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Discovery in Thisbe

By Ronica Black

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"Oh, thank the gods, we're here. I can't wait to soak in a hot bath." Gabrielle said while rubbing the back of her neck. They stood at the peak of their climb, looking down into the mountainous valley before them. A small town stood, nestled between the giant mountains which surrounded them.

Xena sat atop Argo, silently examining their destination. They had been traveling for days, with little to no rest.

"What is this place anyhow?" Gabrielle shaded her eyes and looked down into the valley.

"Thisbe." Xena replied, her voice laced with suspicion. She hadn't explained the reason for their visit to Gabrielle and she wasn't quite sure what to say. The small town she now looked upon was fifty miles from the Corinthian Gulf and she wondered if the rumors about its occupants were indeed true.

"You're not going to tell me why we're here, are you?" Gabrielle was beyond curious as to why they had traveled for miles to reach this isolated town.

"I've heard things." Xena said, climbing down off the horse and helping Gabrielle up on it.

"What kind of things?" Gabrielle asked, more than grateful to be riding the last leg of their journey. Her muscles were tired but she had to admit, the exercise had sculpted her body nicely.

"Good things." Xena replied, leading them down the hill towards the tiny town. The change in altitude was becoming evident as a cold breeze blew against their exposed skin.

"Something sure smells good." Gabrielle hungrily observed. She could smell food wafting from the fire pits of the various tiny cottages, causing her stomach to rumble its discontent.

As they walked into the village, they saw a few people scurry from cottage to cottage with excitement in their chatter as they eyed the two newcomers. Xena noted the lack of guards protecting the village from outsiders, giving precedent to the rumors she'd heard.

"Let's go in here." Xena said, eyeing the small pub.

Xena entered first, hushing the voices of the patrons. Silent stares bored into them as they made their way to the bar.

Gabrielle hugged herself, still chilled from the cooler weather. She was grateful to be in the warmer pub having grown used to the stares years ago. People had always been curious about her and Xena, but she did notice something different in this pub. When she made eye contact with the staring patrons, she was met with smiles and nods of approval, rather than suspicion and dislike. And there was something else she noticed as she looked around.

"Xena." She whispered, trying to get the warrior's attention. Xena leaned on the bar, Gabrielle whispering at her back.

"Two ciders." She ordered before straddling a stool.

"Xena." Gabrielle said again, sitting next to her long time companion. "Have you noticed something's missing in this town?" She looked around behind them at the dozens of patrons.

"What's that?" She asked, already knowing the answer. The bar tend served up their cider with a broad smile.

"Men." Gabrielle answered in an excited whisper.

Xena slid some coins onto the bar, but the bar keep waved her off. "It's on the house."

Xena sipped her hot cider and turned on her stool to examine their surroundings. When she faced the numerous staring women, they immediately stopped staring and began chatting and drinking, like they had done before Xena and Gabrielle had arrived.

"Are they Amazons?" Gabrielle asked, taking in their powerful limbs and attractive faces.

"No, they're not Amazons."

The door opened, carrying in with the breeze a lean, dark haired woman. She walked with confident grace to the bar, her toned body covered in soft furs and leather.

Xena looked her up and down, examining her agility. The woman could have been her equal in stature, the only difference being her eyes which were a deep hazel.

"Welcome to Thisbe." The stranger said with a smile. She extended her hand to them. "It is an honor to finally meet you both."

They gripped forearms in greeting and Gabrielle found herself taken in with the woman's eyes. She noticed her full lips and felt the warmth radiate from her grip. There was such a familiarity with the stranger and Gabrielle felt comfortable and something else, something new. She was drawn to the woman, yet she didn't know why.

"I'm Verica." The dark stranger said, placing her other hand on Gabrielle's arm, embracing her in a very friendly manner with both hands.

"That's nice." Xena stepped in between them, forcing a break in contact. She could see the interest in Verica's eyes; she knew what the woman was up to, Gabrielle more than likely having no clue.

