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The Naked Warrior

by SapphicWarrior

Gabrielle was getting desperate. This was not the first time she'd had to nurse Xena through a world-class fever, but for the last hour she had been listening to the warrior's delirious ranting and it had got her distinctly hot and bothered. "Gabrielle!" moaned the warrior again, as she unconsciously thrashed about, "Gabrielle, please, touch you. Let me...feel you." The bard shivered as a spear of desire jabbed at her loins, but the delirious warrior continued. "My bard, my queen...I can make you....feel so good. ..I want to suck you...I want to taste your sweetness...I want..." On and on went Xena's breathless, throaty voice, her suggestions getting more and more graphic until the young Amazon could stand it no longer.

Gabrielle put down the wet cloth she had been using to cool Xena's sweating body and hauled herself to her feet, grabbing on to the rocky wall to steady her shaking legs. Flames of arousal licked at her as she stumbled to the far side of the cave and sank to her knees. She could still hear Xena's moans and cries of passion as she leant back against a rock and slipped one hand up under her halter top to play with a hardened nipple, the other sliding down between her legs almost of its own accord. As soon as she touched herself the sparks began to fly. She rubbed at her soaking wet slit and immediately pushed two fingers up inside herself as her other hand came down to tease her throbbing clit. She listened to Xena's voice and let it stoke her passion as the tension mounted higher and higher and then, just as she had almost reached the point of no return, the warrior stopped talking and there was silence. "NOOOO!" she screamed in frustration as her arousal began to ebb away, rubbing harder and faster to try to bring it back. "Xena... don't you stop now....Aaagh Gods!" She spun into a frenzy of flying blond hair and flailing limbs and heaving bosom, the perspiration glistening on her forehead. The bard rubbed and rubbed at her aching clit but her arousal refused to tip over the edge of orgasm. She shook from head to toe as she screamed out "XENAAAAA!"

The warrior's eyes snapped open at the sound of her name. Groggy with the effects of her fever she looked around in confusion, but when she heard her name screamed again panic gripped her and she reached out for her sword. The distress in Gabrielle's voice was evident as she cried out a third time, "AAAGH GODS!" and Xena struggled to her feet, pulling the heavy sword with her and calling "Gabrielle?" She stumbled in the direction of the bard's voice, ready for a fight in spite of her weakness and her nakedness but, as she rounded the rocks and caught sight of the Amazon bard, she stopped dead in her tracks. Gabrielle was writhing in apparent ecstasy on the hard floor of the cave, her knees bent up and her hands visibly frantic beneath her skirt. "Uh!" exclaimed Xena, dizziness almost overwhelming her at the spectacle before her, "Sorry...I thought...."

Gabrielle's eyes turned to the warrior and flashed. "Xena!" she yelled as the Warrior Princess turned to move away, "don't you dare leave! Get over here right now!"

Xena felt faint and had to grab the wall to stop herself falling, all she could say was "What?"

The bard sat up and reached out, her hands trembling, her voice desperate. "Get over here right now and finish what you started!" she rasped, almost sobbing with frustration.

Xena swayed and sank to her knees, "I..I...Gabrielle," she panted as she reached out to take the Amazon's hands, "I don't understand" she finished.

"I know" panted Gabrielle as she drew Xena forward and yanked her hand downwards, "but I need to come, Xena.....this is your fault.." she continued desperately as she ripped off her halter, "and if you don't make me the next two minutes....I'm going to explode...and you'll have to take the pieces back to Potediea...and explain to my fuck me...RIGHT NOW!"

Xena was too weak to argue so she gave herself up to Gabrielle's arms, falling into the warmth she had been dreaming of so long. She kissed the bard roughly and then, summoning all her strength, pushed her down and plunged into her with three fingers, pushing her thumb into the Amazon's clit. "Aaagh...YESSSS!" screamed Gabrielle, as she grabbed desperately at Xena's shoulders and dug her fingers into the slippery skin. "Oh yeah, right there, Xena..right there... oh yeah...aagh, huh...huh!" Xena was overcome with her own passion for the bard as she felt the silky walls clenching tight around her fingers, and she tore her eyes from Gabrielle's face to bend and suck a straining nipple into her hot mouth. The Amazon shuddered violently as her orgasm finally claimed her and screamed once more as she collapsed in the warrior's arms, panting and shivering in Xena's soft embrace.

* * * * * *

Xena was barely conscious when Grabrielle sat up but she felt the bard's absence and roused herself. "Gabrielle?" she moaned as her eyes fluttered open to look up at the bard. "I'm right here, Xena," came Gabrielle's soft voice and her hand pushed the wet tendrils of hair from Xena's brow as she asked "are you okay?"

Xena swallowed and nodded "I think so, but I'm....I'm a little...confused. What just happened? Was I still dreaming?"

The bard smiled and shook her head, "no, you weren't dreaming," she said, "unless I was too."

