Gloria’s Inn

By: Robin Alexander

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General Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving and sexual relationship between two adult women. Profanity is minimal. There are some acts of violence. Mainly against snakes <g>

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Chapter 1

"Alright, Adrienne let me see the list." She handed me the register as I stretched out on the chaise lounge. She shot me a nervous glance as I sipped my coffee and perused the list of guests.

"What can you tell me about William Thomason and Christopher Tanner?" When her answer did not come readily I peered over the book. She was sitting there with a far off look in her eyes. Something about her behavior made me nervous.

"I really really hate it when you do that you know." I said, trying to get her to share what was going on in that head of hers. She grinned ear to ear at my admission. "Patience is a virtue dear one."

"I think we both know that I come up short in the patience department. Please humor me and tell me about Thomason." I leaned back in the chair and lit my cigarette.

"Thomason is a jackass." She replied. I waited a patiently for a minute for her to elaborate. When she did not, I sighed and looked at the register again." Richard and Jerri Burke what about these two?"

"Married couple." She pretended to clean the bar that she had nearly already polished the finish off of this very morning. "Despite my measures to remain calm I was on my way to blowing a gasket. Something was up and she was not sharing it with me.

The Burke’s are cheats and liars. Nothing but trouble, I wish they would have chosen somewhere else to stay. I don’t care for their kind."

While I had her on a roll I threw the next two names at her. "What about Madyson Taylor and Emily Potter?

"They are lovers." She said without further comment.

"Okay fine with me." I scanned down to the next name. "How about Abigail Grigsby and Sandy Winters?"

She grimaced. "Their relationship is on the rocks. They are hoping to rekindle what they once had on this trip."

I tried to soften my tone, because what I saw in her eyes scared me, and I felt helpless to do anything about it. "Annie Potter and Liz West, do you have anything on them?"

She sighed. "They have only been together six months, and this is their first vacation together."

"Okay, we are down to the last one. Tell me about Brandon Fallon." I said looking into her blue eyes.

Again, she didn’t answer me. She said nothing, simply stared straight ahead. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Nothing, I have nothing at all." She uttered and then went back to polishing the bar.

"What do you mean nothing? You have never come up with just nothing. Are you sick? Is there something wrong with you?" I was in shock. She never drew a blank like that.

She sighed an exasperated sigh. "I don’t know what it is really. I can’t get anything on him. This has never happened to me before, and it gives me the worst feeling inside. Something is so wrong about this, and I cannot put my finger on it. Something so foreboding about this man it un-nerves me."

"We can refuse his business you know. We don’t have to let him stay here." She was creeping me out! I didn’t want this guy staying at my Inn at all.

"That thought has crossed my mind, but for some reason I think it would be wrong to refuse him. For some strange reason he is supposed to be here." She shrugged her shoulders and headed toward the door.

"Hey! Don’t just leave me hanging like this Adrienne. I jumped up spilling my coffee trying to run after her. To which she simply replied. "I am tired and I need to lay down now."

I knew it was futile to go after her. When Adrienne was finished talking she was finished. You could not persuade her otherwise. Her gift was sometimes a curse.

I thought my aunt loved me when she left me this Inn in her will. Now I know it was a cruel repayment for the time I threw the cat on her when she was sleeping. Well hell! She was snoring.

Ah, but I digress. I suppose I should stop right here and go back to the beginning. None of this strange tale will make sense unless I explain how the hell I got here in the first place. I am on one of the most beautiful Bahamian Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Sounds like heaven right? Not!

Okay so life back home wasn’t that great either. I was living in New Orleans when my aunt passed away. A month after her passing I was informed that she had left me her half of the Inn. The other half was still owned by her business partner Adrienne. I was tickled pink to be the part owner of an Inn in the Bahamas. Mainly, because it got my buns out of the country before… Well let me explain that part.

I was the not so proud owner of a lawn and landscaping business. I did well, since it was nearly summer year round in Louisiana. Hell, even when it was cold there was yard work to be done. It paid the bills and kept me in shape. Simple and stress free, what more could a girl ask for?

My love life however was a disaster. My ex-girlfriend had dumped me for a woman whom I thought looked like a line backer. I gave that woman the best year and a half of my life and she did this to me. Not to mention she took half my wardrobe and CD collection with her when she left. That part really hurt.

So I cooked up a little scheme. I quietly sold my business to one of my employees. Terminated the lease on my apartment, and shipped all I owned to Cat Island in the Bahamas. Then I paid my ex a visit. Well not exactly.

Carla and her linebacker girlfriend were both addicted to working out. It was no surprise to find her car at the gym any given night. That’s of course where she met the brute she left me for. What was especially sweet was that Carla always left her car unlocked. Something I continually fussed at her about to no avail.

Two days before I departed for Cat Island, I dropped by the ole gym for one last visit. I had spent the entire day before going behind the neighbor’s cat with a zip loc. Yes, I know it was over the top but Carla deserved the best.

With a baggie fully of cat terds I casually walked up to her car. When I was sure no one was around I gently emptied the contents of said baggie under the drivers seat of her car. The temp was already at ninety-eight degrees. Soon her car would be filled with the essence of kitty waste.

Now I know this was disgusting and childish, but the woman broke my heart. Not to mention she was in possession of my entire Melissa Etheridge collection. That alone should be grounds enough.

Needless to say as I waited for my plane to board I got a phone call. Her voice was so shrill that a dog in a pet carrier several feet from where I sat began to howl. I sat and listened to her tirade with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on my face. Then she put the ox on the phone that explained in graphic detail how she planned to pull my lungs out through my nose.

Oh did I get cocky! I mouthed off so bad that half the airport stopped and stared. I ended the conversation by saying. "You know where I live." They were probably going straight to my old apartment as I left the country with a smile on my face. Needless to say going home was not an option. I was in it for the long haul.

My Aunt God rest her soul took a liking to me for some unknown reason. When I graduated high school she moved out to Cat Island and remained there till she died. My dad’s sister was her own woman, regardless of what anyone said she did her own thing. I suppose that’s why she liked me, she saw a little of herself in her only niece.

I was rather fond of my headstrong aunt as well. Unbeknownst, to my dad I corresponded with my her all through my high school years, writing letters and sending her pictures. When I went to college I would call her on the weekends, and I am ashamed to admit I didn’t do it nearly enough.

At sixty-seven she died of a massive heart attack. Due to the strained relationship with my dear ole dad, she was buried on the island a month before I knew she had passed on. I supposed strained is an under-statement when it comes to describing her relationship with her brother. Dad out and out despised her and she did not give a rat’s ass that was his problem.

The trouble started when she decided to come out and tell the family she was gay. My dad dropped her like a hot rock. Then to make matters worse, when their aunt passed away she left a very healthy sum of money to my aunt. Since dad was being a first class butt hole he never saw a cent of it. Besides every red penny had been left solely to my aunt, and now she passed it to her niece and that would be me the one on the airplane grinning like a Cheshire cat on her way to Cat Island.

Now lets move on to the rest of the story. It seems that I will be paying for my harsh treatment of Carla and her bulbous headed girlfriend for a long time. Vengeance is a bad thing or so I am learning…the hard way.

On the plane ride over I imagined myself kicked back in a hammock sipping a fruity drink with a little umbrella. Matter of fact I had planned to spend most of my days doing just that. However, when I arrived on the island I learned quickly that was not to be. Cat Island is nothing like Nassau with its resorts and casinos. Apparently, my aunt loved solitude and being in the wilderness, because when I got off the stump jumper of a plane they flew me over in I stepped back in time.

As I stood there all alone on the tarmac a dilapidated old Jeep roared up next to where I stood. A man that I swear was a pirate stepped out and approached me. I was reminded of Buckwheat from the Little Rascals and his most famous line. "Feets don’t fail me now!" I spun in a circle looking for a place to run and realized I was surrounded by…well nothing.

"Hayden Tate?" The pirate barked at me. Did I mention he came complete with an eye patch? I stood there like a dear caught in headlights. "Yes sir." I responded in almost a whisper. Apparently my voice went into hiding without me.

The big furry man simply walked up took my bag threw it in the Jeep and climbed in. My knees felt like jelly as I walked over and climbed in as well. This was a horror movie and apparently I was the star.

"Names Hank. Adrienne sent me for you." Was all the man said on the hour-long ride to the Inn. On that ride I learned something. Somewhere a there was a whole in the earth that went all the way to hell, and from that hole came insects who now resided on Cat Island. I came to understand quickly why he was so quiet, because if you opened your mouth on that trip dinner was served. Big icky green insects were not on my diet.

I had been to Nassau a few times while in college, but this place was nothing like that. There were no high-rise resorts, no casinos and no freaking Starbucks! The terrain was beautiful though, and I was awed by the tropical plant life. Occasionally, there would be a clearing in the brush and I would get a view of the crystal clear waters that surrounded the island as we cruised down the coastline highway.

When we arrived at the Inn the sun was just setting. I had to admit that the view was breath taking. Though, I did not dare to breathe through my mouth for fear of what might fly in. Hank grunted and I followed, he led me into an open-air bar. He took my bag and disappeared. I hoped that he was bringing it to my room, however if he showed up the following morning with a new Victoria’s Secret eye patch I wasn’t saying shit about it.

I sat down in one of the chairs in the little bar and was amazed at how comfortable it was. If I had not been terrified of Hank the pirate, I may have drifted off to sleep in the tranquility of the place. Matter of fact I thought I had fallen asleep, because something out of a dream approached me.

She was tall, at the very least maybe 5’10. She had the most beautiful clear blue eyes I had ever seen. Her long dark hair gently lifted in the Caribbean breeze and blew around her face in wisps. Her slender body was well toned and tanned. She wore a simple floral print dress that hugged her shapely figure, the color the same as her blue eyes, and no shoes or sandals. She made me want to purr.

Now I have to admit this. I have a thing for tall women. I am 5’7", which is really not all that tall, but it was rare to find a woman that I had to look up to. That hair! Oh I would have loved to run my fingers through those long silky locks. Blue eyes are also a weakness of mine. I had always wanted blue eyes, but alas I got tagged with a pair that couldn’t make up their mind. Some days they were grayish blue, some day’s greenish blue.

"Welcome to Cat Island Hayden." Her voice was as beautiful as she was. "How was your trip?"

I simply sat and stared like a moron. I think there for a second I actually did purr. I couldn’t say a word, and I had begun to wonder if I really had drifted off the sleep. That is until a mosquito the size of a 747 bit me on the arm bringing me back to consciousness.

"Forgive me." I stammered. I stood and awkwardly thrust out a hand for her to shake. When she took my hand into hers I thought I would melt. My aunt really did love me!

"I am Adrienne, and it is a pleasure to finally meet you." I could literally hear my brain slamming on the brakes and skidding to a halt. This woman was my aunt’s business partner? I had always assumed that they were lovers as well. Suddenly, I had a newfound respect for my aunt, the little scamp!

"Your aunt and I were never lovers. I thought of her as a mother, she was very dear to me." She said.

"Oh I didn’t mean to…" I put my hand to my mouth. Often I stick my foot in there but I know that I didn’t say anything out loud! "Wait a minute. I didn’t say…I mean I didn’t…"

"You didn’t have to." She raised a single brow at me. Hell was I that easy to read? I’m tired that’s it. None of this is making sense right now.

"Look I am sorry if I said something to offend you. Or did I? I suppose I was just expecting you to be my aunt’s age. Not to imply I think your old. You look to be in your thirties, which is a good thing…I think I will shut up now." I always rambled when I was nervous.

"No need to apologize Hayden. You must be tired from the trip and I know you probably want to see your new home. I will show you to your cottage now if you like."

"Yes, I would like that very much. I said as I pulled one of the hell bugs from my blonde curly locks. "A shower and a change of clothes might make me feel human again."

"Very well then, please follow me." Follow her I did. My eyes were glued to her butt for most of the walk, or I would have noticed the beautiful courtyard that was the centerpiece of the guest cottages. She led me down a narrow cobblestone path to two cottages that sat off secluded from the rest. I was especially happy to note that hers was next to mine.

I was unable to tell exactly what the interior of my cottage looked like because it was filled with boxes of my belongings from floor to ceiling. I was able to locate the bathroom, and after a long refreshing shower I felt human again. I peered at my reflection in the mirror. I was such a stark contrast to Adrienne it was almost amusing. I was fair complexioned, blonde, blue-green eyes and much shorter, even though I was still well toned from my previous line of work. I did have one good thing going for me though; I had nice abs another benefit of manual labor.

Once I was dressed I decided to go in search of two things. Miss tall, dark and mysterious, and food, I was famished. I found Adrienne in the little bar where we first met. She greeted me and led me to the dinning room, which I quickly decided that I did not like. The dinning room was a small intimate setting with a huge round table where I assumed all of the guests would dine together. Not being a people person I was not fond of the idea of sitting at a table full of strangers.

Adrienne and I sat alone at the big table as a heavyset woman brought out platter upon platter of food. Every single dish was made up of Conch. I have never been a lover of seafood. The smell grossed me out, not to mention the taste and texture. There was no way I was going to eat a Conch anything. Instead I ate my salad and filled my empty stomach with bread and fruit.

After dinner the same woman emerged from the kitchen and cleared away the dishes. She returned with a steaming pot of coffee. This I could handle. Adrienne was mostly quiet during the meal. She answered all of my questions about the locals and the island itself, choosing to wait till after dinner to discuss the Inn.

"Your aunt had a simple way of running things around here. Unlike the rest of the Inns and hotels we book all of her guests for a two-week stay. The following week there are no guests, which give us time to make any repairs that are needed. She wanted it to be similar to the way a cruise ship operated. In which a certain number of guests would stay for an all-inclusive two-week vacation.

The Inn catered to gay and lesbian couples. However, they would not turn away anyone who wanted to stay there as long as they respected the other guests. Adrienne went on to explain that there were two porters that also functioned as tour guides.

"So you mean to say that dear old Hank doesn’t greet the guests?" I inquired.

"No he is our handy man. The porters are only here when we have guests. The cleaning and cooking staff works the same way with the exception of Iris who is the full time cook." Adrienne explained as she sipped her coffee.

"When you say repairs, what exactly does that entail? Do the guests get rowdy?" I asked with concern.

"No not at all." Adrienne replied. Each of the cottages has a thatched roof, as I am sure you must have noticed. They have to be maintained as well as the grounds."

"Hank does all of this by himself?" I asked.

Adrienne smiled. It was a smile that said. "You’re not going to like this part." I felt deep inside that I did not want to hear the rest.

"You’re aunt and I along with Hank did most of the repairs. She told me that you are quite good with your hands and manual labor was something that you excelled at. Since you were in the landscaping business I am sure you will adapt very easily."

"Okay see there’s the problem. We own this place, why can’t we simply hire people to do that?"

"Hayden, it takes money to operate this place. We have to cut corners everywhere we can." She said with a sigh of exasperation.

"My aunt was loaded. Why on earth would we need to cut corners?"

There was that smile again. I could feel the hair rising up on the back of my neck. I most certainly was not going to like what I was about to hear.

"Your aunt was a very benevolent woman. When she started this Inn, she chose to give back to the local community that had accepted her so lovingly. She donated a lot of her money to the local medical clinic. Also, to the little schools here. The bottom line is, she was not loaded when she died. This Inn is all she owned."

Okay that cinched it; my aunt did indeed hate me. I actually started to entertain the idea of going back to New Orleans and let the linebacker beat me to a pulp. With a pirate skulking around, bugs the size of crop dusters, and the realization that I would be a working Innkeeper, an ass whipping didn’t sound half bad.

Then I really screwed up. I looked into that dazzling set of blue eyes and I thought, what the hell I will give it a try. If things didn’t work out I could look forward to being eaten alive by something on this island, and no I did not mean the gorgeous brunette sitting next to me.

After Adrienne finished ruining my night with the details on the Inn I decided to retire to my cottage with a bottle of rum. It took me a while but I did finally find my bed under all of the boxes. After confirming that I did in fact have a bed instead of one of those little Gilligan hammocks I tried to relax. I found a place to sit down, opened the rum, which I drank directly from the bottle and lit up a cigarette, and pondered my fate.

A week from now a new group of guests would be arriving, which I would be expected to help entertain and serve. I hadn’t even seen the place in the daylight, which sent chills up my spine. Last but not least I swear that my business partner could read my mind, which freaked me out, and just plain pissed me off. Did I mention the bugs and that pirate guy?

I woke up the following morning to birds squawking and pecking at the thatched roof on my cottage. In addition, I had drunk a quarter of the bottle of rum and my lightweight ass passed out on a box instead of the bed. There wasn’t a spot on my body that didn’t ache, including my toenails.

A soft knock at my door prompted me to try and move my stiff body. I opened the door squinting painfully in the morning light. Adrienne stood there looking radiant and refreshed. "I thought you might need this." She held up a tray with a pitcher of iced tea, toast, and fruit on it.

I can be very polite when I want to be, but today I didn’t want to be. "Were you reading my mind again?" I said in a snide tone.

"Actually no. I saw you swipe the bottle of rum from the bar last night. Your aunt usually passed out after two drinks, and since you’re in her bloodline I figured you would be the same." She smirked when she glanced passed me to the nearly full bottle of rum sitting on the floor.

I suddenly noticed that she was still holding the tray. I stepped aside to let her in. She looked around for a moment and selected the box that I had used for a bed to set the tray on. I also noticed that there were two glasses sitting on the tray, so I assumed she intended to visit. I offered her a box, and when she sat I poured her a glass of tea.

After drinking two glasses of tea my mouth started to feel normal again. My head felt a little better too, so I decided that I should at least try to be polite. Goodness knows what I must have looked like but I simply didn’t have the strength yet to go into the bathroom.

"I’m sorry about the mind reading remark Adrienne. Not being a morning person or a drinker I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the box…umm bed."

"I won’t take up much of your time." She said as she sipped her tea. "I just wanted to ask you to not make any rash decisions about this place. It is obviously not what you thought it would be, but given a little time you will come to love it I am sure. You seem to be a lot like your aunt, and she grew to love it very dearly. That’s why she passed it on to you. Just give it a chance Hayden, please."

Before I knew what I was doing I was agreeing to give this place a chance. She smiled and stood to leave. "Your aunt told me that you are a very neat and orderly person, so I imagine that you will want to get your things in order here before you do anything else. Would you like me to stay and help?"

I declined her offer. It would just be easier if I did it myself. I agreed to meet with her later on that afternoon to discuss the preparations for the upcoming group of guests. After she left I went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. I put my hair up in a ponytail, put on a tank top and a pair of my favorite old gym shorts and got to work.

After about three solid hours of sorting and putting things away my cottage looked entirely different. Our cottages were slightly bigger than the guest cottages, and I was able to neatly put away all of my belongings. I was especially pleased to find that mine had a bookshelf and a desk built into the wall.

I applauded my decision to get rid of my computer and purchase a laptop; anything bigger would have dominated the entire desk. I filled the bookshelves with my books and DVD collection. Fortunately, my DVD and CD players fit nicely into the armoire that was used to conceal the TV.

Once I had everything the way I wanted, I took a shower and got dressed. I arrived a little late for lunch so I nibbled on roll and some fruit. At this rate I would be skinny as a rail in no time. I needed some food. Real food not this Conch stuff they kept trying to ram down my throat. That would be my first order of business when I caught up with Adrienne.



Chapter 2

I found Adrienne in the open-air bar stretched out on a chaise lounge reading a book. I sat in one of the chairs near her and lit up my after lunch cigarette. She lowered the book revealing only her eyes, but instinctively I knew her face held a grimace. Her eyes darted to the offending smoke held in my hand.

"Before you start, let me say this. First this is a bar, and it is open and well ventilated. Yes, I know it is a disgusting habit, and I go to great lengths for my clothes and breath not to smell like it. Third and most important, right now this is the only thing keeping me sane so tread lightly." After my mild tirade I leaned back in my chair and took a deep drag and blew it into the air.

"Consider the point taken." Adrienne said as she marked her place in the book and set it down. "Are you ready to be indoctrinated into the Inn business?"

"As ready as I will ever be." I said with a sigh. I was not looking forward to this.

"Good. Wait here and I will be right back. I couldn’t resist the temptation of starring at her backside as she walked away, and silently scolded myself for being such a pig. When she returned she was carrying two huge ledger books. My heart sank. Obviously, they were still in the dark ages and had not upgraded to automated age.

Even though they had kept the books the old fashioned way, they were remarkably accurate. Adrienne had them balanced to the penny. I was easily able to see how the finances were managed. I attributed this to Adrienne alone. My aunt was never one for keeping records and maintaining a budget.

After a couple of hours of pouring over the books my eyes began to roll up in my head. I had enjoyed about as much as I could stand. Fortunately, Adrienne received a phone call that was going to take a little while. I left her a note explaining that I was going on a little walk to get acquainted with my new surroundings. I grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and went on my merry way.

The bar, I learned was the main receiving area. Guests checked in there and were assigned their rooms. The bar itself was open on three sides, with the kitchen and dinning area attached at the rear of the building. During inclement weather large shades were rolled down the keep the furniture dry.

I walked through the courtyard to the rear of the bar. A fountain sat in the middle of the courtyard itself, its trickling water added a soothing effect to the already tranquil atmosphere. I slipped my sandals off so I could feel the cool cobblestone under my feet as I walked around admiring the elegantly landscape yard. Narrow cobblestone paths lead to each one of the guest cottages, which surrounded the courtyard.

The Inn itself was nestled on a bluff that overlooked the blue Caribbean waters; a tropical forest framed the other three sides. I marveled at the lush plant life that flourished on the island. I recognized many varieties of plants growing in the wild that people paid top dollar for back in the states.

I wandered down a path that seemingly did not lead to any of the cottages. Lined with banana trees and tropical foliage the cobblestone pathway was completely shaded. When I walked out onto the open bluff my breath was taken away by the beauty that lay before me. I stood in awe of the spectacular unspoiled view of the coastline. The crystal clear waters beckoned me, and I had to fight the urge to strip and run down the staircase that led to the water.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that the Island was so rural when I got here. I was expecting a resort style atmosphere with calypso music playing, beauty spas, and a wait staff dressed in pristine white uniforms catering to my every whim. This however was the complete opposite, and yet I felt a contentment being here. No doubt, it would take me a while to adjust to the slower pace, and the antiquated way of doing things. There was no one back home for me to miss, just my way of life.

I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the air blowing in off the water. I felt refreshed and exhilarated as I started the short hike back to the Inn. I had taken two steps when I saw it. It took my brain a minute to register what I was looking at, and my body less time to react. I let out a high-pitched girl scream so shrill that it hurt my own ears as I jumped into a small tree. It bowed with my weight nearly dropping me onto the snake I was trying to escape from.

Then I saw her. Adrienne stood at the mouth of the trail doubled over laughing. Not just a belly laugh, the hateful heifer was wheezing and gasping for air she was laughing so hard!

"You are a Louisiana native, surely you have seen a snake before." She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Her body still shook with laughter.

The snake however was not amused at my antics and slithered off into the brush, while I struggled to keep my balance in the little tree. After I was certain the snake was gone, I made an attempt to climb out of the tree. The wiry limbs of the small shrub like tree swayed beneath me as I tried to move finally dropping me to the ground, but not before catching the bottom of my shirt and stripping me of it as I fell.

I sat there under the tree wearing nothing but my bra and shorts trying to figure out what the hell happened. Adrienne sounded like a wild hyena in heat as she fell to her knees and laughed uncontrollably. Stupid tropical island, there is never a coconut around when you need one, so I fanaticized about clocking Adrienne with one instead.

I wrestled my shirt from the hateful little tree, and quickly pulled what was left of it on. Adrienne now sat on the ground still crying with laughter. I walked passed her and mutterd. "Thanks for all your help." I could still hear her laughter carried in on that wretched ocean breeze as I walked red faced back to my cottage.

Minutes later I heard a knock on my door and a few muffled giggles as I pulled on a new shirt. I opened it to find a totally un-repentant brunette with tears of laughter still on her face. I gave her the most intimidating glare I could muster. "Sorry." She muttered under her breath. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright." She said as her face contorted trying to keep what little composure she had regained.

"Nothing wounded but my pride." I said with a scowl.

"She stood there quietly for a minute. I could tell she was fighting the urge to laugh again. "So, I take it you have a fear of snakes. No one that works here has ever been bitten, nor have any of the guests. They are often more afraid of you than you are of them." She paused. "Although in your case maybe not." Then she began to howl with laughter right there in my face.

"I’ll see you at dinner." I spat out. Then slammed the door in her face. I could still hear her laughter fade off into the distance as she walked away.

There are few things I hate more than a snake. Growing up in Louisiana I did encounter the vile things at least every spring while working outside. However, my reaction was always the same, screaming, loss of bladder control, and running in stark terror. Fortunately, I did manage not to wet my pants, or I would have to leave the island permanently.

I lit up a cigarette and talked myself into calming down. If I were to face Adrienne anytime soon I needed to let my temper cool. She was a very beautiful woman, but I think beneath the surface was the ability to kick my ass. Not to mention she was a good bit taller than me. At least I could get in a few good shots to her kneecaps.

I flopped down on the bed and grabbed the remote. I flicked through the channels till I saw something that took my mind off my troubles. I had found something that always helped raise my spirits. Xena! I did my best imitation of my TV heroine’s battle cry, which sounded like a chicken caught in a fan. Watching that long legged beauty kick the crap out of someone always cheered me up. I lay there with a goofy grin on my face till the show ended and I dozed off to sleep.

I slept a lot longer than I intended and was woken by a gentle knock on my door. Adrienne was again standing there when I opened it. She had a bottle of red wine tucked under her arm. This time she was kind enough not to laugh at my earlier misfortune.

"I was hoping we would have dinner in my cottage tonight, there are a few things I would like to go over with you. Iris has made spaghetti Conch free, since I know you are not fond of it. She will be brining it out in about twenty minutes. Will you join me?"

In the interest of behaving like a big girl, I graciously accepted her offer. I excused myself to go get cleaned up. I took a quick shower and changed my clothes, and arrived at her place as Iris brought in the meal. She greeted me warmly. "How was your first day on the island Hayden?" She shot Adrienne a quick grin that did not go unnoticed by me.

"It was very enlightening Iris." I responded cheerfully. She smiled and nodded and left us to our dinner. When she closed the door I shot Adrienne a vicious look. "Exactly, how many people on this island know about my little adventure today?" I asked.

Adrienne pulled my chair out and gestured for me to sit down. "Only Iris. She’s deathly afraid of snakes too you know."

I sat down, suddenly not feeling very hungry. Adrienne glanced over at me as she loaded up my salad plate. "I really am sorry if I offended you this afternoon, had you have seen it from my prospective you would have laughed too. When I walked out onto the bluff it was that moment you screamed and jumped straight up into that tree. Then when you fell and your shirt got hung up…" She paused fighting the urge to laugh again. "I’m really sorry I am sure it must have scared you half to death. I might have done the same thing had I been in your shoes. Look, I hate the idea of us getting off on the wrong foot on your first day will you forgive me? She looked at me pleadingly with those blue eyes and I had no choice but to let it go.

"You know, you remind me of someone on TV." I said trying to make conversation.

"Oh really, who?"

"Have you ever watched Xena? You look at lot like Lucy Lawless." I said as I checked my salad for Conch.

"A lot of people have told me that, but I don’t see the resemblance." She said as she cocked her eyebrow up into her bangs.

"Well you do. I mean it as a compliment. I think she is so sexy. I bet if you put on that leather outfit she wears you would look just like her." I giggled.

"Have a thing for women in leather, do ya?" She said with a smirk.

"Yes." I purred. "That kiwi accent does it for me too. I could sit and listen to her talk all day. There is something so sexy about the way they say "No" over there, or down there rather. The way they drag the word out does something for me. I think that is the only time I wouldn’t mind hearing a woman tell me no."

She cocked that brow up again and looked at me like I had escaped from a mental ward. "I’ll keep that in mind."

I had wondered about Adrienne’s sexuality since I arrived on the island. I knew that my aunt had told her I was gay, but Adrienne made no mention of it. I didn’t want to come right out and ask her if she was, I thought that would have been a little rude. No matter how I tried I could not keep her on the topic long enough to get her to say one-way or the other.

As we ate she explained that Sunday, which was only a few days away the guests would be arriving. There would be six couples all women who visited each year. The cottages were prepared for their arrival but we would have to order supplies from the mainland prior to their arrival. We agreed to handle that task the following morning. I asked her in what capacity would I be in dealing with the guests.

She smiled. "Its not nearly bad as you are imagining. The porters and wait staff will be here. You and I will simply entertain them at meals and tend the bar. It is really like getting together with old friends. You will find yourself enjoying this place as much as they do."

I was a little skeptical. I was the loner type, and to be honest I was really on the timid side especially in a large group of people. I suppose that is why I did so well in the landscaping business. Often it was only me, and lots of dirt that didn’t talk back.

"I don’t mind telling you Adrienne, I am a little nervous about all of this entertaining stuff. This may come as a surprise to you, but I am actually a little on the shy side. It is truly an effort on my part to make casual conversation with someone I don’t know."

"You will do just fine." She reassured me. "I will be right by your side."

After dinner we took our wine glasses and retired to the courtyard where I could smoke, which I loved to do after a meal. We sat in one of many patio chairs and talked about life on the island. I learned that Adrienne was originally from Florida and happened on the island by mistake. She was one of the first guests to stay at the Inn, and after becoming great friends with my aunt she simply never went back.

"Why do you smoke Hayden?" She asked as I lit another cigarette.

"Well basically I am a nervous person and it helps to calm my nerves. I hate the way a cigarette tastes so you will always see me drinking something when I smoke." I said as I raised my glass of wine. "Which is bad for me when I am drinking something with alcohol in it. I tend to get a little loopy."

"Where is my aunt buried?" I asked out of the blue. Adrienne’s face became solemn. "She is buried at a little cemetery within walking distance of the Inn. She wanted to be close to the place she loved." Her eyes misted at the thought.

My heart broke for her. I could see that she had loved my aunt very deeply, and obviously missed her companionship. She sniffed a little before she spoke. "Your aunt was very precious to me, as I have said before I thought of her as a mother. She was the only person in this world that ever took the time to understand me."

"I would like to go to her grave site, since I was unable to attend her funeral. If it is not too painful would you like to accompany me tomorrow?" I asked hoping not to make her cry.

She looked at me and smiled. "Yes, I would like that very much. I always put fresh flowers on her grave each week."

We agreed to order the supplies first thing in the morning and then we would pay my aunt a visit. She walked me back to my cottage and then returned to her own. I loved my aunt, but I didn’t know her as well as Adrienne had. It made me sad to think of how it must have broken her heart when my aunt passed from this life. My heart was heavy when I drifted off to sleep that night, with the knowledge of what Adrienne lost.

The following morning I woke up about six am. Bless Adrienne, she had arranged for a coffee pot to be placed in my room. I brewed a pot and sat out on the doorstep and enjoyed a cup as I smoked. Ah life’s little pleasures.

