Reining in the Belle, part 5

In their room, Belle reached down and grabbed one of her consort’s bags and took it into the bedchamber. “Have something old and soft inside?” she asked. Grasen nodded and removed a worn cloth over shirt. Both young women felt shy and stood there silently. Belle decided to break the moment first.

“May I help you undress?” she asked timidly. Grasen flushed but gave her permission. Belle stepped closer, taking the other woman’s hand. She held it as her free hand began slowly unbuttoning the cuff. When the button came loose, she ran her fingertips along Grasen’s wrist lightly, causing the smaller woman to shiver. Feeling more confident, she lowered that arm and took the other, repeating the process. She kissed the hand she was holding then turned her attentions to the buttons fastening the front of the shirt. As she undid the buttons slowly, she spoke.

“I bet your mind is like mine, dwelling on the fact this should be the night we consummate our relationship.” Grasen nodded. “But Lonnie is correct. We’re both tired and frankly, I know I rushed you today. In all honesty, I was just going to let our relationship grow slowly and once we graduated, move it to the next step.” Belle sighed. “I want to tell you something though. I’ve dreamt about being with you for a long time.”

Her friend looked up in surprise. Belle gave her a lopsided grin.

“Yeah, I know. I never hinted at what I wanted, did I?” Grasen’s hazel eyes twinkled in response. “Let’s take this slowly, alright? I know I’m nervous and bet you are too.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty scared. So much for being a consort, huh?”

Belle chuckled. “You managed to remain a virgin too I take it?”

“Too? Holy One! Belle, with your looks, surely you’ve-“

“Nope. Remember, Queens and future Queens are supposed to try to be chaste.”

Grasen muttered a curse under her breath.

“Hey, we’ll stumble through this together, no problem. Besides, we have some of the best examples right here in the Residence. My parents, for one, and Palla and her mate, Branen. Both couples are very happy and affectionate. I hope we’ll be just like them,” Belle whispered. She brushed Grasen’s shirt off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the carpet. The view of her friend’s smooth skin stretched over strong muscles and graceful curves took away her breath.

“You’re lovely,” she croaked, stepping closer and wrapping her arms slowly around her, burying her nose into ebony hair.

Grasen returned the embrace, becoming aware of how powerfully built her friend actually was. Belle held her gently and to Grasen’s astonishment, began trembling. Instinctively, she began stroking Belle’s back soothingly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Everything just caught up to me I think.” A knock on the outer chamber door made them jump apart. “Dinner,” Belle reminded her consort. “Finish changing and I’ll bring the food in here, okay?”

They ate almost silently, exchanging the briefest of words as they picked nervously at their meal. The servant took away their plates and left the chamber quietly.

Glancing at the wall clock, Belle realized it was really too early to retire for the evening. “Care for a stroll?”

Grasen smiled weakly and stood.  Belle took her chilled hand and led her out through the balcony doors. The family’s floor had a wrap-around balcony along the entire building, allowing them to move about freely without leaving the building when restless.

Sighing pleasurably, Grasen took in several deep breaths. “It’s much warmer out here than your quarters.” Belle chuckled.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to get used to it my friend. The heat nearly kills me. That’s Lonnie’s legacy to me. Brittany loves the heat—she takes after Mother.”

“Goddess, you mean I have to be half-frozen the rest of our relationship?”

“Nah, only when we aren’t in bed. I’m pretty warm and you’re more than welcome to snuggle up to me,” Belle grinned playfully. Grasen smiled as she bumped her hip gently again Belle’s. They continued their stroll around the building until something caught their attention. Brittany and a young man were strolling in the gardens below them.

“Hmm, seems your sister has a beau,” Grasen commented.

“Yup. That’s Palla’s son, Tupta. She’s been sweet on him for years.”

“She never mentioned a child. Didn’t being pregnant interfere with her duties to the Queen?”

