Shaman’s legacy, part 2

The night was really warm and JP suggested to Cierra that they sleep in the nude. The smaller woman blushed but agreed. It was a step closer in the growing intimacies they were developing. She crawled carefully into the sleeping bag, wincing the entire time.

“Sore as hell, aren’t you?” JP noted. “I have some medicated oil in my pack. Why don’t I give you a back and leg massage? I can’t offer you a hot bath,” the tall woman said with genuine regret. She hated seeing Cierra hurting like this.

“Is there enough room to do it? The tent isn’t very roomy.”

“Yeah, it’ll be…intimate but I can handle it,” JP grinned. “Roll over onto your tummy while I get the oil,” the survivalist instructed.

Cierra could hear JP digging through her pack for a moment until she found the plastic bottle. The woman’s head brushed against the canvas of the tent as she crawled back. With her eyes closed the Jumper was aware of every movement her friend made. She could feel the heat radiating from her powerful body against her own flesh as she first placed her hand on one side of her then slowly slid her body above hers to rest on her knees.

JP shifted her body carefully and opened the bottle to pour a small amount into her palm. She warmed the scented oil with her own skin and then placed her palms flat against Cierra’s back. Both women groaned softly at the contact. The survivalist slowly slid her hands against the smooth canvas of flesh beneath her, coating her back with a layer of lubricant before easing into her pain stiffened muscles with her fingers.

Occasionally the Jumper would moan or whimper as her tired muscles were coaxed into relaxing. Cierra’s body eased its tension as the moments passed and she began enjoying the intimate touching between them. JP didn’t seem to be in any hurry, her strokes soft and gentle. As Cierra’s body relaxed she felt a warm contented glow and her eyes fluttered closed. She was aware of the massage still in progress but it was almost surreal as the hands worked lower ever so slowly.

JP was working the oil into her girlfriend’s bottom and upper thighs when she noticed that Cierra had drifted to sleep. She grinned but continued the massage because she knew that tomorrow Cierra would wake stiffer than she did when she first got off the horse. It was better to ease the medicated oil into tired relaxed muscles now rather when the muscles protested painfully in the morning.

Besides, she was enjoying the contact. Cierra’s skin was warm and smooth and so very nice to touch. It was nearly forty minutes later when JP had reached the Jumper’s curled toes. Satisfied that she had done all she could without flipping Cierra onto her back, she wiped off her hands onto a towel and crawled in next to her lover.

·        * * *

Birdsong eased Cierra into waking. She listened idly to the sounds of morning and didn’t wish to face moving as yet. She hadn’t moved an inch all night long from what she could tell but didn’t mind at all. JP was curled up next to her with an arm and leg draped over her body. The warmth from the larger woman was just perfect. Her skin was neither too warm nor chilled from the night air.

The smell of smoke reminded Cierra that she was hungry and wondered if anyone else was up. Then she wondered if she was hungry enough to leave her warm nest. The Shaman’s granddaughter was debating all this when her bladder made the decision for her. She whined and shifted to move then gasped as her body protested. JP chose to wake at the moment and told her not to move yet.

“Let me move you, Hon. Believe me, I know you’re hurting.”

JP slid against Cierra and eased the smaller woman back until she was cradled in her arms and snug against her. Cierra had whimpered a bit, but didn’t fight the motions.

“Good girl. Now rest against me and let my body warm up your muscles for a few minutes.” The tall woman reached for her bottle of oil and managed to get some onto her hand without spilling it. She placed her palm on one of Cierra’s inner thighs and began rubbing the oil into the soft skin there. Cierra moaned. She was torn between the cramping of those muscles and the knowledge that JP’s large hand was between her legs.  

She gritted her teeth until she felt the muscles loosen their tight grip and begin relaxing. Cierra let out a sigh and let her body go limp again JP’s long frame.

“That’s it, Hon. Relax,” JP said softly, her deeper voice soothing. She twisted her hand and tried to apply the oil to the other thigh but the angle was hard on her wrist. “Roll a little towards me Cierra so I can reach your leg better,” she instructed.

The smaller woman did as she was asked with some embarrassment. She knew her body had reacted to the cool morning air and JP’s touch.

The tall woman’s eyes were seized when they caught sight of Cierra’s breasts. Her nipples were tight, their dark aureoles pebbled in the chilly air. JP’s felt the flair of excitement course through her and she bit her lips, trying not to moan or act on her desire to take the closest peak into her mouth.

Cierra decided to dare a glance at JP’s face and saw the raw need there. It was so powerful that she nearly melted into her sleeping bag and her torso arched instinctively.

“Please, don’t move,” JP begged as the breast rose higher and nearly in reach. She wanted nothing more than to make love with Cierra and to hell with everything else. That was the selfish part of her. The responsible side of her reminded her of the people relying on them and the fact Cyd and Robbie were probably just a few yards away. Then not to mention the fact that Cierra was in pain.

She wanted their first time to be in a comfortable bed with plenty of time to enjoy one another. She didn’t want to cheat either of them from having a memorable first time.

“God JP, either ravish me or run for that cold stream,” Cierra whined, her body wanting the first choice.  

JP looked like she was in agony then scrambled out of the tent, still naked and barefoot. She didn’t feel the rough rocks on her feet but gasped when the cold water splashed against her skin.

Cyd and Robbie saw her run from the tent and decided JP needed a moment of privacy and ducked out of sight before their friend could notice them. Cyd mentioned that perhaps they could go look for fresh fruit or something for breakfast and Robbie agreed.

