Disclaimer: I was up late, I was lonely…graphic sex is the product. (On paper that is.) So if graphic sex offends you, then I’m sorry but this story isn’t for you. And well, you probably wouldn’t like me anyhow. I’m a real graphic sex enthusiast. So for all you fellow enthusiasts, read on my friends and enjoy.

The following story is fictional.

Voyage Aboard the Queen

By Ronica Black

Copyright 2001


for any kind words

She stood in front of me, wearing that shirt that could bring me to my knees and make me beg for a taste of her. Tight fitting and sleeveless, it hugged her apple sized breasts and an image of their creamy softness and pink, perky centers swirled within my brain like a creamy strawberry candy. She reached up and scratched the top of her long sinewy arm, bronzed from the year round warmth of the Arizona sun in which we hailed. The wind picked up, carrying a strand of auburn hair across her angled face to tickle her rose colored lips.

Catching my leer out of the corner of her eye, she turned to me, tucking the wind wisped hair nervously behind her ear. "What?" she prompted softly, a shy grin spreading across her face.

She knew what.

She knew me like the back of her own hand. And she knew exactly what it was that was written in my gaze. I stood still, unanswering and unwavering. My lust for her was potent and dripping from me, seeping through every pore on my sweat and allowing the wind to carry it to her. She stepped closer to me and pulled the sunglasses away from her hazel eyes. She studied my face, her vision lingering over my lips like a light caress. Her pupils widened as she licked her lips with anticipation.


She had answered her own question.

I brushed my fingers lightly over the sensitive skin just inside her wrist. Her skin came alive with goose bumps and I didn’t think I could wait much longer to awaken the rest of her.

An ominous voice squawked in our ears and pulled us back into our immediate surroundings. The line to board the cruise ship began to move slowly and I smiled as I watched her ass tease me in the faded blue jeans as she walked ahead of me.

Around me swarmed hundreds of lesbians buzzing in my ears like bees. Laughter, chatter and shrieks of excitement all warped together in a crooning drone in my ear. My focus tunneled, never wavering from the walking sex in front of me. I was uninterested in the bees around me, for I had my sights on the queen.

We walked through the corridors of the ship, both of us searching for our stateroom in silence, our key already in hand. She felt my eyes on her backside, tickling her with the heat of my desire. When the heat got too much to bear, she would look over her shoulder at me and toss me a lop-sided grin which carried a penetrating heat of its own.

She stopped ahead of me and stood before a door, waiting for me to come to her before she unlocked it. I moved in behind her with panther like quickness and leaned in to inhale the scent of her shampoo. My breath was like a sexual stroke on the back of her neck and I could feel her knees beginning to quiver as she hastily unlocked the door and flung it open, knowing that it granted not only entrance to our room but entrance to each other as well.

I swung the door shut with force and she jumped on me in an instant, wrapping her long legs around my waist, her mouth on mine, sucking and probing me, tasting me, claiming me. I turned and pressed her back against the wall while I pushed my hips against her causing her to moan and claw at my back. She grabbed a fist full of my hair in one hand and aggressively pulled my bruised lips from hers.

"I want you to fuck me." She whispered hoarsely as pools of dark green puddled her eyes.

My heart thudded loudly in my chest and I carried her over to the bed and set her down gently. Kneeling before her I began to jerk her shirt out from the waist of her Levis. Wanting and needing to taste her, my own desire flooded up from my center, leaving my mouth molten and watering. Her face was flushed with wanton and her hands shook as she grabbed mine to stop me.

"Wait, not yet." She said, reclaiming more of her voice. "Let’s wait."

My blood was too busy pounding between my legs for me to comprehend her meaning and I shook my head in confusion. "For what?" I questioned.

"I thought we could wait until after the ball tonight. You know, let the anticipation build?" She leered at me with dark green eyes flecked mischievously with brown.

I swallowed back my bubbling desire and willed my legs to stand. Her request played in my mind and I agreed to wait, while thoughts of the forthcoming evening and its impending intensity helped to ease the pain of patience.

