Darkwood by Sammet

Synopsis: On her monthly visit to her favourite S/M club, Alex witnesses a young slave being sold by auction. On a whim she buys her and soon has to discover that the small blonde is more than she seems.

Despite the setting, there probably won't be any SM in here. I had the best intentions of writing just that, but the story developed in a different direction. That said, let's take a look at the disclaimers :

Uber: Yes, it is. So while Alex, Billie and the others are totally mine, they might look familiar to you.

Sex: I'm sure there will be - of the FF kind, of course. But not in this chapter, sorry.

Supernatural: No humans here. You'll probably figure out what they are within the first chapter. Or the second. Or…

Thanks: To my Beta Kerrie.

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by Sammet



Chapter 1

It could have been any night in the Red Cat, the only lesbian SM club in all of Darkwood , Virginia . Dozens of women in every imaginable attire, booming music, black and blood-red walls illuminated only by candlelight, and the overabundance of collars and high-heels Alex always found amusing.

Clad in black leather trousers, heavy boots and skin-tight black leather vest, Alex moved through the crowd with predatory grace, not noticing or perhaps not caring that other women respectfully made room for her. Her long black hair gleamed in the candlelight, her slightly mocking expression emphasized her high cheekbones and light blue eyes. Many eyes followed her sleek form, but she seemed oblivious to the admiring stares directed at her.

She was a regular in the Red Cat , visiting the club usually once a month, even though she did not really fancy this whole SM thing. Well, at least nothing that went above a little spanking or whipping. But she occasionally enjoyed moving in company of others of her kind and in a scene where she didn't have to hide her natural dominance. And it was an easy place to pick up a girl if she was in the mood for some meaningless sex.

A lot of her kind were attracted to this scene, simply because it matched their natural streak for dominance and submission. So far she had spotted three of them, two of which she gave a polite nod to. She knew both of them, Cassidy and Sonja, pretty well, had even been hunting with them, but tonight she wasn't in the mood for a chat.

The third was Veronica, the most obnoxious bitch her kind had ever spawned. Usually she would have been torn between ignoring her and ripping her throat out.

Tonight neither was an option. She had heard the whispers since her arrival - Veronica would sell her slave. She hadn't even known Veronica had a girl, could barely imagine that someone would voluntarily spend time in that bitch's company. Well, perhaps this girl had finally found her brains and had therefore asked Veronica to sell her.

Usually she would not have cared - girls, so caught up in the thought of sexual submission, that they did not care who owned them, simply didn't interest her. And she would never even have thought about taking Veronicas leftovers.

But this one inevitably had caught her eye. A small girl, surely no more than twenty years old, was kneeling on the low stage used for auctions and performances, head bowed, hands clasped behind her back. She had long black hair, the sweetest face and her slender but well toned form was clad in black miniskirt and top which left very little to imagination. She didn't move nor flinch when her tall, red-headed mistress prodded or smacked her with her ever present riding crop.

Alex wondered if this picture of pure submissiveness came due to good acting or was truly her nature.

Well, now she would find out. Alex didn't understand in the least how anyone in their right mind could sell this little beauty - not that Veronica ever had been in her right mind - but she was willing to pay whatever price to possess her. She just couldn't stop staring at her and tried to get a whiff of the girls scent, but in the overcrowded room it proved nearly impossible. It would have to wait till she could take the girl home.

And take her home she would. Something about this girl called to her and she couldn't stand the thought of her being sold to another bitch like Veronica.

The auction was not scheduled until after midnight , but Veronica nonetheless let her slave kneel on the hard floor for the whole two hours, so everyone could get a good look at her. Alex' resolve to kill Veronica at first opportunity hardened. They had disliked each other at first sight and occasions like these proved that Alex had been right in her judgement. Veronica had always been protected by Melissa, but now Alex was determined to find a way around that.

Kyra, the club owner, started the auction a few minutes after midnight . A slave being sold was a rare occurrence and so just about every other activity in the club ceased. There were still a few moans and the occasional scream to be heard in the background, but the main focus lay upon the small girl on stage, her red-headed owner and Kyra, who showed a remarkably light hand at surveying about two dozen bidders.

Twenty minutes into the auction, there were only three of them left in the running. Alex, Cassidy, and a young woman who didn't look like she would even know what to do with a girl, but nonetheless held her ground.

