The wind chimes sing in the morning breeze
my coffee grows cold, I hug my knees
you so loved the mornings and the birdie songs
the flowers you grew, all picked carefully by you.

All is quiet now, the chorus played out
you went so quick, no scream, no shout
no time for goodbyes, just ashes in my hand
a I scatter you, this was not what we planned.

You were my rock, my friend, my everything,
my soul mate, my lover, what else could life bring.
We were to travel the world, see the sights,
the eiffel tower and even the blackpool lights.

Now its all gone and my own light grows dim,
the colour is washed and the grey is in.
I am not sure I have strength to find the way
or even if I want to see the dawn of another day.

I must leave you now love, my friends are here
they are very sweet, just want to be near.
I will be alright, I just miss you right now
until we meet again, sometime, somehow.


Poem by: Sarah Corris



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