She Is

By: S. Lee

Disclaimers: This story consists of two women loving one another and contains strong sexual content. If this offends or you are underage, then I suggest you find something else.

Author's Note: The Three Days series was supposed to be a trilogy, but Kat and Beth won't quite let me go. <BG> This story takes place a few years before Three Days. These songs are simply borrowed. I must give credit where it's due. "Lovin' all Night"-Rodney Crowell; "Whiskey River"-Johnny Bush and Paul Stroud; "Beth"-Peter Criss, Stan Penridge, and Bob Ezrin; "Turn Me On"-JD Loudermilk; "A Song For You"-Leon Russell; "Long Black Veil"-M.J. Wilkin, D. Dill; and "She Is"-Hal Ketchum.

Acknowledgement: As always, thank you to my beta reader, Patricia Fester. Thank you for all you do to help me look like I know what I'm doing.

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Kat Green sat in the hall backstage of a large honkeytonk in Phoenix, talking to her beloved wife, who was home in Texas. The couple spoke every night before Kat performed and after, if it wasn't too late . The times apart were difficult for the couple, but Kat's chosen path as a professional singer and musician had become a way of life for them. Beth was an instructor and doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, where the couple had met seven years before.

Valentine's Day was in two days and since she had a performance on the sixteenth in Aspen, Kat decided to fly her wife to Denver to spend a few glorious, romantic days in a cabin in Estes Park.

A silly grin lit up the singer's face as she spoke with the woman who held her heart. "God, 'Scilla, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I've missed you so much. I'm lonely without you."

Lying back in her bed, surrounded by books and papers, Beth Green's face shone with a smile that was identical to her partner's. "I know, me too. This bed is cold and empty. I miss the feel of your body wrapped around mine."

Groaning, Kat replied, "Don't do that to me right now. I'm wearing tight leather pants. They're going to be very uncomfortable if you keep this up."

Beth chuckled, "Good. I like that I still do that to you after all these years."

Kat shook her head. "You're the only one who has ever been able to do that to me." The singer's heart and body ached for her lover. "How was school today?"

"It went well. My students are happy to have a couple days away from me."

"Good. Now you can concentrate on us. I've got something very special planned for us."

"As long as I'm with you, E, I really don't care what we do. I just want you to hold me. I want to look in your eyes."

Feeling as if her heart were being squeezed tightly, a lump formed in Kat's throat. "I love you, Beth. I can't imagine doing this without you. I'm lucky to have you and I can't wait to show you."

With her eyes closed, Beth softly smiled. She thought of her wife and could feel her close. "I'll always be with you. I love you too, Kat."

Kat's drummer stepped into the hall and motioned for the singer to come out on stage. She nodded her response and bid her love goodnight.

"Baby, I need to go. It's that time. You've got a long day. I won't call tonight. I'll be with you tomorrow night, though. Sleep well, my angel. I'll be thinking of you."

"And I'll be thinking of you. Break a leg. I'll see you tomorrow at noon. Goodnight."


Kat sadly smiled, tossed her phone into her guitar case and psyched herself before her entrance in front of the packed club. The audience erupted in cheers and applause as she placed the guitar strap around her shoulder. "Good evening, how y'all doin?" asked the performer.

The crowd responded by yelling and lifting beer bottles in salute.

The singer's face beamed as the energy from the crowd took hold of her. "Alright. How 'bout a little lovin' all night?"

"Wooooooo!!!!!", the crowd responded as the rockabilly tune began. Kat strummed the steel strings of her black acoustic guitar, the perfect image of a rock star in her black leather pants and t-shirt.

"Now baby pull the covers back over my head

I don't wanna get up outta this bed

I don't wanna drag it on off to work

That big boss man is really a jerk.

We've been lovin' all night

Just about fill me

Everything's right

Hope it don't kill me

I'm gonna live it just as long as I can

I'm gonna make it every part of my plan

Lovin' all night, hangin' on tight

No doubt about it been lovin' all night

Well baby you're as pretty as a fresh cut flower

When you show me how you love me in the wee small hours

While everybody's sleeping on around this town

Lovin' all night makes the world go 'round

We've been lovin' all night

Just about sends me

Everything right hope it don't bend me

I'm gonna live it just as long as I can

I'm gonna make it every part of my plan

Lovin' all night, hangin' on tight

No doubt about it been lovin' all night, yeah

Ain't no use talkin' when you're looking so fine

When you're movin' your body up-a close to mine

We've been rockin' with the rhythm of a beat of our own

Hey, I'm gonna love you till the cows come home

We've been lovin' all night

Just about settin' me

Everything's right, hope it don't get me

I'm gonna live it just as long as I can

I'm gonna make it every part of my plan

Lovin' all night, feelin' all right

No doubt about it been lovin' all night

We've been lovin' all night, hangin' on tight

No doubt about it been lovin' all night."

The crowd was loud and made its pleasure known to the singer. Kat felt electric in front of the audience. Her pulse pounded as adrenaline shot through her veins. The band transitioned to the next song. As Kat broke into her version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire", the crowd roared. The old song was one of the singer's favorite. She loved the story of how June Carter had written it for Johnny when the love she held for him became too much for her to repress. Kat sang in her best imitative voice, trying to capture the soul of the "Man in Black", as she entertained the people. As with every song she performed, Kat sang out for her Beth.

Between sets, Kat walked to the bar for the customary free beers for her band and herself. A blonde, in a low-cut blouse revealing the swell of her breasts and deep cleavage, sauntered up to the singer. Kat acknowledged her with a nod and a smile. The blonde smiled seductively as she moved closer to the singer. "Hi there."

In her usual friendly way, Kat answered, "Well, hello."

"You are incredible to watch. You seem to really love what you do."

"Thank you, sugar, I do."

The young woman continued her flirtation, "My name's Tammy."

"Hi Tammy, I'm Kat. It's nice to meet you."

Tammy began to gently run her finger along the warm, bare skin of Kat's forearm. "I bet it gets real lonely out on the road. Would you like some company later? Maybe I could get a private performance?"

Kat's smile diminished as she stepped back. "Sugar, I'm awful flattered. But, I've got a wife at home. To be honest, she rocks my world. I'm going to have to turn you down. But, I'm sure anyone here would be thrilled to spend some time with you." The singer motioned to the bartender. "Give the lady a drink on me." Kat grabbed the drinks and started to walk back to her band. "You have a good night."

The singer rejoined her fellow musicians and passed around their drinks during their break between sets.

The drummer shook his head. "Damn, Kat. She was hot. How come all the hot girls come after you?"

Kat laughed, "Because, I'm the singer. The singer always gets the hottest girls."

The drummer rolled his eyes at his friend as the group laughed along with their leader.

After the beers were empty and the crowd became restless, Kat stood up and strapped her guitar over her shoulder. "Okay, boys, let's start off with a little 'Whiskey River'."

Soon the music started and Kat strummed the opening bars. She paused for a couple beats and began the words.

"Whiskey river take my mind.

Don't let her memory torture me.

Whiskey river don't run dry.

'Cause tonight you're all I got take care of me."

The crowd erupted as the group sang the classic drinking song of lost love and broken hearts. Kat continued singing original songs and some of her favorite covers. For the last song, she ended the show as she did every night. She sat at the keyboard and played an old Kiss tune.

"Beth I hear you callin'

But I can't come home right now

Me and the boys are playin'

And we just can't find the sound.

Just a few more hours

And I'll be right home to you

I think I hear 'em callin'

But Beth what can I do

Beth what can I do?"

Miles away, Beth was brushing her teeth, getting ready to go to sleep. She glanced at her watch. 'She'll probably be finishing up soon. ' In the mirror, she saw the reflection of her lover's photo on the t-shirt she wore to bed.

With her bags packed and waiting by the door, Beth eased under the covers and wrapped her arms around her "Kat" pillow and dreamed of the dark-haired siren who called her name.

After the show, Kat sat alone in her hotel room, counting the hours until her flight to Denver where she was to reunite with the love of her life. Her guitar sat on her lap, her pencil in her hair and a notebook in her hands; the singer continued to craft the song she had been working on for the past week. A half-empty room service tray was cast aside on the end of the bed. A knock on the door broke her concentration. Kat opened the door to find her guitarist, Marty.

"Hey there, brother. What's up?"

"We're going to Carl's room to watch some dirty movies and get drunk. Wanna join us?"

Kat chuckled, "Nah. Not tonight. I'm working on something."

"Which one?"

"That new one I played for y'all yesterday."

"Cool. Let me hear what you've got so far."

The two sat down on adjacent beds. Kat began singing, "She is the silver voice of water falling. She is the sun."

"Damn, I like that line."

Kat nodded, grinned, and continued, "She is the golden light that lies beside me, when day is done. Every time I fall, she just smiles that's all."

Kat played the song through.

