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Part 9

Traffic was fairly heavy, and it took the driver over an hour to drive the 17 kilometers from the airport to the hotel. By the time they checked in and got to their room, the two women were beginning to feel the effects of jet lag.

"Let's take a nap before dinner," Regina suggested. "We have a reservation at Taillevant at 8."

Lydia yawned widely. "Good idea, darling," she said.

The two women disrobed and laid down together. Their heads barely hit the pillow before they each fell into a deep asleep.


The ringing of a phone shattered the silence of the room, and Regina felt her consciousness struggling to rise from the deep well of sleep.

Lydia was already awake and grabbed the phone on the second ring, hoping it hadn't awakened her sleeping lover. She grimaced when she heard the voice on the other end and glanced over at Regina whose eyes were open but still glazed with the last remnants of sleep. She held the phone out to Regina and mouthed, "Your mother."

"Ciao, mamma. Come stai?" (Hello, mama. How are you?) Regina said as she felt Lydia slide from the bed. She made a face at her lover and grinned as she watched Lydia shake her booty and stifle a laugh.

"Molto bene e lui?" (Very well, and you?)

"Molto bene." (Very well.)

"Così, Gina, quando lo visiterete?" (So, Gina, when will you visit me?)

"Saremo li Sabato." (We will be there in three weeks, on Saturday.)

"Così ti porti la lesbica con te?" (So, you will bring that lesbian?) Gina's mother said icily.

"Dove io vado, Lydia va anche, Mamma." (Where I go, Lydia goes, mama.) Gina replied with a sigh.

"Ma che cosa ti ha fatto?" (What has this woman done to you?)

"Non mi ha fatto niente, Mamma, morirei per lei, ma non potro vivere sensza di lei." (She has done nothing to me, mama. I love her.)

"Questo e un peccato verso Dio. Prego ogni giorno che Cio ti togli questo peccato dalla tua anima." (It is a sin against God. I pray every day that God will lift this sin from your soul.) Gina's mother made the sign of the cross as she spoke.

"Basta cosi, altrimenti non verremo piu!" (Enough, or we will not come at all.) Regina responded angrily.

"Mamma, se Lydia non è benvenuto nella vostra sede, quindi io non sono benvenuti. È la mia anima, mama Morrei per lei, ma non vivrò senza di lei." (Mama, if Lydia is not welcome in your home, then I am not welcome. She is my soul, mama. I would die for her, but I will not live without her.)

"Sono contenta cher tuo padre non a qui per vedere questo," (I am glad your papa is not here to see this.) her mother said sadly.

"Mio padre speva e mi voleva bene lo stresso. Daresti il benvenuto a Lydia, Mamma?" (My papa knew but he loved me anyway, mama. Now what will it be, will you welcome Lydia or not?)

"Sei mia fliglia e ti voglio bene. Sara la benvenuta anche se questa situazione non mi piace." (You are my child. I love you. I will welcome her, but I do not have to like it.)

"Allora a Sabato possimo."(We will see you in three weeks, then.) Regina said with a sigh.

"Arrivederci, Gina," her mother replied as she hung up the phone.

"Ciao, Mamma."

Regina was hanging up the phone as Lydia came out of the bathroom wrapped in a large bath towel. "What was that all about?" She asked Regina.

"It was nothing. Mama just wanted to know when we were coming to visit. She's anxious to see us," Regina lied.

"Uh, huh, and I'm the Pope's wife," Lydia responded. "I'm going to have to learn Italian in self-defense. I know how your mother feels about me. I wish things were different, but I suppose we can put up with each other for a weekend."

"That's my girl. Now come here and lose the towel." Regina purred.

"Oh, no. You go bathe, lover. I'll be here waiting when you get back." Lydia smiled indulgently.

Regina stretched her long body languorously and watched Lydia watching her, confident that her movements were stirring the passions of her lover. In their ten years together the passion between them had only grown more intense, and Regina sometimes wondered if she would one day awaken and find it was all a dream. She was Lydia's first relationship with a woman and, although Lydia had never given her cause to worry, there was always that nagging fear in the back of Regina's mind that Lydia would someday decide that their relationship was all a mistake. Lydia was not her first, but Regina was certain she would be her last. She wondered at the miracle that kept this woman in her life. Never had she loved anyone as deeply nor wanted anyone as consistently or as much as she wanted Lydia.

When Regina returned to the bedroom, she found Lydia lying naked on the bed. She slid in beside the smaller woman and began to stroke her body in long, gentle strokes.

"You can stop right there, lover," Lydia said seriously as she turned on her side and propped her head in her hand.

Regina looked confused, then smiled as she felt Lydia push her back on the bed and take command. Lydia's eyes were filled with lust as they roamed up and down her body, and Regina became aroused just watching her.

