big blue eyes. Across the street was a temporary solution to her problem. The Fairmont Hotel.

She crossed the street and much in the manner of certain rascally rabbit caused havoc and destruction with out realizing it. Two motorcycles swiped into each other trying to avoid hitting the oblivious woman. They were not hurt in fact they got off the ground and immediately were yelling at each other in two different languages as she entered the fine old hotel. Judy was a very beautiful Bugs Bunny. She was tall about 5’9 with long raven black hair and crystal blue eyes that were twinkling wickedly behind her dark sunglasses. She was dressed like a typical student with her hair pulled up into a baseball cap that said NYU, she was clothed in a sweat suit with a long trench coat and sneakers. In her hand was small overnight case.

She leaned over the front desk to see where there were still keys in the slots and when the front desk clerk came over she gave him a dazzling smile, He nodded stiffly and asked, "May I help you, Miss" Nothing impressed Fritz except money and it was obvious to him she had none.

"Hi, I’m here to meet some friends they were staying in room 2012…"

"Zat room is vacant miss…"

She gave him an utterly confused expression, "I don’t understand they said they would be in room 2012 at the hotel Claremont…"

"Zis is the Fairmont not Ze Claremont, We are world famous." He said tersely.

She smiled sweetly and said with a wink, "I guess one of us is in the wrong hotel, huh?" As she turned and walked to a bank of house phones.

"Ze weirdo’s you get in zis city!" He muttered snootily as he returned to his duties.

Judy waited patiently for room service to pick up when a couple entering the hotel captured her attention. She quietly gave her order as she examined the couple’s movements closely. They were the same height, the man was short balding and talking constantly. The woman was beautiful and she was the person who captured Judy’s eye. She was small and blonde and built. She had a vacant look on her face and was nodding at everything the man was saying to her.

Judy finished ordering her meal to room 2012 and followed the woman with beautiful green eyes down the escalators, She saw a waiter with veggies pass by and swiped a couple of carrots as she hopped on the escalator and thought, Where you go I go….

*** *** *** ***

Muriel Banister entered the Fairmont hotel as she pretended to listen to her fiancee chatter on and on. This was her first time out of Iowa and she felt so happy to be in a big beautiful city like San Francisco but she felt so trapped by Herbert Sigmund. He was a good man but he was controlling and he basically tricked her into becoming engaged by saying, "Who else will you marry Muriel," He squeaked at her as he gestured around the classroom they were in at the Music Institute. "There is no one in this town other then kids and old man Parker. I’m it, so we might as well get hitched"

He’s so romantic, the ass hole. I wish I could just leave him but he’s right I’d end up all alone. She thought to herself as she looked around the beautiful lobby with glazed green eyes. Now I’m stuck with a man I find only annoying and irritating. I belong somewhere like this. Free to pursue my own dreams with someone who makes feel good, not stuck with a man who thought the world revolved around him. She sighed and told the self-involved man that she had a headache and she was getting some aspirin.

"Well go if you must but be back in 5 minutes we have a lot to do before tonight"

She rolled her eyes as she went down the escalator to escape the man for even a few minutes.

*** *** *** ****

Muriel pulled a huge rock shaped ceramic from a shelf in the drug store it had a picture of the golden gate bridge on it. She smiled at it, it was silly but kind of cute, behind the rock were twinkling blue eyes that were attached to the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Judy bit a carrot seductively and asked, "What’s up Doc?"


"Mmmm, we should really stop meeting like this…"

"Like what? I think you have me mixed up with someone else I just came in for some aspirin."

"You will need an awfully big glass of water to swallow that."

Muriel was frustrated with this odd beautiful stranger and was about to put the rock back when Judy said, "Your awfully beautiful when your angry, Stephanie."

"My name is Muriel not Stephanie…"

"That’s nice I like Stephanie better…"

"Look Miss….Miss…"

"Judy Maxwell," Said Judy with the most dazzling smile that Muriel had ever witnessed. She almost fainted in reaction. She automatically held out her hand and said in soft voice, "My name is Muriel Banister. Its nice to meet you."

Judy’s smile broadened and she captured the hand it felt so good in her own she was not about to let it go. A small bit of enjoyable arm wrestling occurred the shelf shifted and all the stuffed animals on top fell on top of Muriel. Judy was instantly on her feet and at her side, "Are you all right? Does everything work? How is your coccyx, I hope its functioning…"

"Hey, what’s going on back there?" Yelled the clerk from the front of the store.

