The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls:

Part 8--Blondes Where Leather Too

By Shana and Kye

Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Micah, Meloditus and any stray villagers do not belong to us. We are just borrowing them for a while, and will return them all unharmed, although Xena and Gabrielle will be a lot happier. Any other characters belong to

the bards, in some form or another.

Violence: Not this time around.

Language: Yep, quite a bit of offensive language this go round...It's beginning to become a habit with these two

Sex: Uh...yep! And plenty of it...there's so much sex you can't even see the plot! You know the rhetoric, if females having sex with other females offends you, OR if you are under the age of 18, best be moseying along.

Spoilers: Can't think of any!

Author's Notes: There are two scrolls for each part of the series. One is from Xena's point of view, the other is from Gabrielle's point of view. One of the authors believes Xena and Gabrielle were lovers on the show. The other doesn't, but through intense email communications with her partner, has discovered that she is a 100% genuine Lawlessbian, that is...she's very straight, but if Lucy were to make her an offer...she'd convert in a minute. Figure that one out! Can you figure out which is which?

Thank you for reading!!

Shana and Kye

Xena's Scroll Part 1

I swear I didn't plan what happened…although looking back at it, I'm sure I would be hard pressed to get anyone to believe me. I must admit, if I had planned it, I couldn’t have done nearly as well as my creative bard.

Gabrielle had knocked me on my ass fair and square during our sparring, so she won the bet and got to pick where we spent the night. She chose, not surprisingly, the nearest town, some nondescript little village, but it had a decent looking inn, and Gabrielle loves sleeping in inns. She would have ended up on the cold hard ground by a river somewhere if I had won the bet.

It turned out to be quite a surprise for Argo, as we ran into an old friend in the stable where Argo would be spending the night. I hadn’t seen Micah in quite some time, but she remembered us well, and it wasn’t long before we were filling each other in the details of the last few years. Micah is very blonde, very well put together, and very in love with her boyfriend, but when I saw my own very blonde, very well-put together lover approaching us, I couldn’t resist stirring things up a bit.

I introduced the two of them, and watched the green-eyed monster in my green-eyed bard come out and play. She was polite toward Micah, but I could see the wheels in her head turning, and she seemed to want out of the stable fast. Even Argo played along, nuzzling Micah’s shoulder as though she had missed the blacksmith’s daughter. Truth is, I was very pleased to see Micah doing so well, but hadn’t thought about her once since our last parting. I wasn’t going to let Gabrielle know that though, at least not yet.

I told Gabrielle I would be along soon, I just needed to speak with Micah’s father a few moments about getting Argo fitted with some new shoes. Gabrielle agreed to that far too easily, and told me she’d be waiting for me in the inn. Something was sparking in her eyes, so I told her that was fine, and Micah and I watched her exit the barn.

Micah turned to me the second she was out of sight, with a knowing grin on her face. "Looks like you’re in trouble," she teased. She had no problem accepting that I was in love with a woman, and I had already filled her in on my involvement with Gabrielle. I grinned back at her. "Yep…and I LIVE for trouble."

Micah’s father wasn’t long in making his appearance, and he told me he’d take good care of Argo on the following day. We shook on the deal, and I talked with Micah for a while longer, giving Gabrielle the chance to either calm down or do a little stewing, whichever she preferred. I had the feeling I was in for either a wild ride tonight, or the cold shoulder treatment, but with the way things had been lately, the first was more in order.

Finally, I bid Micah and Argo a good night’s rest, and made my way to our room at the inn. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened the door, and my heart warmed with love when I saw Gabrielle, curled up on the bed, a scroll by her outstretched hand. Glancing around the room, everything looked as it should, and I realized that maybe she was just choosing to trust me, and hadn’t let Micah’s appearance affect her at all.

I bent over the bed, and my tongue made contact with the delicate shell of her ear. I let her know it would be time for dinner as soon as I had taken my bath. When she made no move to help me, I stripped out of my clothes and stretched my body. That was something she usually couldn’t resist, and I was expecting her to jump on me at anytime, but it didn’t happen. So I shook it off, and climbed in the tub. The water was pretty cool by now, but I didn’t mind. I was used to cold morning baths in the river.

I studied my bard’s far-off expression. Her seeming non-interest in my nudity was betrayed by a confident smile that filled her lovely features. She didn’t want to discuss it though, so I let the issue lie, continuing to watch her as I bathed parts I wished she were touching. She sat up on the bed, saying it was time to get dressed, and revealed her naked perfection to me. I desperately tried to make eye contact with her, hoping to entice her with a look to join me in the tub, but she kept her head turned from me.

"Oh Zeus," this could be a very long night.

My bard was strangely quiet as we dressed in clean clothes and got ready for dinner. It was an uncomfortable silence for me, because I was beginning to think my plan might have backfired. I had never meant to hurt Gabrielle with Micah…and fully intended to tell her the extent of our relationship was discussions on riding and training horses. Not all of my friends, lovely as they might be, were former lovers. But Gabrielle didn’t seem interested in talking with me right now, so I figured before we went to bed, I’d come clean with her. She did mention something about a walk after dinner, which made me feel a bit more at ease. At least she wasn’t trying to separate herself from me altogether, and if she was planning on holding out on me later, I had a few seduction techniques that were guaranteed to get me results.

I decided to make her talk, once we were downstairs, asking where she’d want to sit. Once again she surprised me by saying she wanted to sit in a dark corner. I had expected her to want to sit in the middle of the dining room, where she could continue to ignore me and make herself interested in everything going on around us. There was something else though, something I couldn’t quite pin down, and I know it involved the gleam in her eyes. She told me she had forgotten something in our room, and asked me to secure a table while she retrieved it. Happy she was speaking to me in pleasant tones, I was only too glad to oblige. When she told me she wanted me to order wine, my spirits really soared. Gabrielle didn’t use alcohol to drown her sorrows…ever. No, wine only served to make her more amorous, and I knew then that I wasn’t in the kind of trouble I had envisioned. I assured her I’d take care of all that, and she left me to head upstairs.

