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The Long Walk into the Light
By Skald The Bard
© 2009

Part 4

Next morning came fast. She had feel asleep in Xena's arms in the clear near Argo. Now they were walking side by side going to another town... following Callisto. Xena was determined to put her back behind the bars. Perdicus had left earlier in the morning, headed back to Potediae, Joxer was walking not so far ahead. Everything seems different now, Gabrielle thought about it while walking a little behind the warrior so she could watch Xena better.

“Are you sure you don't wanna ride?” she asked Xena. “You would get faster to where we're going.” The warrior slowed down her stride so the bard could catch up with her.

“Yeah... I'm sure.” Xena smiled down at her. “Unless... you wanna ride with me.”

“You know how I feel about riding Xena. No thanks... I'm fine walking.”

“Well, then it's settled, we're walking...”

“But Xena...”

“It's Callisto Gabrielle. She hates me, and she's capable of doing anything to get to me. Including hurting you. So, if you're not riding with me... we're walking. I'm not leaving you behind so you go trip on her and get yourself in trouble.”

“You make it sounds like it's my fault.” Gabrielle complained.

“Sorry, I didn't mean it that way.” she stopped and touched the bards face. “If something happen to you I could never forgive myself.”

“I know...” Gabrielle smiled. “I'm sorry, I promise you I'll try not to get myself into any kind of trouble... at least this time.”

“Don't make promises you can't keep my Bard.” Xena gave her a smirk.

“Xena... you... it's not my fault...”

“I know it's not your fault Gabrielle... trouble just follow you around, right?” the smirk grew bigger.

“Xena...You... I...” the bard started to say but was surprised by a kiss on the nose followed by a kiss full on the lips that made her head spin. Wow! How can she do that to me with just one kiss?

“You were saying???” Xena asked in all innocence.

“Was I saying anything?” she answered with a dreamy expression on her face. Xena chuckled and kept walking “By the gods... breathe Gabrielle... breathe!” the bard said in a whisper to herself watching Xena walk away. I think I never saw this side of her... she smiled to herself, the warrior's playfullness was a nice surprise. I think I like that...a lot!

Are you coming?” the warrior asked as few steps away.

Yeah, yeah... I'm coming...”


Perdicus kept walking... back home, back to his farm boy life in his hometown. Things didn't happen the way he planned. In his dreams he imagined walking back this road with Gabrielle by his side. When she said 'yes' to his proposition he thought...great! But then he saw sadness in her eyes, at first he thought it was because his Gabrielle was worried about her warrior friend. And then Xena arrived to the camp... after keep fighting, for the good, for others, all day long. And he saw the same sad look on the warrior's blue eyes. And then Xena was kind of avoiding him... and avoiding Gabrielle. And the sadness in the bards eyes just grew bigger and the bard couldn't stop looking at Xena... trying to reach her. He saw Gabrielle talk to the tall dark woman, and saw the hurt in her eyes when Xena didn't want to be close to her.

It was then that he saw the truth... it was like a flash of sunlight into the night and he finally understood. She wasn't his Gabrielle anymore... the two of them were in love with each other... but clearly some things were keeping them apart.

When Gabrielle came to talk to him, he understood one more thing... she was scared to tell Xena about her feelings... and the warrior... probably felt he same way. But Xena would never took the first step... not towards Gabrielle. In the warrior's eyes Gabrielle was everything that is pure and innocent... she would never allow her feelings to show. She would never consider herself worthy of someone like Gabrielle.

He saw that, even if he offered his whole life to Gabrielle that would never be enough to make her happy because her heart was already completely taken by the warrior. And he decided that he wouldn't create one more obstacle to Gabrielle's happiness.

But now, walking back home, alone... he couldn't stop feeling sorry for himself. Feeling sad and very, very lonely...

“Well, well... look what we've got here boys.” a female voice sounded behind him and when he turned... he saw a blonde warrior. “You're not who I was expecting... really... I'm very disappointed...” she said walking to him.

“Who are you?”

“I'm a friend of Xena... and Gabrielle... of course.” she smiled at him. “I'm almost sure that you've already heard of me...” she stepped closer and said with a whisper... “My name is Callisto!” He tried to step away but was captured by Callisto's men.

“What do you want from me?”

“From you? Ohh... not much... really...” she smiled. “You see... I wasn't hoping to find you really. At least not alone... I thought that maybe you had someone else with you, you know, Xena's little pet... Gabrielle. You came after her to ask her to marry you didn't you?

“What do you want with Gabrielle? Leave her alone!” he said bravely.

“Awww isn't it cute? Defending the love of your life like that...” she took of a dagger of her belt and got close to him. “You love her... I can see... but tell me... a love so big that gives you courage enough to stand up in front of me like that... why isn't she here with you?” Perdicus didn't say a word, just swallowed hard the lump in his throat. “I see...” she said smiling. “You love her, but she... loves... someone... else.” she sad poking him with the dagger. “And that's exactly why I just can't leave her alone boy. Because this someone else happens to be Xena. Am I right?” Perdicus looked at her surprised. “Oh yeah... I know. The warrior princess made my life miserable. She killed everything I loved. Now, I'm going to kill the only person that she loves... I'm going to break her apart by killing little Gabrielle.”