Marty smiled. "That's great. I really, really like it. Do you want me to take it with me, so the boys and I can play with it before Aspen?"

"Nah. She's going to be there. I wanna do it alone. I wanna do it for her."

"Alright then, unless we see you sooner, we'll see you in Aspen in a few days."

Kat grinned. "Yes you will. Have fun and behave."

With a wave and smile, Marty left the room, leaving the singer to her music. Kat plopped on the bed, picking up Beth's picture. She cradled the framed photo to her chest and let her mind wander to her lover's soft blonde curls and the way they fell down around Beth's face. Kat imagined the feel of her partner's tender lips on hers. When sleep claimed her, Beth came to her, arms open wide; Kat surrendered freely to the woman who held her heart.

The next day, Kat paced near the baggage claim area, a packed rental car waited in the parking garage. She impatiently glanced down at her watch, excited and aching to see her lover.

Beth strode down the hall, her wild blonde hair framing her ivory skin. Her smile lit up her face as she walked into Kat's arms. The singer held her partner tightly, breathing her in.

"My God, woman, you feel good. I've missed you."

Beth buried herself in Kat's strong arms. "I've missed you too."

The two women held one another tightly for several minutes. Beth pulled back, her face glowing with love for her partner. She cupped the singer's cheek in her hand, studying her. Finally, Kat whispered, "Let's get your bags and get the hell out of here."

Once within the safe confines of the rental car, away from prying eyes, the couple joined together, their lips softly meeting, the first sensations flowing between them. Their explorations deepened as the couple began their renewal. Sweet as it always was, each woman melted into the other.

Kat placed her forehead against her lover's and released a satisfied breath. She nuzzled her cheek against Beth's. "Oh, I've missed you, 'Scilla."

With a smile that held the warmth of the sun, Beth tenderly replied, "And I've missed you. It feels like I fall in love with you all over again when I look into your brown eyes up close like this for the first time after being apart."

Her heart pounding, her voice thick with emotion, Kat answered, "I feel like I can breathe again."

Beth placed her petite hands on Kat's face, bringing her closer and kissed her, pouring love from her heart into her partner's. "Let's go, baby. Show me this surprise you have for me."

During the next hour, the couple held hands, smiles lighting up each of their faces, until they reached their destination, the small town of Estes Park, Colorado. Following the directions, Kat drove through the village. As they were scanning the road signs for the resort, both women noticed the large hotel on the right side of the road.

"You know, that place looks just like the hotel in The Shining, Beth commented.

Agreeing, Kat replied, "Yeah, it does."

The singer turned left onto a gravel road across from the expansive, white hotel. The resort came into view. Small cabins, a peaceful creek, and large hill painted white with accumulations of past snows made up the landscape.

Beth smiled. "Oh, this is really nice. Are you sure we can afford this?"

Kat chuckled, "Yes. It's off-peak season. Everyone goes skiing this time of year. Estes Park is famous for its hiking. That big hill over there is called Old Man Mountain. Young Indian braves would climb it and cross it for their vision quest. At least, that's what the brochure said. I can't wait to climb it."

Beth shook her head. "You do that."

"Oh, come on, Beth. How cool would it be to go hiking together? I can't wait. I never get the chance to actually do anything like this when I'm out on the road."

"You have fun. I'll read, you hike."

Kat parked the car and leaned over to kiss her partner. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

Playfully, Beth responded, "Nope. I have no clue. Get in there and get us checked in and you can show me."

Kat snapped her teeth and growled. "I'll be right back."

The singer registered at the front desk, but was disappointed to find their cabin wasn't ready yet. She returned to the warm shelter of the rental car.

"Unfortunately, the cabin's not quite ready."

With a frustrated groan, Beth replied, "Oh, that sucks. So what do you want to do until it's ready?"

"I was thinking I'd take you to lunch and then we can pick up a few groceries. The cabin has a full kitchen."

"That would be great," responded Beth, who was simply happy to be in the company of the woman she loved.

The couple stopped for lunch, noticing the town was nearly empty. Kat and Beth held hands, exchanging secret smiles that offered promises for later that afternoon. Kat committed every sensation and expression to memory. These days would have to last her while she was out on the road.

Kat and Beth strolled through the local tourist shops. Kat laughed as she looked at the t-shirts on the wall, the word, "REDRUM," was splashed across the fabric in red letters that resembled blood. "Honey, get a load of this."

Beth laughed, "We were right. I think that was the hotel in The Shining."

"Are you talking about the Stanley Hotel?" inquired the shopkeeper.

"Yes," Beth responded.

"That's one of the top ten haunted hotels in the country. Stephen King stayed there and was inspired to write the book. He wrote part of it at the Stanley. It's where they shot the TV movie. Whenever celebrities come into town, that's where they stay. They've had presidents, actors and actresses, even Molly Brown from the Titanic."

"Wow. Is the place really haunted?" Asked Kat.

The older man nodded. "Yep. Just about everyone who works there has a story."

"How interesting. How long has that hotel been here?" Beth inquired.

"Since 1909."

Beth smiled. "That place must have some great history."

"Indeed it does. They offer ghost tours to some of the haunted areas."

"We may have to check that out," replied Beth politely, knowing that it would be the very last thing on their itinerary.

Kat purchased a "REDRUM" t-shirt for herself and they continued through the shops, stopping at a chocolatier to ease the teacher's sweet tooth. When it was time, the singer led her partner back to their cabin. Kat excitedly opened the door, knowing the surprises that were in store for the woman she loved.

The cabin was tastefully decorated with a king-sized bed in the living room along with a fireplace, a couch, television and a small kitchen between the front and back rooms. A bucket of ice on the tiny dining table held a bottle of champagne. Two long white candles and a vase filled with red roses sat beside the chilled wine. A single red rose rested on each pillow. Beth's face lit up as she viewed the romantic setting. Kat reached for Beth's hand and led her into the bedroom where a queen-sized bed awaited. Beth peered into the bathroom to find a Jacuzzi tub two. She turned to wrap her arms around the singer's neck who was standing just behind her.

Her face beaming, she gushed, "This is so beautiful. I love it. Thank you, honey."

Kat held her lover close and softly kissed her. "I'm glad you like it. I was hoping you would." She tenderly ran her hands through the light blonde, wavy curls. "I want these few days to be special for you."

"By the looks of it, you were planning on getting lucky, weren't you?" Beth flirtatiously commented.

Kat grinned and answered, "Nah. Just hopin'."

Their lips came together softly, the warmth flowing between them as they held one another tighter. Tongues danced and hands caressed as the couple began their familiar ritual of love. Kat lowered her partner to the bed, covering Beth's body with her own. The singer's body came alive with all the different sensations coursing through her. She wanted to laugh, cry, sing, shout, all at the same time. Beth's heart pounded with the weight and emotion of the woman she loved atop her.

Kat paused to look into Beth's deep green eyes. Beth's face was soft with emotion. Kat studied her, while framing her face with her hands. Beth's vulnerability and openness made Kat tremble.

With a shaky voice, Kat struggled for words. "No matter how many times we've done this, I never quite get used to it. The way you love me and the way you look at me, I....I don't see how I can ever be worthy. But, I want to spend the rest of my life trying."

Beth shook her head. "You're my home. Where you are is where my heart and soul are."

As tears fell down her face, Kat kissed her wife, pouring all the love and devotion into every kiss and every touch. She moved slightly to lie beside Beth. The singer lifted her partner's hand and pressed her lips to soft skin.

Beth gently lowered Kat's open flannel shirt and discarded it, leaving the singer in her black tank top. She leaned forward to place her warm, soft mouth against the singer's skin. Kat closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her wife's lips. Her firm but gentle hands found their way under Beth's sweater, and onto her stomach that quivered at the contact.

Beth pulled Kat down to her until their lips met again, joining the lovers. Shoes dropped onto the floor as the couple explored and reconnected. Beth's shirt and bra soon joined the footwear as did Kat's tank top and sports bra, revealing her ample breasts.

"I'm cold," Beth whispered.

Smiling, Kat unbuttoned her partner's jeans and slid them off easily, along with her panties and socks. She pulled back the cover as Beth climbed in, nude on the fresh sheets. Kat removed her remaining clothing and joined her wife, their bodies wrapped instinctively around one another.

Kat traced the lines of Beth's face, her lips, her neck and shoulders. "You are so beautiful, Beth. There's not one part of your body I don't crave." She cupped Beth's small left breast in her hand, thumbing the nipple.

Beth whispered hotly, "I've missed you so much. I've missed your hands. I love the way you touch me."

Kat leaned down and brought her lover's breast to her mouth, sucking on the nipple gently, licking the hardened peak. Beth moaned and arched into the sensations. Kat's expert hands traveled the terrain they knew so well. The couple moaned and rolled together, tangled and twisted like the blankets that covered them.

