Three Days


S. Lee

Disclaimers-These characters are original.

Sex-There is a loving, sexual relationship between two women in this story, so if you are underage or this isn't your cup of tea, then boy do I feel bad for you. Seriously though, you should probably go read or play somewhere else.

Author's Note- This story is the first of a trilogy involving these characters. The sequels are already written, so they will be posted soon; maybe even sooner if you ask nicely. <BG> I wanted to mention the locations. All of the locations in this story are real. Threadgill's is mentioned here; it is a restaurant with two locations in Austin, Texas. Some of the greatest names in music have played there including Janis Joplin. It also happens to be owned by Renee' O'Connor's stepfather, Eddie.

Music- The songs in this story are unfortunately not mine; so, I must give credit where it's due. "I'm In"-Radney Foster; " Can't Help Falling in Love With You" -Weiss, Peretti, and Creatore; "Nobody Knows Me"-Lyle Lovett; "Three Days"-Pat Green

Acknowledgements-As always, to my beta-reader, Jules, there aren't enough words to express how important you are. To my new beta-reader, Patricia, you are awesome. Thank you for your help, I appreciate all you do.

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Standing under the bright lights, Kat Green pounded on her guitar, and sang her heart out on the hot stage in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Wearing a brown, lace-up, sleeveless shirt with faded jeans, and running around the stage barefoot, she rocked the enormous crowd. Her band backed her up and the audience screamed as she sang a cover of "Honkeytonk Woman." She was on the verge of stardom, touring as an opening act for one of the biggest names in music. She had recently signed a deal with a major record label and was making her dream come true, but she missed the one at home waiting for her. She finished her set and went offstage. She wiped the sweat off her face and looked down at her watch. She wanted to call home, but she knew Beth would already be asleep. That night, she was going home for a few days and couldn't wait. She hadn't seen Beth in over a month and missed her desperately.

The red-headed legend came up to her on his way to the stage and said in his nasal twang, "You had a great set. Why don't you come out and sing a few with me?"

Kat was blown away at the thought of singing with her hero. "I'd love to."

He smiled, putting his hand around her shoulder and squeezing in a fatherly kind of way. "Hang out close by and I'll call you up on stage."

Kat grinned. "Thanks. I'll be right here."

When given the cue, Kat went out on stage and the band started the upbeat song.

The older man began, "Love doesn't come with a contract.

You give me this I give you that

It's scary business

Your heart and soul is on the line

Baby why else would I be standing round here so tongue tied."

Kat joined her singing partner, "If I knew what I was doing

I'd be doing it right now

I'd be the best damn poet

Silver words out of my mouth

Well my words may not be magic

But they cut straight to the truth

So if you need a lover and a friend

Baby I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, Baby I'm in."

Kat sang the next verse alone, "Baby come on in, the water's fine.

I'll be right here

You take your time

Just let me hold you

And we'll both take that leap of faith

It's like I told you there's no guarantee when you feel this way."

The two musicians sang together, "If I knew what I was doing

I'd be doing it right now

I would be the best damn poet

Silver words out of my mouth

Well my words may not be magic

But they cut straight to the truth

So if you need a lover and a friend

Baby I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.

Baby come here next to me

I'll show you how good it can be

I'll breathe each breath you breathe

I can pour out everything I am

If I knew what I was doing

I'd be doing it right now

I'd be the best damn poet

Silver words out of my mouth

Well my words may not be magic

But they cut straight to the truth

Now if you need a lover and a friend

Now if you need a lover and a friend

Baby I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in

Baby come here next to me

I'll show you how good it can be

I'll breathe each breath you breathe

I can pour out everything I am

Baby come here next to me

Baby come here, Baby come here."

The crowd cheered and the duo sang three more songs. Kat waved and walked offstage. Before leaving the stadium, Kat took a quick shower in the dressing room to wash off the sweat from performing under the stage lights. When she finished, she ran out to her tour bus where her band had the motor running to get out of Houston as soon as possible. She wasn't the only one in a hurry to get home to Austin.

She felt alive as the bus pulled into town around two in the morning. Kat caught a ride home with one of her band mates. She quietly walked into the dark house. She set her guitar and bags down by the door. The singer crept to her bedroom and saw the most beautiful sight. Beth, round and seven months pregnant with their first baby, was on her side sleeping. Kat kicked off her shoes and crawled into bed. She whispered into her partner's ear, "Wake up baby."

The sleeping woman didn't stir. The singer grinned and wrapped her arm around the bulging stomach. "Wake up."

With her eyes still closed, Beth smiled at the comforting feel of her lover against her back. Without turning around she said, "I have to warn you. My wife is going to be home after being away for such a very long time and she's quite jealous and tough. If she catches you here, I can't be held responsible for what she would do to you." With that, she turned around to cuddle with her partner.

Kat brushed the blonde hair off Beth's face. She kissed her softly on the lips. "Hey there 'Scilla."

Beth brushed her lips against her lover's. "Welcome home E."

Kat was an Elvis fanatic and these names were their little pet names for one another. She slunk down and lifted Beth's shirt, rubbing the protruding belly. She kissed the taut skin softly. "Hey there little E. How's my baby?" She felt the baby move under her hand. She laughed. "There ya go. That's my little one. Mama's here now. I've missed you and your Mommy. Have you been good?"

Beth smiled watching her partner interact with their unborn child. The two women had been together since their freshman year of college and they wanted this baby very badly. She ran her hands lovingly over Kat's head. The performer continued to talk to their baby, "You can go on back to sleep now. We'll play tomorrow. Your Mommy needs some attention now. I love you little one."

Kat then moved back up to her partner, kissed her deeply, then wrapped her arms around her. "I've missed you honey, so very much," she whispered.

Beth smiled and burrowed into Kat's chest. "I've missed you too. It's good to have you home. I've been lonely without you."