“No! I won't let you touch her!”

“And how are you going to stop me? Are you going to kill me? Don't you think I'm out of your league? She let out a crazy laugh.

“If you touch Gabrielle Xena will...”

“Xena will do what? Whatever she does... it won't change the fact that the little bard is dead. Even if Xena gets her revenge over me... it won't bring Gabrielle back to life and Xena will be devastated forever. She won't be able to forgive herself ever... and that's enough for me. Then I'll get my revenge out of her.”

“But you will be dead... Xena will kill you if you touch Gabrielle!”

“Maybe...maybe not... I don't care... destroy Xena is all that matters for me... even if costs my life boy. And that's why I'm going to win... because I got nothing left to loose.” she looked over to him... “And you are going to help me.”

“I won't do anything to help you.”

“Oh... but you don't have to do anything...” she turned fast and punched him hard making him pass out. “Tie him up... and let Xena and Gabrielle know that we have him...”


“'re back... finally!” Gabrielle said watching Xena march into the room they were sharing at the inn. “ I was ready to go chasing after you.”

“Hey yourself... I was checking on Argo... Did I take too long?”

“No...not really... but I was worried anyway.”

“There's no need to worry Gabrielle can take care of myself.”

“I know you can Xena but...” she fumbled with her own clothes. “... it's Callisto out there... and I know how much she hates you. She almost got you killed last time...” she felt a lump on her throat... “I can't help it... I don't know how not to worry about you.”

“I know!” Xena smiled, walked near her and gave her a hug. “But I'm okay... see?” she asked giving one step away so Gabrielle could look at her.

“I see...” the bard smiled back at her.


“Where's Joxer by the way.” Now that Xena had arrived Gabrielle was a little nervous. It was the first time she was alone with the warrior in a room after their friendship became something more and she wasn't sure how to act. Then she started to talk a lot... like she always did when she was nervous. “You didn't let him wander alone did you? He might get himself in trouble...”

“He's fine... He's in the room down the hall.” Xena started to remove her armor. She noticed that the bard was nervous. Maybe she's having second thoughts about... Damn... Maybe she changed her mind... maybe she saw that she was just messing up the feelings... friendship and love are very close feelings right?

“Xena, are you listening what I'm saying?” Gabrielle's voice took her off of her musings.

“Sorry... I went off a little. You were saying?”

“You look tired. Are you Okay?” then Gabrielle got a little disappointed.Xena is tired, she only wants to sleep a little, and she won't want to spend time giving you... attention. So get a grip Gabrielle.

“Yeah...I'm a litle tried, but other than that I'm fine Gabrielle.” she lied still concerned. Gabrielle had this lost puppy eyes.What is she thinking about now? I wish I just could read her mind...“You look tired yourself...” She finished removing her armor and changed into her night shift.

“Yeah, you're right. I Think I'm a little tired too.” Gabrielle sat on a chair watching Xena move through the bedroom. She was already dressed to sleep herself.

“Did you eat something?” Xena sat on the edge of the large bed and looked at the bard.

“No, I wasn't hungry.”

“You were not hungry? Xena asked surprised. “Are you sick?”

“Cute Xena...” Gabrielle smiled. Xena reached out for her bag and got a piece of bread and a piece of cheese.

“Come here and eat something. I won't have you passing out from starvation.” the bard obeyed her and sat next to the warrior. “Good girl”. Gabrielle smiled a mouthful of bread.

“And you...? Did you eat?” Xena started to eat herself silently answering the bards question. They ate in quiet companionship for a while. After they finished Xena set the things away.

“Are you ready to sleep?” Xena asked standing up, going to the other side of the bed and stretching her long frame.

“Yeah.” Gabrielle swallowed, suddenly nervous again. And very slowly she laid next to the warrior facing the ceiling.

“Good night Gabrielle.” Xena said closing her eyes.

“Good night Xena...” she turned and faced the warrior. Watching the beautiful profile a little sad. She had hoped that Xena would gather her in her arms and... she let out a small sigh. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. But she couldn't... she rolled to one side... then the other... and let out another sigh.... She felt the bed move a little...

“Gabrielle...” Xena's low voice sounded very close to her ear. She opened her eyes and saw a pair of warm blue eyes watching her intently.

“Yeah?” she asked with a small voice.

“Are you having problems?”

“No...I... I...” she stammered.

“Is something bothering you? You know you can talk to me don't you?”

“Yeah, I know Xena.” Xena turned fully and they were facing each other. Their heads only inches away.

“So... tell me... what's wrong?”

“There's nothing wrong really.” Xena just raised an eyebrow. Gabrielle gave up hiding her feelings. “It's just... after yesterday night...” she blushed hard. She was having hard time to find the right words.

“After all we said and after we kissed?” Xena asked smiling.

“Yeah...” she blushed even harder. “After that I thought... well...”

“You thought that things would be different between us right?”


“And you think they're not…”

“Yes they are but...”