"Oh, Nothing we were just looking for a little aspirin."

Muriel managed to get up and with the little dignity left to her she said quietly, "I’m ok, really please just leave me alone."

"But…" Judy couldn’t leave this angel alone she found the person she had been searching for her whole life and she wasn’t about to let her escape.

Muriel felt the connection too, but she fought it, "Just go please."

Judy had a devious smile on her face as she said innocently, "Okaaaay," In a long drawn out way that Muriel would learn after a bit, only meant trouble.

Judy walked over to the counter and spotted an expensive CD player she put it up on the counter and with a sweet smile said, "My sister will pay for this."

"I don’t like clumsiness in my store. Is she ok? You know drugs…."

"Oh, no, no, no…This is our first time in the big city. Its nerves that’s all. Were on our first vacation so far from home."

Muriel came up toward the counter and tried to ignore Judy who had stepped away from the counter as soon as she approached and smiled seductively at her as she passed by. Muriel blushed and whisked by her with the aspirin and waited for the clerk to ring up her purchase.

"That will be $68.87."

"What? Um… How much is it with out bufferin?"

"Look the aspirin is only $5.00 the CD player is $59.60."

"What CD player?’

"That one."

"But, I don’t want a CD player."

"How about your sister?"

"I don’t want a sister, I mean I don’t have a sister..I mean…Oh forget it…."She said running out of the store with out the aspirin or her dignity.

Judy ran after her angel, "Hey Stephanie what kind of vacation is this?" She shrugged at the clerk as she ran to catch up with the small blonde. "Hey Stephie, Stephie…"She said as she reached out to grab the back of her pink jacket to slow her down. It ripped right in half because she had pulled too hard. Muriel looked incredulously at the tall woman who looked sheepishly at the smaller woman. "Oh boy, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to. I can fix it. Why don’t you let me…"

"I don’t want you to do anything for me," She tried to go onto the escalator but Judy blocked her path so she went up the down while Judy when up the up side of the escalator. She kept back stepping to keep level with the struggling blonde.

"Stephie, Stephanie come on talk to me…"

"Look, I am not Stephanie or Stephie, I’m Muriel and now that you know my name I wish you would just forget it."

Judy leaned over the banister and purred, "I like Stephie better anyway."

As they came to the top a high shrilly voice whined, "Muriel, I said 5 minutes…"

"I’m sorry Herbert I had some trouble in the drug store."

"Stephie, you didn’t tell me you were married?"

"I’m not."


"But we will be soon," Said Herbert pulling the blonde close to him.

Judy saw the uncomfortable look in Muriel’s eyes and she felt a fire in the pit of her stomach as she said, "Condolences."

"Who is this person?"

"Just some person I met in the drugstore."

"Oh yes, Never mind little me. I’m just someone she met in the drug store," She said smirking at Muriel and giving Herbert a broad wink as she headed back toward the escalator.

"Don’t you know the meaning of propriety?" He asked as Judy started back down.

She looked at them with twinkling blue eyes," Propriety, verb, being proper, conformity, see etiquette…" I’ll be catching up with you my angel really soon so prepare yourself, Thought Judy with a smirk as she headed toward the Elevators to the rooms.

*** *** *** ***

Judy approached room 2012 with a feeling of relief, she was starving. Sitting on a tray in front of the room as she instructed, was her dinner. Just as she got to the door a stranger opened it leaned down picked up the tray and smiled up at her, "Hi" He said as he went back into the room shutting the door behind him. "I don’t know who he is but I hate him," She said aloud as she growled at the closed door. She leaned against room 2010 and fell inside since the door had been left open. When she got up she saw it was obviously occupied and was about to leave when she spotted a familiar pink jacket on the bed. She walked over and checked to make sure it was ripped. She was delighted when she realized whose room she accidentally stumbled onto. She closed the door and whistled as she went to her task of fixing the beautiful blonde’s jacket.

After she finished she carefully placed it in a cupboard in the door for dry-cleaning and wandered around the girl’s room. She walked over to the dresser and smelled the girl’s hairbrush, Apples, Thought Judy with a love sick smile on her beautiful face. She sighed as she gently and reverently placed the brush back on the dresser. I’m falling for a straight stranger, What the hell is wrong with me? She thought to her self as she continued to examine the belongings of her angel. She just couldn’t help herself it seemed as she continued to tumble under the blondes spell with all the abandon she did everything.

