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Don't Ask, Don't Tell


By S.K. Allen

Back to Basic

Jamie awoke the next morning, dressed in her battle dress uniform or BDU and took down her bed. She stuffed her sheets in the pillowcase and took the blankets over her shoulders. The group stood out in formation and listened to instructions on turning in their linen.

After that was done, they went off to get their breakfast. Everyone was nervous because they were going to be assigned to the companies that they would be with throughout the rest of basic training.

After breakfast, they picked up their bags from the barracks, and headed to a building that was completely void of furniture. It was an incredibly blistering day outside so they were all glad that it was air-conditioned. They lined up uniformly in four long rows and sat with their bags.

Two tall dark men in park ranger hats walked into the room. Jamie looked up at them and shuddered internally. ‘God, I hope they aren't my drill sergeants,’ she thought to herself. When they started calling for them to file outside, bear-hugging their duffel bags instead of shouldering them, a chill ran up her spine. ‘Oh shit,’ she thought.

Sarah was sitting in front of her and was visibly shaking. Jamie patted her back and said, "At least we'll be together." Sarah smiled and they both stood to face their fate.

"Stop!" One of the drill sergeants barked, stopping Jamie, "You stay... we have enough. Lets go, privates!" Jamie stood there in shock; she had been separated from her friend. Now, she was really nervous and she was first in line for the next truck. This definitely is just not my day.

Just then, she walked in. The most amazing woman Jamie had ever seen, and if she wasn't so scared and the woman didn't look so angry, she would have completely drooled all over herself. She was tall and had a powerful look about her. Dark hair was braided tightly away from her face and her blue eyes looked around the room scanning the new recruits, probably counting. She looked menacing, yet so beautiful. In different circumstances, Jamie would have been completely turned on.

Angel counted the new privates. She saw their innocent faces and mentally winced at what they were about to experience. She looked at the blond seated at the front of the line and signaled for her to stand and follow her out.

Jamie stood along with the rest of the people behind her. She went to shoulder her bags. "I didn't say to shoulder that duffel, Private! Hug that sucker and come on," the drill sergeant growled, "You think you’re more special than all these other privates?"

"I'm sorry, I forgot," Jamie answered her meekly.

"Private, I don't want your apology. JUST GO..." Angel watched the young girl scramble and run out with her bags. She followed the privates out and helped the other drills herd them into the back of a cattle-style truck. When they were in, she climbed up behind them.

There was another drill sergeant was already in the truck yelling at the recruits. "Did I say you could sit down? Ain't no body said that. Stand up."

Sergeant. Major looked at one of the Privates who was staring at her and growled at him. "You eye-balling me, son? Put your face onto your duffel. I'm gonna remember your face and I am gonna make your life a living hell." She looked at Jamie who seemed to be looking at her too, "You too little girl." She looked around and saw many crying faces on the soldiers and smirked at Sgt. Sanders, the other sergeant in the truck with them as they drove off to their barracks. "Let me tell you something Privates," she continued, "You need to pray to whatever god you believe in. Because your heart may belong to your god, but your ass belongs to me now."

She looked out of the window while Sgt. Sanders yelled some more. Her eyes wandered again to the young blond that she had yelled at earlier, there were no tears. She smiled to herself; ‘Oh she will be a good one to break’.

What the hell have I gotten myself into? Jamie thought to herself as she felt the truck lurch to a stop. This is it. What’s next?

"All right, Privates. You have ten seconds to get off this cattle truck, and around the other side of the barracks. 10...9..." the woman started counting off. Jamie ran behind several of her mates around to the other side of the building. While they hadn’t run that far, the heat and the weight of the heavy bags made the run unbearable. There were lots of people falling and dropping their bags. Jamie was determined not to lose face and made the run without dropping her bag or stopping for breath. She stopped only when she reached the formation started by her peers that had made it before her. It was not until then that she dropped her bags and leaned over gasping for breath. She saw the woman drill sergeant carrying a young woman in her arms and taking her into the shade.

Jamie strained to look at her, but there were too many guys standing in her way. She couldn't help it, she wanted to see her for some reason. The blond heard a male drill sergeant call out for them to empty their duffel bags for a supply check. Jamie sighed still wheezing a little, and began to empty her bag along with everyone else.

When that was done they called for them to put away all of their personal belongings in a locked room.

With a sigh, Jamie endured the inspection of her belongings. There was to be no street clothes, no music, and no books. You are not allowed anything that will take your mind from training for the next eight weeks. It was just her luck that her inspector just so happened to be none other than the beautiful drill sergeant. Major opened a small bag strewn among the other items. When she spotting a book entitled "Tropical Storm," she arched a brow at the young woman.

