Shaman's Legacy, part 9

Author's note: This is turning into a soap opera!


Ann returned to her wigwam after cleaning up. Sara and Joyce were already crawling into bed when she arrived.

"Hi," she said nervously, unsure how they would behave with her now they knew.

They stared at her and she stared back. Ann was feeling very uncomfortable until she heard Sara snort then giggle. "Poor Ann, straight and not a man in sight until May. She's gonna know herself real well until then."

Joyce let out a belly laugh and threw a dirty sock at Sara.

·      * * *

Cierra and JP locked the door on the rest of the world and came together in a tender kiss. It took long minutes until JP felt her emotions settle. She moved her lips just a tiny ways from Cierra's then whispered to her. "I thought I had lost you today." She pulled Cierra closer and kissed her lover once more, doing her best to banish the rest of her jitters by absorbing every nuance of her soul mate.

Neither ever recalled how they ended up within the comforting nest of their bed. They only knew that they were together, nude, and that their passions grew slowly that night.

·      * * *

Pam wanted to stamp her foot in a childish display of frustration. She watched Eva walking by, whose concentration was on that silly calculator and mumbling to herself. What did it take to get the engineer's attention?

For months now she watched, fascinated by the nerdy engineer who had her sweating with need since they first bumped into each other. Pam didn't understand it herself. She just knew that whenever the small Eurasian came anywhere near her she felt her knees go weak.

Well, she always had a weakness for intelligent women. She just wished that Eva would look up and notice her. She already tried flaunting her generous attributes in scanty outfits whenever Eva worked nearby and that hadn't work.

What did she have to do to catch her eye? Pam tried not to pout in a childish fit but this was getting so damned frustrating. Pam watched the too thin woman as she measured off yet another section of the new hospital she was planning then stuff the tape measure into her baggy shorts. It was a good thing Eva was well liked and her friends took care of her when they could. The engineer often forgot to eat. Her long, dark hair was in a desperate need of a good trimming, and for the third time this week the brilliant, but absent-minded and gifted engineer wore two different colored socks.

Pam wasn't sure if she wanted to mother the woman or ravish her. God, she had it bad.

"Still blind as a bat, huh?" Carey said from behind her.

"Unfortunately," Pam sighed.

"Maybe you need to just give her a hint she can't ignore," Carey suggested, giving the British woman some food for thought.

"I think you may be correct," Pam whispered to herself. "Time to take matters firmly in hand."

·      * * * *

It was quite simple to wait along the path until Eva passed by again. The petite woman never really looked where she was going so it was a matter of stepping into her path and ‘running' into her.

Eva nearly had the wind knocked out of her as she blindly ran into something or someone. Since the object she hit was soft and an ‘oof' was heard it had to be a person.

"I'm sorry!" she mumbled. She looked up into a woman's laughing dark eyes.

"It's quite all right," the woman said with a charming British accent. Eva felt the woman's warm hands slide along her arms then settle around her waist. "Always a pleasure to bump into someone as cute as you," the woman smiled naughtily then strolled away, Eva watching her voluptuous hips swaying gently. The engineer swallowed hard and spun to walk away from the mesmerizing sight only to promptly run into a tree.

At lunch Jenny saw Eva glance up nervously for about the fifteenth time and look over at Pam Johnson. Surprisingly enough the professor seemed to always feel herself being watched and returned the looks. Eva always looked away quickly when she did. The blonde grinned. It certainly had taken Eva long enough to notice Pam was alive. There wasn't a woman in their community that didn't notice Pam looking at Eva like she was table of forbidden sweets at a dieter's convention.

"Why don't you go and talk with her?" Jenny suggested.

"Huh? Um, what? I, ah, no. I can't," Eva stuttered out.

Jenny smiled gently. "Why not? She obviously likes you."

"She can't be interested in me of all people, Jenny," the engineer said a little angrily.

"Why not?"

Eva threw her napkin onto the table. "Look at us for Pete's sake!" she hissed. "We couldn't be more different if we tried. I'm so small breasted that I'm practically a boy---and a scrawny one at that. She's…" Eva didn't notice her hands rise as though caressing the silhouette of the athletic and curvaceous woman across the room.

"They do say opposites attract," Jenny grinned.

"Or repel," Eva quipped in self-doubt.

"You are too hard on yourself. You are smart, talented, and cute as a button. I'm sure she sees you that way too."

"Yeah, right. She can have anyone she wants with a snap of her fingers. Why bother with my meager assets?"

"Do you see her in on the arm of someone else? As far as I know she's kept to herself romantically since we got here. Maybe she's waiting for someone special to notice her."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Eva said, feeling frustrated with the whole conversation.

