Life with The Ecxecutioner

By: Sabru Duniz

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She clicks a button and the floor opens a table with a projector on it. She tabbed another button and the projector revealed a woman on top of it.  

"This here is Devlyn Winters and she runs the gang well known around the world as Poison Devils. She and her gang have never been caught and your mission is to capture her without killing her." "Why are we bringing down another gang? That just doesn't seem like our style." I ask "It's not, but the FBI has found evidence that can lead us out of a job." Alice walks around the table.  "I couldn't let that happen so I made my agents come up with a deal with them and they accepted. " Alice pointed to the picture of Devlyn. "They want her and we want out. Your task sounds simple but it's not.  Don't be fooled by her appearance, she can play you around her finger like the little puppy she'll make you." "Where do we find her?" Randy asked. "Tomorrow night, she's holding a party at one of her mansions." She clicks another button and a mansion appears.  "You'll be going as a married couple. Randy, you'll be the one dressing as the male." "Why does she have to be the manly one?" I asked a little pissed off at the fact that Alice would not suggest me.  "That would be a bit unrealistic, don't you think? You're to short to be Randy's husband Andrea." I crossed my arms. "Fine." "Sorry Andrea." She patted me on my shoulder.  "You will leave tonight and stay at a hotel also run by Devlyn, so act like you guys are natural couples." She pushed Randy to the exit who was greeted by Bruce. "Get the girl to make her look like a man. Oh and take Andrea to Tracy to get her something sexy to wear." Randy and I were dragged out of the room and turned in different directions to get ready. 


I exited from my dressing room after I was fitted into my sexy looking red dress that fit my hips and body tightly. My high heels were not the most comfortable shoes in the world, but I had to bare with it.  Randy had exited at the same time and I did not notice her (I was too busy trying not to break my foot) until we were standing face to face. These shoes did have it's advantages.

"Well, don't you look...handsome." She was dressed in a black tuxedo that brought out her blue eyes. You don't even realize she's a girl if you look from a strangers point of view.  Damn, I thought. "Yeah, well.." she says cockily as she brushes an invisible flint off her left shoulder. "I can make a sack look good on me." Randy She twirls around with a smile on her face. "What do you think?" I look appreciatively at her and I have to admit, she looks damn good. The dress just fits her like a second skin, shows off all the right places. "You look good enough to eat." I purr as I feel my desire pooling in my boxers.  She walks over to me and wraps her arms around my neck, rubbing her body against mine.  "Since we're going to spend the night in the same room together tonight, we might as well be friendly." I wrap my arms around her waist to pull her closer.  "I like the way you think." I say in a husky tone as I lean my head down for a kiss.  She places two fingers on my lips. "Ah, ah, ah. What do I get out of this besides a fling?" "A fling? Baby, I don't know about you but I feel a strong connection here. You get my love and your world will be rocked." I say sincerely while smiling. I kiss her fingers. "Trust me." She pulls away from me. "The last one who told me to trust them shattered my heart shatter to pieces. So, what makes you any special?" "I see an intelligent, independent, and powerful woman. Not to mention ridiculously gorgeous.  Your eyes could make the coldest of hearts turn to mush with one look. Whoever left you is obviously retarded. I see a good thing when it's in front of me. Mama didn't raise no fool." I say wholeheartedly. I just wanna kiss you Goddammit, I think. She sighs. "I'm sorry Randy, I just can't. I can't go through it all over again. I'm flattered that you feel so strongly about me but I just can't." I frown, grab her by the waist, pull her to my body and kiss her fiercely to try and convey my feelings in that one kiss. She tries to pull away but soon starts responding. I moan a little as she shoves her tongue in my mouth. We pull away when the need for air becomes necessary. I lean my forehead to hers as we're both panting.

"You make me feel things I never thought were possible in this kind of life. My heart flutters when you're near me. I feel cold when you're not. Give me a chance to prove myself to you. I...think...I think I love you, Sane." I say, surprised at my words and how much I mean them.  "Shut up Randy, just please, shut up." Tears flow down Andrea's face. "You only think Randy, you don't know." She started pounding on my chest with her fists. "We're going on a fucking mission! How do I fucking know that you're fucking going to survive you fucking asshole!" I pull her to me and she buried her face into my neck.  "Ssh. Baby, don't cry. I promise to bring both of us alive. If you die I'll kill myself. I can't lose you, not when I just found you." I say as I hug her shaking body more tightly to me.  "Not that this isn't the sweetest thing ever and I hate to be the one to break up a total love fest but Alice wants us to get going." Spyder says in the doorway.  I pull away from Andrea and hold her by the shoulders. "Look at me. We'll get through this okay? You and me." I say. She smiles and nods at me. She takes a deep breath to get her composer back, wipes the tears avoiding the make up and then turns to Spyder. "Us?" she asks back to her leader mode in seconds as we enter back into the main quarters. I just shake my head. This impeccable.