The ball itself was hours away and I flopped helplessly down on the bed beside her in mock defeat. "I promise it’ll be worth your while to wait." She said impishly as she lightly pinched my nipple between her teeth through my shirt. I groaned a warning to her and she jumped off the bed with bounding energy and teasing in her eyes. "In the meantime, we can go swimming…" she said as she began stripping before me and trotting off into the bathroom to change.


My coke and rum was as warm as the sun. I ran a hand through my short blonde hair and squinted into the white afternoon heat. The smell of coconut wafted into my nostrils carried from the oil glistening bodies of fellow sun bathers. I watched lazily as my queen exited up the steps out of the pool. Sun kissed and sinewy, I observed the lean muscles and cat like gracefulness in which she moved. Nipples erect and wanting freedom, poked at the wet fabric of her bikini and I licked my lips as I watched her body, slick with oil, effortlessly shed the water off in hundreds of droplets.

"Hi darlin’" She greeted with a grin as she purposely let water drip on my bare abdomen. The leering was now being done on her end and she looked hungrily at my more muscular and curved physique. "Where is a piece of ice when I need it?" She asked as her gaze lingered on my breasts. I knew she would tease me as long as she possibly could. Building the anticipation was something she was very good at and she would play it out until the very end bringing me to the point of sheer insanity.

"It’s almost time." I said with pleasure as she dried herself off before me. I stood, deciding to take one last cool swim before I had to get ready and the evening started.

"I’ll see you later." She tilted my chin towards her and planted a soft warm coconut kiss on my lips. She left me with a smile as she went ahead to the stateroom to ready herself for the ball. As previously arranged, she would arrive at the ball ahead of me.

A long swim and two more rum and cokes later I let myself into the stateroom to get ready. The smell of her perfume hit me like a shockwave of lust and I tore my bikini off in a new found hurry. Her presence was strong and powerful and I jumped in the shower to try to refocus. I only had a short time to get ready before I was due at the ball where she now awaited me.

Exiting the steamy shower, I felt relaxed and eager to focus on the task at hand. I walked nude and freshly scrubbed into the bedroom where I unzipped my garment bag and removed a black tuxedo. It had been decided before the cruise that I would be the one to wear the tux to the "ladies and gents" themed ball. I had never dressed in drag before but the once crazy sounding prospect now excited me to no end. I suddenly wanted to be the most convincing gent at the ball and I wanted to sweep my lady off her feet.

I opened up my suitcase and pulled out a bag which contained some men’s products. I held up a pair of brand new pair of men’s briefs. "Well here goes." I said to myself as I pulled on the tighty whiteys and laughed. Next I pulled on a tight fitting sports bra and squeezed my c cups into it, hoping it would help to flatten them out without turning me purple in the process. It seemed to do the trick.

I then applied some men’s deodorant and sprayed on the men’s cologne that drove us both wild. I pulled on my white undershirt and stepped into the tuxedo pants. Just before I zipped them up, I carefully placed a small dildo in my underwear, sticking the shaft through the front hole. Feeling its cool base resting just above clitoris I became instantly aroused and I let thoughts of its intended use swim in my brain. Smiling, I zipped up my pants and looked it the mirror hoping it would look like I had a nice little package.

Satisfied, and feeling strangely powerful, I finished dressing and stepped in front of the bathroom mirror to do my hair. I fingered lots of gel through my thick wet hair and maneuvered it so it looked very modern in masculine terms. Some tussled spikes but still very debonair. Lastly, I placed one small gold hoop in my left ear and I straightened my bowtie. I almost didn’t recognize my own reflection as I examined my classic features, made more prominent by the hair style. Feeling confident and very "Sean Connery", I headed out to the ball.

The event itself was held in a large ballroom on the uppermost deck of the ship. The sun had already kissed the Caribbean Sea goodnight and the sky was purpling with darkness when I stepped into the dimly lit ballroom. The brass band played a soft tune as the last of the gents wandered in, dressed to the nines in various styles of tuxedo. I stood amongst the others, letting my eyes adjust to the low light, trying to find my queen on the other side of the room, dining and socializing, as all the ladies were doing.

