Tasting Desire

It's about 4 friends.... a vampire.... and one night in New York City.

Okay, I was going to stay with the name Dragonspirit, which Tasting Desire was originally posted under, but nobody was paying any attention, and like most authors, I like attention. *g* So, even though these stories are completely different than you might expect from Shadowriter, I'm going to post them under that name anyway.


This is a work of original fiction. Any similarities between this and reality are mere coincidence.

Warning: These characters are the kind of people your parents warned you about. While the blood and violence is kept to a minimum, there is sex between women, some of which involves elements of bdsm. If you can't deal with that, don't read the story. If you choose to read the story, don't yell at me about the subject matter.

Tasting Desire is dedicated to my best friend, who gives me courage, and my girl, who inspires me daily. I love you both.

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Tasting Desire
Part One

by Shadowriter

The New York City Women's Festival was actually started as a way for internet groups dedicated to women to get their memberships together.  I had joined one of these email groups a year ago and had grown close to several people on the list. They had kept me sane, given me a place in the world, and taught me to love people again.

The first NYC Women's Fest I'd gone to had encouraged me to come out of my isolation. I'd been a scared kid the first time. Now, I was just another of our group, driving from Pennsylvania up to the big city with my girlfriend to hang out during a festival. There would be guest speakers, workshops, and discussion panels. And parties. Lots of parties.

My girlfriend Jace and I had met through a mutual friend on the list, and after three months of seeing each other almost every day, she'd moved in with me. My one bedroom apartment was only slightly larger than hers, but was closer to Lafayette University, where she was finishing a degree in theater tech, and I was preparing to get my MFA. She would graduate in May, and as soon as she did we intended to move to New York, where two of our best friends lived.

If I had to be honest, we really came to the festival for the chance to meet other list members we hadn't seen in forever. That was the goal when we got into the city on Friday night. After checking into our hotel, we headed for the Janx Club, where we knew most of our group would be.

We got to the club about nine, but it was already crowded. Several of our friends were there, and as I expected, Jesse and Kruise had taken up their normal places at the bar. Others were spread out pretty evenly, with a few in the back room or gathered around the stage.

The place looked the same as it had the year before... not much had changed, except the club no longer had a coat check. The back room had more lights in it, yet still held that slightly off-kilter look that made me glance around a second time. There was nothing completely out of the ordinary -- if you didn't count the tv monitors with the porno videos.

Jace volunteered to get us our drinks while I stashed our coats with the hoards of others in the corner. I waited for her to get back, sitting on one of the long booths that outlined the walls of the back room. From here I could watch the front door and the corridor near the bathrooms at the rear of the club. I smiled as I noticed that the line was already filled with couples. The club rule was that you could have ten minutes in one of the two unisex restrooms. Didn't matter how many people went into the room, as long as it didn't take more than ten minutes -- and you cleaned up the mess when you left.

The Janx wasn't a gay club, necessarily, but the owners were gay friendly. Whenever a bunch of us would come into town, we'd congregate either here or the local lesbian bar. Around festival time each year, the Janx basically went lesbian -- word was put out weeks in advance that men wouldn't be allowed for that weekend. Straight women were always welcome, but for the most part, the crowd during the festival was lesbian. A few patrons grumbled, and there were always a few men who tried to pretend they hadn't gotten the word, but for the most part, the Janx customers took it well. After all, the Janx was unique. The theme behind it was sex -- any and all kinds. Some of the most unique and exotic people in the city hung out there. Eye candy, and many other physical delights, could be had on any night.

But for this Women's Festival weekend, the Janx was women only. Thankfully, nothing else changed, and I smiled as I watched a couple groping each other on the couch opposite me. Exhibitionism and voyeurism were just part of the atmosphere at the Janx.

Jace came back from the bar with Kruise in tow, and I smiled. Kruise was one of the best friends I had, and like most of the people I knew now, I'd met her on an internet list. Everyone thought her name reflected her habit of cruising the bars with her friend Jesse, but in reality she'd gotten the name in high school, because of her tendency to cruise through classes with little or no effort. Intelligent enough for Harvard, she chose instead to work as a stage tech, behind the scenes of concerts, stage productions, and even a few Broadway plays.

Kruise hadn't changed at all in the months since I'd last seen her. She had long brown hair that reached down to the middle of her back, and a tall lean body with an easy and confidant stride. Her eyes were the most expressive part of her, and I had long ago fallen in love with them. Thankfully, she hadn't fallen in love with me. We'd become friends, and she eventually introduced me to Jace.

But I still loved Kruise's eyes.

She was dressed like Jace, with leather pants that hugged her ass, showing it off in the silvery light of the room. Jace wore a black shirt, but Kruise had on a wine red silk top that showed just enough cleavage to entice. I smiled as I noticed she already had a small hickey just under her collar bone.

Her smile grew wider as she noticed where my gaze was. "Yo, Trey. Jealous?" She hugged me hard, and I squeezed her waist tight before letting her go. Kruise was taller than me by about five inches, so my nose was always buried in an interesting place when we hugged.

She chuckled as I playfully nipped at her neck.

"You started early. Couldn't wait for me, huh?"

"You're late. But you can always leave the second one."

"Nah, if I do that, it won't be on your neck."

"Ooh. Go ahead, babe, make me an offer."