The singer touched her wife's face. "You look so beautiful. I can't believe how much you've changed since I saw you last. How are you feeling?"

"I still have morning sickness some days. My feet and back are killing me, I've been nesting like crazy and your child loves to do the Cotton-Eyed-Joe in the middle of the night; other than that I'm great."

Kat kissed the top of her lover's blonde head. "I hate that I'm not here to share it all with you. There's so much I'm missing."

Beth reassured her partner, "Honey, we've been together for ten years. The entire time, you've been a touring singer and musician. I knew that going into this marriage and I knew that going into this pregnancy. We didn't get pregnant by accident. I knew what it was going to be like. Your music videos are shown regularly. You have your own booth at Fan Fair and you're touring with a country music legend. Your songs are played on the radio now. Your career is taking off. I'm very proud of you and I'm the envy of lesbians everywhere for being married to you."

"Yeah, but is that enough consolation on those nights when you're sleeping alone or when you get a midnight craving and there's no one here to run and fetch it?"

Beth held her lover's face in her hands. "Baby, your gift is one of the reasons I fell in love with you. I love you enough to let you live your dream. I can't rein you in like that; you would be miserable. I love you and accept you just as you are."

Kat kissed her deeply, and touched her stomach. "I love you both so much."

The teacher looked up at her lover. "Aren't you tired?"

"I was until I got home. I could lie awake with you in my arms and talk to you like this all night. You are so beautiful. I just can't say it enough."

Beth smiled sheepishly. "God, you just take my breath away. You are so sweet. If you insist on holding me all night long, who am I to stop you?" Both women giggled. "How long are you going to be here?"

"Three days like usual. I've got the Backyard concert here on Friday night and then I've got to be in Oklahoma City the next day to meet back up with Willie."

"Well then, it seems as if we need to make the best use of our time don't we? Why don't you get out of those clothes and show me how much you missed me?"

Kat grinned. "Gladly, darlin'." The singer pulled off her t-shirt and unclasped her bra. She took off her shorts and boxers. She moved back to the bed to cradle her wife gently in her arms and softly touched her face. "I love the way you shine in the moonlight. You look even better than in my dreams."

Beth chuckled. "You've been spending too much time on the road with a bunch of guys. It has clouded your judgment."

Kat shook her head and brushed her lover's cheek with the back of her hand. "No, you look like an angel, glowing and so full of life." She lowered herself to Beth's stomach and began to slowly lift the t-shirt and kiss her way up until she reached her wife's mouth. Their lips parted and came together in a sweet, slow dance. Without speaking, they poured all of their love and devotion into their long kisses. After several minutes, the singer lowered herself and licked and sucked Beth's swollen breasts, continually caressing her wife's body. The smaller woman moaned her pleasure, as she ran her hands over her lover's strong shoulders. Beth pressed her thigh between her wife's legs. The taller woman held herself above her pregnant partner. Kat entered her lover gently, stroking her secret places. As she moved inside her wife, the singer rode the offered thigh. Sounds of passion filled the quiet house as the two women reconnected. Beth called out as she climaxed, "Oh yes! That's it!" Those words drove the dark haired woman over the edge as she ground hard against Beth's thigh, letting the force of her pleasure claim her. Afterward, the two women laid naked, wrapped around one another.

Beth ran her hands along the warm body next to her. "I've missed you. I hate sleeping alone."

Kat kissed the top of her wife's head and caressed her blossoming stomach. "I think that's when I miss you the most. I lie there in my bunk, or hotel bed thinking about you and the baby. I just ache for you."

The teacher smiled. "I play your CD for the baby all the time. I rest the headphones across my stomach. I want him or her to recognize your voice. Your voice seems to calm the little munchkin."

Kat grinned. "Really?"

Beth nodded. "Yes, and I love it too."

The tall woman lowered herself to lay her head on the other woman's stomach. She began to softly sing as she rubbed the baby's home.

"Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you

Shall I stay

Would it be a sin

If I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole life too

'Cause I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole life too

For I can't help falling in love with you

For I can't help falling in love with you"

Kat could feel the movement of her unborn child. She looked up and saw her wife sleeping peacefully. She climbed back up to her pillow and wrapped her arms around Beth, falling into a deep sleep.

Late that morning, the singer could feel her partner stirring against her. She opened her eyes and looked down at her very pregnant wife. "Good morning baby. How do you feel?"

"Like I'm going to throw up. Could you please get me some crackers? Quick!"

Kat jumped up, rushed to the kitchen, and began tearing it apart. "Crackers...crackers...where are the damn crackers?" She grabbed the bag and hurried back to the bedroom. She ran her hands through Beth's strawberry blonde hair while the woman munched on the crackers. "You feeling better sweetheart?"

Beth nodded and settled against her body. "Bless you. I usually have some on the nightstand, but I finished the package yesterday morning."

Kat smiled and rubbed her partner's belly. "You poor thing. It is kind of late for you to eat, isn't it? How does breakfast in bed sound?"

Beth smiled. "That sounds incredible. I am so glad I cancelled classes for today. The baby and I would like some potato latkes and a strawberry cheesecake shake from Katz's Deli."

Kat giggled. "Really? That's what you want?"

Beth nodded. "Yes, with applesauce and sour cream."

Grinning, Kat said, "Anything else my dear?"

"Just you here in this bed, beside me, naked. I've missed you. I want to spend as much time together as possible."

"I do too. I'm looking forward to time off after this next month. I want to spend time with you and our little one. I'm glad I insisted we record the next CD here."

Beth snuggled closer. "I am too. It's going to be nice having you here for months at a time."

Kat ran her fingers through her partner's short blonde hair. "I can't wait. Think you can handle having me underfoot?"

The teacher laughed. "I'll tough it out."

Giggling, Kat kissed her playfully. "I'm going to call in our order, then run and pick it up. Do we have to be anywhere today or can we spend the day in bed?"