Out of the foliage appeared a small orange tiger stripped tabby cat. He didn’t look any older than a couple of months. I coaxed the kitten over, and listened to him purr as I scratched behind his ears. Adrienne had said that there were many stray cats around and I wondered if he had a home. Judging by the display of ribs poking out that was probably not the case.

I had a stash of peanut crackers in my room, which I shared with the little cat. He ate each one I gave him like there was no tomorrow. When he had his fill he simply rolled over on his back and sunned his little stripped belly in the morning sun.

I was amused at how his lip seemed to always be curled up over one of his front fangs. It made him look as though he had a perpetual snarl, kind of like a saber-toothed tiger. So I decided to name him Saber, and on the second day of being on the island I had adopted a cat.

Luckily, my former job called for casual dress. I had an endless pile of shorts and lightweight shirts perfect for the climate. I showered and dressed and went off to find more suitable fare for my newly adopted feline. Iris fixed me up with two bowls perfect for a kitty, and some dry cat food she kept on hand for the strays. It seemed Iris had a soft spot for cats too.

Adrienne walked up as Saber was discovering his new food bowls. He cast her a casual glance and began to chow down. I figured his paws were hollow, because I had no idea where he stored all the food he consumed. I made sure he had plenty of fresh water and then accompanied Adrienne to the bar.

I was falling in love with Iris. She brought out pancakes bristling with raspberries, bacon and fresh juice to the table where we were working. I nearly fell to the floor and kissed her feet when she laid the food out in front of me. She did not escape without a heart felt hug though.

As we ate breakfast Adrienne made out a list of the things that we would need. I added a couple of boxes of Count Chocula to the list. If I didn’t get that stuff soon somebody was going to get hurt. I listened as she called in our order. Afterward, she explained that it would be delivered by boat within the next two days weather permitting. I was thrilled.

We worked off breakfast by walking up the road to aunt’s gravesite. We stopped to gather some fresh tropical flowers to lie on the head stone. It seemed strange not to be able to call up a florist and order something, but then I realized aunt would appreciate flowers taken directly from the soil of the land she loved a lot more.

Adrienne politely stood back and allowed me a moment alone at aunts grave. Tears ran down my cheeks as I mourned the loss of someone dear to me. This woman had obviously touched the lives of this community deeply and it showed by mounds of flowers that covered her gravesite.

I stood back and allowed Adrienne her time alone with aunt, and as she knelt down on the ground to lovingly place her flowers I wondered if I would be able to fill the shoes of the woman whose body lay buried beneath the earth. I decided at that moment that I wanted to carry on what she started. Whatever profit the Inn would turn a portion would go to supporting this community.

On the walk back we were both quiet, each lost in our own thoughts. I had only been here a day and a half and this place had already begun to change me. I was starting to see why aunt never had a desire to leave this place for the land where she was born.

As we neared the Inn I decided to break the silence we had both fallen into. "So what else do we need to do in preparation for our guests? When she did not readily answer I decided to make a stab at humor. "If it involves snakes, you can count me out."

She smiled. That smile was beginning to get to me, but I fought it valiantly by reminding myself at how she had laughed at me the day before. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to get romantically involved with someone that I would have to work so closely with.

"We rest." She said.

"Rest? That’s all. I thought you said that there is a lot of work to be done in between the visits of the guests." I was not accustomed to "rest."

Your aunt could have made a fortune by booking guests in the Inn continually like the others, but she wanted us all to have time for ourselves. She always said. "What is the use of having all this if you don’t have time to enjoy it?" We do all the cleaning and prep work right after the guests leave, then most of the time we have left we simply relax and enjoy our surroundings."

I was curious. "So how do you plan to spend the rest of the day?

There was that smile again. "I had planned on getting my snorkeling gear and going down to the beach. Iris usually packs me a lunch and I spend the day on the beach reading and playing in the water."

"You do this alone?" That sounded a little dangerous to me.

"No I usually have some friends that join me." She said with a grin.

I didn’t know why at the time but my heart sank when she said that. A woman as beautiful as she would obviously have someone with whom she spent her time, and I did not want to be a third wheel. I felt another emotion that surprised me; jealousy had reared its ugly head.

"I would love it if you would join us." She said politely.

I was about to decline the offer when we were rushed by a group of boys that I figured ranged in age from seven to ten. I watched as she hugged each one. From the looks on their little faces they obviously adored her.

"Hayden, allow me to introduce my beach buddies." She called each of their names and one by one they approached a little warily to shake my hand. She looked at me and asked. "So what about it Hayden, will you join us?

They all looked at me expectantly, and when I agreed they jumped around excitedly including Adrienne. The boys followed her and helped her collect the gear and food. I returned to my cottage to find my swimsuit.

Upon my arrival I found a dead lizard lying on my door matt. My new feline friend stood triumphantly near by. With the gift he had cemented our relationship. He was now the proud owner of a human. I silently prayed that he would not feel the need to bring me any more gifts.

Once I gathered my things I went down the narrow path leading to the bluff. My eyes literally bugged out of my head as I looked for any reptiles laying in hiding. I was relieved when I reached the clearing at the bluff that I had not encountered any creatures of the slimy snakey kind. Yes, I do know they are not slimy but they look that way to me.

The sight I saw on the beach warmed my heart. I watched as Adrienne chased the group of little boys up and down the sandy beach in a game of tag. She was absolutely beautiful. Her hair blew free in the breeze, and her tanned skin shone like gold reflecting the sun. She was radiant.

When I made the trek down to them the boys all began to grab their snorkel gear and waited patiently as I dug mine out of the bag. Snorkeling was one of my favorite hobbies, and I looked forward to seeing what was beneath those crystal clear waters.

Adrienne gathered the boys together and made all of them be quiet before she spoke. "You know the rules gang. Everyone must have a buddy, and we all stay together in a group."

I took that moment to ogle her in a swimsuit. Her tanned legs went on for days. The teal bikini that she sported covered all of the important parts, but left little to the imagination. I couldn’t wait for her to get into the water because I was sure it would cling to her skin even closer. Had I not been in a group of little boys I may have been tempted to chase her down the beach like a rabid dog.

I watched as the boys paired off. My heart sank when the smallest of the group was left without a partner. I approached him and smiled as sweetly as I knew how, which might have scared him a little. "I don’t have a buddy either, would you mind pairing up with me?"

His face lit up with a smile, as he nodded. I looked down into his big brown eyes and could not imagine denying that child anything at that moment. It was then I knew that I had gone insane. Children had always gotten on my last nerve. They were loud, and what they did not break they peed on.

"My name is Kevin." He said as he took my hand in his small one and led me to the water. I glanced over and noticed Adrienne watching us with the most peculiar expression on her face. When she realized that she had been caught starring she simply smiled and accompanied her snorkeling buddy into the water.

We moved as a group to a small grouping of rocks. My buddy stayed close to my side, and I often caught those big brown eyes watching me intently. It took me a little while but I noticed the protectiveness in his actions. This little child was watching over me, making sure I was all right. The little fart made my heart melt.

The jetties were alive with sea life. I watched as the bright colored fish that I had often seen in fish tanks back home, as they darted in and out of the rocks. I think I enjoyed this snorkeling trip more than the ones in the past. The difference was seeing things through a child’s eyes. They marveled over things we adults simply took for granted. We spent at least two hours circling those rocks finding new things at each turn. I found Adrienne studying me more than once with the same peculiar expression.

We all grew hungry and went on shore to dig into the basket that Iris had made for us. To my supreme delight there was no Conch, instead we had ham and turkey sandwiches and fruit for desert.

With our bellies full Adrienne and I stretched out on the sand and watched as the children played in the surf. As I lay there the thought occurred to me that had we been in the states it may have seemed strange to passersby to find two white women the company of black children. People are people regardless of color, but even in this day and age there was always someone who had to make the distinction between the races.

As if she were reading my thoughts Adrienne spoke up. "They are beautiful children aren’t they? They are so innocent and pure; they know nothing of racism of differences between races. They simply see people as people, and all they want is someone who will take a genuine interest in them."

One of the boys approached us. "Is it time for our story now Adrienne?" She smiled and nodded and all they boys came racing ashore. She pulled from her bag. "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and began to read. I watched as each child lay in the warm sand and was carried off into Narnia listening to Adrienne as she read. Before I realized it I was there too lost in the words of the story that C.S. Lewis penned so long ago.

Adrienne and I walked to together behind the kids as we made our way back to the Inn. We watched them as they played together on the walk, and explored the same things they must have seen a million times. I was especially wary when we started up the narrow path. I walked ahead making sure there were no slimy snakes on the trail.

We arrived at the Inn as Iris was serving the food out on the patio tables in the courtyard. Adrienne, the children and I all dined on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas. When all the bellies were full Adrienne and I both hugged and kissed each child before they left for home. I could not help but wonder if I had lost my mind. I had actually enjoyed the company of a bunch of rowdy little boys.

I was beat when I got back to the cottage. I showered and relaxed in front of the television for a while. My mind kept going back to the woman I spent the day with. I wondered what she was doing, and hoping she was as tired as I was so I wouldn’t feel like such a wimp.

I lay in my bed admiring my new home. It wasn’t the posh place I expected, but in its simplicity it held a unique charm. I put my comforter set from home on my bed to give the place a more home like atmosphere. The nautical pattern meshed nicely with the existing tropical décor. The floor was made of stone tablets with decorative mosaic inlays. I loved the way it felt cool against my feet. Aside from the garden tub in my bathroom, my favorite feature was the floor to ceiling screened windows. The positioning of them allowed the Caribbean breeze to blow through my room unhindered.

I heard a familiar scratching at the door. I grinned as I got up; I knew it was Saber back to fill his belly. He strolled in as I opened the door and gave me a meow as if saying hello. He went straight to his food and filled up his hollow legs.

When I turned the lights out, he jumped up on the bed and curled up against me. He kicked his purr motor into high gear and soon we were both asleep. Sometime during the night he grew restless and slapped the clock by my bed onto the floor. When I got up he went straight to the door to be let out, thus beginning a long pattern for our nights to come.





































Chapter 3


I thought I was becoming ill the next day. I got up at six-thirty am all by myself, no alarm clock, nothing. I pressed the back of my hand to my forehead to check for fever, confirming what I already knew. I was perfectly healthy. I was simply losing my mind.

Playing with kids, desires to better the community, adopting strays, I was losing it! It had to be something in that iced tea they are always offering me. Or worse, maybe they were brain washing me in my sleep. I could just picture them all gathered around my cottage at night blowing into those damn Conch shells chanting nice things over and over. This was a nightmare!

I got up and stumbled over to the coffee pot, once I had it brewing I went into the bathroom to look into the mirror and see if I was still me. I looked at the image staring back at me and noticed some subtle changes. I actually looked relaxed. I stared at myself as I brushed my teeth, something was happening to me, and what scared me the most was that I kind of liked it.

I showered and got dressed and was ready to face the day at seven am. How stupid was I? Adrienne said we could rest this week. I should have been staring at the insides of my eyelids till at least ten am.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and opened the door to sit on the step. I was met by Saber, and of course he meowed and went straight to his food. He joined me later as I sat on the step enjoying my cigarette and coffee in solitude. I absently stroked his fur as I listened to the sounds of the tropical forest, and breathed the fresh scent of the ocean breeze.

Then it hit me. The most offensive odor I think I had ever smelled. I looked down at the orange kitten. "Saber! How could you? I had my mouth open and was drinking my coffee!" The odor didn’t pass. Perhaps it was not coming out of the cat but was on the cat. I picked up the little ball of fur and gave him a sniff. I gagged as I set him back down. "Saber, your not going to like this, its bath time.

I ran a little water in the bathroom sink and set one of my best smelling shampoos next to it. Then I went in search of Mr. Stinky. Everything was going fine, the purr motor was on full blast, he was looking up at me with little orange eyes of love, and then I stuck him in the water.

A noise came out of that cat that made me want to run into the forest screaming. I stood my ground though and did my best to keep his little body in the water as I reached for the shampoo. I managed to get him all soaped up; he seemed to relax a little as I rubbed the shampoo into his fur. However, when it came time to rinse him he made that noise again and I almost gave up.

I wrapped the little pissed off feline in a towel and dried him as best I could. When I unwrapped him he was significantly smaller. I began to wonder if I had shrunk him. I plugged in the hair dryer and prepared to give him a fluffing. When I turned the dryer on he the shot out of my hands like a rocket, and I swear if the door had not already been opened there would have been a cat shaped hole in it.

I cleaned the bathroom sink and mopped up all the water with a towel. All the while trying to imagine what that cat had gotten into to make him smell that bad. There was no way he was getting back in bed with me smelling like a crapper.

My stomach sounded like I had a family of bears living in it, so I decided to see what dear Iris had cooked up for breakfast. She met me in the doorway of the dining room and informed me that Adrienne was in the bar waiting on me. I joined her and we dined on blueberry waffles. I love Iris.

Adrienne and I ate in comfortable silence. I was so full that I debated on going back to bed. Adrienne invited me to take a morning walk, which I readily accepted. This time we went the opposite direction from the graveyard, so I could see a little more of the scenery.

I learned that Adrienne was a quiet introspective person. She didn’t have a whole lot to say in the way of casual conversation. If I wanted to hear her speak I would have to ask her questions and pull the information out of her.

"So tell me about the guests that are soon to arrive. I assume you know them pretty well since they come here regularly." I asked as I kicked rocks up the dirt road.

"Well, there are six couples. One pair is not an actual couple, they are together as friends, both of whom came last year but they each had mates then. They are all close friends that live in the same city, and once a year they get together and come here for a break. They are a lot of fun; your aunt and I have spent a lot of time with them in the past talking and playing cards together. This place comes alive when they’re here."

She suddenly stopped walking and glanced at me for a second. "Calvin is ahead of schedule and will be here in a couple of hours. We should go back to the Inn." She turned and started walking briskly.

I ran and half skipped trying to keep up with her long stride. Finally, when I thought I would pass out I grabbed her by the arm. "Can we slow it down a bit before I am face down in the dirt?" I said gasping for breath.

She looked at me a little surprised, and then I realized I was still holding her arm. "Who is Calvin? I asked in confusion as I let her go.

"Calvin is the guy that runs the supply boat, he’s ahead of schedule and is coming today instead of tomorrow." She ran her fingers through her hair nervously, as her eyes darted back and forth. Something made her uncomfortable about this, and then it hit me like a lightening bolt. She must have something going on with Calvin to be acting so strangely.

I sighed internally; even though I knew it would not be wise to get involved with Adrienne I was a little disappointed that I would never get the chance. Unless, Calvin was a woman Adrienne preferred men. It was so depressing to meet a gorgeous woman and find out she was batting for the other team. Ah well its not like I had a shot anyway.

I gave her a weak smile and we began to walk again. I had not realized how far we had gone on the way out, because the walk seemed much longer on the way back. I’m sure it had a lot to do with giraffe woman’s stride. It was a struggle to keep up with her.

I got nosey and decided to get the whole scoop. I tried to be funny, which was my first mistake. "Wow Calvin must be something special to make you scramble like this."

She simply smiled, but didn’t offer any info, nor did she slow her pace. "Please remind me why we walked out this far if he was coming so soon to make a delivery?"

"It wasn’t till we got out here that I knew he was coming this soon." She said

I didn’t remember her talking on a cell phone, matter of fact I couldn’t get a signal on mine at all. This had me perplexed. I just had to push the issue.

"So how did you know he was early?" I asked as I grabbed her arm again pulling her to a stop.

She gave me a look that gave me the chills. I couldn’t tell what was hiding behind those blue eyes. For a moment it looked like anger, but I couldn’t be sure. I let go of her arm and waited for her answer.

"I don’t know how to explain this to you Hayden." She said with a sigh. "Sometimes, I just know things. Does that make sense?"

We began to walk again, but this time she slowed her pace a bit. "Um no it doesn’t really make sense, what do you mean you know things? Are you a mind reader?"

She ran her hand through her hair again. It was a nervous habit that I found completely sexy. I made a mental note to make her more nervous in the future.

"No I cannot read minds. I don’t really know how it happens or where it comes from, I have given up on trying to find out. It comes just like a thought and I simply know."

"Have you ever been wrong?" I asked.

"When I was younger I missed things often, but now I am often right."

This sounded like something off the X Files. I was having a hard time believing her, and naturally the ass in me had to come out. "Please tell me you didn’t read my mind last night when I was fantasizing about you covered in whipped cream." I chuckled. Sometimes I amuse myself. She however, was not amused in the least.

"Hayden I am not one of those phonies you see on TV, and I do not consider myself a physic. I am not asking you to believe anything. I simply answered your question!" This time there was anger in her eyes, and I am ashamed to say pain.

"Look I am sorry. I have just never believed in anything like that, and you caught me a little off guard. I’m sorry if I have offended you." I don’t know why I was apologizing I still thought she was off her rocker.

"Don’t be sorry. I am used to it." She said just as we arrived at the Inn. Without another word she walked off toward her cottage. I thought it best not to follow.

"Hayden?" I turned to see Iris standing at the bar with the phone in her hand. I walked over and took it from her wondering who would be calling me here.

An unfamiliar male voice spoke when I answered. "Hi Hayden this is Calvin. I have not been able to reach Hank and I have a load of supplies. Would you or Adrienne mind meeting me at the dock?"

I was a little taken back, but I was still skeptical. I agreed to meet Calvin at the dock within the hour. Iris gave me directions and I took the van, thrilled with the prospect of driving something enclosed this time. My last ride across the island with Hank still gave me the chills.

I drove down to Warren Harbor, and pulled as close to the dock as I could manage. I hopped out of the van and walked down the dock to a dilapidated boat pulling into the dock. A short stocky man with a baldhead called out to me as I approached.

"Are you Hayden Tate?" He inquired.

"That depends on whether or not you have Count Chocula on board." I said with a grin.

He laughed. "I sure do. Could you give me a hand and grab the stern line?" He called out as he tossed me a rope. I did my best to tie the line correctly. I didn’t want him drifting off till I got my cereal.

After the boat was secured to the dock we began the laborious task of loading large boxes of supplies into the van. He explained that normally Hank came out to meet him, and apologized for needing my help. When we finished the load both of us were sweating like mules, and he smelled like one. I accepted his invitation to board the boat and have a soda.

I waited for him on the stern of the boat cooling in the breeze. He emerged with two Cokes, and pictures of his kids, one of which was a newborn. It was then I noticed the shiny gold band on his finger. Calvin was happily married, and I was thrilled.

I had a spring in my step as I walked up the dock to the van. Calvin was married, and that hopefully meant that he and Adrienne was not an item. Maybe, just maybe Adrienne was not batting for the other team. Although, now I was convinced that she was insane.

I backed the van up in the little loading zone behind the Inn. I didn’t think there would ever be a time that I thought I would be happy to see Hank, but today was the exception. He and I unloaded the van, and I helped Iris put up the supplies for the kitchen. She gave me a special spot in the pantry for my cereal.

Hank had graciously carried the heavier boxes of liquor to the bar, but that’s about as far as he got. Unpacking them must not have been in his contract. When I got back to the bar he was nowhere in site, and frankly I was happy about that.

I unloaded each bottle and placed them behind the bar. While I did this Iris placed a turkey sandwich on the bar for me. I really really love that woman. I sat behind the bar and ate my sandwich, and was tempted to fix myself a big fat rum and coke but decided to just go with a coke.

Adrienne walked into the bar and without a word she picked up a book off of one of the chaise lounges. She was about to walk out when she turned suddenly and gave me an icy glare. "You may want to stay right there by the phone, your mother will be calling." Then she walked out before I could say a word.

Not two minutes later the phone rang. It scared me so bad I nearly fell off the bar stool, and I dropped half of my sandwich on the floor. I don’t know why but I was surprised to hear my moms voice on the phone. I reached under the bar quickly deciding to have that rum after all.

"Hayden your father is furious that you went to the Inn. He will not allow me to mention your name. Now tell me, have you put it on the market yet? How much do you think it will bring?" She rattled of a stream of questions as I sipped my drink and rolled my eyes. I lit a cigarette, and of course she heard the click of the lighter and launched into a whole new tirade.

When she finally did allow me to speak I took great pleasure in telling her that I had no intention of selling the Inn. Furthermore, I was happy here and had every intention of staying on. This really set her off. I set the phone down on the bar and enjoyed my drink and even though I could still hear her ranting I had no idea what she was saying.

When mom stopped for a breath I quickly told her that I had some pressing matters to attend and I had to go. I spied a chaise lounge on a shady corner of the bar and decided that I would claim it for my own. I laid back and sipped my drink, and before long I fell asleep. Iris gently shook me and informed me that dinner would be served in the dinning room in ten minutes.

I went back to my cottage and took a quick shower. I didn’t have enough time to wash my hair so I threw it up in a ponytail. I noticed that Saber had not returned since the bath. I silently scolded myself for pissing everyone off in one day, as I walked back to the dinning room.

When I arrived there were two place settings but Adrienne was nowhere in sight. I decided to go into the kitchen to see if Iris needed any help. Apparently, while meals were being prepared that area was her domain and she chased me out with a wooden spoon. I went back into the dinning room to find Adrienne just sitting down.

I decided to try and make amends. I still didn’t know what to think of her ability to know things, but I knew that I should have at least shown more respect. "Adrienne, I was an ass today, would you please forgive me?"

"Its okay Haden. You don’t need to apologize, its not like I haven’t gotten that kind of response before. I knew you would find out sooner or later, and I guess sooner was better than later." She said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

At this point I was really feeling like crap. I knew that I had deeply hurt her feelings. I suppose she had assumed I would have been more understanding and supportive. In addition, I washed a kitten and I thought I might never see him again. I was screwing up everything and was beginning to think I should set up residence somewhere more remote.

"Adrienne, I am truly sorry. I didn’t understand and to some degree I still don’t understand it, but I certainly cannot look down on you for it. I don’t want this to come between us. I don’t know about you, but I have enjoyed your company and I hope you will just consider slapping the shit out of me and then forgiving me."

"There will be no shitting at the dinner table." Iris barked as she entered the room. She shot me a grin as she placed our food on the table.

"Iris, you don’t have to wait on me you know. I am perfectly capable of fixing my own plate. Why don’t you let me fix you a plate and then you can join us." I said as I stood to make good on my offer.

She laughed at me. "Iris don’t eat her own cooking child." The heavyset black woman disappeared into the kitchen laughing. This worried me. I looked at Adrienne who was laughing her butt off.

"Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with her food. She just doesn’t like to eat what she cooks." Adrienne relieved my fears by taking a big bite of her dinner.

"So are we ok now?" I asked hoping for the best.

"I forgive you Hayden, and yes things are fine between us." She looked me in the eyes and smiled. "So, is Calvin’s new baby cute?"

I had to laugh. "Yes as a matter of fact he is, but he has a big ole box head like his daddy. I felt sorry for the mom. I assume everyone is made to look at the pictures of his children."

Her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled. "Yes he shows them to everyone he comes in contact with. He’s a very proud papa."

I saw our conversation as a way to pick the information that I wanted. "So Adrienne do you ever see yourself settling down with someone like Calvin and having kids? You obviously love them, I noticed that yesterday when you took those little boys to the beach."

She sipped her wine before answering. "I do love children, and one day I hope to have some of my own, but I have no desire to be married to someone like Calvin. Although, he is a very sweet man and from what I can see a loving husband and father."

"Then what’s wrong with a man like him?" In my mind I silently begged for her to tell me what I wanted to hear.

"There is nothing wrong with Calvin, he is simply not my type." She responded with a coy expression.

I took the plunge I had to do it. I simply had to know, it wasn’t good enough to assume. I had to hear the words pass across those lips that I had to fight the urge to kiss. "So what exactly is your type?"

She laughed and I could feel the blood drain to my feet. "I am more interested in pursuing a relationship with a woman. Men do not interest me in the least."

There she had said it, now I knew we were on the same team. My knees started to bang together under the table and my palms got sweaty all at once. I had wanted to hear those words so badly, but now I was nervous. All the while I told myself to get over it, she would probably not be interested in me anyway, besides I knew better than to get involved with someone I worked with.

I swallowed nervously. "Oh, well I think that’s great. I imagine the dating scene is a little sparse in these parts." I chuckled nervously. She watched me with a smirk on her face.

"Is that your way of asking me if I am taken?" She asked me directly.

How could I come back on this one? I struggled a minute trying to sound casual, but failed miserably. To add to my uncomfortable predicament, the expression on her face confirmed that she knew exactly what she was doing to me. "I was just curious. You know, making conversation."

She smiled. "I see. Well I have an advantage over you. Your aunt has told me all about your preference for women as well. She also told me some very enlightening stories about some of your… She paused for effect. I suppose we will call them antics."

"Antics? What on earth did she tell you?" I dreaded to hear the answer, because aunt knew some of my more naughty deeds.

"Well for starters, she told me that she came to visit for the holidays one year. You were still in high school and gone out with a group of friends. She told your parents that she did not mind waiting up for you if they wanted to go on to bed. They accepted her offer and your aunt waited up till three in the morning for you.

She said that you were so drunk you barely knew your own name. In addition, you were proudly wearing a pair of panties around your neck, which you claimed belonged to the principles daughter. Oh and the best part was, you had to wear turtle neck sweaters for nearly two weeks to hide all of the love bites on your neck."

I blushed at the vague memory of that night. My aunt had ushered me to my room and helped me get into bed. I threw up on her slippers. "I was just a teenager then, you cant hold that against me." I said smugly.

The smile on her face said she wasn’t finished. "She also told me that your parents threw you out of the house because they came home unexpectedly and found something resembling and orgy in their living room."

"Hey! I can explain that! I was dating a college girl, and she had some sorority sisters that liked to… Never mind, I really can’t explain away that one." I sighed. When I was young, sometimes I was just plain naughty.

I blushed and had to look away from her. "I was young and stupid then."

She giggled. "And now?

"Well now I am older and stupid, but a lot tamer." I said with a grin.

"We should go to bed." She said.

My jaw dropped open and nearly bounced off the table. I stared at her in total shock, recounting her words in my mind. She realized her mistake and her face turned blood red.

"Oh! I mean we will have a busy day tomorrow. The guests will be coming the day after and we need to make some final touches." Her face remained red even after she explained herself. It was adorable, and I knew from that moment on I would torment her about it till we died.

We walked together back to our cottages. Both content to keep the conversation casual. I offered to walk her to her door since my cottage was the first on the path. She declined my offer and simply bid me goodnight.

I was met at the door by a very clean smelling orange tabby. He had forgiven me or at least his stomach had. There was a new gift too, a poor frog with no leg and an eye missing. Before long we were both cuddled up in bed together. The sounds of his contented purr lulled me into sleep.

The next morning I managed to sleep in till eight am. I was awakened by what sounded like heavy construction. I put on my robe, fed the kitty and went outside to see what all the ruckus was about. There were people all over the place. Adrienne was standing in the middle of the courtyard looking as radiant as ever. She was talking to a man who had been power washing the courtyard, and the accompanying furniture.

I took my coffee into the bathroom and sipped it after I had showered. After I dressed I went straight to the dinning room where Iris informed me that I had missed breakfast, and offered to cook me something. I settled for a bowl of my favorite cereal instead not wanting to trouble her.

After breakfast I went into the bar hoping to find Adrienne. Instead I found a young woman mopping the bar. She explained to me that Adrienne was gathering flowers near our cottages. I met Adrienne on the pathway, carrying a huge basket of fresh cut flowers and invited me along to help her put them in vases in each of the guest cottages.

After the flowers were delivered to the cottages, we filled the vases in the bar. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as each member of the staff came back on duty and began to add their own personal touches. The dinning room and bar were festooned with decorations unique to the Bahamian culture.

Adrienne introduced me to the two porters, cleaning, and wait staff. One of the cleaning ladies in particular took and interest in the shirt I was wearing and complimented me on it. After asking if it would be alright if she touched the material she gave it a little tug, her eyes where like a child as she studied the cloth.

It was a simple button down lightweight cotton stretch shirt that I picked up at GAP last year. The shade of yellow reminded me of springtime, which is what prompted me to buy it. I noticed several times the young woman staring at it. I was reminded of how primitive this island actually was. There were no malls or outlet shops here, nor were there any banks or ATM machines.

Iris put on a big spread for lunch and the entire staff joined us to eat. The good-natured bantering around the table reminded me of a large family gathering. I remained quiet listening to the stories and playful jabs taken at one another. It took me a little while to understand what they were saying because of the Bahamian accent, which would have been easier had, they spoken slower.

I chuckled to myself. Had my mom and dad walked into the room that moment they would have both fainted from shock. There I sat in a room full of black men and women, Adrienne and myself standing out like beacons next to their dark skin. Unlike, my parents I always thought skin color was simply a color. There were good and bad in all races. I was happy to be among these people and they seemed genuinely happy to have me.

After lunch we all went our separate ways to relax and mentally prepare ourselves for the arrival of the guests the following day. My chore for the day was laundry. I stripped the bed and took my linens and clothes to the other side of the property. There I found another cottage that housed the washer and dryers and an ice machine. Since none of the other washers were in use I decided to take full advantage. I separated my things into three separate loads, and loaded up the washers.

I sat just outside the door and read for a while until the washers stopped. After everything was in the dryers I settled back down and began to read. This was a great way to do the laundry I mused to myself. An hour later I finished folding the last of my things, and I had even pressed the yellow shirt I had worn earlier that day.

After my things were put away and the bed was made I felt ready to face the world. I was getting very used to this way of life. I grabbed the shirt that I had pressed earlier and went off on a mission. I found Sarah tending the plants in the courtyard.

"Hi Sarah. I said as I walked up. She smiled and said hello, and then I saw eyes dart to the shirt I was carrying. "I washed and pressed this today and I would be honored if you would accept it as a gift."

Her big brown eyes widened in surprise. "Oh Hayden I cant take your shirt. It’s too pretty.

"Please Sarah, I insist. Like I said it’s a gift."

"I can only accept it if you would be willing to make a trade." She said, as she smiled and unclasped the necklace that hung around her neck. It was beautiful in its simplicity. It was a simple silver chain with a bluish and purple shell in the middle. "Would you please consider accepting this as a trade for the shirt?" She asked shyly.

She handed me the necklace. "Sarah does this necklace represent something special to you? If that’s the case the shirt is hardly worth it."

"No not at all." She assured me. "I made it myself. I make all kinds of jewelry and Adrienne is kind enough to allow me to put in a display case for the guests to see."

"Well in that case you have a deal." She helped me put the necklace on and I was thrilled to have it. I gave her the shirt and she hugged it close to her body. Then she gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. It made me feel so good that the shirt made her so happy.

I needed time alone to ponder my sanity, so I made my way down the narrow path, keeping an eye out for the slimy kind. Once I had made it down the bluff I kicked off my sandals enjoying the feel of the rocky sands beneath my feet. I walked along the waters edge admiring the beauty of the water, and enjoying the breeze as it cooled my skin.

I had barely been at this place for a week and I hardly recognized myself. I wondered what was happening to me, but with the peaceful way I felt inside I decided it couldn’t be all that bad. I also questioned my feelings for Adrienne. She was a beautiful woman, but there was something else about her that drew me.

