Faces of Evil

part 3

by ShoeX

Please see part one for all disclaimers.


Kristen walked back into the room and just stood there for a minute and looked at Rebecca's back. There was blood on the sheet. Kristen remembered when she first saw Rebecca that she couldn't even tell it was her. The left side of her face was so swollen and bruised and there was blood on her face and in her hair. Kristen shook her head, the thought made her shudder. She took a deep breath and put her Doctor's face back on so she could take care of Rebecca.

Kristen walked over to the table. Kristen placed her hand on Jane's shoulder and asked her to wait outside for a few minutes while she talked to Rebecca, Jane nodded her head. Jane bent down and kissed Rebecca on the forehead then left the room. Doctor Kristen walked over to the stool and pushed it to where Rebecca's head was and sat down. " Rebecca honey we're alone now and I want to talk to you about what I need you to do to help me here okay?" Rebecca looked at Kristen and nodded her head.

"I'm going to need to get your clothes off. Sweetheart, I need to take a look at you to see what the extent of your injuries are so I can assess them and take care of you… Do you understand sweetheart?"

While Kristen explained what she needed to do to Rebecca, she had replaced the oxygen mask that was giving Rebecca continuous oxygen. Since Rebecca was fighting the non-rebreather mask she was wearing Kirsten decided to put on a nasal cannula for her continuous oxygen supply. When Kristen was done she could see the fear in Rebecca's eyes.

Rebecca shook her head no, she was so afraid. Everything hurt so much and she felt so dirty she couldn't let Kristen see her, she just couldn't. "No leave my shirt alone! I don't want you to look. I just want to go home, please!"

"Sweetheart you need medical treatment, so I can't let you leave. Please trust me Rebecca. Sweetheart, I need to take the shirt off-- I need to see. C'mon now, we been through this before. I know you don't like to take them off honey but I really need to see. It's just you and me in here. Nobody else will see you-- please trust me."

"I'm scared!" Rebecca said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Kristen gently wiped a tear away. "I know you are sweetheart. Please let me take care of you. Please!"

"Okay." It was said in such a tiny whisper that Kristen almost didn't hear it.

Kristen spoke again in a soft voice while keeping her eyes locked with Rebecca's. "Rebecca honey, because you were raped there's some things I have to do because of the law. I'll tell you everything that I'm going to do before I do it and explain everything to you first… Okay sweetheart?"

Rebecca just knodded her head and held the sheet tighter around herself. This was so embarrassing! All she wanted to do was die right this second so everything would stop. She felt the warmth of Kristen's hand when she gently took one of her hands and held on to it.

"Sweetheart, I'll go real slow and be as gentle as I can. I promise!"

Rebecca closed her eyes and nodded her head.

She squeezed Rebecca's hand. "Hon, I'm going to bring Jane back in a few minutes and then we're going to get started, okay?"

Rebecca's eyes went wide and started crying again. "I don't want her to see me like this-- PLEASE!"

Kristen looked into Rebecca's eyes as she brushed her bangs off her forehead. "Rebecca, Jane is your best friend Hon-- I want somebody here with you!"

Rebecca shook her head 'no'. "Please Kristen-- I don't want anybody to see me like this."

Kristen took a deep breath as she continued to brush her bangs. "Sweetheart, I know I said it would be just us in the room and for the most part it well only be you and me in here, but I want Jane to be with you during your exam-- okay?"

Rebecca wasn't sure about having Jane in the room but nodded her head 'yes' anyway.

"Good, Now Rebecca when I'm done with your exam I'm going to need another set of hands to help me in here. So I'm going to have Sarah come in and help me-- okay?"

Kristen waited a few seconds while Rebecca thought it over and heard, "Okay."

Kristen smiled at Rebecca. "You're going to be okay sweetheart, I promise."

There was a knock on the door, Kristen said to Rebecca. "I'll be right back, that's Sarah with the supplies I asked for—okay?" With a nod from Rebecca, Kristen got up and walked out the door to talk with Sarah and Jane.

The first words out of Sarah mouth were. "Is she going to be all right?"

"Yeah she should. Let me fill you in on the situation in there-- Sarah I know you're the trained nurse for these situations, but I'm not going to need you until after the exam and Rebecca is sedated, okay?"

"Okay." Sarah handed the rape kit and medication to Kristen and said that x-ray were on there way down. She told Kristen just to call at the nurse's station when she needed her or any other supplies and then turned and left.

Kristen looked to Jane who was leaning on the wall for support. Jane was doing her best to pull herself together. "Jane, how was she found at the scene?"

"She was found in the alley behind the Grill back by the dumpster. She was laying in a ball in the garbage Kristen-- her clothes from the waist down were missing. She was just laying there on her side-- quiet until anybody got close to her. There was a good amount of blood on the ground around her and on the wall beside the dumpster. God Kristen, I have never seen anything like that before, how could somebody do something like this?"

Kristen placed her hand on Jane shoulder. "Jane, there are alot of sick people in this world. The main thing now is to help Rebecca okay? I want you to be in there for Rebecca while I do her exam-- just hold her hand and be there for her. Jane, let me explain something to you-- she's in a lot of pain and she'll probably scream and fight us during the exam. You may have to hold her down a little, so be ready for that-- can you handle it?"

Jane looked into Kristen's eyes and nodded her head. "Yeah, I can handle it. I want to be there with her."

"Okay, just give me a few minutes to look over the injuries and sedate her more. I'll call you in when I'm ready to start her exam." Kristen gave Jane's shoulder a light squeeze.

Jane nodded her head. "Okay."

With that Kristen went back into Rebecca's room for the hard job in front of her. Kristen opened the door and told Rebecca she was by herself. She walked over to the counter and put down the rape kit and the medications. She grabbed the two syringes filled with medication and the IV kit and put them on the extra tray by the table next to Rebecca's head. She went back to the counter and opened the rape kit and laid the items on the counter.

Kristen went back to Rebecca and took her hand. "Rebecca sweetheart, it's time to start okay? I need to get your shirt off and you on your back. Hon, I ordered some x-rays to be done of your head, chest, and your right hand so I can see if anything is broke-- I'll be here with you the whole time. Okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head yes.

"Rebecca, after I get your shirt off I'm going to start an IV on you and give you something that well help with the pain and help you relax a little more for me, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head again.

Kristen went to the counter and grabbed the bag to put Rebecca's clothes in for evidence and walked back to over to the table and put the bag on the chair.

"Okay Rebecca, I'm going to take your sheet off now sweetheart."

At first Rebecca didn't want to let go of the sheet. "I don't want you to see!" She said as a sob made it's way out of her throat.

"C'mon sweetheart, I need to see your injuries. It's just you and me in here Rebecca okay? You're safe now, there's nothing for you to be embarrassed about sweetheart. Please let me see."

Rebecca let go of the sheet and Kristen pulled it off, threw it on the floor and immediately covered Rebecca's bottom half with a clean sheet she had set on the table. Rebecca was lying on her right side almost in a ball.

"Okay Rebecca, I'm going to cut your shirt off now." Kristen said as she was pulling out her scissors.

Rebecca said, "Okay." And closed her eyes.

Kristen brushed Rebecca's hair behind her ear. "It's just me sweetheart."

Rebecca opened her eyes and nodded her head.

Doctor Kristen noticed there was a lot fresh blood on the front of Rebecca's shirt and on her left side below her ribs. Kristen started to cut Rebecca's fire department T-shirt off; Rebecca tensed up and started to cry.

"It's okay sweetheart, try and relax for me-- I'm almost done, I'm right here with you."

Rebecca's sports bra was pushed up past her breasts and that was cut off and both items were put in the evidence bag. Kristen quickly grabbed the sheet and covered Rebecca's whole body, in an attempt to make her feel a little more secure.

Kristen told Rebecca she was going to start the IV next and was going to put in her left hand. Kristen grabbed the IV kit off the tray and started Rebecca's IV.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm going to give you something to help with the pain and to help you relax more okay? Here goes-- you'll feel it in a few seconds hon."

"How are you feeling now Rebecca? A little better?"

Rebecca felt like she could fall asleep, she still hurt but not as bad as before. It took a few minutes to really understand what Kristen was saying to her, the drug was doing it's job.

Rebecca looked at Kristen and replied with a slightly slurred speech. "Yeah, it doesn't hurt as much now."

Kristen told Rebecca she was going to look at her back area first and then she needed her to roll on her back so she could take a look at the injuries in front.

Rebecca nodded her head 'yes'.

Kristen walked around to the other side of the table and pulled back Rebecca's sheet to expose her back region. Rebecca tensed up at first. Kristen told Rebecca to relax she was just looking first, that she was safe here. Kristen found seven bite marks on Rebecca upper back, she told Rebecca that she was going to look at her bottom area and that she would feel her hand touching her.

"No. Please don't!"

"Sweetheart I need to see-- please trust me, please."

Rebecca only nodded her head. She was feeling so embarrassed, so dirty.

Kristen looked over the butt cheeks and found three bite marks on the left and five on the right. She very gently pulled Rebecca's cheeks apart and Rebecca screamed.

"Aaahhhh-- Please stop, that really hurts!"

Kristen let go. "Okay Rebecca, it's all right-- I've seen what I needed to see sweetheart. Rebecca you have some glass in your back I'm going to have to pull it out before I can have you roll over, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head and Kristen grabbed a pair of tweezers off the tray and pulled three pieces of glass out and pulled the sheet back over her back.

Jane was out in the hallway when she heard Rebecca scream and she found a tear running down her cheek from the pain she knew her friend was going through.

After walking around the table Kristen lightly brushed her hand across Rebecca's cheek. "Okay, Rebecca I need you roll over on your back sweetheart, I'll help you."

Kristen grabbed Rebecca's legs and helped her straighten out. Rebecca gasped in pain a few times during the process of having to move her body. Kristen told Rebecca she was going to pull the sheet down to her hips now and take a look at her front. With that Rebecca gave Kristen a nod of the head and closed her eyes started crying again.

"It's going to be all right sweetheart, it's just you and me in the room. Nobody else Rebecca."

With that Kristen pulled down Rebecca's sheet to her hips.

"I'm going to hook you up to the monitor Rebecca. With all the medication I'm going to be giving you I want to keep an eye on things--okay?"


While Kristen was placing the leads on Rebecca's chest and putting on the blood pressure cuff Kristen thought to herself, 'What kind of animal would do something like this?'

Rebecca's left nipple and areola were bitten so badly that it was only attached to the breast by a small thread of dermis tissue. There were five other bites on her left breast, four of which also needed sutures. On her right breast the nipple and areola were bitten also but only through the epidermis layer. The nipple was at least still attached to the breast tissue. There were two other bite marks on her breast that would both require sutures. Rebecca had contusions on both breasts and on her ribs, stomach and abdomen. There was a laceration below her left rib that needed sutures also. For the breast injuries Kristen wanted Doctor Anna Jutton to do the repair work. She was one of the best breast surgeons they had on staff. Kristen believed it would take her over an hour just to suture up what she needed to.