"I like the way you think. But yes, I have a doctor's appointment at three. I want you to come with me. Other than that, it's just the two of us."

"Hey, wild horses couldn't keep me away. You just stay here and be comfy. Munch on your crackers; I'll be back shortly."

That afternoon, the couple looked around their favorite bookstore. As they were looking through the lesbian romances, Kat turned to the blonde. "Honey, I was thinking. If this next CD does well, I'm going to get a nicer bus. I want you and the baby to come on tour with me. You can take a sabbatical from the university. Look at these books. I know you can write better than some of this stuff. You're simply brilliant. You've always wanted to write full-time."

She took Beth's hands. "I'm going to be around for almost a year recording the new CD. But, after that we can go on tour. I hate being away from you. This way, we can raise the baby together on the road, at least until he or she starts school. I don't want to miss anything."

Beth smiled and reached up to touch Kat's face. "I love you. That sounds like a great idea. We can work on it this next year and make it happen."

Kat grinned and kissed her wife tenderly. Suddenly Beth stepped back, holding her stomach. Kat looked down at her wife, concerned and placed her hand on her partner. "You ok?"

Beth nodded. "I'm fine. Your child is making its presence known." She looked down at her stomach, rubbing the tight skin. "Hey there sweetheart. Are you trying to tell us something?"

Kat laughed when she felt the kicking of their unborn baby. "Little E. likes the idea of traveling around together. He or she can be my little guitar tech."

Beth just rolled her eyes. "You are a mess."

Kat softly pressed her lips to her partner's . "C'mon darlin'. I think we need to get to the doctor's office."

In the doctor's office, Kat sat beside the exam table. While holding the pregnant woman' s hand, she watched the doctor measure her wife's stomach. The doctor placed the stethoscope on Beth's belly to hear the baby's heartbeat.

She looked up at the two anxious women. "Would you like to hear it?"

They answered in unison, "YES!!"

Kat put the earpieces in her ears and grinned as she heard the sound of the tiny heart as it beat fast and strong. "Oh my God, I can hear it. It's so fast." She ran her hands in her wife's hair. "That's incredible baby."

Beth giggled. "Hey, hand them over."

Kat handed the stethoscope to the expectant mother, who immediately beamed with joy at the sound of the strong heart. "I love hearing that sound every time I come in here."

The doctor smiled at the happy couple. "Ready to see the little munchkin?"

Kat looked at her wife, holding her hand. "Oh, yeah."

Beth kissed her. "I wanted to surprise you. I thought you'd like to share it with me, so I scheduled the ultrasound for when you were here."

"Thank you darlin'. I only got to see the pictures from the last one."

The doctor led them to another room, where Kat helped her partner up onto the table.

The doctor turned to the mothers. "You're going to love this. With this new technology, we can even see the baby's face. Everything is so clear."

Kat asked, "Can we see the baby's gender?"

The pregnant woman looked up at her. "I thought we decided to wait."

The singer was excited. "I know honey. But, now that I'm here and we can actually see, I just can't wait. If you don't want to see it, you can close your eyes. Please 'Scilla?"

The blonde woman couldn't say no to that. "Ok, ok. We'd both like to know."

Kat smiled and kissed her wife on her head. "Thank you."

The image of the baby came on the screen. The expectant parents were in awe.

The doctor pointed out, "There's your baby's face. There he or she is sucking its thumb."

Kat's eyes filled with tears as she watched her baby. She held Beth's hand and stroked her hair. "Look at that. That's amazing." She leaned down to place a gentle kiss on her wife's lips.

Beth looked up at Kat. "There's our baby."

The doctor smiled and scanned down. "Ok, ladies, you have a little girl."

The two moms began to laugh and cry. The singer kissed her partner again. "She's beautiful." She looked up at the doctor. "Can we get pictures?"

The doctor nodded. "Sure."

Beth looked at the screen and something suddenly occurred to her and she became serious. "Oh my God!"

Kat was frightened by her demeanor. "What's wrong?"

The pregnant woman pointed at the screen. "It's her. I know her. I've seen her."

"What are you talking about?"

"The baby, I dream about the baby. She looks like the little baby girl that I dream about."

Confused, the singer shook her head. "Start from the beginning."

"I've been having dreams since we conceived her, even before we knew I was pregnant. The night she was conceived, I dreamed that I was sitting outside and I had this four-month old baby on my lap. She had a little bit of dark hair. I've had recurring dreams about her. That is her face. I mean we can't tell for sure, but you know what I mean. " Beth began crying harder. "That's the face in my dreams."

Biting the inside of her lip, Kat looked at her wife intensely, as she contemplated what she heard. She ran her hand through her lover's hair. "I don't know what to say honey. Wow!"

The doctor looked at them. "Actually, that isn't unusual. Studies have shown that a woman's intuitive powers are heightened during pregnancy. I've had many patients who knew the gender of their baby before birth. I've heard this same story before. The mother and child are so in tune with one another. It's as if two spirits share one body. It's just part of the mysticism of pregnancy."

The singer leaned down and kissed her partner's wet cheek. "You are so amazing. I love you both."

Beth wrapped her arm around her lover's head as Kat kissed her. "I love you too."

Kat held her partner's hand all the way home. "Thank you, honey."

Beth looked at her confused. "For what?"

Kat touched her stomach. "For having our little girl. I mean, it's such a miracle. I can't get over it. We've wanted this for so long. I can't wait to hold her."

Beth brought her wife's hand to her lips. "I can't believe that whole dream thing. It's a girl. We're having a little girl. I've never been happier."

Kat grinned. "I'm at a loss for words to express my feelings right now."