I had to laugh at that. I had made offers, many times. But Kruise and I seemed fated to be best friends -- the kind that could tell each other anything, that had frank discussions about sex and partners as well as our dreams and experiences. We flirted occasionally -- well, okay, all the time -- but the fear of ruining our friendship had kept us from having more than a one night fling, and that had been during a drunken phone call. The sexual tension still hung between us, but we'd settled into an easy banter about it. I'd beg her to sleep with me, and she'd say no.

The banter had been toned down in the last few months, though. Becoming involved with Jace had changed a lot of things in my life, though my friendship with Kruise wasn't one of them. When I told Kruise we were going out, she'd been very solemn and told me she thought it was a good thing. She'd been absolutely right. Now the biggest change was that both Jace and I begged her to sleep with us. She'd still smile and say no, and life would go on.

Jace handed me my beer and kissed my cheek. "I saw Kendra, she says hi. She'll come talk with us later; she knows you hate the crowds out front."

"Great. What about Jesse?"

She shrugged and glanced to the tall woman beside her.

Kruise took a deep breath, her eyes turning serious. "Trey, I think something's wrong with Jess. She's just -- not herself."

"How so?"

"Did you know this is her first visit here in nearly a month?"

I whistled under my breath. Jesse was a weekend regular at the Janx club, practically an icon at the bar. When Kruise wasn't working, Jesse would drag her along to whatever bar was her current hangout, but usually they ended up at the Janx for at least a little while. After all, where else could you watch someone get whipped on stage, and then have sex in the bathroom -- with people rating how well you did by how many screams they heard?

We all knew Jesse was a sex addict. But she was our sex addict, and she was a good person and we all loved her. If there was something wrong, I knew there were thirty people she could go to for help -- but knowing Jesse she never would.

"Want me to talk to her, Kruise?"

"Would you, Trey?"

I nodded. "Keep Jace company for me? You know I don't like her to be alone too long among this crowd." Jace laughed at that.

Kruise tried to look indignant. "Hey, most of the crowd tonight are our friends."

"I know. Which is why I don't trust them." I winked at them and left, still hearing Jace's laughter behind me.

Kruise was right, I hated crowds. I could handle them for short periods of time, as long as I didn't actually have to be in them. Pushing between people to the bar, and trying to squeeze in next to Jesse was enough for me, and I tugged her sleeve and pointed to the front door. She took a drag off her cigarette and crushed it out, then nodded and finished her drink. Moving slowly back through the crowd, she followed me to the door and out onto the sidewalk. It was a little chilly, but better than the crush of people inside. Besides, out here we wouldn't have to scream to hear each other.

Jesse pulled me into a big hug, lifting me off my feet and squeezing me. I laughed and told her to put me down. After a long kiss, she did.

I stepped back and looked at her as she lit another cigarette. There was something different about her, that was for sure. And it wasn't obvious, like the new tattoo on her wrist, or the added third piercing of her left ear. It was subtle, and try as I might I couldn't see it. Her black hair was a little longer than the last time I'd seen her, but still cut in the same way. An inch shorter than Kruise, she was bulkier, with wide shoulders and thick muscles on her upper arms. She'd lost a little weight, I could tell, but that wasn't the difference I'd noticed.

She watched me as I went through my examination of her, then smiled as my eyes tracked back to hers. "Do I pass inspection?"

"Always, Jess."  Her eyes were so dark they were almost black, and they turned up at the corners as she smiled.

"How you doin', Trey? You and Jace still having more sex than food?"

I blushed, feeling the heat slide across my face. "Jess . . . come on, we've been together for four months now. That -- constant sex thing only lasted the first -- well, two months."

She snorted and leaned against the brick wall of the club.

We watched a couple of people head into the building, then she turned toward me, her right shoulder against the building.

"So. Did Kruise send you to talk to me?"

I grinned. "Am I that obvious?"

"No. You're usually pretty subtle. But she said she was gonna, so . . ."

Nodding, I turned toward her. "She says there's something going on with you. You haven't said anything over the internet, though I remember about a month or so ago you went really quiet for a few days. What's going on, Jess?"

She shook her head. "Don't really want to get you involved, Trey. It's . . . my own fault, and I'm dealing. That's all I told Kruise, and that's about all I'm gonna tell you, okay?"

Now she had me worried. Jesse and I weren't as close as I'd have liked, but she usually talked to me. And she always talked to Kruise. After I started seeing Jace, the four of us had spent several weekends together, both here in New York, or down in Pennsylvania. Late night conversations, helped by Jack Daniels and Heineken, had given us all the courage to share secrets we'd never shared before. If Jesse suddenly wasn't willing to talk about it with us, it was big.

I stopped and looked at her again. There was still something different, and it felt like something was missing. Letting my eyes travel over her again, I saw the usual leather jacket, the motorcycle boots, the leather pants and the quirt hanging from her belt loop, just off her left hip. Her earrings were all in, and when I hugged her, I'd felt the nipple rings, so I knew they were still there. But there was something still missing.

My mind went back to when she kissed me. Jess always kissed with open lips, and she always tasted of sex and Jack Daniels and smoke. The last two I'd never really cared for, but when mixed with Jess, they became an irresistible combination.

I realized suddenly what was missing, and snapped my fingers, startling her.

"That's it. I know what's missing."

