Sinagua Skies, part 11

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Parren woke, shivering, her blanket gone. It took several seconds before the sensation of her mate reached her consciousness. Hyenta had burrowed into the curve of her chest, both of their bedding piled on top of her. Not even her head peeked out from beneath the colorful, woven blanket. The Emissary lifted one corner of the blanket only to hear a squeal from the chilled woman. Parren laughed.

“Is someone cold?” she teased.

Hyenta snatched the edge of the cover and pulled it back down, her reply muffled.

“I am chilled as well, my wife. Let me in!” Parren lifted the coverings and scooted beneath them, wrapping her long body around her spouses’ generous form. She placed her rough palm over Hyenta’s breast, feeling her jump as her cold hand surrounded it. It also resulted in causing the nipple to pucker beneath her palm, giving the Emissary many ideas, few of them innocent.

She brushed her lips across Hyenta’s shoulder, breathing in deeply of her sweet and erotic scent. Parren hummed with pleasure as the Achaian reached behind her to clutch at her hip and bottom with a gasping moan. Hyenta was more than willing to join her in blanket play, much to her delight. She turned her mate in her arms enough that she could meld their lips, her breathing already rapid with desire.

 Hyenta shifted and used her hands to pull Parren roughly to her, wanting to feel her sturdy frame pressed tightly against her. Her body moved without thought, arching her torso in order to rub her nipples against Parren’s. Both women gasped with pleasure but didn’t break the kiss but instead, deepened it. Mouths meshed roughly, seeking both dominance and surrender. It was Hyenta who first slid a thigh forward, pressing it against her mate’s hot wetness. She rubbed it hard against her in tiny movements, causing Parren to make noises that defied description but thrilled her to her very core.

During the previous evening she had allowed Parren to set the pace, to lead her into the new realm of passion. Now she wished to lead. Hyenta grabbed the Emissary’s elbow and pressed her back until their positions were reversed. Once more their lips met and dueled as Hyenta sought one of Parren’s small breasts and took possession of it, kneading its softness and tugging on it’s rigid peak. Parren arched with each tug as pleasure shot bolts of heated desire to her womanhood.

“You like that?” Hyenta asked while giving the nipple a firmer pinch. Parren nodded and lifted her hips, trying to press harder against Hyenta’s firm thigh.

The Achaian chuckled at her mate’s eagerness, feeling the sexual power now in her grasp. She began nibbling along Parren’s strong shoulder then her soft neck, teasing with light bites and kisses.  As she worked her way lower, Hyenta buried her face between the straining mounds and took in a deep breath. “Hmm, you smell like the evening air when the Moonshade flowers bloom. Rich with musk and sweet to the tongue,” she murmured as her lips covered the other nipple, greedily taking it into her mouth and suckling hard.

Parren cried out, her body out of control as Hyenta’s wet tongue tormented her. She couldn’t take much more and she knew it. She grabbed Hyenta’s hips with both hands and pulled her tightly against her throbbing need. “Please!” she begged.

Hyenta complied, rubbing hard against Parren with her own hips for a moment but her body wanted something more. Following her instincts, Hyenta moved down Parren’s strong torso, delivering soft love-bites along the way, until she reached her goal. Her lover didn’t hesitate, spreading her legs and lifting her hips. Hyenta groaned and dipped her tongue between wet folds, tasting Parren for the first time. She could hear her mate’s fevered response, adding fuel to her own fire. Neither would last long. Hyenta explored her lover intimately as much as Parren would allow since her hips refused to remain still. Then to Hyenta’s surprise a simple touch to her center sent her lover over the edge with a powerful cry.

Parren’s body went limp even as the effects of her orgasm had left her twitching. She wasn’t even aware of when her wife looked down at her with worry, wondering if she had somehow harmed the Emissary.

She woke later, covered in blankets and quite alone. Parren slowly got up, noticing that she was still nude. She grabbed her loincloth and foot coverings, quickly dressing before seeking out her spouse.

The Emissary walked the length of her mother’s home but no one could be found. The limestone building was eerily quiet. Parren grabbed a piece of bread then climbed the ladder to the kitchen exit and looked around. Once more none of her family could be seen. She spotted a neighbor and before she could ask a single question the woman pointed east, towards the morning markets. Parren thanked the woman and nibbled on her bread as she headed along the narrow stone path towards the market court.