A million thoughts went through my head while I was waiting on her to reappear. This wasn’t the first time my bard had expressed a little jealousy, but usually it was with people she had already heard about before meeting them. I had never mentioned Micah because she really meant nothing to me. But there WAS a similarity between her and Gabrielle, and Gabrielle knew how much I loved horses. I’m sure her fertile mind had envisioned Micah and me in a less prurient relationship than what was actually true. How she’d handle those feelings would be where the surprise led us tonight.

Micah entered the inn then, her hand firmly gripping that of a fine looking young man. This had to be the infamous Meloditus she had gone on so much about. She gestured at him with a grin and her eyebrows, and I gave them a nod. Thankfully, they headed in another direction, but I had the feeling Micah would be keeping at least one eye on me, to see what the bard reduced me to.

The hesitance came again. I ordered the wine, and poured myself a glass while I was waiting. I was fighting a war within myself…a war to just sit here and let her come back to me, ready to play out whatever she was wanting. I could let her have her say, and then reassure her with my limited vocal skills that there really was nothing between me and Micah, and I was just teasing her a bit. Then I could take her upstairs and echo with my body what I had said with my words. I would enjoy spending the rest of the night just "reassuring" her in any way she wanted. But the other side of the war was saying skip the talk and go for what I was better at…just go upstairs and throw her on the bed and show her my faithfulness to her over and over again. I felt the familiar clenching between my thighs. At least my body knew what it wanted!

I was still arguing with myself as I poured the second glass and prepared to drink. Gabrielle had now been gone far too long to just retrieve something. Was she waiting for me? Was she wanting me to come to her and I missed a signal somewhere? Or was she plotting revenge by meeting up with someone else? Gods, I was horrible at this relationship thing, and I was suddenly insecure again. I had the glass to my lips, ready to down it in one medicating gulp, when I heard an unusual silence in the other diners. My attention turned to the stairs, and I saw why.

Gods, where did she get that outfit? And how did she know it would affect me the way it did? I was so used to seeing Gabrielle in short little skirts, which I adored, but there was something about seeing her in black leather trousers…gods! I was speechless and motionless as she made her way toward me. She was wearing a white silk shirt with billowy sleeves, and it hugged her top half like a glove, demurely covering her breasts, yet at the same time, straining to cover them. Her long golden hair flowed over her shoulders, and the combination of innocence and self-assuredness made my moisture flow freely. If I weren’t already in love with her, I would have fell head over heels on the spot. I’m sure other tavern goers did, and I heard the moan of disappointment as she made her way to our table. As she approached, oh gods, there was a telltale bulge at her crotch. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what was happening.

I tried to ask her where she had gotten this outfit, but my powers of speech weren’t cooperating very well. She was enjoying her effect on me, and her smug smile as she sat down with me only excited me more. She let me know she was pleased with my reaction, even as her hand stole up my thigh and over my sex on the outside of my damp breeches. Her outfit was making her more brazen in more ways than one, as she continued to stroke me and let me know I was in for a long evening of surprises like this one.

As I tried to taste my dinner, I spent more time on concentrating on her…trying to figure out her motives and guess what was ahead of me. I was used to doing the seducing, and rarely let others use their tactics on me, but I could not resist my aggressive little bard playing me like a lyre. She let me know without a doubt that she was to be in control that night, and she wanted me to let my usual dominance not overpower me. How did she know I was a hairsbreadth away from bending her back over the table, ripping down those pants, and plunging my face between her legs for a good long lick? Even after dinner, she wanted to sit there, drinking wine, and just letting me simmer in my thoughts. She apparently had her own worked out already, and was enjoying my reactions.

I was ready to try any tactic to hurry on the evening. "Gabrielle, you look incredible tonight." And she did. Gods, the stuff of Aphrodite’s most erotic fantasies! Those tight leather pants, that soft perfect shirt, and her angel’s face were a combination I had never dreamed of, but could no more resist than I could resist the urge to breathe. I realized until now I hadn’t actually voiced my pleasure at her look, and she began to flirt even more heavily. She whispered for me to take it easy on the wine, and I realized I had downed several glasses while just puzzling over her new look and the arousal it awakened in me. It had been a long time before I had actually desired submitting to the whims of someone else, and I was now feeling strong urges to lay out on the bed, maybe even have her tie me down, while she had her way with me. I took another gulp of wine as my center gulped on its own, sending out a wave of my arousal.

Perhaps she could smell it too, because she said something about some fresh air and a walk. I was having a great deal of difficulty processing her words, and she took my hand under the table, reassuring me again that she wanted to be in charge for this very special night. I tried to respond, but gave up, and let her lead me from the inn.

I was used to people keeping "an eye on me" when we were in public, but tonight, all eyes were on Gabrielle, and I was honored to be there with her. I felt the protective side of me well up though, and told her outside the tavern that I didn’t appreciate all the eyes that were staring at my treasures. I had a new respect for her enduring the prying eyes on my own outfit, when I was the one in the lead. But she had an answer for that too. She took my hand and pressed it to her breast, so I could feel the hardened tip against my palm. She told me they could look, but only I could touch. Gods! I drew in a ragged breath. I had to get her alone and soon, or I would lose all control and beg out for her to ravage me here and now!

"Where do you want to go, Gabrielle?" I asked her. I knew where I wanted to go, back to our room.

"Let’s go check on Argo," she answered, her voice confident. I was a bit confused by that, but realized she might not have seen

Micah in the tavern. Steeling myself for her disappointment that Micah wouldn’t be there; I let her lead the way.

She led me to the stable, and I finally voiced my curiosity when she led me to Argo’s stall, and only my horse was there to greet us. "The rule for tonight is you can ask me no questions. Just trust me and do as I say. Is that clear, Warrior Princess?" Oh, it was VERY clear, but I wasn’t sure if I could play that game. Sure, I could let her start the lovemaking, but could I really restrain myself from taking over and bringing us the pleasure that fed our fantasies and our love? I would do my damndest, and nodded mutely, watching her place the saddle blanket on Argo’s back. She began rubbing her hands over her own chest, and I’m sure my mouth gaped open as she threw back her head in pleasure, threatening not to let me touch them. My fingers clutched at my side, itching to knead the flesh she was touching. I wanted to delve beneath her leather pants, but she told me only if she allowed it, and my thighs tightened again. Then she tugged on my own breeches, threatening to expose me to the night air. I fought back a moan and then struggled to maintain a tenuous thread of control.