Just then she spotted the invitation on the counter,

Musicologist’s Convention

Award Nominee- Muriel Banister

Guest - H. Sigmund

Dinner and Award Ceremony begins at 6:30p

In the Grand Ballroom


"Hmmm, "H" Huh?" She held the invitation under her chin as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror, her eyes were twinkling with delight and mischief. "Dinner and my Angel, Oh yeah, I think I can make this." She thought wickedly as she began to pull out some clothes for the evening.

*** *** *** ***

Muriel finally made it into the convention. Herbert had yet another headache, She rolled her eyes at the thought. He would be coming along later. She just wished he really did have a headache so she didn’t have to hear him rant and rave about the beautiful Judy Maxwell. She blushed at just the thought of the woman, I don’t know what it is but something is drawing me to her like a moth to the flame. She thought to herself as she entered the ballroom and looked for her table.

They were at the convention because of her research in musical archaeology, Herbert merely assisted and yet he acted like he was the one who was nominated. She was no longer his assistant and hadn’t been for two years she held her own Doctorate and she wished he would just get over it.

There was a crowd gathered around her table and as she approached a man said, "Ah Banister good, Sigmund was just telling us about your adventures…"

"What adventures?"

When the men parted Muriel was able to see seated at the table with a huge smile on her face none other then Judy Maxwell. Her eyes became as big as saucers and she said in a breathy voice, "Her…Her…."

"Herbie, Yes dear, I know its me. Sit down my friend."


"You know how to sit dear, Come on bend your legs. That’s a good girl sit down so the others can gaze upon your beauty in wonder." Said Judy as she caught Muriel’s hand guided her to the seat beside her.

"What are…"

"We really do need to work on your stutter, Dear. I know I am merely your humble assistant and you are the genius who was nominated for this fine award. You need to calm down so these nice men can benefit from that brilliant mind of yours."

Muriel was amazed, How on earth could she know all this? Beauty? Genius? If only the real Herbert acted this way, She thought to herself as she sat in the chair shakily. She whispered desperately, "I have got to talk to you."

Judy nodded and said with a smirk whispering back, "Meet me under the table," She said out of the side of her mouth like a bad imitation of Humprey Bogart.


"Ooops, I dropped my napkin." Said Judy suddenly out loud.

Muriel nodded a knocked a fork over, Once under the table she whispered, "You have got to get out of here…"

"And miss all the good stuff that’s coming?" Replied Judy getting as close to the smaller woman under the table as possible.

"Herbert will be here any minute."

"That’s the good stuff. Don’t worry, Stephie you will win your award I’ll make sure of it."

"My name is not Stephie." Said Muriel irritated that she never used her real name.

"You have got to stop repeating yourself," Replied Judy calmly as she brushed some unruly blonde bangs back from the green eyes she was looking deeply into.

Muriel blushed and replied in a confused voice," I am not repeating myself, I am not repeating myself…Oh God, I am repeating myself…" She found that she falling under Judy’s spell. To be honest with herself she really didn’t want to fight the effect the beautiful woman was having on her. As Judy recognized that her feeling were definitely returned she moved even closer to the smaller woman. She was gently stroking her back and her hair. Just as their lips were about to meet a commotion in the ball room above them broke the spell.

Herbert in a high squeaky outraged voice was yelling at the top of his lungs, "Muriel Banister! I demand to see Muriel Banister!"

Muriel and Judy peeked up from underneath the tablecloth and Muriel looked right into angry, annoying brown eyes that were boring into her. At the same time she felt the still gentle hand of Judy Maxwell stroking her back. "Tell them who I am!" Yelled Herbert

She closed her eyes and opened them not being able to help what spilled out of her mouth in a quiet mouse-like voice, " I never saw him before in my life."

Herbert keeled over right into the arms of the security guards who took the dead weight out of the ballroom. Judy whistled smiling wickedly as Muriel pulled the tablecloth back down. She put her head down and tears fell from her eyes as she realized what she had just done. Judy suddenly realized that Muriel was upset and cradled the beloved woman in her arms as she cooed to her," Don’t be upset, My Angel. Everything will be all right, I promise." She kissed the crown of the blonde head and held her tightly to her trying to ease the pain she accidentally caused.

Muriel was amazed at how comforting it was to be held by someone. She felt content and safe in Judy’s arms, She sighed and leaned into the taller woman allowing her to take care of her for a change.