Gabrielle looked at them both and she was startled to see how much alike they looked. But there was an obvious difference, Gabrielle noted as Verica gave her a warm smile. Verica seemed to be showing her a lot more attention than Xena.

"Xena." Gabrielle gave her a slight nudge of protest to the upper arm. She glanced back at the beautiful woman, and her annoyance at Xena was immediately forgotten.

"You're presence is requested at the home of Raden." Verica said, finally tearing her eyes away from Gabrielle and meeting Xena's icy stare.

Gabrielle moved around Xena, linking arms with the Verica. "Well, let's go then." She smiled up at the woman, completely smitten.

Xena raised an eyebrow and followed them out into the brisk mountain air.

The home of Raden sat on the outskirts of town, atop a large hill. The sun was setting behind them, casting a warm glow on the stone walls of the house. Verica led them up the pebble path to the heavy door.

"Welcome." She said for the second time that evening, opening the door and motioning for them to enter before her.

Gabrielle entered first with Xena close behind. The house was warm and smelled of cooking stew. Gabrielle licked her lips at the promise of the food the smells brought. She looked around the house and realized that it was larger than it first appeared. To her left, a large kettle hung in the fire pit, no doubt cooking the stew that awakened her fierce hunger. A long dining table occupied the room with the fire pit, along with a large lounging area containing fur covered seats and vast fur rugs. The home obviously had several other rooms, but Gabrielle found herself more than comfortable in the lounging room in front of the roaring fire.

Xena stood with her arms crossed, watching Gabrielle sit on the lush settee. Verica joined her, covering her bare shoulders with a fur throw. Gabrielle hugged the fur close to her, more than comfortable in the strange home and very happy with her new found friend.

"Hello, Xena." The voice came from behind, from the dim part of the house. Xena turned, her arms falling to her side in an instinctive move to be ready for anything.

A woman stood, lit by the golden firelight. Her blonde hair was cut short, resting on strong cheek bones. Her eyes shone a light green and Xena found herself instantly intrigued. Her body matched Verica's in power, but Raden stood shorter and had more curves. Xena's eyes ran down the muscular body and back up to rest on the full breasts.

"You must be Raden." She said, tearing her eyes away from the body to once again look into the green eyes. Raden smiled and walked up to the taller, darker Xena. "Welcome to Thisbe. I'm a big fan." She embraced Xena softly, allowing her hands to rest on the bare skin of her strong back.

"What do you mean by "fan"?" Gabrielle asked, her and Verica now standing to Xena's side. Gabrielle frowned, unable to believe that Xena was allowing the stranger such intimate contact. Raden eased away from her embrace with Xena and smiled warmly at Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle, the pleasure is mine." She hugged her warmly and Gabrielle tried to stand firm, but relented and returned the hug, unable to be standoffish with the woman.

Xena eyed the two and realized just how similar the two blonde women looked in appearance. Something stirred deep within her at viewing the spectacle of the two blondes in an embrace. She shook off the new feeling and looked away.

"Raden and I are very fond your work." Verica spoke and motioned for the women to sit at the dining table.

"Yes." Raden added sitting across from the women on the opposite side of the table. "We've been following your journeys and we very much admire what it is you do."

"What it is we do?" Gabrielle questioned. Verica sat down next to Raden and crossed her long legs. Gabrielle watched with obvious interest, her eyes poised on the dark woman.

Two young women entered and served the steaming stew from the kettle in wooden bowls. Gabrielle's eyes lit up and she dug in, absolutely ravenous.

"You help those in need and defend those who cannot defend themselves." Raden clarified, meeting Xena's blue eyes.

"I've heard that you have taken it upon yourselves to lead similar lives." Xena stated, raising an eyebrow and holding Raden's gaze. She watched the blonde stranger take a bite of stew and she felt the stirring return to her insides.

"You've heard correctly." Verica answered. "We see your lives as a philosophy and a way of life."

"Yes," Raden added. "We treat all as equals with respect and dignity. At the same time we defend those that need it and help those in need."

"Then why are there no men in your town?" Gabrielle asked.

"They simply choose not to be." Verica stated.