Jess raised an eyebrow and took another drag from her cigarette. "Missing?"

"Yes. You're not wearing your fangs."

One of the things that always drew me to Jesse was the darkness that she flirted with. She was a member of a motorcycle gang, a regular Dyke on Bike, but with connections to some other more unsavory elements. She was a night person, even more so than I, and there was always something just a little dangerous about her. It was that danger that called to me.

In the last few months she'd gotten involved in a different type of group, a society of vampires. Well, okay, they weren't real vampires, but -- when they wore their fangs, and dressed the part -- you'd never suspect that most of them held ordinary jobs during the day. One was a librarian, another a high school teacher, and Jesse herself was a clerk to a NYC judge.

The last few times I'd seen Jesse, she'd worn her fangs. Knowing that I have a sensitive neck, she'd taken great pleasure in sneaking up behind me and bringing those fangs down before I could move. I squirmed and whimpered every time she did it. Kruise would grin, and Jace would just about fall off her chair laughing. But for all her power, and the sharpness of those fangs, Jesse had never, ever drawn my blood. I never doubted my safety with her, no matter what.

I nodded. "I knew there was something different about you. You're not wearing your fangs."

Jesse took one last drag from her cigarette and tossed it to the sidewalk, crushing it out with the toe of her boot.

"You're right. I'm not." She put her back against the wall and stared up at the little piece of sky you could see between the buildings of New York City.

After waiting a few minutes, I reached up and touched her shoulder. "Jesse -- what's wrong? Tell me."

For a moment I thought she'd shake me off, but then she stopped. Her shoulders slumped a bit, and she put her head down. With a sigh, she nodded.

"Might as well get Kruise and Jace. They'll want to know, and that way I don't have to tell it twice."

"You wanna wait here?"

Another nod.

I found Jace and Kruise in the back room, kissing.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?"

Kruise looked up and winked. "Keeping her company, you fuck. Got a problem with that?"

I cocked my head at her, then shook it. "Nah. Just wondering if I missed anything."

Jace stood up and kissed me hard, tracing my lips with her tongue. She winked as she pulled back. "Sure you missed something. I gave Kruise a hickey."

Kruise's face colored slightly. I raised an eyebrow as I looked at her neck. There was no second mark there.

"Where'd you give it to her?"

Leaning into me, Kruise whispered, "If you're really good, I might let you look for it later."

I turned to glare at her, but Jace laughed and pulled my chin around to kiss me again.

"Kruise, don't tease. It's on her stomach, babe. She dared me; I just couldn't resist."

Kruise turned serious. "You find out what's up with Jesse?"

"No, but I'm about to. She wanted to tell us all at the same time. I figured the diner down the street would be cool for now, and we can always come back later."

Kruise nodded. "Let's get our jackets and find out what's up with our favorite butch."

We ended up in a booth in the back of the diner, with coffee for three and hot chocolate for Jace.

There was some light banter and teasing around the table for a few minutes. Jace told Jesse where Kruise's latest hickey was, and a playful skirmish broke out as Jesse tried to find it. Things settled down, though, and the three of us were quiet, waiting for Jesse to begin her tale. Kruise kept glancing at her, but not saying anything. Jace and I, side by side with her against my shoulder, looked across the table at our friends.

Jesse was stubbing out her second cigarette when she finally took a deep breath and began.

"You know how sometimes you just know it's gonna be a great night, and you're right, in a dead wrong sort of way? This kind of started out that way.

"I was at the Janx, a little over a month ago now. Friday night, but there was a leather gig at another bar, so it was pretty quiet. I didn't feel like dealing with a crowd, so I went to the Janx.

"Anyway, I was up at the bar getting a drink when I saw this woman. She was gorgeous, dressed all in black leather, short blonde hair, blue eyes, just... beautiful. I asked the bartender, Gary,  what he knew about her and he said she'd been there a few times before, but normally not on a weekend. He didn't know her name, but said she drank Johnny Walker red, and was a good tipper. Also, she never danced with the men, only slow danced with women, and occasionally took some one home with her -- always a woman. I took another look and knew I wanted to take her home.

"She wasn't talking with anyone, and the chair on either side of her was empty. I watched her drain her glass and told Gary to get her another one, on me. Then I sat down next to her.

"Man, when she smiled, I nearly died. I thought she was beautiful when I first saw her, but up close.... damn. Fucking gorgeous."

Kruise turned to me and Jace. "How did I know this was going to be about a woman?"

"It's Jesse, Kruise," Jace said. "How could it be anything BUT a woman?"

We laughed, but it faltered quickly when we saw Jesse's glare.

"Do you want to fucking hear this or not?"

I nodded. "Sorry, Jess. Go ahead. What happened after you sat down?"

"She thanked me for the drink and asked my name. I told her and asked hers. It was Nix, short for Phoenix."

"Phoenix? What kind of name is -- " Jesse glared at Kruise, who stopped, then motioned for Jesse to continue.

"Anyway, we started talking. At first it was little stuff, weather, jobs, just stuff. Then, I asked her what brought her in on a Friday night, and she said....

"My plans for the weekend fell through. I thought maybe it was time to check out what happens here on weekends, but it seems slow tonight."

"Yeah, there's a leather party going on at Creedo's. Lots of the gang from here are there tonight."