"She's only had eyes for one woman as far as I know, and that woman in sitting across from me at this moment." With that, Jenny stood up and walked away. It was up to Eva to pull herself by her bootstraps and talk to Pam.

Eva sat there stunned. It couldn't be possible that someone like Pam found her appealing. The woman was a University professor and gorgeous to boot. Hell, she had quite a bit of building know-how herself, always rigging simple stuff that works well. Eva swallowed. She always was attracted to women who knew which side of the hammer to use.

The engineer stood up and started walking to the door so she could wash her utensils and stopped. Maybe she could at least say hello. That couldn't hurt, could it?

She turned around and headed for the table where Pam was sitting with some other women. Eva almost changed her mind. She didn't want to look like a fool in front of anyone else. But she knew if she turned back now that she'd never have the gumption to try again.

Eva stopped a few feet away and tried to smile, hoping she didn't look as green as she felt. "Hello Pam," she croaked out.

The British woman looked up and a huge smile spread across her full lips. "Hello Eva," she said warmly. "We were just chatting. Why don't you join us?" she invited, patting the bench next to her.

Eva swallowed hard and could only nod, her throat suddenly too tight to speak. She managed to place her rattling dishes on the table and sat down. She fiddled with the edge of the plate, so shell-shocked she couldn't even hear what the other women at the table were saying.

Eva saw the nervous trembling of the small woman next to her and reached out her hand to stop the twitching hand's movement and held it within her warm grasp. Eva's hand was like ice even though her palm was sweating. Pam felt an overwhelming urge to take Eva in her arms and cuddle her until she relaxed. Then hid a smile at the thought. The engineer would probably faint.

The professor no longer felt the urgent need to ravish the tiny dark-haired woman when the protective streak took over. They had taken the first step and she had all the time in the world now.

"Why don't we go for a stroll?" Pam asked, standing up and giving Eva's hand a gentle tug.

The other women at the table barely managed to keep a polite but bored expression on their faces, pretending that the two of them together was nothing surprising. Eva managed to get to her feet without embarrassing herself and picked up her utensils, which rattled loudly. Eva flushed and held then tightly against her, hoping she didn't drop them at this point.

Once outside they headed for the water pump to wash their dishes. No one else was around and Eva was yet to say anything since ‘hello'.

"Do I make you that nervous Eva?" Pam asked softly. Eva nearly dropped her bowl and stuttered out several incomprehensible words. Pam kept her eyes on the engineer, who finally managed one word.


Pam sighed. It was time to lay her cards on the table before the woman had heart failure. "Eva? Put your things down for a moment, please."

Eva managed to put them on the ground without breaking anything and stood up. She then looked up into Pam's dark eyes, wondering why the odd request was made. Then she found out.

The black woman from London stepped closer and tipped up the engineer's chin so she could bring their mouths together in a soft and unhurried kiss. Pam moaned as she found that Eva's lips were even sweeter than she had imagined. She deepened the kiss slightly as one of her hands held up the tiny woman against her and tangled her other hand into Eva's silky hair. She didn't break the kiss until she felt Eva's weight pull from her. She almost released the tiny thing but Eva suddenly grabbed her shirt's sleeves and held on for dear life.

"Are you alright?" Pam asked with genuine concern.

"I'm fine, just my damned legs turned into Jell-O," Eva said with a surprisingly strong voice.

Pam giggled and pulled Eva closer so they stood in a sweet cuddle hug.

"You certainly know how to make a girl feel good about her kisses," she grinned, placing a soft nuzzling kiss along Eva's cheek.

Eva buried her face into Pam's neck, her overwhelming nervousness suddenly gone, or at least not so bad that her brain couldn't function any more.

"Why me?" she asked. Eva wanted to know before anything else could happen between them.

"Oh my, ask an easier question. Hmm, why you?" How about the fact that you are so damned smart I get goose pimples thinking about you? Or the fact I find you so damned sexy I can barely keep myself from grabbing you in public?"

Eva blushed deeply, turning pink well past her open collar of her shirt.

"Oh dear, I'm afraid I embarrassed you once again. I'm sorry."

"No, I asked after all. I guess I'm not used to having women pay me any attention. I've never even been on a date or anything," she confessed.

Pam suddenly realized what Eva was telling her. "You never been with anyone before, have you?"

Eva looked at the ground and shook her head, feeling like a freak. Now Pam would walk away, figuring she wasn't worth the bother. Then warm arms surrounded her once more and pulled her closer.

"It's nothing to worry over Eva. You have me now. We'll take this as slow as you need, I promise," Pam vowed, caressing her back soothingly. She could feel warm tears soaking her shirt where Eva's cheek rested. No, Eva wouldn't be hurt or ignored ever again.

·      * * * *

To Be Continued

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