"Why?" She asked with growing curiosity.

"Most men don't believe women are their equals." Xena said.

"But if there are no men, don't your villagers get lonely?" Gabrielle was more than fascinated by the town and it's philosophies.

"Do you find that you are lonely, spending all your time with Xena?" Verica asked.

"Well, no, I guess I don't." Gabrielle looked at Xena and smiled at the revelation. They had finished eating and she felt content with her company as well as her full stomach.

"You both must be exhausted." Raden stood and beckoned them to follow. She led them back into the house and into a room with a large stone bath. Several women scurried about, filling the stone fixture with steaming water. "I thought you might want to have a hot bath before bed."

"Oh, yes. A bath sounds wonderful!" Gabrielle said with new found energy.

Raden continued down through the house with the women close behind. Gabrielle once again linked arms with Verica and Xena found herself watching Raden walk.

"You both have your choice of bedrooms." Raden said, turning and meeting Xena's gaze. She smiled at Xena coyly, knowing she had caught the woman watching her.

"I want this one." Gabrielle was twirling around in the first room and she threw herself down on the fluffy bed covered in silk.

"It suits you." Verica said observing Gabrielle lying on the purple silk.

Raden took Xena's hand and led her into the adjacent room. "You might like this one." The room, like Gabrielle's had a large feather bed. This one was covered in black silk and she noted the scent of fresh roses, which were lit up by the candle chandeliers.

"Yes, this will be fine." She was trying hard to keep herself distanced from the blonde, but she found that the instincts she so much relied on were leading her towards the woman rather than away.

"What about you Xena? Will you be bathing this evening?" Raden stepped closer to her, her green eyes shining with interest. She ran her hand lightly up Xena's strong arm.

"I hadn't thought about it." Xena replied coolly, trying desperately to control the butterflies within. Raden's touch was eliciting strange and powerful feelings within her and the loss of control of her feelings was frightening and yet, strangely seductive. She grabbed the blonde woman's hand, bringing a halt to the sensual assault on her arm.

Raden smiled up at Xena, very aware of the feelings she was awakening in the incredible warrior.

"I will send in someone to help you get settled in. Enjoy your evening, Xena." Her voice was low and enticing, touching Xena's ears like silk. Raden walked away and left Xena alone and free to explore her new surroundings.

Unlike so many other villages she and Gabrielle had ventured, Xena felt completely safe in Thisbe. The rumors of a woman run town were apparently true and from what she had heard the women were all trained to fight in order to protect and defend should the need to do so arise. Having based their way of life on her and what she stood for, the women had learned to fight like warriors and the few groups of men that had tried to conquer the village, had been defeated quickly and painfully, leaving the women to live in their thriving village in peace. Xena had also heard that the women here preferred the company of each other in the bedroom as well. The thought swam in her tired brain and she reminded herself to enlighten Gabrielle in the morning. Verica was obviously interested in Gabrielle and it struck Xena deep, but she shook it off as being overly protective of her friend.

She walked over to the inviting bed and sat down. The journey to Thisbe had been long and tiresome and she desperately needed some rest. That certainly could explain why she was having new and crazy feelings. She was merely exhausted and it was nothing that a good nights rest wouldn't solve. She knelt down and untied her boots, adamant to get some sleep and clear her head. She lay back on the soft bed still clothed but too tired to care. Placing her hands under her head she began to let the exhaustion creep up her limbs to warm her insides. The candlelight blurred and she was soon fast asleep.

Laughter teased lightly at her ears and she opened her eyes slowly, and let them adjust to the dim room. A single candle burned on the table near the door and Xena stood to retrieve it. Walking with the candle lighting her way, she followed what she knew to be Gabrielle's laughter. The house was dark, it apparently being late in the night. Xena didn't know how long she had been asleep, but someone had obviously come in her room to blow out the majority of the candles. Her body still felt heavy with fatigue and her head was cloudy and relaxed, and she felt almost as if she were walking in a dream. She stopped in front a closed door. Light flickered from underneath the door and she once again heard Gabrielle laugh along with unintelligible, muffled words. Xena carefully pushed the door open in order to peek into the room.

