Part 3

I can tell you this, even though it is not my story. I lived there and I observed and participated on the fringes but I did not shape the events. Someone needs to relate this all; it is owed to those who died and suffered, it is owed to those who can not speak for themselves. Someone has to be their voice and I guess that someone is me.

It wasn't something that happened suddenly, out of the blue, I can tell you that much. Like all great things there was a buildup, subtle signs that we almost all missed, either out of ignorance or arrogance I don't know. And I don't much care.

I think it was probably the absolute impossibility that shocked everyone so much. They were so damn sure of themselves, of the rightness of their actions - that we as a race were infallible - that the thought of anyone opposing them didn't even register. Which is absurd, really, when you think about it. There has always been someone to stand up against the bullies, murderers, and conspirators, someone to say "Hey, this ain't right" and put a stop to it. I guess they thought they had gotten away with it since so much time had passed, and no one had said boo when they first did it. I guess they thought no one involved would speak out, thereby incriminating themselves.

And I guess they thought they had eliminated anyone who might be motivated to take action, had destroyed all evidence.

They were wrong.

Of course, everyone in Lorraine simply rolled their eyes and called the accusers crazy when they first spoke up. I did, I'm ashamed to admit. I can't understand why we, humans, who know ourselves better than anyone, are unable to accept the simple truths of our nature. We are capable of heinous acts, we see it everyday, and yet we persist in not believing.

I don't get it.

Maybe it's part of that whole "It'll never happen to me" thing. No one wants to think that they know, or are related to, someone capable of such deeds.

But, eventually, when proof started to emerge and a real face was put to the tragedy the citizens of Lorraine started to cry out. How could this have happened, they asked. How could this have been right under our noses for so long? How, why, when, what now? All these things were asked and no one had an answer. It was a time of anger and hatred, of indignation and fear, and yes, of prejudice.

It shook the very foundations of Lorraine, caused many to reexamine their very lives, to question who and what they had become. Family members fought it out in their living rooms, people broke out into fights in the street, all over one decade old truth which had finally been pushed into the light.

No one was immune. I argued with my brother over it; we almost came to blows. People left the planet, back to Earth or another colony. Other people moved in, drawn by the scandal and mystery.

Lorraine was never the same again. It was steeped in suspicion and death and tragedy.

Even now, looking back on it all, it's hard to believe that it was all caused by one alien and two high school students.

They suffered for revealing the truth, they suffered in more ways than one. I know that sometimes they all wished they could take it back, shove the horrid secret back into its box and wrap it in chains and lock the locks. They couldn't, though. It was like Pandora's Box, impossible to contain once unleashed. Except this time, there was no hope left. No magic button or spell or incantation to suddenly make things right. It was done and we all would have to live with the consequences for years to come.

They suffered like you wouldn't believe.

I weep for them still.


"Wake UP!" JP yelled as she splashed some water on Robert's face. Shaking him hadn't worked, calling his name hadn't worked. If this didn't, she was fully resolved to hitting him. Several times.

Robert spluttered and opened his eyes, scowling as he sat up. "Was that necessary?"

"Yes." She pulled him to his feet and stood back as he turned to Ay'nin and placed a hand on her forehead. "Do you know what to do? I... I don't know anything about Rotorri or hybrids."

Robert was nodding, his eyes locked on Ay'nin's face. Finally, he stepped back into the kitchen and started sorting through the different herbs that were stored there. "I know what plants will work, it's just a question of whether or not she has any."

After another few moments he gave a triumphant cry and dropped the plants into a cup, ducked outside to add some heated water and then finally returned. He handed the cup to JP and approached the bed. "Okay," Robert said as he blew out a breath, "let's give this a try." He gently lifted Ay'nin's shoulders and maneuvered so she was propped up against his chest. "C'mere, JP."

JP approached, reluctant. Despite knowing Ay'nin was sick and that Robert had known her when he was younger, she was still more than a little leery. She kneeled by the bed and looked up at her friend.

Robert nodded and together they managed to get more than half the cup of whatever it was down Ay'nin's throat. He laid her back on the bed and stepped back, an odd look on his face.

JP cleaned the cup out and sat at the table to wait. "So now what?"

"I guess we just have to see what happens." Robert finally joined her at the table. "I think she'll be all right. I just..." He looked up then and caught JP's eyes, "Why did you come back out here? I can't imagine, if she's been out here all this time, that she really wanted any visitors."

