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Knowing her ...again. Ch 3
Part 16-18

By Scribingbard52

Part 16.

The evening had left Ellie excited and moved. She and Alex had made love gently and the dark Scot had fallen asleep, wrapped in the warm body of the small blond.

Sleep eluded Ellie and after sometime, she decided that a cup of herbal tea would help. She slipped from the bed, trying not to disturb Alex and padded to the kitchen. She put a kettle on the range and stood with her back to the warmth of it. She was lost in her own thoughts when a terrible scream came from the bedroom. Ellie's heart was in her mouth as she rushed back. Alex was standing naked in the middle room; her eyes were open yet not conscious. Her whole body was rigid and her face revealed a terror that made Ellie shiver. Alex was screaming over and over.

Ellie approached the terrified woman slowly and held out a hand to touch her arm. Alex drew back and screamed again.

"Gabrieeelllle...." And she reached down as if the pull something from the ground.

Ellie held the hand that seemed as cold as ice and gently pulled her lover to the bed. Alex's steps were uncertain and Ellie kept her voice low and soft.

"It's alright, I'm here, I'm here, my love. Schhhh. I'm right here."

In Alex's dreamscape the terror had returned, once again, to haunt her.
The sounds of the temple were as clear as ever, the smell of sulphur and the heat of flames licking up from the pit in the floor. She felt herself grasping a dagger and moving towards the small blond woman dressed in the red cloak. Her heart recognised the beautiful face but her soul knew she had to destroy this woman.

Everything was in slow motion and she heard her name called as another blond head appeared at her side...A gentle voice seemed to cut through the horror of the scene whispering,

"Schhh, my love ...schhhh..I'm here, I'm's alright...she can't hurt you any more...come back to me...come back to me ,my love.."

The horrific image of the Temple began to fade and Alex felt herself turn towards the voice, a bright light appeared and she felt compelled to move towards it.

For a brief moment, Ellie thought her words were having no effect, then the hand in hers squeezed back and her am around the rigid body, sensed some small relaxation. She sat them on the bed and put her back to the headboard drawing Alex's body to her chest and pulling the quilt over them. She stroked the dear head on her chest and dabbed at the sweat glistening on Alex's forehead. All the time, she was crooning to the tortured soul in her arms and begged all the gods and goddesses to release her girl from this nightmare.

The blue of Alex's eyes began to clear and Ellie felt her body become limp and rest against her.

"Ellie...Ellie...where are you?"
"Right here, my darling, right here."

Ellie just kept dropping gentle kisses onto the damp forehead and held her partner tightly to her breast.

A few moments later, Alex stirred and turned. She seemed not to know where she was and shook her head to clear it.
Realisation dawned and Alex groaned.
"Oh No...please...not again..."
Ellie brushed the dark hair back from the face buried in her shoulder and found the blue pools of Alex's eyes still filled with fear

She pushed her forehead tightly against Alex's and spoke firmly but coldly...
"Never again, do you hear me; never again will you do this to her. Get away from here and never come back."

She didn't know from what memory her chant had come, but she recognised its power and repeated it over and over until she thought she saw three dark shadows come from Alex's head, swirling in the faint light of the coming dawn.

Once again Ellie repeated the chant.

"Get away from her...never return..."

The dark shadows disappeared and Alex's eyes closed as she fell into a deep sleep. Waiting until she was sure that Alex was deeply asleep, Ellie changed her position to make Alex more comfortable, and covered her. She padded back to the kitchen, took the steaming kettle from the range and made her tea. She found that she was shaking and her legs were weak but she made it back to the bedroom and gathered Alex again to her breast. She sipped the tea and tried to make sense of what had happened.

She must have fallen to sleep eventually as the next morning found Ellie waking alone in the big bed in the croft. She sleepily reached for her soulmate and started when she did not find the usual soft warmth. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. A movement from outside caught her eye and she slid from the bed to the window. The dawn was just breaking and the rays revealed Alex, dressed in a loose fitting, black cotton suit, standing on the promontory outside the croft. Ellie gasped as she recognised the sword from Alex's study in her hands. Mesmerised, Ellie watched, as Alex began to twirl the sword around her head in ever faster and more complex patterns.

Alex moved around with such balance and grace, the fearsome weapon seemed to be an extension of her hand and her actions a ballet, rather than an act of violence.

After a few moments, Alex put the sword down on a rock and returned to the promontory. This time she stood with her legs apart, her shoulders square and her hands held in front of her body. Ellie woke from her trance and smiled as she recognised the movements Alex had begun. She went quickly to the bedroom and pulled out from the wardrobe a pair of loose cotton trousers and a long sleeved T Shirt. She left her feet bare and went out of the door onto the promontory. The morning was chill and she shivered as her feet touched the cool of the ground. She moved slowly and quietly until she was about 20 feet from Alex where she hesitated and wondered if she should interrupt this private moment, but then she heard Alex's whisper.