She looked back into the bag at the CD's, mostly alternative. Sergeant Major again raised a brow when she came to a heavy metal CD. The drill sergeant then looked down at Jamie. "You think you’ll have time for these things?"

She reached inside again and her hand found a box of tampons. She took out the box and opened it to see if there was anything smuggled in. Candy. She dumped the contents of the box on the floor, and then dropped the empty box on the duffel bag. "Pick up the tampons and put them back in the box, you might need them later, and throw out the candy. After you’re done, gather all of your personal things and put them in the storage room. Major growled as she pointed to the sergeant waiting to take the personal bags. "You won’t be needing them where you’re going," Major said with an evil grin, "Then you can go get some water and consider yourself lucky I don’t make you drop and do fifty for the candy," she said as she moved to the next soldier, who was looking at her fearfully.


Man I‘m being way too easy on these soldiers, maybe it’s the heat. Major thought.

Jamie blushed furiously and quickly picked up her personal items. She hid the box of tampons in her duffel, though it was too late, people had seen already. Who the fuck does she think she is? she thought as she moved quickly to give her personal bag to the waiting sergeant.


"Can you believe that bitch?" Private Gonzales said to Jamie later that night . "Man, the way she took your tampons and practically threw them for everyone to see was cold."

"It's nothing, I guess..." Jamie answered with a shrug.

"Nothing? Jackson, I hope I don't have to deal with her all the time because I will die."

"Now wouldn't that just be your luck Gonzales?" Jamie laughed and walked to her bunk. They were in an eighteen bunk bay, where all the females were staying, which was separated from the men’s side of the building.

The air was filled with the sound of crying. Nobody knew what was going to happen next and everyone wanted to go home.

She lay awake for a while, listening to the sobs of her mates, and finally let a tear roll down her cheek. When she finally fell asleep, she dreamt she was still at home, and her girlfriend Shannon was there, with her fiery red tresses and blazing green eyes.

Shannon beckoned for Jamie and they came together, kissing passionately. Suddenly it wasn't Shannon anymore. It was Ssg. Major and she wore a cynical look as she smirked at Jamie. "Do you think you can have me? that’s the challenge, Private. Will you rise to it?" the dark haired woman said sultrily. Jamie awoke with a start. Her attraction for the woman was going a bit too far. Yet dream or not Jamie... it was a challenge and you never back down from a challenge.


Angel sat alone on her couch, watching Letterman. She couldn't sleep. She always hated the first two weeks of basic training. This is where shock was necessary and yelling a requirement.

She ate a pint of Jamocha ice cream, the cold cream cooling her tired vocal cords as she stretched out on the couch. The phone rang and she reached over to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Well hello, Anjulee. I finally caught you at home." It was her mother.

"Hello mother, how are you?" Angel greeted.

"I'm doing well darling, but I am concerned," her mother said with genuine concern in her voice. This set alarms off in Angel’s head.

"What's wrong?" Angel said, reaching for the remote and pressing the mute button.

"I got a phone call from a young man named Lou." With an exasperated sigh, Angel rolled her eyes. "He called me last night and asked me to talk to you. He's hoping you changed your mind. Now I don't know what’s going on, but I told him you had your reasons and all I could do is mention to you that he really meant it. What's going on?"

"He cheated on me," Angel answered calmly. She knew her mother could identify with this. Angel hadn't seen her father since high school. He had cheated on her mother and left her for the proverbial younger woman. Her mother hadn't put up with it and she didn't think she should put up with it either.

"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry. How are you feeling?" her mother asked. Angel stretched her legs out on the couch and sighed.

"I'm about ready to give up on men all together," She answered disgustedly.

"Oh well... You could always go for women darling.. I really don't think being alone is the answer," her mother said.

Angel choked on her ice cream. "Mother..." she managed to gasp out.

"I'm serious, I just want you to be happy. I hope you never settle for dogs like Lou just because he’s there. There are always other options in life."

"You never got anyone after dad," Angel answered, used to her mother's unorthodox ways of relating to her. They had lived alone until Angel's senior year in high school, when Victoria had come to live with them. Victoria was her mother's oldest friend. She had never been married and lived alone in Dallas. Glad to have someone else there to intervene, and calm her mother down whenever she managed to get into scrapes, Angel welcomed Victoria into their lives. Now Victoria had been dead for over three years. "Whatever gave you that idea..." She heard her mother laugh. The younger woman's eyes widened, realizing what her mother may have meant. She decided to let it go because it wasn’t her business.