"Yeah.  Kal, Jokes, and I are joining you."  He says.  Andrea and I look at Alice in a questioning manner.   "You might need people.  I cant risk you going in alone with no back up.  Spyder and Kal are your couple friends and Joker is your chauffeur."  She says   "Whatever." I say   "Can we move?" Andrea says   "Limo is outside."  Alice nods towards the door.   "Is it white?"  Joker asks stupidly.   "Move it dumbass."  Spyder says as we head out.   Andrea   We climb into the white limo with Kal and Spyder.  Alice ordered Joker to go into the car and gave directions to him.  We were quiet the whole ride to the hotel.   We walked with our respectable pairs into the hotel and had to smile the whole way.   "How can I help you?" the clerk at the desk asked.   "We have reservations for Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan." Randy says.   "Let me check."  She presses some buttons on her keyboard." Would it be Jack and Katherine Sullivan?"   "That would be us."  Randy responds.   "Your room is located at the top floor, number 409. Here is your key." She handed us our key and we thanked her.  "Enjoy your stay."   Spyder and Kal also checked in after us.  The elevator ride to our room was another quiet affair.  As we stepped into the lobby we parted ways to our different  destinations.   "We're in 411."says Kal   "See you at the party."  Randy says as she puts her hand on the small of my back and leads me into our room while looking pointedly at the cameras.   "Until then."  Says Spyder as he too noticed the cameras and they head into their room.   Once we're inside, I push Randy against the door and kiss her breathless. I pull away and lay my head on her chest while she strokes my back. I can feel the bindings on her chest and the make believe male member in her pants against my thigh. Oh, the things she can do with that...   "What are you doing?"  She whispers, pulling me from my thoughts.   "Cameras in here too."  I whisper back.  "We have to make this look real. Three hours until the party. Make the best of it.  I know she's watching."  I pinch her on the arm when I feel her hands drifting to my backside.  "Watch the hands."  I hiss   "Ow! You want it to look real, don't you?" she whispers back with a smirk in her voice.   I don't answer as I start removing her clothing.  We quickly make work of our garments, only left in our under clothes.   "You look so much better without the dress." She softly purrs in my ear.   I shiver slightly as the timber of her voice sends pleasant chills down my spine.  "Just carry me to bed.  To sleep, you pervert." I add as she gets a gleam in her crystal blue orbs.

  "Spoil sport."  She pouts as she lifts me up easily in her arms and carries me to the bed.  I pull back the covers so she placed me in it.  She crawls in after me and spoons me from behind with her arm around my waist.   "You smell good."  She purrs in a husky voice as she nuzzles my hair and rubs her "dick" against my backside.   "Not now Jack. Please."  I say staying in character with the name.   "Okay.  After?"  She asks hopefully, stopping her movements.   "Maybe."  I whisper as I lace my fingers with her long ones.  I swear I hear her murmur 'I love you' somewhere in my sleep induced brain as we drift off.

 ******** The party was in full swing as we danced.  She was so close to me, my body was tingling

all over.  I could feel everywhere her hands were on me.  My waist has never felt so warm.   "You feel so good." She whispers in my ear as her hands start drifting towards my ass.  I cant help but press myself against her as she caresses me.  My breathing becomes laboured as it gets too hot.  I pull away slightly and get my mind out of the haze she has put me in.   "I think its time."  I choke out. Her eyes are a darker blue than usual.  She seems to snap out of it too.   "You're right."  She whispers as she moves her hands to her sides and looks at Spyder and Kal.  Spyder gives us a slight nod.  Kal and I kiss our "husbands" and move towards the stairs.  Randy and Spyder move together through the party.   Kal and I make our way upstairs like we're taking a stroll.

******** Once we're at the top and no one from the dance floor can see us, we hide behind the walls to look at the corridors to see if anyone is there.   "We need a distraction."  I say to Kal.   "How about throwing a guy out the window?"  She suggested.   "That'll do."   We head to the third floor which was being guarded by a bunch of buff men.  I tear a piece of my red dress to reveal my legs and head towards them sexily.  Kal waits for me to bring back meat.   "Hey boys, wanna play?"  I ask using a sexy look with my legs exposed to the naked eye.   They looked me up and down until (I guess the leader) stepped forward.   "I'll take the first shot."  He tells the others.  "Come on hot thing, show me the way you grind you ass." 

