by shanmacca


Summary How does one cope when they force themselves out of their comfort zone?


She accepted the drink from the bartender, giving her the required amount with a slight nod and then taking a sip as she gazed around, wondering what the hell she was doing. She didn't normally frequent bars, even less so on a dedicated lesbian evening where everyone was at least 15 years younger. Maybe it had something to do with her turning 40 this year and taking stock of her life and finding that it sucked.

Taking a deep breath, and another larger sip of drink, she shut her eyes, wondering how she had got to the point in her life where all she did was exist. Mentally shaking off those thoughts, not wishing to go down that path, at least in public, she reopened her eyes as a woman, who appeared to be the same age as her and very attractive, took the empty stool beside her. Not knowing what to say, or how to engage in small talk, she just sat there in silence, finishing her drink, wishing that she wasn't shy or scared or fearful of everything. Downing the remainder of her drink in one go, she pushed the empty glass away and rose, giving the woman a ghost of a smile before leaving the bar and heading home to a life that really wasn't one. Maybe one day she would have the courage to say hello to a stranger in a bar. Maybe.



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