Beth held her partner tightly against her, lightly making tracks in the singer's back with her nails. She reached down and grabbed Kat's soft, round cheeks, kneading them like pliable dough.

They continued, bound together by their lips, their bodies becoming warm and moist. Slick, wetness coated knees and thighs found their way to swollen centers, teasing and taunting, promising release that was yet to come.

Kat, unable to resist any longer, lowered her hand, sliding it between Beth's soaked lips.

"Oh God," groaned Beth, getting closer to her explosion.

"You are so wet," Kat whispered hotly.

Beth panted, "Yesssss, for you."

Kat grasped Beth's hand above her on the pillow, entwining their fingers. Her right hand slid through sensitive folds, getting closer to Beth's need. Her face inches away from her lover's, Kat urged, "Look at me when I enter you."

Kat slowly plunged into wetness, causing both women to moan at the sensations. She moved two fingers in and out in long strokes, savoring every second. The couple moved in synchronized rhythm as Kat moved in and out of her lover's sex, while deeply kissing her. The pace began to quicken as Beth grew closer to her climax. Beth gave herself over to the power of Kat's love surging through every part of her.

As if the sun were bursting, Beth's climax exploded out of her, causing her to scream out as Kat kept a tight grip. As the orgasm faded, Beth went limp in her lover's arms. The singer held her wife against her securely, her fingers still in their warm, lightly pulsating cocoon. They lay speechless, allowing their sacred energy to pass between them, binding them even further.

Facing one another, Beth buried her face in Kat's chest as the singer held her securely, resting her cheek in the blonde curls. The teacher gently rolled Kat onto her back. She lifted her head to gaze into her partner's face. "I love you so much."

Kat softly smiled, peered into the eyes of her wife, and stroked the long hair that partially covered her chest. "And for that, I am eternally grateful. I'd just as soon stop breathing than to stop loving you. It's that natural to me. I don't remember not loving you. My real life began when I met you."

"You say the most beautiful things. There are some benefits to being with a woman who expresses herself emotionally for a living."

Kat chuckled and squeezed her wife, placing a gentle kiss on the top of her head. Feeling her energy level return, Beth raised up onto her arms and with a sly grin kissed her partner deeply, causing Kat to whimper. She moved lower, placing soft, wet kisses and light nibbles on the singer's sensitive skin. Kat closed her eyes and surrendered her body to her lover.

Beth smiled to herself as she followed the scent she had missed so much. As she came upon the treasure, she paused, teasing, then lowered her mouth to the soft, aching lips. She dipped her tongue, lapping up the wetness she found. Kat began to writhe in ecstasy. Beth was elated at the reaction of her partner, knowing what she was doing was one of the singer's favorite sexual experiences. As Beth licked and taunted, Kat's hips rose and fell. Within minutes, the explorations became too intense for Kat.

Beth latched onto her clit, causing the performer's climax to reverberate through them both. Kat grabbed her partner's head, bringing it in closer as her body stiffened and became rigid. A guttural cry erupted from her throat.

Beth moved back up and kissed her wife softly. Kat could taste herself on the highly skilled lips. The lovers held one another tightly.

When she could find her voice again, Kat confessed, "I've thought about your tongue on me so much. You know I love that."

Contentedly, Beth purred, "Mmmhmmm. I could fall asleep right here in your arms."

The lovers drifted off, entwined, their warm, nude bodies sticking to one another.

The couple woke a few hours later. Kat smiled. "Ohhhh...this is nice. I've missed this."

Beth burrowed into her partner's body. "Me too. I'm so happy to be with you."

"How about a nice soak in the hot tub?"

Beth gazed up dreamily, "That'd be great."

"Okay. You stay here. I'll get you when I'm ready."

Kat opened the closet and found a terry robe, slipping it onto her body. She went into the bathroom and prepared the tub, filling it with hot, soothing water. She retrieved the champagne, glasses, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries. When everything was prepared, she dimmed the lights and added the final touch. The singer led her lover into the hot, churning water.

Beth reclined against Kat's body. The singer handed the flute to her lover and placed a strawberry in her mouth.

Beth moaned, "I am in heaven. This is absolute bliss. I have chocolate, a warm bath, and you."

Kat chuckled and kissed her lover lightly on the shoulder. "Which is better; me or the chocolate?"

The teacher giggled and turned around, she ran the back of her hand up and down Kat's cheek. "You of course. But, this is really good chocolate."

Kat laughed and wrapped her right hand in Beth's full, blonde hair. "You make me so happy. I've missed you so much. I feel so alone without you."

Beth leaned in and tenderly brushed her temple against that of her lover. "I know. Me too. Part of me is missing when we're apart."

"Do you ever wish I led a different life? Maybe one where I'd be home. What if I were a music teacher or hell, even an accountant? You can't be happy being alone for weeks, sometimes months at a time."

Her voice thick with emotion, Beth gently answered, "Then you wouldn't be you. Do you have any idea how you look when you play?"

Kat shrugged. "Yeah. I've seen myself."

Beth shook her head. "I don't mean watching for errors or ways to improve your performance level. I see your soul and your heart. It's what I feel when I'm in your arms. You have more personality, more fire, more charisma than any normal person is supposed to have. You belong in this life. The you that I saw playing that day under the tree is what struck me. If you were an accountant, you'd probably bore me."

Kat softly smiled, tears falling down her face. "If it's ever too much, I need you to tell me so we can work it out. I love what I do, but I love you more and loving someone like me isn't easy. I know that."

Beth gently kissed each eyelid and wiped the tears with her thumb. "Loving you is the easiest thing I've ever done."

Filled with emotion, Kat answered, "You're the strong one. You're the one who keeps me going. You believe in me when I don't even believe in myself. It humbles me."

Beth leaned in and pressed her lips against Kat's, then reclined against her. Kat wrapped her arms around her lover. The couple silently sat this way, enjoying the contact and the connection.

Later that evening after dinner, Kat held her wife in her arms as the two danced slowly to Patsy Cline. The soft glow of the fireplace and various candles lit up the room.

"It's hard to believe this isn't a dream; that I'm actually here dancing with you," Beth said, her voice soft and filled with contentment.

"Aww..babe. If you are, at least we're having it together." Kat softly sang "Crazy" as they danced.

"Do you have any idea how much I love it when you sing to me?"

Smiling, Kat asked, "Really?"

"Mmmhmmm. You're not performing, you're singing just for me. It's different than when you're on stage."

"Will you love me for the rest of my life?"

Beth touched her lover's face with the tips of her fingers. "No. I'm going to love you for the rest of mine."

The couple continued to sway, holding one another tightly. Kat kissed Beth softly, lightly sucking on her bottom lip. The tender explorations deepened until Beth led her wife to the bed.

Kat untied Beth's robe as she lay her gently on the comforter. As she lowered herself above Beth, the singer removed her own tank top. Their bodies came together in love and desire. Secrets of the night were revealed as the women whispered words of love and devotion meant for them alone. Firelight flickered shadows on the wall of two women becoming one.

As Beth slept peacefully, Kat held her as if for dear life. Beth was her lifeline, her soulmate, the one who held her heart in the palm of her hand. She kissed the milky shoulder and buried her face in Beth's wavy, blonde hair. The singer's heart swelled, overwhelmed with love. She thanked God for this woman in her arms. For another hour or so, she continued to lie there, watching Beth sleep, holding her tightly, and trying to catch her breath.

The next day, Beth woke before her lover. She smiled as she watched Kat sleeping beside her. Beth ran her hands through the singer's dark hair. Her skin was warm and soft. Waking up alone was one of the hardest parts of Beth's life when Kat was on tour. Sometimes, the morning light on the empty pillow beside her brought tears to her eyes. She would never tell Kat of the emptiness that sometimes made her physically ache. These moments together, and the love she received from the slumbering woman made it worth the hard times.

Beth lightly pressed her lips to Kat's temple, her cheek, her neck, then her shoulder. Hazel eyes fluttered open to greet the teacher.

With a languid smile, Kat cuddled closer. "Hello, angel."

"Good morning, beautiful," Beth cooed.

"Have you been awake long?"

Beth beamed. "A little bit."

"So, you were watching me, huh?"

Beth chuckled, "Yes. Just like you watch me."

Kat laughed, "Yup." She leaned in and tenderly kissed her lover. "Sleep well?"

"I did. I was next to you."

"Happy Valentine's Day, darlin'; I love you."

Beth's face glowed in the morning light. With a soft, husky voice she replied, "Happy Valentine's Day to you. I love you too, Kat, with all my heart."

Kat pressed her lips to her lover's, gently brushing the thin lips with her tongue. "God, you are gorgeous. You feel so good in my arms."

Beth snuggled in tighter. "Don't let me go. Promise you won't let go."


"I've been thinking. What do you think about my coming on tour with you this summer instead of teaching the summer session?"