It takes all my years of experience of dealing with pigs not to cringe as I lead him towards Kal's hiding place. When we are out of the others gaze I pull my gun out of my thigh holster and laid it against his temple.   "If you want to live, you scumbag, you better tell me where your secret layer is."  I asked.   "It''s underground, you need to take the elevator to get there.  You also have to click the button that says danger to activate the underground passage."   "Is there a code to get underground?"  Kal asks.   "No."  He replied.   "Well, that was easier than I thought. Okay buddy, you're the lucky one.  You're going to be our distraction."  We pull him to an unlocked room and thrust him out the window.  He went crashing down to the ground.  "That's going to leave a mark."   Kal and I make our way to the elevators we had spotted on the second floor.   When we got to the underground hide away, there were no keypads or scans that we had to encounter.  We walked into the room and started roaming for important information.   "Shit ."  We hear from outside the room and stop what we're doing and pull out our guns.  We make our way slowly to the door and Joker shows up.   "What the fuck are you doing here?"  I whisper shout.   "I thought you'll need back up ."  I roll my eyes.   "Whatever.  Just don't make any noise."  I point him to go and search a corner of the room full of books and papers.   "Hasn't your mother ever taught you its rude to go through other peoples belongings?" A smoothly dangerous voice says from the doorway.   I pull the gun at the voice who spoke and saw the woman I came to capture.   "How did you know?"  Kal asked   "That's my little secret.  Now, be good and put the guns down."  She commands.   "Why should we, its only you against us."  I say knowing there is no way in hell she would come alone.   She snaps her fingers and we're instantly surrounded.   "Okay, maybe not."  I slowly put my gun down. Kal and Joker follow.   Devlyn points her men to capture us.  "Take them underground."  