I had been telling myself that it was not wise to get involved with someone I worked with. Only my mind acknowledged this, but my actions betrayed me. When I was not in her presence I realized how much I flirted with her. I should have never initiated the conversation last night at dinner. I know it made me appear interested, and if the truth be known I was. My sensibilities were at war with mind and emotions, not to mention my body.

I found myself more often that not thinking about her. When I tried to get my mind off of her by burying my nose in a book, it still managed to wander back to her. When I awoke each morning my first thoughts were of her, and I could have kicked myself for it. I scolded myself for following after her like a schoolgirl.

Satisfied that I was completely alone I confessed verbally that what had been plaguing me was simply a juvenile crush and I needed to let it go. Even after hearing it pass my lips, I was still not completely convinced. It would really help if she would stop looking at me the way she did. Sometimes I swear she could see into my soul.

My stomach alerted me that dinner would be served soon, so I turned and made my way back along the waters edge. This was paradise, and yet I felt so alone without that woman by my side. I hoped that the arrival of the guests would keep my mind occupied, and in a few days these feelings would pass. I crossed my fingers as I climbed the bluff to the Inn.






Chapter 4

The following morning Saber watched, as I got dressed. I picked up the bedside clock from the floor, that he had slapped off the night before. He always had a unique way of letting me know he wanted out. I made sure he had plenty of fresh water and then I was off to greet the day. On my way to the dinning room for breakfast I got caught up in the excitement of the impending arrival of our guests. I simply could not resist. I ran across the courtyard yelling at the top of my lungs. "Boss the plane the plane!"


That afternoon I met Adrienne in the bar. At any minute the guests would be arriving, and I was more nervous about greeting them than I was going to admit. I supposed Adrienne sensed my feelings and tried to re-assure me that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

In mid sentence she suddenly paused and a peculiar expression crossed her face. It was quickly replaced by a broad smile that lit up her face. She looked me directly in the eyes with such intensity that it made me squirm and fidget.

"You will not like one of the guests, but you have nothing to worry about." She said with the grin still plastered across her face.

I was a little confused. "Why would you say that I haven’t even met them yet? Oh wait, are you doing that thingy again?"

Before she could respond the van pulled up in front of the bar. I felt just like tattoo standing next to Mister Rourke waiting for the guests. One of the porters opened the passenger doors and assisted the ladies as they got out. The other busied himself with their luggage, and began loading it on a golf cart to be taken to their cottages.

A tall woman with blonde spiky hair resembling a Norwegian wrestler rushed over and pulled Adrienne into a bear hug, and a woman equally her size pealed the blonde from Adrienne and took her into her own arms. She was tall as well but had a head full of long brown curly locks, warm green eyes, and her frame was significantly less muscled. Adrienne laughed and hugged them both, enjoying the attention and warm greetings.

"Shelby I would like you to meet Hayden Tate she is Gloria’s niece." The tall blonde pulled me into a bear hug and I swore she intended to break my ribs. When she finally let me go she in turn introduced me to Myra her partner. She was significantly gentler in her embrace, and my ribs were grateful.

I can only describe their arrival as pandemonium. There were women everywhere, each of them taking turns hugging Adrienne like a long lost relative. I actually felt sorry for her, because just the few hugs I got left me breathless and sore. She was as gracious as ever and impressed the group and me as well by remembering all of their names.

We all piled into the bar where Adrienne and I busted our butts filling drink orders. I had never tended bar before, though I had spent many hours on the opposite side of it. I knew how to mix many of the drinks, but when someone ordered something exotic, they got rum and coke. I did make the effort of throwing a little paper umbrella in each one. Of course they picked on me about this endlessly, but it was fun nevertheless.

Adrienne was right; there was one woman in particular that I did not like. She stared, no wait, leered at Adrienne from the minute she climbed out of the van. Adrienne didn’t seem to notice the way the dark eyed woman watched her every move. This however, did not escape me, and I fought the jealous feelings that rose up within.

I immediately began to pick her apart in my mind. I didn’t like the way her beady brown eyes darted over Adrienne appraisingly. I didn’t care for her style of dress either, which I deemed trashy. She was trying to hard to have everyone notice the breasts she had spilling out of her blouse which were more than likely man made. I could have gone on for hours, but Adrienne interrupted my evaluation with another introduction.

Lunch was served in the bar to the delight of everyone. Iris as always put on a beautiful spread of barbecued chicken and ribs with all the trimmings. I was delighted to note that there was no Conch included, but I knew somewhere along the line she would sneak it onto the menu.

There was so much chatter amongst the group that it was hard to carry on a conversation with the person next to me. The gang was silenced when Blair a petite redhead stood up on her chair and called for our attention. "Hayden I just wanted to tell you on behalf of all of us that we were deeply saddened by the passing of your aunt Gloria. We all loved her dearly and her presence is sorely missed. Gloria always told us that you were a younger version of herself, and I have no doubt we will love you just as much as we did her."

The entire room erupted in applause. I felt my face turn bright red as everyone turned their attention to me. I stood and thanked them all for the sentiment, and then quickly sank low in my seat. Adrienne gave me a reassuring smile, but I knew it would be a while before my face returned to its normal color.

I could not help but notice that Denise the woman that had been starring at Adrienne had parked herself right next to her at lunch. I felt my blood begin to boil as I noticed her stealing glances at Adrienne’s cleavage. Though I had no right to be jealous I still could not help it.

"I would like to propose a toast." A petite blonde said as she stood and raised her glass. She was adorable, and I enjoyed the glimpse of her midriff as she stood there holding her glass in the air. "I raise my glass to our wonderful hostesses, my closest friends, and to the love of my life, and may we continue this tradition of coming to Cat Island until we are too old to do so." Everyone raised their glasses and cheered Rory for making such a toast.

"So Hayden, what do you think of life here on the island? Have you fallen completely in love with it yet?" Kathy who was seated on the other side of me asked. I remembered she was Denise’s roommate and I immediately decided I didn’t like her either by association.

Her looks annoyed me as well. She was also sporting a pair of silicone boobies, and didn’t mind letting them room loose out of her shirt. I like make up, but I don’t think it should be applied with a putty knife, which is exactly what she looked like she did. The eye make up took the cake though, she reminded me of a raccoon in heat.

"I am beginning to get used to it. It’s a far cry from home though." I smiled my best fake smile as I answered.

"Well you couldn’t ask for a lovelier person to keep you company could you?" Lacey responded. It was at that moment I had the attention of the entire table, and I could feel my face turning red again.

"I have to agree with you there Lacey. Iris has spoiled me rotten." I said as I shot Adrienne a smirk. The table again erupted with laughter, as Adrienne gave me a nod, and a grin.

Roslyn, Lacey’s girlfriend asked Adrienne. "Are we going to Nassau again this year? I would love to do some more shopping in the open air market near the ship port."

I was having a big problem matching all the names to the faces. I tried to pick a physical characteristic of each woman that would help me remember her name. Roslyn was very dark complexioned and looked to be Hispanic. She had beautiful dark eyes and long dark hair. Neither she nor any of the women had any excess body fat; they were all well toned, which made me feel a little self-conscious.

Her lover Lacey was absolutely beautiful. Had she been taller I would have guessed her to be a model. She was very stylish in her way of dress. I liked her hair too. It was the same shade of mine but straight and hung just past her shoulders.

"Whomever wants to go need only to sign up and I will charter Bill Sampson’s plane again." Adrienne answered to shouts of glee and a few moans from the non-shoppers.

I was tickled pink. I knew that Nassau had a Pizza Hut and my heart skipped double time thinking about a gooey deep-dish pizza. I dearly loved Iris’s cooking but a girl has to have her pizza fix.

After lunch the group broke up and went to unpack their things. Adrienne and I helped the wait staff in cleaning up the bar. We both relaxed on the chaise lounges and took a break after everything was back in order.

"So Hayden, were you able to commit any of their names to memory?" She teased.

"I remember the first two I was introduced to. Especially, Shelby because of the rib breaking bear hug she gave me. After those two it all became a blur. I did however remember one other name, Denise the dark haired woman sitting next to you at lunch."

"Oh? Did she spark your interest? You do realize she is one of two single women in the group. She said with a smirk.

I returned the smirk. "I can assure you that she does not interest me in the least, but she does seem to be very interested in a blue eyed brunette that we both know. Matter of fact I think she went to great lengths to prove that already."

She flashed a big toothy grin. "Why does she get under your skin so?"

She was baiting me to admit I was jealous, and I had no intention of losing this game. Although, I did find it intriguing that she wanted me to come clean. "I don’t like women who make it obvious they are on the prowl." I think I may have gained a point on that one.

"Maybe she’s not prowling. Perhaps she is looking for something substantial and is simply trying to be noticed." She flashed that grin at me again. Little wise ass, I was a bigger ass than her and I aimed to prove it.

"Unless I am blind, she has you in her sites. She is only here for two weeks so that suggests to me that she is looking for a fling." I was feeling especially triumphant with that answer.

"A lot of feelings can be developed in a short period of time Hayden. Maybe she knows if she played her cards right, she wouldn’t be leaving this island a single woman." She stood and looked down at me no longer grinning. "I have some things to do before we have to prepare for dinner, I’ll see you a little later.

I sat there a long time chain smoking. She played the game well, and had emerged the victor. Her words rocked me to the core. Would she really consider leaving this island? I was naïve to think that she would want to remain single forever. If she left, I wondered if this place would have the same appeal. I was beginning to understand what she meant by feelings being developed in a short time.

A few of the girls wandered back into the bar wanting a drink, so I climbed behind the bar and played bartender. They sat around the bar chatting and before I knew it I was drawn into the conversation. Temporarily, taking my mind off of the disturbing conversation I had with Adrienne earlier.

It amazed me what a bartender learned while on the job. I was surprised to discover how loose lipped people got when they had a few drinks under their belts. I wondered how much I had babbled off when I had bellied up to the bars I used to frequent.

I was especially happy to hear that these girls were growing disenchanted with Denise and I listened with great interest. Leigh who was one of the women sitting at the bar was aggravated by the way Denise had flirted with her lover during their trip to the island. I tried to remember which one her partner was.

If I had been Denise I would have thought twice about crossing Leigh. I guessed she was only about five feet tall, but had the arms and legs of someone who worked out without ceasing. She was very athletic, and kept her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked as though she was ready to enter the kickboxing ring at any minute.

"Did you notice the way Denise pawed at Blair nearly the entire flight here? I have no problem with them having a chat, but the way Denise touched her every time she said something was really beginning to piss me off." Leigh said in disgust.

Leigh, noticed I was trying desperately to follow along reminded me that her partner was the red head that made the little speech about my aunt when they arrived. I remembered Blair then because she had the cutest spattering of freckles across her nose. I committed that couple to memory. Lacey and Roslyn were also at the bar and they made it quite obvious that they were a couple.

They told Leigh that they had noticed it as well, and some of the other girls had made mention of it too. In addition, I learned that the reason Denise was here without a mate was because her former lover caught her in bed with another woman. Their conversation served to confirm what I already knew. Denise was a ho!

Bored with trashing the black sheep of the group, they turned their attention to me. "So, are you and Adrienne an item yet?" Lacey asked with a shrewd smile as a frisky Roslyn nibbled on her ear lobe.

I tried not to blush as I answered. "I’ve only been here a week, we hardly know one another yet. I said as I nervously wiped the bar.

Roslyn was quick to pipe up, and I suspected that they intended to play matchmakers. "She was keeping a close eye on you at lunch today. I am not completely convinced that you two aren’t hiding something. You had better keep her close, Denise has already made some choice comments about the lovely Miss Adrienne."

I barely kept a low guttural growl from escaping my throat. I was spared at from having to respond by Adrienne’s perfectly timed arrival. "I see you girls are being well taken care of." She said cheerfully as she walked into the bar.

Roslyn gave me a wink as she commented. "Hayden has been doing a wonderful job as bartender. Fortunately, for us all we are only drinking rum and coke." I couldn’t let that jab pass so I popped her with the towel.

"Sit down and talk with us Adrienne." Leigh said as she pulled out a barstool.

Roslyn had a devilish grin on her face as she turned her attention to Adrienne. "So tell us about you and Hayden. Don’t lie and say there is nothing going on between you two. We watched you both at lunch and neither of you seemed able to keep your eyes off of one another."

That did it. I grabbed a glass and filled it nearly to the top with bourbon and added a dash of Coke. I watched as Adrienne’s face turned red and she nervously tucked her hair behind her ears.

"I was just keeping an eye on Hayden that’s all. The Inn business is a little new to her and she is just getting her feet wet dealing with the guests. Right Hayden?" She looked at me for confirmation, but before I could speak Leigh joined in on the attack.

"Adrienne darling your eyes were on her ass until she sat down." Leigh said with a wicked grin. I laughed right along with them, even though my heart was nearly beating out of my chest.

When Adrienne regained the ability of speech she narrowed her eyes at Leigh. "I was most certainly not starring at her ass Leigh!" She tried to maintain her serious expression, but finally a sheepish grin made its way across her features.

"You are both terrible liars. You can cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife. If you haven’t taken a roll in the hay, you’re not far from it. Now tell us the truth." Roslyn looked at me for an explanation.

I stood there with my jaw clicking for a moment and took a big swallow of my drink. I grabbed a cigarette and peered up at them for a second wincing when I realized they were all waiting for me to speak including Adrienne.

"Um…I…uh…. We really haven’t discussed anything like that." I stammered as I plotted a way to run out of there with what was left of my dignity.

"Don’t you think its time you two start discussing things? Gloria used to tell me all the time that you both would hit it off really well. You’ve been here a week alone together, and I refuse to believe that you two have been totally innocent." Leigh said.

"We have been innocent. We’ve been too busy getting ready for your arrival to do anything else." Adrienne’s neck had begun to flush at this point. I didn’t know if she was embarrassed or getting pissed off.

"Well then allow us to help you both out." Roslyn said as she waved off Adrienne’s attempts to shut her up. "Hayden do you find her attractive?"

"Um well of course I do. I mean who wouldn’t? Just look at her." I couldn’t even look at Adrienne. I actually debated setting the wicker siding on fire just to have an excuse to escape.

"Alright, now Adrienne." Roslyn grinned as Adrienne nervously began to play with her hair again. "I think it’s pretty obvious you find Hayden attractive. I imagine there are some very impure thoughts of her going on in that pretty little head of yours."

Adrienne jumped up from the bar stool she was sitting on nearly knocking it over in the process. "We will have to finish this conversation later. I have to go tend to some things." She turned and walked out of the bar ignoring the taunts from Roslyn and Leigh.

"I think we may have pushed blue eyes a little too far with that one." Leigh said with a laugh. She turned and gave me a look that said I was not out of the woods yet.

"Hayden she likes you. You need to let her know you’re interested. On the ride in from the airstrip Denise explained in great detail what she wanted to do to her if she got her alone for a second. None of want to see that happen, not that Adrienne would be interested anyway, but you still need to talk to her."

"Leigh I don’t want to mess things up with her by moving too fast, besides you say she is interested but I don’t know that for sure."

"We have been coming here for years. There have been some single women that have accompanied us, but Adrienne never looked at them the way she does you. She is very interested so stop beating around the bush and get busy." Roslyn said as Leigh nodded her head vigorously.

I had not realized how much time had already passed while I had been bartending. Adrienne informed us that dinner would be served in thirty minutes. We all went our separate ways to get cleaned up. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a quick shower and change my clothes. I made it back to the dinning room a little late to find it nearly full. Adrienne had kindly saved me a seat, although I felt my hackles rise seeing Denise perched on the other side of her.

Dinner was much like lunch. The crowd was so boisterous that it was hard to follow any one conversation. This was especially irritating because I had to strain my ears to hear what Denise was saying to Adrienne, who politely listened to the buzzard drone on about her career as a nurse. I hoped that Adrienne was as unimpressed as I was.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I mentally recounted the earlier conversation. We were all sitting pretty close and occasionally her leg would brush against mine. I noticed that she had scooted her chair a little closer to mine, but I told myself that she just didn’t want to be that close to Denise.

When dinner was through, we all went into the bar where Sarah had already set up to tend bar. For the first time since I had been there music played on the sound system that I didn’t know we had. The group decided that calypso music was not appropriate for what they had in mind and someone produced a CD with dance music. Before long our cozy little bar had been transformed into a disco.

Not being one to dance I volunteered to assist Sarah tending bar. I stuck with the easy drinks, and left the more complex requests up to her. I kept an eye on the Ho as she continued to try and impress Adrienne. I growled in disgust watching the way she smiled at her.

"I think Adrienne has an admirer." Sarah said as she caught me starring at them.

"It sure looks that way doesn’t it?" I tried to hide to resentment in my voice.

"I wouldn’t worry about that woman. She is not the one for Adrienne." Sarah said with a wink as she filled another drink order.

As the music played more couples went out onto the makeshift dance floor. Shelby had managed to coax Adrienne out onto the floor, and sandwiched her between herself and Myra. I couldn’t help but stare as they danced seductively. I also noticed that Denise watched with interest as well. I could see the lust in her eyes, and wondered if my own revealed the same.

I tried not to make it obvious that I was watching her, but I found it hard not to look at her body pressed so tightly up against Myra’s backside. Adrienne’s hands rested on Myra’s hips. Shelby was behind Adrienne and was pressed against her just as snug. They moved in time with the music and I found it impossible to tear my eyes from them. Adrienne turned and her eyes met mine. I was powerless to look away, we both held one another’s gaze as they continued to move sensuously to the music.

The effect it had on me made my skin flush, and I could feel the little beads of sweat break out on my upper lip. She was already sweaty from dancing and her bangs hung in wet tendrils across her forehead. Seeing her like that conjured up all sorts of sexual images in my mind, and my eyes stayed locked with hers until I was interrupted by someone at the bar.

Donna a cute blonde with pretty blue eyes that I remembered as being Chelsey’s girlfriend took a break from the floor and rested at the bar. She was a paramedic, so I committed her to memory by picturing her wearing only a uniform shit and stethoscope. The mental image alluring as it was still did little to keep my thoughts from the raven-haired beauty on the dance floor. "So Hayden will you be participating in the first night tradition with us?"

Adrienne had made no mention of any kind of tradition, so I was a little confused as to what she was talking about. "I don’t know. I guess it depends on the tradition." I responded hoping she would fill me in. My eyes drifted back to the floor, as the music changed to a more upbeat song.

My heart nearly stopped when the little blonde laughed and said. "At midnight we all go down to the beach and skinny dip. I can’t believe Adrienne didn’t tell you."

The thought of seeing Adrienne naked and bathed in moonlight was very appealing. "I don’t do naked." I laughed. "You could not get me drunk enough to get me naked in front of all of you." Still it was tempting.

Then Donna did the unthinkable. She reached over and cut the music off causing everyone to turn and look. The cute blonde said rather loudly. "Hayden is too shy to go skinny dipping with us. I suggest we get her drunk, and make her join the crowd."

The group as a whole rushed the bar and pulled me out from behind it. Someone turned the music back on, and before I knew it I had a drink in my hand. Each couple adopted me as their pet for a while and made sure I had plenty to drink. By midnight I was as drunk as a skunk!

I had put another cigarette in between my lips, but before I could light it someone reached over and plucked it out of my mouth. I turned to see who the thief was and met a pair of striking blue eyes. "I know you don’t like to dance, but this is a slow song." Adrienne said as she took my hand and pulled me close to her.

"Even you can slow dance Hayden." She said as she pulled my hands up to rest behind her neck. I could feel her breath on my face, and caught a hint of alcohol. Her tight grip around my waist and the way her body moved against mine told me that she was every bit as lit as I was. I couldn’t imagine Adrienne being this forward sober.

There was very little breeze that night and the least bit of exercise caused us all to sweat. Although I doubted the temperature had very much to do with the way my body heated up being next to her. I rested my hands behind her shoulders, and I could feel the dampness of her shirt against my hands. Being a little shorter than she my forehead rested against her cheek. The thought of being like this with her horizontally made me unconsciously clutch her shirt.

She pulled back a little and looked me in the eyes questioningly. I couldn’t say a word but simply stared back into those blue pools. Another couple brushed against us, causing me to shift a little to the side, her leg moved in between mine and she continued to press her body snugly into me. The sensation of her leg brushing in between my own caused me to groan involuntarily.

My gaze slowly descended from her eyes to her lips that were parted slightly, and looked so inviting. She slid her hand further up my back and pressed me closer into her until our lips were only inches apart. When the desire to taste her lips for the first time over came me I leaned in slowly until I felt the lightest brush of softness. Suddenly, I felt a hand grab the back of my shirt and I was torn from her arms.

In my drunken stupor I realized I was being led toward the beach by a rowdy bunch of drunken lesbians. Not far ahead of me I could see Adrienne being drug along by Shelby and a few others. I was in trouble big time. I was about to be made to get naked in front of a group of total strangers. Not to mention the fact that Adrienne would be there as well.

My protests fell on deaf ears as they half drug me through the sand, chanting some rap song that had played in the bar. I felt like I was being led to some pagan sacrifice to a Conch shell god.

Clothes began to fly as they all began to strip. There was no escape for me as a small herd of them gathered around me and started pulling at my clothes. I looked around for Adrienne and was happy to see she was at least suffering the same fate. Once they had stripped me of my clothes I shot off like a rocket to the water to hide my white butt that lit up the beach like a Q beam. A dozen leaping lesbians jumped and played in the water. I had been dunked twice already and felt up once, before I got the bright idea to swim out a little.

The coolness of the water had sobered me up considerably and I was standing on my toes trying to stay far enough back from the wild games, when a familiar voice whispered in my ear. "Protect me from Denise, she is wanting to get to know me better." I turned to see Adrienne trying to hide her lanky body behind mine.

"Are they always like this" I asked in surprise.

Adrienne laughed. "Yes, every year it’s the same thing, and I am sure you know now they don’t take no for an answer."

"Does that include Denise?" I said coyly

"Especially Denise. That’s precisely why I am hiding behind you."

What the hell I was drunk and I had to ask. "Is that the only reason you came over to me?" I asked, regretting it as it came out of my mouth.

"No its…" All I heard was gurgling. Rory and Allison had double teamed Adrienne and dunked her under the water. As I realized what happened my feet were pulled out from under me and down I went. When I broke the surface Rory and Allison were cackling with laughter as they sought out their next victims.

I had lost my foothold and was struggling to tread water when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist. "Sucks to be short don’t it." Adrienne said as she kept my head above the water. I could not come back with a wise crack, as I was overwhelmed at how good it felt to have her naked body pressed against mine.

When I didn’t readily respond, she said. "I don’t think there is any hope of us escaping with our dignity tonight, hopefully we will fare better tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night?" I asked.

"This is a ritual for them. They get drunk and then they come to the beach and skinny dip. No sense in hiding, they will hunt you down and drag you out here every night."

All the blood in my body was rushing south, and it was becoming more difficult to form a coherent sentence. Adrienne made no move to release me, and her warm breath on my neck was causing all sorts of reactions. When I finally did relax and gave in to the sensation of her so close against me, the crowd had begun to tire and leave the water.

She made no attempt to move as the last of the gang left the water. I wondered if she was holding me there because she enjoying it as much as I was or if she was simply hiding from Denise. My heart sank as I felt her unwrap her arms.

"I think its safe for us to make a break for it now." As she let me go so I could swim to shallow waters. "You get out first" I said as I hung back protecting my modesty.

"Okay but don’t look." She said as she waded onto the beach and collected her clothes. Oh the temptation to peek was nearly unbearable, but I managed to obey. After she dressed she told me I could turn around, then she did the same as I walked on shore and pulled my sandy clothes onto my wet body. No need to bother trying to exfoliate my skin now.

We climbed the bluff in silence, and when we reached the top she finally spoke. "Hayden?" Which interrupted my reminiscing of the evenings events." "Were your panties missing too?"

I laughed out loud. "Yep and my bra. Is this another one of their rituals?

She laughed nervously. "No. My under garments have never come up missing before. I am afraid that we will find them displayed somewhere around the Inn tomorrow, or worse someone took them for a keepsake."

We arrived at her cottage first, and I found myself getting nervous all over again. How would I end this evening? "Um, Adrienne I wanted to thank you for rescuing me earlier tonight."

She smiled and looked me in the eyes. "It was all my pleasure Hayden. I need to thank you as well for hiding me from Denise." She responded sweetly. It was at that very moment we heard it. The unmistakable cries of passion being carried to us on the wind from one or more of the guest cottages.

"Is that what I think it is?" I asked as my face colored.

"Yes." She said as her face turned red as well, and her eyes could no longer meet mine. We stood there in an awkward silence for a moment and then began to giggle like teenagers.

"Hayden you know what is really bad about this?" She snorted. "Since we have no air conditioning we will be able to hear this most of the night." She choked out between fits of laughter.

We both began to laugh in earnest, but the moans and groans went on unhindered. Either they didn’t hear us or they just didn’t care. When we regained our composure the feeling of awkwardness settled over us again.

"Well goodnight Adrienne." I said with regret, and started toward my cottage. "Goodnight Hayden, and thank you for a wonderful evening." She called after me as I walked away. I can only describe my thoughts as a giant cluster fornification. My sensibilities waged war with my libido. I was so tempted to turn and run back to her, but my mind fought against it. Finally, fear popped up and made me wonder if she would reject me. It was obvious that she had sobered up quite a bit as well. That was enough to send me straight to my cottage where I spent a while in a cold shower.

I climbed into bed and was quickly joined by Saber, not my choice of bedmate but I welcomed the company. I lay there for a long time trying to purge my mind of the thoughts that had plagued me all day. The most unsettling was the thought of Adrienne meeting someone and leaving the island. The most arousing was the memory of her body pressed against mine earlier that evening. This coupled with the howler monkeys having sex two cottages over made for a very sleepless night.

I woke up the following morning at nine am. I was relieved that Iris and her staff were reliable and would to tend to the needs of our guests without our supervision. Although, I seriously doubted that any of the group would be getting up early this morning.

I started the coffee and climbed back into bed, and didn’t move till Saber scratched at the door. He was ready for breakfast. I sat on the doorstep and sipped my coffee and lit up a cigarette. This had become my morning routine. I needed to acquire some lawn chairs, because sitting on the threshold every day was making a permanent indention on my ass.

To my surprise and supreme delight Adrienne came over seeking coffee. Her coffee maker had given up the ghost. We both sat out on the step hoping the coffee would soothe our aching heads. As we sat there making small talk Denise walked by. She was dressed like she was going for a morning walk or jog, but was obviously headed for Adrienne’s cottage.

I felt the hairs rise up on the back of my neck, but the look on her face when she saw both of us sitting there in our robes was priceless. I could only imagine that she assumed that Adrienne and I had spent the night together, and I had to fight the urge to laugh in her face. She gave us a nod and kept walking.

Adrienne looked at me mischievously. "She thinks we slept together." Then chuckled. "If you don’t mind I would like her to think that is the truth, then maybe she will leave me alone."

"Only on one condition will I agree to that." Adrienne nodded in agreement. "You tell everybody I rolled your eyes up in your head so many times, that you wont be able to see straight for weeks."

Adrienne burst into a fit of laughter. I shot her my best indignant look. "You laugh like you doubt my abilities!" I said in mock indignation.

"The proof is in the pudding sweetie." She shot back, with that same mischievous glint in her eye.

"I’ve never employed pudding in my love making. Do you roll around in it, or just apply it?" I said as I watched her stand to leave.

"You are such a smart ass Hayden. It is one of you more endearing qualities." She said with a grin. "Thank you for the coffee. I’m off to shower. Will I see you at breakfast?"

"Yep I will be there unless Iris is serving Conch pancakes, then you can count me out. Will you save me a seat?"

"I always do." She smiled and then walked away. I watched the sexy sway of her hips, and wondered what she had on under that robe.

I hopped up and jumped in the shower, after which I felt invigorated partly because of the cold water I opted for, and the memory of the Denise’s face when she saw Adrienne and I. When I arrived for breakfast a damper was put on my good mood when I saw that tenacious dog sitting next to Adrienne. This ho would not give up.

It occurred to me that I was getting fairly possessive of a woman whom I had no idea how she felt about me. Although, last night did pique my curiosity, and sitting next to her while remembering that didn’t help any either.

I was amazed at the energy our guests possessed. All of them looked and acted as though they had a full nights rest. I know for a fact that two of them didn’t because they kept me awake till the wee hours of the morning.

I was so happy to hear that they were leaving after breakfast. Some of them were going diving and the rest were going to try shopping. I said my goodbyes as the porters helped load them into the vans and took them on their merry way. Adrienne and I then went to help the staff clean up the dinning area.

They would eat lunch in town, so we didn’t have to worry about entertaining them till later on in the day. Adrienne and I settled down on a couple of chaise lounges in the bar and soon both of us drifted off into some much needed sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later to find Adrienne still asleep. I lay there looking at her as she slumbered. I wanted so bad to reach out and feel her soft skin under my fingertips.

As much as I loved the relaxed atmosphere of this place I had to come to terms with the fact, that the only thing that kept me from selling my half of it was the woman laying here beside me. In only a weeks time this woman unknowingly had me wrapped around her little finger. I tried to pass it off as simple lust, but in my heart it went much deeper than that.

She stirred, and slowly opened her blue eyes. She caught me looking at her and smiled. Neither of us said anything, but simply stared at one another. I was afraid to utter a word for fear of breaking the spell. I let her speak first.

"I have an idea. Why don’t we pack a lunch and go down to the beach and be bums?" She said as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Sounds like a plan to me." I said as I stood and offered my hand to help her up.

We both sneaked into the kitchen, knowing if we were caught by Iris we would get the wooden spoon treatment. We quickly made a couple of sandwiches and grabbed a big bag of chips and some drinks. With our loot we crept out into the bar and once we were sure the coast was clear we made a break for the courtyard.

Something hit the back of my thigh causing me to gasp and turn around. "Stay out of my kitchen girlies or you will get more than that next time." Iris said as she wagged her finger and then laughed. I looked at the ground and next to my foot was the wooden spoon. Iris was nothing if not accurate.

Adrienne and I laughed like two little girls caught robbing the cookie jar and made a run for it. We stopped off at our cottages changed into our swimsuits, and headed for the beach.

Adrienne decided to go a little farther down from where the staff had set up umbrellas and chairs. They had also erected volleyball net. We walked a fair distance down the beach till she found the spot she wanted. A little warm from our hike we went straight for the water.

There was something so serene about swimming alone with her in the crystal clear waters. Except for the noise we made, there were only the sounds of the water and of nature itself. We spent a while relaxing in the water, and enjoying the peace of being alone, till hunger drove us to the beach.

After we ate we lay on the beach talking. We laughed at the antics of our guests and wondered what kind of mischief they would get into that night. The topic eventually went to Denise, and I had to ask a question that had been in my mind since they arrived.

"Adrienne, did you know specifically that Denise would be the one I didn’t like?"

"No, I had no idea which one it would be." Adrienne said as she stared out at the water. "The thought occurred to me that there would be one that would make you jealous." She said as she turned her eyes to me.

"Is that why you smiled like a Cheshire cat when you told me that before they arrived?" I said as I looked away.