*** *** *** ***

Judy and Muriel were now alone in the ballroom. Judy looked at Muriel with a sweet smile and asked quietly, "What’s wrong, Stephie?"

"My name is not Stephie."

"What’s wrong, Honey?"

Muriel groaned and rolled her eyes as she looked up into sparkling blue and sighed, "How am I going to face Herbert?"

"Oh Angel, That’s easy. You just go up to his room and look into his eyes, they will be red from drinking all night, the shock and all. Anyway, You will ignore all that and look deeply into those red rimmed swollen soulless eyes and say, "Herbert, I acted like a cad, a bounder. I see everything clearly now and I have come to a decision. Judy and I are going to put you into a home for the permanently annoying…"Judy broke into laughter and Muriel moaned burying her head in her hands.

"Oh come on Stephie, It was a great evening. You won this nice award and made some good contacts. You will get the job as the head of your department and everything will turn out fine like I promised you…."

"Wait, How do you know about that? What did you do?"

Judy shrugged and tried her best to look innocent but only looked pleased with herself, "Well I talked to the Dean. He was sitting right next to me. He does call me Herbie you know, Angel. Luckily I found out he never met old Herbie and sweet talked him into giving the job to brilliant wonderful you, instead of foolish incompetent me…"

"Wait! You’re not Herbie… I mean Herbert is Herbie…I mean no one is Herbie. Oh God, I don’t know what I mean…"Muriel suddenly stood up and headed for the door. Judy beat her to it and leaned against it. She put her arms around the smaller woman and pulled her closer, embracing her. "You mean that if the Dean finds out I’m not Herbert you might not get your promotion," She purred quietly into her ear as one hand gently rubbed the other woman’s back.

"Um…Do you have to stand this close to me?"

"I’m very nearsighted."

"I…I…I have to go…"Said Muriel trying to pull out of the embrace.

Judy let her go and said, "I’m sorry, Stephie. I was really only trying to help."

Muriel stopped by the door and looked up into suddenly sad blue eyes, She looked at her and sighed. "Judy, I know that you don’t mean any harm….Your just different…"

"I know, I’ll try to be the same though," Said Judy as she again approached the young woman and embraced her coming really close to her, their lips were again a breath apart and then she rubbed noses with her. She pulled back and looked into confused green eyes. I do believe you wanted me to kiss you. Hmm? Interesting.

Muriel swallowed several times and pulled away from her again, "Good and goodbye."

Judy smirked and replied, "Okaaay." As she watched the woman of her dreams make a hasty exit out of the ballroom. See you later, Angel. Thought Judy as she walked over to the table to grab her jacket a plan forming in head that made her smile broaden and eyes sparkle with mischief.

*** *** *** ***

Muriel had taken a nice long walk around the city it was so beautiful and different that she did feel better for having taken the stroll. Her last encounter with Judy really disturbed her. I was actually disappointed that she didn’t kiss me. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I falling for a woman? I have never been attracted to woman or men, I always thought I was weird. Maybe I was just waiting for the right person and Judy is it? But she is so…wild and I…I can’t handle someone like that….can I? Her thoughts had taken her back to room. She entered 2010 and took off her Jacket and put it on the bed. She was deep in thought as she undressed, she unbuttoned her shirt and had just unzipped her pants when she heard singing in her room. Did I leave the radio on? She thought as she looked over at it and saw that it was off then she realized that it was coming from her bathroom. "What the…?"

She ran into room and stopped dead at the doorway. There in her tub was Judy and the only thing between her and that beautiful body was a few bubbles. Muriel put her hands to her mouth and her pants dropped around her ankles.

"I believe you dropped something."

"You are the scourge, you bring death and destruction everywhere. But why to me? Why? Why?"

"Because you look cute in your undies, Stephie."

"That’s not funny. If you don’t get out of here right now I’m going to call the police," She said lifting up a plunger over head as if it were a weapon.

Judy smirked and lifted an eyebrow, "Who do you think they will arrest the naked woman innocently taking a bath, or the half dressed dangerous woman wielding a lethal weapon."

"Get out!"



Judy shrugged saying, "Okaaay," as she got out of the water and the bubbles left her body showing Muriel more then she was ready to see. Muriel eyes widened and she went back wards out of the room stumbling over the pants that were around her ankles, "Owwww!"