Kristen pulled out her stethoscope and listened to Rebecca's chest, everything sounded good. Kristen palpated Rebecca's stomach and abdomen areas, which made her start crying harder. Kristen pulled the sheet back up over Rebecca's chest. Kristen looked into Rebecca's eyes.

"Sweetheart, I need to look at the your bottom half now okay? I'll be as gentle as I can when I touch you, I promise."

With the drugs in her she just didn't have the energy to fight, so Rebecca just nodded her head. She was feeling so ashamed.

Kristen pulled the sheet up from the bottom of the table up past Rebecca's hips. Kristen as gently as she could used her hands to guide Rebecca's legs open. Kristen removed the trauma pad so she could get a look at the damage. Rebecca made a few gasps of pain with this. It was more mental pain then physical pain at this point. Kristen took a quick look and placed a clean OB pad in-between her legs. Kristen's heart sank when she saw the extent of the damage that was done to her friend's tender flesh.

"All done Rebecca." Kristen said as she covered Rebecca back up with the sheet.

Kristen had just finished covering Rebecca back up, there was a knock on the door. It was the x-ray tech with the machine to take Rebecca's x-rays. After Kristen explained to Rebecca that the tech was here to do her x-rays. Kristen helped the tech get the film slides under Rebecca for her chest x-rays. Kristen told Rebecca while the tech took the other slides she needed to call Sarah out at the front desk. With an okay from Rebecca, Kristen left her side and walked across the room to the phone on the wall and called Sarah. Kristen asked Sarah to page Doctor Jutton and have her come to the ER, stat. It took less than 10 minutes to do the rest of the x-rays slides. Then the tech left the room closing the door behind herself.

Rebecca tried to stay relaxed while the tech did her x-rays. It hurt to be touched or moved, but with Kristen standing by her side Rebecca felt a sense of peace. When Kristen moved away from her side, Rebecca panicked a little. While Kristen was on the phone talking to Sarah she kept eye contact with Rebecca. It was like a lifeline between them, neither willing to break the line of communication of love that was there.

Kristen took Rebecca's vitals again and then sedated her more to help relax her for the gynecological exam that she was going to do next. Kristen knew this would be the hardest part for Rebecca to go through. What Kristen didn't realize was that this was just as hard for her as Rebecca. It was hard to keep her "doctor's face" on.

Kristen took Rebecca's hand and explained that she had to do a gyn exam next and the medication she just gave her would help her relax more for it. Kristen wanted to be honest with Rebecca about the exam. So Kristen explained to her that there would be some pain during the exam and that she would be as gentle as she could during it.

Rebecca begged her not to, that it all ready hurt enough there. Kristen found it hard to listen to Rebecca beg her not to do the exam. It broke her heart. Kristen hoped that the sedative would kick in soon.

Kristen was lightly brushing the hair off Rebecca's forehead. "Rebecca, I'm going to bring Jane back in the room now to be with you during this part."

Rebecca cut Kristen off. "No. Please, I don't want her to see!"

"Rebecca-- please sweetheart."

"Please don't, please!" She kept saying over and over again. Rebecca was beginning to slur her words together and her eyes were getting droopy -- the medication was starting to work.

"Rebecca listen to me sweetheart. I have to collect some evidence and check to make sure you're okay down there. It's going to hurt some and I want Jane in here to hold your hand and to be with you. I'll try to be as quick as I can--I promise."

Rebecca closed her eyes and nodded her head. She was having a hard time concentrating with the sedative and the pain medicine that was in her system.

Kristen went to the door and motioned for Jane to come in. Jane went to Rebecca's side and took her hand.

"Hey Becca, I'm here kiddo." Rebecca didn't say anything, she felt so embarrassed. She just squeezed Jane's hand.

Kristen went to the foot of the table and pulled out the set of stirrups that were attached to the special gyn table. The stirrups were larger than a normal pair. The patient's legs once placed in them were not able to close during a procedure. The table was narrow and had side rails that could be put up or down. The bottom half of the table went down and allowed better access to the patient when the stirrups were pulled out. Actually the table was almost like the beds that were up on the maternity ward of the hospital.

"Sweetheart, you need to come down some to me."

Rebecca started to move down on the table, then stopped. Her speech came out slightly slurred. "I caan't -- hurtss too much!"

"Okay Rebecca, I'll move you down. Rebecca squeeze Jane's hand if it hurts when I move you okay?"


Kristen placed her arms under Rebecca and moved her down on the table. Kristen gently placed Rebecca's feet in the stirrups. Kristen made sure that Rebecca stayed covered up by the sheet. Kristen placed extra chux pads under Rebecca's bottom and on the floor under where she would be working.

It hurt when Kristen moved Rebecca. Jane thought at first that Rebecca might break a few of her fingers. Jane tried to help by telling Rebecca that everything was going to be okay over and over again.

Kristen was standing in-between Rebecca's legs rubbing her sheet-covered knees. Kristen waited until she felt Rebecca's muscle's relax some from all the movement they just did.

"Rebecca, I need you to try and relax for me and not tense up. Sweetheart, it will hurt less and make it easier for you. If the pain gets to bad squeeze Jane's hand, okay?"

Rebecca didn't say anything but nodded her head. She was having a hard time holding her eyelids open from all the medications.

Kristen looked up and nodded to Jane and then pulled the tray over with the gyn supplies on it. Kristen put on her latex gloves and pulled the sheet up past Rebecca's hips to expose her pubic area. Kristen explained to Rebecca that she was going to feel her running a comb through her pubic hairs for evidence.

Kristen gently combed though Rebecca's hair and placed the evidence in the collection bag. Jane felt Rebecca squeeze her hand a little while Kristen was combing through her hair. Jane only looked at Rebecca's face during this. Jane wanted to give her friend as much privacy as she could by not watching Kristen work. Jane wasn't ready for the death grip she got next.

"Okay Rebecca, you're going to feel me feeling around down here sweetheart, okay?-- Here goes."

Kristen started to inspect the damaged tissue around Rebecca's vulva. While inspecting the damage to the clitoris and the other bite marks Rebecca screamed out in pain. Her speech was slurred, but Kristen knew what she was saying... it hurt.

Jane was gently brushing Rebecca's bangs off her moist forehead while telling her everything was going to be fine.

Kristen started talking to Rebecca. "I know it hurts sweetheart, just listen to my voice Rebecca--just relax-- almost done." She looked over the last bite mark. "There you go sweetheart, I'm done. Okay?" Kristen said as she stopped her exam.

Rebecca had numerous cuts and scrapes around her vulva area, buttocks area and her thighs. There was a bite mark on her clitoris that added to the other four bite marks to the surrounding vulva area. Kristen was afraid that there could be some permanent damage to the tissues just like the left nipple.

Kristen waited for a minute while Rebecca calmed down enough for the next part.

"Rebecca, I'm going to put the speculum in now okay? Sweetheart please try and stay as relaxed as you can for me, okay Hon?"

Rebecca's reply was a slurred. "Yeaah."

Rebecca found that between the medication and the feeling of Jane caressing her hair and face that she wasn't really sure what was going on. The only thing she was sure of was she felt pain.

The medication Kristen gave Rebecca was helping a lot with keeping her calm so far through the exam. Kristen knew that during the rest of the exam the medication wouldn't help enough. Kristen thought, 'Thank god the medication is helping... I'm sorry that this is going to hurt you Rebecca.'

Kristen reached over to the tray and picked up the speculum and applied Surgilube to it.

"Okay – Rebecca, I'm going to insert the speculum now."

Kristen gently pushed the speculum into the very swollen and damaged tissue of Rebecca's vagina opening and opened it up. Rebecca screamed out in pain and tried to close her legs. Jane wasn't ready for the strength of Rebecca trying to move. Jane had moved to the head of the table and used her one hand to hold Rebecca's shoulder down while the other held her hand. Jane bent down to Rebecca's head and quietly whispered reassurance's that everything would be okay.

" Aahhh-- Aahhh. Ooh god-- stop! It-- it hurrts. Pleease stop Kristen!"

"Sweetheart I know it hurts and I'm sorry, but your making it worse be tightening your muscles… Rebecca, please relax hon. I need you to keep your legs open for me, c'mon Rebecca. Just concentrate on my voice again and not what I'm doing sweetheart... It's just me down here."

As soon as Kristen started talking to Rebecca she seemed to relax and calm down some. Jane locked eyes with Kristen and smiled. Kristen spoke in a soft voice to Rebecca trying to help keep her calm while she quickly took the small aspirator and inserted it and collected the secretions from her vagina. Then she did the swabsticks to test for sexually transmitted diseases. She pulled the light closer to get a better look at the damage inside the vaginal canal. Rebecca had some foreign materials in her canal, internal bruises and lesions that were still hemorrhaging. Kristen noticed a mix of fresh blood with old clotted blood. Kristen made more mental notes to the growing list of damage.

"Rebecca, when was your last period sweetheart?"

"I-- I-- Juss stopped yesterday. I'm-- I'm sorrry. "

" No, that's okay sweetheart. Rebecca I'm going to pull the speculum out now, okay?"

Kristen slowly pulled the speculum out and sat it on the tray. Kristen pulled one of her bloody gloves off, then stood up in-between Rebecca legs and rubbed her knee. Kristen explained to Rebecca that she was going to feel her finger go inside her for a minute, then push on her abdomen a few times. Rebecca shook her head no.

"Pleease don't-- it hurts."

"Sweetheart I need to, ready."

With that Kristen quickly be gently inserted her finger into Rebecca's vagina. Kristen felt Rebecca's muscle's tense up and she tried to close her legs.

"Aahh-- ugh, Pleeasse Kristen stop! It hurrts-- ow-- ow."

"Rebecca, relax sweetheart. Stop tensing up your muscles-- c'mon it's just me. I'm almost done."

Jane had never seen her friend in so much pain. Jane was finding this extremely difficult emotionally for herself to witness the scene in front of her. Jane was starting to have a difficult time holding Rebecca down on the table. Jane really didn't think that if she was in Kristen's shoes right now that she could play doctor.

While Kristen was probing around and pushing on Rebecca's belly, she felt something on her right ovary. 'Just great—hopefully it's just a cyst, we'll get that checked out in a week or so.' Kristen thought as she completed the exam and slowly pulled her finger out.

While still standing between Rebecca's legs Kristen explained to her that she needed to do a rectal exam next due to the fact there was anal penetration and she needed to collect the evidence. Rebecca started shaking her head no to Kristen.

Rebecca started to cry. "NO-- Noo there-- there wassn't!"

Kristen, while rubbing her one knee said. "Yes there was Rebecca, I can see the evidence sweetheart."

Rebecca started crying harder. "Pleease don't!-- it will hurt so much. Pleease no. I can't take anymore!-- pleease Kristen."

Kristen while still rubbing Rebecca's leg with one hand told her she had to. Kristen went on to explain to Rebecca that she was still bleeding from there and she wanted to check for any damage that may have been done. It was breaking Kristen's heart to hear Rebecca begging her to stop, but this had to be done.

"Rebecca, I'll be as quick as I can."