It was the bathing room and her eyes focused on the large stone structure in the center of the room. Candles lined it's edge, casting a warm glow on the women in the tub. Gabrielle sat laughing, a goblet in her hand. Verica reached for a bottle of wine and refilled Gabrielle's glass. Xena thought about interrupting, it being clearly obvious that Gabrielle was drunk, but she remained silent and motionless at the door.

She watched as Verica moved behind Gabrielle and stood. She came up out of the steaming water, exposing her full breasts and muscled body. Xena swallowed hard at the sight and she focused on Gabrielle instead of the rose colored nipples of Verica. Gabrielle continued to sip her wine as Verica began massaging her glistening bare shoulders.

"Oh, that feels so good." Gabrielle moaned to the dark stranger. Xena pushed the door open a little further, not quite believing what she was seeing. While pangs of jealousy struck her insides, she fought them off, not understanding what they meant or what she was seeing.

"Good, I'm glad it feels good." Verica said, continuing to work the muscled shoulders. "You're so tight, you feel so tense."

"Yeah, well all the journeys Xena and I have been on….."

"Xena, why do always speak of Xena?" Verica asked.

"She's my best friend. And we travel together and look out for one another."

"I know, I know what it is you do. It just seems that there may be something more between the two of you."

"What do you mean?" Gabrielle asked, turning toward her new friend.

"Are you two intimate?" Verica asked pointedly.

Gabrielle shook her head, not quite understanding. "Intimate? How do you mean?"

"Well," Verica said sinking back into the water so that she was eye level once again with the blonde. "Has Xena ever massaged your body?"

Gabrielle thought for a moment before answering. "A few times, I think. But I never really asked…"

"You shouldn't have to ask." Verica shushed her by placing her finger gently over Gabrielle's mouth. With her other hand she took Gabrielle's wine goblet and placed it on the edge of the tub. "She should take the time to worship your body like you deserve."

"I don't know that I deserved to be worshipped." Gabrielle let out a drunken laugh once again.

"Yes, you do." Verica's voice was low and laced with desire.

"I do?"

"Uh huh." Verica placed both hands on Gabrielle's face, pulling her closer. Leaning in, she placed a soft but lingering kiss on Gabrielle's lips. "Has Xena ever done that?"

Gabrielle shook head again. "Once or twice, but…"

Verica pulled her close once again, not waiting to hear her explanation. She kissed her again, longer and deeper, allowing her tongue to gently probe Gabrielle's mouth, as if it were asking permission to explore further.

Gabrielle responded with a muffled cry of surprise, her arms flailing in the air, as if they didn't know their place. Verica pulled away slowly, needing to catch her breath.

"Well?" She asked "Has Xena ever done that?"

"No," Gabrielle answered, breathing heavily. "She's never done that." Gabrielle stood up in the water and Xena gasped at her beautifully nude body and her honey colored nipples. Verica's eyes swept over the full breasts as well and she was just about to make another move when Gabrielle moved into her, and kissed her hard and deep. She stood, returning the kiss and wrapping her strong arms around Gabrielle's curvaceous body.

Gabrielle clenched first to Verica's back, then to her black hair, and then to her sides, all the while moaning with delight.

Xena unclenched her fists and instead clenched her jaw as she watched the erotic spectacle before her. She slammed the door open so hard it nearly came off it's hinges.

"Take your hands off her." She demanded rather loudly, but too controlled to yell.

"Xena!" Gabrielle gasped with obvious surprise. Verica remained unalarmed and she stood still, staring Xena down.

"I don't think she minds my hands on her." Verica stated, a sly grin spreading across her face.

"I mind." Xena stated taking a step closer.

"Seems to me that you had your chance with her, and you weren't interested."

Xena clenched her fists again, the words stinging.

"Xena, please!" Gabrielle exclaimed, needing to make her understand. "I'm ok." She looked at her long time, her eyes pleading.

