DISCLAIMERS: Not many needed on this one. The characters are mine. They sprang forth, from my own heart and mind, with more than a little help from my muse. Some of the dreams, you might recognize as scenes from our favorite television show. There might also be some shared characteristics between my characters and those on XENA: Warrior Princess. For this, I make no apology. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. No copyright infringement is intended and no tangible profit will be made by me. Hey! Would I be writing fan fiction if I were not utterly and completely taken with this show? No. Since you are reading this, obviously I do write it. I respect the creators far too much to outright steal from them. Is it my fault if these two women are just too damn good to be confined to the TV screen? I think not.

SEX or other warnings: Not really. Not this time around. Just be aware that a foundation is being built and this IS an alt, uber and if women loving women bothers you...well, if that bothers you this is not the story you should be reading. If it illegal where you live or you are underage, move along.

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MYSTI's Girls

by Sam Ruskin

Part 1

Maxine Murray Montgomery was getting precious little accomplished and she knew it. All she could think about was her wife of six months. It was exactly six months today and she wondered if Gillian remembered. Of course she remembered, the tall beauty chastised herself. It has been a rough week and she has been swamped with the deadline for the new cover but she remembered their six month anniversary. Yes, Max told herself for the bazillionth time that week, she remembered. It wasn't Gillian's fault she was forced to work through lunch every day for the last three weeks. She was a popular artist and a hard worker. Max knew that. It wasn't as though she didn't have more than enough going on to keep her busy at the office too. With the business going so well, she had even been forced to hire a new assistant. Still, all she could think of was the wonderful "lunches" she and her gorgeous wife were sorely missing. So, there she stood, looking out the window and thinking about the very special arrangements she had made for the evening.

'No more secrets, surprises or sofas,' Max silently grinned at the memory. Well, maybe just a *little* surprise...for our anniversary. It is, after all, no secret I adore you, thought Max. As for sofas, well our favorite model will be at center stage tonight if I am lucky and please gods, let me be lucky snickered the tall beauty.

Gillian Montgomery Murray smiled at no one as she hung up the phone. "I wonder if you remember this is our six month anniversary, love."

"You call me, Gillian?" asked Jo Ann, the artist's long-time secretary.

Looking up, the blonde laughed. "No, Jo Ann. Just talking to myself again. I was wondering out loud if my wife remembered what today is." Gillian thought quietly how nice it felt to call Max that....her wife. It no longer mattered who got their nose out of whack about it. She changed her name on the office door and all her stationery too. It felt good.

Jo Ann closed the office door and whispered, "Did you get it?"

Green eyes lit up with pure delight. "Yes! I thought I would never make those idiots at the Honda Dealer understand what I wanted; but once your brother sent me to the cycle shop he goes to, I was all set. That salesman still thinks I should have bought the 800 model but I don't care. This is the one she drooled over and I can hardly wait to see the look on her face when I give it to her."

"Jimmy said the stuff you had 'em do to it really cut a lot of the weight off and she sounds like a big ol' mountain lion when she's revved up."

"So he says," smiled the happy blonde. "I just hope it's like Max wanted. I had a hell of a time getting her to tell me again what she would do it she had one. I needed it on tape to play for the shop. I think my sweet wife thinks I'm nuts."

"More like she's nuts about you," smiled the secretary. "When do they deliver it?"

"Lunchtime," waggled golden brows. "I've had to work right through lunch for the past few weeks and she thinks today is more of the same. If they come up with anything that needs my attention during lunch today, so help me, you will be looking for a new boss."

Jo Ann started to laugh and stopped when she noted the strong set in her friend's jaw. This was no joke to the woman perched on the corner of her large oak desk. She patted the strong thigh and winked. "Well, in that case I will protect my job and make absolutely certain you are unreachable for the rest of the day. My, my, would you look at the time? Why it is nearly lunch time already. And you had that meeting across town with that new agent who wanted to pitch the cover idea to you."

"Huh?" asked the startled beauty.

"Oh yeah, I think you might be late already. You best be going now. And don't worry about this afternoon. I'll clear your appointments. No way you will be able to make it back what with that meeting and all."

Gillian laughed out loud. "Oh you are so deliciously wicked. Your job is definitely safe." She kissed Jo Ann on a blushing cheek. "I'm off then. See you tomorrow."