Kat became excited and brought Beth away from her enough to look into her eyes. "Really? You'd want to come out on the road, traveling in an old raggedy bus, eating lousy road food with a bunch of rowdy guys?"

Beth nodded. "I know it's not the same as watching dirty movies and drinking until the early morning, but yes, if you'd have me."

"If I'd have you? Have you lost your mind, woman? I'd love for you to come with me. Baby, that'd be great.'d you know about the dirty movie thing?"

Beth laughed, "You think we wives don't talk to one another?"

"Darlin', you're better than any old dirty movie. You're like ten dirty movies," Kat declared playfully.

Beth rolled her eyes. "You're so charming. That's what I love about you."

Kat pulled Beth on top of her, long blonde hair falling over them both. "I'm so lucky to have you." Their lips met again, this time deeper, more sensually.

Passion rose, igniting the lovers, their hands clasped, their tongues entwined. They moved to their own rhythm; the one they knew so well from years of experience. Beth settled between Kat's legs, their sexes touching, teasing, raising their level of arousal exponentially.

Kat raised her lover slightly, allowing access to the perky, firm breasts, which she slowly devoured. Beth moaned at the delicious attention. Kat's tongue traveled between Beth's breasts, to her neck, tasting the heated skin.

With a grin, Kat brought her lover's lips to meet her own. The singer ran her hands up and down Beth's back, cupping her backside and pulling her in closer. Beth pinched the singer's sensitive nipples, causing tingles to shoot through the performer's body.

Movements became more frantic as the flames continued to build. Sounds of love and desire filled the room. The couple moved together in perfect rhythm, their arousal-soaked centers sliding against one another. Moving back and forth, the climax grew closer and closer until Kat could no longer hold on. She grasped onto Beth, her body becoming rigid as she cried out her partner's name. Watching her lover orgasm sent Beth over the edge. She suddenly moved faster until her own explosion caused her to call out, a loud groan leaving her lips.

Beth collapsed onto Kat's chest, both were breathing heavily, grinning from ear to ear; spent, but in love and satisfied. Kat held her wife in her arms and pulled the cover over them.

Still catching her breath, Kat kissed the top of Beth's head. "Oh, 'Scilla. You are incredible."

Beth lifted her head to look at her partner. "So are you. I'm still amazed at how perfectly we fit together."

"I'm not. We belong together. I knew instinctively when I saw you on campus."

Beth chuckled, "Then why didn't you ever say 'hi' or anything?"

"You scared the hell out of me." Both women laughed. "I'm serious. That kind of freaked me out. Plus, I had no clue how I was going to convince you of what I already knew to be true."

"I would say I'm thoroughly convinced now," Beth sighed. "So far, this day is perfect."

"Mmmm...Yes, it is. But, it's just beginning. How about breakfast in bed?"

Beth moved to the side. "I'd love it."

"You stay here. I'll start a fire and make some coffee and bring you a little something."

Beth rested comfortably, basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking and watching her partner. Kat started a fire in the fireplace, and within moments, the sound of coffee brewing could be heard as the smell wafted through the room. Kat disappeared into the back bedroom, where her bags were sitting, to grab her gift for her partner. She slipped a thin, red box into her robe pocket. Soon, she returned to the bed with a tray laden with coffee, muffins, and juice.

Beth's face lit up upon Kat's return. Kat carefully placed the tray on the bed and snuggled up next to her wife.

Beth moved over to kiss Kat softly. "I'm glad you're back. I missed you."

With the silly grin of a woman deeply in love, Kat replied, "I missed you too."

"You got a box in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Beth playfully inquired.

Kat laughed, "I might have something in there and it just might be for you."

"Well, I think we should open it and find out."

Unable to resist her adorable wife, Kat held out the box, which Beth excitedly grabbed. She opened it to find a red silk ribbon with a silver heart pendant. The words, 'Forever Yours' were engraved on the back.

"Awww...honey. I love it. It's beautiful," gushed Beth, wrapping her arms around Kat's neck.

Kat kissed her lover softly. "Let me put it on you." She gently tied the ribbon behind Beth's neck, leaving the heart to hang just below her throat. "That looks perfect on you."

Beth lifted her wife's hands to her lips. "I love you. Thank you."

"You're welcome and I am.....forever yours."

Beth softly agreed. "I know and I'm yours."

The two women gazed into one another's eyes for several moments, not speaking, but affirming their connection.

Finally, Kat asked, "So, ummmm..where's my gift?"

Grinning, Beth reached under the bed and brought out a gift box, wrapped in red paper and ribbon. Kat enthusiastically tore away the paper and opened the box to reveal a book with a wedding photo of herself and Beth on the cover. She took the book out of the box and began looking through its pages. She found the napkin from Threadgill's upon which she had written her phone number to give to Beth that first night they actually spoke to one another. Another page had the park map and pressed maple leaves from the camping trip where they had made love for the first time. The memory made Kat smile.

Beth watched as the singer continued to browse through the pages of the special book. Kat read an old love letter Beth had written to her and then the one she had written in return. She turned the pages to find photographs, concert ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, concert programs, and pressed flowers. Tears of happiness fell from her eyes.

Beth wiped the moisture away. "Do you like it?"

Kat peered into Beth's face. "I'm speechless. I love it, honey. It's just.....I can't see all this in one place." She reached a hand to the back of Beth's neck and lovingly pulled her in for a kiss.

Beth shrugged. "I wanted you to have something of us while you were on the road for when you get homesick."

"No wonder I love you. It's wonderful. You've put so much work into it. I can't get over some of this stuff. Some of this is seven years old. I can't believe you kept leaves from that weekend at Lost Maples."

Beth nestled Kat's hand in her own and smiled. "My darlin', that weekend changed my life. I became a woman that weekend and so did you, remember?"

Kat chuckled and brushed a strand of hair from her wife's face. "How could I possibly forget?"

The two continued to pore over the scrapbook while enjoying their breakfast. They laughed at the memories the mementos conjured. Afterward, Kat and Beth relaxed in a warm bath together, reveling in the closeness.

Kat ran her shampoo covered hands through Beth's hair, massaging her head. "I still can't get over that scrapbook. I absolutely love it. I think it's the coolest thing anyone's ever given me."

"I'm glad you like it. I had fun putting it together. Oh, that feels nice."

Kat smiled and continued her ministrations. "Oh it does, huh?"

"Mmmhmm... You have the best hands. I left pages blank so that we can keep filling them and eventually add the first pictures of our kids."

"I can't wait to have kids with you. You're going to be an incredible mom."

The singer rinsed the soap from her lover's hair. Beth settled against her partner's body.

"So are you. Someday."

With a wistful expression, Kat agreed, "Yup. Someday."

As the two dressed late that morning, Kat was anxious to check out the property; however, Beth was more content to stay close to the fire, with the hopes of cuddling up with her partner, to watch a movie.

"Oh, come on, 'Scilla. Don't you wanna come hiking with me?"

"Nope. But you go right ahead."

Tying her hiking boots, Kat asked again, "You sure?"

"Positive. I'm going to sit by the fire with my book until you get back."

"Well, alright. If I'm not back in a couple hours, come looking for me."

Beth smiled. "I will. I'll warm you up when you're done."

Kat softly kissed her partner. "I'll see you in a bit."

Beth, content and wrapped in a blanket on the couch in front of the fireplace, began reading as the door shut. Kat, her mind bent on playful adventure, set out on the property. She stomped around in the snow banks. She crunched through the settled accumulation of snow. She stood at the base of the hill, looking up. The small mount was white with snow and a path between trees was marked with orange "X"'s that had been spray painted onto the bark.

The singer began her climb, plodding through the icy snow. Every few steps, she slid back a foot. She continued to climb, becoming winded as the cold permeated her lungs. She used the trees as a guide, stopping to look around every so often. With an adventurous, kidlike enthusiasm, she moved upward, still sliding a bit now and then. Finally, she reached about eighty feet, a little more than halfway up when she turned to look down. 'Crap,' she thought, 'How in the hell am I gonna get down without slipping, falling, and killing myself? '

Accepting her defeat, she slowly and carefully stepped down the icy mountain side, going from tree to tree, holding on to keep herself from falling. She realized the easiest way would be to simply slide down on her backside. Adrenaline coursed through her veins with excitement and a modicum of fear. She slid down, occasionally yelping when she hit a rock.

Thankfully, she reached the bottom without injuring herself. 'Clearly, that wasn't my most brilliant idea.'

She headed back to the cabin, again jumping in the snowbanks with childlike glee, truly making the most of her short journey. She stood at the beginning of the bridge that went over the nearly frozen creek that ran through the property and watched the icy water, slowly trickle by. With a mischievous grin, she stepped off the bridge, deciding to take a different way across to the cabin where her wife waited.