"Everything ok in here?" Raden stood in the door way, donned in a white silk robe.

"Apparently, everything's fine." Xena seethed looking directly at Verica. She turned and headed quickly out the door, ignoring Gabrielle's pleas for her to wait. She rushed past Raden and down the dark hallway to a back door. Pushing it open, she ran out into the grass needing to breathe the cold night air. She looked up at the star scaped sky and plopped down in the cold frosty grass.

"You want to talk about it?" Raden approached from behind.

"What's there to talk about?" Xena pulled her legs up and rested her arms on her knees.

"Judging by the look on your face and Gabrielle's, I'd say there's a lot to talk about."

Xena sat in silence for a moment, focusing on the night sky. "There's nothing to talk about. It was a misunderstanding."

Raden stood next to her, hugging herself from the cold. "Know what I think?" Xena continued to sit in silence, determined to control her emotions and pretending to be uninterested in what Raden had to say. "I think maybe you saw something that upset you. Or maybe you saw something that excited you and that's what upset you."

Images of a glistening Gabrielle in the arms of Verica filled her head. The thought wasn't disturbing, it was devastating. "Yeah, well," Xena said pushing herself up off the wet ground. "No one asked what you thought."

Less than intimidated by her words, Raden reached out and touched her arm, just as she had done hours before.

The warmth of her touch seared through Xena in a way that had never happened before. Xena sucked in a quick breath air and shuddered against the shorter woman. Mistaking the reaction as being caused by the outside air, Raden immediately placed her remaining hand on Xena's other arm and began rubbing them up and down, trying to warm her.

"Come inside, it's freezing out here." Xena shook her head, glad Raden thought she was merely cold. If only her feelings were as simple as being exposed to the night air.

She allowed Raden to lead them back inside to the warm confines of the house. She followed Raden in silence to a bedroom on the far side of the house. Xena stared into the roaring fire, mesmerized by it's dance. Raden walked across the room and retrieved a cotton sleep shirt which she brought over to Xena.

"Let's get you out of those clothes." She stood before Xena, reaching out to unhook her leather bodice.

"What, are you doing?" Xena grabbed her hands to still them.

Raden smiled, unafraid of the dark warrior. "I'm helping you out of your clothes." She paused and took a step back from taller woman. "Does it make you uncomfortable?"

Xena stared her, unsure how to answer. She didn't want to admit her discomfort because she didn't want to sound fearful. And fear was more along the lines of what she was feeling. "I'm fine." She said, trying to sound more courageous than she felt.

"Of course you are, but just in case you are feeling the slightest bit…exposed, I'll join you." Her green eyes flickered and locked with Xena's as her hands slowly untied the belt to her silk robe. The ends of the belt fell to the side and Raden carefully pulled the robe open and let it slide down her shoulders and onto the floor.

Her body was golden in the firelight, and Xena couldn't help but take in it's raw beauty. She was all muscle and curves, womanly yet powerful. Raden walked closer and Xena watched as the muscles of her feminine body twitched and moved. She stood before Xena and once again reached out to help her out of the leathers. But this time she started with the gauntlets on Xena's forearms. One at a time, Raden untied them, brushing Xena's arm against her bare skin in the process.

Xena stood perfectly still. Her heart rate increased and her breathing became more and more shallow at Raden's nude presence before her. Never before had she felt so out of control of her feelings and her mind reeled with desire as Raden removed her bodice, inching it slowly down her body and to the floor.

"How do you feel now?" Raden whispered. Xena stood in silence, unable to find her voice. Her eyes once again swept down Raden's body. Raden held her hand and brought it up to her mouth, lightly kissing it. "Touch me." She said as she placed Xena's hand on her breast.

The feel of the warm, soft breast under Xena's hand sent shockwaves of desire throughout her entire body. She had never imagined that the feel of another woman could elicit such animalistic feelings in her. Raden took another step closer. "Kiss me, Xena."