Kristen sat back on her stool and grabbed the medical instruments she needed and placed her hand on Rebecca's butt cheek.

"Rebecca, you're going to feel me go in now."

"Aaahhh-- Oh God that hurrts! Ow-- ow-- Pleasse stop Kristen, pleease!"

"I know Rebecca-- almost done."

Jane tried to give her friend as much comfort as she could. Jane just wished that this was over all ready. She wasn't sure how much more she could take seeing her friend in so much pain.

Kristen went as quickly as she could with the swabsticks. Kristen put them in the collection bag. She applied some Surgilube to her finger to get ready for what she had to do next.

"Rebecca, you're going to feel my finger go in real quick for minute and I'm going to push on your belly again."

Before Rebecca could say anything, she inserted her finger all the way in to Rebecca's rectum. Kristen felt the muscles tense up.

"Oh god that burns! Ugh-- Ow-- please stop! Ahhh-- Oh god it hurrts, pleease stop!"

"Relax Rebecca. C'mon sweetheart, I'm almost done-- there you go, I'm done now"

After Kristen felt for rectal lesions, she checked Rebecca's ovaries again. She was able to get a better feel of the cyst that she found during Rebecca's internal exam. When she was done she slowly pulled her finger out and pulled off her bloody gloves. Kristen motioned to Jane to help with Rebecca's legs. They gently lifted them out of the stirrups and helped her back up in the bed. Rebecca rolled on her side again and started to rock herself back and fourth.

Kristen moved her stool around to Rebecca's head. Jane had moved out of the way for her. Jane knew that the greatest comfort for Rebecca right now was Kristen. Kristen sat and held her hand while gently stroking her hair behind her ear until she calmed down some. It had taken more than 15 minutes for Rebecca to calm down and relax even with the sedative in her system before Kristen could even think about leaving the room to talk to Sarah about the repair work that needed to be done. Once Rebecca calmed down Kristen explained to her that she needed to see Sarah for a few minutes and then she would be right back. With an okay from Rebecca and Jane, Kristen left the room to talk to Sarah.

Kristen went to the nurse's station to talk to Sarah and to give her a list of supplies she wanted. Kristen asked Sarah to give her about five to ten minutes with Rebecca to put her under sedation before she came to help her.

With that done Kristen walked over to the medication cabinet. Kristen signed out the medication to put Rebecca completely under sedation. This would allow her and Sarah to work on Rebecca without causing her anymore stress or pain. Rebecca's x-rays were fine, besides two fractured ribs on her left side and two dislocated fingers on the right hand. The x-rays showed that Rebecca's face didn't sustain any broken bones. With Rebecca's medication in her hand she headed back to her room.

Kristen knocked on the door before reentering Rebecca's room. Kristen identified herself and then walked into the room. Kristen went to Rebecca's side to explain what was going to happen next. Kristen pulled her stool over to Rebecca's head and sat down and took her hand.

"Rebecca sweetheart, I'm going to start suturing you up now. Sarah is coming to help me with a few things that I need to do for you. I need that extra set of hands now. I'm going to sedate you-- you'll sleep through all of it. I feel it would be best for you sweetheart."

Rebecca looked at her. "I'm afraid!"

Kristen squeezed Rebecca's hand. "Sweetheart, I'll be here the whole time with you. We're just going to patch you up and wash you up. I'll be right here when you wake up I promise."

Rebecca nodded her head. "I—I-- tr-trusst you," as another sob caught in her throat.

Rebecca felt for some reason deep within her soul that she did trust Kristen with her life. Rebecca didn't know why, but she did. Rebecca wasn't sure about having Sarah see her like this, too many people had already. It scared her. The sound of Kristen's voice brought her back to the present.

"Okay Rebecca, here it goes-- You sleep well, I'll be here when you wake up sweetheart."

Kristen had inserted the syringe into Rebecca's IV while she was talking to her and slowly injected the medication in. The last thing Rebecca heard was the word, "Sweetheart'" and then everything went black. Kristen knew this was for the best. When Rebecca woke up she would be in extreme pain and her body needed this time to rest.

Jane watched as Rebecca fell into a sedated sleep, then looked to Kristen.

"Kristen, I think I'll wait outside while you do all this if it's okay with you. She's asleep now and Sarah's coming in to help you."

"It's okay Jane, I know this was hard for you, why don't you go on home. Listen she'll be out for a few hours from the medicine I just gave her. The rest of the night she won't be to coherent because of all the pain medicine she's going to get-- so go on home and get some sleep I'll call you tomorrow morning and let you know how she is, okay?"

"Okay, thank you Kristen."

"No problem, I'll talk to you later."

After Jane left Kristen walked over and sat next to Rebecca. Kristen thought to herself, 'now for the suturing'. Rebecca had four bite marks on the outside of her vaginal area and two on the inside and two around the anus area that added to the ones on her butt cheeks, back, chest and legs. Rebecca had lacerations that also required sutures on her back, chest, right elbow and her left knee that looked like they came from the struggle in the alley.

'God did the bastard have to bite her in so many places? He really went after her left breast. God so many bite marks, what a sick mother fucker.'

Kristen just shook her head to herself and told herself to stop thinking about this now, it was time to help Rebecca.

Kristen went into the cabinets and pulled out the suture kits and cleaners that she would need. She set the trays up, then pulled them over to the table. One tray had the suture kits, antiseptics and syringes. The other tray had the bandages and medications on it.

Kristen rolled Rebecca's body on it's side on the table and started washing down her back with the Betadine solution and then flushed out all the wounds. Then she started numbing the areas with Lidocaine so she could start suturing. Kristen had the bites sutured and was working on the lacerations when there was a knock on the door. Kristen said to come in.

Sarah walked over to the counter and put the supplies down that Kristen had requested. She was confused as to why Kristen was doing these medications now. The new protocols were that rape victims were held for 24 hours for medical treatments and the nurses up on the floor did these.

"Doctor Kristen why are you doing SDV-5 now? The nurses usually do them up on the floor."

Kristen answered Sarah without looking up from her suturing the lacerations on Rebecca's back. "Sarah, Rebecca has a really hard time with stuff like this-- I think doing the one treatment while she's sedated will be less stress on her. Modern medication is great and they didn't have this stuff back in the nineties but this stuff is painful physically and mentally-- It's bad enough that the other treatment will be done while she's awake and that will be hard enough for her to deal with."

Sarah just nodded her head and wished her friend didn't have to go through all of this in the first place. Sarah walked over to Rebecca and added her bag of antibiotics to her IV pump. She looked down at her friend who was only covered from the waist down. This was the first time she really got to see her, all she could say was. "OH MY GOD-- that son of a bitch!"

Kristen just looked at Sarah. "I know Sarah. I feel the same way, but we have a lot of work to do on Rebecca, so lets get started. This is what I need you do for me. The pictures still need to be taken -- I didn't want to do it while she was awake or have a police officer doing it later. I need her catheter put in and I need you to shave her vagina so I can suture her up. There's four bite marks to watch out for while you're shaving, okay?"

While Sarah set the things up that she needed, Kristen finished suturing Rebecca's back up. While Kristen started to clean and numb Rebecca's face up, Sarah was getting ready to take the photos.

Sarah completely removed Rebecca's sheet to take her photos. When she did she saw all the damage that was done to her friend. "OH MY GOD!" Sarah shook her head with sadness. Then started taking the pictures of Rebecca's face, chest, arms, legs. Finally Sarah spread Rebecca's legs open and took pictures of her vagina. Kristen helped roll Rebecca on her side to take pictures of her back areas.

There was a knock on the door just as they finished with the pictures. Doctor Anna Jutton came into the room. While Anna examined Rebecca's injured breasts, she and Kristen discussed Rebecca's injuries. Doctor Jutton would work on Rebecca's breast while Kristen worked on all the other injuries.

Sarah and Kristen pulled Rebecca down on the table and put her legs in the stirrups that would hold her in place while being sedated. Sarah started washing Rebecca's vaginal area down with the Betadine solution and then shaved the area. Kristen went back to suturing Rebecca's face while Anna and Sarah started on their parts.

Anna cleaned Rebecca's whole chest area with the Betadine solution. The solution turned Rebecca's skin a yellowish brown color. Anna then numbed all the wounds with Lidocaine. Anna started with the right one first because it had less damage to it. She sutured Rebecca's nipple back to the breast tissues with nice neat small sutures so she would have very little scars, then she sutured the other bite marks that needed it the same way. Anna had just started on the left one when Kristen finished on Rebecca's face. Kristen watched as Anna worked on the left breast while she talked about her concerns with the breast. Both Kristen and Anna's biggest concern was infection due to the fact that Rebecca was found in garbage. The second biggest concern was the possible permanent damage to the tissue from the injury.

When Sarah had completed shaved Rebecca's pubic area she went to insert Rebecca's catheter. Sarah was having a problem with the tubing going in do to all the swelling. Some of the problem was that her hands were shaking somewhat. This was her friend and all the damage that had been done to her was getting past her nurse mode and into her friend mode. Sarah interrupted the conversation between Kristen and Anna when she asked Kristen for help.

"Kristen, I'm having a problem with inserting the tube through the urethra with all this swelling can you gave it a try?"


Kristen pulled the stool over and sat down and started to insert the catheter. The insertion of the tube was difficult and it took a few tries. Once the tubing was in, Kristen fastened the tubing to Rebecca's thigh. Kristen would have to work around the catheter tubing while she sutured the area that needed it.

Kristen started the process for suturing the bite marks. She washed Rebecca again with Betadine solution. Kristen was being very careful and making sure that all the areas were cleaned and then numbed all the sites that needed it with Lidocaine. First she started to suture the bite marks on Rebecca's vagina area, then she sutured the tear between her vagina and rectum. With those done she moved on to the four bite marks on Rebecca's inner thighs and the laceration on her right knee.

By the time Kristen was done with all the suturing on Rebecca's lower extremities, Anna was just finishing up the complex repair work on Rebecca's left breast. Anna was going to start wrapping the bandages when her pager went off. Kristen told her she would wrap them when she was done. Anna explained how she wanted them wrapped and told Kristen she would check on Rebecca tomorrow during her rounds. Then left to see what her next emergency was.

Once Kristen had finished suturing the two small lacerations on Rebecca's abdomen, they rolled Rebecca on her side. Kristen sutured the bite marks that were around Rebecca's upper buttock area. Then gave her the first set of shots that went with the SDV-5 douches.

They rolled Rebecca back over on her back and placed her legs in the stirrups to do the rest of the SDV-5 procedure. The medication in SDV-5 worked against the HIV virus and sexually transmitted diseases. In ninety-nine percent of the cases that SDV-5 was used the patient was disease free after all the follow up tests they were given. There were side effects of course as with any medication. The list went from any of the following: inflammation, diarrhea, stomach-ache, dizziness and a burning sensation for up to an hour after use of the medication.

