The Red Line

By Ri



The tall dark figure was hiding in the shadows against a brick wall in an alley. Keen ears were listening to two men around the corner plotting a meet at a restaurant downtown the next day.

A grim smile covered the agent’s face in the dark as she thought, I think I can make that little meeting, boys.

*** *** *** ***

The platform was pretty crowded though the subway was fairly new it was very popular with the commuters of Los Angeles. The subway, which was the Red Line, connected with several trains of the Metro Link making it easier to get from one part of the huge city to the other.

The young woman looked up at a dark figure beside her on the subway platform. At first all she could see was a pair ice cold blue eyes under a baseball cap which darkened the persons features. The soft green eyes tried to peep under the hat to see if she could see if it was a man or a woman.

The cold blue eyes suddenly focused on the green making the woman blush and quickly look away. An eyebrow quirked up under the baseball cap and a tiny intrigued smile appeared about the lips. Hmm, now that was interesting.

She followed the pretty blonde onto the train that had just arrived and sat down next to her. Very nervous green eyes looked up and were surprised that blue eyes were now warm and interested.

"Did you see anything you liked?" Asked the low quiet voice.

"Um…yes…I….Uh…" The blonde was completely tongue-tied.

A beautiful smile now appeared on the stoic face and the dark woman crossed her eyes much to the amusement of the woman sitting next to her. A snort of laughter bubbled up which greatly pleased the tall dark woman beside her.

"That’s much better. My name is Dev, Dev Price," said the dark woman holding her hand out to shake hand with now smiling blonde.

"Holly, Holly Dasani. It’s nice to meet you."

"It is, huh?"

Blushing slightly the smaller woman whispered staring at her lap, "Sorry about before I just wanted to see what was hiding under the baseball cap."

"I like curious people and I repeat, did you see anything you like?"

Shy green eyes met sparkling amused blue; Dev winked at the shy woman. "Where are you getting off?"

"Civic center."

"Oh…I’m getting off at 7th and Metro…um, what time will be going home tonight?"

"Around 5pm."

"Good so do I…um….maybe we’ll meet up then?"

"I’d like that."

"Oh, so would I, believe me."

Dev would make sure she was sitting on the train to North Hollywood Station at 5pm no matter what happened today.

*** **** **** ***

Holly walked into her office and sat down at her desk. She turned on her computer and waited for it to warm up staring out of the window. Her mind was completely focused on certain mysterious stranger and not the reports piled up in her in box.

She tried to pry her mind off the beautiful blue eyes and back to the reports she had to read before her meeting that morning.

She sighed and said out loud to her empty office, "At least I will meet her on the train tonight.

*** *** *** ***

Dev had changed into her working clothes at the office on 7th street. She snapped her gum as she waited in a lobby to be interviewed for a job in the prop house. She knew that the man who ran it was the one who she heard in the alley and she needed to get close to him.

She leaned back and looked out the window as she thought of a certain drop-dead gorgeous blonde she had met earlier that morning. She played with the fringe on her flimsy blouse as her mind thought of the encounter. I have never in my life been so damned attracted to another human being so quickly. It was so strange but I felt like I already knew her. Yet I know damn well that I have never laid eyes on her before. She is so sweet and shy. So elegant and smart. I love witty women. She is way too distracting at the moment. I've got to concentrate on my damned assignment. She sighed and took out her elaborate compact and started to put powder on her already overly made up face.

As she looked at how comically over made up she looked she thought, I hate having to dress like this for an assignment. I look like a God Damn circus clown! She shook her head at her overtly made up features. Today she was playing the part of ditsy sex symbol ala Jane Mansfield. She used this 'cause she knew it would attract the idiots she was out to collar.

The door opened and a real bimbo sauntered out. She gave Dev a look of pure hatred and wiggled her assets at the short balding older man who was making the decision.

"Devlin Price?"

Dev snapped her gum and gave him an angelic smile, "Yes sir?" she replied in a whispery voice.

He smiled and said, "I’ll see you now."

Dev popped up and walked toward the man oozing sex appeal and innocence. She knew it and knew men like this couldn’t resist it. She smiled very sweetly at him and walked into the office knowing full well that she would get the job.

*** *** *** ***

Dev fidgeted as she stood waiting for the train back to the valley. She was back in her comfortable normal daily attire and hoped that she would be able to find the pretty blonde on the crowded subway.

The train stopped and the mass humanity surged toward it. With surprise and relief Dev spotted Holly as she poked her head out a door waiving her over toward her.

Dev came to the car and said, "That was very clever. This place is packed."

"Nothing to it," Said Holly with a wink. She looked at the little boy who was saving the two seats for her and gave him the promised candy bar. Dev slid into the seat beside her shaking her head as she watched the little boy move back to sit on his mother’s lap.

"Bribing Children?"

"He’s a sweetheart and we were chatting about the candy bar and how much he wanted one. I asked him to baby-sit for a few minutes and I think it was a very fair exchange. Not bribery at all."

Dev laughed and nodded, "Yep, sounds like it was to me too. So how was your day?"

"Frustrating, I don’t really want to talk about work. How was yours?" Asked Holly very tired leaning her head against the window and closing her eyes.

Dev’s eyes widened, "Uh, it was ok. I got a job today. I really don’t think its too interesting though. Lets talk about something else, like the weekend. Do you have any plans?" She wanted to tell Holly she worked undercover for Interpol so bad that it actually hurt not to. I can’t believe this! I don’t want to lie to her. I’m compelled to tell her the truth and I can’t. I think I’ve gone nuts.

"No, I don’t have a thing. You?" said Holly. How can I tell this incredible woman I’m a Police Captain with LAPD? It would scare her off like every other woman I meet. Holly hated suppressing the fact but she really wanted Dev for a friend so she would just avoid talking about her job that way she wouldn’t lie.

"No, would you like to do something? Maybe a movie?"

"Yeah, I would like that. As long as it’s in the valley I have enough commuting during the week."

"That’s sounds perfect to me. Um…Citywalk?"

"Yeah that would be fun. I need a good distraction." They smiled at each other knowing that it was a good beginning.

A man came onto the subway and sat down behind them. He was very annoying and Dev was basically counting to 10 not to punch him in the nose. He was telling everyone that he just got out of County Jail and that it was the cops that made it hell not the other prisoners. He was free now and he would try not to park anywhere so he would never go again.

"Ass hole," growled Dev.

"Yep, why not just pay the damn parking tickets so he doesn’t have to go to jail. Or better yet not park where you know your not supposed to. That is a very stupid person."

"You’re being too kind. That is a moron. Anyone who breaks the law because they are too lazy to park in the right place deserves exactly what he gets."

Holly smiled and nodded in complete agreement. The were both shocked but pleased that they both felt the same way it was very unusual for both of them.

When they reached North Hollywood Dev asked, "Are you hungry?" She really wanted to spend some more time getting to know Holly.

"Yes, I am…but aren’t you tired?"

"My hunger outweighs it. Would like to meet at any particular restaurant?"

"How about Lamplighter?"


*** *** *** ***

They had ordered both deciding on breakfast. They were devouring eggs and bacon with coffee.

"Are you from here Dev?"

"Nope, I’m from New York. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. How about you?"

"I was born in Garden Grove but I was raised in Los Angeles. I lived in Orange County all of 3 months of my life," She said with a big smile. "Why don’t you have an accent?"

"I do when I’m pissed," said Dev with a wicked laugh. "I worked really hard to rid myself of it. I went to college and took elocution lessons. I wanted a non-regional way of speaking."


