Ares moved towards the fates loom he watched as the three fates looked up as he walked in to the room. He eyed the loom for a moment the fates couldn’t ignore any request he gave or lie to him. He put a hand on his sword’s hilt as he walked up to the loom pulling the twisted glowing blue and green life thread free the blue thread instantly wrapped tighter around the green one.

Oh how he hated soul mate threads they were so protective of each other, there were many of them on the loom and they where a pain to free from each other. Try to free one and the other would try to protect it by wrapping tighter he looked at Xena and Gabrielle’s life thread for a moment before looking up seeing that the fates were all looking at him.

Clotho the white robed child looked up meeting his gaze. “What does…” The red robed woman Lachesis was next to speak. “The god of war...” Atropos the aging purple robed grand mother turned slightly. “Wish of us?” Ares looked at the soul mate thread in his hand. “I wish for you tell me if time has been changed in any way?”

Clotho looked down slightly. “Yes time was changed.” Lachesis breathed in deeply. “By another powerful hand.” Atropos moved a new growing thread through her fingers. “More powerful than Zeus.” Ares looked at the thread again. “Tell me more.” Clotho slowly took the thread putting it on the loom. “The twilight of the Greek gods has been averted.”

Lachesis took the thread from the younger fate she slowly wrapped it through another section. “Because the child of the one god of Eli has not been born, and will never be.” Atropos eased up her hand changing the colour of the new thread as it moved past her taking on a life of its own. “An alternate life time has been created.”

Ares smirked slightly. “Is there any mortal who carries the memories of the full timeline before it was changed and was there when the change took place?” Clotho watched as another dark thread moved past her its light dimming. “Only.” Lachesis ignored the thread as it passed her by. “The mortal.” Atropos picked up her scissors watching as the dimming thread came to a stop in front of her she snapped the scissors cutting it.

The thread dimmed completely before slowly falling to the floor. She looked up slowly. “Gabrielle.” Ares eyed the soul mate thread in his hand, Quetzalcoatl had not lied in any way which meant that the Gabrielle did no the past and Xena probably did as well, but she probably hadn’t been there to see it being changed. He put his finger on part of the green thread he wanted to see Gabrielle’s memoirs.

He turned to fates. “You do not mind that I check this mortal’s memory?” He watched as all there shook there heads. He slowly put his fingers on Gabrielle’s thread once again ignoring the tightening of Xena’s to keep it safe. This would really hurt the mortal woman not that he cared. He just needed to see the past that he had somehow forgotten as well as her ordeal with C’thulon.


Gabrielle sat looking in to the mug of warm tea which was sitting on the bedside table she knew she was putting a brave face on despite that she just wanted to cry again. Xena’s mother had walked in to find her crying and tried to comfort her. The older woman hadn’t said anything maybe she had heard the argument, she wasn’t sure.

She watched as Cyrene sat down next to her, the older woman tried to give her smile which she found very hard to return. “I guess I’m just tied.” Cyrene looked at the younger woman she knew that wasn’t the truth. “I’m sure everything will be okay, I don’t believe that Xena could ever be disappointed in you.” Gabrielle looked up sharply. “You heard us?”

Cyrene put a hand on hers. “Yes I did I’m sure that what ever you did in that strange country you did it for the right reasons.” Gabrielle breathed in deeply feeling the sadness once again. “If only that were true…” She shook her head. “I did everything in that place to better myself not others.” She put a hand through her hair in frustration.

Cyrene sat up slightly. “Look I don’t know what you did but I’m sure it couldn’t be that bad, you’re not a bad person.” Gabrielle lowered her gaze as she breathed in deeply. She looked up slightly getting ready to speak only to stop as a cold feeling swept through her body. It felt like someone had torn her very soul from her body.

The shearing pain that followed it went up her spine like lightning when it hit her head it was searing and blinding. She couldn’t stop herself crying out in pain as she held both sides of her head. She felt the wooden floor of the room as she hit it hard on her knees she could hear Cyrene saying something but it was a horrible blur along with the pain.