Alex was quickly running out of patience. She didn't mind the money so much, but it simply took too long. She inched forward to Cassidy and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. Cass didn't take her eyes off the auctioneer, but whispered an impatient „What?“

Alex grinned maliciously, knowing it could be heard in her voice. „You know I really like you, Cass. But honestly, one more bid from you and I'll rip your throat out!“

Cassidy's head whipped around, her blonde curls almost hitting Alex in the face. „ You are biding?“

Alex raised her hand, nodding to the auctioneer to make a higher bid. „So it seems.“

Cassidy sighed. „In this case I leave her to you - I doubt that I could outbid you anyway. But we'll talk about this!“

„Good girl.“ Alex grinned and raised her hand again. One down, one to go.

Ten minutes later, and under whispers and exclamations of surprise, Alex outdid her last remaining opponent by simply doubling the current bid. The young woman smirked and bowed her head in surrender and the first time this evening a real smile graced Alex' face.

When Veronica finally placed the girl's leash in Alex' hand, the little slave didn't even look up to her. She kept her eyes glued to the floor and Alex was sure she saw her trembling.

Veronica mumbled something about Billie's bag being brought to her limousine and retreated suspiciously fast, but Alex didn't pay too much attention. She couldn't stop staring at the girl, whose sweet scent now filled her nostrils. She smelled perfect. Alex wanted to see her eyes, but the small slave had yet to lift her head.

Alex abandoned the leash and gently took the girl's hand. „Come on, let's go home.“

It took the girl several tries to stand up, since her knees had gone numb somewhere in the last hour, but Alex waited patiently. When the slave was steady on her feet again, Alex led her out of the club.

She liked the way her new possession moved, the gentle sway of her hips, the subtle movement of muscles under suntanned skin. She smiled to herself. She sure could think of a few enticing ways to make these muscles move.

While she preferred her convertible, on occasions like these she settled for a limousine with a driver, so she could indulge in some wine or brandy.

Tonight she was very pleased with her decision, now she could concentrate solely on her new possession on the way home.

The driver opened the door for her and Alex took her usual seat on the left side. The girl sat down next to her, but as soon as the door closed behind her, she slid to the spacious floor, head submissively bowed and hands clasped behind her back, just as she had been on stage. The girl was either incredibly well trained - or simply terrified.

Alex gently stroked her new slave's cheek. „That is not necessary. Come, sit with me.“

The girl instantly obeyed, her hands now in her lap, eyes still downcast.

Alex could smell the girls fear and she took care to let her voice be as soft as possible. „What is your name, little one?“

The girl hesitated, then whispered „My name is Billie, Mistress.“

She had a pleasant voice, Alex decided, soft and melodious. It would be nice hearing this voice last thing before going to sleep.

„Very well then, Billie. My name is Alex and I wish to be addressed by either that or, if you are not comfortable with just my name, by 'my Lord'. Do you understand?“

„Yes, my Lord.“

„Good.“ Her thumb caressed Billie's slender hand. „Now, when I talk to you, I want you to look at me. Not my feet, not my hands, not even my lips. I want you to look at my eyes, so I can see if you understand what I want from you.“

It seemed to cost the girl a lot of willpower to obey, but when she did, Alex felt captivated by the first look in those deep emerald colored eyes. „So beautiful...“ she whispered. „You've got the most expressive eyes...“

Billie blushed.

Alex chuckled and settled comfortably in her seat. „So, Billie, tell me about you.“

„What... what do you want to know?“ The green eyes darted nervously between Alex' own and the floor.

„Your age, for example. Where do you come from? What do you like to do?“

„I turn eighteen the next month, my Lord. I was born in Arlington and I... don't have any hobbies.“

Alex snorted to cover her shock over Billie's age. „Very well then - what did you like to do before you came to Veronica? What did please you?“

Billie looked as if she was trying to remember a long forgotten dream.

„I... I liked to swim... read... play pool sometimes... I wrote stories and poems or went running through the woods...“

Alex thought about her house located only a few hundred yards from the woods surrounding the city. She wanted to tell her that she could use the swimming pool, the library or the pool table whenever she wanted, but then she was sure, the girl wouldn't believe her. Yet. Something definitely was wrong with that girl.

She continued to lightly stroke Billie's hand, relishing in the feeling of smooth skin and hot blood pulsing below it. „How long have you been... with Veronica?“

Again Billie looked up, as briefly as possible. „About a year, my Lord.“

„Did you like being with her?“

„Yes, my Lord. She was very nice to me.“

Even if Billie's voice hadn't been flat, the sudden stiffness in her posture hadn't betrayed her, Alex would have smelled the lie. She decided to let it go, for now.