"I don’t like being labeled. You know, "Oh she’s from New York." No I’m Dev. You either like me or not but I want it to be on my terms not where I was born."

"Yeah, I can see that." Holly smiled then sipped some orange juice. "You’re definitely your own person."

"Yep. So are you."

"Oh? How can you tell that?"

Dev shrugged and sipped her orange juice her eyes twinkling, "Soooo, what time will you be going to work tomorrow?"

Holly chuckled and said, "I usually get to the station by 6:45am."

"Great, then it’s a date." Dev held up her orange juice toward Holly.

Holly laughed and clinked her glass gently with Dev’s.

*** *** *** ***

Holly walked down the steps to the subway platform shocked to find Dev leaning against a pillar waiting for her.


"Hi," said Dev with a welcoming smile.

"Um, exactly how early did you get here? I’m earlier than usual - it’s 6:30 am."

Dev shrugged and said with a smirk, " 6am."


Dev laughed, "Hey what can I say I get up at the crack of dawn anyway. It was no big deal for me." She nudged the other woman’s shoulder teasingly. "The next train should be here any minute."

"Do you have a busy day planned?"

Dev looked down and scuffed the toe of her boot against the concrete floor, "Yeah, I’ll probably be working pretty late."

"Me too…. Uh….here…." She shyly handed a piece of stationary with her cell number on it.

Dev took it as if it was the greatest gift she had ever been presented with. Her eyes lit up when she saw she had written both her cell and her home number on it. "Thank you so much." She pulled an appointment book out of her back pocket and ripped a blank page. She scratched out her own numbers and shyly gave it to her new friend. "My scrawl isn’t as pretty as yours is."

Holly smirked and said softly, "As long as I can read it. I have to read worse at work."

"Oh yeah, you were going to tell me what you …" Just then the train pulled in and the question left her head as so many other more important questions flooded the agents mind.

*** *** *** ***

Dev watched the train pull away till it was out of sight. She sighed and headed to her office. She had to change for her assignment.

They had talked about what movies they both would like to see, about their families, anything but their work. For the first time since she became an undercover cop she felt very guilty. She just wanted to tell Holly everything.

She promised herself that she would go into the Interpol files and check the beautiful woman out tonight. And then she had an even worst feeling in the pit of her stomach from the pure guilt of such a thought.

"Shit! What the hell is the matter with me? I have never reacted like this to anyone before."

*** *** *** *** ***

A tall swarthy looking man came into a Thai restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. He looked around for his contact and smiled when he saw the short balding man with a gorgeous brunette.

"Hey Pete, Get lucky?"

The older man smiled and shook his head, "Nah, this is my new secretary. It’s her first day."

The woman looked across at the other man with big innocent blue eyes and smiled sweetly, in a sexy throaty voice said, "Hi."

"Do you work for Pete at the theater?"

Blue eyes glanced confused to Pete. He smiled in a fatherly manner and nodded, "Yes dear, that’s what we do. We’re a prop house for the theater district."

"Oh? I see."

Pete gently tapped her shoulder and asked, "Why don’t you get us some coffee from the counter?"

"Sure Pete," she said softly and slid out of the booth.

The other man’s eyes widened at the woman’s height. She smiled at him with a dazzling smile and passed him to go get the drinks.

"Wow! Did you luck out or what?"

"She’s a good girl Danny, don’t get any ideas."

"She’s an air headed Amazon and that’s only good for one thing. Recreation…"

"Danny! You try it and I’ll…"Pete became very angry his face bright red and though the younger man would beat the crap out of him he looked ready to take him on.

"Calm down Pete, I was only kidding."

"That wasn’t funny. I may be a lot of things but I don’t hurt innocent women and I will not associate with anyone who does."

"Ok, I got the message, relax."

Pete growled but nodded, pointed to the seat as far away from where is new secretary was going to sit as he could put him and still be at the same table. "Sit and stop acting like a jack ass."

Dev came back with the drinks. She knew her part required her to act like dingy ditz but some times she just wanted to sucker punch scum like Danny. Just for the pure joy of it.

"Here you go," she said with a sweet smile as she sat next to Pete. He slid down next to Danny making sure Dev was protected from the other man.

"Thanks Dev, You’re a brave girl you got the Thai Tea."

She sipped her tea with proud smile on her face as she just stopped herself from rolling her eyes. Oh yeah, sipping tea requires nerves of pure steel. The two men sipped their coffee and then Pete slipped Danny a small white business sized card. It had the next step in the operation and Dev knew she had to get it. She smiled sweetly at the man across from her, as she thought, Not much of challenge but worth it to get that card.

**** **** **** ****

All heads turned in the meeting room of the Civic Center as the leader of the task force entered the room.

"We’ve had 8 hits this week alone. That is way too many. I have a lot of pressure to solve these thefts so I finally convinced the powers that be to ok a sting operation."

"Captain, who is going to be on the inside?"

Green eyes twinkled and she said, "I am."

*** *** **** ***

The small woman sat in the tiny booth in front of the old theater on Wilshire Blvd. She watched two men with interest. When she saw the third person, her jaw dropped.

I have to warn her! But….What if…hmmm," Then she saw how she was dressed and that she walked like a different person. It hit her like a brick she was so shocked. "She’s a cop," she whispered to herself stunned.

Dev followed the two men her eyes taking in everything. When she saw the cute little blonde in the ticket booth she almost had a heart attack. Holly!

*** *** *** ***

Holly went to the bathroom motioning to Dev that she should follow. Dev understood and told her boss she had to go with a pathetic look. He smiled with understanding and said, "Go ahead Sweetheart, We’ll meet you right here."

She nodded and ran to the bathroom. As soon as she entered she transformed back to herself. She was an Interpol operative worried about her civilian friend.

"Holly, What the hell…?"

"Who the hell are you working for?"


Holly flashed her badge. Dev smiled and pulled her wallet and showed her ID that was hidden under a flap near her driver’s license. When Holly saw the Interpol ID she was shocked. Dev winked and asked, "Is that good enough for you, Small Fry?"

"What does Interpol want with rash of jewel heists?"

"What do the local cops want with international smugglers?"

"Do you think?"

"Why else are we both here?"

"Shit!" Big green eyes looked up into deep blue, "Would you mind lowering your self to work with a local cop?"

"I would never call it that, in fact I know I’d enjoy it very much in this case."



**** *** *** ***

Dev came back out snapping her gum with Holly beside her.

"Hey Pete, my friend works here, ain’t that cool?"

"Yeah sweetheart, real cool. Now why don’t you and your friend chat while Pete and I go into the theater."

"Oh, there is no one in there sir," Holly said. Dev smiled inwardly as Holly looked like a little angel when she said that to the older man.

"Don’t worry dear, Here's some money, go to Starbucks and have fun. I’ll meet you down there."

Wide green eyes looked scared, "Oh sir, I couldn’t. I’ll get in such trouble."

"Don’t worry I’ll square it for you, we’re meeting with your boss."

Nice job, Thought Dev.

"Ok, that’s terif! Come on Holly," Said Dev with happy smile taking Holly’s hand and leading her away.

*** *** *** ***

Once they were out of sight of the theater, they looked up at a building across the street and Holly signaled them to call it off. She knew that the stakes were higher now and they would have to reassess the situation.

She smiled at Dev and said, "Come on I have a comm truck down the street."

"Great, you're very clever Holly, I think its going to…well…I’m really looking forward to working with you."

"I’m looking forward to working with you too. Come on lets tell my people what’s up."