They walked in the house; Kat shut the door and kissed her wife deeply. Without breaking contact, she led the very pregnant woman across the hardwood floor and to the bedroom. She sat Beth on the bed and kneeled in front of her, between her legs. She raised her lover's shirt and laid her head on her stomach. She kissed the round flesh. "Hey there baby girl. I love you very much and I promise you that you will always know that. I am going to be the best Mama in the world, next to your Mommy of course. I will never be too busy for you. I will always be your cheerleader and your shoulder to cry on. You can count on me." The performer continued kissing the stomach while her lover ran her fingers through her hair. The kisses moved to other parts of Beth's body. The singer lowered her partner's shorts and panties. She placed the teacher's legs on her shoulders and began kissing the inside of her partner's thighs, caressing the soft skin.

Kat's mouth began to water as she smelled her lover's desire. Beth dropped her head back as she began to pant in anticipation. "Oh honey. I've wanted this for the last month. Don't make me wait."

Kat grinned and leaned in to taste. She gently licked along Beth's slick folds. She fluttered her tongue in just the right spot, making her lover tremble. The singer entered her slowly, stroking with expert fingers. The teacher's hips moved up and down as her wife made love to her. Beth's orgasm washed over her, making her call out in pleasure. The performer slowed her movements as her lover's body began to still. Kat laid her head on her lover's thigh as Beth stroked her hair. Beth lifted her partner's face and looked into her eyes. "Take off your clothes baby."

Kat grinned and obeyed the command. She stood in front of her wife and pulled off her shirt, unclasped her bra, releasing her full breasts. She pulled down her shorts and panties slowly, teasing her partner. The pregnant woman pulled off her own shirt and bra, her anticipation growing. Beth pulled her wife to her and took her nipple into her mouth. Kat leaned into her lover, moaning at the sensation. She wrapped her arms around Beth's head, holding her closer. Beth looked up at her lover. "Lay down."

Kat did as she was told as Beth hovered over her. She leaned down and kissed her, and began moving down the singer's body, leaving a hot, moist trail. Kat opened her legs inviting Beth inside. The pregnant woman entered her lover deeply as she sucked on the hard nipples. Kat lifted her hips. "Oh yes." Beth moved in and out of her lover deeper and faster. Wetness coated her hand as she stroked the singer's most intimate places. It didn't take long to send her into the abyss.

Lying together; sated and happy, Kat ran her fingers lightly up and down Beth's stomach. The dark haired singer felt a kick to her hand and both women giggled. She kissed the spot where the bump occurred. "Hey baby girl. I hope I didn't disturb you in there. I was just showing your Mommy here how much I love her."

Beth laughed and ran her hands through Kat's hair. "So I take it you're happy that we're having a little girl?"

The tall singer pressed her lips against Beth's. "Are you kidding? I couldn't be happier. I would have been thrilled with a son too. The baby's healthy; that's all I really care about."

"We need to settle on a name."

Kat grinned. "Ok. I've been thinking and thinking about this. What about Presley Erin Green?"

Beth giggled. "Oh, no you don't. You had to wear the black suit with the gold lame` jacket at our wedding. You begged and begged me to go to Graceland and Nashville for our honeymoon. We are not naming our daughter after Elvis."

The singer pleaded, "Oh, please baby. I promise you can name our second child. This would mean so much to me. Think about it. It's actually a beautiful name. Presley Erin Green. You can't tell me it doesn't have a ring to it."

Beth shook her head. "Kat, honey, don't even give me that look. You know what that look does to me."

Kat held her hands. "Please sweetheart. I have no biological connection to this baby. This makes me feel more connected to her. Say it with me...Presley Erin Green." The baby began to move around and kick.

Beth reactively grabbed her stomach. They both cackled. Kat kissed the belly again. "See there honey; she likes it. Let's try it again." She leaned down closer to the shaking belly. "Presley Erin, your Mama is talkin' to you." There was another kick and movement.

Beth put her hands across what used be her waist and spoke to the baby. "You stop that. I can see the writing on the wall now. You two are going to gang up on me all the time aren't you?" The baby gave another kick. Kat rolled all over the bed, laughing hysterically. Beth threw her hands in the air. "Ok, ok, ok. I give in. Presley Erin it is."

Kat captured her lover's face between her hands. "Thank you so much 'Scilla." She kissed her deeply. She leaned down and pressed her lips against Beth's belly. Kat settled back against the pillows on the bed and pulled her wife to lay against her side. "So, what would you like to do the rest of the evening?"

Beth giggled. "I don't care as long as I don't have to leave this bed and I get a back rub. I would like a snack though; your little Presley is hungry."

Smiling, Kat said, "Ok, I can handle that. How about I go to the kitchen and get a snack, and then get a stack of movies? A little later, we can have some Chinese food delivered."

"Mmmmm. That sounds perfect. Besides, since I agreed to name our baby after Elvis; and you are going to be gone for a month, you can be my little slave girl."

"Oh I like that. We can get a costume and everything. Could be a lot of fun."

Laughing, Beth agreed. "Yes, it could. Now get thee to the kitchen, slave, and bring me something."

Kat stood, naked, and bowed to her mistress. "Yes ma'am and what would you like?"

"I have a craving for watermelon."

Playfully, Kat asked, "With or without seeds?"

"Without I think, in small chunks."

The singer nodded. "Yes, M'lady. Anything else?"

Beth thought for a moment. "Well, since you are bringing movies back with you, how about some popcorn and lemonade?"

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am. At your service ma'am." Kat walked away laughing.

The blonde called out to her partner. "Just be thankful I'm not craving homemade rice pudding." She giggled at the thought. The expectant mother rubbed her belly. "I'll let you in on a little secret. Your Mama is an Elvis nut. Actually, she's just a nut. It's something you'll have to learn to deal with. But she loves you. We both do. You're going to have a great life. Your Mama is a very special woman. I have loved her since I was eighteen. We've wanted you for so long. I'm your Mommy, but you and I already know each other. You've visited me in my dreams. We're going to have so much fun together. There are so many things I want to show you and teach you. We'll have plenty of time for that though. So you just keep hanging out and enjoy the accommodations. You're my girl and I love you Presley Erin." The baby moved under her touch, making her smile.