JP opened her mouth and stared for a long moment. What could she tell him, really? She usually didn't go around invading other people's lives. It's not who she was. She tended to keep to herself with a small group of close friends and just let everyone else be. "I... Last night, during the storm, I woke up. I had this dream," she paused as Robert suddenly sat up straighter, more intent on her explanation, "and it was really weird. I was out in the storm, trying to get home. And then, I crested this hill and was looking down on this place and thought, thank God I've made it." She stopped as her brow furrowed and then shook her head. "Why?"

Now Robert was the one who didn't seem to know how to respond. "Way back when some of the scientists and workers complained about bizarre dreams that were.... Extremely vivid. Ay'nin especially. For the most part, everyone kept quiet about it. There were a few people, though, who got really freaked out when it looked like the dreams might have been something more."

"Like what?" JP asked when it appeared that Robert wouldn't continue.

He hesitated and scratched its jaw which was sporting the very beginnings of a beard. He looked like he wasn't quite sure how he wanted to approach whatever it was he was going to say, and JP would even say he looked embarrassed. "Well... It sort of looked like the dreams, prophetic." Robert finished with a slight wince and peeked up at JP through his longish black hair.

"You're serious?"

Robert shrugged. "Sometimes people would dream about finding some section of the forest with distinctive landmarks and within the next day or too we'd find that place. Others who had more intense dreams saw people getting hurt or lost before it happened. They didn't always 'come true' but it was kinda freaky."

JP nodded, unsure if she wanted to believe him, but unable to simply dismiss it. These were scientists he was talking about, reasonable, smart people who didn't take to exaggeration. And... And she couldn't just forget about her own odd dream which had, in a way, been prophetic. "So now what?"

Robert glanced back over his shoulder at Ay'nin and then looked back to JP. "We wait."

It was nearly three hours of tic-tac-toe, hangman, rock, paper, scissors, SOS, and cards before they heard anything from Ay'nin. When they did, it sounded suspiciously like she had fallen out of the bed.

Robert and JP were at the entrance to the bedroom seconds after hearing the loud thump to see that Ay'nin had, after attempting to stand up, fallen on the floor. She was now making a valiant effort to get her rebelling body upright although it was failing miserably. Robert stepped forward and grabbed her arm just before her legs turned to jelly.

Ay'nin started, and looked up at his face, staring for a long moment before letting the smallest of smiles grace her features. "You've gotten tall."

Robert grinned at that and gave a shrug. "People do tend to grow up." He guided her back to the bed then and kneeled on the floor. "How do you feel?"

"Fine. Better." Ay'nin's eyes flicked up to JP then before settling again on Robert. "How did you..." Her voice held an accusatory tone.

"I followed JP here, she didn't tell me a thing."

Ay'nin absorbed that and then shifted her focus once again to JP, "Why are you here?"

JP opened her mouth but stopped cold when she realized she didn't have a response. Not really.

Robert, however, was more than up to that particular challenge and dove in with a rambling explanation of JP's dream. Ay'nin listened, her eyes flicking to one corner of the room for a long moment afterwards. JP was acutely reminded of her reservations about this woman and her sanity but Robert didn't seem to take notice of the odd habit.

Following this strange reunion of sorts Ay'nin nodded and smiled again at Robert. "I need to..." She said as she started to stand, but Robert placed his hand on her shoulder and forced her back to the bed.

"You need to stay here and rest."

Ay'nin shook her head, "No, I can't. There are things I have to do, responsibilities, chores that need to be done. If I-"

Robert cut her off, his face starting to turn just the vaguest shade of red, "If you go now you'll make yourself even sicker and these things will be delayed for even longer."

Ay'nin shook her head again and tried to stand, "You don't understand, Robert."

"You're damn right I don't understand what's more important than your health! You're out in the middle of nowhere, living in a crappy little shed, with no one to help if you get hurt or sick! What the hell would have happened if JP and I hadn't come out here?" Robert's face was nearly brick red now and JP knew that he was very close to losing it completely. Ay'nin didn't seem the slightest bit concerned, though, and simply shook off his hand. "For fuck's sake Ay'nin, sit down on the God damn bed and rest!"

