Loving her….again.
by Scribingbard52

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XWP Alternative Story.
A love story, between two women, that spans time and space.
Set in 2006 when a tall dark loner bumps into a beautiful blond…and finds out that it isn't for the first time..

This is my very first attempt at Fanfiction. My mother always said I was behind the barn door when the clocks were handed out cos I only found the Xenaverse 8 weeks ago!!! My Girl and I have only just got Sky TV here in UK so we were able to watch the series. Now up to Series 5 on DVD and hooked on the amazing talent out there writing such brilliant loving imaginative stories. Dreading FIN and may just read the alternative stories provided by the bards instead.

What do you Bards out there think?? Shall I keep trying or not?? Email me

Loving her..…again.

By ScribingBard52


The hotel was busy with many people attending some Convention or other. The names meant nothing to the tall woman who stood observing the hotel foyer. She was standing, as she often did, in the middle of life yet strangely detached. Alex Wallace was an Archaeologist who had spent most of her adult life on digs in many different parts of the world. She had always enjoyed solitude and often found other people irritating and shallow.
She was an imposing woman, 6ft tall with thick auburn hair and blue eyes that betrayed her Celtic roots. She was dressed in simple black trousers and a black silk shirt which emphasised her broad shoulders and slim hips. The dark outfit was offset by a black waistcoat with golden designs of swirls and Celtic knots. She had seen this design on the walls of a tomb she had found in Greece some 10 years earlier, she had always found the symbols strangely potent and had adopted them as her own totem

Alex had been persuaded to write a book on one of her most famous digs and despite her misgivings, the book had proven to be a bestseller in Europe. She was in The States to meet with an American publisher who wanted to publish it and a producer who wanted the rights to the book for a TV series. Alex smiled and wondered what a producer thought would be the attraction of a story of a Warrior Princess in Ancient Greece. The book had been written as a narrative from the point of view of her heroine and she had injected the tale with not a little literary licence. However, all things considered, the trip had been interesting so far and it was a change for Alex to be clean and rested instead of spitting out dust from her digs.

Her solitary life had left her unaware of the effect she had on others, and she was oblivious to the admiring glances she was drawing, from men and woman alike, as she leaned against a pillar with her legs crossed at the ankles.


Having already eaten, Alex decided that she would check out the Conference Hall, She often indulged her good old fashioned curiosity into what made the world tick, she quickly realised it was a Lesbian fest and smiled. Alex had realised, long ago, that she was gay, and had, occasionally, attempted to form relationships. However these attempts had only resulted in her feeling that something was always missing, and besides, she had convinced herself that her work was the only relationship she needed.

Alex realised that she had not registered and at the door she was met by a very butch looking woman who asked her for her ID. Not having any, Alex smiled and turned to go when she was forced to gather a body into her arms as a small blond woman tripped over a chair and would have crashed into a table if not for Alex's intervention.

For a split second time stood still as Alex felt a strange sensation flow through her like an electric shock. She extricated herself from the woman and found herself gazing into the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. Another jolt hit her when she realised that her response to this feeling, was reflected in the other woman's expression.

"Sorry, I really wasn't looking where I was going", the blond woman's voice was soft and Alex recognised in it the gentle burr of Texas.

"That's OK…no harm done" Alex attempted to keep her tone measured to hide the emotions flooding through her from the touch of the woman in her arms.

The green eyes that met hers belonged to a 5ft 4ins beauty with short cut blond hair that framed her face. Her hand was still on Alex's chest where she had steadied herself and realising this, she blushed and pulled away.
"Are you here for the Convention? The blond asked
"No" murmured Alex "I am staying at the Hotel and sort of wandered in"

Alex was strangely unwilling to end the encounter as, apparently, was the blond, who asked quietly, "Can I buy you a drink to thank you for saving me?"