After wandering among the crowded venders for a while she finally spotted Hyenta. Her mate smiled at her and shifted her basket to one arm so they could share a kiss.

“Mmm, you smell good. I suppose I ought to go to the baths and clean up, too,” Parren whispered into her ear as they embraced.

Hyenta laughed softly. Parren indeed needed a bath after their evening of lovemaking. “I’ll see you later. Your mother is taking me visiting after the market and I doubt we’ll be home any time soon. She seems determined to drag me everywhere.”

“Do you blame her? Her wandering daughter brings home a beautiful spouse and she just has to show you off, Parren grinned, palming Hyenta’s bottom naughtily.

The Achaian playfully smacked Parren’s arm and gave her a gentle push towards the public baths. “Go, you stinky she devil. I will see you later today.”

The two-spirit woman chuckled and blew a kiss to her mate as she walked away. She took the short walk to the baths and entered through the women’s only chamber. They had several baths that were for single genders and even one for couples. People naturally had preferences at times and the baths catered to those wishes.

She greeted the few women who were soaking in the waters and noticed Shalen was there, looking uncomfortable. Parren waded across the pool of water and settled next to her. When her former lover refused to look up Parren nudged her with her shoulder.

“Just because I am now mated doesn’t mean we can’t talk any more,” she whispered.

“I know that, but I am still embarrassed about yesterday. Its not often I make a fool of myself that way.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. I doubt Hyenta even gave it another thought.”

Shalen nodded and said she had to go. The tanner’s daughter stepped out of the pool, giving Parren a good view of her rounded bottom. Parren felt arousal at the sight. She never did get to use that little gift that Jopa had given her and the sight of the woman’s ass reminded her of that. Parren looked away and grabbed a bathing cloth and wondered if she should have found a cold stream instead.

Since Hyenta was not likely to return soon the Emissary decided to visit with her brethren at the Rangar temple. She greeted the High One and sat down next to him.

“Hello, young one. How are you feeling this day? Hanpa tells me that the four of you had an interesting trip.”

The Emissary nodded and began telling him of their journey. The priest asked questions only when necessary and allowed the apprentice Trader to tell her story.

When Parren touched on the subject of the Achaian’s forging secrets and how they left, the older man grunted.

“I thought it might have a slight chance of succeeding but we had to try. Do you think your spouse’s father might attempt to steal her back?”

“I doubt it. She’s been with us too long and in his mind, long enough to spill their trade secrets. The damage is already done and it isn’t like he had any fondness for his only child.”

“Some people were not meant to have children and he is obviously one of them. How is your relationship with her?”

Parren grinned and shrugged. “I think we might get along well.”

The elderly man grunted. “That was certainly a weak answer. How do you feel about her?”

“I’m not sure, High One. I have little experience with love to know if what I feel is indeed that. I know she has become very important to me. The very thought of losing her leaves me trembling with fear,” she answered honestly.

The priest smiled knowingly. “I think you are very much in love with her. But what I think and what you know are two different things. One day you will look at your emotions and know deep inside how you feel. No one will have to tell you because you will embrace it willingly. Now,” the older man said, patting her knee, “help me to my feet. I think you and I need to discuss something privately in the temple archives.”

Parren escorted the priest deep into the temple. Both of them followed a complex set of passageways and hidden doorways until they entered the most sacred and oldest part of the temple. Here the ancients first hid away their secrets from outsiders and formed the first Rangar.

The priest indicated a stool and Parren sat down as the older man picked up a small box and sat in the next stool.

“I had a dream last night. I rarely have dreams of such clarity unless they mean something important and sent to me by the gods.”

Parren didn’t speak, knowing that if the High One wanted to share his dream that he would.

“In my dream, I was surrounded by strangers. They wanted something of me yet I couldn’t understand them at all. They grew angry and one of them pointed at me and I fell. I knew I was dying although I felt no pain. I looked down my body and saw that I was cut into two, my legs twitching a few feet away.” The priest shivered and continued.

“Once more they spoke, babbling still and I shook my head. I didn’t understand and once more the man pointed at me. This time I saw my arms crawling on the ground. Again they spoke and again I couldn’t answer. The man pointed at me one last time and I saw him reach for my face. I looked into his cold blue eyes and saw his fury. He turned my face and I saw my body in many pieces upon the ground before the man tossed my head over a cliff. I woke at that moment. Parren, I fear the future because of this vision.”

