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Chapter 5 – Blue Movie

In the new bedroom the lights were dimmed low for the Wolf. Not surprisingly, Michelle had taken over command. Delicate as she looked with her small stature and the caramel colored skin, she wasn't one to mess with and when she barked out an order, even the battle-hardened warriors jumped to do her bidding.

Since the king sized bed would not fit through the door, she had taken it apart and now the warriors were carrying the single parts in for her and Mac to put back together. Jazz was readjusting the hinges on an old fashioned wardrobe and the youngsters where busy cleaning the floor, the windows and every piece of furniture the warriors brought in. The geeks ran in and out, trying to get their toys to safety before the others could get their hands on them.

For a moment, Gabriel was concerned the turmoil might agitate the Wolf, but between Cheyenne and the knife she seemed to feel safe, so Gabriel could afford a moment to look around, taking in the brightly painted walls, the parquet floor and the inglenook. “This is nice, actually,” she addressed Cheyenne. “Own bathroom and all. Why does no one live here?”

“Wardrobe.” came the monosyllabic reply.


“No walk-in wardrobe. You know how Females are. I'd have liked it, but Kitty would have none of it. Now we don't have a fireplace, but a wardrobe you could hide an elephant in.”

Gabriel chuckled at the resignation on the big warrior's face, when another thought crossed her mind. “But there is already SDF on the windows, yes?”

The anxiety in Gabriel's voice made Cheyenne smile. “Sure. Was the first thing we did when moving in. There isn't a single window or glass door without in this house.”

Gabriel nodded, the tension draining from her face. SDF – sun detaining foil – was the single most appreciated discovery in the vampire society, probably since the invention of night itself. Unfortunately the light filtered through it had a slight sepia colored tint, even though the foil itself was translucent, making it necessary to light additional lamps if you didn't want to risk serious depressions. Still, that was better than always keeping the shutters down over day or getting roasted in your own home.

She steered her Wolf through the door to the bathroom, a bit at a loss at how to get her to give up the knife. Again Cheyenne proved to be immensely helpful.

Like a bodyguard she took a stand in front of the door, facing the bedroom and without even looking back, held her hand out for the knife.


The big one needed its weapon back so it could guard the door. Clever.


Without hesitation, the Wolf placed the handle in her palm and Gabriel smiled. “You're amazing, Chey, you know that?”

She got a shrug in reply and gently closed the door.




Gabriel looked around in the small bathroom. The shower hadn't been used in years, so there was no curtain or bath mat, but it would do for now. They had scrubbed it as clean as possible in the short time they'd had and some terry bathrobes and a stack of towels rested on the wash basin. The heating was on, so when Wolf finished her shower, the small room would be sufficiently warm.

She turned to the Wolf, suddenly feeling nervous. “We'll... uhm... we'll take off your clothes now, okay, darling?”

Wolf didn't react, she just kept staring at her with those incredibly blue eyes.

Gabriel smiled reassuringly as she carefully grasped the hem of Wolf's shirt and tried to pull it over her head.

Since Wolf did nothing to help but just stood there, it proved more difficult than she had expected, especially since Wolf topped her by almost a head. Finally she gave up and simply tore the thin material. Wolf frowned and glanced down.


She was pretty sure her monster wouldn't try to harm her, so why was she making her feel cold?


Gabriel swallowed hard at the sight of stiffening nipples on the most beautiful breasts she had ever seen. Those soft globes would fit perfectly in her hands...

Now that was so not where her thoughts should wander. Or her eyes, for that matter. She kept them closed as she peeled off Wolf's pants and then quickly spun around.


When she turned the shower on, Wolf jumped back in surprise, her light eyes frantically searching for an escape route.

Quickly Gabriel took her hand, drawing her closer. “Shhh, it's okay! Nothing to be afraid of, see, it's only water.” she guided the Wolf's hand under the jet of water.

Wolf flinched when the water hit her skin and quickly pulled away.


This felt strange, hot at first and now quickly cooling off. Perhaps her monster wasn't as smart as she had thought.


For long minutes Gabriel pleaded with her to step into the shower, but Wolf just stood there and looked at her wet hand. This so wasn't working.

Erin's comment shot through her head, the one about Wolf going anywhere as long as it was with her, and she sighed.