"You’re just the strangest person in the world," Angel said with a smile. She loved her mother with all her blunt strangeness. She was always honest with her, starting with the time Angel had asked her where babies came from."Well mother, I have to go to bed now... I’ve got to get up early in the morning."

"All right, Anjulee, good night."

"Night..." They hung up. Angel stretched and chuckled at what her mother said. She made her way to her room had changed into her favorite pair of blue silk pajamas, her shirt buttoned half way.

Angel slid into bed and sighed and thought about it some more. She’d never thought of women that way. She certainly had nothing against lesbians, but...

On the other hand, the thought was now alive and well in her mind. The dark haired woman thought about the afternoon and about Jackson. "She was cute... I could go for that." Angel thought aloud, and then laughed at herself for even thinking about it. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.


Up since 6 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, the new recruits had nothing to do. They couldn't officially start until the rest of their company arrived later that afternoon. Private Jackson swept the bays with a dust mop. Other privates were spread around the barracks with clean up tasks of their own.

Jamie looked up when she heard a familiar voice near the CQ office. She purposely dust-mopped her way closer to get a glimpse of the tall dark woman.

"Major, we are doing this alphabetically, so when the rest of the company gets here, you get G-M," Jamie heard first sergeant say. She smiled to herself and continued to listen.

"We aren't going by numbers anymore?" Major asked.

"Nah, that didn't work too well last time, people hated it. We gotta try something different this time."

"You're going soft, Top." Major chuckled then looked at her watch. "Time for terror. The truck here yet?"

"Not yet they called for it and it should be here in a few minutes. Thought you hated collecting."

"I had fun yesterday," she said with a smirk.

"That’s because they didn’t know what to make of you. You stand there looking beautiful and they all drool. Then you open your mouth and they get ridden around the base by the bitch from hell. You just love disillusioning them," First sergeant said laughingly as he saw the knowing gleam in her eye.

"I don’t know what you mean," she said archly as she tried to hide a wicked grin."

You are a sick woman, Major," First sergeant said to her. The woman only laughed and headed out of the office.

Major walked out and almost ran into Jamie dust-mopping the floor. "You eavesdropping, Jackson?"

"Uh... n... no." Jamie blushed.

"Uh huh... Drop." Major growled.

"What?" The private asked, not sure she understood.

"Get down, drop, beat your face," Angel explained, and seeing the confusion in her face, she said with a hint of amusement. "Push-ups... now."

Setting the dust mop[ aside, Jamie got down in a front leaning rest position and started. The private fumed and watched the other woman's boots in front of her as she continued. She tried to ignore the pain on her back caused by the penicillin shot she had gotten a few days earlier. She made it to 20, but Sergeant Major hadn't given her permission to stand yet. She watched as the boots walked away and out the door. Angrily, Jamie sat up, just as the taller woman walked back into the building. "Did I tell you to stop?" Major asked, glowering at the private.

"When you left me here I assumed I was done. Besides I heard you were going to pick up the other recruits. How was I supposed to know I was going to stay like that till you got back?" Jamie answered, thinking that any denial she’d been eavesdropping would be pointless now. Suddenly, she remembered at whom she was yelling.

Major's eyes narrowed. "On your back, private... flutter kicks, now!" the drill sergeant waited until she got in the starting position before she turned away and walked into the CQ office. Major asked First Sergeant Supan to keep an eye on Jamie and to release her when he thought she had done enough. Major left the offoce, glancing at Jamie struggling with her flutter kicks as she walked out or the building and into the waiting cattle truck. So young... so hard headed, she thought with a shake of her head.


"When I call out your names, get into formation in front of me," Major said standing to the left of first platoon. Which had been formed by First Sergeant Supan, and Sergeant Clark "All right... Garret, Gonzales, Green, Gunther, Hardy, Holt, Hunt, Huntress, Ibsen, Ireland, Jackson... Jamie, Jackson... Katherine, Jackson..." she smirked as she came across this first name, "Michael, Janeway, Jimenez, Jones, Kawalski, Kelly, Lorton, Lindstrom, Malek, Martinez, Mitchell, Montero, Murphy."

Before, Jamie had been happy to be part of the gorgeous woman's platoon, but now she was starting to hate her. She got in formation with a heavy heart. She stood with the fourth squad, as far away from Staff Sergeant Major as she could, glad to be standing behind a tall guy named Green.