"Ah. And why aren't you there?" Nix ran a finger down Jesse's arm. "You certainly seem like you'd fit in with the leather crowd."

Playfully, Jesse caught the stray hand and held it. "Well, crowd is the problem. Sometimes I like a little more quiet to my environment." She smiled. "Not often, though. "

"Well, lucky me." The blonde winked. "Are you a regular here?"

"Pretty much every weekend. Don't club much during the week."

"And you always come here? Or are there other places a girl might run into you?"

"A few others. Mowzers, down off sixth. Occasionally I'll go to the C-Club."

"Ah, I've been there. Too many wannabees for my taste."

"Which is why I don't go often." Jesse grinned.

"What is that?"

Looking up from lighting a cigarette, Jesse saw a curious look on Nix's face.  "What's what?"

"Those, in your mouth. Do you actually have fangs?"

With a wide grin, Jesse nodded.

"Why in the world do you have fangs?" Nix reached out one finger and gently pulled Jesse's chin down, letting her mouth fall open. "They're not real."

"They're real enough. As to why I have them, it's simple. I'm a vampire."

Nix raised an eyebrow. "Really."

Jesse nodded, then took a drag from her cigarette. "As real as they get. Course, I don't kill."

"Don't you." Nix's mouth curved slightly into a smirk. "Do you drink blood? Or just play with biting your victims?"

"I don't bite unless asked. As for blood exchange," Jesse shrugged, "occasionally. Not in a setting like this. It's very -- ritualized."

"So, you bite without piercing the skin?" Nix picked up her drink. "Where's the fun in that?"

Laughing, Jesse motioned to the bartender for another glass of whiskey for the blonde. "Oh, you'd be surprised. Just the bite can be exciting." Her dark eyes met the laughing blue ones of her companion, and she winked boldly.

Nix accepted the new drink and downed half of it. "So. Just how does one get bitten by you? Hm?"

Jesse shrugged. "One asks. As long as I know the person, I'll take a nibble."

"And when you came over to me -- was that your goal? Getting to bite my neck?"

Jesse finished her drink and looked directly into Nix's eyes. "No. My goal was to get you into bed."

One blonde eyebrow rose, along with the corners of Nix's mouth. "And why would I want to bed a vampire?"

Leaning forward, Jesse caught the woman's soft lips with her own. "Cause I'm hungry. For you."

The two of them locked eyes for several long moments, and then Nix laughed. "Oh, you are a treat, Jesse."

Jesse didn't move.

Finally, Nix nodded. "You want me?"


"How long is the line for the bathroom?"

"The bathroom? Aww, Jess. You promised."

"Kruise would you shut the fuck up and let me tell the story?"

"Hey, both of you chill." I glared at Kruise, then at Jesse. "You did promise, though. No more bathroom sex."

"Did I say I did it? Did I tell you we screwed in the bathroom?"

"Good point. Go on."

Jesse poured more coffee into her cup and took a deep breath.

"Okay, so the line wasn't too long, and we got in it. We kissed a few times, and let me tell you, she knew how to kiss. And her mouth was so sweet...."

Nix pulled back slightly and looked at Jesse. The dark haired woman had her eyes closed and her lips were curved in a smile.

"Like that?"

"Oh, yeah." The bathroom door opened, and a young woman with pink hair came out, followed by the one of the dommes who worked at the club. The domme winked at Jesse as she brushed by.

"You know her?" Nix asked.

"Yeah. I know most of the staff. She's pretty good with a paddle, but she sucks with whips."

"How is she in bed?"

"Don't know. Never cared enough to find out."

The blonde smiled as they went into the bathroom. "Ooh. That makes me feel special." She turned to face Jesse, who locked the door.

"You are special." Slipping her jacket off, Jesse advanced on Nix until they were inches apart and the smaller woman was pressed up against the wall. "You sure you want to do this here?"

"Let's call this a tryout. Pass the test, and I'll take you home for the real thing."

"Now that's incentive." Jesse let her lips brush Nix's lips softly, and then more firmly. Putting her hands on either side of the woman's head, she balanced herself and leaned into the kiss, deftly sliding one leg between Nix's thighs.

Nix tangled her hands in Jesse's hair, and opened her lips to let their tongues touch. The kiss grew deeper and wetter, and both of them were breathing hard when Jesse drew back a little and moved her mouth down to the soft skin of Nix's jaw. Her hands drifted down to soft shoulders, then across ribs, landing on Nix's hips.

"Nice, Jess. Very nice."

Slowly, Jesse moved lower with her mouth, laying gentle kisses along the smooth neck under her lips. Every once in a while she'd let her fangs graze the pale skin, but never for more than a moment. The smell of Nix's skin was like incense, and the taste was sweet, like honey.

Nix smiled when her hips were released, and two hands came up under her breasts, cupping them. Thumbs moved slowly across her nipples and she sighed.

When she felt the tips of Jesse's fangs dig in, she smiled.  "Careful, babe. You don't want to draw my blood."

Jesse pulled slightly back to look Nix in the eyes. "And why is that?" She kept her hands moving, but her eyes stayed still.

"You probably won't believe it."

"Try me."

Nix smiled. "I'm a vampire. A real vampire. As in allergic-to-sunlight and not-liking-wooden-stakes real."

Jesse raised an eyebrow. "Then where are your fangs?"

"I only let them out when I need them."