Kat returned with a stack of DVD's and a tray full of goodies. She settled back in bed for a long night.

The couple laid in bed together, watching old episodes of "Xena:Warrior Princess". The singer looked at her lover. "Do you want to call our parents and tell them about Presley?"

The pregnant woman shook her head. "Not yet. We can tell them tomorrow. I want to savor the news for tonight. I don't want to talk to anyone or see anyone other than you."

Kat kissed her on the head. "I agree. When do you have to be at the university tomorrow?"

"I need to be there a little after nine. I have three classes in the morning. I'm canceling my office hours tomorrow; so I should be done by one."

"If you like, I'll drop you off and then pick you up and we can do some shopping for the baby."

Beth felt Kat's forehead. "Are you feeling alright?"

The singer laughed. "Yes, honey, I'm fine. I want to go look at baby stuff with you. I don't always get this chance. I want to go shopping for my baby girl. I intend to spoil her."

Beth just grinned. "I love you, you crazy woman."

Late that night, Kat woke up and watched her wife in peaceful sleep. She smiled as she felt the warm skin against her own. Words started popping into her head, along with phrases and melodies. She gently eased out of her lover's arms, dressed, and walked into the living room. She picked up some paper and a pencil and began singing out lyrics.

"Wake up, whatcha been dreamin about?

I ain't got a lot to say

But I could talk to you for hours"

'Oh that's good. I like that,' she thought to herself. She picked up her guitar and began strumming out chords, with her pencil between her teeth, stopping to write out more words and chords as she went on. The words and notes flowed out of her. Beth stood at the living room door and smiled. She watched her partner sitting on the couch wearing her glasses, a pencil behind her ears; the guitar in her lap.

The blonde woman spoke. "I would ask you to come to bed, but I know you too well. You won't be able to get back to sleep until you either run out of words or you finish."

Kat looked up to see her wife smiling. "What was that honey?"

Beth laughed and walked over to the couch. "How's it coming?"

Kat kissed her on the cheek. "It's good. Did I wake you?"

The blonde laid her head on her wife's shoulder. "No, I reached out for you and you weren't there. Then I heard you in here and thought I'd check you out. I've always loved lying in bed, listening to you play in the other room."

Kat looked at her. "I've always loved you."

Beth smiled and pressed her lips against her lover's. "You are the only woman I've ever loved. I'll never forget the first time I saw you. We were both freshmen. I was walking through campus and you were sitting under a tree, playing your guitar and singing. Your long hair was in braids, and you were so cool with your sunglasses on."

Kat smiled at the memory. "You didn't talk to me those first couple of months. You stopped and listened with some other people, but you kept walking. I sat at that tree every day for a month, hoping to see you again. You would stop for a minute, listen and then walk on. Eventually I figured out that you passed that way every day. When you finally sat down to study at the fountain just a few feet away, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest."

Beth laughed. "But, you never said a word. One day, I sat under the tree a few feet away."

Kat interrupted. "I didn't see you that day. I looked around my tree and there you were, against the tree behind me, reading a book. I stared at you for several minutes."

"That's when I happened to look up and I caught you watching me. When I did, you hid back behind your tree. I laughed so hard. I thought you were the cutest thing I had ever seen. You sang so beautifully. I would sit and study and listen to you. Listening to you is still one of my favorite things."

Kat kissed her wife softly. "After staring at each other for a couple of months, you finally came up to me at Threadgill's."

"Well, what did you expect? You always had a crowd of men and women sitting around you, adoring you. I went there that night with some friends to hear some music. I had no idea you were playing."

"You finally walked up between sets to talk to me."

"Yes, you looked straight at me when you sang. My friends had to goad me into approaching you."

"I was so glad they did. I was trying to get your attention. What a pair huh? You were a brainy English major with straight A's and I was put on academic probation that first semester, and eventually dropped out because I never went to class. I spent all my time working at the music store, playing gigs until late at night, sleeping until noon, and falling in love with you."

Beth wrapped her arm around Kat. "Ten years later, I'm still falling in love with you."

Kat smiled and placed her hand on Beth's stomach. "You are more beautiful now than I've ever seen you. You are a walking miracle to me. But, you need to get back to bed. I want you to be well rested."

Beth nodded. "You'll have to give me a little push."

"I'll do even better." Kat stood up and helped her wife stand up. She led her to their bedroom and tucked her into bed. She sat next to Beth and kissed her head. "Go to sleep sweetheart. I'll be in soon."

Beth smiled. "Don't be too long."

"I won't. Goodnight." She went back into the living room and resumed her work. The song began to take shape as she wrote the bridge. She wrote the final chorus and played the song through. Pleased with her work, she set her guitar down and went back to bed.

The next morning, Kat drove Beth to the university, and kissed her gently as she got out of the car. "I'll pick you up at one. I put a bottle of water and a snack in your bag."

The professor just shook her head. "Could you be any more adorable? It's good to have you home baby. Have fun and I'll see you in a bit."

"I love you 'Scilla."

"Love you E."

Kat drove away, waving to her lover. She picked up her phone and called her fiddle player, asking him to meet her at the house to go over the new song. He arrived shortly after she did and she played the new song for him.

"What can you come up with to go along with this melody? I was thinking of something that kind of rolls smoothly over the syncopated rhythm of the guitar, that stresses on the downbeat. Back off when the vocals come in and then during the instrumental section before the bridge, the focus will be back on you."

The fiddle player nodded. "Sure. Let's go over it again."

As Kat began the guitar introduction, David joined in, backing off to accompany the guitar and vocals. The two musicians played off one another, as music filled the empty house. After running through the song several times, the pair took a break.

"Damn, that's nice."

