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Part 6 - Parallax

Lark watched as Lonnie hung up the phone after her conversation with Judge Lawson. Dark rings were beginning to form under the small woman's eyes. She looked exhausted.

"Are you all right?" Lark’ voice was full of concern.

"Yes, just tired," Lonnie replied. "Will this ever end? Will we ever get back to a normal life?"

"So far you and I have had anything but a normal life. Baby, this situation will end, I can promise you that. When it does, I‘ll do everything in my power to give you a dull, boring, normal life, "Lark walked over to Lonnie and pulled her close. The two women stood there silently taking comfort in each other’s arms.

"Life with you could never be dull or boring," Lonnie said. 'Just being near you makes me hot,' she thought as she ran her hands under Lark’s shirt and up and down her back. She relaxed against the taller woman and felt Lark's nipples harden beneath the tight cloth of her tee shirt.

Lark pulled Lonnie's blouse from her jeans and ran her hands under it to the hollow below Lonnie's breasts.

"Where are the guys," Lonnie whispered.

"Outside. They won't come in unless we call them." Lark's voice was tight with desire.

Lonnie took one arm out from behind Lark's back and slid her hand into the tight space between them moving down to rub her fingers against the denim between Lark's legs.

Lark felt herself swelling against the cloth, almost coming as the movement of Lonnie's fingers and the press of the seam of the denim against her hardened clitoris stimulated her beyond reason.

"I thought you were tired," Lark said as she moved her hands onto Lonnie's breasts, twisting and teasing her nipples.

With each twist, Lonnie felt a charge of electricity shoot through her to her very center. "Never too tired for you," Lonnie replied breathlessly as she continued to stroke Lark. "You make me so hot I think I'm losing my mind."

Lark took her hands from Lonnie's breasts and reached down to remove Lonnie's hand from between her trembling legs. "Come with me," she growled, pulling Lonnie toward the bedroom.

Lark sat on the bed and held her arms out to Lonnie. Lonnie moved into them, and Lark rested her face against the smaller woman's abdomen. "I want to see you naked," she whispered against Lonnie's stomach as she reached up to unhook her bra. "I want to see all of you."

Lonnie shuddered with desire as she stepped back and removed her shoes. She unbuttoned her blouse slowly, button by button, and then let it slip down her arms onto the floor.

"Is this what you want?" Lonnie asked. She dropped her bra, setting her firm breasts free. "And this?" she said huskily, cupping her own breasts and pushing them upward. \

Lark watched the small blonde's striptease through lidded eyes, her own breath coming in quick rasps, and felt her labia clench with the first stream of arousal.

"Yes. Take it all off ... for me," she husked, reaching out to unhook Lonnie's denims.

Lonnie reached down and grabbed the waistband of her pants, her thumbs settling inside the band of her underwear as she slipped them both down her legs and stepped out of them. She stood in front of Lark with a look so filled with passion, so open and vulnerable, that it took Lark's breath away.

"Come closer," Lark whispered, reaching out her hands to cup Lonnie's buttocks and pull her against her face. Lark began to circle Lonnie's navel with her tongue and nip along the line from her navel to her pubic mound. She heard Lonnie's sharp intake of breath as she moved her mouth along the inside of Lonnie's thigh then across the fold where her thigh met her hip.

Lonnie inhaled loudly as Lark sucked her swollen clit deep into her mouth. "Ohhhh."

Lark pulled Lonnie hard against her mouth and reached around to enter her from behind.

"Oh my god," Lonnie cried as her knees buckled and she dropped against Lark's thigh.

Lark's fingers slipped from Lonnie, and she reached up with both arms to pull Lonnie to her. She held on tightly as she felt the smaller woman ride vigorously against her thigh, Lonnie's wetness so thick and full that it permeated the denim that separated her from Lark's leg.

"Wait," Lark said, her voice laced with desire. She stood, lifting Lonnie in her arms, turned, and laid her on the bed.

"Hurry," Lonnie pleaded reaching down to caress herself, circling her fingers in her own wetness. "Oh, baby, I am so ready."

"Don't you dare come," Lark said as she tore off her own clothes and hurled them across the room. She reached out and pulled Lonnie's hand away, then lowered herself on top of the smaller woman settling upon her so that the bone of her pubic mound pressed against Lonnie's swollen clitoris. She reached beneath Lonnie and pulled her closer, moving her hips faster and faster, pressing her pubic bone harder and harder against Lonnie. She felt Lonnie arching and pushing against her, answering her movement for movement, until Lonnie's body shuddered then went limp.

Lonnie lay still for a brief moment then whispered urgently, "Please. I need to feel you in me."

Lark rolled to the side and reached out to her lover. Lonnie was so dilated that Lark easily slid four fingers inside. Lark savored the wetness she found there and smiled to herself as she felt Lonnie once again swell and harden beneath her palm.

"Yes," Lonnie whispered. "More, oh god, more!"

Lark curved her fingers inside Lonnie until she felt the small rough spot just inside her vagina. Lark curved her fingers, stroking the spot, then pumping in and out against it in a rapidly increasing rhythm.

"Come for me, Lonnie," Lark breathed in Lonnie's ear. "Come for me."

The words, the feel of Lark's breath against her ear, and the sound of Lark's voice were all it took to push Lonnie over the edge again. Lonnie felt the wetness flow out of her in great spurts against Lark's hand and gasped as multiple orgasms shook her body. As the last wave rolled over her, Lonnie slumped against Lark. "Jesus, that was so intense," she gasped.