"I'd like that "responded Alex.
As they entered the bar, Alex realised that she had not introduced herself and smiled at the lapse in her usually impeccable British reserve. She extended her hand and spoke," My name is Alex…Alex Wallace"
The other woman smiled and took the hand; they each felt the strength in the cool, firm grip and allowed their hands to stay in contact for a few seconds longer than was usual.
"Ellie…Ellie O'Brian…Hi!!"

To a casual observer, the two women appeared to have known each other for a long time. Their body language mirrored each other as they leaned towards each other in the booth, and their eye contact was relaxed and steady.

Ellie sat and listened as Alex explained why she was In the States and spoke of her work with obvious enthusiasm, she tried to put her finger on why she felt so at ease, with this imposing woman whom she had only just met and yet, who seemed so familiar.
She could find no answer but found herself returning time and again to those beautiful blue eyes, wanting to drown in them. It was strange because Ellie had always considered herself heterosexual and yet she could not deny her arousal by this woman sitting at the table

It was 2 hours later when the woman realised that they were alone in the bar and the bartender was looking at his watch with obvious intent. They had talked of all kinds of things, their hopes and dreams and Alex was amazed when she realised she had poured out her heart to this stranger when she rarely opened up, even to the few friends she had. However, she was aware that Ellie had allowed her to do most of the talking and had revealed little of herself. Alex found that she resented this yet knew she had no right to do so. This woman's life was her own, Alex berated herself, why should you care that she was holding back?


Ellie was aware she had been holding back and she knew the reason. Why should she trust this woman when so many had hurt her in the past? Every atom of her being was saying, this woman will not hurt me, I can feel it as clearly as I can hear my own heartbeat.……but maybe the fearful little voice in her soul was whispering too loudly to be ignored. She was also afraid of the intensity of the feelings flooding through her as she looked up at this amazing woman. Her life had been so marred, so many times, by the hurt and betrayal she had experienced, both from her family, and failed relationships.

Every fibre of Ellie's being wanted to reach out to this person and say, "Here is my soul, will you guard it for me"…when maybe the Fates stepped in because, as they stood in the foyer, Ellie was suddenly approached by two women who were clearly upset.

"Where have you been?"

"We have been holding things together but you're the one who sorts out the problems and does the sensitive chats. Come on, we've got real problems about tomorrows part of the convention". The two woman then realised that Alex was standing next to Ellie and hesitated…they glanced at each other and then at Ellie..
"Sorry are we interrupting something?"

"No, not at all", murmured Alex. "I am sorry that I have taken so much of your time…..thanks for the drink", then, with a shy glance at Ellie, she turned and walked away.

Ellie watched her as she walked away. Alex moved like a panther, her long legs eating up the floor as she strode away. Her 6ft frame was imposing yet, with her shoulders straight and her head held high, she moved like someone at ease with herself. Ellie found herself wishing she would turn around so she could see her blue eyes again, but she felt a strange sense of loss as, Alex began to walk up the hotel stairway, without a backward glance.

Ellie's companions were also mesmerised by Alex's departure and the air hung heavy with unasked questions.
Ellie shook her head and turned to her PA's and sighed. "OK Guys, lets get this sorted". She looked directly at the two women who knew their Boss better than to argue, when she looked at them like that.

Ellie found herself moving back in to the Conference hall where she slipped into organiser mode and found her mediating skill much in demand with delegates arguing over the time allowed with their heroes.
Her mind kept wandering to the tall dark women who in a few short hours had so befuddled her. She found herself dialling out from the hubbub and closing her eyes to envisage those beautiful mesmeric blue eyes again.

