Pathfinder's Journey, part 3


JP went over every small sin in her past to wonder why she was being punished in this manner. She was quite convinced that God was looking down at her and laughing her ass off.

Cierra's hormones had done a 180-degree turn and instead of being angry with her, she was now stalking her in the Jacuzzi, with a feral and sexually charged gleam in her eyes.

"Honey, um, you do know anyone could walk in at any second, right?" the lean woman stuttered, trying to back away from her mate.

Cierra pinned her against the edge of the tub and nipped along her neck as she cupped one of her small breasts with her hand. "They wouldn't dare," the Shaman growled. JP felt her body respond instantly but they just couldn't start anything there in the public baths. What if one of the children walked in on them while they made out? She had to get her spouse out of there and to their home.

JP's knees nearly buckled when Cierra began plucking at her nipple, tugging and pinching it gently. "Sweetheart, please!" JP pushed her mate away and jumped out of the tub. She grabbed her robe and put it on without drying off, making the thin fabric cling to her body.

The material could barely hold back JP's erect nipples, which stood at painful attention. Cierra looked at her in appreciation, her determination not waning with her mate's escape. Cierra climbed from the tub and tried to reclaim her reluctant spouse.

JP wouldn't allow it. She tossed Cierra's robe at her and ordered her to put it on.

The smaller woman grinned. "You can't get away."

"I don't have to get away. I just need to get back to our house so we can continue this at our home. You can do what you want to me there."

"Then you had better hurry because I plan on having you within the next thirty seconds, one way or another."

JP gulped and rushed from the bathhouse.

Cierra chuckled naughtily and followed her mate at a more leisurely pace. She entered their dwelling and slid the bar across it, her eyes locked on her mate. JP stood there, panting with arousal and still wearing her wet robe. She moved to take it off but Cierra told her to keep it on.

She looked into JP's blue eyes and pushed her back against one of the adobe walls. Without warning, she shoved aside one side of JP's pale gray robe and took a stiff peak into her mouth and suckled it roughly. JP groaned as her body tried to arch. Cierra tormented the breast for while, alternating between nearly painful pressure and whisper soft swipes with her tongue.

JP continued to whimper but gasped as she felt warm fingers reach beneath her robe and fondle her intimately. The tall woman moaned as a fingertip located her most sensitive spot and rubbed it briskly in tiny motions, making her hips jump from the contact. "Oh God!"

Cierra's mouth released her nipple. "I told you that I'd have you in thirty seconds," she gloated. With her last word, she thrust two fingers into her mate and reveled in her gasp of pleasure.

Within seconds JP cried out as her peak hit her. Cierra tried to continue but JP gathered what remained of her strength and turned the tables. She pushed Cierra onto the bed and covered her with her body, pinning her down as her mouth sought her lips. She kissed her mate roughly until both of them were breathing hard and fast. She broke the kiss and began licking and nibbling down Cierra's body, stopping to tease each nipple for a long moment then continuing downward.

JP could smell Cierra's arousal, feeding her own need to bring her mate pleasure. Her mouth soon found the source of the intoxicating scent and delved her tongue inside, dragging a cry of pleasure from Cierra. JP felt Cierra's strong fingers grab her hair and pulled her tighter against her. Taking the cue from the smaller woman, JP kept her concentration on that one spot until Cierra screamed out her name and bucked uncontrollably from the contact. Cierra tried to push JP away her from her over-sensitive flesh but relaxed when JP kept her forays to other areas nearby.

The Shaman went limp and tried to catch her breath. She tugged on JP's arm and urged her up until she could wrap her arms around the slim woman. They snuggled together on the feather bed and relaxed, content to lie there quietly.

"Mmm, thanks sweetie. You always seem to know exactly what I need and when."

"My pleasure," JP murmured against her chest.



"This is just so unfair," Ann whined. She had gone to visit Doctor Pat rather than Doctor Sanchez, hoping for better news from her.

"I can't be positive. But it's quite possible you're carrying twins," Pat said. She had used her stethoscope and swore she could hear two heartbeats. Ann was seven months along and getting quite large. The doctor was growing worried.

"Ann, I want you to take it easy for the next two months. No more work and nothing more strenuous than taking a short stroll until the baby is born. You need to relax and concentrate on having a healthy child." The doctor gave her detailed instructions, including no more soaking in the public tub and eating small meals often. Ann thanked Pat and walked back to her home.