Ares closed his eyes watching Gabrielle’s memories as they flooded through, he sneered trying to ignore the sickeningly intimate ones. He could see memories flashing in front of his eyes none of which made sense to him. A twenty six ice sleep the godly child Eve and the fall of Olympians gods by Xena’s sword. He could see the blonde woman taking the warriors path and him self even trying to tempt her.

He could see himself loosing his god hood in one last ditch attempt to bring the warrior princess to his side. He could see the months of mortally rolling out before Xena gave both him and Aphrodite their god hoods back. Then the final blow and the shock of Gabrielle coming back alone from Japan filled with sadness and despair, which had mirrored his own as he’d desperately tried to bring her to his side.

Using any tactic possible and revealing in her despair and depression which had hit rock bottom all at once. Her need to drink away her sorrow had hit its peak. She wanted death caring no longer for her life or the people around her who she violently lashed out at. She was a shadow of her former self. He closed his eyes as more memories came through like crashing waves he could feel the soul mate thread vibrating intensely as it tried to force his grip free.


Gabrielle couldn’t stop her movement it was like she didn’t have any control. She found herself crying out even more as the pain in her head intensified. It was like someone was trying to drive a hot nail in to her mind. The world around her slowly began to blur she could feel the blood as it started to run slowly down from her nose.

Cyrene pulled back watching as Gabrielle fell to her knees what was going on! The young woman had been fine a minute ago and now this? She moved forward she watched in shock as all the light seemed to fade from the green eyes momentarily. The young blonde woman soulless eyes closed as her body fell sideways hitting the floor hard.


Xena moved through the Amphipolis market place she felt herself stop in mid motion as a painfully wave of sickness hit her. Her whole body seemed to freeze as it swept through her system. She felt herself stumble sideways as her vision blurred the next moments turned to pain as she hit the floor hard on her front.

She could see the blurred shapes as people suddenly surrounded her but she couldn’t hear what they where saying it was like her ears had gone dead. She felt cold like someone had sucked the very life from her body. She didn’t have the strength to get up she felt her body stiffen as the last of her strength failed her. She watched as the world slowly faded in to darkness she could hear Gabrielle screaming but it sounded so distant.


Ares growled aloud as he gripped the thread tighter he wasn’t going to be forced free by it! Not now when he was so close! He could see the Aztec lands he could see it all in all its shocking glory! He stiffened as something cold suddenly touched his neck. He turned slowly eyeing the well crafted blade and its owner.

It was Hephaestus the smith god he was wearing his woven brown leather sleeveless shirt. With its steal pattern belt and black leather trousers and dark leather boots. Hephaestus eyed the god of war his anger showing as he narrowed his gaze. “You not supposed to be here Ares!” Ares sneered watching as Aphrodite slowly walked out from behind her husband.

Aphrodite moved closer her sea blues eyes falling on his hand she blinked in horror. “What are you doing? Let that soul mate thread go!” Hephaestus limped a step closer, his green eyes narrowing. “Let go off it now!” Ares raised an eyebrow eyeing the burnt side of Hephaestus’s face. “Or you’ll what, take me on in battle? I doubt a cripple like you can stand up to me.”

Aphrodite moved closer the urgency showing in her face. “Let go of that thread Ares!” Ares eyed the vibrating thread. “Oh you mean this thread? No I don’t think I will. Not until you tell me about the other life time.” He raised his hand. “Don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about Aphrodite. I know about elder god C’thulon and I know about Japan.”

Aphrodite narrowed her gaze as she shook her head ignoring her husband’s surprised look. “Let go of the thread Ares your going to kill them both.” Ares eyed her for a moment. “Oh really and you expect me to believe that, I think you’d say anything right now to defend that irritating little blonde.” He didn’t get a chance to say anything else as Hephaestus’s sword hilt slammed in to his face.

He found himself letting go of the thread as he stumbled back painfully. Hephaestus snorted in disgust his wife had filled him on the previous events of the changed timeline. He had found the whole thing very enlightening. “My wife wouldn’t lie about things like that she knows more about soul mate threads than you could ever hope to.”

Aphrodite moved forward she could see the soul mate thread pulsing with red light as it showed its pain. She slowly took hold of it with both hands watching as white light burst through her fingers. She could hear the two heartbeats slowing down as they settled back in to their normal rhythm. The red light slowly changed as it turned back to white and it became still again.