Kristen got the SDV-5 douches ready while Sarah grabbed the wash tub to hold under Rebecca's bottom. Kristen grabbed the first douche and inserted into Rebecca vagina and washed it out. Sarah dumped the tub and came back and held it under Rebecca again. Kristen thought again about how she was going to have to do these again one more time with Rebecca awake. She shook her head, then grabbed the medicated enema after cleaning Rebecca's bottom areas with an antiseptic cleaner.

After Rebecca was moved back up on the table Kristen and Sarah went through the last things that needed to be done for Rebecca. Kristen and Sarah splinted Rebecca's two fingers. The splints went from the top of her fingers down to her waist. Rebecca's hand and fingers were wrapped with an ace bandage to hold everything in place. Then Kristen taped Rebecca's two cracked ribs. With that done Sarah held Rebecca's upper body up off the table so Kristen could wrap the chest area the way Anna requested.

They both dressed the rest of the wounds and the multiple abrasions that covered Rebecca's body. Rebecca's skin was so many different shades of colors. She was mostly yellow from the Betadine solution they used and from the bruises that covered her body. When they were done Sarah thoroughly washed her body before putting on her hospital gown.

Sarah went back out to the nurse's station to find a room up on the floor for Rebecca and Kristen grabbed a cup a coffee for herself and two small ice packs and a juice for Rebecca. Upon returning to Rebecca's room she just stood there and took the whole evening in. In that bed was a friend. She could hear Rebecca's heart beat on the monitor, her face and body was covered with black, blues and purples. It made her heart fill with pain.

Kristen went to the cabinet that was in the room and grabbed some extra pillows. She walked over to Rebecca and pulled up the sheet and opened Rebecca's legs. Kristen put one ice pack in-between her butt cheeks and the other over her vagina. She placed the pillows under Rebecca's hips and upper legs to help support her in the position for the ice packs. Kristen covered Rebecca up with a blanket and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Kristen sat and waited for her friend to wake up.

Kristen had been sitting and sipping her coffee while working on Rebecca's chart for fifteen minutes before she heard Rebecca moaning in her sleep and talking. She was beginning to come out of the sedation and waking up. 'Good.' Kristen thought as she went back to her paperwork.

At first Kristen wasn't really listening to what Rebecca was saying until Rebecca started to get upset and cry. Kristen moved closer to hear what she was saying. What she heard she couldn't believe.

"Please stop, I won't tell anybody it was you! Please stop you're hurting me! Oh god that burns. Please stop it hurts so much. Not again, please stop."

Kristen thoughts were running wild. 'Oh my God-- she knows who did this to her. If I'm right it's the same guy who raped that other girl.' The MO was the same except that Rebecca's wounds were more severe. Kristen was pulled out of her thinking when Rebecca's eyes opened with fear in them.

Kristen looked into her eyes. "Hi there sweetheart-- I'm right here. How'ya feeling?"

Rebecca looked at her with a haunted look in her eyes. Kristen quickly took Rebecca's hand and spoke in a soft voice.

"Shhh-- You're safe now Rebecca. Nobody is going to hurt you anymore, I promise sweetheart!"

Rebecca looked at her and nodded her head and squeezed her hand tighter.

"It's okay. Rebecca, I'm here sweetheart and I'm not going anywhere."

"How long have I been asleep?" She said with a thick sleep voice.

"Rebecca, you've been out for a little over two hours now."

"It hurts!"

"I know. It will for awhile sweetheart."

"How bad is it?"

"Rebecca, I'm not going to lie to you sweetheart. You had a lot of trauma to your pelvic and chest regions. You have a lot of sutures in those places. There's a lot of swelling going on also-- I gave you a new medication about an hour ago that should help with that."

"Why does my chest feels so tight?"

Kristen really didn't want to discuss anything medical with Rebecca until she was more coherent, between all the medications Rebecca wouldn't remember too much of anything that was said to her tonight.

"Sweetheart, we wrapped you up pretty tight after you were sutured up. We'll talk about everything in more detail when you feeling a little better okay? I can gave you something to help with the pain if you want?"

Rebecca nodded her head 'yes'. Kristen went and filled a syringe with pain medication and gave Rebecca her medication though her IV in her hand. Within a few seconds Kristen asked if that was any better?

Rebecca answered with a slightly slurred voice. "Yess-- Thank yooo!"

"Why soo co-- cold doown?" Rebecca went to move her one hand over her private area when Kristen grabbed it and held it.

"Sweetheart, I have ice packs on you-- I can take them out for a little while if you like?"

Rebecca's reply was a nod of her head along with the word "Pleeese." Kristen leaned over Rebecca and with her one hand pulled the sheet over to expose her pelvic area. As Kristen went to move Rebecca's gown out of the way, she watched Rebecca tense up.

"Rebecca, relax sweetheart it just me-- that's it's sweetheart. I'm going to move your gown and pull the ice packs out now, okay sweetheart?"

With a nod from Rebecca she moved the gown out of the way, then pulled out the ice packs. Kristen reached around to the tray beside her and grabbed a large OB pad. Kristen gently placed the OB pad between Rebecca's legs, then covered her back up.

"There you go, better?"


Kristen sat back down in her chair without letting go of Rebecca's hand and started to explain to her that they were going to be moving her up on floor soon. Kristen was holding a juice drink with her other hand as Rebecca was sipping some when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Kristen said as she looked over to see who it was coming through the door. It was Sarah. When Sarah saw Rebecca sitting up and drinking she smiled.

"How'ya doing kiddo?"

Rebecca looked at Sarah with a small smile. "Fiinne."

"Unhmm." Sarah looked over to Kristen as she put the juice down she was holding for Rebecca on the tray. "I got Rebecca a private room up on the forth floor. They're coming to get her in about ten minutes to bring her up."

Sarah turned to Rebecca. " I'll come up and check on you tomorrow, okay Hon?" She gave Rebecca a kiss on the forehead and then left the room closing the door behind her.

Kristen watched as Rebecca tried to keep her eyes open. The pain shot was putting her to sleep. Kristen told Rebecca to rest awhile until they came to get her. Rebecca let her eyes close as Kristen was gently brushing her bangs off her forehead while saying she wasn't going anywhere. Rebecca's last thought was she was safe.



They came and moved a very incoherent Rebecca to her room. With Rebecca in her new bed now and after the tech's left the room Kristen moved to Rebecca's side. "Lets get these sheets out from under you and try to get you a little more comfortable."

"Ummhmm-- okaay." Rebecca was fighting the pain medication that Kristen had given her earlier in the ER.

"I'll be right back. I need to go and get some things from the supply room."

Rebecca nodded her head and let her eyes close when Kristen left the room.

Kristen came back in few minutes with a pack of blue chux pads and a bag of ex-large OB pads, two small ice packs and a container for emptying Rebecca's Foley's bag.

Kristen walked to the tray beside the bed and put down the supplies and looked at Rebecca. She hated to have to wake her friend up but she needed to, so she started rubbing her shoulder.

"Hey sweetheart-- C'mon wake up!"

Rebecca slowly opened her eyes. "Ummmm?"

"Sweetheart, we need to get you settled in the bed for the night."


Kristen walked around the bed to Rebecca's backside and told Rebecca to roll on her side. As Rebecca did this, the pain was all most too much to bear even with the pain medication. Everything hurt. Kristen rolled the old pull sheet under her as far as she could and placed a few chux pads under her then she had Rebecca roll back over on her back to get the sheet out from under her. Kristen explained to Rebecca that she was still doing some heavy bleeding from her injuries and that was the reason for the pads under her. Rebecca looked at Kristen and her face turned a light shade of red.

"This is soo embarrassing."

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about Rebecca just relax. It's just me in here, okay sweetheart?"

Kristen adjusted the bed so Rebecca was sitting up some and then adjusted the bottom of the bed to keep her legs slightly bent. Kristen wanted Rebecca's legs slightly open also to allow some air to the area and to be able to place ice packs there when needed. Kristen placed pillows back under both thighs to help support and keep the pressure off Rebecca's pulled groin muscles. Kristen told her she wanted to put some more ice packs on her. Rebecca wasn't too thrilled with the idea but said. "Okaay."

"Here goes sweetheart, I'm going to lift your gown up and put them on now."

Rebecca nodded her head in understanding.

When Kristen touched Rebecca's thighs she tensed up.

"Relax Rebecca, it just me sweetheart. C'mon now-- I'm going to have to open your legs up a little further to get the ice packs in. So bear with me here, okay?"


"I'm going to put the ice packs on now, here goes."

Rebecca was in pain from the movement of her legs. Everything hurt so much, but Rebecca tried not to make a sound even as Kristen placed the packs on. When Kristen had everything placed where she wanted it she readjusted the pillows to support Rebecca in this position, then covered her back up.

"Oh God-- that's cold. I don't know how long I can take that Kristen?"

"Please try as long as you can. It will help ease the swelling, okay?"

"I'll try." After the initial shock from the cold, Rebecca felt some of the throbbing she was feeling sub-side and the pain dulled down some.

Kristen sat in the chair next to Rebecca's bed and asked her. "Sweetheart, do you want me to call your step father and let him know where you are?"

Rebecca's eyes went wide with fear and Kristen noticed it.

"No. Kristen, I'm really tired can I go to sleep now? "

"Yeah hon, I'll be here when you wake up. Goodnight."

Rebecca's reply was a sleepy 'Night'. The pain medication that she got earlier was working on her and she was afraid she would say too much to Kristen and not realize it because of the drugs in her.

Kristen thought something wasn't right with this picture. What has her so afraid about calling home? Kristen knew that for the most part Rebecca lived at the station, but her step-father might get a little worried when Rebecca didn't come home for a few days. It was Rebecca's mother's house and she left it to her when she died four years ago in a car accident. That's what made Rebecca want to be in the EMS field, she learned from a conversation they had that weekend that Rebecca was sick and she told her that she always called her step father to let him know what was going on so he wouldn't worry about her.

After making sure that Rebecca was sound asleep Kristen ran down to her office and changed out of her dirty srubs. Kristen put on a set of sweats she had in her office and then returned to Rebecca's room. Kristen was sitting back in the chair in Rebecca's room going over the events of the night in her head, when the door to Rebecca's room opened and a nurse came in. The nurse introduced herself as Sam. She was the night nurse for Rebecca. Kristen introduced herself as Rebecca's Doctor and the nurse just shook her head. Kristen didn't look like a doctor in her sweat clothes so the nurse had no idea that she was Rebecca's doctor.

Sam asked if Kristen was going to stay the night? Kristen nodded her head 'yes' and the nurse shook her head again.

"Is there was a problem with that?" Kristen asked with a smile on her face.

"No, its just Doctors don't usually stay all night with their patients."

Kristen looked at Sam. "Rebecca is a good friend of mine and I promised her I wouldn't leave here alone."

Sam just looked at her and nodded her head, she understood. Sam told Kristen if she needed anything just gave her a call at the nurses' station, then turned and left the room closing the door behind her.

Kristen had fallen to sleep in the chair next to Rebecca's bed soon after Sam had left. It had been a very emotionally draining night for her also. A soft crying noise pulled her out of her sleep.

"Rebecca, what's wrong Hon?"