One by one, they got into formation in front of her. She paced back and forth at the head of the formation, watching them as Drill Sergeant Armstrong walked up next to her. Sgt. Armstrong is a muscular bear of a man, twice the size of Major, whose skin is as black as night. He also looked twice as mean until he smiled.

"All right, listen up, Privates," Sergeant Armstrong started. "I'm Sgt. Armstrong and this here is Staff Sergeant Major. We are your NCOIC’s, which is Non Commissioned Officers in Charge"

"That means whatever problem you have, you come to either one of us. We’ll use the chain of command, take it to the higher powers if we cannot correct it for you. If you have a problem with either one of us, you can take it to the one that is not part of the problem," Major said.

"Yo, Major, we need to assign battle buddies and pick a platoon leader and four squad leaders," Sergeant Armstrong reminded her.

"Right...," she said looking around. "Okay, we'll do it like this...Garret and Gonzales, you two are battle buddies, Garret you are first squad leader," she assigned quickly then looked down again reading off the list:

"Green and Gunther,

Hardy and Holt,

Hunt and Huntress,

Ibsen and Ireland ... Ireland second squad leader.

Jackson, J. and Jackson, K.,

Jackson, M. and Janeway,

Jimenez and Jones,

Kawalski and Kelly... Kawalski, third squad leader.

Lorton and Lindstrom,

Malek and Martinez,

Mitchell, Montero and Murphy ...Murphy fourth squad leader."

"All squad leaders stand to the right of the squads." Sergeant Armstrong said as they all started to shift around to their places.

"Jamie, Jackson... front and center," Major barked. She watched as the young blond , who had previously paid the price for talking back, walked up to the front of the formation.

Jamie reddened in anger as she walked up to Sergeant Major. What is she gonna do now? Smoke me in front of every one? "You’re platoon leader. You will stand here every time you come into formation." Major said to her, then looked at Sgt. Armstrong. "Who's gonna carry the Gideon?"

"Who's her battle buddy?" Armstrong asked."Oh yeah, Jackson K. you stand up front with Jackson J. Jackson K., you carry the Gideon," Armstrong said, bringing over a long flagpole.

Jamie grumbled to herself, She‘d never gone by unnoticed, but this time she wished she had. The tall warrior woman had promised to make her life miserable. For just looking at her? Like it could be helped, Jamie thought in a huff.

"This will signal when you have changed phases," Major said, tying a red flag on the pole. "This is the first phase flag. Two weeks from now, it will change if your performance is satisfactory."

"There is also a company Gideon. They’ll pick the best soldier from the company to carry that one, and it won't be out until..." Sgt. Armstrong looked at Sergeant Major for confirmation, "Next week is it?" Major nodded. "But for now, when we march the company, you run up to the front of the company formation as soon as they say right face. Gideons must always be in front of the formation," he continued.

"Tomorrow, we are out here at 0500 in our summer PT's. Right now, we are going to dinner, then we're back here to get further instructions." Major looked to First sergeant coming out of the building, to lead the entire company to the mess hall for the first time. She nodded and positioned herself in front of her platoon.

Jamie saluted to sergeant Major and let the woman take control of the platoon. At this point she was feeling that maybe she would be able to handle being ruled by the woman. Major seemed to have calmed down from the afternoon when she’d smoked her so badly her legs were still sore, not to mention her back.

"Company," First Sergeant Supan called from the middle of the company. Major looks over her shoulder.

"Platoon." she said, coming to attention.

"A...ten...tion." First sergeant barks as they all come to attention. "Right...Face!" He waits till they turn to their right then says, "Forward... march!" He began to yell in cadence as he led them all to the chow hall.

They say that in the Army

The chow is mighty fine

A roll jumped off the table

And killed a friend of mine

Oh lord I wanna go

But they won’t let me go

Ho oh ohm.

Jamie smirked as they sang. Well that's encouraging, she thought as they continued on.

They say that in the army

The coffee's mighty fine

It looks like muddy water

And tastes like turpentine.

Oh lord I wanna go

But they won't let me go

Ho oh ohm Ho oh oh oh oh ome

"Mark time march," First sergeant Supan shouted as the company started to half step. "Company halt" They took two steps and they all stopped. "Left face!" First Sergeant then looked at all the drill sergeants and saluted. "Drill sergeants, take charge of your platoons."