“But you are having second thoughts about it? About us?

“No...nothing like that...” she rushed to answer. “It's just that now I... It's like I don't know exactly how to act around you anymore...” she babbled. "And... I'm afraid that when I wake up in the morning I may find out that it was just a dream of mine."

“Hum… right.” She said still smiling. “I think I know what your problem is…”

“You do?” Gabrielle asked swallowing hard, those big bright blue eyes so close… and that smile…

“Yeah… I do…” she said with a very low and silk voice. “Come here… Gabrielle...” And the bard found herself enveloped in Xena's arms… The warrior laid flat on her back pulling Gabrielle along with her. Gods I just love the way she says my name, and the sound of her voice, and the way she holds me like that She got lost in the feeling of being this close. Xena kissed the golden head below her chin and smiled. “Better now?” she asked.

“Much better.” Gabrielle snuggled further in her embrace. “Thanks!” she tilted her head up and smiled to the warrior.

“Pleasure is all mine.” Xena returned the smile, her blue gaze burning into the green ones looking adoringly to her. She moved the bards golden hair out of her eyes. “' not a dream by the way...” She said, her voice almost a whisper, her breath caressing the bard's face.


“No, definitely not.” She couldn't resist any longer and captured the bard's lips in a long and slow kiss, that turned into another and both spent a long time in each others arms just kissing and caressing and Gabrielle felt that she just couldn't get enough of the warrior. She felt Xena's hand scratching light the back of her neck and then she broke the kiss needing to breathe.

“Um... I...” she stammered. “Wow...have I told you already that you do that very well?” Gabrielle asked mesmerized.]

“Do what?” Xena smiled knowing the answer already.

“Kissing.” Gabrielle said blushing.

“You think so?” Xena kept caressing her neck with one hand and brought the other one up and ran the tip of her fingertip to the bards lips.

“Yeah...I do.” Gabrielle closed her eyes at the touch

“Well... you too you know?” Xena said lost in the vision of the small blonde in her arms.

“Really?” Gabrielle blushed even more and gave Xena a shy look.

“Truly.” and to prove her point Xena just brought the blonde head closer and gave her another deep, long, slow kiss. And soon the bard was breathless again. Xena broke the kiss again but kept hold of the bard and kept nibbling her jawline.

“Xena...” Gabrielle whispered her name holding her close.

“Yesssss Gabrielle?” she asked in a sensual voice while she kept kissing the bards face and neck, running her fingernails through Gabrielle's hair.

“I... I... oh gods... I think I... ne... I need...” she stammered some more. Gods I'm totally out of control here... She was lost in Xena's touch but she was a little scared.

“What do you need Gabrielle? You can tell me...” Xena was having problems of her own, she felt the things growing more intense bu she couldn't do anything about it. She didn't want stop kissing and touching Gabrielle. Gods, I wanted this for so long... but at the same time her rational mind were telling her that she needed to slow down. You're probably scaring her Xena! She stooped the touching, kissed the tip of the bards nose and smiled to her. “Tell me Gabrielle...” Gabrielle's eyes were closed and her face were flushed.
“I think I need to breathe a little...” she said in a uneven voice... “Too intense...” she gave tha warrior an apologetic look.

“It's okay Gabrielle. It was a long day, we need our sleep right?” Xena smiled sweetly at her.

“Yeah...I... I guess...” Gabrielle still was trying to control her out of control breathing. She looked up and met those amazing blue eyes just inches away from hers. “ I... guess we do... need our sleep... it was a very long day.” Xena still was smiling and Gabrielle couldn't tear her eyes away from that smile and from those eyes...

“Yes it was.” Xena said.



“I just love to look into your eyes.” Xena chuckled. “I mean...” Gabrielle felt silly. “You probably know that... it's just...” the bard touched the warrior face. “It's just that I've been wanting to tell you this for so long.” she touched Xena's eyebrows with her fingertips. “You are so beautiful... I still can't believe that this is really happening. That is not just a dream of mine.”

“Well, let me tell you two things. First, you... are... beautiful.” She said kissing the bard between the words. “Second, it's not a dream Gabrielle, I can assure you.”

“Are you sure?” she asked smiling. “Are you sure that things won't change when I wake up in the morning? That you won't just look at me at me with that look and...”

“What look?”

“The one that tells me that I'm crazy, the one that always makes me feel stupid when you catch me looking at you and daydreaming...”

“Oh... that one!” Xena rolled her eyes.

“Yes that one.”

“It's not going to happen. It's not a dream. Not anymore.”

“Good.” Xena kissed her one more time.

“Goodnight Xena.” the bard said laying her head on the warrior's chest.

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

She felt the bard relax and soon fall asleep.You like this way too much Xena She smiled to herself and stroked the pale head affectionately. She felt her own body start to relax under the warm touch of the bard and a deep feeling of peace invade her heart just by hearing her sweet breathing.She is just adorable. How did I get so lucky to have you love me Gabrielle? She kept watching the bard sleep, caressing her soft blond hair until sleep claimed her as well.


To Be Continued in part 5

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