"Good morning, my love....come to join me?"

Ellie moved behind the taller woman and put her arms around her waist. She nuzzled her back and whispered.

"Only, if it won't disturb you."

"You could NEVER disturb anything, that I wouldn't want you to disturb!!"

"Thank you" Alex murmured.

"For what my love?" Ellie replied, she slid around to face her girl and smiled.

"I remembered last night when I woke up. I hope I didn't frighten you too much." Alex's voice was hoarse and husky.

"I could never be frightened of you, Alex, just frightened for you. How do you feel this morning?"

Alex took a deep breath and looked into the green eyes gazing at her, so full of concern.

"Cleansed and free...for the first time in my life." Alex's voice trembled with the wonder of what she was saying and she leant forward to kiss the lips so temptingly offered.

Ellie broke off the kiss and smiled. She came to stand next to Alex and without another word; they both assumed the starting position that signalled the beginning of the series of controlled movements of T'ai Chi.
They flowed, together, from one move to another and each felt the peace of their unspoken thoughts and a wonderful calm come over them.

Later, when they had returned to the warmth of the croft, they both went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Ellie made the tea and coffee whilst Alex prepared the bowls of cereals, seed and fruits they both enjoyed.

As they munched on the crunchy goodies, Ellie asked, "Will you teach me to use that sword?"

Alex's clear blue eyes clouded over and she dropped her head.
Ellie noticed this and put her hand out to Alex. "What's up?"

The tall dark woman's voice was cool and a shiver went down Ellie's back as she withdrew her hand.

"First of all, it's not just a sword, it's a Highland Warrior's Claymore. Secondly, I doubt you could hold it and thirdly, you take up a weapon and you become a target, Ellie.....and I don't want that for you."

The atmosphere in the room fizzed with the electricity flowing between the two women. It was Alex who shook her head and seemed to come back from another memory, her eyes were clear blue again and this time it was she who reached for the tiny hand.

Their eyes met and an unspoken understating passed between them.

"OK...I guess I'll just stick to my kick boxing then."

This time it was Alex's turn to be startled, she looked over at her girl's beautiful face and reached to tuck away a stray blond hair.

Ellie's voice was calm and yet Alex sensed the hurt in it as she heard her words.

"After what my Father did to me, I swore no-one would ever have that kind of power over me, NOT EVER AGAIN. So I learned to defend myself..."

She glanced at Alex's face and grinned.

"Don't worry, Hon, I promise always to be gentle with YOU!!"

Alex picked up the change of mood and grinned back.

"I suppose we are still rediscovering one hell of a lot of things, Huh?"

Ellie's voice was soft yet strong.

"Yep and I say ...Bring it on!!"

They both laughed until the tears streamed down their faces.

Part 17

As the days turned to weeks, Alex and Ellie explored their new home and it gave Alex great joy to see her girl come to love the rugged countryside around them. She took Ellie to see the Golden Eagles fly above Loch Carron and the Ospreys at Inverness. She took her to Edinburgh, where they walked the cobbled streets and stood on the battements of the ancient castle.

Their evenings were spent around the fire in their cosy croft, playing word games and guessing games.

"so ...You are a great Scottish King?"

"Yep." Alex stated with a grin

" Hellfire Baby Blues Eyes....I don't know any Scottish Kings."

"Then I win" Alex grinned

"Not fair!!" cried Ellie, "Cheat!!" she leapt on top of Alex and attempted to pin her shoulders to the rug...

"Suck it up Yank!!" and with no effort at all, Alex rolled her over and tickled her until she shrieked,

"Give, Give....stop!!"

Their comfort with each other was complete; they occasionally went to the hotel to join the Boys, Uncle J and Jeannie for a meal. Ellie had even got to enjoy the traditional meal of Haggis, neeps and tatties that they served.
She had tasted it at Alex's insistence and enjoyed the peppery flavours of the dish. She had had second thoughts, however, when she found out what went into the Haggis, and had chased Alex around their croft with a broom until Alex had begged her mercy and they had both collapsed in a giggly heap.

Alex worked as a freelance lecturer in Archaeology, and her commitments to Edinburgh University were fairly flexible However, she had promised to present a paper, before Christmas, in one of a series of special events.

After breakfast one day, Alex reached for Ellie's hand and said.
"Sorry, little one got to leave you today and get this paper finished for the lecture next week. What you gonna do with your day?"

Ellie looked thoughtful and without another word went to the bedroom. She returned with a computer disk and waved it under Alex's nose.

".....And what is this, my mysterious little munchkin??"

"Aha....that's for me to know and you to drag out of me!!" Ellie chuckled.

