Chapter Forty-Eight

Kasey and Lee were having dinner at Laces after a long day at work. They had just finished eating, and were having a drink when they saw Tina walking up to their table.

"Oh great," Kasey mumbled.

"Excuse me Kasey, but can I talk to you for a minute?"

Lee told Kasey that she was going to say hi to Linda up at the bar and she'd be back shortly.

Getting an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, Kasey just waved a hand at the seat for Tina to sit down.

"Look, I know I'm the last person on this earth you want to see or talk to, but I'll only take a minute of your time if you will just hear me out."

Kasey didn't say anything, and took a sip of her drink and a drag off of the cigarette that Lee had left burning in the ashtray. She silently waited for Tina to continue, and was sure that she really didn't want to hear anything that she had to say.

"Just for the record Kasey, nothing happened between Koty and me in her room that night. Not that I didn't want it to because I did, but Koty didn't. I would have done just about anything to get her back at the time. I really screwed up when I messed around on her. Koty was the best thing that had ever happened in my life, and I fucked it up. If you are going to push her away, don't do it because of me. Koty will never take me back, and I know that now."

Tina took the drink from the waitress, and paid her for it before she continued her story. 'I don't know why the hell I'm so nervous.'

"I don't even know why I am telling you this because I really hated you for a long time. With you in the picture, I knew there was no chance in hell for me to win her back. No. I'm the one that messed it up between us, so I guess you really didn't have anything to do with it. Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is...don't let her go Kasey. Dakota Silvers is a very special woman. The kind of woman that only happens once in a lifetime. She needs someone special in her life, and unfortunately that someone isn't me. It's you, so don't throw away your chance with her. Think hard about what it is you are really mad at her about. You can't use me as an excuse because I am out of her life as far as lovers go."

Tina stood to leave then turned around and placed her hands on the table in front of Kasey. "I'll tell you one more thing. Koty is in love with you. She loves you a hell of a lot more than she ever loved me, and we were together for three years. She wasn't even close to being as devastated over me as she is with you."

"Why are you telling me all of this Tina? Did Koty send you here with these words of wisdom?" Kasey asked Tina sarcastically.

"Koty would kill me if she even knew that I was talking to you. Why am I telling you this? Well, because Koty deserves to be happy Kasey, and you are the only one that is going to be able to make her that way. Don't make the same mistake that I did and let her get away from you. You will regret it for the rest of your life."

With that, Tina turned and walked away with Kasey staring dumbfounded at her back. Lee came up to her and placed her hands on her shoulders.

"Everything ok Sweety?"

Kasey looked up at her with tears filling her eyes. "I don't know Lee, I just don't know." She told Lee what Tina had told her.

"Maybe Kase, you might want to listen, even if it did come from Tina.


Koty went over to Chris and Monty's for dinner, not being able to put them off any longer. Chris had called and told her that if she didn't show up, she was going to come find her, and drag her ass over to the house.

She had never heard Chris so upset at her before, and felt really guilty for putting them off for as long as she had. 'What an asshole you've been Koty.'

When she got to the door, it opened up even before she had a chance to knock.

"Get in here, sit down, and tell me what is going on Dakota," Chris said with her hands planted firmly on her hips. "Tell me what is happening with you Koty. Tell me why you have lost so much weight, and why you don't come around to see us anymore. And while you're at it, tell me that you are not taking that job up in Morgan."

"Jesus, word gets around fast. How did you find out about that Chris?"

"Does it matter how I found out? Jesus Honey, everyone is really worried about you! You are drinking like a fish, and working yourself into the ground. How can we help you if you don't tell us what's happening?"

"Chris," Koty said softly. "I'm ok really. I've got a lot going on right now and I'm just trying to sort out my life and get it back on track. I know that I drink too much and I'm sorry if you feel like I'm pushing you guys away."

Koty hung her head and sighed. "It wasn't my intention to hurt you guys."

"So then why are you even thinking about leaving here Koty? Talk to me please."

Koty saw the hurt in Chris's eyes and felt like a heel. All they ever did was care for her and be there anytime that she needed them, and here she was treating them like strangers.

"Chris, I'm not taking that job in Morgan. I'm not leaving here."

"That's not what Kasey says or thinks."

"Kasey? How in the hell does Kasey...God, Jamie has a big fucking mouth. I didn't answer yes or no, because I wanted to get a reaction out of Jamie. You know, just pulling her chain, I didn't think she would take it to heart."

"Watch your language Koty. Look, you need to let Kasey know that you're not leaving."