Judy swiftly came to her side, now safely covered in a towel she started to check the woman for injuries. "Oh Sweetie, Are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I’m ok, Just leave me alone…"

"You have got to be careful did you know 85 percent of accidents happen while tripping over pants in hotel rooms? It’s a known fact." Said Judy as she gently pulled the silky pants off and checked each inch of the woman’s leg lovingly for any bruise or injuries. The phone on the night stand began to ring and Judy said, "You stay right here, my injured lamb I’ll get it…"

Muriel put her hand against Judy’s shoulder and said, "No…I’ll get it" Gently pushing the woman back. Judy comically fell back and then watched with amused eyes as Muriel talked to the person on the other end of the phone. She knew who it was even before Muriel said her first words.

"Hello…Herbert Who? Oh Herbert. No, I’m fine…really I’m fine. No you don’t have to come over here. I just tripped over something. Really I’m all right. I understand….uh-huh, I understand." She hung up and looked over at Judy sighing deeply.

"He’s coming over, right?"

Muriel nodded, "He’s coming over here. You’re dressed in a towel. I’m in a ripped shirt and underwear, so the only thing left to do is jump…"Muriel said as she headed toward the window.

"Oh Stephie…Stephie don’t be silly…I….Oh…"Judy had reached out and grabbed the back of silk shirt that Muriel had on ripping it in half. Muriel stopped and looked at the woman ironically.

"I don’t believe it. You did it again." Now she was only in her panties and a bra, Judy was only in a towel. She looked at the unrepentant woman and said quietly, "I am going to die."

Judy tilted her head and caressed a beloved cheek, "You are far too beautiful to die."

Muriel took a deep breath and said, "Come on, hide."

"All right," Said Judy as she started to go under the bed.

"No, no that’s the first place he will look."

"How about the closet?"

"The second."

"Yeash, What kind of person is he?" Asked Judy as she was being gently led to the balcony. She put on the brakes, "I have a fear of heights what are you doing?"

"You have to hide on the balcony,"

"I can’t I ….I have acrophobia…"

"It’s a huge balcony."

"I have balconyphobia…."


"I can’t."

"He knows Karate."

"So do I."

"He has a huge gun."

"Maybe I can manage…"Said Judy as she was gently pushed out on the balcony, Muriel turned and grabbed the Jacket closing the buttons as she searched for her pants finding them under the bed she slid them on just as she heard knocking and yelling coming from the door. Muriel took a quick look to see that the drapes closed and opened the door…

*** *** *** ***

Herbert was banging on the door and yelling at the top of his lungs, "Let me in! Let me in, Muriel!!! Now!!!"

Muriel put her hands to her ears since his high squeaky yell was like fingernails on a chalkboard to her. "Stop yelling Herbert, I’m coming to open the door." Said Muriel as she checked one last time to make sure Judy was out of sight.

Judy was out on the balcony watching with narrowed icy blue eyes through the small crack in the curtain as Herbert tore through Muriel’s room. She heard him ranting and raving through the crack in the door with a growing rage in the pit of her stomach. She felt every protective instinct come into play as he cursed Muriel out while checking every nook and cranny of the beautiful blonde’s room. If that creep lays one hand on her he will need more then a gun to protect him from me, She thought as she watched him carefully through hooded eyes.

"I know that woman is here some where….I…Muriel, your not being open with me.."

"I am being open, I’m always open," There is a knock on the door, "Its open!"

A waiter comes in pushing a cart with food on it," Here you go, Ma’am, Steak well done, potatoes, coleslaw and Red wine…"

"I don’t understand, You ordered more food?" He asked Muriel with accusing brown eyes.

Muriel shrugged and wondered when Judy had time to order anything, "Its just a little snack."

"What’s that?"

"What’s what?"

"That tapping, don’t you hear it?"

Muriel quickly flicked on the TV, and said, "Nope, can’t hear anything over the TV" She walked toward the window and made a pleading face toward Judy, who shrugged and started to say something but Muriel closed the door.

"Why are fiddling with the window?"

"I think that’s where the tapping was coming from you know the wind and all." Said Muriel as she signed for the food and smiled at the waiter as she returned the check. He nodded and smiled back as he saw the nice tip the small woman had given him he winked and whistled as he left the room.

"You were flirting with that man like you were with that strange woman and I still hear the tapping!" He yelled his face turning red.

"I was not flirting, I was just being nice, "Said Muriel as she made the TV louder to drown Judy’s tapping.

"Turn that Damn thing off!!!" Yelled Herbert in high squeaky voice. The phone was ringing and there was a banging at the front door. So Muriel tried to turn the TV off and the knob came off in her hand.

