Lad of Moss, Part 10

They couldn't stop grinning. They rode in their carriage, eagerly making the trip to their new home. The trip was an easy one, only needing to bring clothing, food, and a few personal items. The majority of their possessions remained in the rooms above the shop. Lydia had talked Alexia out of finding a dog. Although its presence would be welcomed out in the country, it wouldn't have a place in their lives during the cold months.

Ditto for the idea of having hens. There would be no one to feed them once they returned to Boston, even though fresh eggs would be welcomed. Alexia would have to settle for buying them in the town at the end of the day. They did agree on raising a garden. The time for planting was already past, so they purchased fast growing planting seeds, hoping the fall would be mild enough to harvest the crops. Lydia would plant a small plot during the day.

There were some items they'd have to rely on purchasing rather than producing themselves, such as soap. Soap was made from animal fat and ashes, but without raising animals for butchering, they would have to buy from the market.

The one thing they did have though was Alexia's pride and joy, the load of beehives that would be delivered next week. Owning large wildflower fields made it ideal for raising bees. They kept care of themselves year around and would provide them with honey and beeswax for candles. She had traded skills with the sawyer, making him some new iron tools in exchange for the wooden beehives.

In addition to the hive, their pond provided freshwater fish, the fields had rabbits and wild birds, such as quail and turkey, and with their own garden, could provide most of their own food. Alexia looked forward to the time when she was a journeyman. She could build another cabin as a shop on her own land and begin raising animals. She could make her wares here and sell them to shops in town. The redhead was realistic, knowing she'd never grow rich with her trade. The important thing would be she and Lydia were together and getting by.

Once they arrived, it took little time to settle in. Once everything was put in its proper place, they went outside to enjoy the mild spring day. They strolled hand in hand, looking over their property. Lydia pointed out some several kinds of plants that would provide berries come fall, promising some homemade pies then. She knew Alexia had a sweet tooth. She smiled at the idea of the future treats, but her smile turned seductive.

"Until then sweet Lydia, I'll make do nibbling on yer fine self," playfully grabbing the smaller woman and nuzzled her ear. Lydia squealed and pulled away, running towards the cabin. Laughing merrily, Alexia gave chase, jogging after her escaping spouse. She caught up with her just as the seamstress reached the door, wrapping her arms around her, she pulled her close for a kiss. Lydia managed to stop giggling and enthusiastically returned it, pulling the tall woman's head closer. Alexia let out a sexy growl that sent a thrill of excitement down her spine. She tried to move even closer but was surprised when Alexia suddenly pulled away.

"Damn! Someone is coming down the drive. I had better fetch my waistcoat." Alexia rushed inside and put on the vest, glad she hadn't yet unbound her breasts. She rejoined Lydia outside and watched as a carriage came up the road. The Sullivan's were piled into it. As they spotted the young couple, the family waved and greeted them. Looking up the road, she spotted several more wagons and carriages following behind them.

"Sweet Lord, is there anyone left in Boston?" Alexia giggled.

Within an hour, tables had been set up outside and food set out. It was going to be quite a celebration. Several men had musical instruments and were playing cheerful tunes. Once everyone had their fill of food and dancing, they gathered around in small groups to chat. The children separated, the boys hunting down the frogs and turtles, the girls sitting under the trees on blankets.

Alexia was strolling with William Sullivan and Phineas Douglas, pointing out areas of interest and her plans for the future. As they walked past the once cleared section, Will stopped and stared at the field. Someone had churned the soil.

"Alex, have you been working your fields already? When do you find the time and energy?" he said with amazement.

The redhead turned around, wondering what he was talking about. Peering past the lanky man, she saw that her field had been recently turned over. "What in heaven's name…I dinna do that!"

"You didn't? That is odd. Hmm, I wonder why it looks like a circle?" Will muttered.

Phineas chuckled at the two younger men. "I think your Indian friends left you a thank you lad. Or at least the lasses did. That's how they plant their crops, in a circle. In the middle is corn then in a circle about it is beans, then on the outside is pumpkin and squash."

"Are ye sure Master Douglas? How do ye know?"

"That's the way they do it. The corn is tallest and gives shade to the beans and a place for the vines to grab onto. And the pumpkin and squash like to spread out."