If the god of war had held on any longer he could’ve killed them both, soul mate threads couldn’t be treated this way. It was also wrong to try and force out memories from a life thread in this savage way. It could damage the soul itself and in the case of soul mate threads one being hurt would affect the other instantly.

The mortal’s body would collapse and loose all strength resulting in death and the other soul mate would instantly follow. She eased up her hand checking the thread again she narrowed her gaze as she turned to Ares who had a look of disgust on his face. “What happened in the other life time is not your concern.”

Ares moved forward only to feel Hephaestus’s sword point as the smith pushed it against his chest. “You knew about this all along didn’t you?” Hephaestus eyed the god of war. “Actuality we both did, and frankly I don’t like the idea of dying all over again.” He shook his head feeling his long dark hair move over his shoulders. “I won’t leave my wife widowed this time around.”

Ares took a step back as he put his hand casually on his sword. “No one would miss you anyway if you did die.” Hephaestus leaned forward eyeing the god of war. “No one would miss you ether.” Ares adjusted his sleeveless black leather shirt with it gleaming metal studs as he eyed the goddess of love. “Where does C’thulon sleep?” Aphrodite turned her long wavy blonde hair flowing. “I don’t know.”

Ares snarled aloud. “That irritating little blonde knows though doesn’t she?” Aphrodite folded her arms. “Gabrielle won’t tell you anything and you know what will happen if you appear with in an inch of her or Xena.” Ares moved around the smith ignoring his hateful gaze as he came closer. “I will find out where C’thulon is, I’ll follow her and Xena to Mexica if I have to!”

Aphrodite shook her head as she looked up. “We aren’t welcome in Mexica the Aztec gods will kill you on sight. They have no patience for other gods entering there domain.” Ares stepped forward feeling his anger as it stated to boil up. “Oh but I’m very good at making deals, I’ve served evil gods and helped monsters before.”

Aphrodite took a step closer. “You don’t serve the Aztec gods Ares they aren’t like Dahak they have no interest in ruling the world. They only like their domains and anyone who gets in their way dies.” She took a step back. “They don’t have morals and they don’t care about their own people. They send whole armies to their death just so they can make their warped creations.”

Ares smiled slightly. “Let me guess, Gabrielle told you all this?” Aphrodite took a step closer to her husband who limped forward putting a strong arm on her shoulder. “No I know this because I’ve read Zeus’s scrolls. The Aztec gods were the first gods created by C’thulon. All of the gods are descended from them, the Titans the Norse Gods even the Egyptian gods.

She eased up her hand. “It’s just we aren’t savage like them because we’ve grown and matured in to better beings.” Ares took another slow step back. “Well then I’ll be meeting my real markers if that pathetic theory is true…” Hephaestus watched as the god of war disappeared in a blast of white fire. “That stupid bastard…”

Aphrodite slowly met his gaze. “He won’t go there…” Hephaestus shook his head. “What if he does?” Aphrodite put a hand on her face. “He won’t.” Hephaestus shook his head. “I think he’s worked up more about the fact that we knew something and he didn’t.” Aphrodite breathed in. “Totally, but if you ask me that alternate lifetime is best forgotten.”


Cyrene breathed in deeply she’d managed to get Gabrielle back on to the bed. She slowly took hold of the jug filling it with water she had no idea what was going on. The young woman had been fine one minute and then she’d been pain. It was as if someone had sapped all the young strength away in one fail swoop. She breathed in deeply watching as her mermaid filled the guest tankards, at least she didn’t need to worry too much about her bar.


Cyrene pulled back in shock as her daughter was carried in to the bar, she was being held up by two men. One man was holding up her legs while the other was holding her under her arms. Cyrene moved forward in felt like slow motion. “What happened?!” The first man looked up he was a bulky middle aged blacksmith with a white beard named Endymion. “She collapsed.”

The red bearded younger man holding Xena’s legs looked up sharply he was a horse breeder called Acis. “She was fine one minute and then she just toppled over and passed out.” Cyrene stared at Endymion for a long moment. Acis looked up slightly. “Where do you want us to put her?” Cyrene snapped out of her daze all at once.

