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Sins of the Past
A Poem

Xena was hurting, she just wanted it to end
No Idea when she saved those girls, she would find a friend

No gratitude for Xena, all people knew was her sin
But this young woman said, please let me in

Full of self loathing, Xena knew nothing but sorrow
Xena had no trust, never a thought about tomorrow

Xena shut the girl out, all she wanted was to go home
No matter what the price, no more would she roam

No welcome from her village, they all wanted her to die
But this brave girl just couldnt let it lie

She followed Xena even though she was warned away
In her heart she knew she had found her place to stay

She saved Xena from the villagers, wouldnt let them cast a stone
When Xena poured her heart out, she found she was not alone.

The warlord Draco cowed the village, they were resigned to there fate
But rising to the challenge, Xena quickly set him strait

The valley safe again, Xena still felt misunderstood
But joy of joys her mother says "I believe now, you are good"

A new mission for Xena now, and everything is well
she has the strength to go one, due to the friendship of Gabrielle.


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