"It hurts Kristen."

"Okay, I'm here Rebecca. I'll go get you something for the pain-- I'll be right back."

Kristen was out the door and back within a minute with a pain shot and a heating pad for her. Kristen had decided to change her pain medication to a higher dose once Rebecca was moved to the floor. She knew Rebecca would be in more pain tonight and throughout the next couple of days. With the higher dose of medication everything went black instantly for Rebecca. Kristen pulled Rebecca's gown up and removed the now warm ice packs and placed an OB pad between her legs. Kristen placed the heating pad over her abdomen and then covered her back up.

Rebecca slept most of the night in between the pain and the nurse's taking her vital signs. The worse part of the night was the nightmares she would have. They would go away as soon as she felt Kristen gently take her hand. Kristen could tell by her body movements when Rebecca was having a nightmare. When the nightmares came, Kristen would take Rebecca's hand and gently caress it. Rebecca seemed to calm down most of the time and go back to a peaceful sleep.

When Rebecca woke up in pain Kristen was right by her side. Kristen gave her a pain shot as soon as she could and changed her ice packs. Rebecca had her ice packs changed four times during the night; she liked the heating pad much better. Sam had come into the room around two a.m. with a pillow and a blanket for the doctor.

Around five a.m. Kristen went out to the nurse's station to fill out Rebecca's chart and write up medication orders for the morning. With that done she headed for the hospital gym to do a quick workout to let off some of her stress from the night before. Kristen went to her office when she was done and looked though some paperwork real quick. Then took a shower and put on a pair of jeans and one of her Navy T-shirts and headed back to Rebecca's room. Kristen knew Rebecca would be waking up soon it was almost seven a.m. and she wanted to be there before she did.

Kristen was walking down the hallway to Rebecca's room when she heard Rebecca screaming at someone. Kristen could hear her saying, "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM" all the way down the hall. It only took a matter of seconds for Kristen to run to Rebecca's room. When she walked into the room she saw a male nurse trying to take Rebecca's gown off and she was trying to hit him.

"Get your hands off her NOW!"

Kristen walked over to Rebecca and took her hand and tried to calm her down some. Kristen looked over to the guy standing in the room and asked what he needed? He said his name was Al and that he was Rebecca's nurse for the day, that he was here to clean her up and change her bandages and do her medications.

"Just leave it here-- I'll take care of it Al."

Al just looked at her and shook his head. "I'm sorry family can't do that and you'll have to leave the room, it's not visiting hours now-- I have to take care of my patient now!"

Kristen while still holding Rebecca's hand and brushing the hair off her forehead to keep her calm, eyed the nurse. She could feel the heat rising up in her face.

"EXCUSE ME AL-- Let me introduce myself I'm DOCTOR AMPHIPOLIS. I'm the director of the Trauma Unit in this hospital and I would like to see you outside right now!"

Al's face went pale. He knew he was in trouble as he started to walk out to the hallway. Kristen told Rebecca she would be back in a minute and to try and calm down some. She gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked out of the room into the hallway. Kristen looked at Al and lost her temper.

"Look you little asshole, that women in there has been through enough already without you treating her with no regard to her feelings! Now you listen to me; I will take care of my patient's needs, all you have to do is to get the things I tell you to when I need them for the rest of the day-- do you understand me Al?"

Al's answer was "yes he understood" as he turned and walked away. Kristen turned and walked back into Rebecca's room.

Rebecca had calmed down for the most part. Kristen walked over and sat on the bed.

"How'ya doing sweetheart?

"I'm better. I'm sorry for getting so upset-- it's just he started to try and take my gown off and I got really scared. I'm sorry."

Kristen took Rebecca's hand, and her thumb was softly rubbing her palm.

"Sweetheart you have nothing to be sorry about. When he saw you getting upset he should have stopped, but he didn't. Don't worry about him anymore. How about we get you cleaned up and change your bandages. I want to take a look at everything any ways and you get me now since I'm your nurse for the day!"

Rebecca nodded her head. "Okay, that sounds better then him."

Kristen looked over the items the nurse brought in and shook her head. " I'll be right back Rebecca, I need to get some things."

Kristen walked back into the room a few minutes later with more supplies and a syringe filled with a sedative for Rebecca. Kristen placed the items on the tray and then pulled the tray over to the bed.

Kristen could see that Rebecca was getting nervous, after all this would be the first time she saw herself and what the extent of her injuries were. Kristen picked up the syringe and injected the sedative into Rebecca's IV while talking to her.

"You ready sweetheart? I'll try to be as gentle as I can and try to do this without you having to move around too much, okay?"

Rebecca had no idea what Kristen had just injected into her IV but everything started to feel funny.

"Whoa... what did you just give me?"

A sad smile came over Kristen face at the look on Rebecca's face. She knew that in a few minutes it would be replaced with the look of pain.

"Just something to help you relax a little while I check you out. It will make you feel a little whoosie okay?"

"No kidding!"

Kristen had set the supplies up on the tray. "You ready sweetheart?"

With a nod from Rebecca, Kristen adjusted the bed so Rebecca was sitting up a little more so she could work on Rebecca's chest area first. Kristen went to remove the hospital gown and Rebecca tensed up when she was touched.

"Try and relax Rebecca, it just me sweetheart."

"I'm sorry-- I'll try."

Kristen rubbed her shoulder. "It's okay sweetheart-- you ready now?"

When Rebecca nodded her head Kristen removed the gown and made sure that Rebecca's bottom half was covered with the sheet. She knew that especially now more so then earlier how vulnerable Rebecca would feel being naked. Kristen cut and removed the bandage and then as carefully as possible she removed the bloody dressings that covered the wounds on Rebecca's breasts.

As soon as Kristen started to pull the dressings off Rebecca gasped in pain. The dressing's were sticking to her wounds. Rebecca grabbed the bed rails as hard as she could while Kristen slowly removed them. When Kristen was done Rebecca looked down at herself for the first time and started to cry even harder at what she saw.

"Rebecca, right now it's looks pretty bad. You have to give it some time for the swelling and bruising to go away. When you heal up all the way you will have very little scars-- we'll talk about it more when I'm finished. Just look at me for now and don't look down."

Rebecca just turned her head and looked the wall. Kristen check both of Rebecca's breasts, she gasped in pain when Kristen touched her very sore breasts. Kristen didn't like how the left one was looking and would talk to Anna about that when she came to check on Rebecca. Kristen wasn't sure how Rebecca was going to take the news about a different doctor following up on her or the fact of finding out that she didn't do the repair work.

When Kristen was done looking over the breasts and the bite marks on her back she re-bandaged the area back up with a clean bandage. While Kristen was readjusting the bed so Rebecca was lying almost flat she explained to Rebecca that she was going to look at the lower parts now and that she wanted to do a quick pelvic exam also. Kristen had removed the dirty hospital gown and covered Rebecca up with the sheet.

"Why?-- It's going to hurt alot isn't?"

"Yes, it will probably, like I told you earlier, I won't lie to you. The medication I gave you last night doesn't seem to be helping with the swelling. I want to cheek and see how things are sweetheart."

Rebecca just closed her eyes. "Go ahead and check, I understand but I would prefer that you didn't!"

"I know sweetheart. I'll be as gentle as I can I promise."

Rebecca turned her head and looked at the wall when Kristen pulled the sheet up past her hips. Kristen sat on the bed next to Rebecca's knees and started cutting the bandages off her thighs. She looked over the wounds and then she reached over to the tray and grabbed a pair of gloves.

"Sweetheart, I need you to open your legs farther apart for me."

Kristen had her hands on Rebecca's thighs and helped guide them open. Rebecca started crying and saying, "Ow-- ow-- is that far enough?"

"Yes, that's good."

Kristen readjusted the pillows to help support Rebecca's legs during the exam.

"Rebecca try and relax for me. You're going to feel my fingers feeling around first, okay?"

With a nod from Rebecca, Kristen felt around her vagina and looked over all the sutured wounds. Rebecca was holding her breath at first, Kristen noticed and she had to tell Rebecca to breathe and relax.

"Okay Rebecca, you're going to feel my finger go in now."

Kristen gently inserted her finger into Rebecca's vagina. Rebecca grabbed the bed rails harder and started crying again. "Oh God, that really hurts—ahhhh-- hurry up please. Ahhhhh-- ow-- okay that's enough Kristen. Please!"

Rebecca tried to close her legs. Kristen rubbed one knee while trying to hold it in place.

"Rebecca, try and relax sweetheart tightening up your muscles isn't helping."

"It hurts."

"I know it does sweetheart-- I'm almost done."

Kristen quickly felt around and pushed on Rebecca's belly and pulled her finger out. She didn't like how swollen everything still was. The medication that she gave her last night only worked in sixty percent of its patients; Rebecca apparently fell in the other forty percent that the medication did not work in. It is a great medication when it works. Within eight hours of the shot the patients swelling usually went down a good eighty-percent. That helped a lot when it came to the amount of discomfort the patient felt.

When she was done she pulled her finger out and took off her bloody gloves and threw them in the trashcan then pulled the sheet back over Rebecca's legs.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm done. I'm sorry it hurt so much, it will get better in time-- how 'bout we get you washed up?"

Kristen grabbed the wash tub and filled it with hot water and an antiseptic soap and put it down on the tray. Rebecca didn't like someone else washing her private parts, plus it hurt. Kristen was as careful and as gentle as she could be washing Rebecca, but she could tell it was hurting her. Kristen didn't put to much pressure around the suture sites and was careful not to pull on the catheter tubing. When Kristen had finished she attached the catheter tubing back to Rebecca's leg and had her roll on her side. Kristen changed the blue pad and explained to Rebecca that she has prescribed her a medicated ointment that had to be applied three times a day for the next seven days to help fight against infection.

Rebecca slurred reply was. "Just great" She was still fighting the effects of the sedative.

Kristen put on a glove and then put a long line of ointment on her one finger.

"You're going to feel my finger on your vagina first and then I'm going to apply it on your butt. Rebecca this ointment has a numbing medicine in it also."

Rebecca just nodded her head.

"Okay sweetheart, I need you to bring your knees higher to your chest-- that's it-- that's good-- here goes"

Kristen rubbed the ointment all over the inside of Rebecca's vagina and then rubbed it all inside her butt crack. Rebecca gasped a few times from the pain of the ointment being applied, but soon everything went numb. Rebecca lifted her head and looked at Kristen.

"This is really embarrassing."

Kristen rubbed Rebecca's hip. "There nothing to be embarrassed about Rebecca-- in a few days you can do this for yourself, but until then you get me."

Kristen helped Rebecca roll back over on her back and then she applied more ointment to the front of Rebecca's vagina. Rebecca just looked at her with heavy eyelids.

"I think you're really beginning to like this too much Kristen."

Kristen smiled back at her. "Maybe I would if it wasn't hurting you so much."

Rebecca looked down at herself for the first time with half open eyes. "Oh my god, you shaved me?"

"Yes, sorry we had to. It will grow back."