*** **** *** ***

The two women and three men sat around the small cramped area listening on the speaker to what their equipment was picking up. Dev had transformed back into her self again; all innocence vanished, she was trained agent and investigator cooperating with the police department.

Holly was full of admiration for the beautiful woman’s concentration. She was back to herself too but she was far from uninterested. She was fascinated by her new friend and couldn’t hide it though she was trying to in front of her men.

Dev was more then interested too but she was better at hiding the fact. She found Holly both sweet and bright, the combination was quite intoxicating to her. She wanted to get the know intelligent policewoman much better.

"Well it looks like they have gotten themselves into a bit of pickle huh, Small Fry?"

Holly rolled her eyes, "What’s with this small fry stuff?"

Dev shrugged, "I call them like I see them." She got very close and whispered, "Actually I think you’re exactly the right size." Then she pulled back and winked.

Holly blushed and whispered back, "Dev not in front of my men."

Dev chuckled and said, "Are we still on the subway together for the ride home tonight?"

"Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to it."

*** *** *** ***

They were sitting side by side in the subway car on the way back to the Valley. Dev was back in her usual clothes; she looked at the woman beside her and smirked.

"I don’t blame myself for not guessing you’re a cop. You look so establishment in that lovely suit." She whispered to her friend so low that only Holly could hear it.

"Dev being the Police means you are establishment."

"In a way, but not really. I mean you’re a detective with robbery division. When I was a local cop in New York, I was in bunco, I wore jeans and t-shirts or khakies almost all the time."

Holly looked behind them to make sure no one was listening. There was no one behind them, the people next to them were sleeping and the couple in front were arguing with each other so she felt pretty safe.

"I’m in management, it's different. I have to be both the Captain and a detective, I guess my clothes are part of the balance."

"I understand, and you do look beautiful in that suit."

Holly chuckled then she asked, "How long have been with Interpol?"

"Five years."

"Why did you apply?"

"I was bored and I felt I wasn’t really doing anything. I felt that being in an International Cop would be more of challenge and more satisfying."

"Is it?"

"Yep, I never know what I will get to do next or who I will meet. Taking this job was the smartest think I have ever done…besides following you and sitting down next to you."

Holly blushed and swallowed, then she said, "I was so shocked and embarrassed. I just wanted to see what your face looked like then the next thing I knew the visor on the baseball cap tilted and your laser like eyes were on me…"

"Laser like, huh? Well I was very intrigued by you too. Then when I saw you today I almost had a heart attack…"

"Me too. Till I figured out you were some kind of a cop. I mean you dressed and walked so different. It had to be some kind of undercover work…"

"You were pissed."

"No, I was worried."


"I knew my guys were set to move in and I didn’t want you to get hurt."

Dev smiled sweetly discreetly taking Holly’s hand she said, "So we both reacted the same, we were worried for the others well being. I think that speaks volumes for our new friendship."

Holly squeezed the hand back and nodded, "Absolutely."

**** *** *** ***

They were comfortably seated in a booth at Carrows on Ventura Blvd. They had already ordered. Holly smiled as she looked into the beautiful eyes and asked, "Is Dev short for something?"

Dev laughed and squeezed the small hand that she was holding, "Yep."

Holly laughed in reponse and tilted her head asking, "Well?"

"It’s Devlin. An old family name on my Mom’s side. I have been called Dev since I was child though."

"It fits you."


"Well, you are a bit of a devil."

"Only a bit?"

Holly’s eyes sparkled and she replied in an amused voice, "Well…"

"Holly you are too much!"

"Too much what?"

"Too beautiful, too smart, too charming…."

Holly turned beet red, "And your even more lovely when your blushing the prettiest shade of red I ever saw."

"Dev…" Whispered Holly very softly.

Just then the food arrived. After the waitress settled their dinner Dev said with a wicked smirk, "Saved by a cheeseburger." She laughed and then asked, "So is Holly short for anything?"

Holly took a huge bite of her cheeseburger to give herself a moment. She looked into the interested beautiful eyes that were searing into hers and she swallowed. She took a deep sip of her tea and replied quietly, "It’s very embarrassing."

"You don’t have to tell me Holly." Said Dev understanding but a bit disappointed that her new friend didn’t trust her.

Seeing the veiled disappointment Holly sighed and replied in tiny chirp,"Hollywood."

"As in the city of…?"

Holly swallowed some more tea as she nodded. Then she lifted half-closed eyes and said, "Unfortunately."

"But why?"

"My Mom loved this place. She loved movies and movie stars and she…well she stuck me with it. I changed it legally to Holly after High School. I got badly teased but now everything is under Holly."

"Can’t blame you. I like Holly a lot. It’s so pretty."

"Really?" Dev smiled and nodded. "Thank you Dev, I hated my real name. They called my Hollyland."


"Yeah, but it was good. It made me tough. I got into martial arts to defend myself cause of my name and cause I am so damn small!"

Dev gently put an arm around her new friend’s shoulders and said softly, "Sorry Holly. I didn’t mean to trudge all that up."

Holly leaned into the comforting arm and replied, "Its ok. It was an innocent question. How would you know my garbage."

"I don’t…I would like to learn about it though. If you want to…"

"I do…not right now though. Ok?"

Dev smiled and squeezed her friend shoulder closer. "Sure, When ever you want to. I just wanted you know you have my ear when you want it."

"Soon, I promise Dev. Let just relax its been a long day and were both tired."


Holly looked up into the understanding eyes and said, "I will tell you more…"

Dev put her finger to the soft lips and whispered, "I know. I understand. It’s fine. We will play it by ear. I just wanted you to know that you can tell me anything anytime you want to."

"Thank you, Dev."

"My honor, now eat your fries, Small Fry."

Holly rolled her eyes and ate her burger."

*** *** *** ***

Holly kept the warehouse under surveillance. So far there was no visible link between the perks and the thefts they were investigating.

One week later on Sunday the girls were leaving a movie theater on the way to dinner. They had just checked with the surveillance truck and a frustrated Holly said, "How are they getting the damn stuff!"

Dev shook her head just as frustrated, "I don’t know. I have been keeping a very close eye on them from the office and its just business as usual. It has to be the shipments but they are all so normal. I mean most of the stuff comes UPS and FedEx. I know it’s not those cause I check them myself."

"Who does the big shipments?" Asked Holly as she pulled into the mall parking lot and stopped the car.

"Pete and the foreman, I don’t see anything coming out of those boxes but normal props and costumes. The only thing I can think of is that it’s hidden in something and they know which object has the stuff in it. Some how Pete knows which one and passes that to Danny. Its on one of the business cards if I only can get my hands on it!"

After a whole week of tight uncomfortable clothes, she was happy to be comfortable in her own things. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a leather jacket and sneakers. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail and she was wearing her favorite baseball cap from the NY Mets.

She admired Holly who was dressed as comfortably but looked adorable. She wore jeans and a warm sweater with jeans. Her hair was loose and bounced as she walked toward the restaurant.

Despite working everyday on the case they had a lot of fun with each other. They had lunch and dinner every day. They took the subway every day and made sure they were always scheduled so they could take time to be with each other.

Dev was getting to know the private young woman. The more she got to know the more she wanted to know. She also found herself revealing things about herself after knowing someone for a little over a week that she hadn’t told people that she’d known for years.

They were walking to the Red Robin, a restaurant that Holly liked a lot. Dev opened the door and held it for Holly, who looked up at her smirking, "I am capable of holding the door open."

"Yep, I know. I just like to do it so enjoy it. I don’t do this for anyone else."