"Then pull the cable out."


"Here let me," He said as he pulled out the cord and bunch of sparks came out of the back of the TV. One hit the tatters of her silk blouse that was on a chair next to the TV causing it to catch fire, suddenly everything on that side of the room was on fire.

Then the door flung open allowing security and the front desk manger in to fight the fire, while Herbert squeaked and whined and said horrible things to Muriel. Muriel went to the bathroom grabbed the ice bucket and water from the tub to help put out the blaze. The confused front desk manger grabbed the red wine making the fire worse.

Suddenly there was chopping sound down the hall the fire department accidentally went into the wrong room and then came tearing into 2010 with hose in they’re capable hands.

The Patio door crashed open from a foot covered in a towel attached to long familiar leg. Judy was then framed in the balcony doorway in all her glory, Naked as the day she was born. Muriel sat down on the bed her face beet red staring at the totally non-shaken beautiful naked woman who said, " I heard you were having a bit of trouble so I dropped everything and rushed right over. Why Mr. Sigmund what are you doing in Miss Banister’s room? Don’t you know the meaning of the word propriety?" Judy asked with a smirk, Then she winked at Muriel as she went to the bathroom to retrieve her clothes.

Muriel buried her head in hands listening to the fireman get the blaze under control. Herbert was in a dead faint in the middle of the room and the security guys were trying to revive them. Muriel closed her eyes and laid back in the untouched bed, "What’s next?"


*** *** *** ****

The grim faced hotel manager who looked at the damage done to one of his best room in utter horror had politely kicked Muriel out of her hotel room. She had no luggage left at all. All she had left was what she was wearing, her purse and her award. She pushed the down button and rolled her eyes as she watched the floors go up. This goes with my streak of luck all right. Thought a forlorn Muriel as she leaned against the back of the elevator.

The doors opened and she walked out then realizing she was on the 32nd floor she turned to go back into the elevator only to have the doors close in her face. She leaned against a wall next to the elevator and breathed in slowly trying to calm herself down.

She could smell paint, As she looked around she saw tarps and realized they must be redecorating this floor. She walked to window and smiled, "Pretty view…"She said muttering out loud as she walked around the large room that the elevator had opened up to. "It must be a banquet floor or something….I must be mad, I’m admiring the view and speculating on the use of room for a hotel I was just thrown out of….I am over the rainbow all right…"She mumbled as she went to the center of the room where there was a piano under a tarp. She sat on the bench pulled off the tarp and was suddenly confronted with familiar crystal blue eyes with stars twinkling in them.

"Of all the gin joints, she had to walk into mine. Play it Sam?" Said Judy wiggling her brows and talking out the side of her mouth in her bad Bogart mode.


"You must remember this…" Judy sang the opening notes perfectly you would of thought it was a drop dead gorgeous Streisand on the Piano.

Muriel smiled and began to play the classic amazed at how well Judy sang the old standard.

"A kiss is just a kiss, A sigh is just sigh. The fundamental things apply as time goes by. And when two lovers woo they still say…"Judy was now sitting next to the smaller woman on the bench and she nudged Muriel’s shoulder gently, "They still say…."

Their eyes met and they slowly came closer as they sang together, "I love you…" Just as Judy is about to kiss Muriel the bench broke beneath them causing Muriel to land right on top of a prone Judy. Muriel tried to get up but Judy now had her firmly embraced in her arms and she said very quietly and sincerely, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…."

Muriel blushed beet red and muttered, "No, I’m not. I’m just average looking you’re the one who is beautiful."

"Damn, I didn’t think it was possible but your even more beautiful when you blush like that."

"Judy…I’m scared."

Judy caressed her cheek and kissed the crown of her head as she replied, "What of Angel?"

"The future…I mean what if the Dean changes his mind or Herbert does and I don’t get the promotion and Herbert gets me fired and…"

"Shh, You already have the job and old Herbert is the one who’s canned. So your all right…"

"How on Earth do you know that?"

"Welll, Um…there were messages stuffed under the door when I got there. One was from the Dean saying that you were the new head of the department and the other was an angry note from Herbert that he was fired and he didn’t understand why…I thought it best to wait till I could tell you in private. I didn’t think in front of the whole fire department and hotel staff was the best time to tell you. Especially with old Herbert there…Didn’t he say anything while as he warbled at you?" Replied Judy as she began to caress each part of the beautiful body she had been daydreaming of touching since they first met.