Ay'nin looked like she was about to respond to Robert's outburst but her attention was suddenly drawn to the opposite side of the room. JP thought she saw a grimace cross her face as her lips moved slightly, and JP just barely resisted the urge to look over her shoulder. Finally, Ay'nin looked back at Robert and said, "Do you still draw?"

The non-sequitur clearly hadn't been what Robert was expecting. "What?"

"Do you still draw?"

He just nodded and stepped back slightly.

"Can I see your book?"

"How do you know I have it?"

Ay'nin just looked at him and raised an eyebrow as she settled her body on the bed. Robert sighed and accepted the conditional victory, squeezed passed JP and retrieved his sketchbook. Ay'nin accepted it with a nod and quietly started flipping through it.

JP shook her head just a bit and retreated to the table, admitting to herself that theirs was an odd friendship, with an even odder dynamic after all these years.


The truce hadn't lasted long and if JP was honest with herself she wasn't surprised. She was quickly learning that Ay'nin was an extremely stubborn, headstrong woman who you didn't want to get into arguments with. It had taken Robert promising to come out everyday of their winter break to do whatever chores Ay'nin wanted for her to agree to rest and get better.

JP had, somehow, found herself included in those conditions. Robert hadn't volunteered her, he would never do such a thing. She had simply opened her mouth to say that it was getting late and she and Robert really should be leaving and instead, out had come, "I'll help to". It had shocked her and JP had seen, in the widening of both Ay'nin and Robert's eyes, that they had been surprised. Ay'nin had nodded and JP was left too speechless by her own impulsiveness to do anything other than nod back.

It was now almost a week later and she and Robert were only fifteen minutes from the cabin on what they both believed to be their last trip. Ay'nin was getting better at an alarming rate and Robert assured JP that as soon as Ay'nin was once again able bodied she'd free them from their promise.

Most of the snow had melted, leaving a thin layer through which you could see the very tips of the dead grass. After the initial snowstorm there had only been slight sprinklings which dropped little snow and lasted for a short time. That was probably the thing JP liked the most about Lorraine. Very short and mild winters.

They emerged into Ay'nin's clearing to see a small fire in the outdoor pit and the deck already cleared of snow. "I'll check the cabin," Robert said as he jogged over to the door. JP nodded and looked around. Ay'nin usually greeted them as soon as they arrived and started handing out duties. "She's not there."

JP chewed her lip and looked around the clearing with him, "That's odd."

"Very." He paused at the edge of the clearing, opposite of where they had entered and waved JP over. "Come on, these are her tracks."

JP ambled over, readjusting her pack on her shoulders and ducking under an overhanging branch. "Are you sure we should be looking for her?"

He glanced back over his shoulder, "Why not?"

JP grabbed the branch he held back to keep it from swinging back in her face and gathered her thoughts before speaking. She was far more comfortable around Ay'nin now and would even go so far as to say they could be friends. JP still wasn't totally convinced that the woman wasn't crazy but the thought didn't bother her as much anymore. She had come across Ay'nin speaking to herself twice in the last week and when she'd raised the issue with Robert he'd simply said that she was probably talking to herself; ordering her thoughts or whatnot. JP hadn't mentioned that it had sounded distinctly like a conversation, with questions asked out loud, no apparent answer given, but a verbal rebuttal to one.

JP had managed to chalk it up to living alone for eight years and had stopped trying to figure Ay'nin out. She just was, and you either accepted her or not. Still, there was something that made JP think Ay'nin was... Not hiding something, that was far too deceptive a word for it. But... Holding something back, like she was trying to keep something from JP and Robert for their own protection. Yeah, JP nodded, that was it.

"I just don't think she'd want us poking around in her business uninvited."

Robert stopped suddenly at that and JP had to grab his pack to keep from following over. He turned and raised a sardonic eyebrow.

JP glared, "Yeah, all right, so I already did that. This just seems... Bigger."

"Bigger." Robert continued walking and shook his head, "I still don't get you after all this time."

JP snorted, "How many people can say that they 'get' anyone?"

"True. Ah, here we are." They came out at the top of a slight rise that dropped down to the mouth of a cave. A bag that JP remembered seeing in Ay'nin's cabin hung on a branch outside the entrance.

JP came around to his side and leaned her head on his arm. "So, do we go in?"