Randy   Spyder and I are mingling with the crowd, trying to fit in as best we can.  Spyder's worried sick but to a passer-by, he'd seem deadly calm.  Only someone whose known him as long as I have can tell the little things that give away what he's really feeling.  The clenching and unclenching of his jaw and fists.  My face is stoic but he can sense my turmoil as well.   "Where the hell are they?"  He hisses behind his wine glass.   "Chill.  They know what they're doing.  They're cold-blooded murderers, not damsels in distress." I whisper   "I know that!"  He snaps.  "I just feel..."  he trails off   "I know my old friend.  For the first time in, never, we care about someone else than just ourselves."  I say   "Weird."  He says clutching his heart.   "But pleasant."  I tease while patting his back.  A sudden crush from behind us draws everyone's attention.  We look out the huge windows and there's a profoundly bleeding figure outside.  Devlyn and five of her goons run outside to check.  Spyder and I look at each other with knowing glances, then rush out before the crowd can block our view.  Devlyn kneels down and puts the man's bleeding head on her lap.  He gurgles as he tries to say something.  I strain my neck to hear what he's whispering to her ear.   "...people...up-stairs..."  He says before he wheezes his last breath.  I look at Spyder with a bit of panic as Devlyn and her goons rush upstairs.  I grab Spyder by the jacket sleeve and pull him away from the crowd and prying eyes.   "Shit, shit, shit!"  I harshly whisper as I look at the small watch cam that connects the whole gang.  I page Andrea's but all I get is static.   "Fuck, meee !"  I hiss as I turn it off.  I know that freaking out now wont solve a thing so I take a calming breath."  Okay, okay.  We've got this.  I just gotta think.  Okay, try Kal."  I say as I turn to Spyder whose ashen face tells me everything.   "Nothing."  He squeaks in the most unmanly like manner.   "We'll find them, don't worr--" I don't finish my sentence as my watch starts vibrating.  I answer it thinking its from Andrea when Devlyn's sneering face pops up.    "Oooh, you are sexy.  Too bad the bitch wont ever get to see you again.  I bet you're an animal in bed."  She purrs.   "What have you done with my wife?"  I snarl.   "Oh, don't be modest Jacky boy.  I thought we were building something here."  She mocks in an annoying sing-song voice. (Callisto like, if you will)   "Bite me, Devlyn!  Where is she?!"  I yell   "Okay, damn.  I can see you wanna get down to business.  Bring whoever you brought to my party up here and we'll talk like the grown ups I think we can be."  She says.   "Fine.  Wait, how'd you know my name?"  I ask suspiciously.   "Its amazing what a person will spill when being tortured."  She says, smiling.   "If you hurt her..."  I start to say.   "Yeah, yeah.  Heard it all before.  Just get your asses up here before I lose my sense of humour."  She says as she cuts off.     Andrea   "Do you know what we do to people who sneak into my world?"  Devlyn asked running her hand through my hair to search if I had any hidden weapons.   "You feel them."  Joker says stupidly. Kal just rolls her eyes.   "Hey, watch it.  My husband needs those!"  I blurted without thinking when Devlyn travelled her hand down to my chest and into my dress to feel if I had guns and knives in my bra.  Her hand went further than it needed to go.  I would have punched her if I could but my arms were tied behind my chair, which was connected to my legs so that if I moved I would plant myself face first into the ground.   "You've got a nice body.  You'll make an excellent meat.  Then again, you could make an excellent bed mate also."  She ran her hand down to my waist then to my legs and under my dress till her hand reached my gun strap.  "This can come in handy."  She tugs on it and pulls it off.   "Go to hell."   "No thanks, looking at you is way better then going to hell."  Devlyn grabs my chin and forces me to look at her.  "What's your friend's name, who's intruding my party?"   "Go fuck yourself."   She pretends to think about it. "That's a very unusual name.  Never heard of it before."   I spit in her face.  She wipes it off and then slaps me across the face.  She pulls out her gun from her waist and points it up at Joker.   "Tell me or he dies." She says with a snarl on her attractive face.   "His name is Jack." I say in a rush. Damn.   "Good."  She grabs the watch she had taken from me and tabbed on a button.  Devlyn smirks when she hears Jack's voice.  "Oooh, you are sexy.  Too bad the bitch wont ever get to see you again.  I bet you're an animal in bed."  She purrs as she runs her hand through my hair.   I try to squirm away but with my hands bound to the chair, it was impossible.   "Oh, don't be modest Jacky boy.  I thought we were building something here."  She mocks. I can only hear one side of her conversation but I can tell whatever Randy is saying to her isn't in happy tones.   Devlyn signals to her men to gag me and they comply.  When they finish gagging me, Devlyn straddles my lap and runs her mouth over my jaw down to my neck. If this was a different situation, I would have enjoyed it. She is quite attractive when she's not torturing my friends and I. Long blonde hair, big greyish eyes, a body to die for. She's the total package, if not for the insanity mixed in.   Again she replied back to what Randy was saying to her.   "Okay, damn.  I can see you wanna get down to business.  Bring whoever you brought to my party up here and we'll talk like the grown ups I think we can be."   She starts licking my neck and I try to head butt her but her men are holding my head back so that my neck is fully exposed to her.   "It's amazing what a person will spill when being tortured."  She smiles at me and I give her a cold hard gaze telling her that she will pay.   "Yeah, yeah.  Heard it all before.  Just get your asses up here before I lose my sense of humour."  She throws the watch across the room and it shatters in pieces.   "Tristin, would you be a gentleman and grab my .325 thunder ranch for me."  He ran off like a puppy to get the requested gun.   He came back with a case and held it up for Devlyn to open.   She pulled out her silver 325 thunder ranch and loaded it with one bullet and spun it.  "Do you know what I like about these guns?"  She asked, not expecting an answer.  "It's a mystery who will die first."  She answered ordering her men to take off the gag from my mouth.   "You will pay for this."   "We'll see about that."  She moves over to Kal and puts the gun to her temple.  "Why