Grinning, the singer said, "Thanks. I want to perform it at the show tomorrow night. I wrote it for Beth and I want her to hear it the first time I do it live."

Dave just shook his head. "You gotta stop that. You make us look bad in front of our wives."

Kat laughed. "We'll rehearse it tomorrow before the performance. The guys should pick it up quickly."

"Great. Are you going to want to keep it as a part of the song lineup?"

Kat nodded. "Yeah, if it does well tomorrow night. I'd like to put it on the new CD as well."

"How's the baby?"

Kat beamed. "We're having a little girl. Beth is just so beautiful, it just blows me away. Stay right here; there's something I want you to see." She went into the bedroom to get the sonogram photo. She walked back into the living room and handed the picture to her band mate. "Check this out. This is Presley Erin Green."

Dave laughed. "Well, would you look at that. Congrats. I guess you got Beth to agree to the name."

"It wasn't easy, but yes, I did."

Dave looked down at his watch. "I need to go. Susan has a list of things she wants me to do before we go back out on the road."

Kat shook her head and chuckled. "I'd get to it then if I were you."

Laughing, Dave put his fiddle in the case. After he left, Kat made calls to her manager and her sister, who was also her accountant. She left early to pick up her wife, stopping to buy one red and one pink rose.

When Beth stepped out of her classroom, Kat was standing outside, holding the roses. The professor grinned and the dark haired woman held out her arm. The smaller woman accepted her arm and the roses.

Beth held the flowers to her nose. "These are lovely."

"The red is for you. The pink is for little Presley."

The smaller woman smiled. "That is so beautiful. Thank you."

The two women had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at Baby Depot, choosing clothes, decorations, and other necessities. Kat picked up a breast pump and turned it around, looking at it.

"Beth honey, how is this thing supposed to work?"

The pregnant woman laughed. "You slip the cone onto the breast, with the nipple centered. Then, you either pump or flip the switch and it sucks the milk out of the breast, into a bottle. This one is a hand pump. I want one with batteries and an electric adapter."

Kat picked up a battery-powered pump and turned it on. She immediately threw it back on the shelf as if on fire. "Aren't you afraid of power surges? What if it gets stuck and won't turn off?"

Beth laughed so hard, she had to hold onto her partner for support. "That won't happen. It will work just fine."

"Those things are scary. I'm glad it's not me."

Still laughing, Beth said, "Yeah, me too. Come on ya big lug. Let's go look at baby monitors."

As they were looked at the latest technological baby monitoring gadgets, a woman came up to Kat. "Excuse me; you're Kat Green, aren't you?"

Smiling, the singer said. "Yes, I am."

"Could I have your autograph? I just saw your newest video on TV this morning. Did you shoot it at Gruene Hall?"

Kat signed the woman's paper. "Yes we did. And what's your name?"


The dark haired singer finished the autograph and held out her hand to the other woman. "Karen, it's nice to meet you. This is my partner, Beth."

The two women exchanged greetings. The fan began to walk away. "Thanks Kat. I'm looking forward to your concert tomorrow."

"Thank you Karen. I hope you enjoy it."

Kat had a huge grin on her face, and was doing everything she could to contain her excitement. Beth smiled and shook her head. "Oh Lord, now we'll never be able to get that big head of yours out the door."

"Oh, ha ha ha. You're such a smart ass."

The pregnant woman teased, "And you like my smart ass."

"Ok, well that's beside the point. But that's been happening more often. I can't imagine that I would ever get used to it."

Beth rolled her eyes. "Come on E; let's go pay for all this stuff."

The women drove home in a car full of baby gear. Kat noticed Beth's silence. She looked over at the passenger seat to see her partner sleeping. She smiled and put her hand on her wife's knee. The singer kissed her cheek when they pulled up to the house, waking the pregnant woman gently. Beth sleepily opened her eyes and looked at her lover. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep like that."

"It's ok honey. Why don't you go in and lie down and I'll bring all this stuff in and take care of dinner?"

"I would love that. One more thing though. Could you help me out of the car?"

Kat chuckled and placed her lips against her partner's knuckles. "Of course, my love." She walked to the other side of the car and took Beth's hands, pulling her gently. The singer opened the front door of their home for her lover. The tired woman walked in holding her back. "I swear. I don't walk anymore; I waddle."

The taller woman just shook her head. "Sweetheart, you're having a baby; it's expected. I happen to think you are perfection."

Beth laughed. "You are so good for my ego."

Later that night, Kat sat behind her wife, rubbing her back and shoulders. The pregnant woman melted into her lover's touch. "God, honey, that feels so incredible."

The taller woman wrapped her arms around her partner, and laid her hands on the protruding stomach, running circles around the taut skin. "Yes it does. I miss this when I'm gone. These quiet times with you are what keep me sane. I love the audience. I feel electric when I'm out there. The feeling I get when I look out over the crowd and people are singing my songs right back at me is indescribable. But being away from you, traveling with four guys, setting up my equipment, is so draining. You recharge me and make me whole again."

Beth leaned back into her lover, relaxing against her. "How could I ever possibly love anyone as much as I love you?"

Kat kissed her wife's head. "I pray you can't."

The two women spent the rest of the night holding one another close, connecting again; savoring every minute together.

The next morning, Kat had an interview during a morning radio show. Beth and some of her friends from the English department sat around her office listening to the show.

"We're excited to have local singer, Kat Green, in the studio with us today. She's performing tonight at the Backyard and you can find her CD's in any music store."

Kat smiled and spoke into the microphone. "Hey. How's it going?"

"It's good to have you back. It's been a while since you've been in here. What have you been doing?"

"Thanks. It's good to see y'all again. You've always been good to me. I've been touring; doing my own shows and opening for others. I've got a month left and then I'll be home for a while."

"A friend of mine caught Willie's show in Dallas a few weeks ago and said you were great. What's that like, touring with such a legend?"