Major saluted back and did an about face to face her platoon. Her eyes rested briefly on Jamie and gave her a warning look. "Jackson, K., take the Gideon and put it in that Gideon holder, then come out and relieve the first platoon's Gideon guard." She walked to the squad leaders and said, "When ‘I say file from the left, column left,’ Garret, I want you to say ‘Column Left’, and you three will say, ‘Stand Fast’ okay? Then when the second to last person walks past you, it's your turn, Ireland, you say 'Column Left' and so on and so forth." She watched for them to nod and yell "Yes, Sergeant" before returning to her spot at the front of the platoon.

Jamie raised her brows looking at Sergeant Major. The woman seemed different. as she instructed the privates, Sergeant Major’s demeanor changed. She hadn’t expected anything but coldness from her.

After the first platoon had completely filed out, she said, "Platoon, Attention! Right face... File from the left... Column Left." She heard them say their part then said, "March."

After her people were marched inside, she walked in, taking off her hat, sitting with several other drill sergeants.

Jamie stood in line, think of all of what this first day had entailed. She knew that tomorrow it would be a whole other story.

"Hey, Jackson..." Jamie looked behind her it was the other Jackson. "What's with the drill sergeant? I saw the look she gave you."

"She's only keeping the promise she made to me on the cattle truck," She answered and proceeded to get yelled at by a drill sergeant standing nearby.


By the time Sergeant Major and Sergeant Taylor, which were the meanest drill sergeants in the entire company, got through with the company that evening, everyone was exhausted. After chow, Major moved to stand in front of the formation, looking meaner than she had a half hour before.

She personally marched them back to the barracks, without cadence or any other sound but her directions. Jamie wondered if she could sing. When she halted the company, Major stopped in front of each platoon, glaring. Once she returned to the center so everyone could hear, she yelled, "EVERYBODY DROP." Scowling, she looked at sergeant Taylor, who looked just as angry. She smoked them until she lost her voice. She finally turned to Sgt. Taylor and he took over.

Now it was 9 p.m. and Jamie sat in her new room, a three man bay that she shared with her battle buddy Katherine. She had just gotten out of the shower and was putting on some socks. All she’d have to do in the morning is put on her cross trainers and she’d be dressed and ready to go to formation.

"I don't know if I can take much more of this," Katherine said. Katherine was bi-racial girl, not much younger than Jamie. Her skin was the color of light caramel and her eyes were gray. Her hair was light brown and hung in wild ringlets.

"We can do this... It could have been much worse."

"This is true...," Katherine said. "What's your name again?"

"Jamie.. yours?" Jamie asked as she lay down in a bunk-less bed.

"Katie, nice to meet you," she answered as she lay on her bottom bunk."LIGHTS OUT," came a voice from outside, it was Sgt. Armstrong. He went along and turned off all the lights. Soon thereafter Jamie drifted off to sleep from exhaustion.


Angel cleared her throat a few times as she drove away from the barracks. She had ridden them hard today and she knew it. She wasn't trying to win any popularity contests.

She had no choice, more than a few of the privates leaned against the wall, instead of standing at parade rest, when they were waiting in line. The chow hall was also a bit noisy from too much talking. Then, to top it all off, few of them were too slow. Although she joked around with the other drill sergeants, as they all usually did, she did not relish punishing the recruits. None of them do. they’d been forced to do what they hated to do, and that made them angrier.

Angel flipped through the CD's in her CD changer and landed on the new Lauren Hill CD. "Every thing is every thing" came on and she tried to hum through her sore throat, as she pulled into a gas station.

Every thing Is every thing

What has to be will be

After winter

Must come spring

Change comes eventually

She turned up the volume opened the window and stopped the engine. She wanted to listen to the lyrics as she pumped gas into her Mercedes. Her senses prickled and she straightened, taking note of her surroundings.

In the reflection of the back door window, she could see him. "I know you know I am here... you were always good at that."

"What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me, Lou?" she asked, turning around. She returned the pump to its cradle and braced herself for anything.

"I wanted to apologize again for what I did. I love you, please forgive me." He moved closer for a kiss, but instead he received a mouthful of metal as Angel opened the door.

"Forget it..." She slammed the door and closed the window. She drove off toward her home, muttering to herself, "Great, I wish the asshole would leave me alone."


Lou stood there stunned as a memory vividly replayed itself. His parent's had been arguing in the other room. "You don't make me feel that way anymore. I only married you because of him. Lou isn’t enough anymore."

"He is our son. You’re his mother, you’re gonna have to leave him with me because, I’m telling you, I‘m not gonna let him live with some nigger."

"If I have to leave him... I don't want to but I will. Lou is the only person in my life that I love as much as I love Jimmy. But he can’t make me happy. He can't hold me like Jimmy does. He can't console me like he does. I am tired of being needed all the time... by you and by him... I need to be taken care of too."