don't we start off with you, sweetie?"   "No!"  I thrashed on my binds.  "Leave her alone! I'll go first!"  I yelled.   "Mmmm.  Gets me thinking of how fond you are of her."  She pulled the trigger and nothing happened.  "It's your lucky day."  She moved over to Joker, pulled the trigger and a blast echoed through the room, splattering blood everywhere.  "That's no fun, it ended so soon.  Now, what shall I do with you two?" she sighed dramatically.   "Nooo!" Kal yelled   "You bitch." I spat out. She hits me with the gun's heel and I suppressed my pain.   "Bianca, would you be a dear and grab the electricity?  Tristin, help her out."   They both dragged in a machine with wires coming out from the side. They attached a headband onto my head and Kal's.   "This is going to hurt a bit."  Devlyn said, attaching the wires to the headband.  "Turn it on to thirty."   Bianca boosted the machine to thirty and Kal and I yelled feeling the electric current go through my veins and into my system.  It was like nothing I have ever felt.  At the moment it was feeling like needles plunged into your skin.  I fainted, not being able to withstand the pain.     Randy   "God-fucking -dammit!"  I yell as I turn off the watch.   "We're screwed, aren't we?"  Spyder asks with a bit of a shake in his voice.   "Not if we act fast.  We gotta go up there or I have a feeling we'll never see them again."  I say looking at the staircase.   "Well, what are we waiting for?  Let's move!"  He says rushing for the stairs.  I reach out and grab his arm to pull him back.   "Hold on there, Sherlock."  I say as I stop him in front of me.  "We can't go in there like inexperienced amateurs.  We gotta come up with a plan, you know that!"   He takes a deep breath as if coming back from whatever world he was in.  "You're right.  You're right.  She just brings out the over protective side of me and I can't think."  He confesses.   "I know, buddy, I know.  You're preaching to the choir.  And to think we couldn't stand each other when we met.  Now, I cant even keep my mind off her."  I whisper.   "I think we're smitten."  he chuckles.   "No shit.  Now, we gotta save them if we want this to go any further than the pretending we did tonight.  You got anything?"  I ask hopefully.  He strokes his chin like he always does when an idea pops in his head.   Usually an idiotic idea but we work on it.  Right now, I'll take anything.   "Well...we could either go up there, go nutcracker on them and just shoot like crazy hoping we don't get the women.  Or, or...we could take them down scum by scum."  He says with a sneer.   "That's, so crazy it just might work.  We got nothing else."  I say as I pull out a "pen" from my jacket pocket.   "Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Is that really necessary?"   "Oh yeah.  We need a distraction...a really big distraction."   "But to blow up the building?  She'll be livid and she seems quite insane."   "Just part of it.  And we need her mad.  That way--"   "--she messes up."   "First rule in this life...always keep your cool and focus.  Let's go."  We make our way up the stairs as quiet as possible during this chaos.     Andrea   I stirred awake from the ground shaking and pieces of the roof falling onto me.   Devlyn's back was towards me and she did not notice that I was awake.  I closed my eyes as soon as I noticed she was going to turn around and pretended like I was still knocked out. Devlyn and her goons ran out of the room ignoring us.   "We gotta get out of here."  I say looking at Kal who was holding her ropes up.  "How did---when did---what?"   "They don't pay much attention to the backups."  She said coming over to me and quickly cutting the ropes.   Right when we were going to run through the room, Devlyn walked in pointing her gun at us.     Randy   "That was awesome!"  Spyder whispers as we make our way quietly to the place they are being held.   I chuckle.  "It was, wasn't it? Okay, you stay here just to be safe."  I sneak into the room and I'm not even four steps in when I come face to face with the barrel of a gun.   "Glad you could join us, Mr. Sullivan." Says Devlyn in a singsong voice.  "Come on in."  I step in tentatively holding my gun.  "Be a gentleman and drop the gun in the presence of ladies."   I growl and throw the gun down while looking over at Andrea.  She looks tired and her dress is torn in different places.  Her face looks a bit swollen but other than that she looks okay and pretending to be unconscious I notice.   "I know you're awake Katherine." Says Devlyn as she pulls Andrea in front of her and moves towards the door.  "This way, move next to the blonde."  I move next to Kal as she stands with Andrea and her back to the door.  "She is so much fun.  Hot as hell too.  I would have loved to find out what she tastes like..."  She starts running her tongue down Andrea's left earlobe.   "You psycho bitch!"  I say moving towards her but feel Kal's restraining arm around my waist.   "Jack, no!" Andrea yells   "Listen to the girl, Jack.  Don't do anything stupid ." Sneers Devlyn as she pushes her gun harder against Andrea's temple.  I try to relax before I get her killed.   "What do you want, Devlyn?"  I growl.   "Want?  No, no, no.  I wanted nothing until you all decided to crash my party and blow up half my life's work!"  She shrieks.  "Because of that, this bitch dies today."  She cocks her gun.   "Nooo!"  I yell going for her.  Before I could do anything, I hear a shot and Devlyn's eyes go wide.  She drops the gun and slinks to the floor.  Andrea runs to me and I open my arms to catch her.  I see Spyder and Kal embracing on the other side.   "You didn't kill her, did you?"  I ask holding Andrea tight to me.   "Nah.  Got the bullet in the right spot to knock her our for awhile."  He says with a smirk   "Good man."  I say smiling.  I turn my attention back to Andrea.  "You okay?" I cradle her face in my hands before the wind is knocked out of me when she punches me in the gut.  "Oof!"  I bend over clutching my stomach trying to catch my breath.   "What the fuck took so long?"  She yells   "Wh-what?  I saved you didn't I?" I croak, wheezing to get some much needed air into my lungs. She sure as hell stronger than she looks.   "You could have saved me a lot sooner and saved me the pain of getting shocked!"   "Well, I'm sorry but you can't choose when to be saved!  It's not a walk in the park, you know!"  I reply angrily and get in her face as she looks up at me. How dare she.   Andrea grabs my face and pulls me towards her.  Her lips come in contact with mine and once again I am drugged by her touch and cannot seem to get enough. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her body to me so that every part of her fits perfectly into mine.   She wraps her arms around my neck and roughly spears her tongue into my mouth.   I didn't complain but accepted what was given and took full advantage of it by stroking her sides.  She moaned but pulled away from me.   "It's not the right place Randy."  She whispered against my lips.   "You're right.  I'm sorry.  I just --"  Before I could finish, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she faints in my arms.   "Andrea!"  yells Kal rushing over to her friend.   "I think it's time to get out of here."  I say picking Andrea up in my arms.  I look over at Spyder.  "Could you?"  I jerk my head towards Devlyn's slumped form.   "I got it."  He says as he unceremoniously throws her over his shoulder.