"It is just awesome. I've been performing for as long as I can remember. I thought I knew a lot. Next to him, I know nothing." The DJs laughed. "He has been fabulous and even lets me sing with him. He's an amazing person and performer. I'm grateful for the chance to tour with him."

"You're going into the studio soon, aren't you?"

Nodding, the singer answered. "Yes. My partner and I are having a baby in two months, so I'm taking some time off to be with them and then I'll start recording the new album here in town. I'm so thrilled. It's my first big budget CD. I'll be here probably for the next year, recording and doing local shows."

"That sounds exciting. Do you know, is it a boy or a girl?"

Kat grinned. "We just found out the other day that we're having a little girl. We're both over the moon."

"Congratulations. That's great news. Good luck to the both of you. While you're here, could you sing something live for us this morning?"

Kat nodded. "Gladly. Any requests?"

"How about that old Lyle Lovett song? I love the way you do that one."

"Sure. This is, "Nobody Knows Me." She picked up her guitar and began to play the ballad.

"I like cream in my coffee

And I like to sleep late on Sunday

Nobody knows me like my babe

And I like eggs over easy

With a flour tortilla

Nobody knows me like my babe

Nobody knows me

Nobody knows me

Nobody knows me like my babe

But it was a dream made to order

South of the border

Nobody knows me like my babe

And she cried man how could you do it

I swore there weren't nothing to it

Nobody knows me like my babe

Nobody knows me

Nobody knows me

Nobody knows me like my babe

And I like cream in my coffee

And I hate to be alone on Sundays

Nobody knows me like my babe"

Kat ended the song and the DJs were applauding. Kat nodded her head.

"That was great Kat. Thanks for coming in today. Good luck on the show tonight. We'll both be there. Wild horses couldn't keep us from a Kat Green show."

"I appreciate that guys. I had fun today, as usual. We'll see you tonight."

"Come back anytime. Tonight. Kat Green at the Backyard at seven. Don't miss it."

Beth beamed as she listened to her wife on the radio. One of her friends looked at her. "So what's it like being married to a famous, sexy singer?"

"I love it. I miss her being gone, but I can't imagine being married to anyone else. I truly believe that she's my soulmate."

"Ok, excuse me while I go brush my teeth before I get cavities. Don't you worry about her sleeping around on the road?"

Beth just smiled and shook her head confidently. "No, I don't. She's not your typical touring musician. We've practically grown up together and I know her as well as I know myself. We're connected in a way that goes beyond explanation. I trust her implicitly."

"Oh stop that. You're making me depressed about my own sorry relationship." All the women laughed.

Beth shut the radio off. "Shouldn't y'all be preparing for your classes?"

The women laughed again and went to their offices and classrooms.

After the radio appearance, Kat went to meet her band for rehearsals. She was anxious to get the new song ready for the performance that night. Once she was satisfied with the arrangement and had completed the sound checks she went home to her partner.

Beth was folding the singer's laundry. Kat walked up to her, kissed her lightly, and gently rubbed her stomach.

The teacher smiled. "You were great on the radio this morning."

Kat returned the grin. "Thank you, darlin'."

"You do realize that you told all of Austin that we're having a little girl before we told our parents."

"Woops. Am I toast?"

"No, but your parents and my parents called. I got an earful, but they're excited about having a granddaughter."

Kat kissed the side of her lover's head. "I'm sorry about that." She shrugged. "What can I say? I'm proud of my girls." She started looking through her clothes. "Thank you so much for doing my laundry. Did you wash my black t-shirt and black jeans?"

Beth continued folding. "Yes, look in the stack on the couch. What time do we have to be there?"

The singer looked through her clothes. "You are a goddess. We need to be there at six."

At the concert venue, Kat stood on stage, tuned her guitar, mandolin, and banjo. She finished one final sound check. Close to concert time, people began arriving while the band sat backstage with their families. Kat sat with her arm around Beth's shoulders and talked with the group. Soon it was time to start and the band began walking onto the stage. Kat put her cowboy hat on her head, took a last swig of beer and kissed her lover. "The first song is for you baby." She ran on stage as people cheered and chanted her name.

She put the guitar strap over her shoulder and approached the microphone. "Hello Austin." The crowd applauded and roared. "Damn, it's good to be home. How y'all doin?" People raised their beers and cheered. "Alright, well let's get this party started. I want to try a little somethin' out on y'all. I wrote a new song a couple of days ago and y'all are the first ones to hear it." She looked over to the side of the stage and smiled at her wife. She blew a kiss and began to play the fast paced syncopated rhythms. The fiddle floated over the beats and the other instruments followed. Kat began to sing.

"Wake up. Whatcha been dreamin' about?

I ain't got a lot to say but I could talk to you for hours.

The way you talk, the way that you breathe,

The way that your spirit moves into me.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, oh yeah yeah.

I got three days to wash the road out of my soul.

I got three days to love you out of control.

And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way.

Love can do some healing.

In just three days.

Yeah hold me and help me understand.

Why on earth I have to be as stupid as I am.

To live the way I live,

Dream the dreams I dream,

So far away from you and me.

Yeah hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, oh yeah yeah.

I got three days to wash the road out of my soul.

Three days to love you out of control.

And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way.

Love can do some healing in just three days.

Three days and nights to get my life back once again.

I ain't holdin' nothing back.

You got all I am.

Heart and soul and dreams in the palm of your hand.

I got three days to wash the road out of my soul.

Three days to love you out of control.

And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto you this way.

Love can do some healing in just three days."

The song went perfectly and the crowd loved it. Kat stepped to the side of the stage to where Beth stood, placed a soft kiss on her lips, and the cowboy hat on her head. She walked back to the microphone and played and sang for almost three more hours. The crowd was on its feet, screaming, dancing, and clapping to the music. At the end of the show, Kat raised a beer to the audience as she and her band walked off the stage. Beth was waiting for her, beaming. She touched the singer's hot, sweaty face.