Max moved her chair over for the sixth time in twenty minutes. It must be almost Lunchtime, she thought. Training the new assistant was turning into a bigger job than she intended and it didn't help that the girl seemed to be smitten. Max glanced at her watch again, grateful it was almost late enough she could call a lunch break.

"Max, you're a very good teacher," RaeLeen gushed. "I've already learned more from you than I did in two years of school or three years on the force."

Scooting her chair away again, the dark beauty wondered how those chairs kept doing that. "RaeLeen, you already know all this stuff. We just need to make sure you understand how I handle things here. I'm not sneaking around for sleazy divorce court shots. I try to help people find something, usually someONE they've lost. It's a whole different approach." Looking at the young woman pulling her chair closer, Max lifted a brow.

"God, that's sexy. You do that a lot, you know? Did you know how really sexy that is? And you are such a babe. You know you're a total babe, right?" The long legged woman laid her right hand on her boss's knee.

"Yeah, well, um....back to business, RaeLeen. Let's see your lock picking technique. I mean we rarely use it here but I need to see it anyway," Max explained.

"No problemo, boss lady. I'd love to show you my technique any time you say," the woman flirted.

"Right, well. I'll remember that if I ever need a lock picked." A dark brow lifted as the hand began to move. Putting her own hand over the roaming explorer, Max smiled with as much patience as she could muster. "RaeLeen, I think we need to talk."

Peg tapped lightly on the office door and entered just as the new assistant surprised her boss by pushing her into the large chair and straddling the long legged lap. Blue eyes shot wide open and Max tried to breathe, think and speak all at the same time. Before anyone could decide what to say a familiar voice was heard over Peg's shoulder.

Green eyes narrowed to thin slits of jade. "I think I can handle this, Peg."

"Gillian," Max breathed as blue eyes pleaded for mercy.

"I see you remember my name. I'll take that as a good sign," Gillian spoke way too slowly and clearly for Max's comfort and Peg wisely pulled the door closed as she retreated to the relative safety of her own desk.

"Remember your...Oh, Gillian....honey. Come on now. You can't be serious. She's just a kid." Max was starting to get the full impact of the situation as RaeLeen merely scooted more firmly onto her lap.

"MmmmHmmm," purred the oncoming tiger.

"RaeLeen here and I were just going over some techniques..."

"Yes, I see the techniques she is going over." Green daggers laced in flame shot across the room. "RaeLeen is it?" A quiet nod. "You wanna get your bony ass off my wife's lap before I personally test the safety glass in that window with your head?"

Standing quickly, Max unceremoniously deposited the shameless flirt in the floor. Reaching for the love of her life, Max nearly whimpered when Gillian jerked away.

"Honey, you have GOT to be kidding!! Look at her. She's cute but come on, baby. Aphrodite herself wouldn't stand a chance with me. Don't you know that?" Max pleaded. "For heaven's sake Gill, it's our anniversary. Honey don't be mad. I've missed you so much, I........"

Soft, warm lips covered Max's mouth before the rest of the sentence could be spoken. "You remembered?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," Max savored the feel of her wife's tongue. "You better believe I remember."

The door opened, causing both women to look at Peg who glared at RaeLeen. "You," she spat, "go to lunch and when you get back you and I will have a LONG talk." The secretary stepped aside for the woman to exit before turning to her boss. "Max, I hate to interrupt but there are some delivery men downstairs insisting you come down and personally sign for something or other." Peg couldn't help noticing the tiny giggle from the blonde.

"Well, I didn't order anything to be delivered today but I'll go take care of it. I thought you had to work through lunch again today?" Max questioned her wife.

"Jo Ann thought I should have a meeting across town that would take all day," Gillian grinned.

"Oh I like the way that woman thinks. I really do," Max kissed tender lips before heading out the door. "I'll be right back."

Watching the retreating form, Gillian turned to Peg. "No, she won't. She's not gonna be back till Monday. That okay?"

Peg nodded. Gillian followed Max downstairs and arrived just in time to see her wife's expression when they wheeled in the cherry red VFR 750, redone to her own dream specs. Across the seat was stretched a banner that read: "Happy Anniversary".

"Well," smiled the artist, "you gonna take me for a ride or what?"

Max blinked back the water pooling in her blue eyes as she looked around for helmets. The two guys who wheeled the bike in only moments earlier stepped forward with matching helmets and leather jackets.

"Wow," was all the taller woman could say.