Three days later

It has been a hectic week and I'm very grateful for this break. After taking Devlyn and her left over goons back to Alice's place, the FBI got the mess cleaned up. Because Devlyn was one of the biggest creeps they've been looking for, we're off the hook. For now, at least. Right now all I think about is Andrea. She had some check ups the past couple of days by the FBI doctor. She's tough and that's one of the reasons I like about her. I think I've waited long enough. I pick up the phone and dial the number that has become so familiar to me. It rings a few times and I think no one's going to pick up when I hear the honey-voice I've come to know and love.

“Hello?” she answers.

“Hey, Sane.” I reply

“Hi Randy. What's up?”

“Oh, nothing. Just calling to see how you're coping.”

“I'm okay. The doctor says I just fried a few nerve endings but I've never felt better.”

“That's good. That's very good.”

“Yeah. Thanks for asking. I never knew you cared.” She teases

“Of course I do. So much that I wanna take you to dinner tonight.”

She chuckles. “Smooth Randy.”

“You know me.” I say with a smirk

“That, I do. But I can't. I really don't feel like going out and dressing up tonight.”

“Well, we don't have to go out. You can come over to my place and I'll make dinner.”

“You cook?”

“Only for my woman.”

“I'm your woman?”

“Soon, I hope.” She giggles. So cute. “And as for the dressing up part, you can come dressed in a sack and you'd make it look good.”

“Sweet talker.”

“So, what do you say?” A pause. “I promise to be good.”

Another pause. “Okay. I'll be there in an hour, then?”

I cannot keep the excitement from my voice. “Great. I'll be waiting for you. You know where I live, right?”

“Yeah. No funny business Randy. Just Dinner.”

“We won't do anything you're not comfortable with, I promise.”

“See you soon?”

“Yeah. Bye.”

“Bye.” I hang up the phone with a huge smile on my face that might have to be surgically removed. I jump up, push the on button to my stereo and start towards the kitchen with K.D. Lang blaring from my speakers. There's a lot to do before she gets here.


I was a bit nervous about meeting Randy at her house. I had no idea what to expect from her or how she would behave towards me. I get the feeling she wants more than just friendship. Then again it wouldn't be such a bad idea to feel that tanned skin against mine, her strong hands all over me, her soft kissable lips upon my--

“What the hell was that about?” I say shaking my head to clear it and bring some sense into me. I take a deep breath and knock on the door. Not even a second goes by before the door is yanked open and in front of me stands Randy with a white dress shirt and very tight faded blue jeans. She looked like a goddess with her glowing silk black hair that left me speechless and breathless.

“Hey.” She says smiling, giving me a discreet once over. I'm wearing fitting dark blue jean shorts, a white tank top that accentuates everything, white flat shoes, and dark sunglasses that cover my eyes. She steps back and motions me in with her arm.

“Come in.”

I walked past her and could smell her perfume that smelled of lavender, leather from that jacket she's always wearing and a scent that's uniquely her. At that moment I just wanted to lean into her and take a sniff of her sweet aroma.