Kat took one step on the large stones, and noticed the green moss beneath her boots, unaware of the danger. She took a second step onto another large stone, in her attempt to cross the creek. As she took a third step, she slipped on the slick, frozen moss, and fell through the thin layer of ice covering the shallow water.

The singer landed with a thud onto the hard rocks. The impact and cold water hit her as the icy fluid rushed over her. 'Oh my God. What the??? Okay, I'm not unconscious. That's good. Is anything broken? No, but everything hurts like hell. I'm so cold. I've never been so cold in my life. I have to get up. Crap. I can hardly move. Is anyone around? Should I yell for help? No. That's a last resort. This is embarrassing enough. Damn, I'm stupid. I need to get up and get inside. Now. One. Two. Three.'

Kat painfully stood, her muscles, bones, head, all aching. Her body seemed stiff from the extreme cold. She struggled to crawl onto the bank, sliding in the mud. She walked as quickly as she could over the bridge to the cabin. Each step was agony with the pain from the fall and the cold from the water and air. Ice formed on her wet hair and skin. Thankfully, she reached the cabin and banged on the door with her hurt, scraped hand.

Beth opened the door, shocked to find her wet, disheveled, dirty partner at the entrance. "Oh, my God, Kat! What in the world happened to you?"

Shivering, Kat answered, "I fell in the creek."

Beth pulled her wife into the cabin. "Get in here. You're freezing and you're all wet." She began to assist Kat in removing the saturated clothing. "Are you hurt? You're all scraped up."

Her voice strained by the chills, Kat replied, "Sore. I fell on some rocks. I'm so cold."

Concerned, Beth led her naked lover to the couch in front of the fireplace and wrapped her in blankets. Beth held her securely, slowly warming up the chilled singer. Kat's cold, sensitive skin tingled with the contact.

Beth examined her partner, concerned. "Feeling better?"

Kat nodded. "Starting to."

"So, how in the world did you fall in the creek?"

Embarrassed, Kat related her tale, "I thought it would be fun to cross the creek on the stones rather than use the bridge. There was some icy moss and I slipped and fell in."

"Good Lord, Kat. Baby, I love you, but I swear sometimes you do not have the sense God gave a horse. What if you had hit your head and were lying unconscious in that water? It would have been another hour or so until I came looking for you. The resort is practically deserted. You could have drowned or bled to death from a head wound. Look at you, honey. You look like a drowned rat. You're all scraped up."

Worn out and in pain from the fall, Kat simply nodded. "I agree. It wasn't one of my brighter moves. It's embarrassing."

Beth lifted her wife's scraped hand to her lips and kissed the wound. "What hurts?"

Kat sank leaned against her lover. "Everything."

"Did you hurt your hands or your arms? Do you think you'll be able to play?"

"Yeah. I should be able to."

Beth lovingly cupped her hand on Kat's cheek. "I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to take you away from me." Kat gently rested her head in her lover's hand. "You're much warmer now. Why don't you take a warm bath, my love? I'll make you some tea and tuck you into bed and cuddle with you."

"I'd like that."

That night, the couple dressed for a night out in the small town. Beth looked beautiful in her burgundy velvet dress, set off by the silver heart that hung just below her throat. Kat smiled when she saw the woman she loved. Kat looked equally stunning in her black slacks, light blue button-down shirt, and jacket.

The singer lovingly wrapped her arms around her partner. "You look gorgeous, 'Scilla."

Beth beamed at her wife. "Thank you, 'E. You look beautiful, too. Still sore?"

Kat chuckled in embarrassment, "A little, not too bad. You ready?"

"Mmhmm. I just want to stand here a minute with you. I enjoy having your arms around me."

Kat moved her hands up to hold Beth's face. She rubbed her thumbs softly over her wife's cheeks, then leaned in, bringing their lips together. Kat lightly sucked on Beth's tongue and lips. Both women began to lose themselves in the loving exploration.

Kat finally pulled back, slightly dizzy. "If we don't stop this now, we'll never get out of here. Although, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I wanted to take you out on a date."

"I love you."

"I love you too. Let's hit the road. The resort manager was telling me about a really nice place about two minutes from here on the main street. It's supposed to be nice, quiet, and romantic."

"And then maybe we can come back here and celebrate alone?"

"That's what I was hopin' for."

Her face radiating with love, Beth replied, "Then, let's go."

Kat tenderly helped Beth with her coat and then slipped on her own.

The couple noticed the inverted rainbow triangle as they approached the front door of the bistro. The small restaurant was elegantly lit and a large fireplace warmed the room. A piano sat silently in the corner. The establishment was empty but for two other couples and the staff.

Around candles and glasses of wine, Kat held her wife's hand. "I'm so glad that I'm here with you."

"So am I. You know, somehow we've managed to be together every Valentine's Day."

"Yup. And if I have anything to do with it, we won't ever miss one."

As the evening progressed, the other diners left and the couple talked a bit with the friendly staff who seemed happy to have people in the restaurant. Soon, the owner/chef came out to greet the two.

"So, how was everything?"

With her usual, glowing grin Beth answered, "Everything was wonderful."

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. What brings you two to Estes Park?"

"Special Valentine's surprise. I was unable to get back home, so I had my partner come up to meet me."

The friendly chef smiled. "Oh, how nice. I'm Bruce, by the way."

"I'm Kat Green and this is my partner, Beth."

"So, where's home for you?"

"Austin, Texas," Beth answered.

"How do you like Estes Park?"

"I love it," Kat replied. "It's so quiet. There's hardly anyone here."

"It's off season for us. We're packed during the Spring and Summer. Otherwise, it's mainly year-round locals. Would you two like to join me for a cappuccino?"

The chef ordered coffees for the three of them as they continued to chat. Kat and Beth listened to additional lore about the town and the hotel. In return, Bruce learned more about the couple.

Kat gestured toward the piano in the corner. "Is that in tune?"

"Sure is," the owner replied.

"Would you mind if played a little?"

The owner was delighted by the request. "Please do. It'd be nice to have a little live music. Things get boring around here this time of year.

Kat led Beth closer to the piano and pulled out a nearby chair for her to sit. The singer sat at the piano and began to play a few chords. The staff members stopped what they were doing when they heard the music begin. Kat played a melody that was a mixture of blues and jazz. Beth lovingly watched her partner perform.

"Like a flower waiting to bloom

Like a light bulb in a dark room

I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on

Like the desert waiting for the rain

Like a school kid waiting for the Spring

I'm just sittin' here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on

My poor heart, it's been so dark since you been gone

After all, you're the one who turns me off

You're the only one who can turn me back on

My hi-fi is waiting for a new tune

My glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes

I'm just sittin' here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on.

Turn me on."

The small audience clapped and Kat gave a modest wave. Beth rose from her seat and sat next to her lover. Like a teenager in love, the singer sighed, a giant grin spread across her features.

"My Lord, you're good. That was incredible. You are unbelievably talented," The chef gushed.

Beth agreed with pride, "That's right. She's going to be a star, but then, of course, I think she's already a star. Someday, she'll be playing arenas."

"Oh, I don't doubt it. Would you mind doing another? I'd be happy to throw in some dessert, on the house of course."

Beth jumped in, "Make it chocolate and you've got a deal."

Kat laughed, "It's a good thing you aren't my manager. I'd be working for chocolate and we'd be poor."

Both women and the chef broke into more laughter. Kat began to softly play "Something". The singer never lost eye contact with her wife as she sang the love song. The music flowed easily from her fingers and lips. She sang with her heart to the woman she loved.

When she finished, Beth tenderly brushed her head against Kat's and whispered hotly into her ear, "Take me home."

Chills of anticipation ran through the singer's body. "Yes ma'am."

As they were walking out, chocolate desserts in a small bag, the chef stopped them. "Kat, would you mind sending me a signed 8x10 glossy. I want to put it up on the wall. You're going to be real big someday."

Kat nodded graciously. "Thank you. I sure will."

As they walked to the rental car, Beth wrapped her arms around Kat's waist. Kat leaned in closer to her partner.

Her voice soft, and a little husky, Beth said, "You make me so proud."

Kat smiled shyly and responded, "That's what matters most to me."

At the cabin a few minutes later, the couple began to prepare for a memorable night. An idea was cooking in the singer's head to make the night special for the woman she loved.

"Darlin, why don't you go put on something more comfortable? I'll start a fire and we can share some dessert," suggested Kat with a wicked gleam in her eye.

With the perfect outfit in mind, Beth easily agreed, "Sounds great."

In the back bedroom, Beth changed into a cream-colored nightgown with spaghetti straps and pastel colored flowers and leaves at the top of her breasts. The satin material came down to just above her knees with a slit on the side that went up her thigh.

Kat was busy moving the couch backward, making room directly in front of the fireplace. She pulled pillows, sheets, and blankets off the bed and out of the closet, preparing a makeshift bed for the couple. Imagining what was about to happen on the blankets and pillows, Kat smiled, kicked off her shoes, slipped off her jacket and waited for her lover.