"How in the world do you keep care of such a silly garden if there's no rows?" Will asked.

"You don't. The Indians plant the gardens and walk away. And it can't be too silly since they aren't starving. It works, and that's all one needs to know," he said smugly.

Alexia was stunned. If the garden indeed produced as he said, she and Lydia would have more than enough for the winter months. They'd probably have to give some of it away! Tickled at their generosity, she couldn't help but smile. "I guess what they say about bread upon the waters is true. A small kindness has brought us this from our kin."

"You are the oddest looking Indian I have even seen Alexander Browne," Will teased, "But, I have to warn you that some of your neighbors were a bit nervous about you letting them stay at your place."

"Why? The closest home to us is a goodly 3 miles away. Besides, they were warm and friendly people just traveling to their fishing grounds. It wasn't like they were a band of raiders."

"It doesn't matter. There's been some trouble up North with some of the Indians up there. To most, an Indian is an Indian. It's like if one Scot is a thief, all Scots are thieves—pardon my example Alex," Phineas explained.

"Good thing I was not so narrow minded or I'd hae never married Lydia, who is ha' English. There would be some who think I'd hae every right to hate all the English, but I can't. There are many good people in every group, and some bad also. Ye hae to judge each person on their own merits."

"I quite agree with thee Mr. Browne," a male voice said from behind him. "In fact, I believe thee has given me the subject of my next sermon. But alas, I fear it may take more than my humble words to steer those who insist on hatred," Reverend Worthshire sighed. "It doesn't take much to push people away from civilized behavior. Our Colonies are growing and the demands for more raw materials force us to move inland. I foresee a day when our Indian neighbors will resent our presence and our Treaty will shatter. I only pray it will be long after my death."

The other men were silent, thinking over his words. Then Phineas spoke for all of them. "Aye," he said simply.

Alexia shook the depressing thoughts from her mind and joined her wife who was chatting with several other ladies. They were exchanging recipes and ideas for home making. One of the women tried to shoo the redhead away teasingly, telling her she couldn't possibly be interested in their conversation. Mary Elizabeth wheezed with laughter.

"Temperance, for shame. Didn't you know young Alex here can cook? Lord, if I was10 years younger and he was single…" she teased just to see Alex blush.

"You would probably kill him with your enthusiasm and then seek another young man," Martha Greer chortled, causing the others to laugh.

"What is your favorite thing to cook Mr. Browne?" Temperance asked.

"Hmm, I would think Bridies are my specialty," the redhead answered.

"What are they?"

"Oh, you take pie dough and place minced meat, onions, and a bit of lard inside and bake it. Some like adding other vegetables, some like using offal. It depends on what ye like. Tis simple enough."

"It's quite good," Lydia commented. "But I love his Stovies. He fries meat and saves the fat and cooks up chopped potatoes, onions, and vegetables in it. It is much like hash."

One of the women leaned towards her, her face grim. "Lydia, why are you slim? You should be as round as a Spring robin by now!" The others laughed. Alexia smiled indulgently and took her wife's hand quietly, sitting next to her on the bench. The ladies began chatting away, forgetting a gentleman sat among them.

"Oh ho, not content on having a pretty wife, he must surround himself with ours as well! Greedy lad!" Will teased, slapping him lightly on the back. The women tittered as Alex grinned lopsidedly.

"Do ye blame me? Why look at yer ugly mugs when such lovely ladies grace my land? T'would be a waste to let such an opportunity pass me by," Alexia said charmingly, causing several women to blush prettily. Lydia elbowed him lightly, promising him a place in the barn if he continued to misbehave, causing everyone to roar.

Alexia kissed her hand and winked at the smirking men behind him.

The afternoon was growing late and soon the families packed up and began heading back into town. The young couple thanked each family for the home warming and wished them a safe journey. Alone once more, they let out their breaths in relief. The gathering had been enjoyable but tiring. They stood there and cuddled a bit, too tired to move.

Lydia had her face buried into the larger woman's neck, feeling the heat come off of her.

"Hmm, I suggest we bathe. I love you dearling, but a day in the sun fully clothed left you quite ripe. How about a nice swim?" the seamstress suggested.

"Only if ye join me," the redhead purred, making her wife shiver. She nodded with a smile. They fetched a blanket from under the tree and several drying cloths.