“Thanks for the invitation.” I say trying to bring back some of my composure.

“It's my pleasure. I'm glad you came.” She closes the door as I remove my sunglasses.

“You look beautiful.”

I flush a little. “Thanks. You too.”

I look around her little townhouse. There are candles around littering the place and delicious smells from the kitchen. I feel her hand on the small of my back leading me to the dining room.

“Make yourself at home.” A round table with tall candles and plates. It's all set up. She pulls the chair out for me so I place my sunglasses down and sit.

“Wow. You went all out.” I say secretly pleased that she would do this for me. I don't tell her that though...her ego is already big enough for both of us.

“Nothing but the best for a beautiful woman.” I just chuckle.

“I'll be back with the dinner. Hope you like seafood.” She says as she disappears into the kitchen.

“I love it.” I call back. She comes in a few minutes latter with two steaming plates. She places one in front of me before moving to her seat.

“Seafood medly. Dinner is served.” I take a bite.

“Wow.” It's really food.

“Thank you.”



During dinner we talk mostly about work and a bit about ourselves.

“That was great.” I comment as she picks up the plates. “Oh, let me help.” I move to help but she shakes her head.

“No, no. I'm trying to wow you here. It wouldn't be romantic if you did dishes.” She smirks as she heads to the kitchen with the plates.

“What would you like to drink?” She calls back. “I got orange juice, white wine, ice tea, beer, milk, white wine, and beer.”

I chuckle. “You trying to imply something?”

“I don't know what you're talking about.” I can't see her but I can hear the smile in her voice.

“Wine is good.” She comes with two glasses of wine.

“Let's go to the living room. Watch some TV?”

I smile as she hands me my glass and we make our way to the room. It's got two leather couches surrounding a rectangle coffee table. In the front is a flat screen TV, a DVD player, laptop on the right side, and a stereo to the left.

“Wow.” I say as I sit down. “Nice place.”

She reaches for a remote and presses a button as she sits next to me. Bon jovi's “You want to make a memory” comes on.

“Job pays well.” She says smiling at me. I tuck my legs under me and take a sip of my wine. Silence.

“About that movie?” I ask. She smiles and moves a bit closer to me.

“I thought, maybe, we could just talk for a little while.” She puts her arm around the back of the couch behind my head. I look up into her face and her eyes go slightly darker.

“Sure. What about?” I ask a little nervous. The warmth of her body so close is overwhelming.

“Nothing. Everything. Like when you'll give me a chance to show you just how much I want you.” She whispers in a husky tone as she puts her glass down and rests her hand on my thigh.

Her head moves in and her lips move closer to mine. I could not resist as her dark eyes capture mine and her lips descended to meet their destination. Her kiss sent a spark through my body, the hand rubbing my thigh gave me goose bumps and I could not help but encourage her kiss as I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. She moaned, pushing me down onto the couch and climbed up on top of me. I moaned as her body moulded into mine and our lips parted for air. Randy did not pause as her mouth sucked on the pulse of my neck.

“Randy, no.” I say trying to weakly push her away. God, that mouth.

She growls but does not budge.

“Randy.” I push her away with more force and she unwillingly gets off of me. I get off the couch and move to a corner of the room. She follows me, putting her arms on either side of my head, trapping me in place.

“And why the hell not?” She asks with a little bit of irritation in her voice.

“I'm just not ready for a relationship, Randy.” I say lamely. “It's not that you're not ready. It's that you're afraid to say how you feel. You're afraid your heart will be broken again, but I'm not an idiot to let you go. I want you Andrea. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Oh, if she only knew how right she was.

Randy got on her knees and looked up at me.

"I want to be able to wake up in your arms every morning until the day I die. Please Andrea, let me into your heart, let me show you how much I love you.”

Those words shattered the barrier I had created in my heart for years into little tiny pieces until I had nothing holding me from allowing Randy into my core. I grabbed her face and pulled her up so that our lips met for the first time where none of us will back away from. She stood up without breaking the kiss and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist and she led us to her bedroom. She enters her bedroom and slams the door shut with her foot. She places me down, turns me around, and pushes me up against the door. Her strong thigh immediately goes between mine, her right hand on my left breast, and lips sucking my neck. The sensation is absolutely breathtaking. I tangle my hands into her long, dark mane and push her head closer to me. The pent up sexual frustration pours forth from the both of us as we tear each other's clothes off. The night is young but right now is no time for gentle. Not yet.

