A Letter to My Lover

By: S.Lee

Disclaimers: This story contains sexual content between two women. If you are underage, or this offends, I suggest you jump on your skateboard and do a 180 outta here.

Author's note: This isn't anything serious, just a little letter/fantasy/journal. Just let your mind go and feel it. So, my grammar is a bit informal as a letter or journal entry would be.

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It's storming out tonight. I love this kind of weather. The more it thunders and lightning, the louder it is, the more I love it. I have been sitting downstairs, thinking in the quiet of the house. I thought to myself, 'If I could be doing anything I could possibly want to do, what would it be?' Very easily and nearly instantly, it came to me.

If I could be any place at this moment, I would be lying on a couch, in our sunroom, listening to the rain, watching it fall onto the bushes. I would have the windows open to smell the moist rain air, feeling the cool dampness. In my thoughts, my Joni Mitchell CD is playing softly, candles are lit, and you're lying in my arms.

In my fantasy, I am reclining, a pillow behind me, and you're lying with me, between my legs, your head on my chest, with your arms wrapped around me. I have one arm around you, and my other hand is on the top of your head, running my fingers through your hair. My favorite quilt that my grandmother made me when I was a little girl covers us. I softly sing to you along with the CD. I place the occasional light kiss on your forehead as we lie together. We listen to one another breathe. We talk and share our lives.

My kisses to your forehead begin to move over your eyes, your nose, and your cheekbone. I lift your chin slightly and press my lips to yours. The kiss is light, affectionate, familiar. It is like coming home. I become more insistent, enjoying you so much. I touch your face as you shift to lie on top of me. My fingers run through your hair as you wrap your arms around my neck. My lips move to your jawline, then down your neck as you moan and lean into me. I can feel your skin grow warmer under my mouth. Your breath increases in speed as your arousal flows.

My hands wander under your top. Your smooth skin feels like heaven to my touch. I grasp the bottom of your t-shirt and pull it off over your head, tossing it aside. I take a moment to look at you, loving you, wanting you. I move you so that you straddle my waist. I press my face to your chest, where your heart is. I listen to it beat, faster and faster, strong and steady. I place soft warm kisses over your chest, leaving a slightly moist trail on overheated skin. I reach your breast and flick my tongue against your nipple. You moan and bite your lower lip. I play with you with my tongue, teasing you. I wrap my lips around your nipple and suck and nibble and lick, driving you insane with want and need. I remove your shorts and panties, leaving you naked, straddling me.

I can feel your wetness against my skin, almost burning me with your heat. I move back up to kiss you hard over and over again while you writhe on top of me. I lower my right hand between us and open your lips. My fingers slide easily through your velvety skin. Our faces nearly touching, our hot breath mingles as I hold you close to me. You begin to move against my hand, urging me to your favorite places. I tease you, running circles around your clit. I kiss you as I enter you. Our kiss continues as I move two fingers in and out of you. You move up and down on my hand as I move in synchronized rhythm. Our lips never break contact as I move in and out, in and out, in and out, taking you, claiming you. As you climax, you pull me tightly to you and wrap your arms around me as your walls of velvet tighten their hold on my fingers.

After your rise, I can feel the aftershocks tensing and releasing your muscles. I eventually ease out of you and you collapse into my arms. You lie naked on top of me, between my legs, your head on my chest. My fingers smell like you and it makes me smile. You are wrapped around me tightly. I have one arm around you and one hand on your head, stroking you gently. I sing softly to you as we lie there, reveling in one another.

If I could be doing anything right now, that is what I would want to do.

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