·        * * * *

The four of them were rather quiet that morning. Cierra sat behind JP on the horse, her hands around her friend’s waist. JP sat rather stiffly, both embarrassed and at a loss for what to say.

Cierra was still a little shy when it came to JP but didn’t want the survivalist to avoid her, even if it was emotionally. Deciding to make the first move, Cierra reached for one of JP’s hands, both of which were handling the reins. She found one of them and slid her own fingers softly along the lean digits until she wrapped her hand around and held it within her own.

JP took a deep breath and relaxed as Cierra took her hand. It was an affectionate touch without any demands. It told the survivalist that Cierra wasn’t angry with her and that made her feel better. JP felt the tension leave the woman behind her as a warm cheek was placed against her shoulder blade and nuzzled there. JP grinned and lifted Cierra’s hand to her lips and placed a tender kiss on the back of the hand. The Jumper giggled and lightly took JP’s lips between her thumb and forefinger and made her form the silly goldfish kissing face. JP snickered and playfully slapped Cierra’s thigh.

“Brat!” JP whispered as Cierra giggled against her back before trying to tickle the larger woman. JP’s shocked reaction made the horse skittish as he felt the rider’s reaction through his sensitive skin. Elu barked playfully, thinking it was a game.

“Whoa!” JP exclaimed, trying to calm the animal.

“Oops, sorry,” Cierra squealed as she laughed.

“Goofballs. You had better be careful,” warned Cyd. The brunette was glad to see the tension ease between the couple.

* * * *

The ride home took another day and half. As they rode into the colony people greeted them, quite happy to see that all of them had returned safely. Several people volunteered to take the horses into the makeshift stalls and brush them down. The travelers eased off of the horses and grabbed their saddlebags before allowing the horses to be taken away.

All they wanted was a hot bath, some food, then to sleep in a soft bed.

Jenny and Tracy ran up to their partners and threw their arms around them. Robbie moaned as Tracy squeezed her tightly, glad to see her home.

“Ow ow ow!” she hissed.

“I’m sorry sweetie! I didn’t know you were hurt,” she said with worry.

“I’m not, but I am sore. I’d give my left tit for a hot bath,” Robby whined.

Tracy smirked. “I get that beauty anyway and we can offer all of you a hot bath. We set up a communal bath tent for now. Interested?”

All four travelers were eager to see what was set up. They followed Tracy to the far end of the camp near the stream. I brick fire pit had been built and over it a very large galvanized tub had been placed over it. The tub looked like someone had welded scrap plating to it to reinforce it. Inside was heated water. A tent was set up near it and inside was two small horse troughs with one side high and acting as a backrest. They looked too small to get their entire body inside and their legs would hang out of them but they were tubs!

“Oh boy! I call dibs!” Cyd cried out first. “Jenny, my dearest, go fetch me some clean clothes and a towel, I’m climbing in!” she announced happily.

“You and Robbie go first. I’m going to go get something to eat and we’ll take our baths later. Okay?”

Cyd only grunted, her attention was on filling one of the troughs with a bucket. She pulled open her saddlebag and retrieved out a bar of Irish Spring. Robbie followed suit and told Cyd she’d have to share the soap. Both were undressing when JP and Cierra walked away. They fetched their eating things and headed for the kitchen.

Elu followed the pair to the communal kitchens and whined when Cierra tried to order him to stay. She caved in and motioned him inside. Sharon lifted a brow when she spotted the dog but said nothing. She served the couple their meals then later brought out a bowl of water for the dog and some scraps.

The English shepherd wagged his tail and contentedly ate his meal as Cierra and JP ate theirs. Both were too tired to talk much but other people insisted on joining them, forcing them to be sociable. They all wanted to know about the trip. Cierra just gave the highlights and promised more details later once they slept. People got the hint and allowed them to finish their meal in peace.

After returning their cleaned dishes to the house, they fetched clean clothes and towels, hoping the other two were finished. When they got there only Robbie remained and she was tipping out the used water and rinsing it out with water from the stream.

“There, all ready for you,” Robbie announced, leaving the two to their baths. The soap had been left on an upside down bucket.

The tent wasn’t actually for privacy they noted. One side was open as well as having both covers on the meshed windows rolled up so the breeze could cool the tent. JP figured the tent was to keep the sun off the bathers and for nothing else.

The women poured hot water into the tubs and undressed. They were much too tired for either modesty or naughty ideas. Cierra crawled into the tub carefully and eased into the water, her legs hanging over the sides. The water only came to her waist but it felt like heaven on her sore legs and thighs. She reached for the soap and lathered up, happy that she would smell like something other than sweaty horse and leather.

“You had better have this handy too,” JP told her, leaving a bucket of warm water next to the tub. “To rinse your hair,” the tall woman mentioned. “Here’s some shampoo,” she offered, handing Cierra a tiny bottle of baby shampoo.

The Jumper smiled warmly and thanked her. JP got into her own tub, with more ease than the shorter woman had shown, and sat back.

Much later they returned to their home and went inside. It was mid afternoon but both were sore and tired. The idea of crawling into their cool bed was too tempting and wanted to nap until dinner. They had asked if one of the cooks if she could wake them when dinner was being served. The helpful woman told them to just stay in their house and she’d bring them dinner later. Just leave their dinnerware near the front door. They thanked her went inside.

It didn’t take long to strip out of the loose shirts and shorts and kick off their shoes. JP crawled in first and help out her arm. Cierra grinned and snuggled up to the tall woman and both were asleep in seconds.

Elu sighed as he looked up at his mistress, wondering about his chances of sneaking up onto the bed. Something told him no so he spun around on the rag rug and settled down for a nap of his own.

Continued in Part 3

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