Robert just looked at her and JP sighed as they slid down the slope and dropped their bags on the ground at the side. They each pulled out a flashlight and cautiously ventured inside with Robert in the lead. They hadn't gone more than thirty steps when JP paused, her head cocked, listening. She squinted off to her right and carefully edged that way, finding a smaller tunnel that branched off perpendicular to this one. She looked back at Robert who had already disappeared around a bend before ducking into the tunnel.

She carefully edged her way along, trying not to scrape off any skin on the sharp rocks. Eventually, the tunnel widened into a small antechamber which was lit with a soft glow. JP stopped dead in her tracks as the faintly heard noise from the main tunnel came to her ears.

*"Why do you insist on being such a jackass?!"*

*"I'm doing what's necessary to keep her on track! It's your... Coddling... That's obstructive. Neither of you seem to understand that we're running out of time!"*

*"Oh, is that what you think? Tell me, Balwin, what has changed all of a sudden that you think we need to rush this?"*

*"It's those, those humans that have changed. They're a distraction and we can't afford that right now."*

*"I think we can't not afford to not have them here being a distraction. After eight years it's a wonder that she even remembers what we're trying to do here, and having you always whispering in her ear, making her insane, isn't helping. You need to back off Balwin, and give her some breathing room."*

*"Don't tell me you've forgotten what happened the last time we gave someone 'breathing room'?"*

A pause. JP couldn't help creeping a little closer. The voices were coming from a room that was blocked off with a piece of wood, the light inside seeping out to fill the antechamber. Who were they talking about? Ay'nin? And who were they?

Finally, the other voice -- female -- responded, *"Of course I haven't forgotten. But Ay'nin isn't like that. You should know that by now."* She sounded sad and when the male voice spoke again there was a strange gentleness about him.

*"I know. I'm just-"*

*"Scared... Ah, ah, ah, let me finish. You're scared that we'll all fail. Again. You're scared that Ay'nin won't be enough, strong enough, to do this for us. As you should be. I'm scared too but you need to find a better way to deal with your feelings Balwin."*

JP could almost imagine the man nodding in the silence.

*"I know Cerina, I know. I just get so scared and then I get angry and then..."*

*"Then you do stupid things that make Ay'nin not trust you. You need to think more, Balwin. What happened yesterday was absolutely uncalled for."*

Yesterday? JP perked up. Nothing had happened while Robert and JP had been there so it must have occurred later. Was that why Ay'nin wasn't at the door to greet them?

The female voice continued then and JP leaned closer, her ear almost pressed against the wood partition, *"Not to mention the fact that you could have seriously hurt her."*

JP surged to her feet at that, her blood suddenly boiling and her heart pounding. Who were these people? Enough was enough. She reached forward and wrapped her fingers around the edge of the wood then gave a solid heave, pushing it to the side and unblocking the entrance to the chamber. JP turned and took one half-step inside before her body froze, her mouth dropped open, and her eyes widened. She stared for one frozen second, her eyes dancing around the room to take it all in before her brain finally caught up and demanded a response.

She screamed.


Robert blew out an amazed breath as his eyes followed in the path of his flashlight beam. "Whoa." Further in the cave walls smoothed out, allowing for what he was now witnessing.

Drawings, dozens and dozens of drawings.

As he walked slowly down the passageway Robert considered that they looked not unlike the countless pictorial representations that were discovered on Earth. Robert leaned closer and noticed that they were rendered with incredible detail. "Hey JP!" He turned and looked behind him, disappointed but not totally surprised that he couldn't detect JP's own flashlight beam. She'd be fine.

Continuing down the wall, it became apparent that he was looking at a timeline of sorts. He stopped and studied the pictures for a moment and then walked swiftly to his right. There, a symbol that he didn't recognize but looked like it was in some kind of limbo between being a diamond and square, separated the long string of drawings from another set.

Immediately to the left of the symbol was a drawing of a pristine, thriving wilderness. The next showed the same wilderness but in the presence of people. The progression showed the eventual birth of a prosperous, if primitive, city in the valley basin. There were several pictures he could only make vague guesses at, and several more that showed battles between creatures that looked a lot like netis to him.

"This must have been a long time ago," Robert muttered to himself as he neared the end of the timeline.

He had to stop then, and lean a little closer to make sure that his eyes weren't fooling him. One of the pictures showed the sky above the city darkened with a large shape, totally out of place among the other pictures. The next, the shape was on the ground and people emerged.

