Reining in the Belle, part 7

Warning: It would be best NOT to read this chapter if you are at work

Belle reached the locker area first and quickly inspected the rooms. As she had hoped they were deserted during lunch hour. She grinned and waited for Grasen's arrival, taking out her lunch and drink from her schoolbag. She had just finished placing them on the small table inside the coach's office when Grasen came in. The young woman slid the lock on the door, assuring their privacy.

Happy to see each other, they embraced and shared several lingering kisses before sitting down. They even managed to eat a little of their meal, but naughty eyes kept meeting with hungry eyes and one thing led to another.

Grasen dropped her forgotten sandwich and knelt in front of Belle's chair as her lips claimed her lover's in a demanding kiss. Her hands touched Belle everywhere and felt as though they hadn't been together in months rather than hours. Their breathing became labored as desire grew out of control. The dark-haired woman pulled Belle to the very edge of her chair to grind her hips between her lover's parted thighs.

Belle broke the kiss and panted, trying to drag air into her lungs only to gasp when Grasen lowered her mouth and took possession of one of her breasts. Arching from pleasure, she encouraged Grasen brokenly, her words coming out in sporadic grunts and squeals.

She felt Grasen slide her hand along her thigh and caress her momentarily before slipping past her under garment.

Grasen could feel her friend's readiness as she teased her. She smiled wickedly as she rubbed just a fingertip along Belle's sensitive flesh.

"Goddess!" Belle squealed roughly as her hips thrust forward, craving firmer contact.

"More?" Grasen asked, knowing the answer already.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Belle whimpered.

"Not yet. Stand up, I need to get this off of you."

Belle stood up on her wobbly legs and watched as Grasen reached for her nayst. Then a sound reached her ears. She grabbed her lover's hand and stopped her and stared at the door, her heart pounding in fear.

Grasen paused without a word and listened. The sound of keys being rattled outside the door alerted her that they were about to be caught. She reacted with fear driven brilliance and quickly stood as she pushed the stunned Belle back into the chair. She reached for her sandwich and launched back into her own chair just, as the door was unlocked.

Mistress Klant opened the door and found two wide-eyed students inside. She recognized them immediately and wondered why they were there. The young women were flushed. Grasen chewed her food quickly and swallowed before speaking.

"Mistress Klant, we're were just-"

The coach held up her hand to shush her. She had an idea why they were there but didn't speak her thoughts. She went to the leather cot near the girls and sat on it. The smooth surface was cool. Perhaps she was wrong on why they were there. She would give them the benefit of doubt.

"Just wanted to spend time together away from all the gossiping eyes?" she asked kindly. Both girls let out a sigh of relief and nodded.

"Well, I'll let it pass today girls but don't lock yourself into any more rooms at school or I'll report this to Mistress Cammok, understood?"

The future queen and her lover nodded. It had been too close a call. If the teacher had arrived a minute later they would have been caught in mid-act. What would her parents have said if that had happened?

* * * *

"How was your day?" Palla asked as they got into the car.

Belle shrugged. "Alright I suppose. We got a lot of stares today."

The Head of Security didn't doubt it. How often did people Belle's age take a mate? She grunted. "It'll be old news in a week or two. Just give them time to get accustomed to it," she advised.

"We don't have much choice, do we?" Grasen piped in. She turned to Belle. "And what is exactly Tauch's problem? She acts like you ought to be her property yet she is contemptuous of you."

Belle sighed and met Palla's eyes in the rear-view mirror. Palla answered.

"She's Kospa's niece."

"Wasn't Kospa the one who was going to mate with the Queen before Lona?" Grasen asked, shocked.

"The very one. In spite of her connection to Daz, Kospa's House is still very powerful among the ruling class."

Grasen thought for a moment then commented. "They think if they lost Tashalia then Belle would be a good replacement."

"Yes. The two of you aren't mated so Tauch and her House believe they still have a chance at joining the two of them and therefore the power they could gain through her."

"I'd kill Tauch before I would allow her to join with Belle," Grasen growled. "I may not be able to keep her forever but I'll be damned if she'll be used by any future mate they choose for her," she said, taking Belle's hand and smiling.

"You're going to look out for me, eh?" Belle whispered and forced herself to smile. It was more likely that Tauch's family would attempt to get Grasen out of the way, by fair means or foul.

* * * *

Belle couldn't concentrate. She and Grasen were doing their homework in their quarters but all she wanted to do was pounce on her consort and ravish her. Being a mated student sucked. At this rate she would flunk out. She forced herself to return her eyes to the papers in front of her and sternly told herself to finish her assignments. She worked on her homework for a while before she heard Grasen sigh. She looked up and saw her lover grinning like a predator.

"Oh no you don't!" Belle squeaked. "Remember school? Homework? Do you want to flunk out?"

The feral smile didn't falter. "Do you think I care at this minute?" she asked, standing up slowly. Belle whimpered.

"By the Holy One, please! I can barely concen-"

Grasen lunged forward and claimed her mouth in a searing kiss as she straddled her lap. The kiss left the taller woman weak with desire. Who cared about homework anyway? She wrapped her arms around her dark-haired lover and pulled her closer.