"Right." Jesse smiled and shifted her stance slightly, putting more pressure at the juncture of Nix's legs. "So, if I taste your blood, will I become a 'real' vampire?"

Nix put her hands on either side of Jesse's face and looked her in the eyes. "You don't believe me, do you?"

"Baby, if you don't want me to bite you, that's fine. I told you I don't draw blood anyway. But I want you. Vampire, witch, or ghost, I want you." Jess tried to kiss Nix, but the blonde held her head still for a moment longer, looking at her intently.

After a moment Nix nodded. "All right, then. Go ahead. Let's see if you can handle what you started."

Jesse smiled and kissed the soft mouth in front of her. One hand came up and pulled down the zipper of Nix's leather shirt. There was nothing underneath it but skin, and Jesse let her hands slip inside the leather to caress the soft breasts she found there.

Her mouth moved once again to Nix's throat, and she kissed the pale skin, then licked it before gently biting down, her fangs making indents in the skin.

The taste of Nix filled her mouth, and Jesse couldn't help but close her mouth tight, sucking softly, then harder.

Nix gasped and closed her eyes.

Jesse heard Nix inhale and she drew in a breath in reflex. The scent of the other woman make her shiver and her jaws tightened convulsively .

"Jesse, no."

Without meaning to, Jesse pushed her fangs through Nix's skin and tasted the blood as it trickled from the wound.

"So -- what happened?"

Jesse had gone silent, and Jace finally asked the question we all wanted to ask.

"I swallowed her blood."

"What? Jesse --"

"Kruise, shut the fuck up already."

I was surprised to see Jesse's hand shake as she lit another cigarette.

She took a deep breath and lowered her head. "It wasn't like blood. It didn't taste like blood. It was -- sweeter, richer. I -- " Jess stopped and shook her head. "I almost passed out."

"Just from the taste?" Kruise had a look of amazement on her face, and I wondered if it was mirrored on mine.

"No. From the effect. It was like -- like I'd swallowed a hand grenade. Or a ball of crack. It was . . . like being on fire . . ."

The heat racing through her body centered in Jesse's stomach, making all her muscles clench and relax. It moved lower, into her groin, and she sank to her knees, moaning, her back arching. Nix knelt beside her, one arm around Jesse's body, the other hand resting on her cheek.

"Easy. Relax. Just ride it out, Jess."

Jesse took a deep breath and tried to open her eyes. As she did, the heat spiraled up her spine, centering in her mind and she cried out at the pain and utter pleasure filling her.

"Shhh.... easy, baby."

As Jesse fell to her side, Nix caught her, keeping the taller woman from hitting the floor. She got a hold in Jesse's hair and forced her head back.

"Jesse. Jesse!"

After blinking several times, Jesse's eyes met Nix's.

"Breathe, Jess. Concentrate on breathing. That's it. Let it pass, baby. Just let it go."

For several seconds, it was all Jesse could do to breathe. Muscle spasms rolled through her body, and she shook, unable to even keep her head up. Nix shifted so that Jesse was almost cradled in her lap.

Finally, the spasms melted to shudders, slowing, then stopping, leaving Jesse sagging in Nix's arms. Her pulse was still racing, and her lungs ached as she tried to catch her breath.

"Shh. Relax, Jesse. I won't let you fall." Nix kissed her lips gently, then pulled back to look in her eyes. "You all right?"

Jesse nodded. "What . . . that . . . was . . ."

Nix chuckled. "Easy. Don't try to talk yet, you won't make any sense." She shifted position and let Jesse lean against her. Glancing at her watch, she figured they could take another couple of minutes for Jesse to recover. "Relax, babe. You're all right."

Shaking her head to clear it, Jesse tried to force some semblance of thought back into her mind. Every time an idea began to form, the shivers of pleasure would overwhelm it and she'd have to start over.

Finally, her mind cleared, and her body began to feel a little more normal. There was a heaviness to her limbs, but they were under her control again, and she was able to pull herself slightly away from Nix.

"What the hell was that?" Jesse's voice came out in a whisper and she cleared her throat.

Nix chuckled. "That was the blood of a vampire, Jess. I did warn you."

Wide eyed, Jesse looked into the blue gaze of the blonde. "I didn't mean --"

"I know. I should have made you take off the fangs." Nix leaned in and kissed her gently.  "You feel like standing? People are gonna start banging on the door in a minute."

Jesse nodded and tried to sit up. Nix kept her arms wrapped around Jesse, making sure she was steady before letting go.

The room spun for a moment, then stopped. Jesse leaned against the wall, waiting for the rush of blood in her ears to quiet down. As it did so she could hear knocking on the door, and Nix saying they'd be out in a minute.


She looked up, finding Nix's concerned face inches from her own.

"Think you can walk, babe? We need to go."

Jesse nodded, then straightened, pulling herself to her full height and moving away from the wall. The room threatened to start spinning again, but she gritted her teeth and pushed the dizziness down. Letting Nix guide her, she made it through the door, barely able to hang onto her jacket when the vampire handed it to her.

The three of us were staring at her, and Jesse began to fidget.

"You're fucking kidding me."

"Fuck you, Kruise."

"Jess, come on, you can't be serious. You're making this -- " Kruise stopped as Jesse glared at her. "No, you're right, you wouldn't make up something like that. Fuck, Jess." Kruise reached out and took the cigarette from Jesse's hand, pulling several long drags off it.