The drive home took about twenty minutes and when the driver opened the door for them, Billie seemed to be even tenser.

Through the spacious front garden, Alex led her to her house, not even abandoning Billie's hand to unlock the door.

Entering the big mansion, she felt the girl grip her hand tighter. She smiled reassuringly „I know it's rather big, but you'll soon feel at home here.“

The smell of Billie's fear became overwhelming and started to rouse darker instincts in Alex. She shook her head violently and decided to take care of that first. „Billie. How about a hot bath?“

„Uh - sure, my Lord, I'll prepare it. Do you have any preferences?“

Alex chuckled. „Whatever you like is fine with me. The bath is for you, but I don't mind sharing. Come with me.“

The sheer size of her new home seemed to intimidate Billie further and she obviously was relieved to finally be in the confines of the spacious but not overly huge bath.

Alex turned on the tabs, selected a hyacinth-flavoured oil and started to undress. She grinned at the sight of Billie who had discreetly turned her back to her.

Finally naked she stepped up to Billie. When she started to unlace the girl's top, she felt her whole body stiffen, waves of fear and despair wafted up to her and instinctively she wrapped her arms around the lithe body.

„Hey... shhh, it's okay.“ she whispered in a small ear „I won't hurt you!“

Billie started to tremble and Alex stepped back in shock. This wasn't only fear of a new master, the small slave was terrified by the mere thought of being touched.

Something was definitely wrong here. Did the girl not know that this was supposed to be a game?

Even in her wildest days she had never had a real slave and she didn't like the turn things took right now.

Suddenly the whole situation had turned into a complete new challenge. She would win the girls trust. It was one thing to play with a willing woman who wanted to be dominated, another to have this horrified little girl cowering at her feet.

She stepped in the tub and settled down, opting to let Billie go at her own pace. „Come in when you are ready, little one.“

Still trembling Billie wriggled out of the already loosened top and then took of her stilettos and skirt.

Alex tried not to stare at her too obviously, not to enhance the girl's fears, but it was hard at the sight of firm breasts, toned abs and, entirely, a perfect little body. An eyebrow rose at the sight of a neatly trimmed and decidedly gold blond patch of curls. She had always been partial to blondes.

Finally Billie stepped into the tub and, unthinkingly reacting to Alex' gentle command, sat down between her legs, her back to Alex.

Alex moved her arms very slowly, encircling Billie's waist and drew her back until the slender body rested against hers. Billie's skin felt hot, almost feverish, and her breathing came raggedly. Alex took her slender hands in hers, started to stroke them to calm and comfort her in a non-sexual way.

„I will not hurt you, Billie. I will not force you to anything you don't want to do.“ she whispered and though she could tell the girl reacted more to the calm sound of her voice than her words, the tension slowly eased out of the girl's body. Alex continued to stroke her hands. It was a good moment to learn more about her young charge. Something small, she decided, just to get the girl talking.

„Did you have any pets when you were a child?“

Billie hesitated. „No... Animals don't like me. They get all scared and excited and... except for dogs, that is, and... none of my foster parents would allow me to get one, so... no, I didn't have a pet, my Lord.“

There was something strange in that answer, a secret, Alex deduced, but it had time.

She smiled and kissed the dark head in front of her. „Scoot forward a little. Let me wash your hair.“

Billie could have done that herself, but Alex wanted to make sure there were no traces of Veronica left on her.

Half an hour later both of them were sitting on the margin of the bathtub, dressed in terry bathrobes.

Billie didn't know what to make of it, but she had to admit she enjoyed sitting here in this fluffy bathrobe while her new Mistress - no, Lord - she corrected herself, was drying her hair with a soft towel. Well, more like stroking it. So far she had been very nice and very gentle and Billie hoped it would last a little while longer.

Alex finished her work with a hair drier, then left to get Billie something to dress.

She came back with silk pyjamas of hers that left Billie looking like a kid playing dress up, but it would do for tonight.




„How about something to eat, Billie?“

Billie hesitated. She was so nervous, she wasn't sure she could keep it down, but for the same reason she hadn't eaten all day. Hesitantly she looked up at Alex and nodded. „I would like that, my Lord.“

„Very well then.“ A gentle hand on her back guided Billie down the stairs and to the spacious kitchen.