Xena thought of Gabrielle and Verica locked in a kiss and she felt her own blood boil over with want and need and she reached out suddenly and forcefully, taking Raden in her arms and kissing her. Her head spun and her body awoke as she allowed herself to melt into Raden. The kiss was soft and hot and wonderful, causing the pressure to build between her legs and she suddenly felt like she might implode.

Sensing her excitement, Raden pulled away from the kiss and led Xena over to the bed where she gently pushed her down to sit on it's edge. There, in the firelight, Raden knelt down on her knees before Xena. "I've dreamt of this moment for years." She said looking up into the bright blue eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Xena asked, a little confused.

"This." Raden said as she maneuvered between her legs, placing her mouth on Xena's most sensitive part. The heat from Raden's tongue was instantly felt and Xena grabbed her head and arched her back in pleasure. It was intense and overwhelming, unlike anything she had previously experienced.

Raden's oral assault continued, becoming more and more powerful as she suckled and licked at the dark warrior's center. She paused for a moment and looked up at her. Xena's eyes were clenched shut and sweat beaded above her lip. Xena opened her eyes and looked down at the woman who was taking such pleasure in feeding from her. "Wha?" She asked out of breath. Her eyes were alive, her lips full.

"Lay back." Raden urged her softly. Xena complied, too caught up in the pleasure not to. Raden moved up on the bed with her, this time kissing her way down Xena's hard body. Xena wriggled beneath her, every nerve ending jumping to life for the first time. Raden reached up between the long legs and gently inserted two fingers into her tight center. Xena cried out throatily and came up off the bed. Raden gently pushed on her chest, easing her back down. "Relax. I want you to enjoy every moment of this." She cooed as she rolled a pink nipple between her fingers.

Xena inhaled sharply and began moving her hips against Raden's hand. Her mind floated to Gabrielle and how she looked in the bath with the steam rising around her. The way her breasts looked as she rose from the water. Raden moved again and Xena saw her climb between her legs. She lowered her head and licked at Xena once again while stroking her from the inside at the same time.

The pleasure burned up through her in waves and she grasped at Raden's hair as the pleasure increased wave after wave. She clenched her eyes and thought of Gabrielle and the way she kissed Verica. She imagined that she was the one Gabrielle had kissed in the bath and the pleasure between her legs peaked and Xena opened her eyes and looked down at the blonde head between her legs. It looked so much like Gabrielle and she imagined it was, and she climaxed hard and grabbed at the blonde hair.

"Ah, Gabrielle!!!" She cried out from deep within. She clung to the blonde and rode out the orgasm, wave after shuddering wave before collapsing back onto the bed. She laid in silence for awhile, while Raden got up and slipped back into her robe.

"You know, you should tell her how you really feel." Raden said softly as she sat down on the bed next to Xena.

Xena looked over at her and thought for a moment. "I'm sorry." She said, feeling the need to explain.

"Don't be." She smiled down at her. "Everyone in this town already thinks you two are together."

"They do?" Xena asked, getting up to slip on the night shirt.

"Of course. It's plainly obvious to all of us how you feel about one another. I was just a little surprised to find that you hadn't yet explored those feelings."

Xena walked over and returned to the bed to sit next to her. "I guess I never really understood what they were until…"

"Until now." Raden finished. "Go to her." Raden reached up and touched her face.

Xena held her hand and kissed it. "Thank you." She said before she rose from the bed and walked out of the room.

"The pleasure was all mine." Raden said after her.

Xena walked through the dark house with a purpose. She needed to find Gabrielle to tell her how she felt, to tell her how much she cared, and how much she desired her. She shivered slightly in the cotton night shirt. It clung to the evaporating sweat on her cooling body, but a fire burned hot within her. Her cheeks were flushed with heat and a wet pulsing beat between her legs.

Blue eyes focused intently on the dark hallway as she walked feverishly across the cold floor. Coming up on Gabrielle's bedroom door she stopped. Blood pounded at her temples as she stood and listened. She hoped against hope that she wasn't too late. That Verica wasn't already in her bed, awakening her, tasting her. Silence prevailed and Xena opened the door the dimly lit room. She peeked in and looked at the bed. Gabrielle lay sleeping amidst a pile of rumpled covers, alone. She was alone.