Holly smiled brightly and shook her head as she walked through the door. "Ok Dev, I’ll indulge you."

Enjoying the bright smile and smaller woman’s lovely assets Dev walked in behind her. Holly waited till Dev caught up with her.

"Slow poke."

"Just pooped."

"Oh, Would you like to go…"

"No Holly, I’m starved and I am enjoying doing things like a normal person. I never get to do this kind of thing."

"I know, me too. Um, are you too tired to shop a bit after?"

Dev smiled affectionately and shook her head, "No, I’m really fine. I’m just not in any hurry. We are not on a time clock now and I intend to enjoy the novelty of that. It’s a freedom I rarely get."

"Oh. Yeah I see that - ok I’ll stroll along."

Smiling they entered the restaurant, after they sat down and ordered Dev looked at Holly and asked, "What brought you to law enforcement?"

"Well it’s a really long boring story…"

"I truly doubt that."

"I was going to be a teacher. Then a police officer came to speak at our college to give a lecture on law enforcement and public service. She was very good and I enjoyed what she said but there was one thing she said that struck a deep chord. She said it is a very good job to keep people safe from harm…I understood that so I changed my major and joined the force when I graduated."

Dev clearly saw that the pretty green eyes were misty almost tear filled. She asked gently, "What do you mean you understand that?"

Holly impatiently wiped the tears that were now falling and said, "Would you mind if we talked about it after we eat. It’s very…hard."

"Sure, whenever you want to."

"After, then…I promise, ok?"

Dev nodded and gently dried her friends tears, "Sure."

Holly smiled slightly and took Dev’s hand as she tried to change the subject. "What was New York like? Do you miss it?"

Dev smiled at the change of subject she took a sip of water nodded her head. "Sometimes I do miss it. I miss the excitement of the city. The hustle and bustle. I miss my family though they are almost all gone now…"

"What’s your family like?"

"Well I told you my Mom died when I was very young. It was just my Dad and brother and me. My brother and I did a lot of sports. I was the one to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and join the force. My brother is now a high-powered businessman in mid town. We don’t talk very often we don’t have much in common except for a love of our Dad."

"What did your Dad think of your going into Interpol?"

"He thought it was too dangerous at first but now he is very proud of me." Said Dev with a wide smile as she sipped her water.

"What changed his mind?"

"He ran into an old friend of his who is a deputy director in the FBI. She was at a bust I led and told him about it. Not only did his little girl put the whole bust together, she told him how I was on the front lines of the bust, knocking heads together. When he heard how much I enjoyed taking down the bad guys and how neatly I put it together he was too proud to say that I made anything but the right choice."

"And the dangerous part?"

"Well like I said she told him I was enjoying myself. Apparently her descriptive powers are quite accurate about how took down the bad guys."

Holly laughed and they sat in companionable silence for a couple of minutes. Then Holly asked, "What about your brother? He doesn’t like your line of work?"

Dev chewed her burger as she thought about her reply. Then she swallowed and took a gulp of lemonade. Then she shook her head finally and answered, "No, it’s not that. To be honest I think he’s a bit jealous that I’m so damn good at it. He is not an active type of person anymore; he is more of an intellectual. He finds it hard to understand that I’m both. We’re not at odds at all. We love and respect each other. I just don’t give a fig about business and he doesn’t have any passion for law enforcement. Guess who invests all my savings for me though?"

Holly smiled and wiped the sauce off her lips with a napkin. Dev looked into her drink licking her lips she had the strongest urge but she surpressed it.

"I’d say he must have done well for you since you own a house in this expensive market."

"Yes, very well. Dad and I are both well taken care of thanks to my brother. In fact, Dad retired early thanks to his brilliant boy. They were surprised I settled here, but I love Los Angeles, it has better weather and I prefer the easy lifestyle. When I’m between assignments I love to sit in my studio and paint or just listen to music and look at my view of the mountains."

Holly looked stunned; "You paint?"

"Yes, surprised?" Said Dev knowing she was and enjoying the look of surprise.

"Very, may I see your paintings sometime?"

"Sure, I’d love that. Hol, you can close your mouth now the flies are circling."

Holly laughed and gently slapped her thigh. Her eyebrows disappeared and she looked into the amused blue eyes, "Wow! Do you have steel plates under your jeans?"

"Nope, just work out a bit."

"A bit? I work out but I don’t have muscles like that."

Dev shrugged, "I could always beat my brother Steve at arm wrestling. Man, did that bug him."

Holly chuckled, "I bet it did. My sister Tammy was a lot stronger then I was. She was tough cookie…Damn, I miss her."

"Why? Don’t you see her anymore?"

"No…that’s what I was going to tell you about after dinner."

Dev’s eyes widened she looked compassionately at her friend as she suddenly understood why she didn’t see her sister anymore. She felt nothing but sympathy for the girl beside her and wondered if there was a way she could help her.

*** *** *** ***

They were comfortably seated on lounge chairs on the balcony of Holly’s apartment. It was a warm evening and they had lovely view of a near by park. They had settled into a comfortable silence at they looked out into the night and up at the stars.

Holly gathered her nerve to tell her friend about her beloved sister.

"Tammy was seven years older then I was and we were complete opposites in life yet some how we were very alike. We were very close and I loved her dearly." Holly’s focus was on the dark park and Dev’s was on her. Dev could see the pain and felt compassion and deep stirring of her own soul that she could quite identify. She sipped her hot cocoa and listened to every word.

"She was very tough, athletic and competitive with her friends. I was shy, bookish and very small for my age. She was very, very protective of me. She and I would do a lot of stuff together, listen to records, and shop for clothes and books. I loved to be with her, but when she was with her friends, that was off limits. She was protecting me cause they were kind of crazy and did dangerous things. She was worried I’d get hurt."

Dev closed her eyes and thought, Sounds like they were too crazy for her too. She watched her friend sip her coa-coa and then continue. "Anyway, my first year of high school Tammy was in her first year of Graduate’s school. She was doing very well and would have her Doctorate in Psychology soon. She wanted to go to work for the FBI. She was hot for it she wanted to stop the drug dealers from trafficing to kids, and terrorists from hurting innocent people."

She put her cup down her hands were shaking, Dev said quietly, "Holly you don’t…"

"No, it’s ok. She decided to investigate some dealers she knew was hanging out at Jr. High near us. She hopped she could get enough evidence to give to the police and make a good impression on the bureau…."

Holly had tears fall as she struggled to go on. Her mouth was dry and she was having a hard time speaking now her voice had slowly dropped to a very low level. Dev put a gentle hand on her arm and said, "Holly please, I don’t have to know…"

"I want to tell you. You don’t understand, Dev I need to." She smiled bravely through the tears. Dev pulled back and nodded. Holly then took a deep breath and continued, "Tammy got in over her head. Had I known about it, she knew I would have tried to talk her out of it so she didn’t tell me. Her friends who were hot to be in the police or the service didn’t know about it either. No one did - this was her bust…I read it in her diary after she…died." Holly closed her eyes and then said, "Tammy thought she was indestructible. She wasn’t. Those bastards caught her and killed her. They slit her throat and left her to die slowly in an alley all alone." Holly curled into a ball on the chair and began to really cry then to sob.

Dev followed her heart and forgot about all the reasons she shouldn't do what she was about to do. She got up and picked up the sobbing girl and cradled her in her arms. She sat down in Holly’s chair comforting her and holding her close.

"Holly I understand but no one could have saved Tammy. Please don’t blame yourself for not talking her out of it. Tammy knew you loved her. She would agree with me."