She took her own clothes off, very aware of the fact that Wolf's eyes now followed her every movement, and stepped into the shower. When the warm water met her skin she sighed happily. She hadn't showered since before the raid, so in the end this probably wasn't such a bad idea.

She brushed her wet hair out of her eyes and once more held her hand out.

“Come in, Wolf,” she encouraged her “You'll feel much better afterwards, I promise!”

Now Wolf obediently took the offered hand and let herself be drawn under the jet of warm water.


It still felt weird, like something was touching her and yet not touching her, but the warmth of it actually was pretty nice. She had just found out how to stand to stop it hitting her face, when Mine gently turned her around by her shoulders and did something strange with her hair.


She caught a very sweet scent, but couldn't remember what it was called. Reaching up to her head, her fingers met something soft and foamy.


“I'm only washing your hair,” Gabriel murmured, gently tilting the Wolf's head further back. “Just try and relax, we're done in a minute.”


Wolf had only understood hair , but the young one's soothing voice convinced her that the funny stuff on her head wouldn't harm her.


Having rinsed out the Wolf's hair, Gabriel turned her around again, thinking frantically.

She just couldn't wash that gorgeous body. No way was her weakened self control up to that. Perhaps she could just show her how it was done.

She took Wolf's hand and squeezed some shower gel on it, then took some herself.

“You just – do what I do now, okay?”

Demonstratively she started to wash, delighted when Wolf caught on and mimicked her movements.


Obviously she was supposed to imitate that. Okay. Get the white stuff everywhere and get rid of it again. She could do that. Not that it made much sense.


When both of them were soap-free again, Gabriel smiled at the Wolf. “You did that very well, honey. Now turn around, I'll do your back and then we're finished.” she did a spinning motion with her index finger.


Wolf caught the meaning and turned once again. What was the young one planning now? Sure she was done putting stuff on her head!?


As soon as Gabriel's hands started spreading the gel on her back, the Wolf let her head drop forward, her muscles relaxing under Gabriel's fingers. Oh my, she was actually purring! A low, rumbling sound from the back of her throat that made Gabriel tingle all over.


That felt great. Obviously Mine knew what she did, after all. Oh... even the spot that always had hurt felt good now... She made a little more noise to show her appreciation.


Gabriel let her hands linger on the smooth skin, longer than necessary as she had to admit, feeling the muscles flex under her fingers and enjoying the gentle purring. She bit her lip. If she let her hands wander just a bit more southwards, she could accidentally...

She needed to stop this. Now. Or she couldn't be held responsible for her actions. With great regret she cleared away the last of the suds and turned the Wolf around again. Wolf's eyes were half closed, her cheeks slightly reddened, if from the heat of the shower or something else, Gabriel could not tell.

She reached up to pluck a few wet strands from the Wolf's face, but somehow her hand ended up stroking the back of her neck.

In a motion that felt somehow familiar, she gently drew her down and, unable to resist, placed a soft kiss on her lips.


Had Mine just tried to bite her? No, that couldn't be. It had not hurt in the least. Her monster was smart, and if it had wanted to hurt her, it would have succeeded. She fingered her lips where Mine's had touched her. It tingled. It was... kind of nice.


Gabriel was a bit shocked by her own actions and so seemed the Wolf. But then – was that a smile on Wolf's face? Gabriel felt her pulse speed up. She slowly rose up to her tiptoes and kissed her again, just to make sure. Yeah, and what a smile!

She was on the verge of kissing her some more when she remembered that this was not supposed to be some Blue Movie scene and quickly stepped back. “We - we're done now, Wolf. Let's get dressed, okay?”


That had felt really good. She wanted to ask Mine to do it again, but still she only managed to growl. She really needed to learn the talking-thing.


When they stepped out of the shower, they were greeted by the sight of Erin, leaning in the doorway and grinning like a Cheshire cat. “I would have paid to see that, you know?”

“You're a dog, Erin.” Gabriel put on one of the bathrobes with slow, emphasized movements so Wolf could watch, ignoring the fact that Erin was watching as well.

To her delight Wolf immediately understood and put on the other robe, Gabriel only had to help her tie the belt. She quickly toweled both their hair, then turned to Erin again.

“Show's over,” she informed her, “Would you mind getting out of the way now?”

“Is it my imagination or are you getting a bit irritated lately?”