Belle laughed. “Palla might have been big-bellied near the end but she rules the Residence with an iron will. Besides, Lonnie is more than capable of protecting Mother.”

Grasen nodded, well aware of the stories of her strength all these years. She had also gotten a taste of her power once when they had all playfully wrestled one night. Lona had lifted her one-handed over her head, not even straining. It had been a shock to find herself lifted like a child by a woman a head shorter than herself. In all the time she had known the consort prior to that night there had never been a hint of that strength. Lona must have learned to curb her every movement over the years.

“I’d hate to have her angry with me,” Grasen muttered.

Belle grinned crookedly. “She wouldn’t harm you. I think she likes you even more than me,” she teased.

“Oh sure.” The smaller woman’s face took on a mischievous gleam. “Well, now that you mention it…”

“Hey! No trying to take over as the favorite around here. It took me too many years to earn that right. A lot of groveling went into it and I’d hate to see it wasted.”

“Groveling huh? I can’t wait to see just that soon,” Grasen purred, her eyes seductive. The look on Belle’s face was priceless. The taller woman actually swallowed hard and quivered. Unable to resist, she continued on in an innocent manner.

“Shall we retire for the evening? I want to try out my new pillow,” she said, patting Belle on the swell of her breast.

* * * *

Neither of the women was sleepy once they crawled into bed nude. Out of desperation, Belle suggested watching the broadcasts while they snuggled. Grasen readily agreed but once the naughty side had awoken she couldn’t help but to continue her teasing. She made herself comfortable on Belle’s shoulder, her eyes locked on the screen but her mind was elsewhere.

Belle wasn’t much better off. Her consort’s hand moved inch by agonizing inch along her belly. It had traveled so far down that Belle had to resist the urge to lift her hips to meet the hand so tantalizingly close to her curls. Her hips had actually twitched as the hand was lifted away when Grasen yawned and politely covered her mouth. She gritted her teeth and said nothing. The yawn ended and Grasen dropped her hand onto Belle’s sternum and almost cupped around her breast. The future Queen uselessly prayed her body wouldn’t betray her but her nipples hardened instantly anyway. 

A commercial began. Grasen shifted her body slightly. “You are comfy. I think I’ll sleep now.” The smaller woman shifted once more, this time bringing her lips a fraction away from a rigid peak. She closed her eyes and sighed, sending a warm breeze across Belle’s skin.

Belle picked up the remote, turned off the broadcast and the lights and settled down to what was sure to be a sleepless night.

* * * *

An hour passed and the new consort couldn’t resist any longer. Every time she peeked through her lashes she saw a dark rose-colored nipple standing at attention. She might not be experienced but she had seen her share of videos and was eager to try out a few fantasies. Shifting slightly and getting no reaction from the larger woman, Grasen brought her mouth to the tempting morsel. Her tongue snaked out and twirled around the nub, feeling it’s soft rigidity inside her mouth.

She loved the softness of the flesh against her tongue. Grasen swallowed a moan at the sensual pleasure and forced herself to lap gently at the now hardening peak. She swirled the very tip of her tongue around it, feeling the rose-colored aureole pebble beneath her. Belle shifted in her sleep, moaning lightly. Grasen paused until her friend settled once more before removing her lips. She watched her friend as she slept for a while then gave in to another urge.

Grasen took the edge of their sheet and slowly pulled it down, uncovering her classmate’s powerful torso. Linen soft moonlight shimmered over every muscle, accentuating with light and shadows every chiseled muscle. Using just the pad of one finger the young woman traced the flesh along the center of Belle’s chest and belly, finally stopping just short of soft curls. Goose bumps rose on the skin of the sleeping woman and caused her nipples to stiffen further.

Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Grasen brushed her lips and cheek along the firm belly. Silky softness and the alluring scent of her friend’s skin dragged a groan from the depths of her. Pressing her tongue flat against Belle’s stomach gained Grasen her another taste of her lover, delving along her soft skin more urgently now as her breathing quickened with desire.