Kristen knew a lot of what Rebecca was saying was due to the medication, but it caught her off guard. Blue eyes locked onto green eyes and there was a long silence between them and then Kristen cleared her throat, they both had a shade of red to their faces.

Kristen finished putting ointment on the wounds and then readjusted the bed and pillows back to the original way they were and placed an OB pad between Rebecca's legs. She left the bandages off the thigh wounds and put a fresh gown on Rebecca and covered her up.

"There, all done. Why don't you rest some until your breakfast comes."

"Okay. That shot you gave me is making me tired." She said as her eyelids became heavy and then everything went black again.

Kristen just smiled at her; she tucked Rebecca in and quickly pulled her friend's hair into a ponytail and gave her kiss on the forehead. Kristen sat back down in her chair and read the morning newspaper while she waited for the breakfast tray to come.

There was a knock on the door about an hour later and a nurse came into the room carrying Rebecca's breakfast. She placed it on the tray and looked at Kristen and said in a low voice so she wouldn't wake Rebecca up.

"Good morning I'm Rose. I'm taking over as Rebecca's nurse for the rest of the day"

Kristen just looked at her and asked, "What happened to Al?"

"He thought it would be safer if I became Rebecca's nurse, then to have you get mad at him again. He said it was a career move"

"Good choice for Al."

"Dr. Amphipolis a Detective Gain called about Rebecca. She said she would be here around 3 P.M. to talk to her about her attack."

Kristen told Rose to just call her Kristen and that she would talk to Rebecca when she woke up about it. Rose said she had looked into Rebecca's chart and noted the medications that she wanted done, and that it was her understanding that she would do them not the nursing staff.

"Yes, I'll do Rebecca's medications. All I need you to do is get them ready for me."

Rose turned to leave and said. "I'll be back with Rebecca's medications in about an hour, just call me if you need anything." She left closing the door behind her.

Rebecca woke up about ten minutes later. "Do I smell food?"

Kristen smiled. "Yes your breakfast is here." Kristen got up and pulled the tray over to the bed and told Rebecca they had a few things to talk about. But she had to go to the nurses' station first and make a few phone calls and check some paper work and when she got back they would talk. Kristen wanted Rebecca to enjoy her breakfast before they talked about anything.

"Sure-- I'll be here when you get back."

Kristen just smiled and shook her head as she walked out the room.

Kristen came back about a half-hour later carrying two small boxes and ice packs. Rebecca looked at her. "That's not more ice packs is it-- you are trying to kill me aren't you?"

Kristen smiled. "Yes, more ice packs. The swelling hasn't gone done as much as I had hoped for, so you get ice packs. Sorry!"

Rebecca shook her head. "You wouldn't like it if you had to have them on your private parts!"

Kristen smiled. "Nope probably not, but you need them."

Kristen sat two items on the counter and walked over to the bed with the ice packs. Once Rebecca was finished with her breakfast Kristen put her ice packs on and then took her seat next to Rebecca again. "We need to talk."

"Okay, what's on your mind?"

"Rose, your new nurse for the day by the way, told me that a Detective Gain will be here at three p.m. to talk to you about your attack last night."

Rebecca looked away from Kristen as she spoke. "I don't see the point. I don't remember anything and I didn't see the guy who attacked me it was dark in the alley and everything happened so fast."

Kristen thought to herself 'What are you trying to hide Rebecca-- what has you so afraid?' Kristen still had a look of puzzlement on her face that Rebecca didn't notice.

"Well, I guess just tell the officer that sweetheart."

The hospital room was quiet for while, both were deep in thought over the same thing. When Rebecca was finished with her morning coffee Kristen pulled the tray away and sat on the bed next to Rebecca.

"Let's talk about you for a minute. There are a few procedures that I have to do and you're not going to like it at all sweetheart-- I'm sorry. I did the first treatment when you were sedated in the ER-- you need the second treatment today. The medication that's in them will burn some so it will be a little painful."

Rebecca just looked at her and shook her head 'no'. "Just great, more pain. I'm not sure I want to ask, but what do you have to do?"

Kristen turned in her seat to face the counter and pointed to the box's. "Well, you see those two little boxes over there on the counter? They're called SDV-5." Kristen turned back to face Rebecca. "One is medicated douche and the other is a medicated enema, there are also two shots that you get that goes with the treatment."

Rebecca just looked at her with wide eyes. "You're kidding right?"

Kristen shook her head. "No sweetheart, I'm not. I know it might be a little embarrassing for you to have these done, but you really need to do this sweetheart."

Rebecca looked down at her hands. "Just great. Um-- Kristen, I really don't know if I can handle you doing something like that to me. It's-- it's too embarrassing. Um, what if I said "no" to it?"

Kristen reached over and covered Rebecca's hands with hers. "Sweetheart you really need to do this, and you know I'm right."

Rebecca nodded her head and started to cry. Kristen moved onto the bed so she was sitting the same way Rebecca was and put her arm around her shoulder and just held her.


The rest of the day went quickly and Rebecca really didn't say much after the morning conversation. Jane had popped in to see Rebecca in the morning, but Rebecca was knocked out on the pain medication. Jane talked to Kristen for awhile, then had to leave because her shift was starting soon. Jane told Kristen she would stop by later in the day. Kristen asked Jane to talk to her Captain and let him know that Rebecca would not be in for awhile. Kristen told Jane to tell her Captain that she would call later today and talk with him and fax Rebecca's doctors note in.

On the way to the station Jane's mind just kept going back to the sight of her friend in the hospital. Rebecca looked worse this morning then last night. This morning she was so many shades of black and blue and some shades that Jane had never seen before. Rebecca had abrasions from her head to toes. While she was holding Rebecca's hand she thought they looked so sore, she knew that whenever Rebecca tried to bend a finger or move any parts of her hands it had to hurt. She remembered what everything else looked like last night and was sure that Rebecca's knee's looked just as bad as her hands and was glad that the blanket was covering most of her friend up. Rebecca's face with it's many shades of black and blue was going to be in Jane's mind all day. Everything she saw this morning made tears run down her face as she drove to work.

Rebecca slept through most of the day. She didn't like being woke up because the nurse needed to take her vital signs or the ice packs Kristen changed every so often.

Kristen left Rebecca's room several times throughout the day, but she was never gone more than an hour. Kristen did her paperwork and checked on things in the ER. She had called Harry earlier and told him she wanted a few days off and explained why. She told Harry she would check in every so often in the ER. Kristen found Harry very understanding and she was glad he was her boss and friend.

Rebecca would wake up throughout the day and start thinking about what to tell the detective when she came. All she wanted to do was get out of the hospital and find someplace safe to hide while she healed up.

Kristen was in her office placing a call to Adam. She had dialed her home computer and re-routed the call to Adam so nobody could trace her phone call or find out where she was calling from. The phone was ringing, then picked up. "Williams, here."

"Well, hello MR. Williams-- how's it going babe?

"Is that you blue eyes? What a surprise. I haven't heard from you in a month now."

Kristen started laughing. "I know-- I'm sorry. I've been busy at the hospital."

"Nice excuse Kristen, so what do I owe the honor of your call blue eyes?"

"I need you to look into something for me about a rape case here."

Kristen told Adam the details of Rebecca's case and the other one she had heard about that was reported at a different hospital about three months ago. Adam told her he would look into them and send all the information to her computer.

They talked for another twenty minutes or so and then Kristen had to get back to Rebecca's room before the detective arrived.


Kristen walked back into Rebecca's room around 2:45 P.M. Rebecca was sleeping and Kristen walked over to the bed and started rubbing her shoulder to try and wake her up before the Detective came. Within a few minutes she woke up.

"Hi there Kristen, is it almost time for the detective to come?"

"Yes sweetheart, she'll be here in about 10 minutes. Why don't we sit you up some and I'll get you something to drink before she gets here."

Rebecca pushed the buttons on her bed that sat her up while Kristen got her a juice. While moving around in the bed trying to get comfortable she accidentally pulled on her catheter tubing.

"Ow—ow-- that catheter tubing is really bothering me."

After placing Rebecca's juice on the tray for her Kristen walked around to empty her Foley's bag. "The catheter is going to be in for awhile Rebecca-- at least until most of the swelling is gone and the sutures are healed up some."

"Great, that tube is really getting on my nerves." She said as she sipped on her juice.


Before Rebecca could say anything else there was a knock on the door and the Detective open the door a crack and said, "It's Detective Gain, Rebecca can I come in?"

Rebecca looked at Kristen and Kristen said. "Come in Detective Gain"

The Detective walked over to the bed and introduced herself as Detective Melissa Gain and that she was here to ask her some question about her attack. Rebecca told her that was fine. The Detective looked over at Kristen and said. "Would you excuse us for a minute while I talk to Rebecca-- Ms? -- What did you say your name was?

"I'm Doctor Kristen Amphipolis, I'm Rebecca's Doctor and her friend."

Rebecca looked at the Detective and asked if Kristen could stay with her? The detective said that would be fine if that's what she wanted. Rebecca thanked her and then started telling the detective that she didn't remember too much of anything. It was dark and she couldn't see her attacker, and that she wished she could be more helpful. The Detective thanked her and told Rebecca to call her if she should remember anything, then handed her a business card and left the room.

Kristen sat and listened to Rebecca tell the detective the few details that she did and wondered why she was withholding information.

'What has you so scared Rebecca? I wish you would tell me. I'll find a way to get you to talk to me.'

Kristen was so deep in thought that she didn't even hear the detective leaving. "Hello, earth to Kristen come in Kristen!"

Kristen looked at Rebecca. "Very funny Rebecca."

"Where did you go?"

Kristen explained that she was a little tired and maybe she needed a nap herself. Kristen told Rebecca maybe she should get some more sleep and that she would wake her up when her dinner came.

"Sounds like a good idea, what are you going to do?"

Kristen smiled. "I'm going stay here and rest in this great chair." They both started laughing, soon Kristen found Rebecca sound asleep and Kristen found herself falling to sleep while holding Rebecca's hand.

Kristen woke up when Jane came into the room to check on her friend again. This time Kristen woke Rebecca up. Kristen left the room to give her friends some time alone. She was only out at the nurse's station for fifteen minutes before she saw Jane walking towards her. Rebecca had fallen back to sleep and Jane needed to get back down to the ER since she was still on duty. Jane talked with Kristen for a few minutes about Rebecca and then left for the ER while Kristen headed back into Rebecca's room.

Kristen woke up again when Rose brought in Rebecca's dinner tray. Rose informed Kristen that Doctor Jutton called and said she would be in to see Rebecca within the next hour and a half or so. After Rose left Kristen sat on the side of Rebecca's bed wondering how Rebecca was going to take the news of another doctor seeing her. Kristen knew that if she had told Rebecca earlier in the day she would have just worried about it all day, but now Rebecca needed to know. She also knew that in time Rebecca would need to see other doctors to check and make sure that physically and mentally everything was fine with her. Kristen started rubbing on Rebecca's shoulder to slowly wake her up.

"Rebecca, sweetheart-- c'mon wake up. Your dinner is here-- c'mon sweetheart."