"Did Micah really get to you?" I asked, and her eyes gave me the answer. Yes, she was bothered my Micah, but no, she wasn’t feeling inferior toward her. She was just feeling…inspired, and the similarity in dress styles was no coincidence. The outfit

Micah wore had done nothing for me…I knew Micah wore it as the proper clothes for her job. But seeing Gabrielle dressed like that, knowing it was solely to arouse my passions and assert herself, was a different matter entirely.

"Just take these off and get on the horse. And that’s an order!"

I fought back a sarcastic "Yes, Maam," as I could see she was all business about this. Instead, I opted for the challenge, "This had better be good." She accepted it, and did one better, stripping my breeches from me before I had the chance to obey. I gave Argo a reassuring pat, but she was more interested in the oats trough, and I hopped lithely on her back, ensuring Gabrielle got an eye full of my swollen core.

She climbed on Argo in a more dignified manner, and told me she was going to teach me the pleasure of riding on a horse. Oh, my creative little bard! This wasn’t the first time I had made love on horseback, but I had the feeling, this would be by far the most intense.

I made myself pliant as she pulled my thighs over hers, and our centers met. I was already so alive with sensation and wetness, it was difficult to feel her own, but I soon felt the heat of her pleasure seeping into mine. I would have been content to hump against her, bringing us mutual pleasure, but once again, she took the reins of control. Her hands met the muscles at the top of my thighs, massaging and caressing, and then she was under my skirt, running her finger through my sodden inner lips. I tremored with the effort not to return the touch, and obeyed gratefully when she asked me to make love to her mouth with my own.

I felt her do a little trembling of her own, as I unleashed the full force of my desire with my kiss, using my tongue in the spots of her mouth and lips that I knew took her breath away. I wanted her to know that I was very willing to do what she wanted, but my beast was just there below the surface, should she lose the power to continue. Her tongue responded in kind, but I won the battle of that kiss, and I think her self-assuredness may have slipped just a notch. She finally drew away and asked if she could touch me, and I willingly gave the control back, eager to see what she would do. I very much wanted to be loved by my bard.

She began touching me more firmly, drawing her finger over my center and lingering on my clitoris as we began to kiss again. I refrained from returning the touch to her…I couldn’t anyway. She still had those amazing trousers on, and I noticed something was barring her opening from me. I shivered and moaned, and even her mouth was able to take control of mine, as I rapidly began to careen toward my climax. I braced my arms behind me, unashamed, and tilted my vagina toward her, praying she would read my signals and penetrate me. At this point, that would be all I need to come.

Gods, she was using both hands now, but still wouldn’t fuck me with her fingers! She was reading my signals all right, and was well aware of what I was asking. "I’m going to let you come, but we’ve got a very long night ahead of us. Pace yourself." The way I was feeling, there was no danger of exhausting myself any time soon. I would wear my bard out tonight. But she was good to her word, and began enflaming me more; one hand focused on my pounding clit while the other coaxed my juices to pump out onto her hand and the saddle blanket.

"That’s right, fuck it, Baby," those words filtered through to my fevered brain, and my eyes caught a glimpse of her own sparkling green orbs studying what her hands were causing my lower body to respond with. That was my undoing and I came almost before I was ready, slumping toward her. She continued to stroke me, and the climax rose in intensity and took forever.

It was glorious.

Her arms came around me, and I felt the lump at her midriff again. I couldn’t resist asking her what she was wearing under those pants of hers. She told me I had to wait to find out, and I realized we weren’t going to continue here in the stable. Zeus, how was I supposed to be able to walk in the condition I was in? The walk to our room would take an eternity, and my stomach fluttered with the knowledge that I had to make it with no breeches, and my wetness streaking down my thighs. Could

I do that? Could I let her do that to me?

She was asking for my approval. Of course I could let her do that to me. I’d let her do anything she wanted to. She wanted another kiss, and she stepped up on a bucket so she could kiss me again, molding her body tightly to mine. I felt her arms tighten around me and our mouths met without the usual bending down of mine and straining up of hers. Her hands squeezed my buttocks as she pressed that firm surprise in her pants against my already reflaming center. Gods, did I love her!

She wanted more wine, and I secured it from the bar, thanking the gods that the room was darkened enough to hide my tell tale signs of having just been thoroughly pleased. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of letting anyone know I belong to Gabrielle, but even Warrior Princesses have limits as to how much they reveal. Upstairs, she told me to take off my armor and pour us some wine. I stripped off the offending items and did her bidding. Her unspoken command told me to take to the bed, and I laid my length out over it, and looked up at her, waiting for her to move. And move she did, as she stripped off that wonderful shirt, and revealed to me the mounds of flesh that my mouth was aching to touch.

She began a long climb up my body, until her mouth hovered over mine. I was hard pressed not to grab her, but she wanted to drink the wine, from my mouth, and I was able to concentrate on her marvelous pink tongue dipping into my mouth to steal what drops of wine remained there, before licking my lips over and over again. I felt every lick with my lips down below, and I felt my moisture begin to run anew. She pulled away far too soon, and begin to take off her boots.

All right, I’ll admit it. Leather gets me hot. The feel of it, the sound of it, the smell of it…it was the perfect material to protect me in battle, and the perfect material to arouse me when I allowed it. I asked her to leave on her pants…wanting to feel the pliant rough material scrub across my clit. I could grind myself against her leg and take my pleasure that way, if she’d allow me.

But my own leathers were making it difficult for me to breath, and I had to feel her torso against my own. I broke the rule and asked her if I could take them off, and she didn’t seem to notice. I don’t think she cared. She wanted to help me get "a little more uncomfortable" and with both of us working, my battle dress was off in record time. She began to touch me…everywhere. I surprised myself by allowing her to do so…and she found even more spots on my body that responded heartily to her knowing fingers. She was in control, and I was losing control. She seemed to sense that, and moved up my body again, grabbing one of my thighs to pull me close to hers as she pressed her crotch into mine. The hardened bulge pressed into my clit, and sparks flew. I had to have more, and now.