Parren didn’t doubt it. What a terrifying dream!

“My child, I decided since you are of two spirits then you will possess two secrets of the Rangars.” The man opened the box in his hands and pulled out a leather drawstring bag. He put the box aside and opened the small bag, dumping the content into his palm. He held out his hand.

Parren reached out and felt a cold stone drop into it. She looked down and saw a small crystal attached to a metallic string. She knew not to ask what it was since he would tell her anyway.

“This stone is the only one of its kind. The ancients came by it quite wrongly, stealing it from the gods.”

“What!” Parren hissed. How did one steal from the gods and not bring calamity to everyone?

The priest shushed her. “The one who stole this item was the very first two-spirits of the Rangar Society. The gods were not angered by the theft but were amused. It was they who decreed that any born as he would be favored. I think it only fitting that you now possess this stone.” The High One slid the string over her head and let the necklace dangle between her small breasts.

“Place the stone inside your ear when you wish to understand what strangers say. It won’t help them understand you but at least you’ll hear them. Go now, I wish to be alone,” he commanded. Parren bowed her head and left the room.

Hyenta snuggled up close to Parren as they looked up at the night sky. The outsider thought that the evening air would be chilly but to her surprise the stone of her new home let off warmth that it had collected during the heat of the day.

“It’s nice out here,” she told Parren as she snuggled even closer. Parren’s warm skin was soft and appealing. She felt her spouse tighten her embrace and nuzzle her lips against her brow, tracing along the hairline with small kisses. She sighed with contentment and allowed her body to relax.

Parren chuckled quietly. “Comfortable?”

Hyenta made a happy little murmur making Parren laugh outright. For someone who wasn’t brought up to be a tactile Hyenta had certainly become a person who loved to snuggle. Parren let out a contented sigh as well, more than happy to Hyenta’s pillow. She looked up at the night sky lazily, not really looking at anything special.

Mother Moon shined brightly, almost showing her entire face. She lit the world softly, making it a night for lovers.

Lost in her haze of loving contentment she almost didn’t notice an odd star in the sky. Parren squinted in surprise and stared. What star was that? Parren wondered as she studied the cluster of stars to the right of Mother Moon.

“What is it?” Hyenta asked. She had felt the tension from her mate.

“I don’t know. A new star has appeared. Wait here. I have to find one of the priests and tell him of it. It may be a sign from the gods.”

Parren stood when Hyenta released her and quickly disappeared into the darkness of the village. Hyenta stared at the sky, wondering why a star would cause such anxiety in her mate.  She kept her gaze upwards for long minutes even though she knew little of the stars. As she watched them she became aware of one star that seemed to be growing larger. Hyenta blinked, thinking she had imagined it since she had looked too hard. She returned her eyes to the star and noticed that it was indeed larger and brighter than before.

Now frightened, Hyenta wanted to find Parren. She stood up and headed towards the temple. The newcomer went down a ladder then squealed when someone touched her at its bottom rung.

“It’s me, Hyenta.” Parren’s voice told her. Hyenta threw her arms around her mate.

“The star, it cannot be!” she said with a shaken voice.

“I know. The Rangar are now watching it. Go back to our home and I will return once they give me leave.”

“No, I will remain with you.” The Achaian had no intention of going back without her mate.

Parren sighed. “Alright, but promise me that--”

A thunderous roar shook the very air around them. People screamed in the darkness of their homes.

Parren ducked instinctively, pulling Hyenta down low with her.

Neither said a word, only looked up as something huge and dark soared above them in the night sky, vibrating the air and everything around as it passed. Parren shook off her shock first and began climbing. She wanted to see where it headed. Hyenta was on her heels, refusing to be left behind. Once they went as high as they could both women watched as the dark object traveled further away, down towards the valley to the west.

The muffled boom of the thunder object changed and it seemed to disappear from sight when they saw a glow brighten the sky. It got much brighter then dimmed as the thunder quieted. Then all was silent and the glow and thunder stopped. All that could be heard was their panting and the sounds of frightened people below.

“I think your star has come down from the heavens,” Hyenta squeaked.


To be continued...


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