Alex opened the refrigerator and pointed at the massive mahogany table. „Sit down, I'll see what we have.“

She didn't have to search for long. Right in the front she saw a plate filled with roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and various vegetables.

She smiled as she removed the foil and put the plate in the microwave. „Maria's been in a good mood, it seems. She's my housekeeper and cook - you will get to know her tomorrow.“ She chuckled. „A terrible temper, but I think you might like her. I guess from now on she will have to cook for two.“

She placed a glass and a bottle of coke in front of Billie and returned to the microwave to retrieve the plate.

Billie looked at her wide-eyed and somehow terrified. „My... my Lord, I'd rather not eat your dinner...“

„Don't worry, little one. I've already eaten. Had this incredibly boring business-meeting this afternoon...“

She continued to talk while Billie, hesitantly at first, then with growing gusto went for her supper. Usually Alex wasn't much of a talker, but her voice seemed to put the girl at ease, and so she went on about her day.

Billie learned that her new Mistress had been a Senior-Partner in a computer company. She was officially retired, having made more money than she could ever spend, but still held shares and so felt obliged to do some consulting work. And of course, they called her in for difficult negotiations - she had, after all, a knack for intimidating people.

Billie couldn't remember ever having enjoyed a home cooked meal while someone was keeping her company and told her about their day; she enjoyed it immensely. She had a retentive memory and so filed away every name and event Alex mentioned, just in case.

After Billie had polished off the plate and had been treated to some cookies as well, Alex took her to her living room.

It was smaller than Billie had anticipated and much cozier. She liked the warm colors and thick carpets and was absolutely awed by the skylight. A glass door led out to the terrace and on the wall facing the sofa was a huge marble fireplace with an even bigger flat screen hanging over it and

Alex lead her to the one facing the TV that looked big enough to comfortably seat a dozen people and Billie slid into a corner, obviously trying to disappear between the cushions.

When Alex grabbed a remote control, Billie thought she would turn on the TV, but it dimmed the light and in the background soft music started to play. Billie swallowed convulsively.

Alex sat down next to her, close but not uncomfortably so.

„I guess tomorrow we will have to go get your things from Veronica.“

Billie blushed and lowered her head. „All I have is in the bag I brought.“

Alex raised an eyebrow but thought better of inquiring. „Well, then we'll have a busy day going shopping.“ She smiled, trying to put the girl at ease „Not that I don't appreciate you in my pyjamas, but we better get you some clothes you don't drown in.“

If possible, Billie blushed even more. „I don't have any money, my Lord. I'm sorry.“

„Honey, do you really think, I'd have... taken you with me, if I could not take care of you?“ Fore some reason, she couldn't bring herself to acknowledge the fact that she had bought the beautiful girl like a piece of cattle.

„No, of course not, my Lord.“

The answer came automatically and Alex knew that Billie had not understood. She sighed and gently stroked the dark head. „Billie, what I'm trying to say is that I will take care of everything you might need. Food, clothes, whatever you might wish for, I will buy it for you. You are mine and I take good care of what is mine.“

A short pause, then a soft „Thank you, my Lord.“

Alex kissed her temple. „You're welcome.“




Much later they were both lying on the couch, Alex on her back and Billie on top of her. Billie was snoring softly and had both her hands tangled in Alex' hair.

It was by no means what Alex had imagined her night would be, but she felt strangely content. Billie's small body on top of her felt absolutely right and she was prepared to spend many evenings like that before Billie trusted her enough to go any further. Sometimes the hunt was just as pleasurable as the actual capture. And Billie was worth the wait.

She held the girl tighter and inhaled her scent. Billie smelled very good and very young. Almost... Alex sniffed.

No, this couldn't be. She cleared her mind, then drew a deep breath.

Hell. It couldn't be. It couldn't, but her good nose left no doubt.

Her mind went blank with shock. What the hell...

She eased out from under the sleeping girl and practically ran out of the room before her wrath got the better of her.

Silently cursing she got the phone and dealt the number of the only person she could trust with this.

Cassidy was all but pleased with her, obviously Alex had interrupted something. But when Alex voiced her suspicions, she instantly agreed to come by the next evening.

Alex decided to take the sleeping girl upstairs to her own bedroom and then went for a run. She wouldn't find any sleep this night.


To Be Continued in Chapter 2

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