~ Ownership ~
by S. Berry
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"Touch yourself," she commands breathlessly.

Trying not to look as bored as I feel, I lightly tease my clit and moan with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. Some rot about how turned on she makes me and how much I can't wait until she fucks me because she's such a hot sexy bitch, yada, yada, yada. I'm not really paying that much attention. Sometimes I think I might as well just become a whore. At least I could try out my acting skills on different people and for shorter periods at a time. I can only have so many headaches. I love her, I guess, but she has zero sexual skills. If she didn't so generously share her large paycheck with me, I'd have been gone a long time ago.

"Oh, yeah, ride me like a dimestore pony," I pant on cue. She's so predictable. Friday night is toy night. It's always some big strapon and always doggie style. "Oh, you're so big, baby." I swear she learned how to fuck from straight porn. Or too many issues of Hustler. I'm not entirely sure I'm not her first breathing girlfriend. (She has some interesting dolls under her bed.) "Mm... God, baby, you fuck me so good. Just like that." I've tried to teach her how to make love to a woman properly, but she cried so I stopped. Now I'm regretting not trying harder from the beginning. Oh yeah -- "Harder, baby, oh yeah, slam me like a cheap screen door." She's too nice -- and rich -- to dump, though. She has a nice house, buys me a new car every year, won't let me lift a finger to cook or clean. I can do whatever I want, nearly whenever I want; all she wants is a little attention and two or three nights a week of carnel pleasure. She's not even unattractive.

Ah, time to bring it to a showy finish. "Oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming! You're making me come so wonderfully! OH NADINE!!" Three... two... one...


Now it's time to cuddle and whisper romantic crap until she falls asleep and I'm free until tomorrow night. I could slip away and find a better, richer, lover, but not tonight. All that acting tires a girl out and besides, who would supervise the cooking of her breakfast? That cook never gets her eggs just how she likes them if I don't stand over her.

The End

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