MYSTI'S GIRLS: Happy Valentine's Day

by Sam Ruskin

Gillian was still wondering what had gotten into her beloved. That must have been the oddest phone call in the history of the device. Leaning forward in her chair she rested her elbows on the drawing table, pausing to reflect.

......"Gillian? Max is on line four," the secretary from the temp agency announced.

"Thanks, Maggie. Hi Sweetie, what's up?" the blonde recalled the beginning of the unusual conversation. Well, unusual for Max.

"What's your favorite fragrance?" Max inquired.

Giggling, "Max, you know that. It's the Gravity you wear." The artist began scribbling notes, absent-mindedly, on the sketch pad before her.

"No. I mean scent as in candles," Max laughed. "Glad to know you still like the way I smell, though."

"Oh, I do. I do," smirked Gillian. "Um, Cinnamon I guess. Or Vanilla. Or both. Yeah, both. I like cinnamon and vanilla candles together with maybe a hint of peppermint. What are you up to, Maxine Murray Montgomery?"

"Oh nothing," smiled the brunette as she ticked off items on a list. "Blue still your favorite color?"

A blonde brow descended. "Why? You gonna buy brown contacts? Yes, honey. Blue is still my favorite color. What *are* you up to?"

"Bout six feet," chuckled Max. "If you were on a desert island and the only edible fruit was strawberries, which ONE thing would you want to go with them? Chocolate or whipped cream?"

"What," laughed Gillian, "No Cool Whip?"

"Oh, right. Forgot about the Cool Whip. So you prefer Cool Whip to chocolate? Even white chocolate?" asked the tall beauty, seriously.

"Depends," snickered the blonde. "Do I get dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or all three? This could definitely tip the scales against the Cool Whip, you know?"

One dark brow lifted over crystal blue eyes. "Nevermind," Max said. "Gotta go. Love you."

Before Gillian could respond, the line was humming. She shook her head and smiled. "That woman is up to something. I don't know what yet, but she is definitely up to something."

The artist's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her office door. The secretary of the day slowly pushed the door open, even before Gillian told her to come in.

"Excuse me, but there is a limousine driver here who says you are to go with him?" The heavy-set woman announced half- heartedly.

Gillian stared. "A limousine driver? Here? Why am I supposed to go with him? Who does he work for and where is he?" The artist quickly skimmed her appointment book to be sure she hadn't overlooked something or someone. "I have no appointments at all this afternoon and it's not time for lunch so it isn't Max and...." she stopped mid-sentence and grinned.

"Gillian?" Came the timid voice. "Do you want me to send him away?"

"NNnnnooooooo," smiled the blonde who knew her wife perhaps a little better than either thought. "Let me talk to him."

"Very well." Returning to the gentleman in the gray pants and jacket, the rented secretary introduced her boss. "This is Gillian Montgomery."

Clearing her throat, "Actually, it's Gillian Montgomery Murray, but you couldn't have known that." She turned to the chauffeur. "Who sent you and where is it I am supposed to be going?"

The huge man reached into his inside breast pocket and pulled out a sheet of royal blue stationery. Gillian smiled. Brown eyes searched green, "Something funny, ma'am?"

"Oh no. I just like that blue stationery is all. I bought some for my wife not long ago. Sprayed it good with her.." The artist sniffed and smiled again. "Those your instructions?"

The man fidgeted as he tried to remember if he was allowed to answer that one. Serious eyes flitted back and forth across the neatly creased page. "Yes, ma'am. Um, you are to get your briefcase, tell your secretary goodnight, lock your office door and come with me."

"Oh, I am, am I? And just why should I do this? Why should I go off with a man I don't even know, limousine driver or not?" Gillian tapped her foot and looked up with bright emerald green eyes that nearly stole the poor man's voice. "Well?" she asked again.

Large hands began to sweat as he opened the paper again and again. Ah, there it was. "Says here, because it's Valentine's Day and because without you there would still be a hole in someone's heart that all the valentines in the world couldn't fill." Brown eyes looked up and a smile crept across the round face. "You know ma'am, I might have to borrow that one with my Mrs. tonight. You coming or do I have to go to plan b?"

Gillian snickered. "Borrow away and what is plan b?"

"This," he said as he stepped forward and bent until his shoulder snatched her by the waist. Gently taking her hand, he hefted her small body atop his broad shoulders and headed for the door just as the startled secretary fumbled for the phone.

Laughing her butt off, Gillian hollered back, "don't call the cops. It's my wife's idea of a joke. I'll be back tomorrow. Can you hand me my briefcase please? We wouldn't want Atlas here to get a hernia."

Max grinned from one car door to the other when her sexy wife came tumbling into the long midnight blue limo. "Thanks, James. You know where to go. Let me know just before we get there, please?"

"Yes Ma'am," was all that was said before the privacy shield went up and the car pulled away.

Gillian pulled herself upright only to be tugged into strong arms and soundly kissed. "Gods, but I love you, Max. What in the world are you up to?" The artist found the last of her words caught on her lover's tongue as it entered her mouth yet again. "Mmm. Nevermind. I don't care as long as you keep doing that."

"Good," husked Max. "Because it's a long drive and I thought I really should kiss you a bit before I have my way with you in the back of this here limo."

"You're kidding!?" Gillian mock protested as she was pulled atop her wife. Pleasantly surprised by the familiar mound pressing into her own, she moaned softly and decided to just enjoy the ride.


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from Max and Gillian. {and me, of course}

*Thank you to that certain someone whose surprise today inspired this little tale. [Oh, if anyone should *really* want to hear the rest of the story I MIGHT be persuaded to tell it. LOL.]

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