Once again, she read my mind, and her hand took mine to press to her front. She told me to unlace her pants, and I did so as quickly as my trembling fingers would allow. The fragrance of her center hit me like a tidal wave, and my mind immediately flew back to the first time I had made love to her with the phallus. I had been so full of lust and desire, that I wanted to fill her completely, making her beg for more and more. She was apparently feeling the same way tonight, and tonight I was to be the one receiving the fucking. Zeus, I was more than ready for it!

She thrust my hand down the front of her pants, and I explored, feeling the length of the phallus and then dipping below, feeling the tremendous outpouring of juices that betrayed her height of arousal. Her eyes were looking to me for reassurance, as on that first night, I had made it clear that I was only to wear the harness that night. "Do you want me, Xena? Can I go inside you?"

Gods, yes! Anywhere, as long as it’s inside me. I pressed the phallus into her, letting her feel the nub at the base of it. The remarkable design of the wooden object was perfect for bringing pleasure to both users, and she was just beginning to experience that. Constant clitoral stimulation was the reason I had chosen it, and I knew from experience that being the wearer of it was just as exciting as being the receiver of it. She drew back with a hissed breath, and said something about wanting to make sure I was lubricated enough. Gods, I was threatening to flood the room, but I knew she was just trying to contain herself as she slid down me again, her hot open mouth teasing me the whole way. When she was at my cunt, she opened her mouth wide, and sucked me in, threatening to make me spill over into another climax. My breath held as she released me, saying something about my indeed being ready.

She positioned me as she wanted, with my legs bent and my ass near the end of the bed. She leaned forward and I felt the head of the phallus at my opening, spreading my labia. Yes! Finally! I tried to press forward, but she drew back a bit, just moving the phallus around my wetness. She was putting me off again, telling me to make her wet enough to want to continue. Gods, I had just been there…I know she was wet enough! And so did she…so I know what she wanted. I heard my voice croak as I groaned, "More, Gabrielle…please."

I couldn’t fly any higher…or so I thought. She reached down, and my clit was between her v’d fingers. "Do you want me to jack you off, Baby?" Gods, was this my bard talking? Her words enflamed me beyond explanation! In the heat of passion she sometimes cried out words like this, but she was out of her head with excitement then. To hear her talk like this just to incite me was a whole different matter, and I shuddered with the intensity. "Yess…" I hissed, and she began to rub her fingers against each other, my bundle of nerves responding to the pressure, as it never had before. She continued to rub the head of the phallus against me, and in tiny increments, by body pulled it in by its own accord. I can’t explain how, but it was happening.

I wasn’t going to make it. My heart was pounding and my body was close to shutting down with the rapture she was bringing me. Before I lost myself to a fate I couldn’t be responsible for, I said the magic words. "Do it…."

She had been waiting for this…"Do what? What do you want from me?"

I caught her eyes with mine, and I know my desperation was in my own. I slipped an arm behind her waist, as I saw the gleam in hers turn to conquest. "Fuck me…"

And she did. She began to croon to me as she moved her hips back and forth, slowly at first. She was enjoying this too, and her words of approval helped me focus on the here and now. She asked if she could move all the way inside, and not trusting my voice with more than a "let me show you," I slipped my hand lower to her luscious backside and yanked her forward, until the phallus had plunged completely inside me. Bliss!

I was writhing below her, I know, but I couldn’t help it. Being impaled on her as she watched and whispered pushed any decorum long from my system. I hoped she was enjoying this a fraction of the amount I was…she’d be in the Elysian Fields.

My vagina clamped down on itself when she pulled free after a few minutes, but I was able to respond when she told me to move up on the bed. She wasn’t done, I knew, and I was willing to comply with where she wanted to lead me. Thank the gods she had let me orgasm earlier, or I never would have been able to cooperate!

She lay down beside me on the bed, and asked me to sit on her. My pleasure! But as I started to lower myself to her crotch, she grabbed my ass and pressed her mouth to my cunt. Her tongue flew over my whole center, and she rubbed her face into my arousal.

Apparently she just wanted a taste though, and I made some sound of desperation as she urged my hips down toward her cock. I slid onto the phallus, letting my weight burrow the nub on the phallus into her a bit. When I’m wearing the phallus, this is the position I enjoy most, and I wanted to ensure she was getting the full force of it. My own needs were being met at the moment, so I was able to make sure she was feeling some heat of her own. I began to kiss her, and squeeze her breasts between my fingers, feeling her gasp below me. She responded with some touching of her own, and lingered on my breasts before pressing her fingers to my mouth. I sucked them one at a time, and got a wicked idea.

"Do you want me to suck your cock, Gabrielle?" I knew from experience that the fact I had no hesitance in sucking in a cock that had just fucked me excited partners beyond reason, and I could see it had the same effect on her. I wouldn’t be able to taste her fluids combined with my own directly on the phallus, but with a little creativity, I’d find a way to taste her.

She was speechless, finally, as I slid my hand over the length of her cock, and prodded below it into her river of juices. She was slippery, and I wondered how much of my rough fingers she could actually feel through her wetness. I knew she could feel it when I sucked in the cock though, and moved my head up and down, making sure the nub was pressing into her engorged clitoris. I sucked hard, my cheeks hollowing out from the action, and she stroked my hair and moaned from what her imagination was telling her. I could tell she was hovering on the brink as well as I was. She let me know she approved, and was giving me free rein. Her pleasure was my own.

I straddled her again, facing away from her, and leaned forward on my arms so the phallus could touch that spot on my inner wall that brought me such intensity. Her hands were all over my ass, pinching, massaging, dipping into my crevice. Gods, I loved that! And then one of her hands was on my clit again, and as it was already being stretched from this position, I was soon overwhelmed again. I slowed the climb, pressing down harder into her, listening to her responding in kind behind me.

Gods, she was perfect! I couldn’t help but think how much I loved this feeling of her inside me, igniting more fire than I had ever felt before. She continued to stroke my clitoris, but I could hear the hint of her excitement as she whispered she was going to come inside me. She was inside me and she was going to come. She thrust against me and I let loose again, this time seeking the final release. My climax rushed through me, and I heard her echo from behind me, as we both finally succumbed to what we had been working toward

My vagina milked her dick forever it seemed, and it continued to clench long after my heart had resumed beating again. I pressed my face to the cool sheet beneath her for long seconds, trying to regain my bearings. When I could finally move again, I lay back on the bed, and she pressed her body to mine, after removing the harness. Her hand caressed my face, and then lay still, as exhaustion began to overtake her. I loved her with my eyes until her mouth parted in sleep, and she drifted off peacefully and satisfied.