"Why Chris, she won't even talk to me. She's been avoiding me like the Black Plague! She couldn't give a damn if I left this fucking place or not. Hell, she wouldn't even know that I have gone!" Koty started to get very emotional and started pacing.

"Dakota, watch your language. And you're wrong, she would most definitely notice you were gone. Look Honey, Monty made a great dinner, and I don't want to spoil it any more than I already have. He went to the store to pick up some wine."

Chris pulled Koty into a tight hug. "I'm sorry for upsetting you so much, but we were just worried."

Koty relaxed in Chris's arms. "I'm sorry too Chris. I know that you're just worried, but I really am ok."

Monty showed up with the wine, and they sat down at the table to eat.

Monty was telling them about this real big contract he got for a mini mall on the south side of Suffolk. Monty asked Koty about her new partner. Apparently, he knew of her husband. "I've never met him personally, but I have heard of him. Tommy and Bill Wade went to school with him and said that he was a real jerk."

"He is a jerk. I haven't met him either, but from what Laney has told me I'm glad I haven't had the pleasure. Laney is really cool. She's very smart, and is one hell of a detective, even better than I am. She's quick to figure things out. I never thought that I would want to work beside anyone else since Mike quit, but she's not bad."

Chris arched her eyebrows and looked at Koty.

"No way Chris, it's not what you are thinking. I'm not interested in her that way, but we are becoming fast friends and I need that right now. She'll put me in my place in a heartbeat though. She's got a lot of spunk and motivation. I think you'll both like her a lot."

Before Koty left that night she promised Chris that she would bring Laney over for dinner one night. She knew that Chris was just curious, but that was ok. Once Chris met her, she would see what Koty meant, and would instantly like her as well.


Koty lay awake that night thinking about Kasey. In such a short amount of time, Kasey had become a monumental part in her life. She never knew that love could feel so good, and hurt so bad at the same time.

She refused to believe that it was over. Somehow she had to find a way to get Kasey back into her life. Somehow she would have her back into her arms again where she belonged.

If everyone else could be happy and with the one that they loved, then why the hell couldn't she? 'I have never really needed much, but I do need her. God I miss her so much.'

Like a video, scenes of them together played over and over in her head. She kept remembering the first night that they were together and made love. Koty had thought she had died and gone to heaven.

One way or another, she would have that heaven again.

Chapter Forty-Nine

"Kasey," Chris said as they were locking up the clinic, "Koty is playing on the squads softball team again this year, and they are having a game this Saturday. Do you want to come with me to watch them? She's really good."

Kasey hesitated for a moment before answering. "Actually Chris, I just might do that, what time is the game? Since the weather has warmed up some I've been dying to get out in the sun."

Saturday afternoon, Chris picked Kasey up from her house, and they drove to the softball field in Chris's Durango. When they arrived at Princess Anne Park, Chris pulled two Coleman folding chairs, and a small cooler out of the back of her S.U.V.. "You can't go to a softball game and not have beer. That would be like going to the movies and not having popcorn. They both just go together."

They sat their chairs next to the bleechers facing the field, and watched the players as they warmed up. Kasey immediately spotted Koty throwing the ball to a woman. 'That woman,' her new partner.

When Koty looked over and saw Kasey wave, her heart started pounding, and since she wasn't paying attention, got nailed in the chest by the ball that Laney threw.

Kasey stood to go over to her, but stopped when Laney reached her first.

Koty was kneeling on the ground when Laney grabbed her shoulders and knelt down in front of her. "Shit Koty, what were you doing? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I just got the wind knocked out of me for a minute. Let's finish throwing."

Kasey saw that Koty was indeed an awesome player when she came up to the plate and hit a line drive to left field. The ball went right through the left fielders legs, causing her to fall and miss the ball. Koty made it to third base when the base coach motioned for her to stop. The next guy up looked like he could power hit the ball over the fence, and he did, bringing Koty and himself in tying the score five to five.

As they came in, the other players were slapping them high fives and Kasey watched as Laney slapped Koty a high five then hug her. 'Now that wasn't really called for was it?'

Noticing the glare in Kasey's eyes, Chris patted her on the knee. "Kasey, I really don't think you have anything to worry about there, they're just friends. Becoming good friends, but just friends nonetheless."

It was the last inning of the game, and the score was still tied five to five with no one on the bases and Koty on deck. She looked around and found Kasey's eyes and locked onto them, turning away only when it was her turn to bat. The guy before her had struck out leaving them with only one out left. She walked up to the plate and adjusted her feet and shoulders then swung. Strike one. She adjusted her feet again and swung. Strike two. She held her hand up to call time, and stepped out of the batters box.