Xena swallowed hard and moved quietly across the room to stand next to the bed. She looked down at Gabrielle and watched her sleep as she had done so many times before. The peacefulness of the blonde had never failed to soothe her. She reached down and softly stroked the hair away from her forehead. Gabrielle stirred slightly but she didn't wake.

Xena moved around to the other side of the bed and pulled off her night shirt. She straightened the covers and crawled carefully into the bed next to Gabrielle. The bed was soft and warm from the heat of Gabrielle's slumbering body. Xena pulled the covers up and Gabrielle turned and snuggled into her. The blonde wrapped her arm across Xena's abdomen and snuggled her face against the dark woman's neck.

She cooed softly and Xena swallowed hard. Gabrielle's breathing was warm on her skin and she could smell the fragrant scent in her hair from her bath. Xena tried to reposition, knowing that the tickling of her breath would soon cause her to lose control. Gabrielle stirred and moved her body lower against Xena, resting her head near an exposed nipple. Xena clenched her jaw as the warm air awakened her puckering nipple. Blood rushed through body and pressure built between her legs. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to have her.

Turning on her side she eased herself down Gabrielle's body and began carefully scooting up her night shirt. Gabrielle was naked underneath and Xena's pulse quickened at the sight of the light brown downy hairs. She rolled Gabrielle onto her back and lifted her arms. Gabrielle began to make a muffled noise as Xena pulled the night shirt up over her head.

"What, what's going on?" Gabrielle awoke slowly, completely confused. Her sleepy eyes tried to focus on her surroundings.

"SShh, just relax." Xena whispered, positioning herself above her.

"Xena?" Gabrielle said surprised. She sat up onto her elbows and looked up at her long time friend. "I'm so glad you're here, I thought you were mad at me and I wanted to explain and…"

Xena bent down and kissed her, shushing her. Gabrielle moaned with surprise, not quite sure if it was another one of their friendly kisses. Xena let the kiss linger before pulling away.

"I was only with Verica because she liked me and well you never…"

"Gabrielle." Xena said softly.

"And well she looks so much like you and…"

"I love you Gabrielle."

Gabrielle froze, unsure of the words she heard. "Huh?"

"I said I love you." Xena said with conviction.

"You mean as a friend?" Gabrielle asked, trying desperately to make sense of what she was hearing.

"Yes, but in another way as well."

"What other way?" Gabrielle asked softly.

Xena smiled slightly and moved in closer, resting her body against Gabrielle's. "This way." She said as she kissed her again, this time lightly sucking on Gabrielle's bottom lip before moving to suck on her tongue.

Gabrielle instantly responded and moaned with delight into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Xena's neck pulling her closer. Xena kissed her passionately, tasting her for the first time. Their tongues intertwined in a slow, erotic dance, exploring and savoring. Xena pulled her lips away after a long while and moved to Gabrielle's neck where she kissed and sucked, causing Gabrielle to breathe in sharply.

"I want you Gabrielle." Xena whispered into her ear before taking her ear lobe into her mouth.

"Ahh, I want you too." Gabrielle said, between shaky breaths. She moved her hips up off the bed, trying to find Xena's thigh. Her excitement was mounting and she didn't think she could wait much longer to feel Xena on her.

Xena felt her move beneath her and she lay on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. She grinned as Gabrielle gasped and wriggled beneath her. Starting at her inner wrist, Xena began kissing and licking down Gabrielle's arm, causing her to shriek and squirm. Moving down, she continued her oral quest until she came upon her honey colored nipple where she spent countless minutes sucking, nibbling and licking.

Gabrielle moaned and fought against Xena's weight, but she couldn't budge her. She could feel her warm juices saturating her center and she tried again to maneuver between Xena.

Xena moved lower and licked at her navel and Gabrielle was finally able to find Xena's thigh. With a deep sounded groan she grinded her folds against Xena's firm leg. Xena sat up, shocked at how hot and wet Gabrielle felt against her bare skin. Gabrielle continued to pump, the feeling too good to stop.