For a long time I lay there contentedly, thinking of what my little bard had done for me. She trusted me, but more than likely felt I might be missing something in our lovemaking that she wanted to bring to me. The truth was, our life together was perfect, and if we never tried anything else new, I would never have any complaints or hidden desires. What she had done tonight made me ecstatically happy, and I was proud of her for wanting it as much as I had. I hadn’t known I wanted it, until the opportunity had presented itself.

She moved a little in her sleep, and I felt her wet center press against my thigh. The fragrance of our lovemaking still filled the room…funny how at the time it is "fucking", but when it’s all over, it’s lovemaking again. That’s because I love her…and she loves me. That remains above all else…our frenzied couplings…our frenzied arguments…our frenzied life together…the love always remains.

She whispered my name in her sleep, and my heart swelled with love. She was even dreaming about me. What was she dreaming? That she was taking me again, or I was taking her? I kissed her ear, and she moaned. I knew what she was dreaming.

"I want to feel you," I whispered, and I turned her a little, so she could feel me against her backside. My center was still throbbing, but I wanted to make sure she was as satisfied as I felt, and I felt new life pour into me as I touched her core. She was sodden, and began to move against my fingers. Feeling I had neglected her a bit earilier, I let my fingers trail up to her nipples, and I coated them with her own wetness. Her breasts prickled with goose bumps, and her nipples tightened against me. I began a slow grind into her ass, knowing she liked to feel me behind her, and dipped my fingers into her center again.

"Taste yourself for me," I whispered, and pressed the fingers to her mouth. She more than complied, using her tongue to wet my entire hand, as she made those little humming sounds that drove me crazy.

"I’m going to touch you now, Gabrielle," I whispered in a lowered, husky voice. My mouth was directly by her ear, and I felt her shiver.

"You don’t have to, Xena," she replied softly. "Tonight was for your pleasure."

"And I’m going to touch you for my pleasure," I countered, as two fingers slipped inside her open core.

"And yours."

Gabrielle’s Scroll

Stepping into the stable to see what was taking Xena so long to finish getting Argo settled in for the night, I figured she would be highly irritated by now. Patience was not one of her virtues when it came to doing business. I opened the door to see my Warrior Princess leisurely leaning against a beam, supposedly talking to the blacksmith about shoeing Argo before we left tomorrow. She certainly didn't seem upset over the long wait. I walked towards her, and all I could see were boots on the other side of Argo. This certainly was a short blacksmith. Xena looked up as I was nearing, and said, "Hey." "Xena, are you almost finished?"

"Yeah, yeah. Gabrielle, I'd like for you to meet Micah."

Someone began stepping around, stooping down to walk under Argo's chin, and I saw a hand extend. My immediate reaction was to join that hand for a friendly shake, but then my senses, eyes, and brain all realized at the same time that Micah was a girl. "Micah's the blacksmith's daughter, and she was just brushing Argo down to make her more comfortable."

"Oh really?" Why did that come out so 'territorial'? I let go of her hand, and gave her a quick, fake smile. I had never been jealous, and that's exactly how that sounded. Was I jealous? Why was I questioning myself? Could it be from seeing Xena so light and free, almost giggling while talking to this person? It didn't help that Micah was obviously buff, very cute, and had Argo practically eating out of her hand. Stupid horse. I had worked years to get along with her. Maybe it was the leather pants. I had rarely seen any females in leather pants, and this female certainly did the pants justice.

"I won't be much longer. I need to talk to Micah's dad first, and he should be back any minute. Did you want to shop or something and I'll meet you back at the room?"

"Sure." I knew I could feel steam coming from my ears, but I concealed it as best as I could. "Micah, it was nice meeting you. Xena, I'll be across the street." Leaving the stable, my brain started making lists about the pros and cons of this scenario.

Maybe Xena was simply enjoying talking to someone who really understood horses. She did love her Argo. But the other blonde mane was the one I was worried about. Yes, I was jealous. But that's okay. I don't give up that easily. I thought to myself, "Leather trousers, huh? Okay, Xena. If leather trousers do the trick for you, then leather you will have."

My first stop: Ye Ole Leather Shoppe. I was a little embarrassed about asking for leather pants, since I have never really worn pants before. With a few measurements, we were able to come up with a pair quite quickly. "It seems that you and another young gal here in town fit the same pattern", the nice old shop owner said.

There it went again, that dominating feeling creeping back up my neck. "Well, you don't say. I thought these would enhance my riding." Or being ridden by Xena. I would make her want it and give it to her good. Gods, I had to get a grip! Better yet, I had to get grip on my Warrior Princess and be certain she never had wandering eyes. Looking in the mirror, I sort of liked what I saw. They fit my legs and ass quite tightly, and laced in front, starting at Xena's favorite spot. I felt so much bolder; more confident. Yeah, this was going to work.

Thanking the nice little man, I walked along the shop fronts and saw the most flowing, silky white shirt in one of the stores. Not being able to resist, I tried it on, and knew this was the perfect combination to complete my new look. It enhanced the shape of my breasts, and my nipples were already erect as the silky smooth fabric brushed over them, reminding me of Xena's tongue.

Leaving the shop with a new energy within, I had a new purpose in life…to conquer Xena. I hid my purchases in the room and decided to take a bath. I soaked and thought about how to start my assault. When it came time for dinner, I would go to the dining area as usual, but forget something upstairs and change. I was going to enjoy seeing her chin hitting the floor. She would either hate it or love it. I had a feeling she was going to love it. Maybe this new spark is just what we need for a 'refresher'.

I opened the window to let the nice breeze come in and help dry my hair. The air was warm, but a change of season was in the air. The nights were already much cooler. I had a towel wrapped around me and laid across the bed and thought some more of my strategic moves ahead. How did Xena conquer? How would Xena like to be conquered? By her own means, or by surprise attack? Maybe a little of both would be nice--knowing part of the plan, but not all.