Both the information and the feelings that shot through her as she felt each touch of the other woman stunned Muriel. She stuttered, "Uh..no…I…I didn’t know….any of …that…"She swallowed and moaned as sweet lips touched hers in a deep passionate kiss.

Judy smiled at Muriel when they parted, she could see she was in a bit of shock but that was ok. She was also obviously enjoying what Judy was doing so she continued her gentle seduction as she said, " You are in better shape then I am, Sweetheart. I’m scared to." She said as she pulled back and looked into confused but loved filled green eyes.

Muriel was overwhelmed with what she was feeling but when she heard that this incredible brave woman was scared she asked quietly with concern, "What on this Earth could you be scared of?"

"My Dad, I just got kicked out of my 18th school, " She replied with an ironic smile, they both sat up but were still holding each other in a loving embrace.

"What happened?" Asked Muriel looking into amused blue eyes with a tilt of her own head pretty sure what she was about to be told.

Judy smirked and kissed Muriel’s nose, "Nothing…Well nothing much. A classroom kind of exploded…"


"I was studying Chemistry and well….Well you know…. Anyway now I have to tell my Dad I messed up again and I hate disappointing he wants me to be a success so badly…"

"But maybe you were just studying the wrong stuff. Your very, very smart and you have an exquisite singing voice, would you, Uh…consider leaving California?"

Judy’s eyebrow’s shot up into her bangs as she asked, "Sure, Why?"

"How about being my assistant?" Muriel asked her head down and she was staring at Judy’s jean covered leg next to her own.

Judy gently lifted the beloved chin till their eyes met and asked, "Really?"


Muriel nodded and before she could say anything their lips were crushed together in a passionate kiss full of hunger and desire. Their hands were now caressing and touching each other with minds of their own. Lips now moved from lips and sought new tastes from the other’s body.

Muriel muttered as she was kissing the long swan like neck,"I…need to tell…Herbert….its …over…."

Judy had removed Muriel’s Jacket and was now working diligently on the bra to get to her target of the beautiful breasts encased in the lace prison as she replied in a distracted voice, "Of course you should, Angel." She triumphantly removed the bra and finally suckled the breast that had been calling to her.

All Muriel could do was pull the taller woman closer she never felt such pleasure in her life. She was caressing the strong back and her hips were now moving of their own accord.

Judy rolled them so they were now side by side and her hands were busily removing Muriel’s, slacks and moaned in pleasure as she felt Muriel do the same with her jeans. Judy looked at the treasure that had been kept from her sight and sighed as she descended on it till she could feel Muriel copy her every gesture so that when the time came they both screamed each others names crashing over the edge together.

When Muriel could function again she asked Judy in a slight daze, "What was I saying?"

"You had to tell Herbert, "Was the breathy reply as she began to nibble on a tasty ear that was right by her hungry mouth.

"Herbert who?" She asked as she gave herself freely to the woman who had stolen her heart and soul in less then 48 hours. My soul mate, Were Muriel’s last coherent thoughts as she succumbed to gentle assault by the woman of her dreams.

Judy smiled as she began to descend to the neck below the ear at what the beautiful woman had just said. She thought as she tasted the sweetness of the jugular of her neck, I think I finally found my home, Dad. I’m a success.

*** *** *** ****

They were sitting next to each other on the plane to Iowa and Judy’s new home. They were holding hands discreetly and their heads were gently nestled against each other’s. Muriel smiled her eyes meeting blue eyes in a face that was smiling back at her. Judy lifted an eyebrow and gently pushed some blonde hair behind a delicate ear as she asked, "What?"

"You’ll have to actually call me Muriel at work. Will you be able to manage that?" Teased an utterly relaxed Muriel.

Judy glanced around the cabin and saw that everyone was watching the movie and that it was dark so no one could really see them. She leaned closer they were breath a part as she replied, "Only in public. I still like Stephie and I refuse to give it up. It just fits you so much better then Muriel does. What were your parents thinking? Didn’t they look at you when they named you? I’d love you by any name I’d call you though, and I always will," Said Judy with fire in her eyes.

Muriel’s expression matched the brunettes as she muttered, "I love you with all my heart."

"Good, " She said as she sealed that love with a passionate kiss she had been wanting to give her love for hours. Her other plans would have to wait till they got to Iowa, I hope my Angel’s place has a good sound proofing…


The End

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