The band picked up and began playing a big band tune from the 1940s as I walked slowly through the dance floor to the other side of the ballroom, scanning the crowd, searching faces, looking for the one. Several women said something to me in way of greeting but I merely smiled and nodded hello, needing to find her, needing to see her.

Not yet able to locate her, I approached the bar and ordered a screwdriver. I was taking my first sip when I caught the faint scent of her perfume and I felt her leaning into my back. "I’ll take a slow screw." Her voice purred in my ear and vibrated down to my very core, stoking my fire. I smiled and turned to face her, this creature of my desire. A tight black sequined dress gloved her body and ended a few inches above her knees. My eyes blazed a trail down her legs, noting the dark stockings and wanting to find out how they were held up.

"You look unbelievable." I said as I looked into her eyes and watched them sparkle with wild desire.

"You look absolutely gorgeous yourself." She leaned into me and groped my crotch. "And what have we here?" She asked as she took the tip of my ear lobe into her mouth and lightly sucked.

"I brought a friend." I replied with a grin thinking of all the different positions in which I would like to introduce them. I swallowed hard and felt my pupils enlarge as my eyes took her in. I needed to feel the warmth of her pressed up against me. "Would you like to dance?" I asked my voice sultry with intent. My lips brushed the top of her hand, my eyes caressing her elegant face. Her auburn hair reflected the soft light from the chandeliers and fell to rest on her tanned shoulders.

Slowly, I led her to the dance floor where the band had begun to play a slower tune. I pulled her to me, slowly, surely, craving her scent, her very essence. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and tickled the back of my neck with her fingers, playing me like an erotic violin. More couples moved in next to us and we lost ourselves amongst the crowd, lost in each other.

Song after song we danced, our passion slowly escalating. I breathed in deep, letting her scent claim me and I whispered my desires in her ear and spoke of my dwindling control. Her response was a groan in my ear and a deliberate movement of her hips against my crotch. I eased my hands down her bare back and rested them on the tight globes of her ass and pulled her into me. My aching mouth suckled her neck causing a sharp intake of breath on her part.

Clinging to one another in a ravenous pose we stood frozen in time in the middle of the emptying dance floor. The band had stopped playing and I had failed to even notice, the humming of desire was alive in my ears. A woman walked on stage and began speaking but her voice was lost to me before it ever reached my ears. Applause rang out around me as couples focused on the woman on stage. With attention solely on the stage, we took advantage and wound our way through the crowd towards the door. I was being led hastily out of the ballroom and outside to the upper deck.

"Don’t you want to see what’s going on inside?" I said breathlessly not really caring. She responded by grabbing my jacket and slamming me up against the wall. Her mouth took mine with a vengeance causing the fire within me to rage and I knew now that there would be no stopping us. The anticipation that had been building all day seized my rational thoughts and held them captive.

Hands wrapped tightly around her I turned and pinned her against the wall, all the while letting my tongue explore her mouth with a fierce hunger. This hunger had been stoked and teased with the crumbs of her teasing throughout the day and it had left me absolutely ravenous for her.

Like a crazed blood thirsty vampire, I had to feed. I had to feed now. Only it wasn’t her blood I craved. As if it had a mind of it’s own, my hand drifted up her stocking clad leg to find what it was that my insides craved. I smiled when I felt the warm flesh of her bare thigh flanked by garters, but I nearly choked with surprise when my hand continued upward and felt the hot slickness of her center. My touch to the exposed petals of her center rocked her and she tore her mouth from mine "That’s my little surprise." She whispered to me, referring to her panty-less crusade, her voice quivering along with her knees.