"Thought you quit smoking, Kruise."

"I did, Jace. Just seemed like a good time to start back up."

Jace took a deep breath and leaned against me. "Wow, Jess. That's some story."

Jesse nodded. She wouldn't look at any of us. Pulling out another cigarette, she lit it, her hand still shaking as she tried to hold the lighter still.

Kruise was shaking her head and staring at the ashtray. Jace pulled my arm around her and kissed my cheek.

I wondered idly if she was as turned on as I was.

"Finish the story, Jess. What happened after you left the restroom?"

Jesse met my eyes briefly, and I knew I guessed right. There was more to the story.

"Well, I figured we'd go get a drink, but Nix led me out of the Janx, and we got a cab to her place. I remember it had begun to rain . . ."

Jesse leaned against the seat of the cab, staring at the raindrops as they slid down the window.

"You gonna light that?"

"What?" She followed Nix's gaze, staring blankly for a moment at the cigarette in her hand. "Oh. Yeah." She fumbled in her pocket for her lighter, and lit the cigarette, drawing the smoke deeply into her lungs. The acrid taste felt strange on her tongue, but helped to cut through the fog in her mind. Taking another long drag, she felt herself returning to something resembling normal.

Nix's touch on her thigh made her jump.

"You sure you're all right?"

"Fine." Jesse knew it was a lie, and by the smile on her face, so did Nix. "Where are we going again?"

"My place. I don't want you to be alone tonight."

Jesse nodded. Wasn't that the reason she sat down next to the woman in the first place?

As they drove, Jesse replayed the scene in her mind. She saw herself kissing Nix, and remembered the way the woman's scent filled her. The taste welled up in her mouth as she saw herself lick the skin of the woman's neck, and place her fangs against the pale skin. Her jaw clenched again, and she heard Nix's warning, knowing it was already too late.

She shook her head, not sure if she wanted to remember anything after that. Even now the memory of that shivering pleasure made her hand tremble, and warmth began seeping through her belly.

It had been, she admitted, incredibly like -- an orgasm. Like coming. Over and over again . . .


Startled, she turned to her companion.

"Stop. You'll drive yourself crazy thinking about it."

For a moment, Jesse wasn't sure what Nix meant. Then she realized where her thoughts had been drifting, and she shook her head.

"It's like a drug, isn't it."


Jesse shook her head and turned back to the window. After a moment she chuckled. "I failed. Why are we going to your place if I failed?"

"Who says you failed?" Nix reached over and turned Jesse's face to look at her. "You were well on your way to passing." The blonde smiled. "And I tend to offer make-up exams." She winked.

Jesse relaxed and let herself get lost in the blue eyes for a few long moments. Then the taxi was stopping, and Nix slid out. Jesse offered to take care of the cab fare, but the cabby said he'd been paid already. She climbed out of the cab with a frown, wondering if she'd fallen asleep. She didn't remember Nix pulling out any money.

"Where are we?"

"Long Island. Manhasset. Come on."

Jesse looked around in surprise. "Didn't seem like that long of a cab ride."

"Yeah, I know." Nix led the way through the foyer of an apartment building, nodding to the night watchman at his post. She waited until they'd gotten into the elevator, then turned to Jesse and touched her cheek gently.

"I know. Your perceptions of things are going to be off for a little while. Things will seem to either take a long time, or be very short. Your body will be extra sensitive for a few days, and your senses slightly sharper. Don't worry. The effects will fade as long as you don't receive any more of my blood."

"And if I do?"

"You won't." Gently, but firmly, Nix held Jesse's bottom jaw, forcing her to open her mouth. With a slight tug, the fangs slipped free, Nix released her hold. "Put these in your pocket for the rest of the time you're here. No more accidents."

Jesse nodded and slid the porcelain canines into the pocket of her leather jacket.

The doors slid open, and they stepped out into a small lobby with two numbered doors on opposite sides. Nix turned to the one on the right and used a card key to open the door.

For a moment, Jesse wondered if she should follow. A split moment of fear ran through her as she realized who she was with.

Nix saw the panic pass over Jesse's features, and she called quietly to her. "Jess?"

Jesse looked up to find concern in the blue eyes regarding her. There was a jolt of desire in her center, and she swallowed, but followed Nix into the apartment.

"I can leave anytime I want," she reminded herself.

"Actually," Nix closed the door and keyed the lock, "you can't."


The blonde vampire turned towards her. "Sorry, Jess. But I'm not letting you leave until I know the effects have subsided. It would be too dangerous for you."

"Dangerous? I'm a third degree black belt --"

"And right now you have the reflexes of a three year old." Nix moved, and was suddenly standing inches away, her hand on Jesse's throat. "See?"

Jesse nodded. "How long does it last?"

Nix shrugged. "Depends. For some people, a long time. But you didn't get that much, and I think you should be safe by tomorrow night." She brushed some stray hairs from Jesse's forehead. "Is that a problem?"

"I'm not safe." The words were out before she could stop them, and Jesse winced as she realized what she'd said.

Nix laughed softly. "Depends on what you mean by safe. I have no intention of harming you, Jess. I may be a vampire, but the myths are rather -- excessive when it comes to our killing other humans."

"You mean you don't?"