"You were wonderful baby."

She did her best Elvis lip curl. "Why thank you, thank you very much." Grinning, Kat kissed her quickly. "I've got to do a few things to help get the set down. I shouldn't be too long."

"Take your time. I'll just hang out here."

After she finished packing the equipment, she walked over to Beth and led her by the hand out of the venue. The singer turned to her partner, who was driving home. "So, what did you think of the song?"

Beth grinned. "I loved it. It was beautiful and it made me cry. You, my dear, are my great romantic hero. You write me love songs, and you make me feel beautiful and so very loved." The couple shared a smile. "What time do you leave in the morning?"

"I leave at eight. Do you mind taking me to meet the bus?"

The pregnant woman shook her head. "I planned on it."

They arrived at their door and Kat lifted her lover's hand to her lips. The singer brushed her cheek across her partner's short blonde hair. "Take a shower with me honey. " The taller woman looked at her wife, smiling. She walked backwards, holding the professor's hands, waiting for an answer.

Beth looked straight into her eyes. "Lead the way."

Kat led her to the bathroom and turned on the warm water. She stood in front of her partner and unzipped the sleeveless summer dress, letting it fall off the smaller woman's shoulders. The singer placed soft kisses on the warm, salty skin. The dress fell to the floor as the women pressed their lips together in the sweetest of unions. The rest of their clothes joined the dress in a heap.

The dark haired woman helped her lover into the shower. The warm wetness fell over the couple as they began to lose themselves in their love. The taller woman lathered up a sponge and dropped to her knees in front of her wife. She gently washed the protruding stomach as Beth watched her lovingly. As the water rinsed the soap away, the singer kissed her way back up to waiting lips. The blonde partner ran her hands through black hair as she kissed the wet skin in front of her. She suckled on the full breasts that were offered as Kat's head fell back in pleasure. Beth stepped back and picked up the soapy sponge and began to run it across her lover's strong body.

Wet bodies slid against one another as the couple expressed their passion and desire. The pregnant woman allowed her hand to work its way down to the apex of her lover's need. Encouraged by the moans of her wife, the professor entered Kat deeply. She moved hard and fast inside the dark haired siren. The singer held onto her partner, rocking against her hand. The orgasm exploded through her body, causing her knees to buckle slightly. She held onto the smaller woman for support. The pregnant beauty ran her hands up and down her lover's slick back.

Kat couldn't stop the grin on her face as Beth held her tightly. She pulled back and kissed her lover hard. "I need to be inside you baby."

There was only one word uttered in response. "Yes."

The singer turned her partner around, placing her hands on the shower wall. With her hands covering the smaller ones, Kat kissed Beth's back, and shoulders. As she used her knee to part her lover's legs, the long skilled fingers found their way to their sacred home. The blonde arched into her wife as she felt her deep inside. The singer moved in and out, as her lover pushed back into her. The strong woman held on as waves of orgasm crashed over Beth. When her breath had returned to normal, Beth turned around into her lover's embrace. The couple wrapped their arms around one another, reveling in the closeness.

Dried and satisfied, the women laid in bed lazily caressing one another. Kat lifted her lover's hand to her lips, kissing it lightly. "I'm going to miss you baby."

Beth smiled and turned towards her partner. "I know. I'm going to miss you too. These last three days have been so wonderful."

Kat rubbed the expanding stomach. "You and the baby are the most important things in the world to me. Please, don't ever forget that."

Beth pressed her lips against the naked shoulder of her lover. "I could never forget how much we mean to you."

The singer leaned down and kissed their baby. "I love you and little Presley."

Smiling, Beth ran her fingers through the long black hair. "We love you too. Now get back up here and hold me so we can go to sleep."

"Yes ma'am."

Morning came too early for the couple who didn't want to let go of one another. Kat loaded her guitar and bags into the trunk. They arrived at the meeting location and the band members were already loading their gear. The singer leaned over to kiss her partner deeply. She stepped out and retrieved her own belongings and put them into the bus. The other musicians said goodbye to their loved ones and Kat held Beth's hands in her own. She pulled her pregnant wife into her arms holding her tightly.

"I hate saying goodbye to you darlin'."

"I do too. But, the sooner you leave, the sooner you return." She patted her tummy. "We'll be waiting for you."

Kat pressed her lips to Beth's, pouring her love and devotion into the affectionate gesture. "Please be careful honey. Get some rest and don't overdo it. If anything happens at all, call your parents, then me and I'll get back here."

Beth reassured her worried partner, "Sweetheart, I have a plan already set up. I'll be just fine."

"I love you both so much. I wouldn't want to live if anything ever happened to the two of you."

The smaller woman kissed her lover again. "Everything's going to be fine. We love you too. Now you need to get on that bus. The guys are waiting for you."

Kat walked to the bus door, holding her lover's hand. She knelt down to speak to their little girl. "Now you listen here little Presley. Be a good girl and don't give your Mommy a hard time. I'll be back real soon; you wait for me, ok? I love you very much." The stomach jiggled in response, making both women laugh. The singer kissed the baby, then stood up again.

"I'll call you twice a day. I love you, 'Scilla."

The pregnant woman reached up for one last kiss. "I love you too, E."

The taller woman let go of her partner's hand and walked up the steps of the bus. Before moving to the back of the bus, she blew a kiss to her lover. In response, Beth kissed her hand and waved back. The bus pulled away as tears fell down the pregnant woman's cheeks. As she sat behind the wheel of her car, she repeated to herself, 'She'll be home in a month. She'll be home in a month. She'll be home in a month. Come home soon, Kat. I love you.'

In the bus, Kat wiped the tears from her eyes. She took the sonogram picture out of her pocket and taped it to the wall of her bunk next to the pictures of Beth. She touched each one of them and spoke, "I'll be home soon. I love you Beth."

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