Everything is Alive Part 4

By Simahoyo

The flat plain chosen for the gathering was covered with Ghurs, wagons, correls filled with reindeer, and a few cattle, and families cooking, visiting, eating, talking and trading. Single girls and boys, wearing their finest clothing walked around, giving each other the eye. A couple would link up, and wander off to get to know each other better. For such a scattered population,this arrangement served to increase their tribes.

When the Amazons arrived, people looked up, smiled, and either went right back to what they were doing, or, in one case, adjusted his silver armbands, and blushed. Yakut noticed him noticing her, and smiled. She turned to the group.

"We are here for three days. You can play, eat, trade, dance, whatever you like--but no fighting with anyone. I don't care if someone else starts it. I want us to show our neighbors how Amazons are supposed to behave. And if you forget, Gabrielle and Xena are right here to remind you. I, on the other hand, have something to do." And Yakut walked away from the group and towards her new conquest.

Otere looked at the young man watching Yakut. He was almost as tall as she was, with coppery skin, black hair and soft brown eyes. She too was thinking about boys, but she had a mission. She needed to find a shaman. She knew that Delicate Flower was a small shaman, and she needed a big shaman now--for balance. She didn't even know what to look for. And now that stupid prophecy was bugging her. If she was going to get Xena's power, what power was it and when was she going to get it? Everything she had learned lately was from Gabrielle. She took out her hawk feather and stared at it as she walked. Then she felt herself bump into someone--hard.

"Ooof! Ow. Watch it." And Otere looked up into bright blue eyes and a very displeased Warrior Princess. "Oh no. I'm sorry."

"Where did you get that hawk feather?", asked Xena.

"From Delicate Flower. I need another one just like it to get into shaman school. I was looking for a shaman."

"Well, as you know, I'm not a shaman, but I know a few. Kumaris is Delicate Flower's husband."

"Yes, I knew that, " said Otere.

"He gave me something before I set out to meet you and your tribe. He said I'd know who to give it to when the time came." And Xena reached into her pouch and brought out a leaf packet tied with dried grass. She opened it, showing Otere a hawk feather identical to the one in her hand. On it was the mark of a shaman.

Otere's mouth went dry as her eyes watered. She blinked any tears away as Xena handed her the feather. Xena was giving her power to Otere. Otere tried to say thank you twice before her voice worked. Xena just clapped her on the shoulder and pointed her towards a woman with a round face and cheekbones so high that her eyes disapppeared when she smiled.

"That is Ghurtha. She's the shaman teacher for Delicate Flower's village."

Otere was running. She glanced back and Xena and Gabrielle, then rushed over to Ghurtha with her feathers. Gabrielle took Xena by the hand and leaned into her side. Xena looked down and grinned.

"Well, Warrior Princess, I think we have a good tribe of Amazons here. I'm pretty sure they are going to survive just fine."

Evenk walked by arm in arm with a pretty girl, followed by Samoyed and a skinny fellow with a sweet smile.

"Good thing I taught Evenk how to deliver babies. Something tells me their tribe is going to increase. So, are you ready to head for home now?", asked Xena.

"Right after the gathering. I have some shopping to do."

Xena rolled her eyes, but she smiled, reflecting the feelings in her heart.

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