"Food's here's already?" Rebecca said in a thick voice from sleep.

Kristen smiled at the sound of her voice. "Yes, c'mon wake up."

Rebecca sat her bed up some so she could eat. Once Kristen arranged everything for Rebecca she said she was going to run down to the café real quick. Kristen wanted to grab something for herself and some comfort food for Rebecca.

When Kristen returned to Rebecca's room she already had most of her dinner eaten. Kristen sat the dessert and coke on Rebecca's tray. The minute Rebecca saw the items on her tray she knew something was up. Kristen sat on the edge of the bed next to Rebecca and when she looked up Kristen started.

"Rebecca, we need to talk sweetheart."

Rebecca shook her head. Whenever Kristen said that she was finding out that she didn't like what was about to be said.

"Okay, I'm not going to like this am I?"

Kristen had to smile to that. "Well, I don't know? It's nothing bad, okay?"

Rebecca reached for her real coke. "Okay, so talk."

Kristen sipped her coffee. "There's a doctor coming to see you in about an hour sweetheart, her name is Anna Jutton she's one of the best breast surgeons I've ever met. I had her come in and take a look at you while you were in the ER. She's the one who worked on your chest area sweetheart-- she's going to do the follow up care on you for me, okay?"

Kristen could tell by the look on Rebecca's face that she wasn't too happy about this news. "Rebecca, I really wanted the best doctor to do the repair work on your chest and that was Doctor Jutton sweetheart and not me, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head and in a soft voice said. "Okay."

Kristen reached over and squeezed Rebecca's hand. "Sweetheart, you're really going to like her-- I'll stay in the room with you while she checks you out if you want me too?"

Rebecca looked up into Kristen eyes. "Please -- thank you."

"No problem, sweetheart."

Within the hour there was a knock on the door and Doctor Jutton walked into the room carrying some supplies. Anna didn't realize that Kristen was going to be there. What really surprised her more was to see Kristen sitting on the bed holding Rebecca's hand. Kristen looked up when she heard a person walk into the room; she smiled when she saw Anna.

"Hello Anna."


Anna was standing next to Rebecca's bed and smiled at her. "Hello Rebecca, I'm Doctor Jutton I treated you down in the ER last night, it's nice to finally meet you."

Rebecca smiled up to the doctor while squeezing Kristen's hand; she was getting really nervous. "Hello Doctor Jutton."

Kristen decided to step in for Rebecca and explain to Anna a few things about Rebecca. "Anna, Rebecca here gets really nervous around us doctors. She's getting a little better about it, but it's still a really hard thing for her to be comfortable as a patient."

Anna looked from Kristen to Rebecca and then back to Kristen. "Okay then, we'll go really slow-- okay Rebecca?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "Okay."

"Well then--let's get a look and see how things are doing and then I'll be out of your hair. Sound fair enough Rebecca?"

"Fair enough." She said softly. She wasn't looking forward to the embarrassment of another person seeing what was done to her.

"I'm going to raise the head of your bed up some-- let me know if it's too much for you, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. Anna raised the head of the bed so Rebecca was sitting up at a forty-five degree angle.

"Okay Hon, I'm going to pull your gown down and take off the bandages and have a look at your breasts."

Rebecca's only reply was a nod of her head.

When Anna went to remove the gown Rebecca started to tremble a little, Anna saw her reaction and stopped. Kristen squeezed Rebecca's hand.

"Relax sweetheart."

Rebecca looked up from staring at their embraced hands to Kirsten. "I'm sorry."

Kristen gently brushed Rebecca's hair off her forehead. "It's okay sweetheart-- Anna's just going to take a look."

Rebecca nodded her head, she felt stupid for acting like this, but this really was upsetting her.

Kristen while still holding Rebecca's hand used her other hand to remove Rebecca's gown for Anna. Kristen nodded her head to Anna, who was putting on her latex gloves to let her know to continue with her exam.

"Rebecca, I'm going to cut the bandages now – I'll be as gentle as I can, okay?"

"Okay." Rebecca turned her head and just looked at Kristen.

Anna cut the bandage off Rebecca's chest and slowly pulled the dressings off the wounds on Rebecca's breasts. Rebecca gasped in pain and squeezed Kristen hand. The dressing had old blood on them and it stuck to the wounds so when they were pulled off it reopened some of the suture sites. Anna checked all the sutures and then checked around both nipples much to Rebecca's dislike-- it was so painful.

Kristen thought when Anna was checking and squeezing on Rebecca's nipples that Rebecca was actually going to break a few of her fingers. When Anna was finished she applied a clean dressing over the wounds on Rebecca's chest area and then helped pull over a mesh type gauze bandage that was in the shape of a sports bra. This type of bandage helped support the breast and would allow the wounds to breathe better, plus it made bandage changes a lot easier. When she was done it looked like Rebecca had a white sports bra on.

"Well, young lady everything is looking very good so far. The sutures will need to be taken out in a week and I would like you to make an appointment at my office to have this done and to talk about your injuries. Rebecca, right now we really can't tell if you'll have any permanent damage to the tissue in your breasts. The main worry right now is infections. I've put you on a high dose of strong antibiotics to help with that. I do have a concern about your left breast Rebecca to be honest with you. I'll be able to tell more once it's healed up in a few weeks. I'll stop back by on Thursday to check on you unless you start to have a problem before then, if you do-- Kristen can just page me. I'll be here as soon as I can. I'm sure you're in good hands here with Kristen. "

Anna looked over at Kristen. "Kirsten, if there are any problems just give me a call."

"Sure, thanks Anna."

Anna smiled at them both. "Well, ladies have a nice evening and I'll see you on Thursday."

Anna nodded to both women and left the room.


It was around 9 P.M. and Kristen knew that Rebecca was trying to put off her douches but they needed to be done. "Rebecca, you ready to do your douches?"

"Not really. Do we have to do it now?"

Kristen sat on the bed next to Rebecca. "Sweetheart, I think we've waited long enough. The treatments have to be done. Lets just do it and get it over with okay?"

"Okay, but I don't like it!"

Kristen stood up and walked over to the counter and grabbed the supplies and walked over to the tray beside Rebecca's bed. Kristen turned to Rebecca.


"No. But I don't have a choice, so go ahead."

Kristen took Rebecca's hand. "Sweetheart, I know you don't like this idea, but it has to be done for your own safety." Rebecca just looked away from Kristen. She knew Kristen was right, this was for her own safety. But part of her was angry. She was tired of being poked and prodded and feeling humiliated in front of people she knew.

Kristen opened the douche, then the enema and sat them on the tray next to the bedpan. Kristen looked to Rebecca. "Okay Rebecca, I need you laying back some, so I'm going to adjust the bed."

Rebecca just nodded her head.

Kristen adjusted the bed so Rebecca was laying almost flat. Kristen explained to Rebecca that she needed to bend her legs at the knees and to stay like this and try not to close her legs while she was doing the douche or the enema. Rebecca looked at her and her face turned red, this was going to be so embarrassing.

Rebecca moved her legs into the position Kristen wanted them in-- it hurt when she bent her knees. She felt the abrasions crack open and rub on the sheet that was still covering her.

"This is really going to be to embarrassing -- Kristen, I don't know if I can really do this or not?"

Kristen rubbed Rebecca's knee. "Rebecca, this is very important, and there's nothing for you be embarrassed about."

"Yeah, but it still doesn't make it any easier."

Kristen sat on the bed by Rebecca's knees and pulled the tray closer.

"We'll do this real quick, okay?" Kristen said as she pulled the sheet off of Rebecca.

Rebecca just nodded her head; she couldn't find her voice at this point.

"Rebecca, I need you to lift up some so I can get the bed pan under you. When I'm done I'll pull it out dump it and than we'll do your enema."

When Rebecca lifted up a little Kristen slipped the pan under her and moved her gown out of the way. Rebecca turned her head and looked at the wall.

"You'll feel my fingers down here Rebecca. I'm going to help guide the tip in-- you're still really swollen down here."

With that Kristen put her gloves on and grabbed the douche with one hand and used the other hand to help slowly inserted the tip in. Rebecca found her voice again.

"That really doesn't feel good at all. Ow – ow-- that burns. Shit. Hurry up please!"

"I know sweetheart."

Kristen squeezed the bottle until it was empty and then pulled it out and threw it in the trash and asked Rebecca to lift up. Kristen dumped the pan in the bathroom and walked back to the bed and asked her to lift back up for her.

With the bedpan back in place Kristen asked. "Sweetheart-- you ready?"

Rebecca looked at her and started crying. "I don't know if I can do this-- I'm-- I'm sorry. This is so embarrassing, I can't."

Kristen rubbed her knee. "Rebecca, I know it's embarrassing for you sweetheart, and I'm really sorry-- but you really have to do this. It will be all over quickly and then I'll give you your pain shot and you can go to sleep, okay?"

With that Kristen grabbed the enema. "Ready?"

Rebecca grabbed on the bed rail harder and nodded her head and closed her eyes. Kristen slowly inserted the tip of the enema into Rebecca's rectum-- she tensed up.

"Ow—ow-- ow that hurts. That really burns god dammit!" Rebecca tried to close her legs.

"Rebecca, relax sweetheart. C'mon-- open your legs back up for me."

Kristen pulled with her one hand and held Rebecca's leg open while she continued to squeeze the enema, Rebecca screamed.

"Oh God that burns. Please stop Kristen. Please-- Oh God-- Please!"

When the bottle was empty Kristen asked Rebecca to lift up and she took the pan to the bathroom and then went to the counter and filled the wash tub up and walked back to the bed. Kristen put the bed flat and had Rebecca roll on her side. Kristen washed Rebecca's private areas and then applied her ointment to the area. Then to Rebecca's dislike two very painful shots were put into her butt cheeks. Kristen changed the blue pads and placed an OB pad between her legs and adjusted the bed in a more comfortable position for Rebecca to sleep. They were done for the night.

Kristen gave Rebecca her pain shot and her world faded to black again. Kristen thanked God that was over for Rebecca and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then she went out to the nurse's station to write in Rebecca's chart and fill the orders out for tomorrow.

At seven a.m. Rose came in with Rebecca's pain shot and said to Kristen. "I see in the Nurse's notes that Rebecca slept a little better last night."

"Yeah, she did-- the higher dose of pain medicine seems to be really helping, but she did wake up three times screaming from nightmares."

Rose walked to the tray and put the syringe down then looked at Kristen. "Do you want to give it to her when she wakes up?"

Kristen nodded her head. "Sure."

As Rose laid down a fresh gown for Rebecca, she spoke to the tired looking doctor. "Call me if you need anything Doc."

Kristen said her thanks to Rose and she left closing the door behind her. Rebecca's breakfast had been sitting on the tray for 10 minutes before it woke her up. Kristen was sitting there with her cup of tea in her hand.

"Good morning sleepy head--you hungry?"

With a small smile Rebecca replied. "A little."

"Well that doesn't sound like you. You feeling okay?"

Rebecca rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Yeah, I just want to get out of here. I want to wake up and find out this was just a really bad nightmare." A tear fell down her cheek.