Bending over to pick up some of the red dirt, she rubbed her hands together. Glancing one last time and locking eyes with Kasey, she smiled and walked back up to the plate.

She took a deep breath and adjusted her feet and shoulders one last time. 'Last chance Koty girl. This one's for you Kasey.'

Koty swung at the ball with all she had and watched as it sailed over the fence in left field. Home run. Game, six to five.

The crowd and her teammates went nuts. Two big burly players had Koty hoisted up on their shoulders as she slapped high fives with each player.

Kasey stood and smiled. "Damn, she is good Chris."

"Yeah, she is isn't she?"

Koty walked over and gave Chris a hug and kissed her cheek. Turning to Kasey, she smiled nervously, unsure of what to say as Chris went to put the chairs in the truck.

"Hi Kasey."

"Hi yourself, that was a hell of a game Koty, you really are good."

Koty blushed.

Kasey bent to pick up the cooler, and was getting ready to take it over and put it in the back for Chris when Koty reached out and touched her hand.

"Kasey wait. Um...will you have dinner with me tonight?"

Kasey lost her smile. "I'm sorry Koty, but I'm driving up to Lu and Dina's tonight, and I won't be back until late tomorrow night sometime." 'Shit!'

"Oh...well maybe some other time then, take care Kasey."

With that, Koty turned and walked over to where Laney and a few of the other players were sitting and having a beer. She kept her head held high and her back straight and didn't look back.

'Shit!' Kasey felt like kicking herself. Why did she have to tell Dina that she would definitely be there tonight when Koty wanted to have dinner with her? 'Of all the rotten lousy timing!'

Did Koty really want to spend some time with her after what she had put her through? She had looked so dejected that it tore at Kasey's heart. Kasey had wanted so badly to call her back, but instead walked over to Chris's Durango and handed her the cooler.

"You ok Kasey?" Chris asked as she put the cooler in the back.

"Yeah, I'm fine Chris."


Kasey had arrived at Lu and Dina's around five o'clock and they had stayed up late lounging around drinking Grand Marnier and talking.

That evening Kasey lie awake, unable to get the look on Koty's face out of her mind.

Was the reason that Koty had wanted to have dinner with her was to tell her that she was going to take that job at the Sheriff's Department? Chris had told her that Koty had decided that she wasn't going to go, but Kasey needed to hear it from Koty.

What would she do if Koty did move up there for the job? She couldn't figure out which was worse. Not being with Koty and seeing her at different functions and maybe even with another woman, or never seeing her again at all?

Somehow she figured that if Koty did leave she would only come down to see her brother and Chris every now and then, and Jamie and Trish, but not her. Just the thought of that felt like it was going to destroy her.

The next morning while Lu and Dina ran into town, Kasey decided to saddle up her horse and go riding for a while. She missed not being able to ride like she used to, and there was nothing like a long solitary ride in the rolling hills. The only thing better was to have someone to ride the trails with you. She could never get Samantha to ride with her, she was more afraid of the horses than Koty was. Not that that was saying much. At least, once Koty got started she seemed to relax enough to enjoy herself a little bit.

'Yeah, seems like anything I do any more reminds me of her. I wonder what she is doing today? God I really miss her.'

Kasey looked at her watch as she entered back onto Dina's property. What seemed to be only an hour or so had actually been four hours. Time always went by much too quickly when she was riding.

As Kasey was cleaning up her tack and putting it away, she decided that she needed to see Koty. She had to let Koty know where she stood. If Koty rejected her, she would just have to learn to deal with it.

Just how she would accomplish that she wasn't quite sure. She needs to know that I am so in love with her that I can't even think right anymore. I hurt too much when I am away from her, and I miss her too damn much. Screw my insecurities.'

When Kasey walked up to the porch, Dina and Lu were walking out with a platter of soup and sandwiches for their lunch. At that moment, Kasey's stomach let it be known just how hungry it was.

"Jesus, I guess we came out just in time before that beast of yours decided to release itself on us." Dina laughed as she set the platter down on the iron table and motioned for Kasey to sit down.

"I can't control the monster when it decides it's time to eat. This looks great by the way."

Lu reached over and patted Kasey's hand. "You always were known for your growling stomach and huge appetite. I've never known anyone as thin as you Kasey, eat like you can, and maintain that awesome figure."

"Well, I'm always on the go, or I would probably be as big as a house."