"Are you asking me if I liked that, you were jealous of another woman’s advances made toward me?" I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was looking directly at me. I couldn’t look into her eyes.

"Yes, that is exactly what I want to know." I pretended to be interested in a shell that I randomly picked up.

"Then the answer is yes. I liked knowing that she made you jealous. At least it was some indication that you were vaguely interested in me."

"Is it safe to assume you’re interested in me too?" I asked. I still couldn’t bring my self to face her. My stomach was tied up in knots.

"I have a confession to make Hayden. Your aunt spent hours talking about you. She read to me all of your letters, showed me the pictures you sent, and even told me the silly and sometimes dirty jokes you told her. I felt like I knew you before you ever got here. I have been interested in you for years."

I turned to look at her then. I could not believe the words I was hearing, and stared at her in disbelief. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest while looking into those blue eyes and seeing sincerity there.

"Your aunt left the Inn to you because she knew you would carry on in the tradition she started here, but there was also another reason. She told me that she knew in her heart that we would be perfect for one another."

"Is it true Adrienne? I dug my fingers into the sand awaiting her answer. It seemed as though my entire future hung on the words she would utter. Even so, I thought myself a fool feeling this way about someone I had only known a week.

"I know that it’s true. I knew it before you got here. Remember, I have that thingy as you so eloquently put it." She smirked. "I just know. I have been waiting for you to come to the same realization. Now I want to know, do you believe its true?"

I felt like I was in a whirlpool. The world around me literally spun. I had to shake my head to clear my mind. Before I could reason or dissect my thoughts I heard the words spill from my mouth. "Yes Adrienne I do believe its true."

I sat there stunned for a few minutes. One side of me was elated because this woman stirred feelings within me that I thought were long since gone. The other side of me was completely terrified. Both sides warred within, leaving me confused.

"So where do we go from here?" I asked trying to make sense of it all.

"There is no need to get in a hurry. I think we should let things happen, as we are more comfortable with the way we feel. Although, at this moment I want to know what it is like to kiss you."

I was like a deer caught in the headlights as her face drew closer to mine. I closed my eyes as I felt her soft lips press against mine. The feeling was so exquisite that my skin broke out in goose bumps. When her tongue slipped across my bottom lip I had to fight to keep my body from trembling.

In my frisky youth I kissed many women, but none of those kisses could compare to what I experienced on the beach that day. Then she pulled away from me she looked into my eyes and said. "The group is back."

I smiled. "That thingy at work again?"

"No, Denise is standing on the beach watching us."

This time I made no effort to stop the low guttural growl that rolled up into my chest. I turned to glare at the woman that thought better of approaching us and made her way back up the bluff. If my aunt were watching us, I knew she was rolling with laughter.

"Well so much for rest and relaxation." Adrienne said as she gathered our things. I stood and helped her pick up our stuff. She took my hand in hers as we strolled along the waters edge. Something as simple as holding my hand sent a rush of emotions through me that I thought I would barely be able to contain.

We went to our cottages and showered. After Adrienne was dressed she stopped at my cottage and walked with me to the bar. She took my hand in hers again. This time there was no mistaking that we were a couple, and the knowing glances we received when we walked up confirmed that. Denise didn’t look too happy and it took all the adult in me to not stop, shake my butt, and yell nah nah!

There was a wonderful breeze blowing in off the water that afternoon Iris served dinner in the bar. Our usual seating arrangement had been forsaken for the night and I found myself sitting in between Rory and Allison. I felt a little sorry for Adrienne because Leigh and Roslyn had her surrounded, and from the flush on her face I could tell they were picking her apart again. I would have loved to have been close enough to hear that conversation.

"Adrienne stop it." Leigh said she grabbed both of Adrienne’s hands forcing her to look into her eyes. We saw you on the dance floor last night, and in the water."

"You two were holding hands today as well." Roslyn added.

"Just because we danced together and held hands don’t mean we slept together for Pete’s sake. "Adrienne said in exasperation.

"You can’t sit there and look me in the eye and say you didn’t get into her pants. Had you two been allowed to dance a little longer last night you would have probably done her in the middle of the dance floor!" Leigh laughed.

Adrienne gasped. "Do you both think I am some sort of sex maniac that can’t control myself around someone I am attracted to?"

"Okay then tell us the last time you had sex." Roslyn said with a smirk.

Adrienne laughed. "That is none of your business. Matter of fact this whole conversation is none of your business."

"Cut the shit Adrienne." We have had some very intimate conversations during our visits over the years, and the fact that you are so evasive when we asked you about Hayden tells me there is something up. Now fess up. When was the last time you had sex?" Leigh pressed.

"Um by myself or with someone else?" Adrienne teased.

Roslyn pinched her on the arm. "With a real human being, and battery operated devices do not count."

Adrienne sighed. "It’s been so long I have forgotten what it feels like."

"Then what is keeping you from throwing Hayden down and getting busy? You waiting on a marriage proposal?" Leigh prodded.

"Well what are you suggesting? Do you want me to go and bend her over one of the tables right now?"

Roslyn and Leigh both laughed. Then Roslyn looked at her with an evil grin. "Not right now but you might want to consider that later when you get back to your cottage."

All three of them turned and looked at me the same time and caught me watching them. Adrienne gave me a quick smile and looked away. The other two exchanged glances and then looked back at me. I swallowed hard knowing that they planned to interrogate me next.

After the dinner dishes were cleared away a group of us pushed the tables back and the middle of the bar turned into a dance floor once again. I started toward the bar to mix drinks and protect myself from the two matchmakers, but before I could get there I felt a hand on my arm and was not surprised to see Leigh.

"Come sit down with me and have a drink Hayden." She said with an evil grin. I glanced around looking for Adrienne noticing that Roslyn had already pulled her out onto the dance floor.

She led me to a table and set a bottle of rum down in front of me. "Don’t even use a glass baby, this bottle is all yours." I was nervous and took a big swallow from the bottle and sat there with teary eyes as the alcohol burned all the way down to my toes. With the liquid courage racing through my veins and looked Leigh in the eyes. "No we haven’t slept together." I blurted out.

The song that Roslyn and Adrienne had been dancing to ended and they joined us. Roslyn pulled out the chair next to me and motioned for Adrienne to sit. Then she went over to the bar. Adrienne leaned over and whispered in my ear. "They are in rare form tonight heaven help us both." Roslyn returned to the table with a box of shot vials and announced. "Who is up for body shots?"

The bar erupted in a roar, and everyone surround the table where we sat. Roslyn gave us a grin. "You two pay attention and let a pro show you how it’s done." She grabbed Lacey by the hand and planted her in chair at the table, and then straddled her lap. Lacey reached up and unbuttoned Roslyn’s shirt, as she selected the shot. The crowd around us cheered them on.

Roslyn slipped the vial down between her cleavage and her bra. Then she slipped her shirt seductively the rest of the way off. Lacey kissed down the front of her chest and when she put her mouth on the vial Roslyn leaned up and poured the liquor down her throat. The crowd cheered as Lacey held the empty vial in her teeth. "Who’s next?" She called out to the crowd.

"We’ll do it." Chelsey volunteered. She had her mate Donna take off her shirt and lay down on the table in front of us. "Give me a shot of Tequila." Chelsey ordered as she positioned her self between Donna’s legs. Chelsey took a lime and squeezed the juice of it making a trail down Donna’s chest to her belly button.

"Baby! This is my favorite bra!" Donna complained when Chelsea covered her liberally with the juice.

"Then take it off." Chelsey said seductively as she sucked the limejuice off of her fingers. The crowd began to chant. "Take it off!" To my surprise she did.

As I sat there bug eyed at the topless blonde laid out on the table, Leigh shoved the bottle that I had been sipping on up in my face and ordered me to drink. Roslyn was giving Adrienne the same treatment. My heart began to beat double time when I realized that those two intended for Adrienne and I to do body shots as well. I could not deny that I would have loved to lick her from head to toe, but not in front of an audience.

Chelsey poured the shot of Tequila over both of Donna’s breasts and down her stomach where some of it pooled in her belly button. Then she lowered her head and began to drink the alcohol out of her mate’s belly button, then licking her way up to Donna’s breasts. My jaw nearly hit the floor when she licked each breast clean. If they kept up at this rate we would have a full-blown orgy going on by midnight.

"So Adrienne you ready to take a turn yet? Roslyn asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Oh hell no!" She responded and tried to get up from her chair, Roslyn gave her a little shove back down.

Leigh and Blair decided to go next. With goading from the group Blair stripped off her shirt and bra and lay down on the table. She spread her legs as Leigh slid in between them and squeezed a lime wedge spilling the juice down her body as Chelsey had done to Donna. Then Leigh poured the tequila shot down her body, and just as Chelsey had done and sipped the drink from her mates navel. Leigh took her time and slowly licked every drop from her lover’s skin spending a long time on her breasts. Then to one up the former pair she poured another shot into her mouth and let it spill from her lips into Blair’s mouth.

The crowd cheered and everyone wanted to know who was going to go next. Adrienne and I both sunk down into our chairs hoping to go unnoticed. Leigh grabbed me by the front of my shirt and pulled me to my feet. Her accomplice Blair began to unbutton my shirt unhindered by my protests. The crowd became even more rowdy as Roslyn pulled Adrienne over to the table.

They had managed to get my shirt off but I put up a fight over the bra. A good-natured wrestling match ensued and before I knew it I was being pinned down to the table naked from the waist up. Roslyn and Lacey kept a hold on Adrienne and pushed her up to the table as Leigh and Blaire doused me in limejuice and tequila. Rory and Allison joined in and held my hands pinned over my head.

The look on Adrienne’s face was priceless. It was a mixture of arousal and fear. I was wiggling and breathing so heavy that Blair had to repeatedly pour tequila into my belly button, which ran down my sides and down the front of my shorts.

"You have to lick up every drop Adrienne." Roslyn taunted her as they wrestled her out of her shirt, but she managed to keep her bra on. My heart raced as she bent over and sipped the Tequila out of my navel. Her tongue on my skin would have aroused me all the more if I hadn’t been surrounded by a group of women watching her every move.

She slowly began to lick the juice and alcohol up the center of my chest. When she got to my breasts her eyes met mine and it sent chills down my spine. With her eyes locked on mine she licked all around my right breast avoiding the nipple. I had to fight to keep my hips still her attentions made me squirm.

She leaned her body in between my legs to the point she was nearly on top of me, and then took my nipple into her mouth. My hips involuntarily thrust up, and she responded by grinding into me a little harder. She switched over to my left breast and treated it the same way, but when she let her teeth graze my nipple my eyes rolled up into my head.

I felt the warmth of her body leave me as Roslyn pulled her from me. "Okay Adrienne your turn." She said as the others released me and helped me off of the table. "We are going to do it a little differently with you."

Roslyn pulled Adrienne’s arms behind her back. "Hayden, kneel down in front of her, and unzip her shorts." Roslyn said as she held a very nervous Adrienne in place. Between the rum and arousal I didn’t mind as they pushed me down on my knees in front of her. I looked into her blue eyes as I unzipped her shorts with a grin. Blair handed me a shot vile and Roslyn ordered me to slip it down the front of her underwear. I did as I was told and slipped the vial all the way down till just the tip of it peeked out from the waistband. Leigh squeezed lime all over Adrienne’s abdomen and I eagerly licked it off as I made my way down to the vial. Leigh put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my back on the floor. Roslyn had Adrienne kneel down and straddle my body.

Adrienne was down on all fours. She arched her back and emptied the vial into my mouth. From everyone else’s view point it looked as though she was sitting on my face. I had reached the point that I wouldn’t have minded one bit if she did even though we were in a group of people.

The crowd applauded our little show and began to taunt Myra and Shelby the most reserved of the group until they got them to take part. I managed to find my bra but I had no idea where my shirt went. Roslyn had already made Adrienne sit down in one of the chairs. When I got my bra on, Leigh led me over to her and made me straddle her lap and sit facing her. "If either of you move from that spot we will make you do shots again." Leigh slurred triumphantly.

I looked into the blue eyes starring up at me and decided to do exactly what I wanted. I leaned in and kissed her sucking her bottom lip in between mine. I nipped her lip before slipping my tongue deep into her mouth, she moaned into the kiss and pulled me tighter against her. We were not aware of the crowd around us as they cheered Myra and Shelby while doing their body shots.

When we broke the kiss, Adrienne whispered in my ear. "Lets get out of here." We stood to leave and were stopped by Roslyn and Lacey.

"Its too early to turn in for the night." Roslyn said with a smirk. "Where are you two going?

"Um the bathroom?" Adrienne lied.

"We have to go too." Roslyn said as she took Lacey by the hand. She gestured toward the bathroom. "After you."

"Okay we want to be alone. Are you satisfied?" Adrienne said as she rolled her eyes.

It’s too early to turn in for the night. It’s only ten. Come with me I have an idea." Roslyn said as she led Lacey and us to the kitchen. Adrienne and I exchanged glances as we followed.

We followed her into the darkened kitchen where she stopped and pushed Lacey up against the counter. She laughed and said. Didn’t you ever make out at parties with your friends in the same room?"

"I have something more in mind than just making out." Adrienne responded.

"You can do that here too." Roslyn said as she cupped Lacey’s breast thru her shirt. "We wont bother you we’ll be busy ourselves." Roslyn said in a seductive tone.

I have to admit. I was pretty well drunk and was finding it hard to keep my hands off of Adrienne. I stood behind her and nibbled between her shoulders as she contemplated Roslyn’s offer. She grabbed my hand and led me over to the counter just a few feet from where the other couple stood. I leaned up against the counter top as Adrienne began to kiss me.

Still only clad in her bra I unfastened it and let it fall from her shoulders. As I manipulated her nipple between my thumb and forefinger her breathing became even heavier. She moaned into my mouth as she kissed me. She unzipped my shorts and slid them down my hips till they fell to the floor. She wasted no time slipping her hand into my underwear and entered me in one stroke.

I broke the kiss and gasped as she added another finger and began to move into me as I wrapped my arms around her neck and hung on to her to keep from falling. She bit and kissed my neck and I turned my head to the side giving in to her touch. I opened my eyes and noticed Roslyn watching us as she bent Lacey over the counter.

I watched as Lacey clenched her fists as Roslyn entered her from behind. Her long dark hair hung down to the counter top obscuring her face from view. Adrienne glanced over at them before sliding another finger into me causing me to loose interest in them all together. I buried my face against her neck as she increased her pace. "Come for me Hayden." Was all it took, my orgasm overtook me with such intensity I groaned loudly into her neck. She stilled her fingers and I could feel my insides contracting around them.

I laid my head on her chest gathering my strength back, as we watched Lacey and Roslyn. Roslyn teased her to the brink of insanity, letting her get close and then backing off a bit. Lacey whimpered and panted as her lover massaged her clit and filled her at the same time. Roslyn glanced over at us and smirked as Lacey begged her not to stop. It was obvious she relished the pleasure of dominating her lover and having her completely at her mercy.

She leaned down and whispered something into Lacey’s ear that we could not hear, but it caused Lacey to groan and beg. Lacey’s legs trembled even though most of her weight was positioned on the counter top. Roslyn picked up her pace again and this time Lacey’s entire body shook with as her orgasm claimed her. She screamed so loud that I wondered if the others heard her over the music.

Adrienne would not allow me to touch her the way I wanted to. "Let’s finish this later when we are alone." She breathed heavily into my ear as she whispered.

When Lacey had regained her strength we went back into the bar. Adrienne and I had every intention of making a hasty retreat to her cottage. Leigh spotted the four of us and asked us where we had been with an odd expression on her face. Roslyn whispered something in her ear and she smiled. Myra and Shelby caught us and demanded that we stay; they shoved drinks into our hands and Myra drug Adrienne onto the dance floor.

As I watched them dance I drank each drink poured for me because my mouth was completely dry. By the time Adrienne and Myra returned from the dance floor I was so drunk I could barely walk. Needless to say, Adrienne and I never got around to our unfinished business.

I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been in a fight and had been beaten over the head repeatedly. Adrienne was sitting on a chair near the bed sipping iced tea and grinning ear to ear. She spoke softly. "I bet your feeling bad right now."

I moaned in agreement. I got up and staggered into the bathroom. When I returned she was kind enough to have poured me a glass of tea, which I drank down in a few gulps. "Adrienne those women are trying to kill us." I whimpered.

An hour, one piece of toast and a pitcher of tea later I began to feel human again. We lay back down on the bed and talked for a while as the aching in my head began to cease. "That was kind of freaky last night with Roslyn and Lacey. I wonder why she was so insistent that we stay with them." I said watching Adrienne’s face redden.

"That’s kind of my fault I am afraid." She confessed meekly. "Last year when they were here Roslyn, Leigh and I stayed up late drinking. We started to confess all of our fantasies. Mine was I wanted to do it in front of someone I knew. Although, I didn’t want our first time to be in front of someone, but when you started to kiss my back I lost control. She was just helping me live out that fantasy."

"Oh? I rolled over onto my side and faced her. What other fantasies do you have in that head of yours?"

She kissed me. "I fully intend on living all of them out with you Hayden." She smiled. Right now we have to shower and dress we will be leaving for Nassau soon.

Later that morning half of the group took the charter plane over to Nassau. The other half stayed behind to enjoy the beach. I was dismayed to find that Denise would be accompanying us, and her roommate Kathy. I couldn’t prove it but I felt like Kathy had come along to keep me busy so that Denise could try and get her mitts on Adrienne.

My suspicions were confirmed when we made arrangements for cabs to take seven of us to the market. Denise quickly hustled Adrienne into one cab while Kathy pulled me into another. In the interest of our guests and not making an ass out of myself I grinned and made the best of it. If Denise could have read my thoughts she would have run for the hills, which worried me because I didn’t know what would pop into Adrienne’s head.

Once we made it to the crowded market Denise stayed close at Adrienne’s side. I secretly hoped that Adrienne would break away from her and come to me, and when she didn’t my feelings of jealousy intensified. I began to wonder if I was being played for a fool.

"Hayden, come look at this." Leigh said as she picked up a wooden carving of a dolphin.

I left Kathy while she was trying on straw hats, and joined Leigh to look at the carvings. "I think Denise is really hitting on Adrienne." She said as lowered her voice and kept an eye on Kathy.

I was so relieved that someone else had noticed and that I was not just being paranoid. However, it made me that much angrier that the others had noticed it too. "I think Kathy has been told to keep me occupied so that Denise can spend time with Adrienne." I said with a frown.

"There is nothing more appealing to her than a woman who belongs to another. It’s the thrill of the hunt for her kind." Leigh hissed. As we watched Denise guide Adrienne through the market with her arm linked through Adrienne’s.

"I know that you and Adrienne have to be cordial to all the guests, but she is taking this a little too far. Do you want me to say something to her? Leigh asked as she puffed her chest out.

I had to laugh at the little spitfire. She wanted a piece of Denise as bad as I did. "No, Adrienne is a big girl. She is free to make up her mind about what she wants." I said aloud, but in my mind I told myself that if she chose that over me after what took place yesterday when these guests left for the States I would be with them.

Kathy left me alone after she noticed that Leigh and I had paired off. I carried all of Leigh’s purchases as she shopped. The little brunette shopped in reckless abandon explaining that she had many back home to buy for. All the while I stole glances at Adrienne and her companion as they walked around the market.

Fortunately, Adrienne had a friend that worked the desk of one of the local hotels, and he agreed to store our packages while we toured the island. My arms and back were grateful. We were lucky enough to catch a tour bus that took us to Paradise Island. I made no attempt to sit with Adrienne choosing Leigh’s company instead. Two could play this game.

To my delight we were let out near the Pizza Hut, and everyone readily agreed to go for pizza. Normally, I did not care for the taste of beer, but when Leigh ordered a couple of pitchers I decided to indulge. Combined with the pizza the ice-cold beer was very enjoyable, but did little to cool my anger with Denise and her co-conspirator. If they were so hard up why didn’t they just do each other?

We spent the remainder of the day browsing through shops, and frequently stopping for beer breaks. On the short flight back to the island I slept on the plane. Content to drift off to sleep and forget about the events of the day.

When we arrived at the Inn, dinner was being served in the dining room. Sarah had already begun to set up the bar. I was satisfied that everything was being handled and my assistance was not needed. I returned to my cottage where I fell head long across the bed and fell back to sleep. The night’s festivities would have to go on without me, and considering they way Denise and Adrienne had chummed up I doubted I would be missed. I would have had myself a full-blown pity party had sleep not claimed me first.

I was awakened sometime later by a loud knock on my door. When I opened it a very pissed off Adrienne stalked into my room. "What the hell is your problem Hayden? You left me alone to entertain all of the guests not to mention the fact that you basically ignored me all day!"

"You did not need my help with the guests Adrienne! The staff is more than capable of tending to their needs. Besides, from the look of it you had someone to keep you company!" I spat in anger.

"Well you certainly didn’t mind it today when you and Kathy were so chummy!"

She retorted angrily.

"Don’t try and turn this around on me Adrienne! You know that Denise has been following you around like a dog in heat, and even after what we discussed yesterday you entertained her today! She was latched onto you like a leech and you did nothing to discourage her, and don’t give me that shit about needing to be nice for the guests!" I hissed trying to keep my voice down.

"Maybe I needed to know that I was worth fighting for Hayden." Adrienne said as she sat down on the bed. "No that’s wrong. I wanted to know if you cared enough to be jealous. I needed that reassurance from you. I went about it the wrong way today and I am sorry."

I was still angry and even though she apologized I still seethed with anger. "Do you have any idea what a fool it made me look like? Yesterday, we walked in hand in hand and today your arm and arm with Denise. I have doted over you like a heartsick teenager almost since I arrived here and you need re-assurance?"

"I was wrong to do that to you. How many times do I need to say it Hayden?" She looked up at me with those misty blue eyes, and I could feel myself weakening.

"What do you want from me Adrienne? I am crazy about you. This place is beautiful, and I enjoy being here, but you are the reason I stay."

It was that simple. That was all she needed to hear. She jumped up off the bed and pulled me into a tight hug. I felt all may anger and jealousy fade away at that moment. I knew without a doubt then that I was wrapped completely around her little finger.

That night she stayed with me. We slept curled up next to one another. I drifted off to sleep as she ran her fingers though my hair. Believe it or not all we did that night was sleep.














Chapter 5


The next morning at breakfast Adrienne and I joined the group as usual. Denise was of course sitting in her usual spot. This morning I chose to stake claim to my territory. I pulled out my usual seat and Adrienne happily sat down. I leaned down and gave her a kiss, and then took the seat next to Denise. Leigh did not even try to hide her chuckle.

"Why have we never gone diving in the "Blue Holes" before?" Donna asked the group.

"Because you have to pack all of the dive equipment through the brush, and the local dive shops are hesitant to take us. You don’t remember that from last year?" Shelby asked.

"Blue holes are a very bad thing. Creatures that can eat a whole horse live in those. It would not be a good thing to go there." Iris said as she entered the room.

"What kind of creatures?" Allison asked.

"Bad things. Things big enough to eat a cow or horse, and people disappeared trying to discover the secret of the holes." Iris said. Blue holes are a bad thing." Iris left the room leaving us to stare at one another bewildered.

"We can’t keep coming here and not exploring of the islands most interesting anomalies." Donna said as she polished off the last of her pancakes.

I wouldn’t advise diving in Bad Hole." Adrienne said. "It is filled with dark murky waters, the visibility is greatly limited. Island folklore does say that there is some sort of large creature living in that water. It may very well be a huge shark, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to find out first hand. Besides the woods surrounding Bad Hole are full of fruit bats.

"Where is this "Boiling Hole" I have heard of?" Chelsey asked as she swiped a piece of bacon from Donna’s plate. Chelsey was Donna’s lover, and she was an attorney. I liked to picture her wearing one of those smart looking business suits. With her short and sassy haircut she really looked the part, and the glasses she wore made her look intelligent. Okay maybe I would just picture her with the glasses, and that’s all.

"Boiling Hole is probably the better choice. You can access it by Kayak or canoe. I can make arrangements for you if you like." Adrienne said.

"Why don’t you and Hayden come with us? It would be fun. We will snorkel so we won’t have to pack all of the diving gear." Shelby said with a grin. After which the whole gang joined in pleading with us to go.

It sounded like fun, so I agreed when Adrienne looked at me for help. She rolled her eyes at me when I volunteered us to go. She went to make the arrangements and I went off to get the snorkel gear.

Iris caught me by the arm on my way out. "Anything happen to my Adrienne I kill you." She accentuated her point by waving a black iron skillet at me. She looked very serious and I assured her that Adrienne would return safe and sound or I would throw myself off of Mt. Alvernia. She did not seem to find humor in this. As I went to change into my swimsuit I wondered if this was a good idea after all.

After everyone changed into their swimsuits and gathered their gear we met in the bar. Adrienne had already made arrangements for the vans to be brought around, and we all helped the porters load the gear.

"Okay, everyone who wears sunscreen go ahead and put it on now, do not get into the vans yet." Adrienne grinned as she spoke. "There is one more thing we have to do before we leave."

We all began to smear ourselves down with sunscreen. I had the enjoyable task of rubbing it into several well-toned backs. I made sure that I was the one to apply Adrienne’s giving Denise my best menacing glance in the process. I especially enjoyed rubbing it into her lower back and went a little further south than she intended earning me a playful slap.

After we were all greased up, we looked at Adrienne expectantly waiting for what came next. "The creek that we will canoe down to Boiling Hole is lined with mangrove trees, which are known to harbor many annoying insects. If anyone is allergic to insect repellent let me know now, because I am about to spray you all down." Adrienne said with a mischievous grin.

I could hear the yelps and squeals as the cool repellent hit warm skin. Adrienne took great pleasure in spraying each member of the group. When it came my turn she looked at me with an evil grin. She coated the front of my body liberally with the spray, and when I turned she did the same to my back. I got an unexpected surprise when she pulled the back of my swimsuit down and sprayed the crack of my ass. I had plans to retaliate but she handed the repellent to Shelby to spray her down. There was no way I was wrestling that giant of a woman for the can.

We crammed ourselves into the van, which was interesting considering we were covered in oil. I am sure anyone seeing us pass by had to find it amusing. The inside of the van was wall-to-wall woman flesh.

"Hey Adrienne, is that repellent edible because I just ate some." Rory said with an ear-to-ear grin. Her partner Allison sitting next to her was rubbing her shoulder where Rory had obviously nipped her. "I don’t think I got enough to poison myself, but it will probably give me gas."

"You can’t blame that on repellent stinky Pete." Allison joked.

"Too much information! Have mercy!" Myra howled with laughter. "If we smell anything bad while crammed like sardines on this bus, you’re getting an ass whooping Rory!"

Rory and Allison were the ones I had the most trouble with keeping up with their names. They both had the same short hairstyle though Rory’s hair color was dark brown. Allison’s hair was a lighter shade of brown. They both always sported ball caps.

Lacey the one who looked like a model was perched on Roslyn’s lap next to Adrienne and I looked at us in amusement for a moment. "So can we consider you two an item now?" She said with a grin. "Yes." Adrienne and I both answered in unison. The entire van erupted in cheers, except of course for Denise who sat looking straight ahead.

I stared out of the windows at the small farmlands as we passed, and marveled at how antiquated they all seemed to be. People were harvesting the fruits and vegetables by hand, and some sold them at small stands on the roadway. The sight of it made me feel like I was living back in a simpler time.

We arrived at an Inn run by a couple that knew Adrienne well, and had already made preparations for our arrival. After a short visit we began to fill canoes two by two, and started down the creek toward Boiling Hole. Adrienne and I led the group since she had made the trip a few times before.

"Um Adrienne are there bats living in these mangroves?" I asked as we paddled down the shaded creek. A thick hedge of mangroves casting dark shadows on the water making it look dark and creepy bordered both sides of the creek. Occasionally, there would be patches of sunlight, revealing the clarity of the water. We were able to see all sorts of marine life below us as we paddled on.

"There very well could be. A lot of creatures make their home in the mangroves. They are fruit bats though, so unless you smear yourself in fruit you should not have anything to worry about."

I made a mental note to attach fruit to the straw hat that Denise was sporting. "So what other creatures live in the mangroves?" I asked as I tensed up and started to study the shrub like trees more closely.

"All sorts of insects, and birds like Herons. Reptiles and fish are especially fond of hiding in the mangroves roots, which grow into the water giving them a safe haven from predators. When we get into a clearing you will be able to see all of the aquatic life peeking out from the roots." Adrienne said, and I could tell she was grinning ear to ear even with my back to her.

"When you say reptiles, you mean snakes don’t you?" I said as my skin began to crawl.

"Yes, all sorts of species. Hayden, if we should see a snake, don’t freak out. Just remain calm. You don’t want to capsize us and send us into the creek with the critters."

"Adrienne I can assure you, that if I see a snake I will walk on water and will be in the bar waiting on you and the group to get back!"

Our convoy of canoes fortunately had no problems navigating the gentle creek. I was thankful for the bug repellent that Adrienne had sprayed us down in, because there were all sorts of winged insects looking for a good meal. I was careful not to swat at anything for fear of pitching Adrienne and me into the water.

Boiling Hole looked to me like a fresh water pond. The waters were crystal clear and very inviting even though I knew it was home to creature’s real and imagined. Adrienne explained that there were many caves and tunnels off the holes that led to the Caribbean, which explained the salt water and sea life that thrived abundantly.

"Why is the water bubbling like that? Is it hot?" Lacey asked as she slowly dipped her toe into the blue water.

"It has to do with the tide. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. Island folklore says that there are mystic creatures in the holes, as well as mermaids. Most islanders will not come anywhere near here.

Donna the cute blonde with a big mouth as I remember, was the first to hit the water. When she wasn’t eaten or even nibbled by any creatures we followed her lead and jumped in behind her. The clarity of the water afforded us a great view of the sea life that seemed totally unafraid of our presence.

Some of the women who were a lot braver than me went in search of the more menacing creatures rumored to inhabit the hole. I chose to lie out and enjoy the sun for a while with Blair and Allison. I could not resist the site of Adrienne’s cute little bottom sticking out of the water while she snorkeled. I wondered what it would be like to dig my nails into those firm cheeks while she lay naked between my legs. I was lost in lustful thought when a voice called me back from my happy place.

"Is there anything in those coolers besides soda’s?" Blair asked eyeing one of many ice chests we brought with us.

"You mean like food or alcohol?" I asked.

"I mean like alcohol." She said with a grin. Her blue eyes twinkled with mischief, which made the freckles look even cuter.

I got up and dragged a red cooler over to where we were laying. "I hope you like wine coolers, because that is all we have in this cooler."

When the rest of the group noticed us digging into the coolers, they quickly gave up their search for the sea monster and joined us. No one seemed interested in the food, since most of them had been on a strict rum diet since arriving the island. Needless, to say we quickly emptied one cooler and were delighted to find that thoughtful Adrienne had filled another with rum and fruit juice.

Some of my fondest romantic episodes occurred near the beach when I was younger. Now whenever I am near the water and I get a whiff of suntan oil I get downright frisky.

Which is exactly why I invited Adrienne to take a stroll with me.