Tossing their clothing to the ground, they dove into the water. They played for a short while before the play turned to kisses and touching. Alexia pulled the smaller woman closer and stepped back until her feet was planted firmly under her.

"Now I hae ye," she smiled, holding Lydia so her feet couldn't reach bottom. It didn't bother the seamstress. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around the strong woman. "Now I have you," she giggled, placing her hands behind her neck and finding Alexia's mouth. She had simmered all afternoon, biding her time until they were alone again, her imagination playing many possibilities in her mind. She wasn't in the mood for lingering touches. At this moment, she wanted the redhead burning and all playfulness was gone.

Her lips took Alexia's wildly, thrusting her tongue between them. The larger woman moaned and tried to take a breath as her own needs escalated. The kisses became rougher as Lydia wound her limbs tighter around her spouse. Finally dragging her lips away and took a deep breath.

"The blanket, now!" she hissed. She could feel powerful muscles bunch as Alexia carried her to the bank. Once her feet found the wool material, she sunk to her knees and pinned Lydia onto her back. Her mouth sought her mouth once more, growling softly as the smaller woman ground her pelvis against her belly. Nails scored her back, leaving welts in their wake. Lost in the primal need, Alexia didn't feel the pain. She tore her mouth away and moved downwards, knowing Lydia as she knew herself.

Her lips parted as a breast was thrust upwards, the nipple hard and pebbled. Lydia cried out, writhing and panting under the onslaught of contrary sensations; the hot mouth giving her such incredible pleasure and the cold dripping of water from Alexia's hair pooling in the hollow of her neck. Her hand reached beneath her lover, finding her generous breast. Alexia moaned louder as persistent fingers took hold of her nipple and refused to let go.

"Straddle my leg Alexia, I want to see you seek your pleasure," her voice quavered in excitement. Nothing was more moving than the sight of the powerful woman over her, rocking against her leg. Alexia didn't do it often, only when her passion was so wild she couldn't help herself. Lydia ached to watch her, with the sun shining above them and the water still glistening on her skin.

Unable to refuse the need in her wife's voice, she shifted her body until her throbbing center was pressing against the cool thigh. Lydia lifted it, pushing harder against her pelvis. Alexia braced her hands on each side of the prone woman and began moving, her eyes locking with the dark eyed woman's. Her movements were slow at first, but Lydia grasped her breasts and fondled them. Swallowing back a moan, her hips responded by moving faster. Lydia began whispering her erotic thoughts to her, driving the larger woman to a frenzy. Alexia's eyes closed, her focus solely on the pleasure threatening to overcome her.

Lydia felt the hard bumping of Alexia's hip against her own need. The sensation alone wouldn't normally be enough, but the sight of Alexia's face as she drove herself against her was enough to bring her to the very edge of her pleasure. Alexia loudly cried out as her own climax was reached, toppling Lydia over the crest with her. The smaller woman was barely aware of her lover collapsing on top of her, arms too weak to support her body any longer.

The redhead managed to find enough strength to move to Lydia's side, her mind prodding her not to crush the petite woman. Gulping in air, she rolled onto her back and fell limp. It took several moments to become aware of stinging on her back. Her mind was too helpless to remember why. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

She woke to giggling and a tickly sensation on her arse. Her mind tried to identify the unusual feelings but failed. Light prickling on her bottom and a breezy brushing of hair stroked the back of her thigh. Was Lydia nipping her bottom? She dragged her eyes open and blinked, trying to focus. Lydia sat a few feet from her and was biting her lip, vastly amused. The sensation continued.

"Shh, don't move," Lydia whispered.

"What is going on?" she hissed back.

The seamstress giggled softly, "There is a squirrel on your rump!"

"A what?" she roared. What must have been sharp claws scurried across her hips and a blur of gray disappeared into the nearest tree.

"Oh fie, you scared it away!"

"Lydia! Ye allowed a rodent to perch on me?" she pouted. The small woman laughed.

"But it was so cute sitting there, I didn't have the heart to shoo it away," she confessed.

Alexia tried to look behind her, expecting scratch marks. "I think the damned thing scratched me!" she growled.