"You’re only thinking about yourself you selfish little bitch."

"I know... I was fifteen Joe, I had no business being mommy to nobody... I should have given him up like my mom told me. Maybe he would have been better off." Lou heard a loud slapping sound.

He clenched and unclenched his fists as he made his way back to his car. "It won’t happen again." He had decided that this would be his mantra. Angel would be his, he wouldn't lose her again.


"Formation in fifteen minutes," was heard from down the hall. Someone turned on the light and walked away from Jamie's room. She hated not having a door, that way they could at least knock on the door to wake her. The sudden blare of lights gave her a migraine. "PT people, lets go!!" they heard again as they pulled on their sneakers.

Jamie waited for Katie then ran outside for formation. She stood in front of the formation and counted to see if everyone was out. Yep that's every one, she mused and turned around. There was no sign of her drill sergeants. She knew she’d heard Sgt. Armstrong's voice wake them all up, but where was Sergeant Major?


As Angel drove up to the barracks, she saw the formation already set. She parked and turned off her engine, reached over to get her clean pressed BTU's and draped them over her shoulder. Her dark hair, pulled back and tucked neatly into a simple French twist. She wore her gray summer PT uniform, with a physical training patch on her left shoulder. Underneath her shorts, she wore black biker shorts.

The drill sergeant went inside the barracks and into the office to set her uniform down. When she returned outside, everything went silent. She smiled internally and walked towards Sgt. Armstrong. "You wanna count them off or should I?" she asked.

"I'll do it... It's still punishment time." She laughed at that and stood behind him. "Jackson and Jackson, go join the rest of the formation."

Jamie joined the rest of her platoon, glad to be at the back of the formation, behind second squad where Sergeant Major couldn't see her. Sgt. Armstrong explained to them how to spread the platoon out. When he called for them to spread out for exercises, the company took up the entire field.

He stretched them out, counting off. Sergeant Major disappeared and Jamie didn't know where she’d gone. Then, she caught a glimpse of her while everyone was doing the arm exercises. She was yelling in someone's face, granted, they’d been doing a half-assed job until she got there.

Jamie made sure she was doing what she was asked. "The push ups!" she heard Sgt. Armstrong yell.

"The push ups, drill sergeant," the company echoed.

"Go!" everyone scrambled into position.

"One, two, three," he shouted.

"One," the soldiers counted off three push-ups to one count.

"You should be able to do these, Jackson, put your butt down and spread your arms wider, it makes it easier. Keep your arms straight and you'll be okay." Jamie gasped, recognizing the voice. ‘She could be nice...’ she thought as she saw her feet move away.

They did 10 counts and stopped, but they stayed in that position until Sgt. Armstrong said, "The sit-ups!"

"The sit-ups, drill sergeant!"

"Move." As they scrambled to their backs, more than a few moans of relief were heard.

"First squad turn to face the second squad, and third squad turn to face the fourth squad." Jamie heard an other drill sergeant say. There was no one behind Jamie so she sat up and raised her hand.

"Sarge! I don't have some one to hold my ankles," she yelled to him. Jamie looked around and saw that Sergeant Major was partnering up the two other people that did not have partners

She folded her arms and waited, although she hoped not to get noticed at all. She had no such luck, Sergeant Major kneeled in front of her. "Get ready." was all she said as she placed her hands on Jamie's ankles. Jamie's body reacted all too eagerly to the touch and the sound of Sergeant Major's voice.

At first, Jamie went through the exercise with ease. She did these all the time so her abdominal muscles were incredibly strong. Major didn't even say anything, she just held her ankles and looked away. When Major shifted forward a little, so that her head was ducked between Jamie’s legs, Jamie shook a little. Sergeant Major looked up at her, apparently misunderstanding her reaction. "Rest position is up, rest if you need to." As she rested for a bit, she avoided Sergeant Major’s eyes. "Switch." she heard and Sergeant Major let go of her ankles.

"Start stretching" Major said as she walked away and started to patrol the area again.Jamie looked after her and shook her head, starting to stretch her abdominal muscles.

Angel smiled to herself, knowing full well what had happened to the private.’ You need to stop toying with her, you know how vulnerable they are here’ she told herself as she walked inside and changed into her BTU's. By the time she was done, the privates were starting to come into the barracks to shower and change. They were given a half hour.

Sergeant Major walked to the CQ Office and sat on the couch with a bottled water. "How’re you doing, Taylor?" she asked with a smirk.