She breathed in sharply. “Bring her up stairs.” Endymion smiled widely. “Okay you show us the way.” Acis rolled his eyes. “Great stairs...” Cyrene turned sharply. “What did you say Acis?” Acis pulled up grinning. “I was just surprised by how much of a big girl your daughter is.” Cyrene eyed him for a moment. “Big enough to beat you in battle I’m sure.”

Acis breathed in sharply watching as Endymion burst in a fit of laughter which echoed through the corridor. He breathed in deeply watching as the door was opened. He blinked as he caught sight of Gabrielle lying on the bed with her back to them he could see bandages on her lower body. “By the gods that snake thing really did hurt her.”

Cyrene watched as Xena was gently placed down next to Gabrielle she leaned over freeing the scabbard and Chakram. She gently placed them on the bed side table. Endymion moved forward. “Can we get you anything?” He smiled widely he’d always loved Cyrene he watched as the woman began to unhook all the bronze armour.

Cyrene smiled slightly eyeing the white bearded middle aged man. “I need some warm water.” Endymion grinned as he turned on his heels. “Coming right up.” She eyed Acis who was tapping his foot on the ground. “Did you intend to do anything or did you just intend to stand there?” Acis looked up sharply he put both hands together. “I’ll go help with the water.”

Cyrene watched him go she slowly turned back to her daughter and her partner what in the name of the gods was going on? They had both been fine not long ago and now they were both lying on the bed unconscious. She breathed in deeply as she moved forward pulling the bed fur skin over them both. Ever since that serpent had appeared everything had gone in to turmoil she hoped that some answers would surface soon.


In The Lands Of Mexica

Lila painfully opened one eye, huge white pillars of stone came in to view covered in hundreds of odd painting of strange things and beings. All of which were strange and frightening to her. She could feel the furs under her body which she had been placed on. Her gaze moved slightly in the centre of the room was a huge lake sized pool full of crystal clear water.

She got up on to her knees all her clothes were in place but she felt overly hot, she slowly stood up feeling her stomach complain, she felt hungry. She stepped forward towards the table close by which had fruit of some kind on it. There was also a big metal jug with some kind of black liquid in it. One filled with golden liquid had been placed next to it.

Lila eyed up the first jug sniffing slightly the smell that hit her nose was wonderful it was sweet. She eased the goblet over pouring some in to it. The moment the liquid hit her lips she couldn’t help but smile. It was vanilla and something else something she’d never tasted before. She found herself emptying the goblet all at once.

Someone suddenly spoke behind her the words where deep sound like thunder rolling across a sky but none of the words she understood. They were in another language. Lila stopped feeling her hand shake she hadn’t realized until now that something was behind her. She could feel its hot breath beating against her neck.

She turned slightly only to cry out as the huge snake like face came in to view with it mouth which was bigger than her body and long tongue which flicked out close to her chest. It nose had been with inches of her back and she hadn’t realized it the huge purple feathered mane shook as the remainder of the water dripped free.

Quetzalcoatl watched as the girl screamed dropping her goblet as she tried to back away only to trip over her dress in the process and hit the stone floor hard on her back. She didn’t understand his language just like her older sister, he grunted aloud as he moved closer to her. He hated having to give strangers the voice of people.

When he’d visited Greece he’d spoken in EztliOcelotl’s own language but he had no intention of doing that in his own home land. He opened his mouth watching as the purple light streams flowed out instantly hitting the dark haired blue eyed woman in the face. She began to cough painfully as she scrambled back even further.

Quetzalcoatl eyed her. “It’s called cocoa mortal.” Lila pulled back slightly watching as the purple light streams disappeared. “Please don’t kill me…” Quetzalcoatl narrowed his gaze how disappointing this young woman was nothing like her older upstart sister. She was already cringing in fear in front of him just like the rest of his followers.

He was beginning too loath grovelling and apologizing, it was so pathetic. Hardly anyone ever stood up to him any more. He wished they would at least then he could kill them. The truth was he’d done his job of causing fear far to well in the past and now just like all the other gods he was becoming bored and irritated by the lack of fight left in his followers.