I started writing, and drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew, a warm mouth and tongue were tracing the outside of my ear, whispering "Wake up sleepyhead…aren't you hungry yet?" Boy was I. And warrior meat was the main course on my menu. Xena took a quick bath, and I lay on the bed and enjoyed the view. I was dying to ask her about Micah, but I would not allow myself to be so easily read. I would wait until I had her in my clenches and see what she remembered about the little filly. "What is that smirk about, Gabrielle?" Xena's voice startled me out of my trance, and I casually said, "Oh nothing much. I guess it's about time to get dressed." I purposely let my towel fall open when getting up from the bed, revealing all I wasn't wearing. I never looked her way and proceeded to get dressed. I wanted to jump in the tub with her right now, but I had to display complete control. I heard her mutter "Oh Zeus", as she stepped out and grabbed her towel from the rack.

We both got dressed, and I could feel Xena staring at me, trying to put an explanation on my distance from her. We would normally never pass up this opportunity to make love. "Are you ready for dinner? I thought we might take a walk when it got a little darker outside."

"Yeah, that'll be fine." She seemed to be wondering what was behind my actions. Little did she know that I had every intention of bringing her great heights and a few surprises before the night was over.

We proceed down the stairs, and I asked, "Where do you want to sit?" I turned and looked at her standing behind me. She was the most beautiful creature. I could never want anyone the way I want her. "Gabrielle?"

"What? Oh, it doesn't matter. Well. I take that back. How about a private little spot?"

She seemed pleased with that idea. I think she thought I was ignoring her back in our room. If the truth were known, I couldn't allow myself to start touching her, even kissing her. I could not refrain myself from making love with her right now, and I wanted to save every ounce of excitement and anticipation I had. I wanted to put my mark on her, to claim her. It took a certain mindset to feel this way, but I had the agility tonight to make it happen.

"Xena, I forgot my bag. Will you go ahead and grab a table for us?"

"Sure. What would you like to drink?"

"How about wine tonight?"

"Wine, hmmm? Well, what's the special occasion, Gabrielle?"

"You are. Now please get that table before it gets taken! I'll be right back."

She looked at me through squinted eyes, wanting to ask questions but deciding she wouldn't. Gods, my hands were shaking! I was trying to unlace my top and take off my boots and make sure my hair was right and get dressed as quickly as possible. My entrance had to be perfect. I had to make her look at me with lust and want in her eyes. I needed to see it, but more than that, I wanted her to feel it…just like an air around her. We have felt it before, but this time was going to be different. For both of us.

The shirt's neckline plunged to reveal the top mounds of my breasts. Tucking it in and lacing my pants, I remembered one other

leather accessory I needed for the evening. It was in Xena's bag, but not for long.

"Ready or not Xena, here I come…" I muttered to myself as I shut the door behind me to our room. I felt like someone else. It was such a different look for me, but I quite liked it. I didn't feel like the timid little girl that so many people see when they look at me. I felt like I could kick some ass, and it was a great feeling of strength. Sort of commanding. I could tell through the windows that nightfall was upon us. There were several lanterns lit in the dining room. I started my decent down the stairway, searching for Xena in a corner table. Thank the gods there aren't that many corners. I started feeling a little nervous and was afraid maybe I'd lose my edge, but my eyes found hers, and what I saw caused all time to stand still.

She had a glass to her mouth, and just froze when she realized it was me coming down the stairs. I left my hair down tonight, so it would fall loosely when I hovered over her, making love to her. The long, full sleeves on my shirt were flowing as I moved down the stairs. I could feel the heat rise in my crotch. I spotted her, and she never moved the entire time I came down the stairs and even on my walk to the table. It was incredible. "Xena, are you all right?"

"Gabrielle…when did you…where did you…"

I sat down beside her, and put my hand under the table on her thigh. "You seemed to like it today, and I always want you happy with your surroundings…" Tracing her center on the outside of her breeches, I asked, "Don't you like what you see?"

"Of course I do. I just didn't have any idea you had this planned." "Xena, there's a lot you don't know about this evening."

Our dinner arrived and it seemed that our usual appreciation for a warm meal wasn't quite so important. I loved the look on Xena's face. She seemed a little confused about what I was doing, surprised I was doing it, and the more I flirted, happy I was doing it. "Would you relax, and let me wine and dine you tonight, my Warrior Princess?" With that said, she seemed to obey and begin to loosen up. We sipped our wine and got lost in ourselves, oblivious to the people and noises around us. I was already wet just having her responding to me this way.

"Gabrielle, you look good tonight." What a relief. I was afraid she would be turned off because of my much more butch appearance. I was very happy she finally let me know, although I thought the look in her eyes was telling me enough. "Well it's good that you think so, because you are going to be seeing a lot of me tonight." She raised an eyebrow, and said, "Is that right?

We better not drink too much and fall asleep too early, now should we?" My chest flushed, just picturing myself inside her. I didn't want to be behind her…I wanted to be on top of her, between her legs, looking into her eyes the entire time I pumped in and out, controlling her pleasure.

"Xena, let's go for a walk. The night is beautiful, and some fresh air will be nice." I took her hand under the table, gently squeezing it. "You know I adore you. I want tonight to be very special for us. Just let me take care of everything." She opened her mouth slightly as if she was going to say something, but changed her mind. Knowing it was a little chilly, I already knew a place we could go to be warmer.

We walked out of the dining area with what seemed like every eye glued to us. Were we that obvious? Was my desire for her showing so easily? I looked down as we walked out the door onto the street, and saw that yes, most likely my desire was obvious. My chest seemed fuller than normal…the silk was such a different feeling than my usual top. My anticipation for Xena's mouth on me was also helping the definition show through. She touched my arm and stopped me outside the door. "I love your shirt, and especially what's under it, but I don't like everyone seeing my treasures." I took her hand and brought it up to cover one of my breasts. "Isn't it okay to look if they don't get to touch?" Her own chest was rising and falling a little more heavily, and I knew my plan was working. The Seduction by Gabrielle would begin.