“Erin...” she took a deep breath, trying hard not to let the Wolf feel her annoyance. Erin was her best friend, but she could be quite infuriating if she set her mind to it. “I haven't slept for three days, and I would do everything to get into this bed, so move your ass or I'll walk straight through you!”

Erin laughed and stepped back. “Your wish is my command. I just came to see if you'll need anything else. We're done here.”


Gripping Mine's hand, she followed her through the door, keeping a watchful eye on the monster. She absentmindedly noted that the big one had disappeared, but so had most of the others. It probably had fought them off. Only the curly one was left and she was positive she could deal with that one on her own.


Gabriel's scowl vanished immediately after one look at the newly furnished room. It looked as if it had been inhabited for years, with carpets, a flat screen TV and pictures on the walls. Someone even had taken the time to put some flowers on the table and hung up curtains so the bars in front of the windows couldn't be seen. The clothes she had asked Alice for were stacked neatly on the table.

It was pleasantly warm and the bed, covered in silken bedclothes, looked incredibly inviting. It was all Gabriel could do not to dive in right now.

“It's beautiful! How did you get this done so fast?”

Erin shrugged. “Everyone's just about crazy with your Wolf, they all wanted to help. It's like having a new pet or something and everyone wants her to like them best.”

Gabriel ignored the pet-comment. She steered Wolf to the bed and gently pushed her down on it.

Wolf complied readily, her eyes never leaving Gabriel's face.

Erin chuckled. “If she had a tail, she'd be wagging it now. Guess she thinks you're some kind of a saint.”

“If so, she'll change her mind in a few minutes,” Gabriel sighed. “I have to do something about her hair. If I let it dry now we'll never get the tangles out.”

Seemingly from out of thin air Erin produced a hairbrush. “Candace sends her regards.”

Gabriel shook her head. “You guys really think of everything, don't you?”

“We try,” Erin gave her a warm smile. “I'll leave you to your combing mission now. CJ's posted outside in case you need something.” she gave a nod to the Wolf and left the room, gently closing the door behind her.




After Erin had gone, Gabriel quickly had put on some fresh clothes and then helped the Wolf dress. The tall Female now wore red shorts and a T-shirt that proudly declared ‘If there's no more meat, I'll eat vegetarians'.

Now they were sitting in the middle of the bed. Gabriel, her legs crossed in front of her, patiently combed through the mat of the Wolf's tangled hair. Wolf, just as patiently, sat with her back to her, not moving, not fidgeting as she had expected her to.


The young one had been doing this strange thing for quite some time now. While she did not exactly see the point in it, it seemed important to Mine , so she kept still. It didn't hurt too much and she liked it when those gentle hands brushed her shoulder or tickled her neck, but at the moment it seemed to become increasingly difficult to keep her upright position.


She felt her eyelids going heavy, her whole body beginning to feel some kind of weak... she was getting... tired? Yeah, tired . It was quite a new experience – or perhaps it just was new that she had been wide awake before. Somehow she knew the right thing to do now was to lie down and close her eyes. To sleep .


Now that she thought about it, she had slept before. At least she had woken up before, with her head in her monster's lap. Well, if that was how it was done...


Gabriel was about half way through with her task, when Wolf suddenly turned around, took the brush out of her hand and laid it aside.

The blue eyes looked at her, uncertain, as if she wanted to say something but didn't know how, then Wolf slid away a couple of inches and laid down, her head in Gabriel's lap. A look of pure contentment settled over her features and she wrapped one arm around Gabriel's waist.

Gabriel stared down at her in bewilderment. Oh my... obviously Wolf had decided she'd had enough of the combing. And she seemed to have fairly precise ideas at how she wanted to sleep.

She tried to slide out from under her, but the arm around her middle tightened and Wolf buried her face against her hip. Gabriel grimaced. Fine. Obviously she would stay for a while. Close, very close to that gorgeous predator.

She strained to get a grip on the comforter and threw it over the Wolf, then let herself sink backwards. Staring up at the ceiling, she was sure she would never find sleep, but Wolf's warm weight proved to be immensely relaxing and it took only minutes for her to start snoring.




Alice growled and pressed the pillow tightly over her head, trying to drown her friends' voices. For hours they had been going on and on about the Wolf, making it impossible for Alice to finally find some sleep.