A romantic interlude on a beach towel in some secluded spot was just what I had in mind as I grabbed her hand and led her away from the group. You can imagine how surprised I was that Blair and Leigh had exactly the same idea, when Adrienne and I walked up on them.

They were so into one another neither of them noticed the two women gawking at them. Hands and bodies moved in perfect unison as they pleasured one another in reckless abandon. When a huge bug nearly flew into my gapping mouth I came to my senses, and we made a hasty retreat.

We scampered from the brush to an outcropping of rocks near the water. Where we both chuckled in embarrassment. Adrienne leaned against on the rocks and pulled me to her. I wrapped my arms around her neck and in a matter of seconds found myself kissing her passionately. The only sounds around us were the distant voices of our friends, an occasional seagull, and our labored breathing coupled with soft moans as we kissed.

I had been craving this woman since I had met her. The wine coolers and the smell of suntan oil on the breeze drove me from frisky to downright horny. I broke away from the kiss and weaved my fingers through her damp hair as I kissed and nibbled her neck. She tilted her head back giving me full permission to continue.

I ran my fingertips over her breasts lightly smiling against her mouth as I felt them react to my touch. I kissed her again gently sucking her tongue into my mouth as I unfastened the clasp to her swimsuit top. We never broke the kiss while I slipped the straps off of her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.

She shuddered and her skin broke out in goose bumps as I lightly ran my nails down her stomach. She laced her fingers through my hair this time pulling my head back, so that she could kiss my neck as my hands roamed her body. The sensation of her mouth on my skin and my hand slipping between her legs at the same time drove me to the brink of insanity.

When she finished lavishing my neck with kisses I could not resist the temptation as I dipped my head down and circled her nipple with my tongue. She moaned and pulled me closer as I sucked and nibbled her breast and stroked her through the wet swimsuit that she still only wore the bottoms to.

I supposed every drop of blood vacated my brain and went rushing south, which would explain what happened next. The smell of suntan oil was in the air. I had a slight buzz from the ONE wine cooler that I had consumed, and I had Adrienne nearly naked and was pawing at her like a wild bear.

I was so consumed by what I was doing that I was only slightly aware of something rubbing against the heel of my foot, seconds later I felt the same sensation on the other heel. All movement came to a stop. I released my lip lock on Adrienne’s breast and looked down. There behind my feet was a snake about four feet long.

What happened next was a blur, but Adrienne says I let out a girl scream so shrill that her ears rang for a week. Then she said I did some exotic dance that there are no words to describe. This in turn scared the snake that bit me just above the ankle, and then I passed out.

I woke up in a hospital in Nassau with Adrienne by my side. She explained that the snake was not poisonous, but since I woke up in the ER hysterical they had to sedate me. There was very little of my body that did not have a cut or scrape on it from when I passed out and slid down the rocky embankment.

I was not satisfied until I had ripped off the sheet and looked at my lower leg to make sure it was not rotting off full of snake venom. I was relived to find that there was just a puffy patch of red skin around the area of the bite. I sighed with relief and fell back onto the bed wincing from the multiple strawberry looking marks on my back.

"Oh dear Lord in Heaven Adrienne I am so embarrassed." I said slinging an arm over my face.

"Don’t be Hayden. I would have freaked out too if I had been bitten. The gang is all at the Inn and are being well taken care of by Iris and the staff. The really good news is the doctor is releasing you this morning," Adrienne said as she stroked my hair.

"THIS MORNING! How long have I been here for Pete’s sakes?"

"They kept you last night, just to be on the safe side. Besides, the sedative knocked you completely out." Adrienne said as she handed me a T-shirt and a pair of shorts that one of the girls loaned us.

She helped me out of my hospital gown kindly looking away to preserve my dignity while slipping commando into someone else’s shorts. I was barely able to lift my arms to pull the shirt over my head due to the abrasions on my elbows. She gently tugged the shirt down over my head and helped me with the sleeves. After brushing the knots out of my hair she put it up in a ponytail. After washing my face I resembled something human, even though I didn’t smell like one.

I watched as Adrienne was kind enough to do the paperwork associated with checking me out of the hospital. I swallowed hard when I saw all of the medications the nurse handed to Adrienne, giving her instructions for each. She stuffed them in a bag and gave me a little grin before waving me over to sign the last of the papers.

"What’s in the bag?" I asked as we climbed into a cab.

She smiled as she recited the list. "There is some ointment for the bite site itself, oral antibiotics which are quite strong, and something for a yeast infection that the nurse said you will surely get after taking the meds."

"Oh that just puts the icing on the cake doesn’t it?" I groaned.

"Let me cheer you up by telling you what happened to me when you and the snake got close and personal." Adrienne said as she draped an arm over my shoulders. "When you began to scream and dance around, the others came running. By the time they made it to us, you were laying on the ground unconscious and I was standing there topless. You have no idea the jokes I had to endure about my tits scaring you half to death."

I couldn’t help but chuckle. "Actually, you have the nicest pair I have had the pleasure of…" I was interrupted by the cab driver clearing his throat, and reminding us of his presence.

When we arrived back on the island one of the porters was kind enough to be waiting at the airstrip for us. I was dreading going back to the Inn and facing the women who I knew would rib me about this for the rest of the trip. I knew they would have no mercy on me even though I was banged up, because I sure wouldn’t have if it had happened to someone else.

"Hayden, when we get back to the Inn we are going straight to my cottage and you are taking a long hot bath. When you’re done, you will lay in the bed watching TV or reading for the day. I want you to relax so your body will heal quickly. Iris, the staff, and I will be able to take care of the girls with no problems." Adrienne said as she looked lovingly into my eyes.

Reluctantly, I agreed to do just that. My skin burned from the abrasions and I ached from head to toe. A nice bath was just what I needed.

Once we arrived at the Inn a large herd of laughing lesbians surrounded the van. They helped Adrienne pull me from the van and walked me into the bar. Where I stood stiffly as they told me the story of how they got me from the Boiling Hole to the neighboring Inn.

"Aren’t you glad that I brought an extra pair of shorts and a shirt with me." Chelsey said with a smile.

"Yes I am they came in very handy, but I regret to inform you that I am not wearing any underwear so I will have to owe you a new pair." I said with a laugh.

"In that case you are welcome to keep them, consider it a get well gift." She said with a chuckle.

Adrienne walked me back to her cottage, and after my bath I climbed into her bed feeling refreshed and relaxed. Adrienne took a shower and soon joined me. Apparently, she didn’t sleep very well in the chair in my hospital room. I felt terrible knowing this. She probably was feeling much worse than me, but never uttered one complaint.

Sarah woke us up when she brought dinner to Adrienne’s cottage. She was smiling ear-to-ear sporting the shirt I had given her. "Sarah, that shirt looks better on you than it ever did me. Would you like to join us for dinner? I am sure Iris sent enough to feed a small army." I said trying to shift my weight to a body part that did not ache.

"I cant tonight. I am helping out in the bar." She said with a smile.

"That’s my fault and I am sorry Sarah. I hope we are not keeping you from anything you wanted to do." I said, feeling guilty for her having to work in my place.

"No problem at all. I am having a great time with the girls. One has been very nice to me. I think her name is Denise."

When she left us Adrienne chuckled. "If Denise thinks she is going to get lucky with Sarah she has another thing coming. Iris thinks of her as a daughter and will break Denise in half."

I started to get out of bed and was met by an angry glare from a beautiful set of blue eyes. "Don’t even think about getting out of that bed Hayden. You are staying off your feet all day." She settled a little tray over my lap and put a plate covered in Mexican food on it.

"Iris does it all doesn’t she? Mexican, Italian, this woman is my hero!" I took a bite and the fresh guacamole made my eyes tear in pure pleasure. "These enchiladas are a slice of heaven! I may have to ask Iris to marry me." Adrienne shot me an indignant look as she took a bite.

"So did I ruin everyone else’s trip to the Boiling Hole?" I asked in between bites.

"No, the gang was almost ready to go anyway. Fortunately, Shelby is an MD. She knew what to do until we got you to where we could get help. Myra and I paddled the canoe while she tended you, which was very interesting trying to move all of that weight. My arms arms are still sore."

"Adrienne, I am so sorry baby. I know I shouldn’t have panicked, but it touched me and I freaked." I said losing my appetite, knowing the trouble I had caused.

"You don’t need to apologize. Just having you back here safe and sound is all that matters to me. I was so afraid that we were not going to get you to the hospital in time. Myra and Shelby were quick to kill the snake to bring it to the hospital, so they would know what had bitten you. When they confirmed that it was non-poisonous I was so relieved. Although, when you woke up in the ER and started screaming snake at the top of your lungs I nearly wet my pants."

As Adrienne ran a hot bath for me there was a knock at the door. Adrienne opened the door to ten leaping lesbians who piled into our cottage. "We missed you guys so we came to check on you" Rory babbled, obviously drunk with her hat on sideways.

Shelby ushered me over to the bed and demanded to check my bite. I of course did not argue because she towered over me like a giant. She gently pulled the bandage off of the wound and requested peroxide and the ointment the hospital sent home with me. "Um Shelby I was just about to take a bath, do you mind if I do this when I get out?" I said as I looked up at all of the faces peering over her shoulder.

"Sure monkey chop, but don’t forget to do it when you get out. This can get infected very easily if you don’t take care of it."

"Where are Denise and Kathy?" Adrienne asked when she noticed they were not part of the group.

"Well Kathy decided to keep Denise company since she didn’t feel very comfortable coming with us. Seems she is still a little upset about what Hayden said yesterday." Leigh said with a giggle.

A smirk made its way across Adrienne’s face. "Oh I am gonna got get the peroxide." She said as she quickly left the room.

"What did I say to Denise?" I really don’t remember talking to her yesterday." I was perplexed.

"You don’t remember it because you were semi-conscious and talking out of your head." Myra patted me on the shoulder. "You didn’t offend us but Denise was a little put off." The entire room broke out in raucous laughter.

"Come on ya'll, for the love of Pete tell me what I said."

Adrienne returned to the room looking a little guilty. She knew I wanted to choke her for leaving this tidbit out. She gave me a sheepish grin.

"We couldn’t understand most of what you said, but we were able to make out you saying she was a ho, and you wished a fruit bat would eat her." Leigh said between snorts of laughter.

I couldn’t hold back I laughed right along with them in my embarrassment. Well at least I didn’t voice what I really felt about her. There were words that would make a sailor blush running through my mind when I thought about that woman.

After the gang left us to go to their nightly routine of skinny-dipping, Adrienne helped me into the bath. "This is not how I wanted you to see me naked for the first time." I sighed as she gingerly washed my back, which sustained most of the damage from my fall.

"Actually, this is not the first time I have seen you naked." Adrienne admitted.

"It was dark the night we skinny dipped you didn’t see much."

"No, I saw you naked when they admitted you into the hospital last night. They had stripped you of your wet swimsuit, and covered you with a blanket when you were brought in. When you woke up and started screaming about the snake, you jerked the blanket off and half of the ER got a prime view."

"Oh this just gets worse by the minute! Please tell me. Did I bust out into a chorus of show tunes at any time?"

Adrienne lost all composure and burst into tears laughing. I simply sat there starring at her angrily till she regained herself. Maybe now Carla and her linebacker girlfriend had forgiven me and I could safely return to the states. I was never going to live this down.

Reinvigorated by my bath, I decided to reward Adrienne with a well-deserved backrub. She lay across the bed as I rubbed her back and arms down with lotion. Her soft moans reminded me of the pervious day before that devil in a snakeskin paid me a visit. As arousing as it was I could not physically do anything about it, because even my hair still ached. Soft snores stirred me from my ponderings and I looked down to find Adrienne already asleep.

The next morning I felt much better and spent quality time with Saber while Adrienne slept. "Next time I go anywhere on this island you will have to accompany me and protect me from the slimy kind." I said as I stroked his orange fur. He purred delightedly from all the attention.

Adrienne and I dressed and went to the dinning room to have breakfast with the girls. Denise glared at me when we entered the room and then ignored me through the meal. This pleased me greatly.

"So Hayden tell us the truth. Did you pass out when you saw Adrienne’s breasts for the first time, and blame it on the snake? Allison asked before the room broke out into hysterical laughter.

"They are they loveliest pair I have seen in a long time." I retorted, but I didn’t actually pass out till I touched them.

"Well we have to agree with you there, because we all saw them!" Roslyn said laughing hysterically.

I had never seen Adrienne turn that shade of red before. I was glad she was taking it on the chin right along with me. We could barely eat from all of the jokes being thrown at us.

In the heat of the day most of the gang went down to the beach to swim. Shelby and Myra joined Adrienne and I in the bar. "Adrienne I have been thinking about the view of the beach from the guest cottages." I said as I sipped my tea.

Adrienne glanced at me as if I were insane. "There is no view. It’s all grown up with banana trees and brush. We have always been afraid to cut it because of erosion.

"That’s precisely what I am talking about. The view from the bluff is magnificent and shouldn’t be obstructed. I think we can get rid of some of the higher brush and trees, and plant something in there that will live in that sandy soil that will be low profile. That way the guests will have a view of the water." I said as I drew little sketches on a napkin.

Adrienne nodded "We will have to wait till our guests go home before undertaking a task like that. I agree though, it would add to the beauty of the Inn."

"Since you guys brought it up, Myra and I would like to talk to you about staying on here for a few more weeks. Of course we will pay for our cottage, and help you with the land clearing should you agree." Shelby said to my surprise.

"Wont you be expected to return to your practice Shelby?" Adrienne asked, also surprised by the change of events.

"That’s the other thing we would like to discuss with you. I have grown tired of my practice back home. I have been considering retiring for a while, but I am nowhere near retirement age. Myra and I have been very frugal with our spending and have managed to pay off all of our debts. The other day when Hayden got hurt, it made me think about how wonderful it would be to open a practice here. I could feel like I was truly helping people again."

"Speaking for myself and I am sure Hayden feels the same, we would love to have you here but I am sure you have noticed that much of the island is impoverished and probably cannot sustain much. Our medical clinic struggles to keep up with the demands as it is."

For the first time Myra spoke up. "Shelby and I have discussed that too. When we return to the States, we plan on seeing what we can do for additional funding. We know a few doctors who are excellent at organizing fund raising compaigns for other countries who need help in updating their medical programs."

"It seems like you two have definitely thought this over, and from your many visits to the island you seem to know what you are getting in to. I will do whatever I can to help make this happen. Besides, I can’t imagine two people I would enjoy more living on this island. Don’t even consider trying to pay us for the extended stay. If you help us with the land clearing then consider your debt paid." Adrienne said with a grin.

After a friendly argument about debts, they decided to agree to Adrienne’s offer. I was thrilled to have them stay with us. Aside from the fact it was comforting to have a physician on hand, I was happy to have their company as well.































Chapter 6


I spent the remainder of the day hobbling around gathering up the supplies I thought we would need to undertake my project. Since Adrienne would let me do little else. The gang decided to take it easy and hang around the Inn, so I took full advantage of the van, and went into New Bight the islands biggest town looking for a few of the remaining supplies.

Saber accompanied me and did well on the ride, which was unusual for a cat. He lay across my lap as I drove, and behaved as though he had been riding in a vehicle for years. I managed to find something resembling a hardware store, leaving Saber to sleep on the drivers seat. I left all of the windows down and he seemed contented as the breeze tousled his orange fur.

The little store was a cross between a hardware and grocery store. I found a few things that would help us out but not much. The owner of the place was happy to show me around and when I told him I was Gloria’s niece, he treated me like family.

He looked me over and asked. "What happened to you? Why all the scratches and bruises?"

I told him about the incident at Boiling Hole. I left out the part about me ravaging Adrienne just prior to the snakebite. His eyes widened as I relayed the details.

"The Holes are very bad things. Never good to go there, you are lucky to be alive." He said as he rang up my purchases. Many people have disappeared in the holes don’t go back.

After making a new friend Saber and I headed back to the Inn. I was eager to get started on the land-clearing project. I had a mental picture of how I wanted it to look, and wanted to get my hands in the dirt once again.

When I arrived at the Inn I was surprised to see Hank the pirate in the bar with Adrienne. What was even more surprising he helped me unload the supplies. When I told him all about my project he mumbled something about having a fishing trip planned. No loss there, I didn’t want to spend any more time around him than I had to, especially down wind.

I grabbed an iced tea and decided to relax and smoke a cigarette before finding out what the wild tribe was up to. When I was fully relaxed and enjoying the solitude, Shelby rounded the corner and proclaimed I was just the person she wanted to see.

"Hiya Monkey Chop!" This was her pet name for me, and I took it well since I had no idea what a monkey chop was. "Let me have a look at the bite." She said as she prepared to pull the bandage off. "Hayden this is awfully red, have you been keeping it clean and keeping the ointment on it?"

"Adrienne has been following me around with peroxide and antibiotic ointment since it happened. I don’t think we can get it any cleaner." I said as she poked around on it causing me to wince in pain.

"You’re a very active woman Monkey Chop. I think you need to take it easy for a couple of days. I would strongly suggest that you do not try fooling around with clearing that land until this looks better."

"I agree." Adrienne said as she came back into the bar. Besides, you know we cannot do anything till our guests leave. I don’t think any of the girls want to spend the remainder of their vacation in a construction zone.

I pouted; sulked, sucked my thumb, and those two would not relent. I had been put on a short leash and there was nothing I could do about it. To make matters worse I couldn’t even drown my sorrows in rum, because of the antibiotics.

Adrienne tried to cheer me up, and under any other circumstances it would have worked. She ran her fingers through my hair and whispered seductively in my ear. "Why don’t you and I go back to my cottage and finish what we started the other day?"

I looked into those sexy blue eyes and I felt tears filling my own. "Adrienne I cant." I whimpered pitifully. "Where exactly did you put that medicine for the yeast infection the nurse said I was sure to get? Something is not right south of the belly button." I said as I laid my head on her shoulder.

I could feel her body trembling with laughter, but she fought it valiantly trying to be supportive of my newly acquired condition. "Lets go back to my cottage and I will help you take your medicine."

"Oh hell no! That’s one thing a girl has to do by herself. Adrienne laughed so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath. This day sucked!

Aside from Denise ruffling my feathers and my little mishap we enjoyed our guests and the two weeks passed quickly. The day before they were to leave they decided to hang around the Inn and spend time with us. A sadness hung in the air. For them it was because tomorrow they would return to their everyday lives, and live with the fact that two of their group would still be enjoying the island. For us it was because good friends would be leaving and it would be another year before they returned.

That afternoon it was decided we would go down to the beach and play volleyball. Couples would be divided to play on opposing teams. My team was blessed with Denise.

I honestly did my best to behave, but when she made a remark about Adrienne’s cleavage that she knew I was sure to hear my blood began to boil. It was my turn to serve, and I could feel my hackles begin to rise as I noticed Denise was directly in front of Adrienne at the net. I knew deep down in my soul where her eyes lay, and so I did it.

I threw the ball up and let it drop a little lower than I should for a serve. I hit that ball with all that I was. It connected with my intended target when it nailed Denise in the back of the head. I of course should have won an academy award when I pretended to apologize and beg her forgiveness. I blamed it all on my goofiness.

Adrienne couldn’t even look at me. I could tell that she was valiantly fighting the urge to laugh. Leigh however, didn’t even try to disguise it. She laughed for fifteen minutes straight. Once having to call time so she could catch her breath. Needless to say, the rest of the gang made it a point to stay between Denise and I.

Dinner that evening was special. There was no big fanfare we all sat around the table laughing at the events of the past week. Shelby and Myra took repeated jabs for abandoning the group and staying behind on the island. We of course spent the remainder of the evening in the bar, drinking and dancing.

I didn’t care to dance so, I decided to stay behind the bar and serve drinks. I had no rhythm. Hell I got confused during sex! Nevertheless, when a slow song came on Adrienne pulled me out onto the floor with her.


The next morning we all got up early and had breakfast before the sun rose. Adrienne and I were both shocked to see our under garments that turned up missing the first night we skinny-dipped hanging all over the bar. Each of the twelve had signed them and left them out for the world to see. After a round of fierce ribbing we hugged them all with the exception of one. Adrienne and I waved as the vans rolled out of site.

We were exhausted. Adrienne and I walked back to our cottages both deciding that we were going back to sleep before beginning the task of preparing the Inn for the next group of guests. "Do you think you can behave yourself if I nap with you?" Adrienne asked as we made our way through the courtyard.

"I can assure you that you will be perfectly safe wise ass. I am exhausted. I replied with a grin.

We returned to my cottage where Adrienne, Saber and I climbed into bed. It was a little too warm to cuddle so we compromised by holding hands while we slept. Saber designated himself as chaperone and curled up between us. We slept soundly for two hours before the heat started to make us uncomfortable.

Neither of us wanted to go to the trouble of bathing again just to go out and sweat, so we rolled out of bed and prepared to work. It was a good thing we decided to forego bathing, because Hank met us in the courtyard and told us he cut the water off at the main line. We had a leak in the main sewer line between the bar and the laundry cottage. Iris noticed water pooling that morning when she came to prepare breakfast and sent for Hank.

It was odd to see a pirate with a monkey wrench. I couldn’t help but stare as he gave us the run down on what he thought the repairs would run in the most colorful way. "The old pipe is complete shit. We are gonna have to dig a damn trench and replace the entire son of a bitch. There is another leak where the line goes into the laundry cottage and some poor bastard smaller than my big ass is gonna have to nut up and climb into the hole I dug and repair the main fitting.

I looked around for a small bastard smaller than Hank and came up with zip. Time was of the essence and since I did have some limited plumbing experience from landscaping I reluctantly volunteered. Adrienne was not keen on the idea, but like me she knew we didn’t have much of a choice.

As luck would have it, Shelby and Myra had chosen this day to venture out and take a tour of the islands medical facility. First a small group of us started to dig up the old sewer line. The crew was made up of an odd mixture. There was a pirate, Adrienne, myself and a heavy set black woman that threw dirt like there was no tomorrow. Whatever we were paying Iris it wasn’t enough. She went through that ground like a giant mole on speed.

It took us the better part of the day to dig up the old line, but we managed. Then we laid the pipe for the new line. When it came time to connect the new pipe to the line connecting to the cottage I wanted to cry. I have no idea why he did it, but Hank dug a huge and relatively deep hole around where the two pipes connected.

It was there that I learned that the old saying was in fact true. "Shit rolls down hill." Whatever managed to pass through the old pipe was in that hole. I managed to find an old piece of wood and placed it over the hole. I knelt on the wood and was able to reach where I needed to work. I am not sure why Hank didn’t think of this, but I assumed he hated me and wanted me knee deep in crap.

By the time I had finished sealing the fittings I was drooling like a dog, and was fighting the urge not to throw up. Adrienne and Iris were kind enough to fix Hank and I a glass of iced tea. I sat in the courtyard and sipped it till my nausea passed, and it was there that I decided that I really didn’t like Hank.

"Hank, you repaired that line last year when it leaked near the laundry cottage. Why is it leaking again already?" Adrienne asked.

Hank shrugged. "Bad fitting I guess.

I don’t know a whole lot about plumbing but that answer sounded very weak. I suspected shotty workmanship. I kept my suspicions to myself though, because Hank the pirate was still holding the pipe wrench.

We shut down the kitchen and bar for the night. Fortunately, we were able to cut the water back on and take showers. Iris had the night off and Adrienne and I decided to have dinner at another Inn operated by a friend of hers.

We took the Jeep that Hank used predominately to get around in, and to my surprise the bugs from hell that I encountered when I first arrived on the island had decided to stay in for the evening. Dinner at the other Inn was good but it did not compare to Iris’s cooking.

"Adrienne, do we pay Iris well?" I asked as I prepared to attack the cheesecake I ordered for desert.

"Iris makes very good money. I recently gave her a raise and she stayed mad at me for a week." Adrienne chuckled.

"Why would she be made about getting a raise? Most people are tickled pink."

"She thinks we pay her too much. She says what she does for us is a labor of love." Adrienne went on to explain as she sipped her coffee. "Her husband grew ill and died shortly after. This was two years ago. Iris could not afford to pay the rent on her rent house and was evicted. You aunt was in the process of building a little house for herself on the edge of the property. As you can guess, she gave her house to Iris. Your aunt couldn’t stand the idea of Iris and her two children living in poverty."

I knew my aunt was a kind and generous woman, but I couldn’t help but be amazed at the lengths she was willing to go for other people. I wondered if she was the milkman’s child, because my dad was nothing like that. It saddened me to think that I never made the effort to be closer to such a beautiful person, and it wasn’t until she died that I learned how amazing she truly was.

"Hayden, I need to talk to you about something, and I am not sure how you will react. Please promise me that you wont freak out and blow a gasket."

"Well when you preface it like that, I can feel my hackles rising already." I said, irritated that she had so little faith in me.

"The reason Hank dug the hole so big around the sewer line is because he was looking for something. He broke the line in the process. When you mentioned the land clearing project he became nervous, and was afraid we would find what he was hiding."

"Adrienne did he tell you this or do you just know? What the hell was he hiding?"

"No, he didn’t tell me, but I am certain he was hiding something in the ground behind the laundry cottage." She looked at me a little fearfully. She wasn’t afraid of the way I would react. She was afraid that I wouldn’t believe her.

I reached over and took her hand. "I think we need to send old Hank packing. We can handle the repairs ourselves, and besides he gives me the creeps."

"I have considered that as well, but I am afraid it will piss him off. Can you imagine the havoc he could wreak on us? I have thought about this long and hard. Whatever, he hid in that hole cant be good. I think we need to give this sometime, and maybe we will figure out what he is up to."

"You have a point there dear. Okay we keep an eye on the pirate till we figure out what he is up to. Hopefully, it is illegal and he will be arrested, and the problem will be resolved." I said as I ate the last bite of cheesecake.

It was refreshing to be out and about. We decided to just ride up the coastline. The moon was full and lit up the sky like a beacon. Not being a touristy area most of the businesses were closed at that hour, so we simply drove around and enjoyed the ride.

When we returned to the Inn Adrienne made a quick stop at the bar and grabbed a bottle of wine, and two glasses. We went back to her cottage where we sat outside at her patio table and drank the wine.

I had to give her a hard time about having an outside table while I did not. I was shocked when she grabbed my cigarettes and lit one up for herself. "I didn’t know you smoked?" I said in surprise.

"I’m an ex smoker. Every now and then when I have something to drink I like to have one, but I don’t want to make a habit of it."

I raised a brow. "What else don’t I know about you?" I inquired.

"Hmm let me see. Did you know that before I came here that I had entertained the idea of studying law?

"Why did you give it up?" I asked as I refilled our glasses.

"I came here during spring break with friends. I met your aunt, and she was the closest thing to a mother that I have ever had. My mom gave me up for adoption when I was born; apparently she was an unwed mother and felt she had no other choice. My adopted parents are wonderful but I never really established a bond with them. When it was time to go home, my heart was broken at the prospect of leaving Gloria behind. I weighed the pros and cons and decided that I would be much better off here with her. She welcomed me with open arms, and I never went back."

Adrienne’s eyes misted as she talked about my aunt. I could tell that she truly loved her. My heart broke realizing how deeply the loss had affected her.

"I was so happy when you agreed to come to the island. I was comforted by that." She smiled and looked away.

We had emptied the wine bottle and sat in a comfortable silence. "Hayden, would you stay with me tonight?

"You do realize that you are going to spoil me to this and I am not going to want to sleep by myself anymore." I said as I laughed.

Even though we had gotten pretty intimate a couple of times I became nervous and my hands began to shake. The sexy way she looked at me told me that she was not interested in sleeping. I had waited for this moment for so long, but my knees were knocking together so hard under the table I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk.

When we entered her cottage she took me by the hand and led me to the bed where she spun me around and shoved me onto the bed. I lay there propped up on my elbows staring at her as she slowly undressed in front of me. She reached under the simple summer dress she wore and slipped her panties slowly down her thighs. My heart began to pound as I watched her slip out of the dress and walk toward me.

I had such a burning desire to touch and taste her that I could barely contain myself. I didn’t care if she laid a hand on me I simply wanted to please her repeatedly. She straddled my hips and pushed me completely down onto the bed and began to unbutton my shirt looking into my eyes the entire time. I ran my hands up and down her thighs over her silky skin.

She leaned her body over my face so that her breasts were in my face. I moaned at the feel of it. I cupped both of them in my hands as I kissed and licked her cleavage. She supported herself on her arms and ground her center into my stomach. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth she whispered. "Hayden unbutton your shorts." Which I gladly did.

She lifted off of me and pulled them down my hips along with my underwear. Next she pulled me into a sitting position and took off the rest of my clothes. She gently pushed me back down onto the bed and spread my legs with her own. She rubbed her clit against mine slowly as she kissed and bit my neck. She whispered breathlessly into my ear. "I hope you don’t mind but I have a thing about being on top." Hell no I didn’t mind.

I could not get enough of her. The feeling of our skin wet with sweat sliding so easily against one another nearly sent me over the edge many times before she ever touched me. She did allow me briefly to lie fully upon her and she wrapped those long legs around mine I could not keep hold on the groan that escaped me. I dug my nails so hard into the bed as I ground my body into hers that I think I temporarily stopped the blood flow to my fingers.

She flipped me over onto my back and I remember closing my eyes and simply basking in the pleasure of being so close to her that I had become completely unaware of anything else. I kissed and licked every inch of skin that was available to me. She slid her body up and straddled my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and eagerly pulled her to me. The first taste of her was exquisite. The moans and the things she said made me want to devour her and when she finally gave in and came for me I greedily took every drop she gave.

It took her seconds to recover and she kissed her way down my body briefly stopping at my breasts before continuing on. She kissed the insides of my thighs and my stomach. I was not in the mood to be teased. I wove my fingers into her hair and pushed her down. She growled as she sank her tongue into me. She moaned so much as she ran her tongue over me it made me wonder if she was enjoying this more than me. Then I decided that was impossible.

We were both insatiable and exhausted each other throughout the night. When exhaustion claimed her she fell asleep in my arms and I lay there fingering the ends of her hair. I smiled into the darkness thinking she was exactly the lover I thought she would be. She approached making love with an intensity that was mind blowing.

When the grayness of dawn filled our room I closed my eyes and let sleep claim me. The next morning we woke in a mass of tangled arms and legs. We both lay there cuddled up together dreading the thought of climbing out of bed.

"Hayden I don’t want to get out of bed. I wish it would rain so we wouldn’t have to." She said as she slipped her hand under the covers and began to tease my nipple, causing me to squirm under her touch. I grabbed her hand and kept her from moving. I ached from head to toe after the marathon sex we had the night before.

She frowned and tried to tug her hand free of mine. "Are you trying to kill me Adrienne?" I laughed.

"No, I promise to make you feel really good if you let go of my hand." How could resist an offer like that. I freed her hand and she slid it down between my legs. My eyes fluttered shut as her skillful hand went to work, and I turned my face away from her.

"Look at me Hayden." I opened my eyes and looked into those beautiful blue pools staring back at me. "Don’t turn away from me I want to watch you. She had me put my hands up above my head as she continued to stroke me. I stared into her eyes as long as I could and my eyes closed again as the sensation became more intense.