"Much better than you’ll be after taking privates to a class and staying awake through all the boring blocks of instruction."

She took a drink of water and shrugged. "Better than working for twenty four hours. straight" She said laughing, then she glanced out the door Jackson was ready and heading outside. "Peace." She added with a smirk and headed out of the door.

Major sighed and stood in front of her platoon. She waited for First Sergeant Supan to march them off to breakfast and then to the classroom.


Jamie sat listening to the rules of the Geneva convention and UCMJ or Uniform Code of Military Justice, which spelled out the laws and rights of soldiers.

it wasn’t very interesting and she started to tune out long before they got to the rules regarding fraternization among the recruits. She started to daydream about the big drill’s hard body. She could still feel where Sergeant Major’s strong hands had held her ankles that morning, and the tingle she felt when the older woman had moved so close to her thighs. It was the only thing that kept her from falling asleep that day and she felt pretty good until they’d been smoked again for taking too long at lunch.

Every day that week Major acted meaner and meaner. They were glad for that part of the day when she wasn't around. It wasn't often, but when she had to be gone, Sgt. Armstrong, who, although a big bear of a man, was much kinder when he took them over. However, she was a higher rank, so she had control whenever she was around.

Armstrong was the nicest drill sergeant around. He actually told them about the Physical Training patch that he wore on his PT uniform. "You have to score 300 percent on your PT test in order to get this," he said. The test is split into three parts push-ups, sit-ups, and a two mile run. All having the potential for 100 percent. If a soldier scored 100 percent on each activity according to their age group, they received a Physical Training patch. "Y'all see Sarge Major?" he continued, " She passed the male's test,. so I don't ever wanna hear that you females can't keep up with the guys."

Jamie was amazed hearing that. The males had to do almost double what the females had to do. They had a diagnostic PT test at the end of the first week and she did a little better than required, in the 60th percentile. She purposely stood in Sgt. Armstrong's line for the test.

This made Major smile. ‘Smart girl,’ She thought.

When it was all over, they went back to the barracks, cleaned up and went back to the classroom.


Sunday marked the end of the first phase. It was Angel's turn for CQ again. She sat in the chair behind the desk, watching music videos. The Ranger's game was going miserably and she was in no mood to see the massacre. It was a half day for the rest of the drill sergeants, so when 12 p.m. rolled around, there were only two of them left.

With a sigh, she stood and walked through the barracks, where the privates had been buffing and waxing the floors. The platoon had performed well throughout the entire two weeks, So she decided she would take her platoon to the PX shopette for anything they might need.

"Second platoon formation, now," she shouted before she returned to the CQ office, grabbed her drill hat and turned off the television. As she walked outside, the last of the platoon was forming up. They looked afraid of being dropped. She couldn't help chuckling as she took her place in front of Jamie. "If you need anything from the PX, get your money, The males are going to get their hair cut and the rest of us will wait outside until we’re all done."

When they all came back to formation she said, "Platoon, attention! Right face! Forward march!" They started to march.

Jamie was surprised at the angelic sound of the cadence sang by the drill sergeant. It was the first time she had done it, all the other times she’d let Sgt. Armstrong call it, while she pretty much just looked mean. She had a beautiful voice and a rhythm you couldn't help but stay in step with.

Jamie sounded off louder than usual. Angel rolled her eyes as she marched. Anytime a mean drill sergeant decided to be nice, they did everything within their power to stay on their good side.


Around 12 a.m., Angel looked around for something to watch on television. She wished that she’d brought her stereo. Suddenly she had an idea and walked to her car, driving it around to the front of the building.

She turned on the stereo and just sat inside the car, looking at the building. She flipped through her CD's, stopping at an old Motown CD.

Oh when my world

Was in the lost and found

How you came along

To claim it

And I don't know

Just what was wrong with me

Till your kiss,

Made me name it.

Now I'm no longed doubtful

for what I'm searching for.

When you can make me happy

I don't need to do more

She sang along with the song then checked her watch. She left the engine running as she started to walk inside, still singing. She stopped as she saw Jamie at the door and she stopped immediately. "Did you need something, Private?"

"Not really, I was just admiring your car. Nice.. didn't know sergeants made that much cash," Jamie said tentatively. Maybe she will talk back, she thought. so what if I’m only asking on a dare from the other fire guard on duty.

"It was a gift.. The only thing big enough yet luxurious enough that could carry me," Angel answered sardonically. Jamie beamed, she couldn't believe she actually got an answer. She followed the drill sergeant to each room. Watching as she checked to make sure nothing illegal was going on.