When Kat saw Beth, her voice left her. She tried to speak, but could only stutter and stumble. Beth sauntered over to waiting lover, her long blonde hair falling over her porcelain skin. Beth kneeled beside the singer, whose eyes were transfixed.

"My God, you are gorgeous." Kat leaned in and ran her hands along the top of Beth's nightgown.

Their lips met, connecting their hearts.

"Happy Valentine's Day, E."

Kat beamed. "Awww...Happy Valentine's Day, 'Scilla. I love you so much."

Beth straddled her partner's lap, the light colored satin draped over Kat's black slacks. Kat wrapped her arms around her lover's waist. Beth placed her arms around Kat's neck, caressing the back of her head with her nails.

The singer immediately began to melt. "Oh, you know how I love that."

Her face inches away from Kat's, Beth grinned and nodded, then brought their lips together. "Mmmmhmmm," the blonde seductress purred.

"You make me weak."

"That's the point, my love."

Kat ran her hands over the soft satin covering her wife's skin. Beth began to unbutton the singer's shirt. When she reached the bottom and final button, she unfastened the slacks and slipped them off, leaving Kat in her black panties, open shirt, and black bra.

Kat reached over to the small side table and grasped a small plate that held a large piece of chocolate cake. She cut a forkful of cake and placed it between Beth's lips.

Beth moaned her pleasure, "Ohhhhh..that's lovely."

Then reached over with her finger, scooped up some of the decadent chocolate and placed it in Kat's mouth. The singer deeply sucked the offered finger, flicking her tongue around it, teasing her partner. Beth's heart began to pound harder as her arousal grew.

Kat reached over, dipping her own finger into the dessert. She then wiped the chocolate along Beth's neck. Beth bit her lip in anticipation. Kat leaned over and licked the sweetness off warm, perfumed flesh. "That's even better."

Giggling, Beth scooped up some chocolate and smeared it between Kat's full breasts. With a gleam in her eye, she dipped her tongue in the singer's cleavage, licking up the dessert. Kat's eyes closed as she felt the warm mouth on her skin. She lowered her wife onto the blanket and hovered over her. She lowered her lips and her body, settling between Beth's legs.

Beth gently lowered Kat's shirt off her shoulders, tossing it aside. Kat moved down her lover's body, dragging her face across the satin. She caressed Beth's legs with her expert fingers. The couple's eyes met, smoldering like the fire that bathed them in its golden glow.

"You are so incredibly beautiful, 'Scilla. Your skin is so soft and you smell amazing."

Kat lifted the nightgown off her lover and kissed the now exposed skin. Beth squeezed her partner's breasts through the material of her bra. Frustrated by the barrier between her and her target, Beth unsnapped the garment, releasing Kat to her attentions. Kat gasped as Beth's thumbs brushed against her taut nipples.

Kat pulled away once more and dipped her finger in the chocolate dessert. She grinned at Beth in anticipation of what she had in mind. With her chocolate-laden finger, she drew a heart on Beth's quivering stomach. With more chocolate, she drew smaller hearts around Beth's nipples and a line from the heart on her mid-section to the golden triangle between her legs.

Giggling, Beth questioned, "What are you doing?"

"I'm painting on you. Hold still."

Beth continued to laugh, "You're tickling me."

Kat then licked the dessert off her fingers and kissed her lover deeply. She then wiggled her eyebrows playfully and then began to follow the chocolate trail with her tongue.

Beth writhed as her nipples were carefully licked, sucked, and nibbled until they were clean. Beth moaned her desire. "Ohhhh, Kat. I love the way you love me."

With her eyes locked on her partner, Kat dragged the tip of her tongue down between Beth's breasts, until reaching the chocolate on her stomach. Beth wiggled and squirmed as Kat licked and sucked at her skin. Finally, Kat had to hold her in place.

Beth was eventually clean, but dripping with desire. Kat moved back up to kiss her wife.

"Turn over, darlin'."

Beth did as she was asked and Kat covered her body with her own. With their hands clasped together, their wedding rings shining in the firelight, Kat kissed the back of her wife's neck. She moved lower to kiss her shoulders, her back, knowing it was one of Beth's favorite things. The singer smiled at the response from her lover. Beth moaned and arched higher against her.

Beth's skin was warm and soft against Kat's lips. She continued to move lower until she reached Beth's small, but round behind. Kat kneaded and massaged the tissue, bending down to kiss and place a love bite on the left cheek, causing Beth to jump and shriek.

Beth was teetering on the edge of ecstasy and torture. Each kiss and caress fanned the flame that was already threatening to consume her. Her clit throbbed as her desire flowed freely. Inside, she ached to be filled by the woman she loved. Kat's lips and skilled hands were driving Beth to the point of begging for what she needed.

As if reading Beth's thoughts, Kat turned her over again. She pressed their lips together, their tongues dancing and tasting one another. Kat continued to tease her lover as she traced Beth's mouth with her tongue.

Kat reached down and slid easily through Beth's lips. "You are so wet. Is that all for me?"

Her hips rising of their own accord, Beth hissed, "Yessssss. For you."

"I want to taste you," Kat hotly whispered.

"Oh, please. I need you," Beth groaned.

Kat immediately granted her partner's request. She loved the way her lover tasted when she was like this. Beth raised her hips to increase the contact. She moaned and writhed, desperate for release. Kat's tongue flicked and stroked sensitive flesh. Beth pulled her wife's head in closer, as her climax grew near.

As she lapped up the liquid heat, Kat added two fingers, causing Beth to cry out. The singer felt her lover's body tense and heard her moaning increase. She sucked on the swollen clit and thrust faster, sending Beth over the edge. The teacher stiffened and screamed her release.

Kat began to slow as the aftershocks ran through Beth's body. She moved steadily, deeply, drawing out every last sensation. The singer knew her lover wasn't yet finished. Her steady movements increased.

"Oh, Kat, you're going to make me come again."

Kat had moved up beside her partner, cradling Beth against her, as she moved in and out. Beth grabbed onto Kat as she gave herself over to the sensations.

"Ohhhh. That's it, my baby. You're so close aren't you? I can feel it. Feels so good," Kat cooed near Beth's ear.

"Yessssss. Don't stop."

"Never. Come for me, baby. I got you. Let it go. Give it to me," Kat commanded lovingly.

Beth's world exploded as her climax burst from her. She twisted further into Kat's arms as the singer held onto her. She screamed again, crying out her lover's name.

"That's my girl. So beautiful," purred Kat as her lover tightened around her fingers.

Kat's movements slowed as Beth's orgasm began to dissipate. Beth was left shivering in her lover's arms with Kat still inside her. The singer reached down and pulled the blanket around them. They remained connected for several minutes, both under love's spell, struck silent by the powerful intensity of being together. Kat tenderly pressed her lips to the top of Beth's head and gently withdrew from her.

Beth then began her soft kisses over Kat's face. She caressed the singer's cheek with her palm. Beth's dark eyes shone with love and her face lit with a soft smile. "I love you, Kat Green. Your love is the greatest thing I've ever known. I feel you in my bones. You're in my blood. It's so intense and overwhelming and comforting. It stops my breath."

Kat closed her eyes, absorbing the words of the woman she loved. "I see so many different things traveling all the time. I've seen the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls. I've seen the sun set in the desert and come up over the ocean. You and your love are what truly amaze me. Every night I sing in front of hundreds and occasionally thousands of people. Every night, every song is for you and to you."

With tears in her eyes, and unable to speak, Beth kissed her wife deeply, expressing her emotion with her lips. She ran her hands firmly over Kat's inviting body. She pressed her lips in turn to each of the singer's full breasts. Beth's long, thin fingers found their way to Kat's wet center.

Beth explored the sensitive area, feeling the familiar textures, stroking gently between the two lips. Kat moaned upon contact. Beth continued to tease, bringing her lover higher and higher. Kat matched the rhythm of the teacher's fingers with her hips. Beth slipped inside her partner and the two moved together. Sounds of passion filled the romantic cabin.

Kat held out as long as she could until finally giving in to her climax. She came hard, grasping onto her lover's body, a deep, guttural groan escaping from her throat. Kat trembled as she struggled to catch her breath.

Beth held her lover securely, whispering, "I got you, my love."

Kat's breathing returned to normal, leaving her in a blissful state. "Have I told you today that marrying you was the smartest thing I've ever done?"

Beth chuckled, "No, but thank you, and ditto."

Kat released a long sigh. "You are amazing. You rock me to my core."

Beth kissed her partner softly. "You're pretty incredible yourself."

"I love you so much. I think this has been the best Valentine's Day ever."

Beth tenderly touched Kat's face. "I love you too, with all my heart. And yes, this has been our best Valentine's Day yet."