"Let's go check on Argo," I said as I broke the stare we had been sharing. Expecting a question about why but nothing said, she let me lead the way to the stable.


We quietly entered the stable, and went to Argo's stall. "Now tell me why we're here at this hour…" Xena said as I put Argo' blanket on the horse's back. "The rule for tonight is you can ask me no questions. Just trust me, and do as I say. Is that clear, Warrior Princess?" "Gabrielle…" I stood close to her, and started rubbing my own breasts, pushing them together. "Mmmmm, they feel so good under this silk. It would be a shame if you didn't get to touch me." She looked hungry.

She glanced at my the laces on my pants, and said, "Need any help untying all those strings?" "Maybe, but I'll be the one to let you know." I reached up her thighs and rubbed my fingers under the edge of her breeches. I yanked down on them, almost pulling them down. Xena gasped with surprise, but her eyebrows soon leveled out, her eyes narrowed, and she said, "My, but aren't we the commander tonight? Did Micah really get to you?" The truth stung like a poisoned dart, but I had to find the greater good in every situation…I felt the importance of keeping Xena interested in my looks, and she certainly seemed interested in Micah. Dressing this way definitely gave me an edge I had started to enjoy. Xena's response and allowance of me to do this was the icing on the cake. "Just take these off and get on the horse. And that's an order!"

"Okay, but it better be good." Why did she always try to have the last word? "Oh, don't worry. It will be…" I whispered back into her ear, as I ripped her underwear and tore them off her.

"Up here", I said, patting the blanket. "It's time for your riding lesson." Squinting those blue eyes down at me, she did as I requested, and I told her to scoot back. I found a small stool and met her on the blanket, facing her. "Now, I'm going to teach you the pleasure of riding on a horse."

I grabbed her legs, underneath her thighs and pulled her in a swift movement very close to my mound. I let her legs rest on top of mine. I began rubbing her thighs in massaging moves, rubbing hard and slow, kneading her muscles. I spread the leather skirt upwards, and ran my middle finger down her center, the moisture already seeping and making her hair wet. I grabbed behind her back with my left arm and pulled her as closely as possible, saying, "Kiss me. Make love to my mouth."

Xena's scrumptious lips met mine with perfect timing and precision of movement. We had gotten our kissing synchronized perfectly, and we always made lots of time for our kissing. It's like an appetizer…getting high…on pure desire and want for the person who is the other half of your soul. She could put me in a trance by outlining my mouth with her tongue. She reduced me to a weakling when she captured my mouth. Our leather crinkled against each other, the smells of it all offering up a sweet sacrifice to the power of love. "Can I touch you?" I asked her. "Yessss…" and I held onto her body very tightly and strongly, making her know I had her, I could hold her, and wanted to hold her. Nobody had every taken care of Xena. She wouldn't allow it, but I got closer than most. Submission was something Xena couldn't accept easily. I always tried to make sure that Xena knew I thought she was a perfect creation. I wanted her to be able to trust me wholly. I turned my hand over, and cupped her mound. We resumed our union of mouths, and I took just one finger and glided through her wetness in an up and down motion, continuing in a steady, slow rhythm and sucking her tongue with no moans held back. I gave her a little more pressure, and she arched her hips and held them toward me so I could touch her more easily. "You're getting so hard, Xena." She looked amazing.

I took my other hand and held open her lips, allowing my other fingers such freedom in stroking her just perfectly. I wouldn't go inside her. "I'm going to let you come, but we've got a very long night ahead of us. Pace yourself." I continued stroking her, my own core flooding from the excitement. She placed her hands behind her, locking her elbows. I let one hand slide along her sex, while the other hand started stroking her clit. She was swollen more than usual. She had already filled my hand with her juices, and I wanted to be fucking her so badly right now. But more importantly, I wanted her to be on fire before we went to that scene.

"That's right, fuck it, Baby", I told her when her hips started to move hard against my hand. Our position wasn't the most comfortable, and definitely not convenient, but it started the night out with something new and the surprise tactic was very important for my plan. She came very slow, but very hard. She fell against me, and I held her tightly. "Are you ready to go back to our room, since you've gotten a little warmed up?" She lifted her head and looked at me. "Gabrielle, what do you have on underneath those pants?" An evil little grin was all I could give back on that one. "You'll just have to wait and find out!"

Before we left the stable, I grabbed her around her waist. "Xena, you know I love you. I want you to be happy tonight, and just let me love you." She had to feel my emotion. "Gabrielle…", was all she said, and seemed to stop to think. "All right." Although I was supposed to be in command, I always needed her approval. I didn't mind, actually. Her happiness was my true concern.

"But if I catch cold from being under clothed, I will make sure you don't sleep at night, either."

"Okay, I will take good care of you. We better get to our room since it's slightly drafty tonight. Now can I have a kiss before we leave the stable?" I saw a pail behind us and quickly ran to it, bringing it back and turning it upside down. I stepped upon it and said, "I'm ready." I pulled her into me. "This is nice," I said, not being able to resist smiling. I was tall enough to put my arms around her very securely. Our heads tilted and lips met in perfect unison. She agreed.

Before going upstairs, we stopped by the bar in the dining area and took a bottle of wine back to our room. Xena went to the bed, and after taking off her boots and armor, poured us each a glass of wine. She stretched out on the bed, giving me control of the night. I pulled my shirt out of my pants and over my head. "Thought you might like something refreshing to go with your wine…", I said, as going to our bed and climbing up her body. "You said you had me some wine?", I asked as I laid my chest on hers. Her lips still wet with the fruit, I licked them over and over, making sure I had wet not only her mouth, but her center as well. "Mmmmm, that is the best wine I have ever tasted." She started caressing my back. Her touch was so sensual, and by this time, I was in extreme need to be touched by my warrior princess. I moved to take off my boots, and she said, "Leave on your pants…"

"Did you want me to leave on my leathers?" she asked, and I said, "I thought you'd never ask…why don't you let me help you get a little more comfortable…" and I began helping her undress to nothing but skin. I made certain I stroked every inch of her as passionately as possible. Her long body responded to my touches, and I knew I had held back as long as I could. I spread her legs apart and lowered my midsection into her mound, keeping her left leg in my hand, wrapping it around me as I moved into her. Her breathing told me she was as excited as I was. I took her hand and rubbed it along the front of my pants, telling her "untie these". When she did, I then took her hand and stroked it down the front of my pants, exposing not only my wetness for her, but also what I had hidden as a surprise for her. "Do you want me, Xena? Can I go inside you?"

