I wake slowly, languishing in the warm heaviness of Cynthia laying half on top of me. Not that she's heavy -- she's no more than a minute, really. I love how she feels on me. Her head fits neatly under my chin, her hand caps my breast as if it were made to be there, and my hand just as perfectly covers the curve of her hip. It's so intimate, but not really sexual. I love waking like this. I could easily do it every morning for the next thirty or forty years. I'm gonna have to try to talk to her about this sleeping together thing. I'm no good at sensitive chats, but I'm gonna have to try. I don't wanna cry anymore.


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything wrong." Ugh, my carefully prepared speech disappears when her eyes open and I blurt out the stupid apology instead.

"I didn't either. But, Syd, this thing is moving awfully fast."

I swallow hard and blink. I don't wanna cry again. "Don't you wanna be with me?" I'm confused. And hurt. Damn feelings. I've done just fine without 'em.

"Of course I do... But there's steps. We're still at the 'dating' stage, not the 'sleeping together every night' stage."

I frown. "Can't we do both?"

The look she gives me makes it clear that's not how it works.

"This relationship stuff is hard," I grumble.

"Tell me about it," she sighs.

"Look, I know you have to go on lots of business trips and you work really late lots of nights. But can't we sleep together when you don't have to do either? You can have your day and evening to yourself. But I'd like to sleep beside you at night and have breakfast together. I don't have nightmares when I sleep with you."

She looks at me, a soft look in her eyes. "Do you have nightmares a lot?"

I nod. I do.

"About the stuff you said you can't talk about?"

I nod again, hoping she doesn't ask me to tell her about them.

"They're really bad?"

"I'm lucky to sleep three hours at a time."

Her face softens even more. "We can try it for awhile and see if it works. I have to leave on a business trip Monday. We can sleep together 'til then and see how it goes. How's that?"

"That's fair. Then you can see how you sleep without me again and decide which you like better."

She smiles. "I have to work 'til at least 11 tonight. How about I come here straight from there? I'll swing by my place and pack an overnight bag on my way in."

"That works great. I'll have a light supper ready when you get here. I'll bring a lunch over later this morning... Your secretary can bring it to you when you have a few minutes. You can't go all day without eating."

"You don't have to do that. I can order something from the deli down the street."

"You could, but I don't think you *will*. You have to take care of yourself. Even I remember to eat."

"Okay... If you must," she sighs and rolls her eyes. I think she's pleased though.

"I must," I insist.

"Okay. Unfortunately, I gotta go if I'm gonna pack a bag and have time to eat your lunch." She slips from my arms, kissing me quickly and walking into the bathroom.

That didn't go too badly. I grin happily as I listen to her shower. Time to cook some breakfast.


"I could get used to this."

I jump. I hadn't heard the water turn off. I'm serving up a quick breakfast -- sausage, cheese and bacon omelets and hash brown patties. I love my tri taters. I think it's tri tater dance she's talking about though, judging from how she's biting her lip to stop the laugh that's dying to come out. I always do a little jig when I get to eat my favorite breakfast food. Well when no one can see I do.

I blush. "You should see what I do for taters fried in bacon grease. Which I will be having for supper tonight." I smile happily just thinking about it. I'll be sleeping with Cynthia tonight and tomorrow night and the night after that and maybe even longer. It's a good day to treat myself to all my favorite foods.

"I'm going to gain fifty pounds and die of heart disease if you keep feeding me like this," she huffs, but her eyes are twinkling.

"You're too thin and a little grease never killed anyone."

"I'll be sure to tell my doctor that when he bitches about my cholesterol."

"He'll be thrilled you have a gorgeous girlfriend that makes you eat."

"You've been drawn into the conspiracy already, I see. I didn't know you'd met."

"Wouldn't know; don't know his name. But I know you don't take care of yourself... You corporate types never do. It's always go, go, go 'til you're so worn down there's no go left or you die, whichever happens first." I shrug. "I've seen it happen too many times to count." I shrug again. "Now, come in and eat, darlin', I know you're in a hurry."

She does, giving me a kiss and a patient, understanding smile.


I sing along with the radio as I fix Cynthia her lunch. I'd taken off work for a long lunch to fix it. I might as well -- in a few days I'll be desperate for something to do 'til Cynthia gets home. Especially if she decides we can't sleep together much anymore. I frown at the thought. I hope she at least will on weekends if she doesn't have to work or go on a business trip. That'd be okay. Well it'd be better than nothing. I shake my head. I'm making lunch for my girlfriend and I might have a chance to steal a kiss. Tonight she'd sleep in my arms after eating the supper I made for her. I could hold her close to me all night and maybe even kiss her some. That makes me grin.

I laugh. There'd be scores of people shocked as hell to see me now. Tough biker dyke transformed into domestic goddess. I pause. Maybe that was the problem. I hadn't been that dyke since our first night. Maybe she missed Stud. Syd was being awfully clingy and domestic. Cynthia seemed to like that until last night, this morning. I didn't want to be Stud again, totally, but maybe I could find a happy medium and let Stud out to play this weekend.

Satisfied with my plan, I go back to making my woman's lunch. Couldn't have her starve to death. That wouldn't be very butch either.


"So... This is where you are all day," I say inanely as I look around Cynthia's office a little while later. I make a damn good living, but her office makes mine look like a hole in the wall.

"Yep, my home away from home." She gets up from her chair and wraps her arms around me.

I lean down and kiss her like I haven't seen her in a year. "You look so hot in a power suit, darlin', have I told you that lately?" I palm her ass to illustrate my compliment. Oh god... She's wearing a thong! I can feel the outline through her skirt.

I must've groaned out loud because she chuckles. "Be good, Syd, I have to go back to work. I have three hours to come up with the numbers to pull off a multimillion dollar deal. I'll see you tonight."

"Sorry, darlin', you're just too hot to ignore. See ya tonight at my place." I leave her with another soul-stealing kiss and a last longing grope of that thong.

Oh yeah, I still got it.

part 7

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