Sara found her in tears later that afternoon and rushed to her side. She held her until the tears ended and wiped them from her cheeks.

"Do you want to talk about it, Ann?"

"What's there to talk about? Pat said it might be twins. I guess this is what you get when you fool with Mother Nature, she kicks you in the teeth."

"Hey, you know you aren't alone. All of us will help."

"I'm just so tired all the time. How am I gonna deal with two of them? I'm not cut out to be a mom." Ann leaned against Sara and sighed. She felt her friend's hand stroke her hair soothingly and Ann closed her eyes, enjoying the gentle contact. It reminded her of when she was little and her mom would play with her hair as she snuggled on her lap.

"It'll be okay, I promise."

Ann let out a shaky breath and relaxed. "You're too good to me. You should find someone who would appreciate you," Ann advised.

"Why? I have you. Who else would I need?"

Ann leaned back in surprise. She had done nothing to give Sara the impression that she'd be willing to cross the street. "Sara…"

"Yeah, I know. You're straight and don't plan on joining the other team. My head knows that but my heart doesn't. Right now I really don't care. I'll take whatever you're willing to give me, even if it's only friendship."

The former agent sat there stunned as Sara leaned down and placed a soft kiss against her lips. Ann had never considered allowing a woman to kiss her but the act was so unassuming and warm that she didn't push her friend away.

When she didn't protest the act, Sara kissed her once more, merely brushing their lips together in a sweet kiss until Ann tentatively returned it. Sara never pushed for more than that, keeping the kiss soft and slow. The connection made her feel warm and content inside, as though she was basking in the afterglow from lovemaking. They ended the kiss just as slowly and Sara caressed Ann's cheek lovingly, smiling down gently at her friend.

Ann blushed, unsure of what was happening between them. Was the kiss a prelude to a seduction or was it a friendly and undemanding act with no strings attached?

Sara ruffled her hair affectionately. "Hey, it's okay. I just needed to express what I felt for you. It won't happen again if you don't want it to. I never want you to feel uncomfortable. You mean too much to me."

Ann stuttered a bit then let out her breath. "I've never been kissed by a woman before. You know me, the original homophobe. Kissing a woman is supposed to be nasty and vile. Nothing a straight woman would allow."

"But you aren't like that anymore. There isn't any reason why a friend can't show how much they care. It's not any different from us snuggling in bed together. We're friends and neither of us was asking for more."

"No strings?" Ann asked nervously.

"No strings," Sara promised.

As the weeks passed, Sarah spent more time helping Ann get around and performing chores for her, such as laundry and housekeeping. The young woman would take strolls with Ann in the cooler evenings, providing her with an arm to hold onto over the rougher pathways.

No one said anything about the growing closeness between the women. A few of the women of the village had gone through their own soul searching, wondering what they were feeling and trying to deal with it. Several of the women never concluded that they were lesbians just because they had an intimate relationship with a woman. It just was and they learned to accept it. They fell for a woman for who she was inside, not her gender. It happened that way sometimes.

Ann stopped fighting her feelings and just accepted things as they were. She knew she had come to love Sara but wasn't sure she was 'in' love with her. Sara had moved in with her as her pregnancy progressed and they feared her going into early labor. The former agent sometimes remained awake and gazed down at her friend, studying her peaceful features in the moonlight.

Sara had a sweet face, not classically beautiful but very appealing. She had such warm pale brown eyes and her lips always had an upward curve, as though a smile was always in the wings, ready to appear. She had a mop of soft curly hair that looked soft as thistle down and just a shade darker than her eyes.

Looking down at her, Ann watched Sara as she rolled over and found the hand that Ann had resting on the mattress. The young woman reached for it sleepily and pulled it closer, resting her face against the back of the strong hand. Ann felt a tug on her emotions and had the impulse to caress Sara's hair and kiss her cheek.

Ann sighed quietly. If she were a decent human being she'd tell Sara to leave and find someone who could love her back. It was so unfair of her to keep her dangling like this. Ann felt tears well in her eyes at the idea of Sara leaving and lavishing her affections on some one else. Ann believed she should push the gentle-natured woman away but couldn't bring herself to do it. She needed her now more than ever. Maybe after the baby was born she would do the right thing, but not now.


To Be Continued

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