She was so beautiful lying on the pillows, her dark hair silky and long. She grabbed the phallus and gently pushed it into me, knowing it would stimulate my already drenched mound. I knew she had already felt it move against her, but she seemed to want it as much as I did. "Let me make sure you're wet enough…" and I moved down her body with my tongue making a trail the entire trip. I sucked as much of her center into my mouth as I could. She felt wonderful, dripping with a glistening wetness that made my body respond in the same way behind the phallus. "You're ready, baby", and I pulled her to the end of the bed. "I want to make sure you can feel me." I moved both her legs where they were bent at the knee, and dipped the head of my appendage into her opening. She moved against me, wanting to move her hips upward to take in more of me. "Wait…not yet.

Get me wet, first, Xena." I rubbed the phallus up and down her opening, watching her eyes close and hearing her moans of pleasure. "More, Gabrielle…" Gods, she turned me on.

I reached down and opened up her lips, starting to slowly rub her clit on each side between my fingers. "Do you want me to jack you off, baby?" "Yessss," she moaned, and I left the tip of the phallus in her, moving just enough to keep it inside her. I took her clit between my fingers and started moving against it, all the while feeling her vagina open up and taking more of me in.

"Do it, baby", she gasped. "Do what? What do you want from me?"

"Fuck me…" she said as she looked into my eyes with total need. I could not resist her. I put my hands on her waist, and standing at the end of the bed, I moved inside her. "Gods, you feel so good, Xena…"

"Mmmmm, you feel good, baby" she said. "Can I go all the way inside?" I asked as I barely moved back and forth. "Let me show you" she whispered, and she grabbed my ass, pulling me into her, and sliding into her was heaven. "Xena", I barely spoke. The feeling of her lips around me, pushing into her the core of her sex and hearing the wetness while I moved back and forth out of her was unexplainable.

Standing at the end of the bed, making love to Xena, was a fantasy brought to life. With her feet planted on the bed, I was able to move freely, fucking her with firm strokes, feeling of her body, of her breasts, and able to see all of her. "Move up a little, " I told her, and I pulled out just long enough to take off my pants. I needed complete freedom to make love to her.

I got back onto the bed, and lay down beside her. "Why don't you sit on me?" I asked, and without hesitation, she climbed on top of me. I brought her hips up to my mouth, and began my assault on her body. Licking wildly up and down her slit, she exerted so much wetness both inside and around my mouth. "Gods, baby, you are so wet…." She seemed to be enjoying the motion, and I knew she could come at any time.

Withdrawing my mouth from her, she whimpered, but I moved her hips back to my mound. "Take me in, Xena." She sat slowly on the phallus, her pleasure obvious as she began moving up and down. She leaned to my mouth and started kissing me. The entire sensation of it all was bringing me close to orgasm, especially being able to feel the nub of the phallus against my own sex.

She was extremely sensuous as she moved on top of me, placing her hands on my breasts and sending shocks throughout my body. I ran my hands on her hips, behind her, up her back, over her breasts, and then to her mouth. She took my fingers in one by one and sucked on them. "Do you want me to suck your cock, Gabrielle?"

Without an answer from me, she moved her body down mine, and grabbed the phallus with one hand and with the other, stroked my wetness that she could reach. I watched as her mouth descended on me, and she moaned with every motion of going up and down the shaft. Oh gods, to be able to really feel her mouth and her suction on me would be bliss. She could make me come at any moment. "Do what makes you feel good, Xena." "I am."

She suddenly changed directions, and slowly sat down on the phallus, facing the end of the bed. I had a perfect view of her ass, and my hands couldn't resist touching as much of her as I could. I reached around and found her clitoris and she moved up and down on me, the sensation overwhelming.

Feeling her body tighten, as well as her core, I knew she was very close. She became very determined in her movements, almost slow but steady. Each time she would set her weight back down onto me, it rubbed my clit, and the climb for both of us would be at the same time. We were totally lost in the moment, and as she mounted me and I filled her, I couldn't have been any happier. She began her ascent, moving with more speed, and I ran my hands over her body. "You're going to make me come inside you, Xena…" She was making sounds of pleasure, and the way she moved was sending me into oblivion.

"I'm so close, Gabrielle…" I could feel it, and it was the most incredible experience. I thrust my hips as hard as I could, and she increased her speed rapidly. She found her release, and with my name on her lips, I came very hard beneath her. There was something about her being able to find pleasure from me and then finding liberation, I was more in love than ever.

She fell forward onto the bed, catching her breath and her bearings. She moved to let the phallus leave her body, and then turned around and motioned for me to lie on her shoulder, but first I removed the harness and then just got beneath the sheets with her. It felt so good to stretch out comfortably and just be in each other's arms. We drifted off to sleep in the stillness, and I awoke with Xena's tongue tracing my ear and down the side of my neck. She wanted me, and I could never resist her touch. "I want to feel you" and instantly we were ready to make love again. She turned me on my side and slid in behind me, holding me tightly in her grip, and slowly moving against my ass. I pressed my hips backward to meet her, sleepily grinding into her until everything started waking up. She had me encircled in her arms, but moved one of her hands to trail slowly down to my lips, whispering, "Let me see if you are wet for me…" She knew what she would find, and moaned with pleasure when she found her fingers returning slick with my juices. She swirled the tips of her fingers every so lightly around my nipples, and continued her slow, moving grind behind me. "Taste yourself for me", she said as she traced my mouth, making my mouth open with desire. I readily sucked her fingers in hard, long strokes, running my tongue in between her fingers, letting her know I'd love to be licking her right now.

I didn't have to prove anything tonight. Although it all went well, I knew that she was mine, and the feeling was mutual. There was no need to worry about her loving anyone else. She didn't have to say these words, but I could feel the connection we shared. Somehow, I was her only one, and I intended to keep it that way. Whatever she wanted or needed, I would do my best to give it to her. Leather or no leather.

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