"Oh, I can, and I have. But never out of hunger or sport. There's always been purpose behind it." She ran the tip of a fingernail down Jesse's cheek. "I see no purpose in killing you. I think there are many other ways we can spend the time." Her smile sent a coil of desire stirring through Jesse's blood.

"So you spent the weekend with her?" I asked quietly.

Jess nodded, her hand playing idly with her lighter. "I stayed. She sent me home on Sunday morning."

"Did you sleep with her?"

She closed her eyes and nodded.

Kruise chuckled. "Was she good?"

The look Jesse turned on her made her stop and clear her throat. Kruise looked away, a flush rising in her face.

"Yeah, Kruise. She was good."

Jace looked at each of us in turn, then asked the question running through all our minds.

"Did she bite you?"

Jesse had a faraway look in her eyes. "Yes."

She could feel the sweat streaming down her face, and she closed her eyes against the salty sting. Jesse's hands were cuffed, and chained to the bed. She was sitting half upright, leaning back on a nest of pillows, her arms out away from her body, her legs spread. There was a dildo strapped to her, the base of it resting solidly against her clit. The dildo itself was buried in Nix, who slowly ground her body against Jesse, her hands tangled in Jesse's hair.

There was no sense of time left. Jesse felt suspended in the cocoon of pleasure and desire that Nix had wrapped around her. They'd been fucking each other for hours, days, years. There was nothing but the exquisite sensation that pulsed through her body; nothing but the rising heat in her groin as she thrust her hips against the blonde vampire.

They would come together, she knew. Nix had a way of timing it so they always did, the sensations crashing through them both to leave them breathless. Then, slowly, the vampire would begin to tease Jesse again, and always, Jesse's body would respond.

This time was different though. This time there was an almost wild look in the eyes above her. Something dangerous lurked in those blue depths, and it called to Jesse, who answered by groaning and speeding her thrusts. Nix moved her hands down to Jesse's breasts and began to knead them, pressing and pulling, flicking her sharp nails across the tight nipples.

As the orgasm started, Nix let her head fall back slightly, and Jesse saw the fangs extend. Her muscles contracted as she came, and she could do nothing but watch as Nix lowered her head. She felt the pain as her skin was broken, and then her body spasmed, every muscle tense. Her heart pounded in her ear, and she felt her breathing stop. Pleasure surged through her, drawn from her pelvis up to her breast. She felt  a pull as Nix drank, once, twice, and again.  Then it was over and she was falling back into the pillows, her muscles lax, her mind empty, desire sated.

She felt Nix withdraw from her breast, and watched the blonde head lift. The fangs retracted slowly. Blue eyes met hers, and a hand came up to brush her cheek.

Nix's voice came as if from faraway. "Breathe, Jesse."

For a moment, she didn't understand. Then Jesse realized she wasn't breathing. She felt panic run through her as she realized she'd forgotten how. Nix opened her mouth and blew air into her lungs, and she drew a great breath as her muscles began working again.

The fog in her mind cleared just a little. She felt rather than saw Nix remove the restraints, and then the strap on, easing it gently away from her still sensitive center. She felt a warm wet cloth on her breast, and a glass was placed against her lips. The chilled wine eased an ache in her throat she didn't even know was there. A soft blanket was pulled up over her, and she closed her eyes as Nix gently kissed her lips.

"Sleep now. Just rest."

Another kiss to her forehead, and Jesse was drifting in darkness.

"You forgot how to breathe?" Kruise's voice expressed the awe that showed in her face.

"Fuck, I forgot my own fucking name." Jesse stubbed out her cigarette and reached for her coffee cup.

My own coffee was cold, but I drank it anyway.

"Was, um . . . " Jace looked embarrassed, but finished her question. "Was that the way the whole weekend went?"

"Pretty much. Not with the biting, that was the only time she did that. But . . . the sex -- yeah."

"Wow." I glanced at my girlfriend, smiling a little at the way shifted in her seat.  Jesse's story had turned me on as well, and I had a feeling the bathroom at the Janx would see a new pair of dykes tonight.

"So, have you seen Nix since you left her place?" Kruise asked.

Jess nodded. "Once. I went to Mowzer's. She was at the bar."

"What did you do?"

"I turned around and left." She shook her head. "I don't know that I ever want to see her again."

Jace's jaw dropped. "Why the hell not?"

Jesse fiddled with the coffee cup, twirling it in its saucer. "Cause. She -- I -- " She took a deep breath and started again. "Look, I don't lose control. I don't give up control, either."

"But you've bottomed before, and --"

"Kruise, the last time I bottomed for anyone was three years ago. I'm a domme. You know that."

"Well, yeah, but --"

"No buts. Even as a bottom, it was the hardest thing in the world for me to give up control. I decided I didn't want to anymore, didn't want to be out of control. And -- she makes me feel out of control. She makes me. . . want to be out of control."

I nodded. "It's not just the lack of control, though, is it?"

Jesse looked up at me, then dropped her eyes. "No. It's not."

Jace and Kruise looked at each other, then at me.

"What do you mean, babe?"

"Think about it. The taste of Nix's blood was like a drug, offering pure pleasure. Heightened senses, foggy thinking, lack of inhibitions. It's like a high that lasts for two days, and during that time you don't have to think, all you have to do is let go and let someone else control you. And that person uses the heightened sensitivity to bring you pleasure, and lots of it. If you have a chance to do it again, are you going to really want to say no?"