Holly’s arms curled around Dev and she held her tight. She rubbed her head against the warm comforting shoulder. Dev softly ran her fingers through the tangled hair.

"I already know that…it just hurts…"

Dev closed her eyes and put her head on top of her friend’s, "I know that, Holly, I’m so sorry," she whispered.

*** *** *** ***

In the middle of the second week of the surveillance they had their first real break. A large heist of jewels from a downtown jewel mart had gone down. They had gotten away with millions of dollars of uncut diamonds. Holly and Dev knew they had to move fast in order to catch the ring so they called their teams in.

They were working in Holly’s office when a gleam came into Dev’s eyes.

"Dev, you are not thinking of cracking the case without me are you?"

Seeing the worry in the beautiful blue eyes Dev shook her head and said, "No, I never would. It’s just I got an idea how to get my hands on a bit of evidence."


"Yeah, I think that the next shipment will be our diamonds so I thought I might go down and do a bit of snooping in character…"


"Come on don’t worry, I’ll be there as the boss’s secretary they won’t even notice me."

"Then if you find something we will check it out together later, right?"

"Yes, I promise. I wish I could get my greedy hands on those notes that they keep passing to each other. I just never get close enough to them when they do it."

"What do you think they are?"

"Their time table."

"Oh? Hm, we could use that but…"

"No, I will only get it in character because I don’t want to jeopardize our bust. I want them all. Every single creep in the ring will be in jail when we’re done," she said passionately.

"I know, me too. They shot a guard in the last robbery."


Holly nodded looking sad, "Yeah, he’s ok but it was very close he’s in stable condition now. I think the shooter was Danny from the man’s description on the report."

"Hol, I can’t tell you how much I want to bust the creep’s ass."

"I know. Don’t worry you will."

"We will."

*** *** *** ***

Dev was in her "sweet young thing outfit," as she sauntered into the prop house. Her eyes went everywhere as took in every thing as she went to the office on the other side of the large warehouse.

She noticed a new shipment was ready to be picked up she carefully checked out each box pretty sure the diamonds would be in one of them. She leaned against one of the boxes as if just resting to look into her compact but she was memorizing the order number. She went to the next one and dropped her lipstick to get the next one. As she went to the third box she was interrupted by a familiar and very disliked voice from behind her.

"Well if it isn’t Pete’s sexy little assistant, What are you doing here now?"

Dev snapped her gum and smiled at him fluttering her eyelashes. Then she purred, "Nothin’ just looking around. It looks like a lot of junk huh?"

"That’s what we do Sweetheart, We ship junk for the studios. You look awfully fine today, Sweetstuff.

Dev growled as she watched the ass hole stride up to her like a peacock in heat. Remember Dev, He is a major player in this bust. Do not dislocate his arm. She took a deep breath and looked at him with her most innocent expression, "Gee, Thanks."

He came closer and softly stroked her arm making her want to take a bath, "Ya wanna to go out some time?"

"Um, well Pete said I shouldn’t." That was true Pete had sat her down when her first hired her explaining that she needed to be very careful and not allow anyone to get to close to her. "He is a very nice man and I don’t want to hurt him." She really meant that she felt sad that he gotten into this crowd she really liked the man and wondered how he became involved with such scum.

"Yeah he is just a doll…listen kid we could just go for coffee or something…you know you don’t have to even tell the old coot."

"I like Pete a lot, I ain’t going to do nothin’ to hurt him." She walked to her office knowing the little creep would follow her.

"Come on Sweets, it's just coffee." He pulled out his wallet and tore a wad of money flashing it toward her. "Look real Gmoney! You know big digits, the stuff you can buy pretty things with. Come on honey an hour!"

Sharp blue eyes followed a white piece of paper as it fluttered to the ground and slid behind the desk. Her heart fluttered and it took all her training to keep the excitement out off her face.

"All I want to do is…"

"That’s enough Danny, leave her alone," said Pete from the door way his face red in pure anger. "What are you doing here anyway, Pete?"

"I wanted to talk to you about the…"

"Ok, just a sec, Sweetheart why don’t you go visit your friend at the theater. Have a nice lunch. Here’s two twenties you can go to a movie too."

Dev took the money with a beautiful smile as she said softly, "Sure Pete, anything you say."

*** *** *** ***

Holly was in slacks and a silk shirt her sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had an absolutely miserable look on her face as she pored over a divisional report.

"Penny for your thoughts? Said a sexy voice from the doorway.

Holly looked up surprised and smiled brightly, "I think I’d have to arrest myself for them or you would. You looking amazing in that disguise.’

"Is that good or bad?"


"Hm, well I was going for sweet and dumb but…."

"Sweet and dumb huh?

"Yep, most of the time I feel like belting the ones I am trying to take down so it’s not really an easy part to play."

"Hmm, Yes well I have to act nice toward paperpushing bureaucrats. Believe me I really do understand. They were pissed I called off our original bust."

"You’re kidding? Were going after the whole enchilada don’t they understand that. We are going to bust the whole set up. You’d think they'd want to be a part of that."

"Maybe but they don’t seem to want to share it with Interpol."

"Too fucking bad…Did they give you a hard time?"

Holly nodded and shrugged, "Its ok, Dev, I’m a lot tougher then I look."

"I have no doubt of that but you don’t deserve that crap! You’re such a good cop. They should give you more respect. I am going back tonight to pick up all the details of the meet…"

"You are…Shit Dev! That…How?"

"Close your mouth your catching flies. I’ll tell you all about it over lunch on the boss."

"Sounds good….um, boss?"

"Yeah, Pete gave me two twenties…"


"Take it easy I’ll give it back. Come on, I’m starved," said Dev laughing as she ushered her friend out the door.

**** *** *** ****

Dev was still in her "sweet young thing," outfit as she and Holly entered the warehouse. Holly had changed into her "box office girl" outfit and looked as innocent as white snow. They casually walked to the office in the back of the large building.

They entered Pete’s office and Holly stood guard at the door as Dev retrieved the slip of paper. She crawled under the large scared desk to the card she saw slip under it. She had just stood up and slipped the card in her tight sweater pocket when Pete appeared before Holly in the doorway. She almost banged her head against the desk trying to stand up so fast before he got in the room.

"Hello, Young Lady, What are you doing here?"

In the sweetest voice Dev ever heard Holly replied, "She lost her wallet and thought it might be here."

Dev came out behind Holly straightening her hair and smiling sweetly. "I found it. It slipped out of my purse and fell behind the desk. Sorry Boss."

"Hey that’s ok, I’m glad you found it. Now I’d suggest the two of you get home I wouldn’t you wandering this area so late at night."

Dev nodded and took Holly’s hand, "Yes sir, that’s what I want to do now too. Come on Holly, Bye Pete." She led her friend out the door and out of the building as quickly as she could.

Concerned gray eyes watched them as Pete muttered, " How could have the wallet slipped out of that big hand bag?"

**** *** *** ***

They went back to Holly’s office so they could change before they went home. After they were in their own street clothes Dev looked at the card and smiled broadly. Holly put her glasses on and looked at the card over Dev’s shoulder.

"Dev this will be huge!"

Dev’s expression was excited as she handed Holly the card. Her eyes gleamed with it as she replied, "Yep. If we time this right we will get all the rats. It will be a nice feather in both our caps."

Holly nodded. She put the card down and briefly met Dev’s eyes. What she saw there surprised her. "What’s wrong?"


"Come on, Hol, tell me what it is."

"It will sound really ridiculous."

Dev tilted her head up so she could look into the upset green eyes and said, "I doubt it."