Kristen wiped the tear from her cheek. "I know sweetheart, me too. C'mon eat some of your breakfast."

Rebecca sat her bed up and Kristen pulled the tray closer.

When Rebecca was done with breakfast, Kristen went about the morning routine. She filled up the wash tub and got the bandages ready to change Rebecca's old ones. Once everything was set up Kristen asked Rebecca if she was ready to get cleaned up and change her bandages.

Rebecca gave a weak smile. "Yes, if we must. I still don't like it!"

Kristen looked at her. "Don't worry Rebecca no pelvic check this morning. Just washing and ointment and the bandages-- I promise."

"Oh I think I love you-- that's the best news I've heard in days."

Kristen just looked at her and shook her head. When Kristen was done with everything she gave Rebecca her pain medication. Before Rebecca fell asleep Kristen told her she needed to run to her office but she would be back before she woke up. Rebecca fell asleep before Kristen even finished talking to her.

Kristen ran down to her office and checked her computer for any information from Adam on Rebecca's rape case. Adam had found 4 other cases that matched the same MO as Rebecca's case. Kristen sent Adam an email asking him to keep an eye on the police reports to see if there were anymore rapes and to forward the information to her.

Just as Kristen was shutting down her computer there was a knock on her door. Doctor Jutton wanted to discuss Rebecca's case with her, which was good because she wanted to talk to Anna as well about Rebecca. They spent the next half-hour or so talking about Rebecca; they covered Rebecca's dislike for doctors to the possible permanent damage that Rebecca may have to her left breast.

Rebecca was still out of it when Kristen returned to her room. The day for them both was filled with sleep and taking care of Rebecca's personal issues. The medication kept Rebecca pretty out of it as it had the day before. In the evening Kristen washed her up for the night. Rebecca fell asleep soon after her pain shot and Kristen soon followed her while holding her hand.

Around five in the morning Rebecca woke up in pain. Kristen was sleeping in the chair and woke up when she heard Rebecca crying in pain. Kristen pushed the nurse's button and asked for Rebecca's pain medication. Soon after she injected it into Rebecca's IV, Rebecca fell back to sleep. Kristen decided to use this time for a quick workout and a hot shower, since she had no clean clothes left she had to wear her scrubs.

Kristen arrived back on the fourth floor a little before seven with her breakfast from the café. She went into the supply room and grabbed a few items and then went and signed out Rebecca's medications. She had just finish setting up everything on the tray in Rebecca's room when Rose came in with Rebecca's breakfast. Rose liked having Doctor Amphipolis around; it gave her one less patient to worry about.

Kristen started to slowly wake Rebecca up for her breakfast. It took a few minutes but Rebecca finally woke up. When Rebecca was done picking at her food Kristen asked if she was ready to get cleaned up. Rebecca wasn't too happy with this part of the morning routine but said. "Okay."

Kristen sat on the bed next to Rebecca and pulled the tray closer. "Rebecca I'm leaving your chest area for Anna to do, she's going to be here around eleven to see you, okay?"

Rebecca nodded her head. "Great."

Kristen had to smile, she knew Rebecca didn't like Anna taking care of her chest area, she was just glad that Rebecca wasn't fighting it. Kristen brushed the hair off of Rebecca's forehead. "Sweetheart, I need to do a pelvic exam this morning to see how things are doing."

Kristen didn't get to finish her sentence before Rebecca spoke up. "Why? I feel better."

Kristen took Rebecca's hand and lightly rubbed the back of it below the IV site. "Sweetheart, I know you don't like them, but I need to see how things are doing down there, okay?"

Rebecca knew she wouldn't win an argument about the checks soshe said, "Okay."

Kristen adjusted the bed and pulled Rebecca's gown over to expose her pelvic area and then adjusted the pillows to hold Rebecca in place for the exam. Kristen sat on the side of the bed and put on her gloves.


Rebecca really hated this, in the past few days she had been poked more then her entire life. It was getting a little easier for her as long as it was Kristen doing this, she felt safe with Kristen. Rebecca knew that Kristen was only doing what was best for her, it didn't make any of it easier for her but she trusted Kristen. It was still really embarrassing so she just tried not to think about it.

"Yeah, go ahead."

"I'm going to feel around on the outside first and then go inside, okay?"

"Okay." Rebecca just closed her eyes.

Kristen started to feel around and check all the sutures while Rebecca grabbed on to the bed rails due to the pain. The pain got worse when she felt Kristen go inside her. The pressure made her squeeze the rails harder and then the cramps would start before Kristen even removed her finger.

"Well, everything is looking pretty good down here Rebecca. Your bleeding has almost stopped. You did some spotting yesterday but this morning it's mostly a clear discharge."

'God this is so embarrassing.' Rebecca just shook her head.

Kristen washed Rebecca up and applied her ointment and placed an OB pad between Rebecca's legs and got her comfortable in her bed.

After the morning routine Rebecca was in a lot of pain, so Kristen gave her a pain shot. Rebecca slept until Doctor Jutton showed up. Kristen sat on the bed next to Rebecca and slowly started to wake her so Anna could examine her. Kristen lightly brushed the hair on Rebecca's forehead in an attempt to wake her.

"Sweetheart, you need to wake up. Doctor Jutton is here to see you."

Rebecca slowly opened her eyes; she was trying to fight the effects of her medication from earlier.


Anna stepped closer to the bed. "Good morning Rebecca. Sorry to have to wake you, but I would like to take a peek at you, okay?"

"Sure go ahead." And Rebecca closed her eyes; she was in that in between state of sleep and awake from the drugs.

Anna removed the hospital gown and Kristen of course had a hold of Rebecca's hand for the exam. Anna cut the bandage off and pulled the dressings off. All Rebecca did during the whole exam was moan and mumble a few times. Anna found it was a lot easier working on Rebecca while in this state.

After checking everything out, Kristen helped Anna re-bandage Rebecca back up. Then Kristen tucked the still sleeping Rebecca back into her bed. Doctor Jutton motioned for Kristen to join her in the hallway. Anna wanted to discuss her concerns with the left breast with her. Everything was looking good with the right breast in Anna's opinion, but the left breast and nipple weren't reacting to anything plus there was now an infection starting and that worried her. They were still talking about Rebecca's medical treatment as they headed to the café for a cup of coffee.

When Kristen was returning to Rebecca's room she passed Jane walking out of Rebecca's room. They talked for a few minutes about Rebecca and then Jane headed back down to the ER to catch up with her partner.

The evening came and Rebecca and Kristen ate their dinner together and then watched TV for awhile. Before Rebecca's next pain shot was due Kristen washed her up and applied her ointment. All the wounds now expect for the chest were left uncovered. Soon after her pain shot Rebecca was sound asleep with Kristen not far behind her.

Friday morning came and found Rebecca waking up at her usual time of five a.m., in pain. Kristen went through the routine as before, pain shot for Rebecca and then the gym and a hot shower for her.

When she returned to Rebecca's room for breakfast with an extra coffee from the café for Rebecca, she was surprised to find Rebecca actually awake. They had their breakfast together. Then they did the morning wash routine, still much to Rebecca's dislike. At least there was no pelvic exam and that actually put a smile to Rebecca's face.

Before giving Rebecca her pain shot, Kristen told her she was going to run down to the ER for an hour and check on things. With an okay from Rebecca, Kristen gave her the pain shot and left for the ER.

It was just under an hour when Kristen had this bad feeling come over her so she headed back to Rebecca's room. When Kristen opened the door to Rebecca's room and walked in, her eyes went wide. Rebecca was standing and trying to hold herself up by the end of the bed. She had pulled her IV out and her hand was bleeding from the site. It took Kristen a second to realize that Rebecca was pulling on the catheter tubing and had fresh tears running down her face.

Kristen was at her side in a heartbeat. She grabbed Rebecca's hand before she could do anymore damage to herself.

"Stop pulling on that tubing before you hurt yourself! What are you doing out of bed?"

Rebecca was very pale and her body was trembling, some from pain and some from fear. Kristen quickly picked Rebecca up and laid her back in bed.

Rebecca was fighting her. "I have to get out of here now. Let me go please!"

Rebecca was trying to get out of her bed while Kristen was holding her down. Kristen was asking her stop before she hurt herself more.

"What's wrong Rebecca? Talk to me sweetheart-- what has you so upset?"

Rebecca was still fighting Kristen to get out of bed, while she said over and over again that she needed to get out of here now and to please let her leave. Kristen just held on to her.

"If you don't stop this now, I'm going to sedate you and you won't being going anywhere then."

Rebecca begged Kristen to let her go, and just kept fighting with her.

Kristen pushed the nurse's button and waited for the nurse to answer. Rose was sitting at the nurse's stations when Rebecca's room lit up on the board. "Yes?"

Kristen told her what medication she wanted. Rose could hear Rebecca yelling in the background and quickly ran to the med chart to get the sedative.

Kristen was still trying to hold Rebecca down so she wouldn't hurt herself. The whole time Rebecca pleaded with her to let her go.

"Please you don't understand! God dammit-- I need to get the hell out of here now, let me go!"

Rose came into the room and saw the Kristen holding Rebecca down on the bed. Rose went for Rebecca's butt cheek that was showing and in went the shot. Rebecca stopped fighting so hard as soon as the sedative went into her system.

Kristen looked at the Rose. "Thanks"

"Do you need my help with her?"

"No, I got it thanks."

Rose nodded her head and left the room closing the door behind her.

Kristen turned her head and made eye contact with Rebecca. "Rebecca, tell me what's going on?! Sweetheart I can't help you if you don't tell me the truth!"

It was hard for Rebecca to stay awake; she was fighting the sedative.

"He called and said he was coming to visit me again and that we could play again as soon as I felt up to it-- now let me go!"

"Rebecca, you're not going anywhere."

"Kristen, if you really want to help me get me the hell out of here now! Please!"

Kristen shook her head and told Rebecca she wasn't well enough to leave the hospital yet that she needed a few more days there.

"God, please Kristen-- I need to get the hell out of here before he gets here-- he's coming god dammit-- please!"

Kristen with a nod of her head told Rebecca. "Fine I'll get you out of here, but you need to tell me everything. Do you understand me?"

"Fine, just get me out of here and take this catheter out."

Kristen explained to Rebecca that the catheter was staying in for nowbecause it was too soon for it to come out and that she would be back in a few minutes with her medications and a wheelchair. Rebecca nodded her head, but told her to please hurry that she didn't know how close he was. Kristen left the room to get the supplies.

As soon as Kristen left she gave in to the sedative and her world went black again.

Kristen was back in twenty-five minutes later with Rebecca's medications, medical supplies and the wheelchair; she put a bandage on her hand. Rebecca was out cold.

Kristen picked Rebecca up and sat her in the wheelchail. Then she pulled the blanket off the bed and covered Rebecca up with it and headed out of the hospital. Kristen wheeled her out to her car and put Rebecca in the front seat and put the wheelchair in the back of her car. They pulled out just as a police cruiser pulled in.

Part 4

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