Adrenaline surged through me like hot liquid lust and I grabbed her hand and led her around to the other side of the ship where we would have more privacy and I could continue my sensual assault. Once out of immediate sight we kissed again, harder, deeper, letting ourselves go. I reached back up underneath her skirt and stroked her swollen clit with my two fingers. Up and down I milked her for her cries of pleasure. Waves of ecstasy crashed through her again and again at the request of my fingers. Her breath entered hot in my ear and traveled with lightning speed to my own aching center.

The vampire of wanton returned and I was craving the taste of her on my tongue. I knelt before her and lapped at the hot silk sex in which I had milked her for and sucked at her throbbing clit until I had her essence running down my chin. My hunger for her still prevailing, I stood and turned her to face the wall. Slowly lifting her skirt, my hands encircled the milky white flesh of her firm ass and I knelt down like a ravenous animal and bit each cheek in mock dominance. Shrieking with delight she threw electric words of want over her shoulder, begging for me to take her.

Mouth suddenly dry, ears ringing, I unzipped my pants and maneuvered my dildo carefully into her wet, slick hole. She instantly threw her head back in pleasure and cried my name out into still moonlit night with a voice strained in pleasure. My face felt hot with excitement and blood pounded in my ears to the point of mere implosion. I had never wanted anything more in my life than I did her at that very moment.

With my right hand wound in her hair, I tugged her head back close to my mouth where I nibbled on her ear and suckled hungrily at her exposed neck. My left hand held her firm around her hips and between her legs resting on her blood engorged clit. There, beneath the midnight blue sky and the soft sounds of the ocean, I fucked her first from behind, and then, up against the wall until the my own impending orgasm threatened to shake my very foundation.

Breathless and heavenly spent; I rested my head on her chest for a brief moment when voices from the ball echoed into our private velvet night. People were leaving the ball and staggering with alcohol laced laughter towards us. With fear of being seen, but mostly with fear of being interrupted, I quickly zipped up my pants and pulled her along behind me and down the stairs to the next level.

She stopped me at the bottom of the stairs and knelt down with deliberation before me, leering up at me as she unzipped my pants. With confident hands she pulled out the dildo slick with her own juices and began to slowly suck. The sight of her taking me into her mouth turned me on tremendously, to the point where I could almost imagine feeling her. Then, with her thumbs she found my hungry clit and allowed me to feel her. She began to stroke me as she sucked my protruding cock. I slammed my head back against the wall and shuddered with pleasure. She laughed wickedly at my obvious enjoyment and in wanting desperately to taste me; she pulled the dildo out of the way and yanked my pants down around my ankles. Her fingers claimed me deep inside, curling snug against my g-spot. Her tongue worked it’s molten magic on my clit, massaging in mesmerizing movements.

The desire she was stirring within me felt purely animalistic, causing me to immediately want her again. The pleasure she was searing into me with her tongue and fingers sent my mind reeling with images of her and what I wanted to do to her to make her mine and mine alone. The flickering projection of my minds own porn pushed me beyond my rising crest and beyond the breaking point.

I pulled her head into me as I came, the orgasm smashing through me like thunder rolling through storm clouds. Flashes of lightning from the rescinding orgasmic storm lit up her face as she smiled triumphantly up at me from my sated loins. Head spinning, legs buckling with weakness, the distant sound of muffled voices pricked my deafening ears and loomed closer to the top the stairs.

Hastily yanking up my pants for me, she pulled me, running along after to her to our stateroom. As if it were being replayed from earlier in the day, I swung the door shut with force and she came at me like a cheetah, sultry in movement and grace, hunting it’s prey. Chest rising and falling from excitement, arousal, and adrenaline, I stood still and let her undress me. She pulled the sports bra over my head, freeing my bound breasts from their restraint. Taking them in her mouth one at a time, claiming each nipple with the flicking of her tongue, she once again brought me home to the palace of uninhibited pleasure that had been evading me all day. Upon hearing my moans she stepped back and looked at me with intensity as I stood before her completely nude. "You know, you looked good as a man, but I’m so damn glad you’re a woman."

"Ditto." I said, my voice faltering, my desire once again escalating as she led me to our bed.

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