"Bullshit, you just have a metabolism that we are all jealous of."

"Lu, listen to you talk about fine figures. Of all the years I've known you, you don't get a day older, and you have the same figure. Dina is a lucky woman."

"Flattery will get you everywhere my dear, but I am the lucky one."


Kasey said goodbye to her friends, then headed back to Virginia Beach with Koty on her mind once again.

Picking up her cell phone she tried calling Koty's house, but all she got was the answering machine.

Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel, she tried calling her cell phone. After several rings, Koty's voicemail picked up asking the caller to leave a message, and she would get back to them as soon as possible.

'Shit, where is she?' In frustration, she tossed her phone on the passenger seat beside her. 'Oh well, I'll just go to her house and by the time I get there she should be home.'

Chapter Fifty

Koty had invited herself, as she had done many times in the past, to Jamie and Trish's house for lunch. It was such a nice day, they decided to barbeque outside on the deck.

She had invited Laney to join her but Laney had told her she was driving up to Richmond to see her father, and wouldn't be back until late that evening.

"Koty," Trish said as she lowered the lid of the grill. "Is there anything going on between you and Laney?"

"Laney is straight Trish, so no, there is nothing going on between us other than we are friends. As much as I never thought I would want another partner, I'm glad she is. Laney is a very cool person Trish, and she has become a real good friend as well, but that is all."

"Shit Koty," Jamie said as she took a sip of her drink. "You think all beautiful women are straight. You thought Kasey was also, but we all know she ain't huh?"

"Let's leave Kasey out of this why don't we. Besides, she has her ex to run to now."

"You know there isn't anything happening there Koty. Don't ask me how I know it, cause I just do. I think that if they were seeing each other again we would be seeing more of her with Kasey, don't ya think? Besides, you had dinner with Tina that same night, and nothing happened so you say."

"Nothing happened Jamie, and you know it. We met up in the parking lot of the club and we left separately." Koty said and threw a hand towel at her.

"Yeah Koty, but you slept with her that first time you saw her again, and you ain't seeing each other anymore. Look, all I'm saying is that their dinner could have been very innocent and nothing is happening between them."


Smiling, Koty added, "Besides, if you are really really nice to me, I might even let you feed me dinner. How's that?"

"Ya know Koty, why don't you just stay the night here? We could watch some movies like we use to, and you can leave from here in the morning and go to work." Trish said as she handed Koty a drink.

"Oh Yeah Koty," Jamie grinned. "We can make it into an adult slumber party. What do you say, we could have a blast!"

Laughing, Koty agreed. It did sound like fun. Besides, this way she wouldn't have to drive home after drinking, and she felt like being around her long time best friends.

"Let me just run home and pick up some clothes and all for work while the steaks are cooking, and I'll be right back."

"Oh, and Sivers, leave your cell phone in your car when you get back. You're going to relax and enjoy the evening."

Koty only lived about five minutes away from them so it wouldn't take her long to get there. After packing up some clothes for work, and making sure that all the doors were locked, she pulled out of her driveway and turned the corner, missing Kasey's Mustang pull up to her house from the opposite direction.

Sitting there with the motor running in front of Koty's house, Kasey tried once more to call her. Still there was no answer. 'Shit. Oh well, I'll just go home and take a shower and try to call her then. I have to tell her how I feel. It might be a mistake, but at least I'll know where we stand with each other.'

On her drive back from Dina's house, she kept thinking about what everyone had been telling her. That she needed to talk to Koty, and let her explain what Tina was doing there.

The ironic thing was, that it was Tina's voice that she kept hearing the most telling her not to let go of Koty. The voice that Kasey hated the most was the one that was finally making her think. 'I know that she really loves Koty because it takes brass ones to approach the new woman and say what she had said.'

Yeah, she was afraid of what Koty's reaction would be, but Kasey was just going to have to chance it. She kept seeing Koty's reaction when she said she couldn't have dinner with her. There was something in Koty's look, and she needed to know what that something was.

After her shower, Kasey tried once again to call Koty's house, and still she got the answering machine. She tried again to call her cell phone, and was greeted by Koty's voicemail. 'Fuck, where could she be?'

After eating dinner, sorting through her mail and watching some T.V. Kasey tried to call again. This time she left a message asking Koty to call her as soon as she got the message, and that it was important.

Kasey had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie, and when she woke up she glanced at the clock to see that it was two thirty in the morning. When she realized that Koty hadn't called, her heart sank even more.