"Then I will kiss them better," Lydia grinned and crawled over to her. Alexia's frown changed into a naughty grin as the warm lips placed soft kisses along her skin. She hummed pleasantly and lowered her head down onto one forearm. The kisses became more daring as Lydia added nibbling and teasing licks, bringing the redhead to a simmering arousal.

Alexia felt her muscles clenching and shifting. She began aching for a more intimate touch. She felt Lydia stop and move away. She grunted out a pitiful whine.

"Shh dearling, raise your hips for me but a moment," Lydia ordered soothingly. Alexia obliged, and felt a wadded blanket placed under her hips. A hand patted the small of her back and she eased down onto it. Her bottom was now elevated, leaving her feeling a bit vulnerable.

Soft hands began caressing her body lightly, relaxing her. Once she her body was limp, Lydia began nuzzling her nape and back, careful to avoid the scratch marks from earlier. Each caress was soft as they moved downward. A hot tongue tickled along her spine and the redhead felt teasing fingers on her inner thigh. Alexia tried to open her thighs wider but was asked to remain still. Fingers moved under her and Alexia whimpered when short nails raked through the dark red curls found there. Teeth nipped her rump, causing her to gasp.

"Lydia, ye are trying to kill me yet again!" she whined. A throaty chuckle sent shivers along her body. A finger tip found her entrance and teased at it, swirling around the slick skin.

"Nay, but I like seeing you this way, burning and helpless," her voice said lowly. Alexia whimpered again. The finger slid along and found the nub that was swollen with need. She teased it lightly, sending the larger woman's hips into spasms. She gripped the blanket, trying to remain still, but her hips had a life of their own. The finger continued the sweet torture as she felt the first shock of contractions hit. Her hips pumped furiously as the finger kept up its pace. Her breathing came in gasping moans as she felt another wave building. Just when she believed she would fly off again into heaven, the finger moved away. Before she could bellow out a protest, several fingers were thrust into her. It took just a few rough strokes before she felt the pleasure crash over her.

When she recovered, she managed to roll off the wadded blanket and reached for her wife. Lydia found her lips, greedily ravishing them. The larger woman pinned her to the blanket, now eager to bring her the same heaven. Her teeth nibbled along her neck as her hand touched the quivering woman everywhere.

"Don't make me wait dearling, take me now," she begged. Lydia grabbed her large hand and brought it between her damp thighs. Happy to oblige her, the redhead slid two fingers into her body, feeling the welcoming muscles inside grip them. She leaned over a pert nipple and teased her with her tongue as her fingers moved slowly.

"More!" Lydia begged. Alexia pretended ignorance.

"What? More of these?" she said, wiggling the fingers that were inside of her. Lydia gasped and her hips jerked upwards. Surprised by the reaction, the larger woman began moving her fingers once more, watching how Lydia reacted. It was fascinating. After some careful exploration, she found that Lydia reacted the strongest when the pads of her fingers were pointed upwards and stroked the inner walls deep inside. The smaller woman bucked wildly, unable to form any coherent words. Pleased by the results, she continued the soft stroking until she realized her thumb could reach another spot as well. She pressed her callused thumb against her and rubbed her lightly. The woman beneath her gripped her upper arm painfully and cried out in pleasure then passed out.

"Lydia? Lydia?" Alexia was shocked. What had happened? Her wife was pale but still breathing. Frightened, Alexia gathered the petite woman into her arms and carried her into the cabin. Pushing back the coverlets with her foot, she placed Lydia into the bed and covered her. Alexia was shaking, terrified she had somehow harmed the woman she loved. She held onto her hand and pressed it to her mouth, tears pooling in her eyes.

"Lydia, love, please be alright. I dinna mean to hurt ye," she whispered. Dark lashes fluttered. Alexia held her breath, praying she was alright. "Lydia?" she asked gently. Lydia's confused eyes opened and looked towards her.


"You fainted Lydia. I carried ye inside. How are ye feeling?" she asked, guilt clenching at her stomach.

"Mmm, I feel good."

"Good?" she practically screamed. "Ye fainted! How could ye-"

"Shh. Dearling, I don't know what you did, but I never imagined that anything could ever feel that wonderful," she said with a satisfied purr. Alexia's mouth hung open. Her spouse just continued to grin like the cat who stole the cream. Deciding women were impossible creatures to understand, she slumped into the chair in defeat.

To be continued

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