"Oh no you don't." Xena said removing her leg. Gabrielle picked her head up off the bed and grunted her discontent.

Xena moved down between Gabrielle's legs and held them open in her arms. "I don't want any of this to go to waste." She eased down and breathed in deep the sweet scent of her. She licked her inner thigh and got a taste of her honey nectar. A primal urge to feed on her took over and Xena flattened out her tongue and licked from inside the warm walls of her soft hole up to her swollen, firm bulb. Gabrielle bucked against her and Xena groaned like an animal. Any control she had hoped to have was now nowhere to be found. Holding Gabrielle firm against her, she plunged her tongue deep within her and drank from her, swirling her tongue around firm against the slick walls, wanting to taste every last drop.

Gabrielle's hand knotted her hair and she arched her back, throwing her head from side to side, muttering incoherent words. Xena held her fast, and alternated twirling her tongue to plunging it in over and over. Feeling Gabrielle tighten on her tongue, she decided to move her mouth to the engorged bud between her folds. Gabrielle was panting for breath and she tried to say something but Xena once again shushed her, this time by taking the hot flesh of her into her mouth where she held it captive, sucking and stroking it with her tongue.

Gabrielle cried out and ran her hands down Xena's back, digging her fingernails into the bare skin. The slight pain only increased Xena's drive and she sucked harder holding the small mound of skin between her teeth and running her tongue over it's exposed never endings.

"Xe…na." Gabrielle held her hips up off the bed and against Xena's mouth. Sweat beaded her body and her muscles were taut under her skin. Xena knew it was time and she plunged a finger deep into the hot, creamy walls of her true love. Gabrielle picked her head up off the bed and opened her eyes to look at Xena. "Feels…so…good." She managed to say before pleasure once again tightened her vocal chords. She eased her buttocks down to the bed and allowed Xena to pump her slowly with her long, powerful finger.

Xena let go of the swollen bud and instead completely covered it with her slick tongue, licking at it in giant swirls. Feeling that Gabrielle was ready, she eased in another finger and stroked up and down, tight against the contracting walls. Gabrielle tugged at her hair and clawed at her arms and Xena knew it was time. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked in all of Gabrielle that she could and suckled her flesh and pumped deep inside. Gabrielle bucked her hips in rhythm with Xena, her nerve endings alive and thriving with pleasure.

She couldn't believe it was happening, it seemed so surreal. She had been dreaming of this moment since she first laid eyes on the dark, mysteriously beautiful woman. She opened her eyes and looked down. Sparkling blue eyes stared up at her and she suddenly felt her entire being explode with pleasure. Throwing her head back, she arched up off the bed and groaned out, deep and hoarse, "XENA!!!" She pumped against her, unable to control herself, as if she were momentarily possessed. She held fast to her, wanting Xena to take every last inch of her into her beautiful mouth. This woman, her best friend, the love of her life, was finally her lover. The moment was overwhelming and incredibly powerful. Finally, having ridden the earth shattering orgasm out, Gabrielle collapsed back onto the bed.

Xena lay for still for a moment, her fingers still snug within. Gabrielle's chest was rising and falling quickly and Xena could feel the pulse of her beating against her fingers. Never in her life had she felt so content. Carefully, she eased her fingers out of the amazing blonde woman and she crawled up to lie next to her. She studied her face and touched her cheek. It was wet and warm and she realized that Gabrielle was crying.

"Are you ok?" She was instantly alarmed and afraid that maybe she had hurt her.

"Yes, I'm fine." Gabrielle said softly, taking Xena's hand and kissing it. "I'm more than fine; I'm the best I've ever been." Her body shook as she choked back a sob. "It felt so good, I've waited so long."

"Sshhh." Xena whispered, kissing her cheek and wiping away a tear. "You don't have to wait anymore." She kissed her softly on the lips.

"I love you, Xena." Gabrielle said, looking up into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

"I love you too, Gabrielle." She replied softly, with a smile.

The End

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