Restless, she got up to get a glass of ice water, and to take something for the headache that was coming on strong. Stopping mid stride a thought struck her and slammed into her stomach.

'Whose house is she at? Oh man, why do I do this to myself?' When Kasey thought about this, she got pissed all over again. 'God damn it!'


Koty had turned down Laney's offer to have a drink after work, telling her that she had stayed up too late at Jamie and Trish's house the night before, and asked if she could have a rain check because she was really tired.

They had stayed up until three in the morning just bullshitting around, and she was up even later, not being able to sleep because she wasn't in her own bed.

All she wanted to do right now was to go home, take a shower, and kick back for a little while. Maybe she would stop at Blockbusters and rent a movie or two.


Kasey had back-to-back patients all day long, which didn't leave her that much time to think about Koty. Several times she thought about trying to call her on her cell phone, but as soon as that thought hit, it was time for her next patient.

The little break that Kasey did get, she called her mother to see how her father was doing. Her mother had told her that she and her father were taking a two-week vacation to the Cayman Islands. She was going to make sure that he got plenty of rest and relaxation, but in truth, he was doing just fine, and that they also had plans to come and see her in May.

Chapter Fifty-One

Kasey finished up with her last patient, patted Chris on the back, and told her that she would see her in the morning. She figured that she would go home and change then once again try and find Koty.

One way or another she would find her tonight if she had to go and knock on people's doors. Even if that meant finding out where Tina and this Laney person lived.

Kasey decided that instead of trying to call Koty first, she would drive by her house and see if she was home. As she pulled up to Koty's driveway, she caught her breath. There in the driveway was Koty's car. 'Ok Kasey, you can do this. Just keep breathing.'

The closer that she got to the door the more nervous she got. Wiping the sweat that suddenly appeared on her hands off on her jeans, Kasey rang the doorbell, and tried to calm the pounding of her heart.

For a brief moment she didn't think that Koty would answer the door, because it seemed like it took forever. Suddenly the door slowly opened, and Koty appeared in a terry cloth robe and a towel on her head.

"Um...hi Koty. Can I come in for a moment or is this a bad time?"

Koty didn't answer, but backed away from the door to let Kasey pass by her into the living room. She turned and shut the door behind her, and held her breath for a moment before facing Kasey.

"Are you sure this isn't a bad time? I tried to call, and I left messages on your machine."

"No., it's ok. I haven't checked my messages since I've been home. Sorry. Do you want a drink or something? I have some Grand Marnier."

'God, she sounds so terrified.' "Actually I would Koty, thanks."

"Um...just let me go and change, and I'll make us both one."

"Koty, if it's ok with you, I'll make them while you change."

"That's fine, I'll be right back."

Kasey watched as Koty walked away from her, and admired the way her short robe rode up her powerful thighs as she walked. 'Jesus I have missed those legs.' Flushing, Kasey turned to go make their drinks.

When Kasey walked back into the living room from making the drinks, Koty was just sitting down in the recliner. She handed Koty her drink, and noticed her hands slightly shaking when she reached for it.

Koty emptied her glass in one swallow then looked over to Kasey and watched her do the same. Which was unusual for Kasey, normally she just sipped her drink slowly.

"Can I ask why you are here Kasey?" Koty asked as she got up to go get the bottle of Grand Marnier.

"Well, I just needed to see you, and talk to you...and... to tell you that I am sorry for not giving you the chance to explain about Tina. I am also so, so sorry that I pushed you away and hurt you."

"I don't know what else to tell you Kasey that I haven't already said and I..."

"I know Koty, and I also know and believe you that nothing happened that night. I can't say I'm sorry enough, but I am. I guess that I was really scared to lose you, and had flashbacks of what Samantha did.

"That's not an excuse I know Koty, but knowing that Tina was trying to get you back, I guess that I just freaked and didn't know how to handle it."

Koty leaned forward and sighed, trying desperately not to let the tears that were threatening to spill over show. Unsuccessful, she brushed a stray tear away with the tips of her fingers. 'Ah shit Silvers, don't fucking do this in front of her.'

"Jesus Kasey, I love you and it's..."

"What? What did you say Koty?"

"I...I said...I said that I love you."

Tears immediately welled up in Kasey's eyes. "Oh God Koty," she whispered. "I didn't know. You have never said those words to me so I didn't know."

"I know that I never said it Kasey. I was terrified that it was just a fling for you, and...I mean, I knew that you cared for me, but..."