Beth turned over allowing her partner to spoon against her. The singer wrapped her arm protectively around her wife, holding her close as the fire crackled. Kat leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Beth's bare shoulder. She nuzzled her nose into Beth's blonde hair, breathing in the scent. She noticed the snow falling outside and rose from the floor. The white flakes, illuminated against the backdrop of the trees, the night sky, framed the scene like a postcard.

"Beth, honey. It's snowing. It's beautiful."

Beth stood as well, bringing the blanket with her and wrapping it around the two of them. "Wow. That is gorgeous. You certainly don't see that back home."

"Now, this is perfect. Let's sit on the couch and watch the snow fall."

Beth sat on the couch, with Kat in front of her, leaning back into her arms. The blanket was still wrapped around them, giving the couple warmth. The crackle of the fire was the only sound in the room as the two women watched the snow fall in silence, closely holding one another.

"Sing something for me," Beth requested.

Kat held Beth's hand in hers and turned toward her.

"I've been so many places in my life and time

I've sung a lot of songs, made some bad rhyme

I've acted out my life in stages

With ten thousand people watchin'

But we're alone and I'm singing this song for you

I know your image of me is what I hope to be

I treated you unkindly, but girl can't you see

There's no one more important to me

So darlin' can't you please see through me

Cause we're alone now and I'm singing my song for you.

I love you in a place where there's no space and time

I love you for my life cause you're a friend of mine

And when my life is over

Remember when we were together

We were alone and I was singing my song for you."

Soft tears fell from Beth's eyes as she smiled. With her thumb, Kat reached over and gently wiped the tears away.

The next morning, Beth was cuddled in her lover's arms. Kat held onto her securely from behind. Beth smiled remembering their lovemaking the previous night and how they stayed up until the early hours of the morning, watching the snow fall. She could feel Kat's warm breasts on her back. Moments like this, she felt as if they were one person, connected in every sense of the word. Kat began to stir.

"Good mornin', 'Scilla," Kat said in her sexy morning voice.

Beth held her in place. "Don't move. This feels too perfect. I don't want it to end."

Kat wrapped herself tightly around her wife. "Yes, ma'am, anything you say."

"I don't think there's anything in the world that feels this good."

"Oh, I know. There's nothing better than the feel of your skin against mine. I feel so close to you."

"Exactly. It's as though...."

"We're one," Kat said, finishing her lover's sentence.

Beth smiled. "Yes."

"Remember this moment, sugar. Focus on this, right here. Remember how it feels to have my arms around you; my lips on your skin." Kat tenderly kissed Beth's neck. "When we're apart and you're lonely, think of this and feel me with you, hear my voice in your ear telling you that you are a part of me. There's no me without you. I love with you with every fiber in my being."

"And when you're alone, you do the same. Feel my body against yours, my fingers entwined with yours. My heart will always be seeking yours and reaching out for yours until we're together again."

The couple continued to lie together through most of the morning, basking in the energy that passed between them.

Hours later, they sat on the floor in front of the fire, drinking their coffee, snacking on bagels.

"What shall we do today?" Beth asked, her voice still cuddly and warm.

"I thought we might get out for a couple hours today, maybe go for a walk, rent bikes or something. We could even go shopping if you like."

"Shopping?" Beth asked, her face bright and full of excitement.

Kat nodded. "We can go to the main street and check out the little shops and see if we can find something interesting."

The couple spent much of the day walking around the tiny downtown area, entering and exiting the quiet shops. The shopkeepers were extremely friendly and welcoming. They were simply happy to have someone in the store. Beth selected some turquoise jewelry, a sweater and a crocheted pride scarf for Kat. The singer bought a pair of thick, outdoor gloves. Cold, stiff fingers made it difficult for her to play the guitar.

That afternoon, Kat held the car door open for her wife as she always did and offered to carry all the shopping bags. As they walked the distance from the car to the cabin, Beth watched her partner with a wicked gleam in her eye. She slowed down just behind Kat and quietly bent and grabbed a handful of snow. She packed it into a nice ball and hurled it at the singer.

Kat felt the snow hit the back of her head. She quickly turned around. "Hey, that's not fair. I'm carrying all these bags for you."

Taunting, Beth retorted, "Whatcha gonna do about it?"

With a mischievous laugh, Kat dropped the bags and the couple began throwing snow balls at one another. Each hid behind large trees for cover. Kat decided to make a break for it, running toward her partner, dodging snow balls. She grabbed Beth around the waist, pushing them both down into the snow.

Kat straddled her partner's waist, a large clump of snow in her hand. "Now, darlin'. You were asking what I was gonna do about you throwing snowballs at me?"

Giggling, Beth replied, "You wouldn't dare."

"'Scilla, how long have you known me?"

"I love you," Beth said with a grin, batting her eyelashes, trying to keep her wife from gaining her revenge.

Kat tossed the snow ball to the side. "That's no fair. I'm such a sucker for you."

Beth continued to wriggle, then at the opportune moment, she flipped Kat onto her back, straddled her waist, pinning her hands above her head. She leaned down and placed a smoldering kiss on Kat's lips. "Yep, and that's how I like it."

Kat held Beth in her arms, their faces still close. She kissed her slowly and deeply. With a soft smile, she said, "Me too."

"Why don't we go in and get out of these cold, wet clothes and into a nice, hot bath?"

"You're on."

As they soaked in the oversized tub, Kat pulled her lover to her as they exchanged long, deep kisses. Beth straddled the singer as the steam from the hot water rose off their bodies. Kat ran her hands along Beth's slick skin. She nipped at her lover's exposed throat. Beth moaned, grasping Kat's body, pulling her closer.

Kat securely held Beth's breasts in each of her hands. She teased the nipples with her thumbs, then brought one to her lips. She slowly licked the hard peak, which felt like heaven to her tongue. Kat sucked her wife deeply into her mouth. Beth arched into her, clamping onto Kat.

"Inside me now. I need you," Beth panted, her body on fire, crying out to be touched.

Kat reached between them, sliding easily inside her wife. "Here? Is this where you need me?" Kat's face was sexy and intense with a feral grin.

The couple began to move together, thrusting, pushing, pulling one another, steadily.

"Yes. That's it. Oh God. Yesssss."

The water churned around them. Their rhythm increased as Kat deeply took her wife. Beth cries grew louder and louder as the tension built.

"Come for me, baby. Come for me," Kat encouraged.

"So close. Don't stop. Harder."

Kat did as Beth commanded, thrusting deeply inside her lover. Just as Beth began to climax, the singer captured her lips, kissing her firmly. The kiss was fierce and passionate, as the two greedily consumed one another.

When the orgasm had passed through her, Beth fell into Kat's arms as they each panted from exertion. Kat held her lover's face in her hands. "You're so beautiful."

Beth relaxed against Kat's body. "Ohhh, I could curl up in your arms and sleep."

Kat smiled. "That's fine with me, darlin'."

Beth looked up into Kat's face. "You must be really...."

Kat kissed gently kissed her wife's lips. "I'm fine. I'm perfectly happy and satisfied."

"You sure?"


"Good, because that was a big one and I'm worn out."

Kat chuckled, "Then let's get out of here and go lie down."

That night, Kat and Beth shared a pizza while watching Somewhere in Time.

Beth took a swig of her beer. "Jane Seymour is such a beautiful woman."

"Oh, I know," Kat agreed. "I had the biggest crush on her after watching this movie. It just kills me when she calls out for Richard."

"Mmmhmm. Would you go back in time for me?"

Kat responded sincerely, "Baby, I would go back to the Stone Age for you."

Beth laughed and kissed her partner on the cheek. "That's why I love you. What time do we have to leave for Aspen tomorrow?"

"I'd say no later than nine. I have a sound check and rehearsal with the guys at three at the hotel where we're staying. We go on about eight tomorrow night."

"So, what's the deal? You're performing for some rich guy's wife's birthday party?"

Kat swallowed her beer, nodding. "Apparently, they're from Texas and big oil millionaires. They've seen me in Houston. The wife, Bitsy, is a big fan of mine and wanted me to play at her party. They flew a bunch of their friends here for the weekend."

"Wow, so they're paying you to come and play for her party?"

"Yup and a pretty penny too."

"Well, yea for us."


"I can definitely say the woman has good taste. I know you're my favorite birthday present."

Kat laughed and pulled her lover closer.

The next morning, the couple set out for the upscale resort town of Aspen, Colorado.

Beth held her partner's hand. "I'm sorry to be leaving. I truly enjoyed myself here. I'd love to come back some time."

Kat lifted the soft hand to her lips. "I know, me too. We'll come back. I promise."

"I don't want to go back to Austin without you tomorrow."

"I don't want that either. But, I'll be home next month doing local shows for a couple months before we head out for the summer."

"I can't wait to have you home."

"Maybe we can take a motorcycle trip down to Corpus."