Lark lay there smiling, forgetting for a brief moment her own unsatisfied need.

Lonnie moved slowly off Lark and lay looking deeply into her lover's eyes. "I want you," Lonnie whispered, her words causing the heat to rise and spread between Lark's thighs.

"So soon?" Lark asked with surprise.

Lonnie laughed. "Just lie still," she said impishly. "Did you think I had forgotten you?"

Lonnie ran her hands over Lark's long, lean body. She loved the feel of Lark's soft skin and taut muscles. She ran her hand down Lark's stomach and teased her clitoris with her fingers. She gently moved the hood back and lightly stroked the naked head.

Lark's breath came in quick rasps. "Oh yes, yes," she moaned.

Lonnie leaned over and let her tongue replace her fingers. She held Lark open with her thumbs and ran her flattened tongue over the taller woman's core. She sipped the nectar between Lark's legs, then dipped her fingers in it and rubbed it up and down covering all of Lark's center with the thick, sweet liquid. She lay her head on Lark's abdomen and felt the muscles there expanding and contracting under her cheek. Lonnie inhaled her lover's muskiness and sensed the start of Lark's orgasm as she entered her. She moved down and once again took Lark's hardened clitoris in her mouth, alternately sucking and licking it, as she moved her fingers in and out of Lark's opening.

"I can feel you coming ... just for me," Lonnie whispered against Lark's center.

Lark felt Lonnie's breath on her clitoris, then her mouth and tongue. She strained against Lonnie's fingers as they pushed and probed against and into her engorged center bringing her to the peak.

"Yes, oh yes, baby, only for you," Lark cried out as she felt the sweet ache of her own release carry her away.


The tall man in the cable service van adjusted the volume coming into his earphones and watched as the rolling tape recorded the sounds coming from the apartment across the street. He moved uncomfortably in his seat feeling his erection throbbing against his tight pants leg and wished he could find the same release he had just heard crackling through the earphones into his ear. He glanced at his partner sitting next to him and wondered if she had had the same reaction. He heard the catch in her breath, saw the flush which moved up her neck and into her face, and knew that she had.


The door of the cable van flew open and the tall man at the console felt a hand on his collar and a gun in his ear. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his partner reach for her gun.

"F.B.I.! Don't or he's dead," said the man holding his gun to her partner's head. She paused and lifted her arms over her head.

"What the hell is going on, here? Who are you?" Max shouted.

"Hey, take it easy, buddy," the man at the console said. "We're federal agents. Take the gun out of my ear, and let me get my i.d."

"I know all the local F.B.I agents, and you're not one of them," Max growled, pulling back the hammer on his gun.

"Washington, D.C. bureau, man. Stay cool. We can sort this out," the seated man said as he reached for his coat.

"Not you, her," Max said, nodding at the red-haired woman sitting next to them. "Do it slowly. I won't hesitate to shoot."

The woman reached slowly into her blazer jacket and extracted a small wallet. She flipped it open, and Max read her i.d. He lowered his gun and stuck it back into his shoulder holster. "All right, I'm gonna ask again, what the hell is going on here?"

"Ben Morrow," said the seated man, extending his hand to Max. Max ignored it and said, once again. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Look, man," Morrow said. "We're on a stake-out. We have reason to believe that the woman in the penthouse apartment is involved in illegal money laundering so, for god's sake, don't blow our cover."

Max laughed, the sound rumbling through the van. "Money laundering? Jesus Christ, you idiots, she's a federal agent. I've known her long enough to know that there's no way she's dirty. What in god's creation gave you guys the idea that she was involved in anything illegal?"

Morrow hesitated, not sure how much he could or should reveal to Max. If the woman they were monitoring was dirty, then this guy might be too. His gut instinct told him that Max was a good agent. He decided to go with his gut.

"Have you ever heard of a woman named Meriam Williams?"

"Yes, I know Dr. Williams," Max responded with a hint of confusion in his voice. "What does she have to do with this?"

"We believe Williams is the conduit of funds used to finance a revolutionary group in Africa. We know about her relationship with Agent Mingye. Williams has been under investigation for some time now, but she always seems to be one step ahead of us. We don't think that she could keep that up without some help from somewhere and, considering their relationship, your buddy is a prime suspect for that job." Morrow sat back in his chair and stared smugly at Max.

"You guys are out of your fucking minds," Max said.

"Oh, yeah? Do you know who her father is?" Morrow asked.

"I don't give a rat's ass who her father is. Besides, he's dead." Max replied. "And there is no way that Lark is involved in any money laundering scheme."

"Well, maybe not," Morrow responded, "but we're just going to have to see where this investigation leads."

"You have her bugged?"

"Yep. We've been monitoring her and Williams for several months now," Morrow smirked.

"Wait a minute," Max growled, "just where are those bugs placed?"

"Anywhere and everywhere, Agent," Morrow laughed. "That's one twisted sister you work with."

Max drew back his fist and sent it smashing into Morrow's face.

"Her private life is none of your god-damned business," Max said, tearing the tape from the rack. He thought he saw a smile touch the corner of the female agent's lips as he did so. "Find some other way to get your jollies, you pervert," Max screamed as he jumped from the van, the tape in his hand.

"You just fucked up your career over a fucking lesbian," Morrow yelled back as he wiped the blood from under his nose with his shirt sleeve. "This isn't over, man. When I'm through you'll be flipping hamburgers at McDonald's."

Max flipped a bird at the man in the van and jogged back toward Lark's apartment building.


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