When she had entered her room yesterday evening, she had been greeted not only by her roomie Kara, but by all of the youngsters, and they all had pestered her about the raid and, in even greater detail, about the Wolf.

She had tried to keep her narrative short, but they wouldn't let her leave out any details. It had been four in the morning till she finally got to lay down and after only two hours of much needed sleep, Kara had woken her again and dragged her downstairs to see the Wolf. After cleaning up the room for Gabriel and her Wolf, the youngsters all had gotten a tiring three hours lecture from Gina about the new security system she had installed around the house. It had been almost noon when she finally could have slept – could have, if the other youngsters hadn't decided that her and Kara's room was the best place to discuss the Wolf. Alice had contemplated sleeping somewhere else – anywhere else - but that would have meant risking running into Sonya who probably still waited for a chance to mangle her.

“Did you see those legs? They were endless! I think…”

Alice groaned, blindly gripping for a second pillow. They couldn't be serious! Not that tall, dark and deadly wasn't hot in her own, psychotic way, but suddenly there didn't seem to be a single other topic in the world. Perhaps it was the constantly elongated fangs and claws, or simply the beautiful face, but something about her drew the youngsters in. After listening to their mindless chatter for hours, Alice was ready to throttle the next one to mention ‘those eyes', ‘the cool cheekbones' or ‘her sexy ass'. It was almost sundown now and she had a sparring session with Nox in three hours. She needed to find some sleep!

A hand appeared on her hip and started shaking her madly. “Alice? Alice, are you awake?”

With a cry of outrage Alice ripped the pillows of her head and sat up. “Of course I fucking am! So, what? What the fuck do you want?”

“Whoa, calm down, Tiger!” Kara, perched on the side of Alice bed, giggled. “We're going to see the Wolf. Wanna come along?”


Val rolled her eyes. “Now don't get your knickers in a bunch! You're getting just as lame as CJ!”

Robyn, stretched out on Kara's bed, yawned. “Yeah, CJ was a lot more fun before she decided to become a warrior – right now she's in the gym – special work out with Cheyenne. That's so boring!”

Val, who had already been at the door, sat down on Alice's bed. “Do you remember when she…”

Alice whimpered and tried to crawl under the covers.




The sun had just gone down when Joanie knocked on the door to Gabriel's room. Still getting no answer after the fourth time, she cautiously opened the door and peeked in.

Well, that explained it. Gabriel was snoring flat on her back, arms and legs spread wide, while the Wolf lay with her head on Gabriel's stomach, her arms hugging the blonde's hips, legs dangling over the edge of the bed. They gave a picture of utter contentment.

Joanie sighed. Erin had sent her to ask Gabriel if she needed anything, but the both of them looked so comfortable, it really seemed a shame to wake them. The Wolf's long hair obscured her face, but Gabriel seemed to smile in her sleep.

Before she could decide what to do, Gabriel suddenly lifted her head and directed sleepy, half closed eyes at her.


For some reason, Joanie blushed. “You... uhm... look – comfortable...”

Gabriel chose not to dwell on that. “Could you wait for me outside?” she whispered. “I don't want to wake her.”

Joanie nodded and soundlessly closed the door.


When Gabriel stepped outside five minutes later, she was completely dressed, boots and waistcoat and all, but still looked half asleep. Joanie abashedly smoothed down her short black curls. “Sorry to wake you.”

Gabriel yawned widely. “Don't worry I'd probably have slept away the whole day otherwise. So, what's up?”

“Nothing major, actually. Her Highness sent me to see if there's anything you need.”

Gabriel grinned. “She probably only wanted to make sure I'm still alive. But there actually is something you could do for me - when I came to this town and didn't find the lot of you in your old flats, I took a room at a motel. Most of my things are still there, so –“

“Should I get them for you?”

“No, thank you,” Gabriel smiled to show that she didn't mean offense. “I have to stretch my legs anyway and frankly, I need a few minutes for myself, without everyone bugging me about Wolf. She's still sleeping, so could you have an eye on her? I'll be back in about an hour.”

“No prob. I have a date tonight, but I'll tell Erin to send someone. Here,” Joanie fished a key out of her back pocket, “Ron's picking me up, so take my bike.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate that.” Gabriel smiled impishly. “For that I'll bring you the towel from my motel room.”

“Could you make that the mini-soap? I collect those!”


To Be Continued in Chapter 5


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