Robert felt his heartbeat pick up as his feet started to move a little faster and his eyes started scanning the pictures with fervor.

It can't be, it can't be... Please God don't let it be.

He stopped and his jaw clenched in anger and disbelief. It was an exact duplicate of the first drawing of the finished city, except this time it was engulfed in flames; his mind drew howling faces in the rising smoke. The next, the people of the city were lying dead and dying, fighting the ones who had come in the strange shape. That was the last picture, followed by an alien symbol whose very form spoke to Robert of death, anger, and pain. Below that, faded slightly by time, was a dark smear that was a rusty red colour.

He felt a tear or two fall from his eyes before blinking them roughly away as his throat constricted to a tight knot. His chest was heavy and painful and Robert could only shake his head slowly, his mind asking the question his lips could not form.

What did you do?

He walked slowly back to the first picture which showed the ship and raised a single finger to trace its outline. Robert recognized the design, now that he took a second look. How could he not? He had only lived on a ship exactly like it for half of his natural life.

His eyes closed and he held his body completely still as his mind raced. You're jumping to conclusions, you know. This could be thousands of years old, there are plenty of species with spaceships who could have come here.

Robert's more pessimistic side responded. Yep, plenty of species with technology just like yours. Uh-huh... Right. Especially considering most others look at Earth ships as still being "inferior" and "low-tech". I'm sure there are plenty of people zooming around the universe in stuff that looks just like ours.

Robert could almost imagine the little devil and angel on each shoulder, sharing their respective opinions. Right now, the devil was nodding his head in sarcastic agreement.

No! Earth would not have wiped out an entire civilization simply so we could colonize this planet. My parents would not have been party to that. They couldn't have been!

Of course it wasn't Earth, my boy. Earth had nothing to do with it. It was a group of people, playing God and making decisions they had no right to. It was a group of arrogant, presumptuous bastards who for some reason thought they could lord over the lives of others and decide they didn't deserve to exist.

Robert shook his head in denial, eyes still squeezed shut.

Oh, come on, don't be so naive. Just look at the history. Stuff like this has happened plenty of times and it will keep happening. You know what they say, do something once and it's easier to do it again. What's a little genocide between lunch and afternoon tea?

"No!" The shout echoed slightly in the cave and Robert turned on his heel and glared at the far wall. His head was silent now, empty of any dark thoughts. He blew out a breath and decided to explore the rest of the room before passing any kind of judgment.

Directly opposite of the timeline stood a rock ledge with a cover stone which was pushed aside. Curious, Robert approached and propped his flashlight up to illuminate the inside. Clumped together were an assortment of artifacts, a few bowls and eating utensils which had survived the passage of time. Something glinted and he reached out to wrap his hand around it, gave a yank and found himself grasping the hilt of a sword.

It was light despite its size with an ornate hilt covered in sparkling stones that JP would love to have in her collection. He turned the blade and brought his light closer to study it. There were some symbols etched at the base of the blade, just above the hilt.

A distinct female scream suddenly shattered the silence and Robert dropped the sword with a clang before racing off back the way he had come.


Cerina and Balwin turned as one as a noise at the entrance interrupted their conversation. They were as shocked as JP to see the small human at the entrance of the cave. What surprised them even more was the quite obvious fact that JP, someone they had seen everyday for the last week, now saw them. The duo floated a foot off the ground and stared as JP screamed and then promptly fainted, her eyes rolling back in her head and her body crumpling.

Only then did they float closer before finally looking at one another. *"Go get Ay'nin."*

Balwin looked up, *"Me?"*

*"You think Ay'nin would want you staying with her after what happened?"*

Balwin sighed, his transparent chest heaving and dropping before he sped through the wall of the chamber.

Cerina floated indecisively over the human, not sure if it would be advantageous for JP to see her when and if the human awoke. Her eyes dropped to the floor of the chamber and her face twisted into a grimace. And there was that little detail. Fortunately, Cerina was spared any decision as Ay'nin's pounding footsteps reached her ears and the hybrid came sliding around the corner to drop at JP's side.

After a quick inventory of the human Ay'nin looked up at Cerina, "What happened?"