Belle woke when a warm slick feeling triggered a sensation caught firmly between arousal and tickling. Her belly quivered as she drew in a startled breath. Raising her hand, Belle grasped at Grasen’s dark hair, tangling into the soft tresses. She felt her consort’s lips pause, realizing she had been caught misbehaving. A smile curled her lips. Belle couldn’t see it but could feel it. She chuckled.

“I see you’ve been busy while I slept,” she teased. Grasen giggled and shifted her body. She placed a soft kiss on Belle’s mouth.

“Uh huh,” she smiled. She could see Belle’s eyes twinkling with amusement, even in the dim lighting. “I couldn’t resist.” Grasen shifted a little more, settling herself over her lover’s prone body. Her mouth sought out Belle’s, kissing her softly at first until both of them began panting.  The Queen’s daughter placed her hands around Grasen’s arms and pushed her away gently.

“Lona suggested we wait,” she protested weakly.

“Oh? Then I shouldn’t do this?” She nipped along Belle’s neck and shoulder, giving it soft bites and kisses. Belle moaned. “Or this?” she whispered as her hand traveled daringly down the larger woman’s side then grabbing a delightful handful of firm bottom. Her helpless victim moaned and offered no more arguments.

“Uh huh, I thought so,” the dark-haired woman murmured with haughtiness. “You claimed me for yourself this day, Belle. Now I claim you for myself this night,” Grasen told her with a quiver of need in her voice.

Her mouth returned to her lover’s neck, nipping lightly before sucking on the sweet flesh. Belle moaned beneath her, helpless with the need burning in her blood. Grasen felt Belle’s large hands grip lightly at her ribs before they moved along her flesh in excitement. Grasen tried to ignore their movement while she returned to exploring the tempting skin under her lips. Her mouth began traveling inch by inch along Belle’s neck, pausing here and there to nip and lick at interesting spots. Eyes closed in pleasure, she allowed her body to lead the way. Her nose bumped into an earlobe and her lips had to stop and taste that morsel.

She was vaguely aware of the larger woman’s response as she worried the soft lobe inside her mouth. It wasn’t until she felt her own body being bounced that Grasen stopped. It took a moment to realize that Belle was squirming from more than pleasure and that hands were tugging at her shoulders and pushing her slightly away.

Grasen looked down at Belle, wondering if she had displeased her in some way. Seeing a grin on her lover’s face told her no. “What?”

Belle giggled. “That tickled,” she said, a grin still stretching her generous mouth.

Amused, she grinned back. “Ticklish huh? Anywhere else I ought to avoid?’ she asked as she stroked along the larger woman’s body with her finger.

“Well…technically, I’m ticklish everywhere…”

“Everywhere?” Grasen trailed her fingertip along exposed skin until Belle jumped in response when her side was touched. “There’s one spot,” she grinned, continuing with her investigation. She shifted her body to one side in order to cover all territories. Belle quivered the entire procedure but her very sensitive areas being touched caused her to jump. Grasen found each spot and took a mental note. Belle might be a gentle natured woman but being tickled at the wrong moment could cause a lapse in her control.

Actually, Grasen found it arousing to explore her friend in this manner. It showed the trust given to her. Not many would admit to such a weakness, even with a lover. Her little exploration gave way to light kisses along the safer areas as her fingers covered every inch.

Belle allowed herself to relax and enjoy the sensual touches, her eyelids drooping as she watched. Grasen seemed to find pleasure in the simple touches as well. Her consort’s dark hair fell against her torso, stroking her skin as Grasen kissed her belly. It felt…Belle wasn’t sure she had the words for it but she knew she liked it. A hum of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Like this?” Grasen asked.

Belle hummed again, lost in the sensual haze and not wanting to talk at the moment.