Gillian thanked them, tipped them and sent them on their way. She pulled the helmet on and slipped into the chestnut leather jacket. Removing the banner, she patted the seat. "Well?"

Flashing pearly whites, Max put on her own jacket and helmet. "You serious? You'll ride with me?"

"Well I sure as hell ain't letting Miss Lap Straddler do it," Gillian chuckled.

The bike handled great. Wind rushed past them and Gillian scooted closer, pressing her body into her lover's rear and back. Max moaned softly at the feel of her wife's warmth at her back and relished the thighs pressing against her hips. They rode clear out of the city and toward the foothills and home. The sun was high in the sky and the traffic had all but disappeared when Max felt the small hand slide inside her coat and beneath her shirt. Soft fingers stroked and caressed the tender flesh it found there, finally settling on the tiny barbell near the rising nipple.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh," Max moaned as she rounded the curve.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," grinned Gillian as her tongue found the sexy earlobe.

Gillian licked and sucked the tasty flesh while loving the hardening nipple with experienced fingers. All the while her other hand pulled at the belt buckle until it succeeded and loving fingers slid inside the jeans.

"Jesus, baby." Max protested even as her body pressed into the tender digits.

"Pull over," demanded the blonde.

"What?" asked the brunette.

"Pull over," repeated Gillian as her fingers reached their goal and began circling the swollen target.

"Oh gods," moaned Max. "You're killing me here."

"Well, I'm not stopping so I suggest you pull over before the headlines announcing our death embarrasses even our gay friends." The small blonde continued to caress and fondle the breast jewelry and surrounding flesh while applying circular pressure to her lover's engorging clit. "Or...I ....could always...........stop."

"I'm pulling over," grunted Max. "Don't stop."

Gillian smiled against the leather clad back. Her southern hand pressed harder and faster as Max moved against it. The bike was at a complete stop behind a stand of trees and the tall biker groaned as her lover refused to slow the pace or change position.

"Gillian, please." Max whimpered softly as she struggled to press her breast into a loving hand while moving hard and fast against passionate fingers. All the while she tried to lean into the body pressed against her back.

"I love you, Max. Let go for me baby."

"Gillian!" Max cried out as the first waves of orgasm shook her strong body.

When her wife's trembling slowed, Gillian spoke softly into the ear. "Now, very slowly, turn around but don't get off the bike."

"What?" asked Max.

"Just do it," Gillian instructed and reminded her wife where her fingers still were. Max moaned and complied, turning around to face a smiling beauty who quickly straddled her. "I'm counting on you holding this thing up, you know?"

Max could barely breathe so speech was out of the question. She nodded and pressed her boots deeply into the earth on either side of the large motorcycle.

"Now," cooed the blonde, "you are mine and I will have you. Right?" she asked as she opened the jacket and popped all the buttons off Max's shirt.

Again the blue eyed babe nodded, more than a little surprised but unwilling to stop he wife's delicious attentions.

"Good," Gillian grinned, "because I plan to have my way with you until you can't hold this bike up anymore.

"Oh gods," was all Max could say and she said it over and over for hours.

"I can't believe you did that," Max whispered into Gillian's ear as she carried her to the sofa.

"Why? I've thought of that ever since you told me about the bike." A long tongue reached out for a tempting lobe.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you, Gillian Montgomery Murray?" asked Max.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah. I think I do actually," smiled the artist.

"Good. Because now I get to give you MY anniversary gift." Max flicked the switch and the room lit up with hundreds of soft lights, allowing the smaller woman to see for the first time that the entire room was filled with a rainbow of roses. As their favorite song began to play in the background Max handed Gillian an envelope.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Open it," came the answer from blue eyes.

Gillian opened an envelope containing tickets to a thirty day cruise in the South Pacific. She looked at Max wondering when they would ever be able to use them.

"We leave in the morning, honey. I already arranged it with your boss and it is why I needed to hire an assistant. Now don't even think about arguing with me. I want you all to myself for the rest of my life.....but we'll start with a whole month. OK?"

Gillian wept. "I love you, Max. How did I ever get along without you?"

Max pulled her wife's body firmly and lovingly against her own. "Doesn't matter. We're together now. I just wanted you to know I would marry you all over again, and again, and again. May I show you how much I love you?"

"Oh yeah," mumbled the beautiful blonde with the smoky green eyes. "Again and again and again."

Being the over achiever Max was, she added a few extras of her own.

More with Mysti's Girls very soon.

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