Cerina waved a hand, not totally sure herself, *"Balwin and I were talking. Then, out of nowhere, the wood gets ripped away and she's standing there looking right at us."*

"She saw you?" Ay'nin's disbelief equaled Cerina's own. Or, Cerina thought, perhaps overshadowed it.

If there was one thing that Cerina always had the smallest amount of doubt about, it was Ay'nin's belief in what she and Balwin told her. At first, Ay'nin had been dead set against even listening to them. But, as time passed, Ay'nin had eventually come around and agreed to help. There were still times, though, when Ay'nin would look at both Cerina and Balwin and Cerina would see something move in the hybrid's eyes. It was always fleeting, to the point where she sometimes thought she had imagine it. But... It was there, even Balwin had reluctantly admitted to seeing it. Cerina couldn't help but wonder if deep down, Ay'nin believed it was all just one massive delusion.

This, Cerina knew, would allay any of Ay'nin's lingering doubt.

Just then JP groaned and her eyes fluttered. Ay'nin jerked her head and Cerina floated away, gathered Balwin with a glance, and disappeared through a wall. Ay'nin picked JP up and moved to the far side of the antechamber so the first thing she saw wouldn't be the chamber.

Ay'nin grimaced as she waited for JP to come around. She hadn't wanted this, hadn't wanted JP or anyone to have to share this with her. It was too awful, especially for an eighteen year old who had her whole life before her. And the repercussions... Ay'nin shook her head, they were too massive to even think about.

JP groaned and opened her eyes to be met with Ay'nin's concerned face. She blinked a few times and reached underneath her back to move a small pebble that was digging into her spine. She blew out a breath and just stared up at Ay'nin, her brain still trying to process exactly what had happened.

Ay'nin shifted then, and the play of light across her face revealed more of it to JP's searching eyes. An involuntary gasp escaped her throat and JP sat up to get a better view. Ay'nin's nose had quite obviously been broken, her eyes were black with bruises and swelling. "What happened?"

"Later," Ay'nin waved her off, "tell me what you saw."

JP stared as she thought about it. "It's... Hard to describe. I heard these people talking about, about you and when I moved the wood they were just..." JP trailed off and Ay'nin simply waited. The human had to do this on her own, Ay'nin wasn't about to plant any ideas in her head. And if she didn't remember, or didn't know what she had seen, all the better. JP squinted and spoke hesitantly, "They were... Floating. There was a man and a woman and they were floating there, in the air, and I could see the wall of the cave through their bodies and... And they had names. Balwin and Cerina."

Ay'nin groaned just slightly under her breath and dragged a hand across her face. "What else?" This, this was the really important part.

JP's eyes were drawn then, back to the chamber's entrance, and a small shudder ran through her body. "Bones. All over the floor. Thousands of them." She stood then, mechanically, and walked to the chamber stiff-legged, her hand braced on the wall. She felt Ay'nin come up behind her and place a gentle, hesitant hand on her shoulder.

Her eyes bounced across the room, swinging from one pile to another. A skull here, pelvis there, an intact hand pushed vertically against the wall, its fingers outstretched and raised in silent supplication. A smaller skull in one corner sitting atop a pile of indistinguishable pieces, its hollow eyes staring right back into JP's own.

A child.

Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks as a sob was torn from her throat. She turned and wrapped her arms around Ay'nin's body, burying her face into the woman's shoulder. Strong arms wrapped around her and held her body as it shook; those same arms guided her gently to the floor as her legs gave out and her body crumpled, her heart and soul mourning for people she never knew.

Her cries quieted eventually but she remained as she was, wrapped around Ay'nin's body until a leg cramp forced her to shift positions. She focused on Ay'nin's heartbeat, unique from any she had heard before. It thumped three times in rapid succession, then paused for a second as those thumps echoed back, then thumped twice, paused, and started again. "You have a weird heartbeat."

Ay'nin recognized the statement for what it was, a desperate attempt to ease tension and focus for a moment on something far more mundane. "I inherited it from my father."

"He was Rotorri, then?"


JP nodded, Ay'nin felt it against her shoulder, and they sat in comfortable silence for several more long minutes. Ay'nin was aware of Cerina and Balwin lurking in the shadows in case they were needed but waited, content to let JP set the pace.

Finally, so quietly she barely heard it, JP voiced one of the many questions Ay'nin was dreading. "Who were they?"

To be continued...

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To be continued...

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