Grasen was more than happy to linger. The soft skin was sweet to her lips. She slowly covered each inch until her lips found Belle’s navel. Dipping her tongue into it caused her lover to gasp. Belle didn’t protest so she lingered there, laving into the indent and nibbling on its outer edge. Grasen felt her hair being gripped at the nape, holding her in place. Convinced now that Belle was truly enjoying her attentions she traveled upwards along the softly corded torso. Belle’s palms kept flat against her back, sliding along her skin as she inched upwards.

She halted her journey for a moment when she reached soft valley between Belle’s breasts. Grasen lightly kissed each nipple then continued until she reached the strong cleft of the future queen’s chin. She kissed it before seizing her lush mouth in a searing kiss.

They dueled hotly for several moments until Belle could stand it no longer. She pushed Grasen onto her back and pinned her down with her own weight, their lips still battling for control.

Grasen felt Belle's strong thigh push between her own then press against her aching flesh.

“You’re mine!” Belle whispered tightly. Grasen looked into her eyes even as desire sent her hips upwards to press harder against the strong limb teasing her.

“Say it!” Belle commanded as she rubbed her breasts against Grasen’s. The pinned woman groaned loudly at the contact.

“Yes!” she answered. Her need was screaming that she do something, anything, to ease the demands of her own body.

The larger woman dropped her head to take possession of Grasen’s nipple as her hand slid between them, seeking her wet center. The smaller woman was torn between two impulses; thrusting to the hand that promised fulfillment and the mouth sending bolts of pleasure throughout her body.

Belle couldn’t get enough of Grasen. Every sound she made only added to the fire inside. She shook from holding back, knowing that she could easily harm her consort. She repeated the words ‘be gentle’ over and over in her mind even as her body demanded she take Grasen as her own—now! Her fingers sought lower until she found the slick opening. Without thinking, she began entering only to stop when her lover hissed in pain. Belle gritted her teeth and was lost what to do at this point. She hadn’t considered that detail in her daydreams. She began withdrawing only to have Grasen grab her wrist.

“Don’t you dare stop now!” she snarled between clenched teeth.


“We both have to lose it sometime my friend. Get it over with and kiss me. You’ve claimed me as your own, so take me!”

Belle felt a powerful wave of tenderness and admiration for her friend wash over her, overriding her burning need. Yes, she’d respect Grasen's wishes but in her own time. She reached for her lover’s lips and brushed them softly.

The kiss went on for some time until both women began burning once more. Grasen felt Belle's large hand touching and stroking her, driving her into insanity. Her body wasn’t in her control any longer. It was reacting to the larger woman’s slightest touch and she loved every moment of it. Her body was straining and trembling, seeking something she was only vaguely aware of but desperately wanted.  Grasen felt as though her skin was on fire and Belle's kisses on her skin only added to the flames.

Grasen felt her lover’s fingers return once more inside of her but it didn’t frighten her. She was fiercely coiled--her body on the brink of snapping and sending her into insanity. Suddenly she was there and the intensity of it darkened her world.

Grasen woke to the false dawn. The air was chilly from the heavy dew of the morning and she snuggled closer to the warmth of her friend. The smaller young woman, unaccustomed to sharing her bed, felt quite at ease and contented with this new experience. A large hand shifted and lightly rubbed her back. Belle took a deep breath just as she awoke. Grasen smiled and shifted once more, sliding her body so she was half lying on top of the larger woman.

Belle gave a small stretch and wrapped her arms around her lover and smiled.

“Sleep alright?” she inquired.

“Mm hmm. And you?”

“Just fine. Its kind of nice to wake up like this. A peaceful morning with the birds chirping softly and a warm, sexy woman in my arms. What could possibly be better?”

Grasen chuckled then teased Belle. “A kiss would be nice too.”

Belle laughed as she tugged her friend closer. “Okay, I get the hint, brat. C’mere,” she ordered and delivered the proper morning kiss that once more fanned the flames. Neither saw the sunrise.

To be continued...