I could hear commotion outside and I opened my eyes again. "Ignore it baby, concentrate on what you feel." I stared into her eyes a little longer before closing mine again. Her fingers inside me kept perfect time with my hips. Then she slipped them out and began to expertly massage my clit. I bit my bottom lip as she brought me closer. As I felt the first waves of my orgasm I struggled to keep quiet. We stayed in the bed two hours longer, morning breath and all.

Chapter 7

The day had finally arrived when we would start to clear the land behind the cottages. First we started out with machetes chopping at the banana trees that grew in abundance. Saber joined us on the job, and lay lazily in the sun as we worked. I hoped that the scent of a feline would scare away any snakes that might be hiding in the brush. My hopes were quickly dashed when Adrienne explained that there was a large python population on the island. My stomach churned at the thought that one of those vile creatures would consider making a meal out of my pet.

Once the trees were cut away, we began the tedious task of digging out the roots. The root base was not that big, but the sheer number of stumps kept us busy doing just that the entire morning. Shelby and I did the digging and Adrienne and Myra hauled the debris away to a burn pile.

I stopped often to admire my lover as she worked. She wore nothing but a pair of cargo shorts and a sports bra. The muscles under her tanned skin bulged as she loaded the stalks of the trees onto the wagon. Yet she still maintained a feminine quality that I found irresistible.

Shelby caught me staring at her as she and Myra loaded up the burn pile. "You two had quite a night last night." She grinned ear to ear.

"Yeah dinner was really nice." I said as I wiped the sweat from my brow.

"I’m not talking about dinner Hayden. You kept Myra and I awake for a while last night." She said as my face began to turn red. "I didn’t figure you for a screamer or Adrienne for that matter, but we heard two very distinct cries coming from your cottage last night." She said, as I stood there with my jaw hanging open. I decided it would be best not to say anything to Adrienne, because I have to admit I loved hearing her scream my name.

When the heat of the day released its full fury upon us, we changed into our swimsuits and hit the water. The coolness of the water refreshed us all, and eased the ache of sore muscles. When Sarah appeared on the bluff and summoned us for lunch we all groaned at the thought of having to climb back up the bluff.

Iris served up homemade chicken salad sandwiches on flaky crescent rolls, with a side of mixed fruit. For a while no one spoke as we ate in the coolness of the bar. After we finished eating we rested in the chaise lounges with iced tea.

"I think there was something living amongst those trees." Myra said. "Something has been digging holes all over the place out there." Adrienne and I exchanged glances. We had both noticed the holes as well, surrounded by fresh earth. Adrienne knew instinctively that I figured it had been Hank and nodded to confirm my suspicions.

"Shelby saw the exchange between us. "You two know what is making those holes don’t you?"

"Its not what, it is who." Adrienne said. "Ladies I need to explain something to you both. This is going to sound very strange, but please give me the benefit of the doubt."

I knew what Adrienne was going to tell them, and I secretly hoped that they would react much better than I did when she told me. Adrienne was very sensitive about the subject, and I hated the thought of seeing her hurt again. I held my breath and watched the expressions on Myra and Shelby’s faces as she explained her ability to "know" things.

After Adrienne finished speaking, she looked at them obviously expecting to be chastised. Myra was the first to speak up. "Adrienne that is amazing! Can you control it or do the thoughts just come at random?"

"I have no control over it. The thoughts just pop into my head. It really comes in handy when we have new guests checking into the Inn. Usually, we know what to expect before they arrive." Adrienne said as she stole one of my cigarettes.

"How fascinating! Can you tell us about the group of guests that will arrive a few days from now?" Shelby said excitedly.

I noticed that same dark expression cloud Adrienne’s face when she thought about the upcoming guests. We had spent some time the previous day discussing their arrival when we ordered the supplies. She admitted that she was troubled about one of the guests, but she could not put her finger on why.

"There are three lesbian couples. One of which are trying to rekindle their relationship. Another couple is simply on vacation, and the other couple has only been together six months.

There is a husband and wife that will tell everyone they just wanted a vacation off the beating path. They are actually looking to add another to their bed. They chose our Inn because we cater to the gay and lesbian community.

There is a gay couple as well. The more boisterous of the two is obnoxious and will make an ass of himself. His lover is often embarrassed by his mate’s behavior, but chooses to tolerate him. Something about these two is not right, but I cant put my finger on it.

The last guest causes me great trepidation. Nothing comes to mind on him, but I feel very uncomfortable when I think about him. There is something wrong with this man." Adrienne said as she trembled slightly.

Myra and Shelby actually looked frightened by Adrienne’s admission. "You have no idea what makes you uncomfortable about him? What if he is a serial killer or something?" Shelby asked.

"I have no idea what it is, but I do feel like he is supposed to be here for some reason. I don’t feel fear toward him I feel sadness. It is odd for someone to come here alone. Our brochures make it blatantly obvious that this is more of a couples place. I have wondered if he has come here to end his life."

"We need to make it a point to keep an eye on this guy." I said as I lit another cigarette, which Adrienne quickly stole from my lips.

After our break we returned to our work. I had dug up some small flowering shrubs that I found farther up the beach. I hoped that they would take well to transplanting as I planted them in the now barren area behind the cottages. To keep people from trampling the new plants Adrienne and the girls interspaced some small boulders between them.

Iris joined us that afternoon, and helped us line the edge of the bluff with more boulders to shield the tender land from the winds blowing off the water. Iris amazed me; with little or no effort she moved the boulders into place. Iris was not a woman to be toyed with.

We were amazed that in one day we had managed to clear the land and replant it. Everyone agreed we would spend the next two days paying for it in sore muscles. However the benefits outweighed the pain. The view from the cottages was spectacular, and because the breeze off the water was uninhibited the cottages were significantly cooler.

The following day we moved my clothes and toiletries into Adrienne’s place. Myra and Shelby moved into my cottage, freeing up the guest cottages for the group that would arrive the following day. We put the finishing touches on the Inn, such as cleaning the outdoor furniture and putting fresh flowers in each of the rooms. That evening all the work was complete and the entire staff joined us for dinner.


Midmorning the next day Myra and Shelby joined us in the bar. We drank coffee while waiting for the new guests to arrive. Normally, cool and collected Adrienne seemed very nervous. She had already swiped three cigarettes from me and was eyeing the one I was about to light. Shelby helped to keep our minds off things as she shared her plans for a new medical clinic on the island.

The unmistakable sound of the van coming up the drive drew all of our attention. Adrienne and I got up and prepared to meet our guests. Their arrival was less chaotic than the last group. Everyone introduced him or herself and migrated into the bar where we served up the drinks. Annie and Liz arrived drunk and for the moment were the life of the party.

The lesbians of the group seemed to bond together instantly, leaving William who preferred to be called Billy and his lover Chris to mingle with the Burkes. Brandon Fallon took a chair in the away from the group and studied the place with an odd expression.

I watched Adrienne as she studied the man intently, her brow furrowed in concentration. I wondered if anything had popped into her mind. The curiosity was driving me nuts, but I was to close in proximity to the other guests to talk discreetly.

Brandon was an average looking guy. I guessed he was in his early forties. He reminded me of the accountant I use to have prepare my taxes. He had a head full of blonde hair that he kept swept to one side. He was even fairer skinned than I was, and from the looks of him he never ventured out into the sun all that often.

Iris and the staff put out their usual barbecue spread in the bar. "What the hell is this?" Billy asked holding up a Conch fritter. Chris leaned over and whispered in his ear before we could respond. "I’m not eating that shit!" He said as he dropped the fritter back onto the platter. I agreed whole-heartedly about the Conch, but I had better manners than to voice it the way he did.


Myra and Shelby exchanged amazed glances at how accurately Adrienne had described Billy and Chris. They watched the other guests intently to see if they were as she described. I giggled as each time they looked at each other incredulously.

Billy reminded me of an over-grown Harry Potter complete with the little glasses. He was a pudgy man with a boyish face. His belly protruded over his belt making him look like he was expecting a baby in a few months. I got tickled when I looked at his delicate little hands. They were so soft, I doubted he had ever seen a hard days work in his life.

Chris was the same height as Billy, but was in much better shape. He kept his thinning brown hair cropped short, unlike his lover who looked a little shaggy. Chris had a sweet boyish face with bright blue eyes. He looked like the typical kid next door.

Jerri and Richard Burke openly appraised everyone in the bar. They of course said that they were looking for some place different to vacation during casual conversation. They spent most of their meal ogling the women.

Jerri was a little taller than her husband. They made an odd looking couple. She was tall and slender with short dark hair, and dark eyes. Her husband Richard was a redhead with red freckles all over his body. He was short with a slightly muscular build. He had a tattoo of a spider on the back of his hand that looked like he had done it himself while drunk.

Brandon hung around the bar after most of the crowd had gone to their cottages. He asked a lot of strange questions about the Inn, that most guests did not normally care to know. I began to wonder if he was interested in buying and was considering our place as a prospect.

When we were finally alone in the bar Myra, Shelby, and I made a beeline for

Adrienne. We hit her with a barrage of questions like the paparattzi. We all bellied up to the bar to see if she learned anything new.

She swiped another cigarette from me, and I began to worry that this strange man was going to cause her to become a full time smoker. "I am sorry to disappoint you girls, but I still have nothing. I at least get a little something on everyone, but nothing on him at all."

Myra giggled. "What do you get on me?"

Adrienne laughed.

"It doesn’t work like that. I cant just read your thoughts when I want to. Your thoughts flow through my head at random. I do know that you are excited about being able to live here and write computer programs for your customers back home."

Myra looked astonished. "That is absolutely amazing!"

"Not really. You mentioned it the other night at dinner." Adrienne laughed.

"I suppose it helps to have a sense of humor about it." Shelby spoke up. "I am sure you learn things that you never wanted to know."

"True. Sometimes it feels like a curse. I don’t really understand it myself, this gift. I find it hard to explain it to people, so I rarely tell anyone about it. I learned that lesson the hard way."

Listening to Adrienne talk to Myra and Shelby made me feel even worse about how I reacted to Adrienne telling me of her gift. Especially, knowing how she felt about me even then, made me feel like a complete ass. I made up my mind at that moment to never chastise her for it, even in jest.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent sitting there in the bar with our new best friends, talking and getting to know each other better. I knew they would eventually have to return to the mainland to make their moving arrangements and I dreaded the thought. It was wonderful having someone around that we had bonded with so quickly.

At dinner that night we all paid special attention to Brandon, because we wanted to learn more about him, and the fact that we found it hard to make pleasant conversation with Billy and the Burke’s. He was quiet, and it was an effort to keep him talking. When it seemed he was becoming annoyed with our prodding we stopped harassing him.

"So what do you suggest we plan for tomorrow." Madyson asked. She was little cutie. She looked very young with long blonde hair that she wore in a braid down her back. She was so tiny. I felt like a giant when I stood next to her.

Her girlfriend Emily was not much taller, and equally as petite. Her reddish brown hair hung just past her shoulders and accented her hazel eyes. I supposed she and Madyson were in their early twenties.

"There are a lot of interesting sights on the island. The porters are native islanders and are very knowledgeable of all the points of interests. If the weather is clear tomorrow I would suggest a trip to Mt. Alvernia. On a clear day the view from the mountaintop is breath taking. We can have Iris and her staff pack lunches for anyone who goes, and you can make an afternoon of it if you wish." Adrienne looked at me with an approving glance, after my little speech.

"That sounds perfect." Madyson said, as Emily nodded in agreement. To my supreme delight the Burke’s, Billy and Chris liked the idea as well and said that they would enjoy going too. The rest of the group opted to spend the day on the beach. Brandon did not express a desire to do either.

After dinner we went into the bar where the Burke’s and the overgrown Harry Potter looking Billy and his lover played poker. The lesbians of the group bonded together and we all sat together talking and drinking. Brandon sat alone, and kept looking down the drive, as if expecting someone to arrive.

"I invited that Brandon guy to come and sit with us, but he said he would rather not." Abigail said as she glanced over at Brandon. "I kind of feel sorry for him. Billy stayed on his case on the flight to the island. He kept asking him all kinds of questions, and berating him for no reason."

"I wonder why he came here alone. He doesn’t seem to want to mingle with anyone, but just sit there by himself. Doesn’t his behavior strike anyone else as odd?" Shelby commented.

I listened and watched as the girls discussed Brandon. It was going to be a little easier committing the current guest’s names to memory. I liked Abigail and Sandy. They were closer in age to Adrienne and I, and we shared a lot of the same interests.

Abigail reminded me of the redhead that played Scully on the X Files, with the same hair color and style but slightly taller than the actress. Personality wise she was upbeat and very friendly, with a pretty wicked sense of humor.

Sandy was friendly as well but significantly more reserved than her outgoing partner. She had a unique little birthmark on the side of her neck that resembled a little cat paw, which I thought was adorable. Her hair was curly and long like mine, but light brown in color. Her green eyes sparkled like emeralds in contrast to her dark hair.

Abigail sighed. "He looks so sad. I wish he would join us, at least he would have someone to talk to."

"I think he’s a little weird if you ask me." Annie interjected. "I don’t like the way he stares at us, and I don’t think he’s shy just unsociable."

Annie and Liz had to be in their early twenties. Both of them had multiple body piercing, and I shuddered to think of the other things they may have pierced as well. It hurt me just thinking about it. Both of them wore tops that showed off their midriffs, and had matching tattoos around their belly buttons.

Annie got on my nerves and seemed to irritate Shelby as well. Annie was the type of girl who needed to be the center of attention. She was louder than the rest of us, and was constantly doing things to draw attention to herself. Seated next to Myra, she would often lean over and hang all over Shelby’s lover.

I remembered Adrienne saying they had only been together six months, which explained why they seemed to be joined at the hip. When one got up to go to the restroom the other was sure to follow. They stayed in there a little longer than normal each time they went. I figured they were either having sex or doing drugs. Neither would have surprised me with those two. Of course we all had to talk about them when they were gone.

"What’s up with the multi colored hair?" Madyson asked.

"Its then in thing. I’m thinking about getting a pink stripe down the middle of my head." I said causing Madyson to stare at me in disbelief before she realized I was kidding.

"You know, I am only in my mid thirties but I feel so old next to them. Maybe I should get something pierced. You have any suggestions Hayden?" Adrienne said wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"Get your tongue pierced." Liz said as she and Abigail rejoined us at the table.

"I don’t think I could handle that. It looks way too painful to me." Adrienne grimaced.

Annie flicked her tongue out at us. "It doesn’t hurt all that bad. Have any of you ever had a woman go down on you with a pierced tongue?" She asked unabashedly.

I had, but there was no way I was admitting it to the group. I smirked remembering that encounter. I have to admit there is something to be said for that little steel ball coming in contact with…"

"Hayden?" Adrienne disturbed my reminiscing.


"What do you say? Should I go for it and get my tongued pierced?" She asked with a mischievous grin.

"No my love. There is no need to mess with perfection. That tongue of yours has many skills." I said with a grin.

"Hey I have an idea!" Abigail spoke up. "This will help us all to get to know each other a little better. Everyone at the table has to agree to tell about their first sexual experience with a woman. You have to disclose how old you were and with whom. Is everybody in?"

We all kind of looked at each other awkwardly. "Okay I’m in Adrienne said and winked at me. My love would do just about anything to please our guests. I rolled my eyes at her, but when Myra agreed to it I knew I was stuck.

"Um okay, who goes first?" I asked looking at Shelby.

"Not me! I think since Abigail came up with the idea then she has to go first.

"No problem Abigail said with a grin. "I was fifteen."

"Wow!" I was more interested in basketball at that age. I guess I led a sheltered life." Shelby retorted. Myra rolled her eyes. "Please continue Abigail."

"My best friend and I were inseparable. We talked about everything, and one day we got on the topic of sex with another woman. For a while we just talked about it in general. Then we got more specific like what it would be like between us. One afternoon after school we decided to give it a try. Her mom wasn’t feeling well and came home early from work. I have never moved so fast in my life."

Abigail broke into a fit of laughter. "I put my shirt on inside out. When her mom came into the room we looked so guilty. She demanded to know what we had been up to. My best friend Kelly was the best liar in the world. She told her mom that we had been trying on her clothes. I don’t know if she really believed us, but it got us off the hook. I didn’t try that again till I got into college."

"Oh I would have just died." Myra laughed. I would have fainted the minute I heard her mother come into the house.

"Alright, since I went first I get to pick who goes next. I pick Adrienne." Abigail said with a mischievous grin.

Adrienne cleared her throat. I got tickled at the fact that it made her nervous to be put on the spot. Served her right for agreeing to this stupid game. I laughed to myself.

"I was seventeen. I had a huge crush on a girl the girl next door. We walked to school together everyday, and I had to suffer through listening to her talk about all the cute boys she had classes with. We were both seniors and for senior skip day, we went to a guy’s house for a pool party. Needless to say we got totally smashed. She and I went into the bathhouse to change out of our swimsuits. I remember I was so afraid to take my clothes off in front of her, so I wrapped myself up in a towel and tugged my wet suit off."

I watched Adrienne in amusement. Her face had turned completely red, and she nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. She stared off into space as she talked reliving in her mind the events as she told them.

"When I had finally gotten the undressed which took a little while because I was clutching the towel so tight keeping in wrapped around me, she grabbed it and ripped it off of me. There I stood completely naked in front of the girl I secretly drooled over. I was so shocked I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. The next thing I know she just leaned in and kissed me. I took a minute for it to register just what was happening. I lost my virginity on the floor of the bathhouse in some kids backyard. Then I went home and threw up jungle juice for the next two days, and that was it."

"Wait, didn’t you two do anything after that? Madyson asked.

"Nope. She lost interest in me after that and pursued someone else. It was my first time I am sure I wasn’t that impressive. I was heartbroken for a while, but I eventually got over it."

"Awww Adrienne that’s kind of sad." Myra said reaching across the table and patting her on the arm.

"Yeah well I didn’t miss out on much. Seems she was a little on the loose side. She dated her way through the football team and got pregnant before she graduated high school." Adrienne laughed.

"Now I get to pick and I pick Shelby."

"Ah you would you little fart." Shelby grimaced.

"I was in my first year of college. I shared a dorm room with the cutest girl. She was so young and innocent, so I thought. We started going places together and just hanging out. We had a lot in common. I had really gotten attached to her, but I had no idea how she felt about me. One night we were bored and drove around town looking for something to do. We ended up just sitting in the car out by the lakes at school and talking.

This innocent little thing looks over at me and asks out of the blue. "Shelby when are you going to kiss me?" I nearly swallowed my tongue. That first kiss landed us in the backseat of my car. I still have the car to this day; I just couldn’t part with it. Every anniversary me and Myra take it back to that same spot on the lake."

"You are kidding me! Myra was your first?" I asked in surprise.

Myra grinned from ear to ear. "Yep and she was my first, so now you all know my story. So shall I pick the next victim?"

I knew from the gleam in Myra’s eye that she intended to pick me. She stared at me for a moment making me squirm. She stared into my eyes knowing that I wanted to choke her and said. "I pick Madyson." I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Aw shit!" Madyson exclaimed in embarrassment. The little blondes face turned crimson red. She immediately began to chew her thumbnail, and her better half reached over and grabbed her hand.

"That’s disgusting baby." Emily laughed. "Now spill the beans."

"Shit! All right! Um, I had a big crush on my gym teacher in high school. Everybody knew she was gay, and they always made terrible comments behind her back. I never told a soul I had the hots for her. After I graduated I started working at a grocery store and my old gym teacher came in there every week. She always came to my register, and we made casual chit chat."

Madyson grabbed the bottle of rum in the middle of the table and filled her glass, which she quickly emptied before continuing. "Anyway, one night she came in kind of late. I had just finished my shift and was about to make the two block walk to my apartment. She offered me a ride. I was so nervous my knees knocked the whole two blocks. In the interest of being polite I asked her if she wanted to come in and she accepted…"

"Yeah right." We all chimed in and ribbed her mercilessly. Adding to her embarrassment making her blush all the more, after another glass of rum she finally agreed to continue.

"We talked for a while and had a few glasses of wine. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. Now in school we always referred to her as "Miss Stafford." In the heat of the moment I made the fatal mistake of screaming out. "Oh Miss Stafford!" Needless to say, that was a real mood killer for her."

I had a mental picture of the story that Madyson was telling. I could only imagine the look on that woman’s face when she heard Madyson address her as Miss Stafford. I laughed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. In return Madyson picked me next.

"My first experience was in high school with the principles daughter. We went to a party got smashed and did it on the floor of the bathroom. I went home with her underwear around my neck and a half dozen hickies on my neck. End of story."

My brief and to the point story caused me to be chastised by the entire group at the table. Details were demanded and I was forced to elaborate. "I remember making the first move, but I was too nervous to kiss her right off the bat. I walked up behind her and stared kissing the back of her neck. My hands were shaking so much I barely got her pants un-zipped. I think I had her completely naked before I ever worked up the nerve to actually kiss her. Now you freaks! That’s all I am telling!"

"That is so funny! Shelby and I had no idea what we were doing. It felt great ya know, but I think we were together a year before either of us had an orgasm. I was like WOW what was that?" Myra said.

"Myra! They don’t need to know that!" Shelby said in embarrassment, which made it all the funnier.

"Well its true! I mean really, when you’re that young you’re just fumbling around. I don’t know how guys ever figure it out! At least we know what feels good."

"Myra! Have mercy!" Shelby said as she put her hand over her mate’s mouth to shut her up.

"I know what you mean!" Annie spoke up. "The first time I brought home toys, Liz totally freaked out."

"Bloody hell woman shut up." Emily said as she buried her face in her hands.

"Admit it Emily you like them once you got over the initial shock." Myra laughed.

Emily giggled. "I did. After that I couldn’t look at the kitchen appliances the same again. I looked at the egg beater and thought hmmm?"

I was slap assed drunk and laughing like a fool. Abigail was right we did get to know each other much better. At times a little too well. We never noticed when the rest of the guest turned in for the night.

"Okay, what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during sex? Abigail asked keeping the game going.

"I think you all know mine." Madyson said. Her face was still red.

Shelby piped up. "One time I farted. We weren’t doing anything but kissing though."

"Oh shit Shelby that’s gross! Adrienne laughed.

"Tell me about it! We had Mexican that night." Myra said with tears streaming down her face.

"Okay enough of this. I am going to be hurting in the morning. Do you realize we have gone thru four whole bottles of rum while sitting here?" Shelby said rubbing her glass against her forehead.

We all decided to call it a night and turn in. Shelby and Myra were kind enough to help Adrienne and I straighten up the bar and then we went our separate ways. I giggled all the way back to our cottage.

"You seem to be adapting well to entertaining the guests." Adrienne said as I leaned heavily on her as she opened the door.

"Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be." I admitted.

We both fell onto the bed and lay there for a while both hoping the room would stop spinning. "Hayden I cant go to sleep like this. I am gonna be sick if I do. Lets grab some towels and go down to the beach and take a swim."

"Are you nuts? I may pass out and float out to sea."

She tugged on my hand till I stood up with her. "I kind of like this. I can see two of you Adrienne and you both look good." I said as I clumsily grabbed her around the waist.

"Come on, a swim will help clear our heads a little. Besides, you might get lucky." She said wiggling her eyebrows. Of course I followed her down to the water like a drooling dog. We stripped off our clothes and walked into the cool water.

"Damn! This is cold I said as we waded in waist deep. "There is only one way to get used to it." She said and she shoved me under the water. The shock of the cold water helped clear my head a little but I had to retaliate. I sprang out of the water like a cat and returned the favor pulling her under with me.

The horseplay led to other things and we made love right there in the wet sand. I remembered why it wasn’t a good idea to have sex on the beach. I had sand in places I didn’t want to mention. She exhausted me and it nearly killed us both to make the climb back up the bluff. I celebrated making it to the top by tossing my cookies next to a banana tree. The party was over for me.














Chapter 8

The next morning I awoke feeling like I had been run over by a truck, not to mention the fact that I looked like I had been. I actually wanted to be run over. It would have eased the nausea, and the pounding in my head.

Iris was kind enough to send us some tea and toast, which we ate in bed. Neither of us had the strength to move. "Lets make a pact right here and now that we will never get that drunk again." Adrienne moaned as she sipped her tea. After we had food in our stomachs we took something for the pain. I took a long shower standing on what I thought was a sandbar. We must have been caked with it last night.

I went out to get the guests on their way for the day as Adrienne took her shower.




After they had eaten their breakfast I ushered those going on the Mt. Alvernia trip into the van along with the ice chests containing their picnic lunches. I was shocked to see tow of the couples that spent most of the night with us loading up for the trip. I grumbled to myself that I must be getting old as I watched them go about their business bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I thought it strange that Brandon was nowhere in sight. I was still feeling too puny to ponder it any further. I made a mental not to check on him later, and went about my chores for the day.

During the hottest part of the day Iris, Shelby and Myra joined us in the bar, where we lounged on the chaise lounges. "Has anyone seen Brandon today?" I wondered out loud.

"My head still hurts to bad to notice anything, but no I haven’t seen him." Myra groaned.

I found it curious that no one had seen or heard from him either. What was even more disturbing was that Iris sent someone to his room that morning to see if wanted breakfast served there and received no answer. Adrienne was strangely quiet, which I mistakenly attributed to her being hung over.

"Maybe he struck out on his own this morning. He does seem to be sort of a loaner." Shelby said thoughtfully.

I considered what Shelby mentioned and figured he did just that. Although, I had a gnawing feeling in my gut, something about that man troubled me. It made no sense to me why a single man would come here alone. Our brochures made it abundantly clear that this place was geared more for couples.

The other thing that bothered me was that I assumed Brandon was not gay. He seemed to take an interest in the women, and stared at them with what I considered a lustful gaze.

When I found him looking at Adrienne that way it made my hackles rise.

Brandon was not present for dinner that night either. Curiosity turned to worry when I noticed he wasn’t there. I went to his cottage and knocked on the door, receiving no answer I gingerly tried the door and was alarmed when it opened. I called his name a few times before venturing in. His bed had obviously not been slept in, since it was still made. The cleaning staff had made mention of that earlier.

I walked deeper into the room and noticed his suitcase had not been unpacked. Quick inspection of the bathroom revealed that he had not been in there either. His entire cottage was seemingly untouched.

I met Adrienne back in the bar. She looked at me questioningly, and I shook my head no relaying to her that I had not located him. I watched as her brow furrowed in worry. Neither of us wanted to discuss the matter in front of the other guests, though no one seemed to notice that one of the group was missing.

Fortunately, our guests turned in earlier than they did the previous night, giving Adrienne and I a chance to enjoy a drink and talk. I poured us a couple of iced teas not wanting a replay of last night and joined her at the table where she had made herself welcome to my cigarettes. She was nervously puffing away when I sat down.

"What is troubling you baby?" I asked in concern.

"Brandon will not be back Hayden." She said exhaling the smoke and taking a large gulp of her drink. I noticed how her hands shook as she lifted the cigarette to her lips.

"What do you mean?" I asked in concern.

"He’s dead." She said flatly.

It took a minute for her words to sink in. I sat dumfounded. When she noticed me starring at her intently she continued.

"Hayden, Hank killed him. When I woke up I could hear his thoughts pounding through my head. He was so angry, and was relived when he took Brandon’s life. I don’t have any idea what he has done with his body, but I do know that he beat him to death." Adrienne said as she shuddered.

"Why haven’t you told me this before now?" I asked still dazed by her words.

"I had hoped that I was wrong, but when you confirmed he never slept in his room I knew for sure then."

"Why on earth would he do such a thing?" I asked before taking a huge gulp of my drink.

Adrienne pressed her drink to her forehead. "Hank was very angry. I think he knew Brandon. I only know he was angry, and it occurred to him that he would have to kill Brandon. I believe Brandon knew something about Hank that caused him to take his life."

"We have to call the police Adrienne."

"What exactly do I tell them? If they don’t think I did it, then they will assume I have gone crazy!"

"Well we can’t let a murderer roam loose among us." I was trying hard not to push Adrienne’s buttons, but I was having a hard time keeping my cool. My agitation was being fueled by my fear, and I was finding it hard to be supportive.

"Hayden we do not have a police station on the island. There is one member of the Bahamian Police who resides here, however I am reluctant to confide in him until we find a body."

"When you say "we." What exactly does that mean?" I was so hoping she was not going to say that we had to go in search of a corpse.

"To get Colie to do a formal inquiry, we need to be able to produce a body." She said as she opened a fresh pack of cigarettes.

"What if we go to... Who is Colie? I asked in confusion.

"Colie is the policeman who lives on the island."

"Okay how about we go to Colie, and tell him that we have a guest who is missing from the Inn. Perhaps he will find Brandon’s body, and then he will call the mainland for help with the investigation."

Adrienne smiled for the first time all day. "That is a great idea. I will call him first thing in the morning. No sense in calling him out here in the middle of the night. I’m sure he will not appreciate it, and chalk it up to a single man just out having a good time."

Neither of us slept well at all that night. I went through the motion of locking our cottage door, but a child could get through that flimsy lock if they so desired. When Saber made it known that he wanted to go out, he slapped the bedside clock off the table nearly sent us both into the ceiling fan.

"Why doesn’t he just meow like a normal cat?" Adrienne exclaimed holding her hand over her heart.

"I’m not sure, but if he does that again, I am going to kill him with my bare hands after I get out of the Cardiac Care Unit." I groused crawling back into bed.

When the sun cast its first rays across the eastern sky, we both climbed out of bed feeling more exhausted than when we first lay down. I passed on breakfast that morning and assisted the porters in loading the van for the day’s excursion. The whole group wanted to see Boiling Hole. Annie and Liz had chosen to remain behind and sun on the beach again.

I kind of felt guilty hoping that the over grown gay version of Harry Potter might get a visit from ole mister snake. I didn’t feel guilty for Billy, but for the snake. I pitied anything that had to put its mouth on him, especially his lover Chris.

After they finished breakfast I went into drill sergeant mode. I had them in that van before they knew what hit them. I did however toss a bottle of bug repellent in with them feeling a little bad for snatching the biscuit out of Billy’s mouth and shoving him into the waiting vehicle.

"Okay lets call Colie." I said as I entered the bar, not realizing that Shelby and Myra had joined Adrienne there. Both of them turned looking at me questioningly.

"Adrienne, please call Colie while I bring the ladies up to speed. I could see the relief on Adrienne’s face when she realized that she would not have to be the one to tell them about Hank and Brandon. She stepped over to the phone as I pulled chairs out for the girls and asked them to sit.

By the time she had completed the call, I had explained what we knew so far. Both sat in stunned silence. Adrienne joined us at the table and immediately lit up a cigarette.

"What did he say?" I asked as I lit my own.

"He will be right over. He is going to have his sister start calling the other Inns just in case." Adrienne said avoiding looking at the two speechless women sitting next to me.

When Shelby regained her ability of speech she asked. "I am sorry if I sound like an ass asking this but did you know anything about this man before you hired him as your handyman?"