Gabrielle helped the weakened warrior stand and moved her back towards the bedrolls and the fire. When she had lain Xena down and mopped her forehead she leant against the rocks and said, "Xena, I'm's just that I've spent the last straight hour sitting here listening to you ranting and raving about...about how sexy I am and what you want to do me." The bard flushed at the memory and continued, "it made me so hot, got me so turned on that I...I couldn't take any more, I had to do something....and then right at the critical moment stopped left me high and dry," she giggled and amended "well high anyway."

Xena had raised herself up onto her elbows and was staring at Gabrielle in astonishment. She went a deep shade of red and choked out "Gabrielle...I..I don't know what to say."

"Oh, I think you've said enough for one day!" countered the bard with a cheeky grin.

Xena sighed deeply and fell back onto her bedroll "I'm sorry, Gabrielle," she said quietly, but the bard leant down next to her and stroked her cheek softly saying "no, Xena, don't be sorry. It was...incredible."

The warrior turned to look into her eyes and blushed, a grin spreading over her mouth, "it was, wasn't it?" she agreed and they both laughed lightly. Xena brushed her arm over her eyes and admitted, "Gods, I feel totally naked."

"Xena, you are totally naked."

"No," explained the warrior with a wry smile, "I mean, I feel exposed."

"You feel exposed?!" exclaimed Gabrielle incredulously.

"Well," Xena began, after they had been lying in silence for a few minutes, both thinking about what had occurred, "I guess there's no point in trying to hide it anymore."

"What's that?" asked the bard as she shifted onto her side to look at Xena, who turned her head to meet the Amazon's gaze.

"That I...I love you, Gabrielle" she said simply.

The bard smiled warmly and affirmed "I know that, Xena, I love you too" but the warrior was not sure she had understood and so she sat up, shaking her head slightly.

"No, Gabrielle," she said, looking deep into the bard's eyes, "I love you."

Gabrielle smiled and sat up to face her warrior, taking Xena's face in her two hands and returning the penetrating gaze, "I love you too, Xena" she said softly and clearly, and then she leant in to kiss the Warrior Princess.

The kiss was tender but filled with the passion that both had denied for so long. Their tongues explored eachother's mouths slowly and thoroughly as their arms moved up to embrace eachother tightly. "Why did you never say anything?" asked Xena, as they broke the kiss to breathe.

"Why didn't you?"

"I asked first."

Gabrielle looked down at the rocky floor for a couple of seconds before meeting Xena's gaze again and admitting "I was afraid of loosing you."

The warrior's hand wandered up to stroke Gabrielle's cheek gently and she affirmed with an ironic smile "me too. I was so afraid you'd be disgusted and leave me."

The bard kissed Xena softly on the lips and asked "do I look disgusted to you?"

"No, Gabrielle, you look beautiful."

They kissed and kissed, unable to get enough of eachother's taste, nibbling and sucking at eachother's mouths and then exploring ears, eyelids, necks with their lips and tongues. "Gods!" cried Gabrielle breathlessly as Xena gently nipped her neck, "we've wasted so much time!"

"No, my love, don't think of it like that" Xena chided gently, speaking between kisses, "it wasn't wasted. We were getting to know eachother, building a deep friendship. That's the best basis for a marriage, isn't it?"

Gabrielle pulled away just enough to look questioningly into Xena's eyes. "Marriage?" she asked quietly, almost afraid to say it aloud.

Xena smiled and nodded, "You do want to marry me, don't you?" she asked, a little tremulously, but her sudden fear of rejection dissipated as quickly as it had formed as a radiant smile broke over Gabrielle's whole face and she cried "oh, Xena! Yes!" and threw herself into the warrior's arms.

"Thank the gods!" sighed Xena with relief, "In that case we should head for the Amazon village first thing in the morning."

They lay down again and held eachother tightly, safe in eachother's arms, feeling their deep love radiating off their bodies and holding them in its embrace. "Gabrielle?" enquired Xena after a while.


"When I was delirious, what exactly did I say?"

Gabrielle laughed and replied, "I can't tell you that, Xena. Most of it was unrepeatable."

"Well then, why don't you show me?"

The bard pulled away and looked in mock horror at her betrothed. "Xena! I don't think you'd be up to all that, you just came out of a fever."

"Yes, and now I'm ready for my next one" teased the warrior with a truly wicked smile. Gabrielle laughed, shaking her head in amazement,

"Oh Xena! Not now, you're exhausted and we have a long ride tomorrow." Then her voice softened and she returned Xena's wicked smile, adding seductively "I'll show you on our wedding night."


"I promise." She kissed Xena's cooling forehead and held her, saying "now sleep in my arms, my love." With that she pulled her lover closer and the warrior snuggled her head into Gabrielle's soft chest and fell into a deep contented sleep.

The End