"So... what are we doing tomorrow?" Jamie asked.

"You get your weapons," Angel answered, oddly glad to have the company.

"Oh cool... what are we gonna do with them?" she asked curiously.

"Get to know them intimately."

"Okay..." Jamie said as she looked in askance at her drill sergeant.

Sergeant Major rolled her eyes slightly as she explained," they’re gonna take you to a classroom and you’re gonna take them apart and put them back together. They’ll teach you how to clean your weapons and maintain them."

"I see... can I tell you something personal?"

"You better not," Sergeant Major answered. "Get back to duty, Private." she said ducking into the office. Then remembering her car was still running, she walked out to it.

How sweet it is to be loved by you. She heard as she turned off the engine.

Jamie walked back to Katie. "I can't wait ‘till I get my money."

"Yeah, yeah... You looked like you were enjoying that too much miss thing." Katie answered as she watched Sergeant Major walk back into the office.

They walked down the hall for a minute and Katie remembered, "By the way what were you gonna tell her anyway?"

"I hate guns," Jamie answered and smirked.


Jamie was up, dressed and standing in formation as she watched Sergeant Major walk slowly to her car. She looked so tired. Well duh Jamie, what did you expect.. she’s been up for 24 hours, she mused as she turned around to count her platoon. The company went to the warehouse that afternoon and were each given a number. "Okay, Privates..." Sergeant Armstrong said to the company. "When I say,’ In weapon number sequence count,’ you will repeat this. When I say ‘off’. you will start to count off until the last one has a weapon.. You got that?" he shouted.

"Yes, Sergeant!" the soldiers said in unison.

When they call your number that we gave you last night, you run, don’t walk, run to the weapons room and retrieve your weapon.

"Yes, Sergeant!" they shouted in response."

"IIIIIIIN weapon number sequence count!" Sergeant Armstrong sang and waited for them to echo him. "OFF" he barked and they were off and running.

Jamie was number ten. After she ran to get her weapon, she looked at the M16 warily. She felt the cold heavy metal in her hands. She carried it with her to her place in front of her platoon and stared at it.

The weapon made her nervous. She looked around at the guys with their guns, they were too happy with them. She shook her head and sighed. "You look like you’re scared of that," Katie said to her.

"I am, Katie... I mean, these guys look trigger happy. I feel like someone is gonna get shot by the time this is over," Jamie said with a sigh and came to attention .


"Major, it ain't like the man didn't tell you." Sergeant Luna said to Sergeant Major one night after duty. Major and Luna were working out together at the gym. Sergeant Luna was the only person Sergeant Major felt comfortable enough around to talk candidly. Luna was a foot shorter than Major, and was of Hispanic decent. Her long brown hair, tied back in a bun, started to unravel as they ran on the treadmill. "He cheated, Luna, whether he told me or not. Even so.. he shouldn't have called my mother."

"He called your mother?" Luna asked.

"Yes he did. My mom was like ‘why did you say no to him?’ Then she gave me a long lecture about not being alone," Major said.

"Oh god.." Luna laughed softly, increasing the incline of the treadmill. "Whatever happened to that one guy you said you would have married?"

"He got married to someone else," Major mumbled increasing the speed. "He never really asked me."

"Why not?"

"Because he’s black... I mean, he took all kinds of crap from people all four years that we were together because I’m white. He said that he didn't want to subject me to all the things his friends might be saying. I on the other had no 'friends', but people still talked and I’ve got good ears." Major said pulling a hand trough her now loose hair before tying it back up.

"So it was his decision, you didn't want to break up?" Luna asked slowing down and lowering the incline.

"We decided that, since we were gonna go to college or whatever else we wanted to do... it was better we split."

"Did you guys go far from home?"

"I went to Georgetown...he went to Morehouse."

"You guys didn't have a fling in the summers?"

Major looked thoughtful for a second. "He was married by the end of his freshman year." ‘But you fucked him anyway didn't ya, Angel,’ she thought and sighed. "Anyway.. that's in the past."

"So why did you go with this other joker?" Luna asked. Major was confused for a second before she realized the other woman was talking about Lou.

"Are you kidding? Have you ever seen him?" Angel slowed the treadmill to a walk and kept pace with Luna.

Luna laughed. "So you were thinking with your groin?"

"Pretty much," Major mumbled and got off of the treadmill. "What's next?"

"Chest and arms," Luna answered and they both moved to the weight room.


To be Continued in part 3

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