It's database of Scottish kings and legends."


"It's a list of famous Texan delicacies?"

"Oh Ha ha ha!!" Ellie swatted Alex for her cheek. Her tall friend often teased her about her strange tastes in food.

"OK, give up." Alex grinned.

Ellie looked over at Alex and caught amused blue eyes gazing back fondly...

"It's my novel." She stated quietly and waited for a response.

The tall dark woman leapt to her feet, grabbed Ellie and picking her up in her arms as if she weighed nothing, swung her round and round until she was dizzy.

"About bloody time too!!" Alex whooped. "I thought you were never going to get round to telling me about it!!"

"How did you know??" the small blond asked.

"You are a Bard, my love; it's always been there just needed some space to find the way out."

Nestled in those strong arms, Ellie thought.

"This awesome, strong, complex woman holding her...really did know her, maybe even better than maybe she knew herself."

"Well, I can't do anything up here. Now, can I??" Ellie whispered in Alex's, all too accessible ear and she nibbled the lobe gently.

"I could think of one or two things" Alex croaked huskily.

"Later, lovely Scot of mine...later!!" Ellie twisted clear of the enfolding arms and, planting a kiss on the luscious lips of her pouting soulmate, she turned to leave the croft.

"Where are you off to?? Alex asked in a confused tone

"I asked Uncle J to use his computer at the Hotel."

"No need, Hon, I've got a laptop you can use. No sense in going out in the cold."

"OK," said Ellie, "but is this is the kind of place a girl can work without interruptions for kisses and cuddles."

"Yes" Alex agreed reluctantly

"Then I am definitely going to the hotel!!"

Alex threw a cushion at her girl and shrieked with laughter.

The next few hours saw the blond head and the dark head, each bent over their work, each aware of the other's presence and each so very happy with it all.

Part 18

The day of Alex's lecture dawned crisp and clear and the two women prepared for the 5 hour drive to Edinburgh.

Settling into the mega truck bundled in warm clothes, Ellie watched as Alex checked the emergency kit in the back.

"Are you trying to make me nervous, Hon?" Ellie asked.

Looking even bigger than usual in a padded jacket and walking boots, Alex smirked.

"Just takin good care of ya'll Ma'am. We caint be too careful in these here parts!!" She attempted a Texan drawl.

The little blond hooted with laughter and replied.

"Don't give up the day job, Doc!!"

The journey down the steep road from Applecross was no problem for Alex. She was a good driver and knew the road like the back of her hand. There had been some snow over the previous few days and a heavy frost, but the big truck took them easily on their journey.

They stopped for lunch after 3 hours and each relished the hot food they shared by the fire of one of the many pubs on the route.

Reaching the University with plenty of spare time, they went to the Senior Common Room where several lecturers were already gathered. Alex was greeted warmly and she introduced Ellie.
Ellie, these illustrious gentlemen are the Faculty of Archaeology. Gentlemen, partner, Ellie O'Brian."

Ellie felt her breath stick in her throat as she heard these words. For a moment, she thought she was going to faint, but Alex's strong arm was around her waist.
The academics blinked once or twice and then all spoke at once.

"How wonderful to meet you."

"About time too!!"

"Excellent news, excellent!!"

Once again, Ellie marvelled at this new life and gave thanks for the steadying presence of her girl next to her.

The hubbub alerted others to their presence and soon, the two women, one so tall and dark, the other so small and blond, were lost in the warmth of greetings and congratulations.

Ellie was eventually escorted to the lecture theatre by one of the students of the Faculty, and she had a ringside seat as Alex strode on to the stage.
Her heart was beating so loudly, she felt sure that all around her would hear it, but as she looked around she could see that everyone's attention was on Alex, as she stood at the Lectern.

Although the content of the lecture was outside Ellie's expertise, she could feel the enthusiasm and confidence in her lover's voice. The sheer magnetism of Alex's presence was awesome and Ellie hugged herself and thought.
"Mine..all mine!!"

Applause disturbed her reverie and the theatre rang, long and loud, in appreciation of Alex's presentation.

They had stayed for drinks with the faculty and then made their way to the hotel. They enjoyed a light supper in their room and sat watching the lights of the Scotland's Capital City

Ellie cast a sideways glance and drank in the angled cheekbones and sparkling eyes of the woman sitting next to her.

"Have I told you lately that you are the most amazing woman I have ever met??"

Alex bathed in the compliment and replied.

"..and you, my love, are the most beautiful vision I have ever had the good fortune to lay my eyes on."

The blond head dipped and Alex lifted her chin, kissed her soundly and whispered,
"I'd say we were the luckiest people in this world....and the last.....and the next, wouldn't you??

Her reply was another deep probing kiss.

Continued in Knowing Her...again. Chapter 4

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