She grabs my hips and grinds my hot center against her with flourish. I wrap my arms around her neck and moan into her ear as she thrusts against me. Her hands pull me by the waist as we stumble towards the bed. Our lips are locked in a passionate kiss as she throws us onto the bed. We break apart when the need for air becomes necessary. She raises her head and looks me in the eyes. I've never seen a colour so blue. She raises her hand to stroke my cheek.

“You are so beautiful.” She whispers.

Her hand travels down my neck, past my collarbone, down my side until she was cupping my mound. She bends down and kisses my neck as she enters me with two of her fingers. We moan at the sensation of her being inside me.

“You're so wet.” She says.

Her fingers start moving in a slow rhythm as her palm rubs my throbbing nub.

“I just wanna fuck you.” She whispers hotly in my ear, causing a moan to escape from my lips.

Soon my moans turn to cries of her name as I can feel that I'm nearing the edge. She pants in my ear as her rhythm picks up and she starts fucking me all out. My right hand shoots between her thighs and enters her with two fingers. I hook my left arm around her neck as we fall over the edge together into oblivion.

We take a moment to bring our breathing under control.

“That was amazing.” I pant. I can feel her smiling as she rests her head on the pillow next to mine. “It was.” She says as she lifts her head.

Her face is flushed and her eyes still hold that carnal hunger but there's something else, something deeper: love. I know it must be reflecting in my eyes also by the way she's looking at me. I raise my left hand to stoke her cheek.

“But we're just getting started.”



I lean down and kiss her with all that I am before I climbs off the bed towards my closet. I search around in a white bin until I find what I'm looking for. I walk back towards the bed, fastening the harness attached to the black phallus. She smiles up at me as she gets to her knees on the bed and reaches out to me. She grabs the phallus in her hand and starts stroking it as she looks up intently at me. It's clear what she's intending to do. I place my right hand on the back of her head and pull her down to my crotch. I look on with hooded eyes as she licks the tip of the dildo before taking in as much as she can. I guide her head with both hands in an up and down motion that sends pleasure jolts to my clit, causing groans to escape from deep in my throat.

She pulls away abruptly, pushes me back to where she wants me to stand, climbs off the bed, and bends over with her hands on the bed and legs apart. She looks over her left shoulder with a lustful look on her face, making her intentions clear and if it's possible, her eyes have gone an even darker forest green.

“Fuck me, Randy.” She whispers as I hold our gaze.

I breaks eye contact as I look at her beautiful ass and dripping core that she's offering. I move in between her legs, grip her bottom and start kneading the glorious mounds. She lets out a low moan and lets her head fall forward as I move the phallus along her wetness to coat it.

“God, yes.” She hisses as I enter her smoothly until it's all the way inside her. I don't move for a moment to get her used to the feel of it. Then I grab onto her hips and begin a slow thrusting rhythm. I start out slow and gentle but as the feel of her hips moving against me and the look on her face cause my excitement ecxitement to heighten, I can't help but start pounding into her with abandon. I can feel she's about to go over the edge as her moans turn to screams.

“Oh, fuck! God!” I'm close too as my grunts become louder. “Oh, yesss!” Andrea lets out a high scream as we both fall over trying to get our breathing under control. After a moment I pull out, and throw the harness down. I never see it coming as she grabs my hand and throws me on the bed. My legs are dangling over the bed as she kneels between them, puts her arms under my thighs and pulls my bottom to the edge. I look down at her in surprise and lust at her forcefulness.

“I need to taste you.” She growls in a husky tone as she breaks eye contact and dips her head into my wetness. My head falls back onto the bed and my hands tangle themselves in her blonde tresses to pull her closer into my need. She moans as she doesn't waste anytime in pulling my sensitive nub between her lips and sucking with fever.

“Oh…shit!” I moan out load as I have the most nerve wrecking orgasm of my life. I'm not fully back to earth yet as she kisses my mound one last time, then picks/pulls me up and tucks us into the covers. She puts her head on my shoulder and my arms insticntly go tightly around her. It feels so right. She kisses the top of my head.

“I love you, Andrea.” I whisper. She raises her head to look at me with tear filled eyes. Her moss greens reflect nothing but love and devotion. I imagine mine are the same.

“I love you Randy.” She says before leaning up to give me a long toe curling kiss and i return it with as much fervor to convey how much I really mean that. “Don't leave me.” She whispers.

“Never. I promise.” I say as I stroke her cheek. She smiles that heart melting smile at me before putting her head back in its new home. I'm home, I think before we both let sleep claim us. be continued

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