Feeling her response, Grasen buried her fingers into Belle's hair and held her captive as her mouth plundered her lover's full lips. Their tongues sought the other's and they dueled wetly as their breathing came in painful gasps.

Belle's hands attempted to touch Grasen everywhere at once but her consort kept herself pressed against her, preventing her from touching her as she wanted. Fine. Grasen started this and by the Goddess she was going to get what she wanted! Belle used her powerful thighs and stood up.

Grasen gasped and broke the kiss. "What are–" She was suddenly falling backwards and landed on the bed with Belle quickly covering her and was now trapped by her lover's large body. Belle's breathing was rough and rapid as her mouth returned to her own, kissing her wildly. A thrilling bolt of pleasure shot through her as she realized Belle was so thoroughly aroused that she abandoned her usual tenderness. Her hips rose in response, pressing against Belle's, her need for more driving her wild.

The larger woman broke the kiss to suck in a few desperate, gasping breaths before opening her mouth and biting along Grasen's neck. Her lover arched against her and gripped her harder.

"Goddess, yes!" she squealed, digging her short nails into her back. Belle didn't feel pain but rather it fueled her desire further. She lifted her hips slightly and reached down, grasping Grasen's nayst and yanking hard, ripping the material from her hips. Another quick yank removed her own nayst. She plunged her hips downward and met Grasen's parted thighs as they rose to meet her. She felt her lover's arousal coat her own skin. The scent of their combined passions left her senses reeling.

Her lover grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head down until her mouth met with a rigid nipple. Her mouth eagerly took possession of it and sucked it roughly into her mouth. Grasen cried out in appreciation and arched yet higher, forcing it deeper into her mouth. Belle ravished the lush mound, suckling it almost to the point of pain, then laving it with the flat of her tongue.

"Belle!" Grasen moaned, "I'm going to-"

"Not yet!" Belle growled knowing Grasen was going to reach the end far too soon. She still had plans for her consort. She moved away from her lover, who whimpered pitifully and tried to pull her back.

"Not yet," she repeated softly. She urged Grasen to her stomach and covered her with her body, her lips nuzzling until her mouth found Grasen's soft nape. She brushed her lips along the hairline and felt her lover shiver. "That's it, relax," she whispered.

"I am so going to kill you after I come," Grasen promised. Belle chuckled.

"Then maybe I won't let you explode for a long, long time," she teased. The smaller woman called her a nasty name and tried to roll back over. Belle kept her pinned down, tsking at her.

"Must I tie you down?" she teased. She felt Grasen shiver again.

"If you want," she whimpered, shocking Belle. A few seconds later she grinned. It would be fun. She reached for the sash that held back the bed curtains and pulled it free. It took just a few moments to tie the smaller woman's hands to the bars of the headboard.

Grasen shivered and was almost on the verge of climaxing as she tugged on the soft cording. She was helpless and at Belle's mercy. The idea wasn't frightening at all. She knew her lover wouldn't harm her. She closed her eyes as she felt Belle's warm breath on her shoulder. Grasen shivered as a kiss was placed there then another, convincing her that Belle was going to cover every inch of skin at least twice. Her body retreated from the edge and set itself to a slow burn as the caressing kisses continued.

She was almost to the point of relaxing when a hot tongue slid wetly along her spine until it reached her hips and then along one clenched buttock. Sharp teeth nipped her suddenly, making her gasp as passion flared once again. Her bottom lifted in pleasure.

"You liked that?" Belle asked with a husky voice. Grasen whimpered in reply. Another nip was given to the other side, causing her hips to rise and fall in attempt to ease her need.

"Goddess, I love seeing you do that," Belle groaned. She took one warm hand and parted Grasen's thighs. She ran her fingertips along her inner thighs and lowered her mouth to one cheek and nipped it once more. Grasen's hips began undulating. As they rose she slipped her fingers into her lover. The smaller woman moaned as they slid deep inside.

Belle grinned when her lover realized she had entered but wasn't moving once inside. She heard Grasen growl with frustration.

"Get on your knees," she commanded softly. Grasen whimpered and managed to get up while Belle's fingers remained inside of her.

"Good, now we both get our rewards," she growled. Belle straddled one of Grasen's legs and pressed her own wetness against her lover's bottom. She leaned over slightly and played with the smaller woman's breasts and began thrusting slowly in and out of her lover.

Both of them began breathing harder as they moved against one another. It wasn't going to take long. The love play had left them too excited to hold out. Grasen cried out first as one powerful thrust had sent her over the edge. She convulsed around Belle's large fingers several times then felt them withdraw. The hand returned with the other as the strong woman grabbed her hips roughly and began grinding against her furiously until her own howl of pleasure erupted from her lips. The larger woman fell against her limply, driving them both into the mattress.

Panting was all they were capable of for several moments. Weakly, Belle reached up and pulled on the knot that kept Grasen tied to the bed, freeing her hands. Her arm fell with a thud to the mattress.

"That was fun," Grasen chuckled. "But next time I get to return the favor," she claimed. Belle could only moan.

To Be Continued


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