"Ellie, what the heck is going on with you tonight??"
"Ellie are you listening to me?"
She opened her eyes and met the questioning gaze of her companions.
Ellie knew that she had just made a decision and as usual, when she decided something, she made it happen
"Sorry, I have to go"
"Go…go where?" Ellie heard the strangled cry of frustration from her assistants.
"I just have to go, you handle things here."
Ellie marched purposefully to the Reception desk where she was well known as a Convention organiser. She breathed a sigh of relief to see that she knew the manager on duty.
Hi, Jenny"
"Oh Hi Ellie, How're things going?"
"Good, except I really messed up with something and I need your help."
"Sure, if I can help, I will" smiled Jenny
"I really need to talk to a delegate, urgently, but I don't know the room number". Ellie's voice betrayed her understanding that Jenny would be breaking all the rules to tell her, but she turned on the charm, as only she could, and the other woman slowly smiled…

As Alex reached her room, she tried to get some perspective on the evening's events and yet she could find no logical reason for how she was feeling. She made her usual cup of strong tea and went to sit on the balcony of her room. The lights of the city flashed below but her eyes rose to the night sky where millions of stars twinkled. Unaccountably, Alex, who had watched night skies all over the world, began to see patterns in the stars and found a fish and a bear as clearly as if she had drawn them herself.

Alex was still involved in the thoughts going round and round in her head when there was a knock on her door.
She crossed the room and opened it to find her quizzical gaze met by the green pools of Ellie's eyes.

She wondered if her face showed the mixture of delight and surprise she felt, the answer came back in the expression on Ellie's face.

A few seconds passed before Alex managed to get out the words…" Come in"

"I hope you don't mind me coming here," burbled Ellie, to cover her amazement at what she had done…" I realised how rude you must have thought me when we were interrupted by my PA's...so I thought I should at least apologise…"

"No Not at all, you are obviously a very busy person I didn't realise I had taken so much of your time". Alex's voice seemed not to be coming from her own mouth as she struggled to get a grip on her thoughts.

"You didn't take my time, Alex, I gave it with great pleasure…I enjoyed your company" whispered Ellie,

The blue eyes lit up and a smile spread over Alex's face.
"Would you like some tea?"

The two women sat on the balcony, drinking tea, in companionable silence. Ellie found her gaze rising into the night sky and she murmured almost to herself. "I always see that damn fish".
Alex's eyes flashed and her heart skipped a beat. She looked over at the beautiful women at her side and asked herself,
"What ARE you doing?"

Ellie was asking herself the same question as she felt Alex's gaze.

After a few moments, Ellie shivered.
"I'll get you a jacket" Alex murmured and she rose only to find herself face to face with Ellie who had risen at the same time. They were very close together and Alex could smell the gentle scent of the other women, and it resonated in her memory. She found herself blushing and whispering,

"You are far too beautiful…. to be standing….this close…to this lesbian…for it to be fair".

Her blue eyes were met by the unwavering gaze of the green ones.
"I don't want to be fair, I want to kiss you".

Alex found her breath catch in her throat as she managed to whisper, "Do you know what you are doing?"

"Yep" the reply was soft yet firm.

Alex found herself bending slowly towards the blond beauty before her, and paused just as she felt a soft breath on her mouth. She waited as Ellie's lips moved towards her and they kissed gently and softly.

It was as if they were both caught in a vortex of spinning lights as the hotel room faded away and in its place, vivid, frightening visions of tombs in Egypt, Indian villages, Amazon dancing and Japanese warriors flashed around them. Then the clear image of an armoured warrior, with tears running down her face, holding the body of a young girl in her arms and calling out.

"Don't you leave me, don't you leave me…..wake up…

…..WAKE UP…"

The hotel room re-materialised and Ellie was the first to draw a shuddering breath, she opened her eyes and, as they met with Alex's, she saw in them the same realisation that had just dawned on her.

Ellie gazed deeply into the blue pools and whispered.

"Hello my love, there you are, I have missed you so much"

Alex looked at her with a look of such amazement,


The blond head nodded almost imperceptively, reaching up to cup the tall woman's face in her hands, she held it gently in her hands.

"Yes, Xena, It's me"

Their lips met again and then parted to allow the gentle exploration of the two lovers. Their hearts were beating as one, and as their souls were joined again, they clung to each other as the next part of the journey of their eternal love began.


The End

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