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Rainy Days


By: Sean A.


I looked out the office window seeing the rain fall down on the street below. It had been three years since I had the dreamt of my boss, Jess, and three months since she has been mine. The bad thing is that we don’t work together any more. I was transferred to another part of the building to work in the computer section over there. You see, there was this big black out about five days ago and none of the computers were turned off and, to make matters worse, none of the files were saved. Of course, I had to be the one to slave night and day to get the files back and the computers back in order as well. I was okay with it since it was Jess that had asked me to do it. It was nice because she told me that when she had met with the higher-ups, she had told them that I was the best worker she had ever had.

I looked at the clock and saw that I only had a few hours left before I was able to clock out. Then I would finally be able to relax and enjoy myself for the rest of the day. A grin crept its way onto my face at the thought of my little girl and her special, rainy day surprise that I had in store for her.

 Four hours later, I had finally finished the last three remaining computers. After locking up everything, I left in a dead sprint for my SUV and did not look back. I was getting sick and tired of being cooped up in that small room with nothing but those lousy computers to keep me company. It would be the understatement of the year if I said that I was happy to get out of there. By the time I got to my car, I was completely soaked. It would take me about thirty to forty minutes to get home and then about another fifty minutes for Jess to get home, so I would have to work fast to get all of this set up.

Surprisingly, it only took me about thirteen minutes to get to my house. This was most likely caused by my psychotic driving and almost running over a little, old lady when I did not stop at a red light. Oh well, it was damn well worth it.

I parked my SUV and looked over to the rose bush I had planted for Jess a while back. It was all in bloom and safe from the rain. I took a few roses into the house and made use of their plucked petals by making a trail that led from the door over to the bathroom. The left over petals, I put into the bathtub and filled it up with a mixture of warm water and sweet smelling oils.

After I had finished with everything, I went into the bedroom and got ready for the big night. I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head and pinned my bangs back so that they would not get wet in the tub.

“Diana, are you home? You left work early and I was worried about you. Is everything alright?” Jess dropped her bag onto the floor next to the coffee table and put her keys into a little dish.

“Diana, what’s going on?” Jess followed the trail of rose petals to the master bathroom and saw that they led into there whirlpool tub. “What are you up to, Diana?” Jess took her clothes off and stepped into the bath tub. She let out a small gasp when the door opened and revealed her beautiful beloved.

 “I am sorry that I scared you. I hope this will make up for it.” Diana stepped into the tub, her long legs disappearing into the water. Jess looked up at her to see the neatly trimmed hair on her apex go under the water.

“I’m sure it will.” Diana moved next to Jess and leaned in to steal a kiss from her. Jess silently asked for entry with her tongue, which Diana eagerly accepted the invitation and monad as Jess’s tongue entered her mouth. They kissed for a long time until the need for air broke them apart. “I need to feel you inside of me.” Diana moaned once she heard the words that came out of Jess’ mouth. “Please.”

“Aren’t you a horny, little thing.” Diana moved so that she was in between Jess’ legs, but not before stealing a kiss. Jess wrapped her legs around Diana’s waist and leaned into the kiss. Diana stood up and the shock of the cool air made them both gasp for air. Diana carried Jess into the bed room and laid Jess down onto the king size bed

“I need to feel! If I don’t, then I will surely die!” Diana could not speak. She just nodded her head in response and took a hardened nipple into her mouth.


Moaning and gasping was all that could be heard in the house. Bodies moving around grinding on each other until one would scream out the other’s name and then the other one would go. This went on for about two hours until the bodies both fell limp on the bed. Gasping for air, their bodies sticky with sweat and cum. All was quite in the house. As they both fell into a blissful sleep, Diana thought, “Yeah, it was worth it! I hope every time is like this. I hope I wake up in her arms for the rest of my life.”


Diana awoke from a blissful sleep only to come bake to reality from another dream.

The End

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