A Warrior For Our Time

by Sam Ruskin

In an undisclosed location today two women woke and flipped on the television set.

"Xena, is this one of those science fiction/horror movies again? It looks so real."

"I don't think so Gabrielle. Nope. Look at the bottom of the screen. It says it is CNN and that is supposed to be the news channel."

"Oh Gods, Xena. They say thousands may be hurt or worse. I thought Ares was out of the picture now."

"Gabrielle, this is a new time and world. From what I've seen of it some of these people have a whole new set of gods that make Ares look like ...well, like Joxer."

"I resent that!"

"Ares, I thought you were in a cave somewhere or something. Xena, didn't you..."

"Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. Well, war god, looks like you're not needed any more."

"Just shut up and get your chakram. This was way over the line. Bout time you two showed your faces again. Did you know some of these idiots actually BELIEVE you're just fiction?"

"Worse. Xena, some of them believe you're dead."

Up goes a dark brow. "Oh, reaaaaaaaaaaaaally?" Chakram clipped to hip. "We'll just see about that........."

"Oh boy. Youlove it when she gets like this, don't you Ares?"

"Damn straight!"

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww," groaned the two women.

"Let's just go kick some terrorist butt," whined the god of war.

"Fine by me," said Xena. "What's a terrorist?"

Ares rolled his eyes. Gabrielle giggled and the three were off.............

Don't I just wish?

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