"Gloria hired him before I came here. I don’t know what she knew of him. Aside from his looks I thought he was all right if Gloria felt comfortable with him." Adrienne answered politely.

A thought occurred to me and I made them an offer. "Look, I know this has got to be alarming to you both. Please don’t feel like you have to stay here if you are afraid for your safety."

"Myra was the first to speak, and Shelby nodded emphatically. "We are not leaving you two alone to deal with this. You have taken us in like family and we plan to stick by your side. Your offer was very considerate, but we are here for the duration."

I was truly moved by their pledge to remain with us. It was apparent to both Adrienne and I that they were both adamantly resolved to stay. It was comforting to say the least.

"True to his word Colie arrived shortly after Adrienne made the call. He was at the very least six foot five inches. His skin was darker than Iris’s which I didn’t think that was possible. Judging from the size of his arms and chest he spent many hours building up his body. He was a very imposing figure, and I doubted that anyone was foolish enough to test his patience.

However, when he spoke he was extremely polite and genteel. He politely accepted a cup of coffee from Iris, and rewarded her with a warm smile that did not go unnoticed by the occupants of the table. Had I not been so stressed by the recent events I might have been tempted to play cupid.

"Colie. Please allow me to introduce you to everyone." She motioned to me first, and said. "This is my partner Hayden, and this is Shelby and Myra." He shook our hands with a firm grip, but when introduced to Iris, he simply smiled. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn that the giant of a man was a little smitten with her.

He took out a note pad and prepared to take down information. We gave an account of what we knew. He scribbled in the note pad and asked a few questions. He asked for the reservation information that Brandon had sent in prior to his arrival. He also informed us that he had organized a local group for a search party and they were already combing the island.

I was very impressed by the initiative he had already taken. Had we been in the States we would still probably be waiting to file a missing persons report. Although, I didn’t think that Colie had a lot to investigate on the island, hence the one man police force.

He assured us that he would contact us the minute he had news before departing. All of us felt reassured by his diligence in the matter and breathed a small sigh of relief. We tried to keep our minds off of things by playing a couple of games of poker. I threw in the towel when Iris relieved me of the last of my cash. Our dear Iris was a true card shark.

Adrienne was giving the card shark a run for her money and stayed in the game. I decided to go for a walk and stretch my legs. The breeze was starting to pick up and made my venture out pleasant. I walked down the path that led to the beach. The plants that we had planted along the bluff seemed to be flourishing in their new home. I spent a little time there looking over our handy work, and then headed down to the beach.

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I began to descend the staircase. Both Annie and Liz were lying out naked as the day they were born. From my vantage point my suspicions were confirmed, they had all of their parts pierced and adorned with jewelry. I winced inwardly think how much it must have hurt to have an area south of the belly button jammed through with a steel post. I admired the scenery for a moment and decided it would probably be a better idea to walk elsewhere.

As I turned to make my way back up the path a pair of clear blue eyes starring in amusement met me. "What are you looking at Hayden?" She said with an eyebrow cocked up.

I pointed to the beach. "Those naked women down there."

"Hayden! You’re a little pervert aren’t you?" She chastised.

"I’ll show you a pervert." I said as I chased her back to her cottage. For the rest of the afternoon I showed her everything I had in my perverted bag of tricks.


At dinner that night the one question popped up that I had hoped to avoid. Jerri Burke asked around a mouthful of food. "Where is that guy, that came here by himself? I haven’t seen him since the night we got here?"

I cleared my throat, and Adrienne looked at me expectantly to proceed. "We don’t know where Brandon is. We became concerned when he didn’t show for breakfast this morning and we called the local police." They didn’t have to know that the local police consisted of just one man.

They are looking for him at some of the other Inns, thinking that he may have met someone and decided to spend time there." I said, doing my best to sound convincing.

"He’s probably off getting a piece of ass." Billy said smugly. "A man does have his needs. Unlike women that’s just something we just have to have."

"Thank you for clearing that up for us Harry…I mean Billy. We tend to forget that men are such sexual predators since we have nothing to do with them. You know, being lesbians and all." I returned his smug expression.

Shelby quickly jumped in and changed the subject, before I had a chance to really tag the pudgy bastard. I suppose I should have been grateful. It would have been bad for business had I crawled across the table and pummeled him with my dinner plate, which by the way had a cleverly hidden piece of conch hidden in the salad adding to my ire.

After dinner as per our custom we all filed into the bar where Billy, Chris and the Burke’s settled down to their nightly game of cards. The rest of the gang bellied up to the bar to drink and chat. I was surprised the see Colie arrive and my heart sank when I noticed the grim expression on his face.

"Is there somewhere we can talk privately?" He asked pulling me aside. "I gestured for Adrienne to follow. Myra and Shelby immediately took over in our place serving drinks and entertaining the guests. I owed them big time.

"We went back to the cottage that Adrienne and I shared and sat at the table so we could enjoy the breeze. "I am sorry to bring you bad news." He said as he sat. "We found Brandon’s wallet near "Bad Hole." There was also blood on the ground near the hole. It looks as though he may have been dragged through the brush and dumped there. Although, we did not find any trace of his body.

I don’t want to scare either of you, but my hunch is that someone killed him and dumped his body in the hole. As I am sure you may already know. The locals do not like to go to the Holes. If I were going to commit a murder on this island I could not think of a better place to dispose of a body."

Cold chills ran down my spine. I no longer doubted Adrienne’s abilities, but to have it confirmed in such a manner brought reality to home. I reached under the table and took her hand in mine. I had no idea how she would react to hearing the news. I could feel her hand trembling in mine as I held it.

"I have called in the authorities from the mainland to do a more thorough investigation. They are also arranging for a dive team to come in and search for his remains. My sister has placed a few calls to the States to see if she could locate his family. In addition the Bahamian police are working with the States to see what they can find regarding his background. That’s all we have for now I’m afraid."

"Colie, do you have any idea who would do such a thing?" I asked trying to keep Adrienne out of the conversation. I knew she was upset by the way she clutched my hand.

"We have no leads yet. I will probably have to question the guests and staff depending on our findings. Until then I would like to keep a lid on all of this."

"We understand." I said speaking for the both of us.

Shelby and Myra were beside themselves until the guests retired for the night. We sat at one of the tables in the bar with a bottle of spiced rum and four glasses while I relayed what we had learned. Myra became visibly pale, and I assumed she felt as I did hearing what Adrienne had said eerily confirmed.

"How do we lead them to Hank?" Shelby asked.

"Colie said that depending on what they found out, he might need to interview the guests and staff. Hopefully, by Hanks appearance alone they will suspect him, and dig a little deeper. I suppose we will have to wait and see." Adrienne added.

"Do we even know if Hank is still on the island? What if he has already left?" Myra asked.

"He is still here." Adrienne confirmed. "He is looking for something, and is very upset that he cannot find it. Leaving the island is not an option until he recovers what he has lost.

"I take it you still don’t know what it is." I said while Adrienne stole the cigarette that I had just lit.

She smiled at me as she enjoyed the stolen cig. "No, but I do know that it is buried somewhere on the grounds of the Inn. Maybe we could do a little digging on our own. If we find what he is searching for and hide it again, then he will be forced to stay on the island. The longer he stays the better the chances that Colie will be able to find evidence to incriminate him."

Shelby shook her head. "Won’t he think it strange that we are digging too? He may realize that we are on to him than and decide to do something rash. I say let him get his shit and go. Whatever it is, it was worth killing a man for and frankly I don’t want to find it."

"Shelby we cant just let a cold blooded murderer go free." Myra said as she rubbed the tension from Shelby’s shoulders. "We have to dig around in a way that it wont look suspicious to him."

A grin made its way across my face. I had a plan. "When we were clearing the land behind the cottages I noticed that there were all sorts of tropical plants growing wild around here. We can dig them up and re-plant them on our property. That will give us an excuse to dig around. If we find nothing, its no loss because we have improved the landscaping around the Inn."


Even Shelby approved of the plan. Tomorrow we planned to sketch out a couple of plans for our new landscaping project. Everyone agreed that we would have to start off slow with guests occupying the Inn. I was secretly afraid that we would find what Hank had been searching so fervently for. Making this a very dangerous venture. Hopefully, it would be something we could use to prove Hank had a motive.






Chapter 9

"Shelby make sure you get as much dirt around the roots as possible." I grunted as I lifted the palm into the wheel burrow. "We may have to come back out here and dig up some more dirt to make the beds. There is so much sand in the soil on the island. This little thicket is the first place I have actually found something resembling dirt."

"Don’t worry Monkey Chop I got it under control. This is not the first time I have dug up a plant or two. You would not believe the honey do lists Myra has for me around the house. Sometimes, I have to go back to work for rest. Don’t let that feminine façade fool you she’s every bit as strong as I am. I think she just likes to bark orders.

I took a break and sat on the edge of the wheel burrow. "Shelby, I’m worried about Adrienne. I know Hank doesn’t know anything about her gift of knowing things, but I cant help but feel the more she learns the more danger it will put her in. I cannot stand the thought of him roaming loose like this. He beat that man to death according to Adrienne with the intent of killing him. If he had an inkling that Adrienne possessed the power that she does, nothing would stop him from coming for her."

Shelby grimaced as she spoke. "That is why I was so opposed to this digging idea. What if he sees us doing it, and feels threatened? We already know what he does when he gets desperate."

"I know this is a stupid idea. It’s going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I just can’t sit by and do nothing. We are in a no win situation. We’re stuck with him till he finds what he is looking for. I have a lot of respect for Colie, but we can’t put him on Hanks path without exposing Adrienne. I’m at a loss here." I could feel the fear and frustration welling up in my throat, but there was no way I was going to loose it in front of anyone let alone Shelby.

"I know Monkey Chop. All I am saying is we have to be very careful. In addition, to digging around the Inn I think we need to keep tabs on Hank. I would feel better knowing where he was at all times. Isn’t there some sort of project we can assign him to?"

I sighed. "It would be a good idea to have him do something so we could keep an eye on him. What could we break that would keep him busy for a while?"

"Let me ponder that while we head back to the Inn." Shelby said as she grabbed the handles to the wheel burrow. "Now get your ass up Miss Daisy. I aint hauling you and these plants too."

Sitting in the cool of the bar Shelby and I discussed our plans with Adrienne and Myra. We brainstormed for a while till Myra suggested we flush tampons down the commodes till it stopped up the sewer. Disgusting, as it was it was the only plan we could come up with. That afternoon we put into action the plan we named "Massive flush."

Adrienne and I giggled as we nearly flushed an entire box of tampons. We were beginning to get worried that it wouldn’t work when the toilet finally began to back up. To add the icing on the cake, Billy sent Chris to inform us that he was having problems with his toilet too. I could just imagine that big goof sitting on the toilet with the funnies. It was enough to keep me from joining them for dinner that night.

Adrienne and I made the trek over to Hanks place. It could only be described as a shack. I expected no less from the pirate. He met us as the door with a grunt. "Hi Hank." Adrienne said trying to sound casual. "We have a major problem at the Inn. It seems the sewer is backing up again, and with the place full of guests we need some help quick."

After a string of curses, Hank assured us that he would be along shortly. I actually toyed with the idea of taking a self-guided tour of his mansion while he worked on the sewer, but thought better of it remembering what he looked like with that monkey wrench. Hopefully, that would be something that Colie and his team would undertake.

When we arrived back at the Inn, Iris informed us that Colie was waiting for us at Adrienne’s cottage. We found him sitting at the table out front dining on a full plate of fried chicken with all the trimmings. It was obvious that Iris believed in the old adage. "The quickest was to a man’s heart was through his stomach.

"Good evening ladies." Colie greeted us warmly with a face covered in chicken debris. "I have some more news for you. "We will be working with the DEA on this one. Mr. Fallon had ties to a drug cartel that has been very active in the Bahamian Islands as well as the States. We believe his death was associated with drugs runners."

Adrienne and I exchanged glances. I became very concerned that they would start looking the wrong direction, which prompted my next move. I looked at Adrienne a moment pleading with her with my eyes. When she looked confused I tried to think of a crafty way to throw some suspicion in Hanks direction.

"Colie, I have noticed something strange going on and I hope you will humor my paranoia and look into it." Colie set his chicken down and wiped his hands. He proceeded to take out his note pad and he and Adrienne looked at me expectantly.

"We have a handyman working for us named Hank." I felt Adrienne’s body stiffen as I spoke. She reached over and grabbed my knee with a grip so tight that I almost second-guessed brining it up.

"He has been acting very strange since all of this began. Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s worth looking into." I patted Adrienne’s hand under the table in an attempt to calm her and bring circulation back to my leg.

"How so?" Colie’s brow furrowed waiting for me to continue.

"He has been digging all around the grounds of the Inn. I became suspicious when he broke our sewer line. He said it was leaking and he dug it up to fix it, but the hole was big enough to bury an army in. When we cleared the land behind the cottages we found evidence of digging there also. I just find it very odd."

Colie sat silent for a moment. He looked at us both thoughtfully. "How would his digging be related to Brandon’s murder?"

I truly realized Adrienne’s dilemma at that moment. Without telling him all that I knew the digging would seem unrelated. I was so frustrated, knowing that there was a killer in our midst and we were powerless to do anything about it.

"Maybe its not Colie, but don’t you think its odd that a man who looks just like a pirate suddenly has the urge to dig up the grounds all around the Inn?" I sounded ludicrous to me as it rolled out of my mouth.

"I don’t think Hank is connected to this, but I will run a background check on him just to be on the safe side. As I have said before we believe Brandon had ties to a drug cartel. I think he may have crossed the wrong person in his organization and came here to hide out. By no means is the investigation closed. We will continue to pursue what leads we have. I promise you both we will keep you informed.

Also, we would like to interview the guests you have staying here. According to their background checks, there is nothing to tie any of them to Brandon Fallon. However, we intend to investigate everyone that has had anything to do with Brandon since his arrival, and since Hank is a member of your staff we will question him as well. Have you told the guests anything about the investigation?"

Adrienne spoke for the first time. "Not much, but they have questioned his whereabouts. We told them that he was missing, and that you were searching the other Inns. They assumed he found someone to play with."

Good, lets keep a lid on this until we come to question them. No need to freak anyone out with the gory details." Colie said as he got up to leave.

When Colie left us, Adrienne abruptly got up from the table and went into her cottage. The slamming of the door was a sure indication that I had screwed up royally. Saber was kind enough to join me at the table and curled up in my lap. I smoked a cigarette and stroked the orange fur ball in my lap, giving Adrienne a little while to cool down.

"Well cat man its time for me to take my beating." I said as I got up and made my way to the door. When I walked into the room I was relieved to find no objects being hurled at me. I walked meekly into the bathroom where Adrienne reclined soaking in the bath.

I put the seat down on the gurgling toilet and sat down ready to face the music. A pair of beautiful blue eyes focused on me and I shuddered seeing the anger there. "What in the hell did you think you were doing Hayden?" She asked trying to contain her anger.

"Adrienne, I was afraid they were going to go off on a wild goose chase. I was trying to get Colie to focus on Hank."

"Just once, trust my instincts on this. I have lived with this thingy as you like to call it all of my life. You can’t just give someone a tidbit of info and hope they will see the big picture. I have no desire for the entire island to learn of my freakish little talent, not that they would take it seriously anyway."

"Baby you are not a freak. I would never expose your ability, that’s not my place. I am just worried about having a psycho pirate running around killing people and having the police looking the opposite direction. Nevertheless, I was wrong. I should have discussed it with you before I opened my mouth to Colie."

She looked at me for a long time. When I didn’t see forgiveness in her eyes I made my best attempt at puppy dog eyes. Receiving no favorable response I whipped out the big gun. I flashed a tit. Okay so it was a little gun but it got a giggle out of her.

Hayden, we have to find what Hank is looking for before he does. That is the only way we are going to be able to convince Colie to look closer at him. We have to find a way to keep him busy so we can search for whatever it is he lost."

With that in mind I went to go check on the plumber pirate. I found him at the cleanout snaking the drain. A never-ending string of obscenities flew out of his mouth while he worked. I was glad when he turned down my offer to assist. I snickered all the way to the bar where I found Shelby and Myra.

Upon entering the bar I found Billy butt head holding court and complaining about the problems the Inn was having with the sewer system. I apologized to all of the guests who seem to understand with the exception of Billy of course. In an attempt to rid us of the pudgy Harry Potter I offered to put up anyone who wanted to go to another Inn. Surprisingly, everyone insisted on staying saying the plumbing was only a minor inconvenience surprisingly Billy shut up then.

Sarah had the bar under control, so I decided to spend a little time with Myra and Shelby. We sat at one of the tables off from the rest of the gang. None of them seemed to pay us any mind, which made me happy. I was not in the mood to field any questions regarding the disappearance of Brandon Fallon.

Billy and Chris were playing cards with Annie and Liz. The Calypso music on the sound system had been swapped out for something they could dance to. Madyson and Emily moved into the middle of the floor when a slow song began to play. I was surprised to see Annie and Jerri go to the floor as well, leaving Jerri’s husband to talk to Liz.

It was not uncommon for an occasional straight couple to come to the Inn, but this couple had made it blatantly obvious that they were looking to incorporate someone else into their bed. For the most part all the other couples seemed to avoid them but tonight Annie and Liz looked to be enjoying their company.

For the first time since all of this messy business with Hank began, my attention was transfixed on something else. We all watched as Jerri and Annie slow danced. Jerri ran her fingertips up and down Annie’s back seductively. Annie seemed to enjoy her attentions, and Liz watched her lover in someone else’s arms with an amused expression.


I glanced over at Shelby and Myra who sat watching the display. "Surely Annie and Liz are not going to entertain those two?" I said filling my glass with spiced rum.

"Looks like it Monkey Chop. They have been as thick as thieves all night. To each his own I guess." Shelby said as she swiped the bottle from me and began to fill her own glass.

"How can Liz just sit there and let Jerri paw at Annie like that? I would loose my mind and the ass whoopings would commence." Myra said in disgust as she stole Shelby’s glass of rum.

"Hey Hayden. Did you every find that goofy ass Brandon?" Billy yelled from across the bar.

"We assume he went off in search of a piece of ass, as you so eloquently put it." Adrienne answered as she strolled into the bar. Effectively silencing the boisterous man as his lover Chris looked on in embarrassment.

As she joined us at the table she filled us in with Hanks grisly discovery. "Hank is finished with the sewer line. He was cursing loudly at the pile of tampons he pulled out of the drain. We have to break something else that will be more time consuming."

We all groaned trying to think of something to keep the burley looking Hank occupied. "I think someone should take a look around his house while the rest of us keep him occupied." Myra interjected.

Shelby shook her head vehemently. "No way! What if he catches us?

"We will just have to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s worth a try. Maybe it will speed up things. Shelby we are not leaving this island until that man is behind bars." Myra said with conviction.

To my surprise Adrienne agreed with Shelby. "I think we should give it a try. We need to think of another project for him to work on here at the Inn, while two of us sneak over to his place. I think we should do it tomorrow."

"Look!" Myra said in a hushed tone. We watched as Jerri and Richard left with Liz and Annie. "I don’t even want to think about what those four are going off to do." Myra said as she stole another full glass of rum from Shelby.

Our table exchanged glances with the group playing cards. I shrugged my shoulders, but Billy looked at me with a knowing smirk on his face. "I suppose some women are just as bad as us men." He taunted from across the room.

"Some women, but not this woman." I said starring him back down.

When all of the guests retired from the bar, Myra and Shelby helped us clean things up along with Sarah. I made a mental note to get Internet access for my laptop, so I could do some online shopping. Sarah and Iris deserved something special for their diligence.

That night as we lay sleeping, Adrienne shook me awake. "Hayden get up now baby! There is a snake in Madyson and Emily’s cottage!"

"That thingy works in your sleep?" I asked pulling on a pair of shorts.

"No, I heard them screaming snake. Hurry!" She demanded as she beat through the door.

I grabbed a very sleepy Saber from the bed and tucked him under my arm as I ran toward their cottage. He protested loudly as I made my way down the trail. I could feel the hair rising up down my spine thinking of what we might find entering their room.

The door was wide open when we charged into their cottage. I almost snickered finding two completely naked women standing on top the bed pointing at the floor. "Its under the bed!" Madyson said as she shuddered in fear.

"How big is it?" I asked still holding Saber tightly in my arms.

"Its not very big, only about two feet long. Its very slender, but it is still freaking me out Emily said suddenly discovering her nakedness. She pulled the sheet up trying to cover herself and Madyson.

Saber sensing or smelling the snake struggled in my arms to be let down. I set him down on the floor and a low growl rumbled out of his chest. He went straight to the bed and peered under, and then shot off like a rocket. There were no sounds except his paws scratching the stone floor. A minute later he emerged from under the bed with the dead grass snake dangling from his mouth, growling loudly letting us know that this was his kill. He strolled out of the cottage triumphantly into the night.

Madyson sank down to the bed. "How the hell did that thing get in here?" She demanded.

Adrienne stared at the thatched roof thoughtfully before speaking. I followed her gaze, as did Madyson and Emily. "Surely you don’t think it came from the roof?" Emily said with a shudder.

"I seriously doubt it." Adrienne said in a comforting tone. "We have never had a snake in any of the cottages before. How long has your door been open?"

Emily and Madyson exchanged glances. "We opened it about an hour ago. We umm kind of got a little hot and opened it to let the breeze blow through." Madyson answered sheepishly.

"I don’t think the snake came in through the roof. I think it came in through the open door. It would be a good idea to keep the door closed at least during the night." Adrienne said as we left them to their business.

When we arrived back out our place I began to study the thatched roof intently. "Adrienne could there be a snake in our roof?"

"I suppose there could be." She said as she crawled sleepily back into our bed. I yanked the covers completely off the bed to make sure none of the slimy creatures were lying in wait for us. She propped her self up on her elbows and stared at me with an arched brow.

"Feel better?" I noted the sarcasm in her tone.

"No I do not! Why in the hell do we have thatched roofs anyway? They can’t hold up all that well in a storm." I said as I tucked the sheet and blanket tightly around the bed.

"They add to the tropical appeal of the Inn, and they are treated to repel the rain. We have had very few problems; so don’t get any ideas about ripping the roof out of this place Hayden. Now come to bed or I am putting you outside with the cat."

I climbed into bed and snuggled as close to Adrienne as I could get. When I heard her breathing become steady I realized she was almost asleep. I had the creeps and if I couldn’t sleep she wasn’t either.

"Adrienne?" I whispered into the darkness.

"Hmm." She answered, obviously annoyed.

"Why do you suppose Shelby calls me Monkey Chop? Do I have a monkey face?"

"No you do not have a monkeys face, now go to sleep."

"You think the snake bite is going to leave a scar?"

The lamp next to the bed clicked on, and flooded the room with light. A pair of blue eyes narrowed and glared down at me. I gave my best innocent look.

"Hayden, I love you, but if you don’t go to sleep I will have to kill you with my bare hands."

I sat straight up. "You love me? Is that any way to tell me for the first time?"

"Honestly, honey my love for you is the only thing keeping me from choking you at the moment." She said as she lay back down.

I sat there starring at her incredulously. "Are you serious? Not about the choking part, about the loving me part."

She switched off the light and pulled me down into her arms. I laid my head on her chest and listened to her rapidly beating heart. "Yes Hayden, I am hopelessly in love with you."

I lay there a moment quietly. I could tell by her heartbeat she was nervous about admitting her feelings. Then I responded as honestly as I could. "I love you too Adrienne. I lay there running the ends of her hair through my fingers and drifted off happily to sleep.

The next morning we woke up in a mass of tangled arms and legs. I had always hated being held by anyone when I slept, but in Adrienne’s case I happily made an exception. When she realized I was awake, she untangled herself from me and looked me in the eyes.

"Did you mean what you said last night?"

Even when she had only just woke up and her hair was a mess, she was the loveliest woman I had ever had the pleasure of being with. "Yes, I meant it. I do love you Adrienne.

That morning at breakfast we sat there with goofy grins on our faces. Fortunately, for both of us no one paid us any mind. Secretly, I was thrilled when just about the entire group decided to go on an outing. They had been discussing the old plantation ruins and everyone wanted to go but Annie and Liz who seemed to be at odds that morning. They decided to spend their day at the beach.

Once the van made its way down the drive, Adrienne and I met with our co-conspirators on what task we would assign Hank to. Adrienne came up with the idea. We were going to have Hank inspect the roof of each cottage and spray for pests in view of the snake visit last night. Shelby and I decided that we would be the ones to pay his shack a visit.

Neither Adrienne nor Myra were happy with the arrangements, but I explained that Adrienne was always more persuasive with Hank and would be more likely to get him to do what we wanted. Adrienne sent for Hank while I smoked a few cigarettes in an attempt to calm my nerves. The plan was to let him get started for a while and then

Shelby and I would wander off.

About an hour later Hank stomped into the bar. "Good morning Hank. I am sorry to bother you at this hour, but we had a snake get into one of the cottages last night. Would you please inspect the roofing on each of the cottages for snakes and spray them down for pests today? I don’t want any of our guests having anymore unwanted visitors showing up in the night again." Adrienne said nonchalantly.

Hank grunted in agreement and mumbled something under his breath about pesticide. He wandered off toward the laundry cottage and emerged shortly after with a canister and a ladder. Once he had mixed the chemicals and climbed up on the first cottage, Shelby and I set off for his place.

I silently prayed when we entered the old dilapidated shack that Hank would not decide to return and find us rummaging through his belongings. It did not come as a surprise to either of us that Hank was a complete pig. His place was strewn with beer cans and containers of rotting food. We did our best not to disturb anything. I was really feeling the fool and I had almost given up the search finding nothing but piles of dirty clothes. We were on our way out of the door when I tripped over a satchel halfway buried under trash and his nasty laundry.

Shelby glanced at me and opened the latch. Our eyes widened at the neatly stacked piles of cash inside. Shelby’s hands trembled as she pulled out a wad of bills. "Hayden why would a man living like this has this much cash laying around?"

What concerned me more than the find was the sand and dirt covering the satchel, we replaced it exactly how we had found it and made a hasty retreat. Taking the long way around to the Inn, we were breathless when we arrived at the bar. It was a few minutes before we could tell Adrienne and Myra what we had found.

"Its money he’s looking for!" I said breathlessly. Apparently, he has money buried on the premises. We found a bag covered in dirt and sand filled with cash. I imagine there are one or more bags buried around here, and the big dumb ass cant figure out where he buried them."

"If he finds that money he will vanish." Adrienne said as she handed us a couple of bottled waters. "We have to get busy on our digging."

When Shelby and I had gotten our strength back we decided to install one of the new flowerbeds. The only problem was that Hank had a bird’s eye view of our work. If we did find anything we would have to discreetly do something with it. We met in the courtyard to go over the sketches that I had made. I had gone to great lengths to come up with something that would blend in with the other landscaping and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Bless Calvin, he had delivered a dozen fifty pound bags of potting soil the day before, although he did charge me out the ass for them. I took a spray can and marked off the design of the new bed, and we began to break the surface of the ground when Hank approached and inquired as to what we were doing.

My heart skipped a beat, when I heard his voice. "Oh you know Hank. I’ve got landscaping in my blood I couldn’t help but throw in a new bed or two in here. How are things going with the roofing?" I did my best to sound casual.

"I have two more cottages to go and I will be done. Do you ladies need help with your project?" Hank offering to help was something I never expected.

"Oh no Hank." I waved my hand and my glove flew off and hit him in the chest. "You’ve done more than you know by assuring that there were no snakes up there. We girls are just doing this to keep ourselves in shape, but thank you just the same for the kind offer."

He grunted in his usual fashion and handed me my glove. "If you need anything just holler." He said as he walked off.

We breathed a collective sigh of relief when he was far enough away. "Do you think he is on to us?" Myra said as she scraped away the sprouts of grass within our work area.

"I think he is a little suspicious. We rarely ever do things like this when we have guests." Adrienne said as she helped Myra.

"Once we had cleared the area of brush and grass, we began to plunge our shovels deeply into the sandy soil. We broke up every inch of dirt within the perimeter of where I had marked off and found nothing. I had no desire to finish the project when all of our labor turned up zip. Although, the new bed turned out excellent, at least all of our hard work produced something positive.

That night after dinner we sat around the bar. Each of us were drained from the hard labor and being in the sun all day. Thank God, our guests were equally tired from their adventure as well and went to their cottages a little after midnight.

Adrienne and I lay in bed exhausted. "He was stoned when he buried the money." Adrienne said suddenly.

I turned to look at her as she stared off into the distance. "I can hear him cursing himself for it in my mind. Hayden there is a lot of money buried out there." She said turning to look me in the eye.

"This is like searching for a needle in a haystack. We don’t have any better of a chance of finding it than he does at this rate." The frustration was wearing me thin.

Adrienne looked as though she was about to speak, when she stared off again. "He is bothered by our sudden interest in gardening. He plans to get a metal detector."

I was amazed at her ability to eavesdrop into Hanks ponderings. Once he got that detector there would be no stopping him. He however, would have to be very creative in finding a way to use it without being noticed.

"Shit! I wish there was some way we could get Colie to have him under surveillance when he went on the hunt. Right now I am certain he thinks I am some paranoid nutcase." I said as I got up and began to pace.

Adrienne watched me for a moment. "We will have catch him in the act, then we can get Colie to do something about it. Myra and Shelby have a video camera, we can take turns keeping an eye on him. Now come to bed I am in a cuddling mood." She lifted the covers inviting me in, and I wasted no time jumping into bed and her arms.

The next day began like any other, we all met for breakfast in the dinning room. Billy was especially in an antagonistic mood and decided to rail on me. Of course, in the interest of being a good hostess I gave as good as I got.

He sat with a smirk on his face as he drank his coffee. Looking directly at me the whole time as if daring me to say something. "I don’t know if I can recommend this place to anyone back home. After all you’ve had a guest turn up missing, the plumbing has backed up and a snake found its way into one of the cottages. Tell me Hayden, is it always this exciting here?" He chuckled nervously after he finished speaking.

I pushed my plate away and leaned back in my chair taking a calming breath before responding to his snide question. The entire room fell silent and all the occupants of the table watched us as though they were watching a tennis match. "I have to agree with you Billy it seems we have had quite a few problems this go around. I guess you’re like a bad luck charm." I chose not to chuckle, but stared straight into his eyes.

"I think you ladies need a man around here to run things, someone who can take care of the up keep of the place." Again he let loose a chuckle, and refused to look me in the eye as he spoke.

"I would think you being a gay man would realize that we no more need a man to take care of us than you and Chris need a woman around your home. I assume the two of you get along just fine without female assistance. I do have to say, I figure you to be the type to still be living at home with his mommy." I grinned at that one.

He set his cup down and chuckled again. The chuckle was really getting on my nerves. Was he unable to have a conversation without that idiotic little laugh? He never looked me in the eyes either. This told me that he was insecure, and it made me despise him all the more.

"It’s a proven fact that men can survive without a woman around, but women cannot always do what men can do."

"Such as?" I had to ask.

"Repairs, heavy lifting, and of course peeing while standing." This time Richard joined in on the chuckling.