Holly looked up slowly and said very quietly, "Ill miss you."

"Holly I…"

"Oh please, Dev, you don’t have to answer that."

"Oh yes I do," Dev pulled the smaller woman much closer to her. She was now so close that Holly felt like the room had spun off its axis. "Holly, I am so very attracted…no its more then that, I feel like I’m entranced by you. I am enamored. I want to get to know you better. I am glad that you will miss me cause it will break my heart to leave you.’

"Wait, your attracted to me? Me?"

Dev nodded her head and lowered her head to Holly’s shoulder.

"Hol, I’m crazy about you…I feel like I’m ….may I kiss you?"

Dark blue eyes were looking right into Holly’s soul and she felt like she could have floated out of her body. "Please."

Then their lips met in a tender kiss; slowly it grew in deeper. They felt spell bound. When they pulled back breathless, Holly gently pushed back some dark bangs as she whispered, "I thought I was the only one."

Dev gently kissed her cheek her hand stroking the soft cheek as she replied, "No, I have been feeling it since we met."

"But you’re so…and I am so…"

"Beautiful, intoxicating, smart, exciting, sexy and…just adorable. Holly I really feel…I…damn it. I just have to say it. Holly I’m in love with you."

Holly looked up and met unsure blue eyes; "I’m in love with you too. I am so…"

Just then Dev’s phone rang, "Shit and fuck!" She said as she pulled it out and answered in growl. "Yeah!? I know that. Yeah…she sure as hell will too. No, I think she’s brilliant. Yes with my life. It always fucking is! Yeah, yeah bye!"

"Who was that?"

"My fucking boss. Pea brain has the worst timing in the world. He was questioning my plans and he should know better."

"Was it about me?"

"Yes love…Oooh I love how your eyes light up and your face becomes the prettiest shade of red when I call you that."

"But if he feels.."

Dev covered her mouth with a finger then gently caressed the soft lips. I started this with you, I trust you and I love you. As far as I am concerned that is commitment. Were in this one together."

Green eyes teared up at the trust and love and Holly nodded. "Ok, if you’re sure."

Dev tenderly wiped the pretty green eyes and said softly, "I am more then sure."

"Ok, then I think it is too."

"Good." Dev pulled her love onto her lap and kissed her passionately.

*** *** *** ***

They were both sitting with a combined force of Holly’s task force and Dev’s team. They were sitting side by side their hands under the table entwined. They had called a meeting right away knowing they had to move pretty quickly to set up to get this ring.

"Ok, the way we see it we need two crews. One will be for surveillance and the other operatives. We will work in unison as a combined force. No hot dogging." Said Holly then she glanced at Dev who nodded and continued.

"Each crew will be in constant contact with both us and each other. I don’t want to lose this bust so I don’t want anyone to drop the ball. Holly and I will be down in the midst of it and were counting on all of you. Do you understand that?"

She sharply looked around the room they all nodded. She then said, "We are one group. I don’t want to hear about any prima donna’s or hot shots. Just like Holly said, we are a combined force. Do you all understand that?" Again they all nodded.

Dev smiled and looked at Holly, who winked at her and then said, "Ok, here’s our plan."

*** **** **** ***

Dev and Holly were sitting in the com truck with the surveillance team. They were listening to Danny and his men but Holly noticed that Dev wasn’t really listening her expression showed her thoughts were elsewhere.

"What’s wrong?" whispered Holly.

"I feel kind of bad about Pete. I think he somehow has gotten in over his head. I think he’s a good man who was sucked in and didn’t know how to get out."

"I agree, but Dev he knows right from wrong. He made the wrong choice. Do you think he would give evidence against the others if we offered him an out?"

"No, He is a very loyal man. I understand that. He would find it hard to sell younger people out. He would have to do that to work with us. I don’t think he would do that save his own skin. In fact I see him paying the price to give someone else a second chance."

"That’s’ a sign of descent person."

"Yes it is…"


"I do have an idea Hol, we have 10 hours till the bust. Would you want to help me help Pete?"

"Sure I would. What is it, you have in mind?"

"Come with me."

*** *** *** ***


Pete answered his front door and was shocked to be confronted by a familiar set of blue eyes in very different packaging.

Dev smiled sweetly and said, "Hi Pete. Would mind inviting Holly and me inside for a bit?" She asked him in her normal tone of voice no acting anymore for her or Holly around him. She was now an international cop trying to help someone who was in over his head.


"Yep, It is really me. Can we come in? It’s a bit chilly out here."

He opened his door all the way and stepped back so the girls could enter his apartment. It was small but comfortable with very tasteful furniture and a wall full of family pictures.

"Sure, why not?"

Holly entered after Dev. They were wearing jeans and sweaters and though they were dressed casually he was stunned by the difference in appearance. Dev now appeared tough and Holly very sophisticated it was a complete contrast to his own view of them.

"Would you like to have seat?"

Dev smiled and nodded, "Thanks. You should sit and be comfortable yourself we have a lot to cover in a very short time."

Pete sat down completely confused. "Oh?"

"Pete, do you want to do what you’re doing?"

"What exactly am I suppose to be doing Dev?"

Dev tilted her head and said in calm clear strong voice, "Your fencing for slime like Danny and his gang."

"How the hell did you know that? Do you know the kind of people they are? Do you know what they could do to you if they found out you knew what they were up to? What are you thinking…"

"I am thinking of saving of your life. Calm down Pete."

"Sir, we’re here to help you," said Holly softly.

He looked at the blonde who looked very different too; she was not the sweet young innocent he thought she was and Dev was anything but the dumb sweet girl he had thought she was. He was surprised, confused and very worried for them.

"What are you talking about? What exactly is going on?"

"Your facing a sentence of 20 years to life in jail for the honor of thieves who would stab you in the back in second. You know it as well as we do, don’t you?"

"Dev, how could you know all this? Why are you so different?"

"Smuggling, burglary, fencing stolen property, that is a hell of lot of bad stuff for a nice man. I really like you and so I am asking you why are apart of all this?"


Dev stood up and walked over to him gently putting a hand on his shoulder, "We can help you if you’re honest with us."


"Answer me first and then I will explain."

He looked up into gentle blue eyes that were full of compassion. He saw she honestly wanted to help him. He lowered his eyes and tears started to flow. Dev looked at Holly to see that she was feeling as she did, all they wanted to do was help this very troubled man.

"Pete, tell me."

Pete looked up and now saw that two sets of gentle eyes were looking at him. Holly was kneeling beside the chair and Dev on the arm both waiting for his answer.

He took a deep breath and then said, "My Granddaughter was hanging out with a fast crowd of kids. She…they hooked her on speed and then heroin. They had come and said that if I didn’t help them they would give her a fatal dose. I don’t even know where she is…she is only 16 and …"He broke down. Holly pulled him to her hugging him and looked up at Dev.

Dev had a very angry determined expression and said, "I have a few calls to make. Hol take care of Pete for a bit, ok"

Holly nodded as she watched Dev go into another room to use her cell.

*** *** *** ***

About an hour later Dev came back into the living room from the bedroom. She smiled at Holly who had calmed the upset man down completely and said softly to Pete, "Your Granddaughter is safe now…"


Dev pulled out her walled from her back pocked and flipped the lid so she showed her ID card. The older man’s eyes widened, "Am I….?"

"No, not if you will help us nail those ass holes."

"Dev is she really safe?"

Dev’s smile widened and she nodded. "Yep she is at one of our safe houses. After we complete the bust I will personally get her into a residential rehab unit I know of very close to here."