"Oh Honey, I've loved you for so long, and it's been slowly destroying me to not be with you." Kasey told her as she got up and went to kneel by her legs. "I don't know if you can ever forgive me, but I am soooo sorry for hurting you."

Koty sucked in her breath, then let out a sob as Kasey reached up to pull her into a hug. Koty pulled Kasey onto her lap, and held her as if her lifeline depended on her. And it did.

"God Baby, I love you so much. It's never been this strong before, not even with Tina. I didn't know what to do when you hung up on me then refused to see me."

"I know Koty, please forgive me?"

"Yes." Koty said as she leaned in closer and sought out Kasey's lips."

Now it was Kasey's turn to suck in her breath and let out a sob, as she heard Koty say that one simple word. Yes.

'Oh God, is this really happening? Please tell me that this isn't a dream, Kasey silently pleaded.'

Koty slipped one hand under Kasey's thighs, and the other under her arms as she lifted her up and walked them to the bedroom never releasing the hold on Kasey's lips.

Kasey let out a deep moan when she felt her back land softly on the bed. Koty swiftly lifted the black tee shirt up and over Kasey's head, and leaned down to take a hard nipple in her mouth.

Slowly moving her mouth down to Kasey's belly, Koty reached up to unsnap the buttons on Kasey's button fly Levi's. Unable to control her pace, Koty quickly removed the unwanted barrier that separated her from what she desired the most at that moment.

She haphazardly slung Kasey's jeans across the floor when she caught the scent of Kasey's own desire. 'She is so beautiful. How have I been able to survive this long without her?'

"Please Koty, I need to feel your skin!"

Koty lifted herself off of the bed, and quickly rid herself of her clothes. Gently she placed her body over Kasey's, and pulled her lips into her mouth while running her hands up the smooth surface of Kasey's thighs.

Koty felt like she would spontaneously combust if she didn't get a taste of heaven. Kasey's heaven. Softly kissing and nibbling her way along Kasey's thigh, Koty found her way home.

"Oh God Honey, come up here." Kasey said breathlessly, and pulled Koty in for a long lingering kiss, and tasted the evidence of her own desire. In a flash, the heat registered in the lower regions of her abdomen.

"I want to take you where you just took me Koty. I don't know what kind of magic you hold in those lips and that tongue, but I can only hope that I can please you half as much as you do me."

"You do Baby, more than you could ever know. There is no one who could compare, I am fully yours."

"Then let me show you how much I am in love with you." And she did.


Koty awoke the next morning with Kasey wrapped around her like a cocoon. Glancing down she saw the peaceful smile planted on her lovers face and couldn't resist leaning down and lightly kissing that smile.

"Mm...Hi." Kasey said as she tightened her hold on Koty. "What time is it?"

"It's just after six Baby but I guess we need to get up and get ready for work. Do you want to take a shower with me?"

"Ooh. I'd race you to the shower, but I'm not so sure that I can move that fast this morning."

"Well come on grandma, and I'll help you. Ya want me to carry you?"

"You know Koty, one of these days you're going to pull something in your back lifting me up like that."

"Yeah right, come on fatty."

With only a few minutes to spare since the shower took much longer than it should have, they were leaning against the counter finishing off a cup of coffee.

Koty had been a little quiet for the past five minutes or so, and Kasey watched her until she started to feel a little uneasy. 'I can't tell what she is thinking, and the look on her face tells me she is definitely thinking about something.'

"Penny for your thoughts Sweetheart."

"Um, Kasey...are you...oh man." 'Just ask her Koty.' "Is there anything still between you and Samantha?" 'There, I said it!'

Kasey chuckled and set her mug in the sink, then turned to Koty to pull her into a hug. She reached for Koty's cup and sat it on the counter before she answered Koty's question.

"Honey, Sam just stopped by when she came into town with her job. There is absolutely nothing between Samantha and myself so you have nothing to worry about. You are the only one that I want and love."

Koty breathed a sigh of relief, then pulled Kasey closer for another lingering kiss. She pulled away from Kasey as her desire started to overwhelm her once again.

"You can't kiss me like that Baby if I have to leave for work. I'm gonna say to hell with work and take you back to bed if we don't stop now." Koty said as she leaned her forehead against Kasey's.

Kasey chuckled and ran her thumb across Koty's bottom lip. "I don't want to leave you right now but I have to or your sister-in-law will be hunting me down."

"Kasey, will you stay with me? I mean stay with me here...for good?"

"I don't know Koty. Will you cook me dinner tonight?"


"Joke Koty, that was a joke. I love you."

"And I love you Baby, let's go to work..."

The End

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