Kruise shook her head. "No, but -- isn't that the same as an s/m scene? Pleasure-pain stimulus becomes addictive by itself, right?"

Jesse shrugged. "For some. But the difference is that the bottom always can say no. I couldn't. I couldn't even think of the word. She told me to do it, I did. 'Jesse lay down, Jesse put your hands over your head, Jesse raise your hips, Jesse --" She stopped. "Fuck, Kruise, if she wanted to cut me to ribbons, I would have let her. That's not s/m. That's --"


She looked at me and nodded. "Yeah, I guess it kind of is."

We were silent for several moments. Jesse lit the last cigarette and crumpled the empty pack. Kruise tapped her spoon against her coffee cup, staring into space. Jace was still, just watching Jesse and leaning on my shoulder. I began folding my napkin into an airplane.

"What did you do with your fangs? Do you still have them?"

"Yeah, Jace. They haven't left my pocket since that night." She reached into her jacket and unzipped the inner pocket, then pulled out the fangs and set them on the table. They gleamed in the fluorescent lights.

Kruise picked them up. "Will you ever wear them again, do you think?"

Jess shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe. It's only been a month. I might feel different in another six months." She took them back from Kruise and stared at them for a moment before sliding them back into her pocket.

Jace glanced at her watch, then did a double take. "Dude, we've been here nearly two hours."

"What?" Kruise and I each checked our watches.

"Damn." Jess grabbed her lighter and turned to Kruise. "Move. Let's go. I wanna get drunk."

Kruise laughed. "Now, that's the Jesse I know and love. Come on, babes, lets go party."

Jace jumped up and slid her coat on. I followed them, a little more slowly. Jesse hung back for a minute with me, opening a new pack of smokes.

"Trey, um, listen."


"You know, I know you. I know how your mind works. You get excited by mystery, by the unknown. You like danger. I know that. But, I'm telling you. This is not something you want to mess with."

I shrugged. "Not like I'm planning to go vampire hunting, Jess."

"I know, but -- still. I can see the wheels spinning in your mind. You're thinking that either vampires exist, or I've gone insane."

Smiling, I let my head drop, then nodded and looked up at her. "Think you're crazy, Jess?"

In answer, she pulled down the collar of her shirt and showed me two marks on her left breast, just below her tattoo. They looked like recently healed puncture wounds.

"Okay. Then I guess vampires exist."

Jesse let go of her shirt. "Right. And now you're thinking, if vampires exist, what are they really like? How many are there? Do they really feed on humans?"

Again, I had to smile and nod. She was right on the mark.

"And I'm telling you, you don't wanna find out. You don't. Understand?"

"But --"

"No." She punctuated that statement with a jab to my chest. "I know you. It wouldn't be enough to just listen to a story, you'd want to touch and feel and taste and -- you can't. Not this time, not with this. You don't go looking for danger, or adventure, but in some ways, you're just like me -- you get hooked on sensations."

She was right, and I knew it.

"I'm telling you, you'd lose yourself. Hell, I've got ten times your experience, and I lost myself. I almost didn't walk away." She stopped and lit her cigarette, drawing deeply on it, then exhaling the smoke. "You wouldn't be able to."

I wasn't sure I liked her assessment. It made me feel a little vulnerable, even though parts were true. I did like sensation. It was one of the reasons Jace and I were so good for each other; we each reveled in exploring things that made us feel good. Pleasure, pain, anything in between. As long as it was intense, we liked it. Sensation that overwhelmed the senses.

So perhaps Jesse was right, and this wasn't something I should even think about.

"All right, Jess. I will not go searching for vampires. I promise."

"Good." She switched her cigarette to her other hand and put an arm around me. "Let's go get drunk together, huh?"

I laughed. "You're on."

We slipped back inside the Janx to find the rest of our group had arrived. It had merely been crowded earlier, now it was packed. Jesse offered to get drinks for us, and I decided to brave the crowd for once and go to the bar with her.

Fish was tending bar. Everyone called her that because she loved to go deep sea fishing and tell stories of the one that got away. Jesse got her attention and gave her our order.

She came back with our drinks and stopped. "Hey, Jess. There was someone in here looking for you a little while ago. Don't know her name, never seen her before. Medium height, blonde. Called herself Nix."

I felt my eyes widen, and I looked quickly at Jess. She'd gone pale and her mouth was hanging open. She shut it with a snap.

"Thanks, Fish. You know if she's still here?"

Fish shrugged. "Not a clue. Good luck finding her in this crowd."


Jesse grabbed the glasses and I took the two bottles. She led the way through the crowd, occasionally glancing back to make sure I was there. We found Jace and Kruise leaning against a piece of wall, talking with a couple other members of our group. As we gave them their drinks, Jace looked up and smiled at me. Kruise did too, but the smile disappeared when she saw the look on Jesse's face.

She had to lean close to us to be heard. "What's wrong?"

Before either of us could answer, someone tapped Jesse's shoulder and she turned. A blonde woman a little taller than me stepped up to the group.

"Jesse? How are you?"

Jace was still talking with some friends. Kruise realized who it was and both her eyebrows rose. Jesse's face showed her shock.

I realized that the night had really just now begun.

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