"You've got one coming for that little stunt on the plane," Lydia growled.

"Only one?" Regina asked teasingly.

"Be quiet, G," Lydia smirked as she lowered her mouth to cover her lover's full lips and began to stroke her body. She felt Gina's mouth open slightly and Gina's tongue sneak out to rim her lips then dip inside to meet her own eager tongue.

"I want to devour you," Lydia said as she felt her longing for the beautiful creature beneath her rage to her very core. She placed both her hands in Gina's larger ones and pulled the taller woman's hands above her head. She left them there and began licking and kissing Gina's arms from the palms of her hands to the top of her shoulders. She could feel Gina struggling to stay still under her ministrations, and the taller woman's control excited her even more. 'Before this is over, I will make you beg for it, Bramante,' she thought.

Lydia moved her lips to the pulse point in Gina's neck and licked and nibbled there. She knew every inch of her lover's body and every erotic spot.

Gina began to squirm as Lydia moved her lips along her neck and then to her ear, nipping the lobe and blowing gently into it as she ran her tongue in a circle around the ear's entrance. The sensation caused contractions deep in Gina's belly. Gina inhaled deeply and felt her nipples harden as Lydia reached to squeeze and twist them between her thumb and forefinger.

"Tell me what you want," Lydia said as she took Regina's breast into her mouth.

"No. This is your game," Regina answered, refusing to ask but pulling Lydia tighter to her chest until her breast filled Lydia's mouth. She felt Lydia's tongue circle her areola and gasped as Lydia's teeth nibbled gently on her nipples sending electric currents to the pit of her stomach.

"Ask me," Lydia ordered, lifting her head to stare into Regina's lust-filled eyes.

"No," Regina said again, the word catching in her throat.

Lydia moved her mouth slowly down Gina's body, her eyelashes making butterfly kisses on Gina's skin. She could feel the intense heat emanating off the taller woman as she lay, her legs along Gina's side, with her head facing Gina's feet.

Gina's muscles twitched as Lydia kissed and licked and caressed her way down her body. Gina's nerve endings were raw with primal need yet she still refused to bend to Lydia's will.

"Tell me," Lydia whispered as she moved her head between Gina's legs and used her tongue to open the folds of the engorged lips she found there.

"No," Gina gasped as she felt Lydia begin to suck and tongue her hardened clitoris.

"Beg me," Lydia commanded as she moved to drink the nectar she found between Gina's legs and used her tongue to tease at Gina's entrance.

"No," Gina groaned as she felt Lydia's mouth leave her center and begin to place small kisses on her thighs stopping just before reaching the burning need of her clit. Gina felt herself swelling and throbbing even more from Lydia's teasing kisses. She was desperate to feel Lydia inside her. She knew she could not hold out much longer but she still refused to ask.

Lydia used her fingers to open the lips of Gina's vulva. She placed her mouth on Gina's swollen clitoris and began to suck it gently into her mouth, nibbling on the hardness she found there. She gently pulled the skin back from the hardened shaft and teased the tip with her tongue. She could feel Gina's body tremble as she came close to orgasm, but Lydia stopped again and again before her lover could come.

Gina writhed with longing as she felt Lydia's fingers tease at her opening, just beginning to enter, then pulling back. She felt her orgasm rise to the edge then recede as Lydia paused in her lovemaking. Desire flooded her body with each touch; still Gina refused to yield.

"I know you want it, G. All you have to do is ask," Lydia whispered, the air from her breath teasing Gina's center.

"No." Regina gasped, fully aware that she was losing this contest of wills.

Lydia continued to touch and tease her with her hands and tongue, bringing Gina to the brink of orgasm then pausing and moving away.

When she could stand it no longer and thought she would go insane with desire, Gina begged. "In me. I want you in me now. Please, Lydia. Oh, god ... hurry ... now!"

Gina gasped as Lydia drove her fingers into her, curving them around to tease her g-spot while at the same time pounding against Gina's unsheathed clitoris with her tongue.

"Oh, yes! Yes! I'm coming!" Gina screamed as she felt the spasms of mutiple orgasms crash over her body. "Come with me, baby! Come with me," she yelled as she used her last bit of strength to reach over and enter Lydia.

Lydia felt her lover's wetness cascade over her fingers. "I'm with you, Gina, I'm with you," Lydia cried as own orgasms washed over her in rapid succession and her own wetness bathed her lover's hand.

Gina reached down and helped Lydia turn and slide up her body until they were lying breast to breast, their ragged breathing filling the silence of the room. She took Lydia's smaller hand in her own and raised it to her lips, kissing each finger and tasting her own nectar there.

"I love you," Gina whispered.

"I know, my darling, and I love you," Lydia replied contentedly as she lay against her lover's chest listening to the thundering beats of her heart.


To be continued in Part 10

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