"That'd be fun."

Kat turned to her partner, "I love you, 'Scilla."

Beth ran her hands through her lover's hair. "I love you too, E."

In the hotel ballroom, Beth, Kat and the band set up for the gig that night. The teacher sat in the audience while the singer rehearsed.

"She walks these streets in long black veil

She visits my grave when the night winds wail

Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows but me."

Between verses, Kat called out, "I need more on this mike. I can barely hear myself."

Through some of the songs, Kat climbed down from the stage, her microphone in hand and danced with Beth in the empty ballroom. The band went through the play list that they did nearly every night except for the new song that Kat was singing especially for Beth.

That night in the hotel room, Kat slipped on her black boots. She was dressed up for the occasion. She wore black leather pants, and a black t-shirt. She pulled on her black jacket that came to just above her knees. She pulled on her black leather choker with a silver cross.

Beth walked up behind Kat and wrapped her arms around her waist. "You look so hot."

Kat's face lit up. "Why thank you, sugar."

Beth wore the same burgundy dress she had worn a few nights previous, along with her Valentine's gift.

Kat looked at herself and her partner in the full-length mirror. "You know, we make quite an attractive couple."

Beth grinned. "Yes, we do." Beth reached over and lifted the black Stetson off the dresser. "Here you go, my love."

Kat flipped the hat onto her head, setting it perfectly over her face. "There. All done." She turned, placed her arm around Beth's waist, pulled her close, and dipped her head slightly to kiss her, leaving Beth a bit breathless.

Exhaling deeply, Beth responded, "My goodness. If you keep kissing me like that, you're going to be late."

Kat offered her arm. "Well then, my dear, shall we go?"

The ballroom was filled with wealthy Texas socialites. Kat and Beth mingled with the guests and offered birthday wishes to Bitsy. The birthday girl was all aflutter at meeting her favorite singer.

"I just love your music. I've seen you every time you were in the area. You are my favorite singer."

Kat tipped her hat. "Thank you, Mrs. Crawford. I'm flattered you wanted me to come all the way up here to sing for your party."

"Please, call me Bitsy. Well, my husband, Joe Don, asked me what I wanted for my birthday party. I just insisted he get you to come sing for us. And I always get what I want."

Kat laughed with the older woman. "Well, I will sing something special just for you."

"Oh, you're just darlin'," Bitsy remarked playfully.

Kat prepared to walk up on the stage. The first song was going to be her and her guitar. Before walking up the steps, the singer stopped and quickly kissed Beth's lips.

"This first song is for you, 'Scilla. I wrote it last week."

She stepped on the stage and walked toward a black stool, picked up her guitar and placed it around her neck. She sat down in front of the microphone. The crowd clapped and cheered for the performer.

"How y'all doin?"

The crowd cheered again in response.

"First of all, I'd like to thank Joe Don and Bitsy for having me. Happy Birthday sugar. May you have a year full of love, happiness, and another oil boom."

The audience let out a loud, "Woooooooo," peppered with a number of "Amens".

"Now, just because we're in a ballroom in Aspen, Colorado, y'all don't feel like you can't do a little Texas two-steppin'." With that, she started strumming the introduction to the new song she'd written for her love.

"She is the silver voice of water falling

She is the sun

She is the golden light that lies beside me when day is done

Every time I fall

She just smiles that's all

She is everything to me

She is the reason God made moonlit gardens

She is my friend

She is the only reason I come runnin'

Time and again

Every time I fall

She just smiles that's all

She is everything to me

Sands of time may tumble into the sea

But I don't care as long as she's loving me

She is everything to me

Every time I fall

She just smiles that's all

She is everything to me

Everything to me

Everything to me

Shine a little light on, shine a little light on, shine a little light on, shine a little light on me

Shine a little light on, shine a little light on, shine a little light on me, shine a little light on me."

As the audience applauded, the singer glanced to the side of the stage to find her lover shedding soft tears of joy. Kat flashed an 'I love you' sign and Beth responded by blowing her a kiss. The crowd cheered and the big oilman had his arms wrapped around his birthday girl. Kat's band members joined her onstage. She moved her stool to the side, and switched her acoustic guitar for an electric one. She began playing the opening rifts of the raucous George Jones drinking song, "White Lightning". The couples started dancing, making it difficult to determine whether they were in a fancy ballroom or Texas dancehall.

When the party was over and the instruments had been taken down, Beth led Kat by the hand to their hotel room. Beth closed the door and hungrily pressed her lover against it. With a smoldering kiss, the singer who had taken charge of a room full of people melted in the arms of the woman she loved. Beth slid the jacket off Kat's body and onto the floor. The singer's black t-shirt was pushed up to reveal her warm, soft skin. Beth leaned down and lightly bit the exposed flesh.

Beth pinned Kat's arms above her head. "You were so beautiful and sexy and incredible tonight. And the best part is you're all mine."

"Oh, God, yes," Kat moaned.

Beth gently placed the hat on the dresser and led her lover to the bed, playfully pushing her down onto the soft mattress. Kat's heart raced in anticipation. She loved Beth's aggressive side. The singer's boots were slipped off and tossed across the room and were then joined by her bra.

Kat lay there, wearing only her underwear and leather pants that were becoming increasingly uncomfortable. With her arms and legs on each side of the singer, Beth tasted every inch. The teacher then stopped and stood in front of Kat. The singer slightly raised her head, wondering what in the world was going to happen next.

Beth unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in her bra, panties, and pantyhose. Piece by piece, she removed what remained of her clothing. As each garment was cast aside, Kat whimpered. Every part of the singer's body felt on fire. She sat up and pulled Beth to her.

Beth slapped at her hands. "No touching."

With a strangled voice. "Good Lord, baby."

With a commanding voice, Beth emphasized her point. "I mean it. No touching."

"Yes ma'am, whatever you say."

Beth knelt on the floor and nestled between Kat's legs that were still off the side of the bed. With a wicked gleam, she began to lick her lover's quivering stomach. Kat responded by moaning in excitement and pleasure. Beth unbuttoned and slowly unzipped the leather pants. As Beth pulled the pants and panties down, she left a trail of bites down Kat's legs. The singer simply groaned and pulled the pillow over her face, sinking her teeth into it.

Once the pants were off, Beth kissed her way up Kat's legs, tenderly running her hands over the muscles. The closer she came to the apex, the stronger Kat's scent became. Kat gasped as she felt Beth's hot breath on her center.

Beth dipped her tongue between the lips, immediately noting the heat. Kat's hips instantly reacted to the touch and bucked wildly. Beth licked and explored the surface and textures with her mouth. She sucked on Kat's hard clit, and lapped up her wetness, knowing exactly how to make her lover moan. And moan she did.

Kat's hips rose and fell as she climbed higher, getting closer to the peak of her desire. Beth continued to devour Kat's center until the singer could no longer resist the onslaught. Her orgasm washed over her entire body. She tensed, curled up, and called out Beth's name.

With her sensitive tongue, Beth could feel the pulsations and aftershocks through Kat's clit. She slowed her movements, gently stroking her lover for a few moments. Finally, she laid her head on Kat's stomach as the singer's breathing returned to normal.

Kat's eyes were closed and a smile was plastered on her face. Beth loved this expression of complete satisfaction and pleasure.

Beth tenderly ran her hands over Kat's overheated body. "How you feelin', baby?"

Kat chuckled deeply. "Good. Really good. Really, really, really, good."

Beth grinned. "I'm glad."

"Gimme a minute, darlin'. I'm still recovering."

Beth clasped their hands together. "I love you, E, and I loved the song. It was beautiful. You amaze with your use of words."

Kat ran her free hand through Beth's blonde hair. "I just think of how you feel to me."

Kat lovingly brought Beth closer and kissed her softly. The kisses grew in intensity, deepening. The couple spent the rest of their last night together, savoring every last touch and kiss, making love and then falling asleep in each other's arms.

The next afternoon, Kat and Beth found it difficult to say goodbye. They were locked in an embrace.

"I don't want to let go of you."

Beth agreed, "I know. You'd think after all this time, we'd be accustomed to it."

"I'll see you in a few weeks though. I had an amazing time with you."

"It was a wonderful surprise. Thank you for planning it."

Kat brushed a lock of hair away from Beth's face. "You're very welcome. I'll call you later to make sure you got in okay. I love you, so much."

"I will. I love you too, Kat. I'll see you soon. Take care of yourself, please."

"I promise. I'm going to miss you, Beth."

They shared a brief kiss. "I'll miss you too."

Beth began to walk away. "I'll call you. I love you."

Kat waved. "I love you too."

Beth continued to watch her wife as she walked toward her gate. Kat looked so sad and lonely. Beth had to force herself not to run into the singer's arms. Finally, Kat turned and walked back to her bus. She headed straight to the back and kept to herself as the traveling band began the journey to their next show.

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