He missed the days when brave warriors would take him on battle and he would end their lives and then revive them giving them back their souls so they’d serve him as his elite. He lowered his gaze he no longer had the strongest army and his warriors weren’t up to standard they had been.Huitzilopochtli the sun and war god now had the strongest armies and was constantly breaching his region.

He flicked out his tongue since the loss of his godly items he was feeling this pressure even more. Huitzilopochtli didn’t have his godly item but it didn’t matter he was become the more worshiped god. The sun god was still the only god in the region who could speak to C’thulon face to face and not be killed outright for doing so.

He turned back to the terrified dark haired girl. “How pathetic you grovel before me like some worm.” He turned slightly. “You do understand me don’t you girl?” Lila swallowed as she looked up. “Yes…” Quetzalcoatl lowered his gaze. “Do you have any idea where you are?” Lila looked around her she could feel herself shaking. “I’m not in Greece am I?”

Quetzalcoatl rolled his eyes. “I can see that the brains really didn’t fall on your side off the tree. I thought you’d at least be as smart as your sister.” He pulled his huge tail out of the water. “No your not in Greece your in a place called Mexica which is miles from your own country.” He flicked out his tongue. “I’m sure your sister must have mentioned it to you…she seems like the type who brags about her conquests.”

Lila breathed in trying to stop herself from shriving. “She’s never mentioned Mexica or you I don’t even know who you are. I never did anything to you why did you capture me?” Quetzalcoatl came forward. “It’s not what you did you me you little fool it’s what your sister did to me!” Lila pulled back in fright she swallowed as she looked up. “What…did my sister do to you?”

Quetzalcoatl sneered in disgust. “Your sister stole my godly items and wounded me!” He moved his tongue back feeling the sai blade still lodged in place. He wasn’t a python and he couldn’t unhinge his jaws to dislodge it. It hurt every time he swallowed and none of his followers would even dare risk trying to pull it out for him ether, their fear of being eaten alive was too great.

Lila looked up slowly. “My sister is no thief.” Quetzalcoatl turned his laugher hitting the air. “You’re as foolish as your sister’s lover if you believe that. Your sister is many things she’s a murder, a betrayer and a thief.” Lila got to her knees trying to control her fear. “My sister doesn’t kill she carries a staff she’s only ever killed once!”

Quetzalcoatl narrowed his gaze. “How little you know, allow me to tell you something very important which you can take to your grave.” He flicked out his tongue. “Time itself has been changed it was rolled back twenty nine years. The sister you’re protecting is from that time line and not this one. Despite the appearance and her body lacking the scars it had that woman is not the sister you know.”

He smiled evilly. “She’s the woman who killed twelve of my elite warriors in cold blood and stole from my temple.” He looked around him. “The place you’re in now which is my keep and godly temple.” Quetzalcoatl watched as her eyes widened as she took in his words. “She’s so hated by the gods in these lands because of her betrayals and her escapades that we called her the Blood Jaguar or EztliOcelotl to those who don’t understand our tongue.”

He flicked out his tongue again. “She’s called this because she bled these lands with her claws and broke the order of the gods with my sorrows. Her doing this has caused wars to break out in every region in these lands.” He leaned closer. “I’m the creator god who suffered because she struck out against me, because that’s the type of human being she really is, a cold and vengeful one.”

He pulled back watching as two female servants walked in to the room one was carrying a sacrificial headdress and the other sacrificial clothes. “You should think long and hard about my words little fool.” He turned slightly. “My name is Quetzalcoatl and you’re my prisoner you’re here because of what the Blood Jaguar did.”

He pulled his tail back in to the water. “Should your sister not show her face and not bring back what she stole from me you’ll pay the price with your still beating heart which I’ll have ripped from your chest.” He shook his feathered mane ignoring the terrified look on his face. “Until your sister returns with my items this city and temple will be your cell.”

Lila watched as he hit the water causing it water to splash upwards she breathed in, as the panic over took her. She turned watching as the same warriors who had held her back in Greece reappeared, both now wearing huge headdresses. The tall man had a Jaguar head dress while the woman wore a bird one with a hooked beak both pulled out their razor sharp weapons standing guard.

'To be continued in part 6

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