"Your amazing!"

"Yes, she is," said Holly with a loving smile.

Dev lowered her head and cleared her throat. "Um, lets get to work. Pete?"

"Yes, I will help you. Thank you Dev I am so grateful."

Dev winked and said, "I knew you were a good man. I knew there had to be a good reason that you were apart of this mess. Blackmail and attempted murder of your only living family member would motivate anyone. I will need your help and will take a bit of acting on your part."


"Yep, I will need you to be very convincing."

*** *** *** ***

Holly watched with some amusement as Dev changed back into her dumb but sweet young thing outfit. They were in Pete’s bedroom and Dev looked up from buckling her uncomfortable shoes into twinkling green eyes.

"What can I say, it’s a living."

Holly laughed and said, "And your so damn good at it.’

"Yeah, scary huh? Especially since I can turn on and off acting like a ditz at will. So my sweet young box office babe, how do I look?"

"Sweet and dumb of course."

"Good, I wouldn’t want to disappoint Danny."

"I doubt you could…um, Dev your putting yourself right in the middle of this bust…what if…?"

Gentle fingers covered her lips, "Nothing will happen to me I promise."

Holly kissed the fingers then took them into her hands. She looked into Dev’s eyes and said, "I really want to get to know you better and…"

"I have every intention of keeping my promise. Don’t you believe me?"


"What is it?"

"I know that your highly trained operative but I still worry."

Dev shook her head and pulled Holly into a tight embrace, "I know you’re a well trained and highly qualified police officer but I worry about you too." She tenderly kissed her love on the forehead.

Holly pulled back enough to look into Dev’s eyes. She saw both the worry and the love. The feeling of love simply engulfed her, "Dev."

"I know love, when it is all over."

Holly nodded and hugged the tall woman tight.

*** *** *** ***

Danny paced anxiously waiting for their buyers to come into the warehouse. He looked at his boys annoyed. They were checking out the props like kids with toys.

"Will you leave that crap alone!"

"Its interesting and besides we have nothing to do till they get here." Said one of the men examining a leather jacket checking the label to see which star wore it.

"Yeah, I like this stuff," said a short man with innocent look that was at odds with shaved head and gang tattoos. He was looking through a box of jewels that had been used on some movie that would be used with their stuff that night.

"Just leave that shit alone and get ready. They will be here any minute. Where the hell is Pete?"

Dev entered the warehouse by a side door. She acted like she was totally unaware of what was about to happen. Fully in character she walked toward the men and waived cheerily at Danny.

Danny was pissed when he saw her, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I forgot something in Pete’s office…"

"Well get it later…"

"I can’t I…"

Danny came toward her and yelled, "I said get the hell out of here!"

He tried to push her back in the direction she came in but was shocked when it had no affect on her. She didn’t even react to it she just steadily stared at him and said in a now low dangerous voice, "That wasn’t nice…"

"Leave her alone Danny, She’s mine," said Pete with a gun pointed point blank at Dev’s head.

They all turned and Danny growled, "Yours? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I think she is working with the cops…"

Two men came through the main door and stopped in their tracks when they saw Pete with a gun.

"What the hell is going on?" Asked one of them.

"Just completing a little business. Ok Beautiful, Hands up. Get out of the way, Danny." Said Pete coldly.

Danny backed up; Pete walked slowly toward Dev gun still steadily pointed at her head. "You thought you could play me for a sucker you ungrateful cow…"

Dev shook her head with a terrified look on her face, "No Danny, You got it all wrong…"

Pete was now right next to her, "Have I?"

Dev smiled wildly and simply took the gun that older man was pointing at her, "Yep….NOW!" she yelled.

Suddenly a swarm of police entered the warehouse from all sides. Holly came in from the office her own gun at the ready. Dev gently pulled the older man behind her and Holly. Danny took out his gun but was too slow, as Dev suddenly kicked out of with foot hitting the hand with the gun, flipped through the air and she caught it in her hand.

Danny turned to face hear and took a step back when he found a wild eyed stranger in front of him. In a snarling voice Dev growled, "Lovely evening isn’t it?’ She pulled him toward hitting him with vicious right to the jaw snapping his head back. He fell straight down and she smiled wickedly saying to the now out cold crook, "Lots of pretty stars."

One of the buyers came after Dev with a stiletto and from his right came a well-placed hit against his jaw by a small elbow.

"Couldn’t let you have all the fun, now could I?"

"Nope, Duck, Love!" she said suddenly as One of Danny’s men had thrown something at Holly. Dev’s foot sent it back in the direction it came in hitting the man squarely in the chest.

Holly chuckled, "Always wanted to see a flying saucer."

Dev groaned, "That was really bad, Love." Dev spotted one of Danny’s men going after Pete. "Oh no you don’t" A loud war cry came out as she flipped through the air landing between Pete and his attacker. Everyone just stopped where they were stunned, so Dev just smirked and punched the man right in the jaw knocking him out cold. Then she looked at Pete and asked, "You ok?"

"Yeah, thanks. Dev you’re amazing."

"You think I’m amazing, look at Small Fry."

Holly was taking on two at once with grace and speed when she dispatched them she looked into approving blue eyes with shy smile. She whistled telling her men to start reading them their rights, the ones who were awake and hauling them all in.

Holly smiled as she walked to Pete and Dev. She winked at Pete who looked at them both with awe. She then looked into loving blue eyes and blushed.

She cleared her throat and said, "Um…you two ok?"

"Yep, great you?"


Dev’s eyes were now full of humor and love as she asked, "You want to catch the subway home?"

"You bet."

"Let’s go home."

*** *** **** ***

The two women were exhausted as they leaned on each other on their way home to the San Fernando Valley. They arrived at the station and Dev gently guided Holly to her car. The smaller woman was so tired she could barely lift her feet. So Dev had decided that despite the fact she was a bit bleary eyed herself it would be safer if she drove her friend to her place tonight.

Holly murmured an assent as she led to the sports car and gently deposited in the comfortable bucket seat. Once Holly was settled, Dev went to the driver’s side lowered her self in. She yawned and stretched trying to wake up enough to drive home. She glanced at the woman already fast asleep curled up in the seat beside her.

She smiled and kissed her on the head delighted to hear a little squeak in response and then cautiously drove home. Once they arrived she had a dilemma. How was she going to get Holly into the house? Normally she would have scooped her up and carried her in but in the state she was in she was worried she’d drop her.

"Love…" she gently brushed some hair from closed eyes. "Holly…Sweetheart…"

Green eyes fluttered open and Holly said softly, "Hi."

"Hello Beautiful. Normally I would not be waking you; I’d just carry you in. Right now I am so tired I’m afraid I’ll drop you on your butt. Are you awake enough to go inside on your own?"

Holly smiled and caressed Dev’s cheek. "Sure."

**** *** *** ***

Holly woke up in a strange position but she felt very warm and protected so she didn’t much care. She cuddled closer to the warm pillow she was wrapped around and smiled at how if felt. It was so cuddly and comfy she never wanted to separate from it.

She felt a soft kiss on the top of her head; it was then realized she was lying on top of Dev. Her smile grew huge and she kissed the neck next her head and delighted in the moan that she heard in response.

"How about opening those pretty eyes so I can enjoy them?" Whispered a soft sexy voice in her ear.

When Holly opened her eyes all she saw was the neck she had just kissed. She tilted her head till she saw loving blue eyes.

"Good morning, Beauty."

Dev smiled and ran her fingers through the tangled blonde hair, "Not a morning person, huh?"