"Most of the repairs around here are done by Adrienne, Iris and myself. Anything we chose not to do, we delegate to Hank. In regard to heavy lifting there is always a work around for that when you use your head. I always pee standing up in public restrooms, so you will have to come up with something better than that."

I continued cutting him off in Julia Sugarbaker fashion. "Don’t misunderstand me Billy. I do not dislike men in general. I respect a man that can look me in the eye and say what is on his mind, but I have no use for weak men or women for that matter."

"Hayden I can show you a real man if you want." The nervous chuckle was a little louder on that one.

"Well Billy, when you go into town to pick up a real man, let me know I need a few things from the market." A broad grin broke across my face, and I continued to stare at him waiting for him to meet my eyes. The room was silent except for Billy’s nervous chuckle. The women of the group all stared at Billy in contempt waiting for him to say something else. Chris being the more polite of the two came to his rescue when he asked about snorkeling.

"Um Hayden, is it true there is a pretty decent reef to snorkel on that we can access from the beach here?"

Adrienne nodded. "There is a beautiful reef right off the beach here. We have plenty of snorkel equipment for anyone who would like to have a look. Hayden and I have snorkeled it many times and would be happy to show you around."

I was not happy about being volunteered to snorkel with Billy. I figured the chubby bastard would pee in the water anytime he was near me. I was not willing to let Adrienne suffer alone though, so I went with the group.

Myra and Shelby opted to take the van since the guests did not express and interest to go anywhere. They wanted to see more of the island and hopefully talk with the Mayor of New Bight to see how the locals would react to a new medical clinic being run by outsiders. They had hoped to gain his support by speaking with him about it before they tried to put their plan in motion.

As I had suspected Billy was lazy and laid on the beach while the rest of us explored the reef. It was his loss. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean was found beneath the crystal clear waters. I never tired of admiring the beauty of the corals and sea life.

I stood on a sand bar and adjusted my mask, when Chris swam over and joined me. "Hayden I really am sorry about Billy’s remarks earlier. He gets in these moods and he tries to find someone to bully. Personally, I think the Inn is beautiful, and you ladies do a fine job of managing it. Maybe some day I will come back without Billy." He said with a laugh.

"That’s really sweet of you to say. I hope you will forgive my bluntness, but I am amazed at how different you and Billy really are. I guess it is true about opposites attracting."

"He’s a different person altogether when we are alone." Chris ran his fingers through his thinning hair. "I will be honest though, those times are far and few between. I don’t want to break his heart, but I am having a problem coping with his bravado in public. He’s really not the jerk he pretends so hard to be."

Chris and I stuck close together as we explored the reef. I really enjoyed his company, and with his obnoxious mate sleeping on the beach we all got to see the vibrant personality that Chris had. It saddened me to know that such a sweet person was overshadowed by someone hell bent on being an ass.

In the hottest part of the day the group dispersed to nap or lounge on the beach, Adrienne showered and then fell asleep across our bed. Normally, I would be first in line for a nap but I just couldn’t make myself lay down. I paced around the cottage for a little while and then decided to pay my beloved aunts grave a visit.

I grabbed a small basket and filled it with fresh flowers I picked along the road to the cemetery. Aunt Gloria’s grave and tombstone were covered in flowers. I cleared away some of the wilted ones and replaced them with the fresh ones that I had picked. I had never seen a gravesite so adorned with flowers. My aunt was greatly loved.

"Hi aunt. It sure would be nice if you were still here with us. I could use your wisdom in this situation with Hank. I am to the point of wishing he would just find the money and be on his way. I know that is not fair to Brandon, but I am worried about the safety of those who I have come to love. You always said everything happens for a reason, I hope one day I will understand why all of this happened.

I wanted to thank you for all you left for me. The Inn is great, but I think you know I am talking about Adrienne. Sometimes, when I wake up before her I lay there looking at her face. She is so beautiful. There is nothing more intriguing to me than a woman that likes being a woman and is not ashamed of all of her feminine qualities. Of course I am sure you know that."

I laughed out loud, thinking how silly it must look that I was sitting there talking to the dirt, but I knew my aunt was buried there and it made me feel close to her. Even though, I knew that her spirit had been set free of these earthly bonds. "Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for bringing such a beautiful person into my life. She says she loves me, ya know." I grinned as I got up and headed back to the Inn, my home.

"Where have you been my love? I was beginning to get worried about you." Adrienne said as I joined her in the bar. I took her in my arms and hugged her, and then kissed her without worrying who might be watching. She smiled at me with a questioning look in her eyes.

"I went to visit aunts grave. I thanked her for bringing someone so wonderful into my life." I kissed her again, and made up my mind that tonight I would show her just how wonderful I thought she was.

Dinner was pleasant for a change, and Billy seemed to make an effort at behaving himself. It wasn’t near as much fun as it was with our previous guests, and I knew it never would be. Those girls were a different experience altogether.

After dinner most of the guests returned to their cottages. Billy and Chris and the Burkes settled down to a game of poker. Myra and Shelby joined Adrienne and I for drinks and my love filled them in on what Hank’s intentions were. Both quickly agreed to work with us by roaming the grounds at night keeping an eye out for Hank. Shelby agreed to let us use her video camera, and our plan was set.

While Adrienne talked to our friends I ran my fingertips lazily up and down her thigh. I could tell the effect my actions were having by the tiny goose bumps rising up on her normally smooth skin. Occasionally, she would cast me a sideways glance, but I continued undaunted. Matter of fact, the more she glanced my way the higher I let my fingertips roam. The fact that she chose to wear a skirt that night made my explorations all the more interesting.

She grabbed my hand before I could get to the spot where I truly wanted to be and gave me a grin. Billy apparently, had a few bad hands of cards dealt to him and decided to throw in the towel. The Burke’s followed retiring for the night as well. Shelby and Myra helped us straighten up the bar and we were off toward our cottages in record time.

"What exactly were you trying to do to me back there Hayden?" Adrienne asked as she squeezed my hand on the walk to the cottage.

"Ah my love if you don’t know then I have a lot to teach you, and we can start those lessons tonight." I responded with a wink.

I pulled her into a little grove of trees, and kissed her teasingly nipping at her bottom lip. She intertwined her fingers in my hair in an attempt to kiss me deeper. I ran my fingers slowly up her thighs till her breath came in gasps.

"Not here Hayden lets go inside." Adrienne panted against my neck.

"No lets do it right here, right now." I said as I ran my hands up under her skirt and began to stroke her through her panties. She groaned at my touch. "I don’t think you really want me to stop now anyway." I whispered into her ear.

She leaned up against the tree, and wrapped her arms around my neck as I kissed her. At first I tried to work around her underwear, but when it became frustrating I ripped the thin material off of her. I moaned when I ran my fingers between her legs and realized how aroused she was. I felt her body quiver next to mine as I touched her.

I kissed her neck as I slid my fingers into her. Her grip on my shoulders tightened. I ran my tongue around her ear and whispered. "Don’t make a sound, not one sound, or I will tease you mercilessly."

The strokes were slow and deep and I took great pleasure feeling her body shudder each time I filled her. I kissed her again sucking her tongue into my mouth as I pulled out of her and began to stroke her clit. Her knees trembled and she was forced to put more of her weight on me as she wrapped her arms tighter around my neck. With each stroke I whispered in her ear all the things I planned to do to her that night, and when her breath caught in her throat and her hips stilled I smiled against her ear.

I led her on shaky legs toward our cottage. "I have so much more in mind for you tonight my love as I opened the door and led her inside. I undressed her just inside of the doorway and led her to the bed.

"Get on the bed and get down on your knees." She did as I asked without a word of protest. I knelt behind her and tangled my fingers into her hair pushing her head down onto the pillow. I entered her slowly, grinning at the groan she uttered into the pillow. I took her slowly at first; her legs were still weak and trembled slightly.

I moved as her hips dictated, but when she whispered. "Please don’t stop Hayden." I lost all control and the desire to be gentle. My strokes became hard and fast. I watched as she clutched the pillow, and I listened to her scream into it. Without warning she pulled her body straight up and leaned back into me slinging her long dark hair over my shoulders and face.

She gasped twice and her breathing stilled again as she laid her head back on my shoulder. "Don’t move Hayden," She whispered breathlessly. I stayed perfectly still feeling her spasm against my fingers. When she was spent I pulled her back onto the bed and held her till her breathing became normal again.

When she began to run her fingertips across my stomach I grabbed her hand. "No my love. My desires are satisfied for this evening. All I want you to do is drift off to sleep in my arms, and tell everybody at breakfast tomorrow that I rolled your eyes up in your head again, especially Billy."

"I never know what is going to come out of that mouth of yours Hayden." She said with a grin. She settled her head down on my shoulder, and we fell into a contented sleep.

Hank never made a sound as he walked the grounds slowly near our cottages. When he heard the beeping in the headphones, he quietly slipped them off and set the metal detector on the ground. The sandy soil made little noise as he dug into it, unearthing a satchel identical to the one we found in his shack.

"Two down, and three more to go." He muttered under his breath as he padded quietly back to his shack.


































Chapter 10

"Good morning Monkey Chops." Shelby greeted us brightly as Adrienne and I strolled into the bar a good hour after breakfast.

"Billy and Chris have gone down to the beach. The rest have all gone into town with the one of the porters to go souvenir shopping. Looks like we have the place to ourselves for a while, which is good because you two don’t look like you slept that much last night." Myra said with a wink.

I could not help but laugh. Adrienne’s face turned a dark crimson red, confirming what Myra and Shelby obviously suspected. We sat at the table with them and Adrienne quickly changed the subject, which we all found even more amusing.

Shelby sighed. I am afraid we fell asleep last night and did not keep our vigil. We never discussed who would be taking the first patrol yesterday."

"Well we kind of fell down on the job also, I had other things in mind when we turned in last night." Adrienne’s face turned red again at my remark.

"Since you two were up late last night playing slap and tickle, why don’t you take a nap today and take the first round tonight. Myra and I will take it up tomorrow night." Shelby suggested as she sipped her coffee.

"Sounds like a great plan to me." I said with a smirk. "I got quite a work out last night and could use a little more sleep." That remark earned me a playful slap from a blushing brunette.

Adrienne and I ate a late breakfast and then went back to bed. Unlike the night before we actually did go to sleep. We managed to sleep nearly the whole day away, and woke up an hour before dinner was to be served. Refreshed from a shower and a whole days sleep we felt invigorated. We were also excited at the prospect of our guests going home in a couple of days. The countdown had begun.

At dinner that night we listened to our guests tell of their shopping adventure. Souvenir shops were sparse on the island but they managed to find what they were looking for. Abigail and Sandy bought some baskets from the local basket makers who gave them an impromptu class on basket weaving.


Billy and I did not entertain the group by exchanging barbs. Instead I decided to play nice since I would be rid of the bespectacled pestilence in only a couple of days. Instead the chatter around the table was light-hearted, until Billy brought up Brandon Fallon.

"You still haven’t told us about that Brandon guy that disappeared the first night here." Billy said around a mouth full of food. I was beginning to wonder about dear ole Billy. He didn’t behave like a gay guy, but I have never been one to stereotype. Something about him got on my last nerve, and his curiosity about Brandon made me seriously wonder if Hank had an accomplice.

Not wanting a replay of early conversations Adrienne jumped in before I could answer. "The authorities have been notified. We have been very concerned for Mr. Fallon, but aside from reporting him missing there is very little we can do."

"Have you tried contacting his family to see if they have heard from them?" Billy was obviously going to press the issue.

"No we have not, but we did give his emergency contact info to the Bahamian Police and they are searching for a contact." Adrienne answered politely.

"I guess that’s all you can do then." Billy said, before Chris jumped in and changed the subject.

Chris smiled. "Hayden, every now and then when you speak I detect a slight accent. Is it Cajun?"

"I am not a Cajun so to speak. I was born and raised in Louisiana, but my family is not of Cajun French decent. If you live with real Cajuns long enough it’s hard to keep that accent out of your speech."

"Adrienne, are you from Louisiana also?" Jerri asked as she gave my love a smile that was all too reminiscent of Denise. I was not going through that mess again. If this woman decided to get a little too frisky I was gonna bitch slap her, guest or not!

"I am from Florida, Miami to be exact." Adrienne answered politely.

"Miami? They have a lot of problems with drugs down there don’t they?" Billy piped up again.

"No more than anywhere else I would suppose. Then again I wouldn’t know much about it since I came here relatively young. My wild youthful years were spent here on the island."

I wondered where Billy was going with his line of questioning, but he let it drop before it could go further. I glanced over at Myra and Shelby who wore the same perplexed expression that I am sure I did. His behavior was becoming stranger by the minute.

After dinner Adrienne and I excused ourselves to walk the grounds, while Myra, Shelby and Sarah tended the bar and our guests. We strolled hand in hand trying our best to look casual while keeping an eye out for Hank. When we passed the same small grove of trees that we spent time in the previous night I watched as a smile graced Adrienne’s face.

"What is going through that beautiful head of yours my love?" I asked squeezing her hand.

"Oh just fond memories, that’s all."

I stopped in my tracks and spun her around. "Would you like a replay of last night? "I said in between kisses.

"As much as I love the sound of that, I cannot keep watch for Hank with my eyes rolled up in my head." She giggled.

"Why would you be watching for me?" A male voice came from the shadows.

All the blood drained from my body as I stood there holding Adrienne’s hands in mine. Her eyes grew wide with the realization that Hank was standing only two feet from us. I swallowed hard when I saw Hank emerge from the shadows over Adrienne’s shoulder.

I stammered trying to think of a way to lie my way out of the situation. "Hank…we…umm were talking about something else."

"Cut the shit Hayden I heard you both. Now before either of you get the bright idea to scream you had better realize I have nothing to loose by killing you both. I’m a dead man anyway, so lets take a walk back to my place."

I felt nauseated when I saw the moonlight reflect off of the knife blade he held in his hand. Adrienne’s eyes easily conveyed what she was thinking. I shook my head no, telling her it was not a good idea to try and run he was too close and most assuredly would get at least one of us. He stepped up beside Adrienne and took her by the arm. "Lets go ladies."

My mind raced on the walk to his shack with ideas of escape, but he was too close to Adrienne and the fear of her getting hurt terrified me. He shoved us through the door of his house and made us sit down on his disgusting bed, while he sat in a chair in front of us.

"I knew I should have just taken that first bag of money and ran, but of course I got greedy. There are three more bags out there that I have not been able to find. I could have sneaked back on the island and got them later, but with you two silly bitches digging up everything I was forced to change my mind." He hissed through clenched teeth.

"Hank just take what you have and go. We wont say a word to anyone…" Adrienne stammered before Hank cut her off.

"Give me a break Adrienne! We all know better than that! That Harry Potter looking bastard you have staying with you has been asking about me all over town. I should have taken care of him just like I did Brandon. I knew they would send more than one person to look for me. That money is mine! They screwed me over so many times; I just took what they owed me. All this time I have been out here and no one has found me until now.

That fat bastard will kill everyone at this Inn to get his hands on that money. The people that sent him and that Fallon have vast connections on these islands. Neither of you realized it, but your days where numbered when he and Fallon set their feet on Cat Island. Whether I kill you or he does it makes no difference you both are going to die, only with me it will be quick."

Adrienne and I sat dumbfounded. We watched in stunned silence as he opened up a briefcase and took out several passports. As he opened each one I was amazed to see a clean cut looking Hank in each picture, without the eye patch.

"Clever disguise." I nodded toward the eye patch.

"Oh that’s no disguise. I lost my eye when I staged the boat accident the day I took the money. He flipped up the patch revealing an empty eye socket. Adrienne and I recoiled at the sight.

"Smug bastards! I knew they would figure out that I had staged it when they couldn’t find the money. I had hoped to be farther away than here, but my injuries kept me from making it very far. I paid the local medicine man for his silence, but I suppose they must have paid him more."

When I was well enough I buried the money around the Inn. I stayed so stoned those first few months because of the pain that I cant remember where I hid the rest of the money. There is still a quarter of a million dollars buried out there and I will never be able to find it, but I will be damned if I let those sons of bitches find me."

He got up and began to pace back and forth through the mess that was his cottage. I looked around the room for something to use as a weapon, and came up with nothing but empty beer cans. I was afraid that Myra and Shelby would come looking for us, but was more frightened by the thought of them being in the presence of killers as ruthless as Hank.

"They have been gone a while, don’t you think?" Myra whispered to Shelby as they sat at the bar.

"Maybe they are busy." "Shelby wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "They are in that frisky stage of their relationship. Maybe they are out there getting their freak on."

"Getting their freak on? You’ve been watching too much MTV again." Myra gave Shelby a playful nudge.

"I’m sure they’re fine Myra. When the guests call it a night we will go check on them if they haven’t already returned." Shelby assured her worried lover.

"Now you two listen up and do what I say and I promise that when you die it will be quick and painless. We are going to take a little ride down to the Marina." He handed us both a satchel while he carried the knife and the briefcase. My mind was a blur with what to do next. Adrienne and I did as we were ordered and carried the cases to the Jeep. As I lifted mine to put it in the old vehicle I used all of my weight and slammed it into Hanks face.

"Run Adrienne!" I screamed as we both bolted off into the darkness. Adrienne blazed a trail through the brush with me quick on her heals. The blow to Hank was enough to knock him off his feet, but he was quickly closing in on us. I could hear his heavy footsteps coming up behind us and I veered off the trail, hoping he would follow me instead of Adrienne.

He did as I had hoped thinking he could catch the slower of the two of us. It was a good choice on his part because all those years of smoking came to roost. My chest heaved and burned and exhaustion threatened to overtake the adrenaline that came with sheer terror. I could see the lights of the Inn through the trees and mustered all the energy I had to make it there, but when I could hear Hank panting just behind me I dropped to the ground in a ball causing him to trip over me and fall head long into the brush.

I got up again and tried to run. My back ached where Hanks knees had connected with it and I wheezed as I tried to fill my lungs with air. Hank caught me by the hair and slung me to the ground, but before I could struggle free from him grasp he pressed the knife blade to my throat.

"You stupid bitch!" He spat at me. "You are going to be responsible for everyone in that Inn dying tonight!"

My heart sank in fear of what Adrienne had run into back at the Inn. I closed my eyes and prayed that Billy and Chris had already gone to bed for the night. Hank pulled me to my feet by my hair and pressed the knife so close to my throat I thought he had already cut me.

"Let her go Hank!" Adrienne stood panting before us with a branch in her hand poised to strike.

"Don’t do anything dumber than you already have Adrienne. I will slit her throat, and cut yours before she ever hits the ground. Drop that stick and come with me now!" He hissed.

Even in the darkness I could see Adrienne weighing her options. I know it was selfish but I wanted him to kill me first. I did not want to see him harm her.

"Run Adrienne! Run and warn the others!" I cried as he pressed the knife harder against my throat.

"Don’t be stupid Adrienne! You know I will kill her if you do. I have nothing to loose. Do you want to witness what that assassin will do to your precious Iris, and the rest of your friends?" Hank pressed the knife harder against my throat, and I could feel the blade cutting into my skin.

I closed my eyes and yelled at Adrienne. "Run Adrienne!"

I heard a strange noise ring out into the night, and I felt my body sink down as Hanks unconscious form collapsed to the ground. Adrienne grabbed me and pulled me into her arms, where I kept my eyes clamped closed afraid to open them. Then I heard the strange noise again, and three more times after that.

"Oh God Iris." Adrienne moaned.

I opened my eyes to see Iris standing over a very dead Hank. Blood dripped from the wrought iron skillet she often used to cook in. We were all three covered in crimson splatter marks, and I was reminded that we didn’t pay Iris nearly enough.

"Drop the skillet lady!" A male voice shouted. I looked up to see Chris aiming a nine-millimeter at Iris. "Drop it now!" He yelled.

Suddenly all the things Hank had said about Billy rang through my head. We were still in deep shit. Faster than I ever thought I could manage I grabbed the branch that Adrienne had been holding and hit Chris behind the knees sending him to the ground with a thud. Adrienne was on him in a heartbeat trying to wrestle the gun from his grip.

I heard footsteps’ running toward me and instinctively I knew it was Billy. With all that I had left in me I swung around with the branch and caught him across the jaw. His feet flew out from underneath him and he hit the ground in a heap.

Iris had joined Adrienne in the fight for Chris’s gun and was working his lower body over good with the skillet. We looked like a modern day version of the key stone cops. I stumbled over to Chris and stomped his wrist into the ground with my foot and he released the gun.

"I will splatter your brains out all over the ground if you move another muscle!" I shouted as I aimed the gun as his face. He froze and stared back up at me confused.

"Adrienne find Billy’s gun, and Iris go call Colie." I said as I stared into Chris’s eyes with murderous intent.

Adrienne found Billy’s gun and stood guard over him. Chris stared up at me and tried to reason with an obviously crazed woman. "Hayden we are DEA. We were sent here to follow Brandon Fallon."

"You’re lying!" I spat at him. "You were working with Fallon, and I am not going to let you harm anyone here. Matter of fact I may start shooting your toes off one by one because of what you are."

"Hayden I swear, we are DEA. Look inside my wallet, you will find my credentials." He said as he slowly moved his hand closer to his body.

"Did you get confused when I told you not to move a muscle? I was not joking when I said I would blow your brains out! "My nerves were beginning to fray and I actually toyed with the idea of shooting him in the leg to show him I wasn’t farting around.

"Hayden." Adrienne’s voice was smooth and calming. "I think he is telling the truth, look at this." She handed me Billy’s wallet, and there inside was his ID.

"What if this is fake and we surrender to them? I am not moving a muscle until Colie gets here and then he can take over. I glared back at Chris. "That is if they don’t do anything stupid and I have to unload this gun into them both."

Iris came running across the yard yelling at the top of her lungs. "Colie is on the way, and he says not to hurt the policemen!"

"I still glared down at Chris. I had come too close to getting killed tonight and I was reluctant to relinquish the weapon. Shelby and Myra were running behind Iris and stared wide eyed at the two men sprawled out on the ground before us. Their expressions grew wider when the noticed the weapons we had trained down on them.

Shelby approached me slowly. "Hayden your hurt. I need to take a look at that cut."

"Nobody is looking at a damn thing until Colie gets here!" I managed to yell out. "Only when he gets here will I put this gun down! Now everybody stay back." I ordered.

The doctor in Shelby rose to the surface. "Can I at least take a look at Hank and Billy?" She asked timidly.

"Yes." I answered as calmly as I could muster.

She knelt down over Billy and felt for a pulse. He was out cold but alive. She moved over to Hank but didn’t even bother to check his the mortal injuries were obvious. "What the hell happened to him?" She asked as she stood.

"Old Faithful happened to him." Iris said with a grin. "Gloria told me to always take care of her girls. When Adrienne found me tonight the first thing I grabbed was my skillet, and I kept my promise."

Colie arrived shortly after with several men who identified themselves as DEA agents. I handed the weapon over to them and allowed one of them to lead us back to the bar where Shelby tended the cut on my throat. Adrienne sat beside me holding my hand as we answered all of the questions he asked us.

We were questioned over and over until the sun began to rise. The remainder of the guests had already filed into the bar to see what the commotion was about and was questioned as well. We allowed the agents to use our bar as a makeshift command center for their investigation.

After the interrogation we were allowed to return to our cottage and get some rest. When I went into the bathroom I was shocked at the reflection staring back at me. I was wild eyed with exhaustion. My blonde hair was filled with sand and twigs. There was a nasty looking gash across my throat, that I was surprised did not need stitches. I looked and felt like hammered shit.

Adrienne had already turned the shower on while I stood there gawking at my reflection in the mirror. We showered together not wanting to be separated for even a minute. I didn’t remember falling to sleep, only being led to the bed. When we finally woke up it was late in the day.

"Hayden did I dream what happened last night?" Adrienne asked groggily. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at my neck. "No it was real." She said as she stared at the cut across my throat.

"Nope it wasn’t a dream, but now it is all over, and we don’t have to worry about Hank anymore." I said as I ran my fingers through her hair.

We got up and showered and went straight to the bar. Iris had taken a short nap and got up early and had been cooking for Colie and the DEA agents all day. Our staff tended to all our guests in our absence assisted by Myra and Shelby. A lump rose up in my throat as I considered what type of people I was surrounded by.

Sitting at one of the tables were Billy and Chris. Billy was sporting a bruise that dominated the right side of his face. He glared and Adrienne and I as we walked into the bar. Snickers could be heard amongst the group of agents.

"So…is it safe to assume you two are not lovers?" I said with a smirk as I approached their table. Billy continued to glare at me, and Chris spoke up.

"No, Miss Tate I thought I made that clear last night." Chris responded in a very snide tone, which immediately pissed me off. Had they made their presence known we would have never endangered ourselves or stuck our noses in their business.



"Well Chrissy boy had you made it clear before last night you might not have gotten an ass whooping with a skillet." I retorted. The agents surrounding us laughed openly.

"We were conducting an official investigation, that you should not have involved yourselves in." Chris said through clenched teeth.

"We would have never gotten involved had we known about you two. Although, we wouldn’t have put a lot of faith in you since you lost the man you were investigating the first night you arrived!" Adrienne gently tugged at my arm trying to calm me down. Other agents stepped in between us and made me go to my corner. I was seething with anger, because of the position they had put us in.

"Come sit down Slugger." Shelby said as she pulled my chair out. She put a plate of food in front of me but I was so angry I couldn’t eat. Adrienne did though; she went ate her plate like a woman who had not eaten in a year.

Shelby put an arm over my shoulders, and gave me a smile. "Calm down my friend. I think you two punished those bums enough. Have you noticed that Billy is being uncharacteristically quiet? "

"Now that you mention it, he didn’t throw in his two cents the whole time." I said glancing over my shoulder at him.

"I think you may have broken his jaw. He wont let me look at it and barely speaks at all. He hasn’t had a bite to eat all day."

I began to feel bad for Billy. True he was an ass, and decided to make a vacation out of his investigation, which nearly got us killed. Still I felt a little sorry for him. It must have been very emasculating for him to be bested by a trio of women armed with a skillet and a stick.

I also noticed that Chris walked with a limp. I think Iris must have really done a number on his knee. I could see the bruising on his wrist from where I had stomped on it. I would have hated being in either of their shoes. For their negligence they may both find themselves in a desk job real soon.

The one bright spot in all of this mess was that Iris and Colie seemed to really hit it off. He followed her around like a lost puppy. She doted on him every chance she got. We got a kick out of watching them exchange glances and a smile when they thought no one was looking. They reminded me of two teenagers.

There was more questioning, and statements to be signed. We learned that when Brandon Fallon was dispatched to the island the DEA already were moving in on the men who controlled his organization. They were arrested the previous morning for a list of charges not the least of which was murder, and Brandon Fallon’s death had yet to be added to them.

We still had to prepare for the departure of our guests, minus two who I personally would love to send packing. The evening was a flurry of activity. When we were finally able to sit down and take a break it was two am. Shelby and Myra joined Adrienne and I and we all did some serious damage to a bottle of spiced rum.

"I still cannot get over the fact that I didn’t know Billy and Chris were DEA." Adrienne confessed as she rubbed her glass against her forehead. "Well I never professed to be totally accurate."

"There weren’t very good agents, if that helps any." Myra said with a smirk.

"They weren’t even really good at being gay either." Shelby added with a laugh.

"I propose a toast." I said as I raised my glass. "To Iris, the woman who wields a skillet like Xena wields a sword!"

The following evening when all of the guests were gone we threw a party for the staff, and even invited Colie. Iris was the guest of honor, and allowed me to have dominion over the barbecue. We ate and danced and partied like there was no tomorrow. A weight had been lifted off of our shoulders and a feeling of peace and contentment settled back over the Inn.

The DEA agents left us finally taking with them a bruised and battered Billy and Chris.

I did bring myself to utter a half assed apology for the thrashing we gave them. Neither of them seemed impressed. Billy simply grunted his goodbye, which was the nicest conversation I had with him since we first met.

My heart was broken the day Shelby and Myra left for home. They assured us they would be back soon and promised to keep us updated on their progress. Shelby would have to begin the tedious task of getting her medical license transferred over, and they would both have to campaign for funding.

"One morning Adrienne and I sat leisurely in the bar sipping our coffee. Adrienne looked up at me with an odd expression. "Hayden go get the cordless phone your mom is about to call."

I did as she ordered. I never doubted her ability again. When I sat back down at the table the phone rang in my hand before I could set it down. "Hi mom." I answered and listened as she began to instantly rattle off complaints about me not calling her.

"Hayden your dad and I have been talking and we want you to come home for Christmas. Your brother and his wife have already agreed to come, and we want you here too. Are you taking care of yourself hon.? I am sure your regular since they mostly have only fruit over there, but are you getting any protein? Have you been taking care of your teeth…?"

I set the phone down and lit a cigarette. I could hear her voice steadily coming out of the phone like a buzzing bee. I sighed and took a sip of my coffee before putting the phone back up to my ear. Adrienne watched in amusement.

"Mom…I…listen…mom…sheesh. I put the phone down again and continued to smoke and sip my coffee. The buzzing continued to pour out of the phone and when she stopped for a breath I picked it up quickly. "Mom I will think about Christmas okay? I love you too, bye."

When I set the phone down I looked into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. "Yes." She simply said.

"Yes what?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes I will go home with you for Christmas, but I can tell you right now that I do not like your brother." She said with a smile.

I patted her hand. "That’s okay my love. I don’t like him much myself, and don’t get me started on that wife of his. Her name is Wanda, and she has these big eyes and… Are you sure you want to put yourself through that?" I asked when her eyes rolled up into her head.

"I have to go with you to make sure you will come back to the island." She batted back playfully.

"You don’t have to worry about that my love. You are stuck with me for life." I said as I kissed her.

We delayed the next batch of guests coming to the island so that we could recuperate emotionally and physically. We cleaned out Hanks old shack and threw away nearly everything in it. The rest we gave to whomever wanted it. As for the shack, I burned that bitch to the ground.

Iris and Colie became a hot item. He spent many an evening at the Inn dinning with Iris and us. I saw a vibrant side to her I didn’t even know existed. When Adrienne and I forced her out occasionally Colie would take her out on his boat or shopping in Nassau. We had gained another member to our family.

I was glad that she was going to have someone with her when Adrienne and I went to the states in a few months for Christmas. I planned on bringing back many gifts for my new family. I had already gotten my gift and she would be going home with me to meet the parents. That’s another story in itself, and maybe when I get some spare time I will tell you all about it.

There is one part I forgot to mention. The entire time we were interrogated we never mentioned the half million dollars to Colie and the boys. The only money they found was what Hank had uncovered and was trying to leave the island with. The rest of it well lets just say that Cat Island has a mighty fine medical facility being built right now. It’s about time that drug money got cycled back to the community.

Aunt Gloria had always said that things happen for a reason. She was right. The people of Cat Island would reap the benefits of Hanks actions for a long time to come.

Adrienne and I spend most of our days playing with our grandchildren. Saber found himself a beautiful mate, a cream colored longhaired kind of girl. He and his beloved sleep at our feet each night and all six of their children. They don’t call this place Cat Island for nothing.


The End

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