"Nope I have three alarms set at my place."

"Well, I get up at the crack of dawn whether I want to or not."

"You’ve been up since dawn?"

Dev kissed Holly along her jaw line when she reached her ear she whispered, "Yep, you are very cuddly when you sleep." Then she gently nibbled Holly’s ear.

"Hmmm," Holly hummed from the feeling that invoked and then whispered, "Sorry about that."

"Mmm, you taste good. Don’t apologize, Love. I enjoyed it."

Holly now found herself looking deeply into passionate blue eyes. "I’d really like to kiss you please."

Dev lips curved into a wicked smile, She pulled Holly till their lips were almost touching, "Would you?"

"Mmm, would you mind?"

"Are you kidding? My lips are here just waiting for your touch," said Dev joking lightly.

"Uh…. Dev I am really nervous…I have a bit of confession."

Dev had flicker of worry cross her features then a soft look of vulnerability, "What is it?"

Holly swallowed very nervous, "I um…I never…I didn’t…I don’t know how to…" she faltered unsure how to explain.

Dev gently brought the quivering chin up so she could look into the now terrified green eyes her own full of gentle understanding. "You’re a virgin."

Holly closed her eyes and nodded tears falling.

Dev gently wiped the tears and said, "Please don’t cry, Love. I think that is so beautiful. You are so sweet and special. You are the complete opposite of someone like me. I am honored…"

"No, that’s not true. I think you are so sweet and loving. You have the kindest, gentlest heart…"

"Only with you…"

"That’s good enough for me but I really think you are that way with everyone…"


"Um Dev, can we…um…?

Dev smiled and wiped some more tears then gently she cradled both Holly’s cheeks and said, "With pleasure," she brought the sweet lips to her own and kissed her with all the love in heart. They kept going till they were dizzy….

**** *** **** ***

Holly just got her breath back and looked into dark passionate blue eyes above her. "I think if we make love you will kill me considering how I react when you kiss me."

Dev rubbed her cheek against Holly’s and whispered, "It might make us faint but I promise neither of us will die."

"Will we really faint?"

"No, but it will hurt….um, Hol are you sure you want to…with me…?"

"Yes, I want you so badly…I am scared but I trust you."

"I love you. I’d never hurt you. If you want me to stop just say stop and I will. Ok?"

"I will Dev… could you…um…love me…"

Dev very slowly and gently began the most important love making of her life. She gently kissed her way down Holly’s neck while her fingers unbuttoned her shirt. Holly’s head was down on the cushion her eyes closed. Each kiss seemed to send an electric shock through her body.

Dev was enjoying her seduction almost as much as she could feel Holly was. She was on the brink of losing control but kept herself firmly in check. She only wanted one thing and that was to please the precious person that was beneath her.

"Hurry," Whispered Holly her head now going from side to side.

Dev pulled back from the warm wonderful breast she had been suckling and whispered her head resting against the soft skin for a moment, "No, Sweetheart, I want this slow…special." She then kissed her way down her loves stomach. Playing with the belly button with her tongue. Enjoying the exquisite sounds coming from her love.

She looked at the almost feverish face above her and asked softly, "Are you ready, my Love?"


Dev slowly kissed her way down her loves body tasting every inch of her. She very slowly began to taste every ounce of moisture that Holly provided. She pulled back and took a deep breath then she gently stroked the small piece of protective skin with her tongue until she was sure that Holly was ready for what was to come. She then replaced her tongue with her finger when she felt that she was ready she entered her quickly with a fast sure stroke so that the pain would be quick and she could give her love pleasure. When she heard her name cry out from above her, she knew she had sent her over the edge. She stopped and looked up at her love to make sure she was ok.

Holly had half risen, her body reacting to the many feelings rippling through her. Dev crawled back up till she could pull her love into her arms and hold her tight. She kissed her closed eyes and then her nose and waited till the beloved green eyes opened to look back at her.

"You ok?" She asked very softly. It was tone of voice she had never heard coming from herself before and it astonished her.

Holly nodded; she pulled Dev closer burying her face against her loves neck.

Dev rubbed her cheek against the soft hair. She never had felt this kind of closeness with anyone before in her life. It was like she was really home for the first time in her life. She kissed the top of her love’s head and hugged her body tight bringing it even closer.

For the first time she had someone in her life she didn’t want to leave and she knew that her next assignment would not be here. What the hell am I going to do?

*** *** *** ***

Dev had slipped out of bed and gone to her office. She used her Interpol access to look up her love’s record with her department. She smiled and the long list of accommodations. She knew that Holly was a good cop but she was brave and a go-getter to boot. To see that she had almost as many accommodations as she had was very heartening and helpful to the plan she was formulating.

"I wonder if I could convince her…"

"Convince me of what?"

"Joining Interpol." Dev looked deeply into very dubious eyes.

Holly looked into Dev’s hopeful eyes and shook her head, "No, I don’t qualify."

"Why the hell not?"

"I’m not good enough…"

Dev lowered her head and answered looking down at her own hands, "Of course you are! I have your file right here. I already knew you were a hell of a cop but…"

Holly tilted her head and gently lifted Dev’s head up by her chin. She was shocked to find her eyes filled with tears falling unchecked down her face. "Dev?"

Dev pulled Holly onto her lap and held her close, "I don’t want to leave you Holly….I can’t."

Holly kissed her salty cheek and said, "We’ll figure something out."

*** *** *** ***

They were sitting on the bed devouring a breakfast of lox and bagels.

"But Love, why won’t you apply? You’re over qualified according to what I see."

"What would your superiors think of 35 year old recruit?"

"Not much…There have been several field recruitment’s at your age range. You’d be surprised."


Dev pushed the tray over and pulled Holly onto her lap hugging her gently. "I want to do just that. Recruit you from the field. They won’t question it because it does happen every day. We had a major bust that was very successful because of your help. I think the suits would be pleased."

Holly cuddled even closer hugging Dev tightly to her. She had never felt so loved and connected before. She didn’t want Dev to go but she couldn’t hold her back.

"Are you sure I’m good enough. I mean you want the best and…"

"You are the best. Holly please say yes. That’s all it will take one nod from you and your in. Then you’re stuck with me…"

Holly pulled back and kissed Dev on the nose. "I adore being stuck with you. I just don’t want to mess your career up…"

Dev pulled her very close and whispered, "You are my heart…I need you so much…please say yes…"

Looking deeply into loving passionate blue eyes Holly couldn’t say no. She nodded. Dev brought her to her and kissed her passionately. She could only show her how she felt; the words just got all choked up behind the emotion.

*** *** *** ***

It wasn’t quite as easy as Dev had persuaded Holly it would be. She knew that she could charm her superior into it. After about a half an hour it was a done deal. Her boss grunted but that was enough. Holly was now a part of her team.

Smiling Dev came into the den and said, "Well you're stuck with me now."

Holly looked pleased but worried, " You mean you’re stuck with me, Love"

"Mmm, That sounds so nice. That is the first time you called me that. To answer what you said before it. I find it a perfect arrangement. I want to be with you forever. So I don’t call us stuck together."

"What would you call us?"

"Would it scare the hell out of you if I said joined?"

"No…Wow! I…" tears suddenly flooded her eyes and poured down her cheeks, "Are you asking…Are we…Do you….?"

Dev sat next to Holly and pulled her into an embrace as she started to kiss her all over salty face. "Yes I want us…to…do…" She then kissed her passionately. "And I want to do it as soon as possible." She then scooped Holly up and carried her off to the bedroom to lovingly convince her.


The End?

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