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Chapter 19

"Hmm, mmmm...hmmm uhhhh huh, mmmmm." Raven busily hummed to distract herself as she dried herself off with a big fluffy white towel, dragging the soft material over her moist skin until it was deemed acceptably dry. Leaning down to swipe at her long tanned legs one last time, Raven scowled briefly as she felt a twinge of pain in her muscles. Ouch! Raven reached down and roughly massaged the cramping flesh until it eased slightly under her deft fingers. " Ahhh, that's better.." Raven purred with pleasure as the muscles softened and relaxed under the ministrations of her long supple fingers. I must be out of practice, Raven thought, as she recalled in her mind how long it had been since she had had a good work out like the one she just performed around the school stadium.

Coach Redburn had taken immense satisfaction from timing the tired girl over and over again, amazed with Raven's stamina and prowess, epitomised in her ability to complete such running distances in a remarkably fast time. "So I have talent, huh? " Raven mused quietly, repeating the words that Redburn had voiced to her not 15 minutes ago. " Nice to know I suppose...." Raven gave her calf muscles one more good rub before standing back up and reaching for her bra and panties, sliding into the clothing with practiced ease.

Raven was just pulling her jeans back on when the locker room doors blasted open, causing the usually graceful girl to jump in shock and stumble to the hard floor, one long leg stuck awkwardly half way in her clinging pants. "What the shitting hell was that?" Raven grumbled, her voice soft and low. Hearing the click of shoes on the tiled floor, Raven hastily shoved her legs into the denim material, pulling them up and over her firm butt to secure her dignity if nothing else. The footsteps were drawing closer... closing her eyes and listening carefully, Raven was able to locate which direction the sound was coming from. The tall girl moved silently behind a column of old, rough looking lockers and waited for whoever it was that had intruded on her privacy to walk into the open.

Nicky scratched her small nose as she walked into the foggy room. The spray from the showers still lingered in the air, causing a damp layer of moisture to coat Nicky's warm skin. The puzzled cheerleader paused in thought as she tried to recall where Raven's locker was....wasn't it near the back close to the shower stalls? Nicky slowly took a step forward, walking in that direction as a sexy little smirk tugged at her soft pink lips.

Nicky gulped loudly and her emerald eyes shimmered in the misty room, taking on a dazed look as the young girl imagined coming across a scantily clad Raven..or even better... a naked Raven...Hmm yeah....Nicky was so engrossed in her vivid fantasies that she didn't even realise that someone was creeping up close behind her. Bet she's so beautiful when left in all her naked glory.....Nicky tilted her head to the side and contemplated what it would be like to have that tall, dark lean body of Raven's just simply standing in front of her so that she could have a good look at Raven's physique...Yeah..I only want to look...Nicky giggled, running one nervous hand through her dishevelled golden locks and felt her cheeks flush a delicate pink colour as she rounded a corner of the room, leading towards the last row of lockers...a GOOD LONG look mind you! Oh yeah...

Raven watched avidly with a glint of mischief sparkling in her electric blue eyes as the cute blonde giggled secretively to herself . Wonder what's tickled her funny bone? Raven mused, adeptly shadowing Nicky's movements with a stealthy finesse, easily closing the distance between herself and Nicky without ever actually being detected by the small blonde.

Nicky walked directly up to the locker that she had seen Raven lean so cool and casually against earlier on in the day. How does she do it? Nicky wondered, reaching out to touch the cool metal surface of the dark haired girl's locker...How does she manage to look so distant and unaffected by anything and everything all of the time? Sometimes I swear she could be made out of ice...and yet at other times she seems so...vulnerable, like all that ice around her heart could be melted away if someone really tried....

Nicky sighed and put those thoughts to the back of her head. Rae wasn't about to simply let just anyone into her heart...and why would she let someone like you in Nicky? Hmmm? What real reason have you given her to make her trust you? The cheerleader sighed, louder this time and looked around at the bench and floor, noticing an array of clothing and....a leather jacket...

"Oh my..." Nicky's soft voice murmured, her breath parting the damp coils of condensation that floated around the steamy room. Nicky's head quickly darted towards the direction of the shower stalls. She's here.... I can feel it...." Raven?" The blonde cheerleader called out to the dark haired girl. When she didn't receive a reply, Nicky cautiously made her way over to the shower stalls. Her heart beat sounded deafening to her own ears and continued to increase in volume the closer she walked to the cubicles. "Raven....." Nicky's hand shook in fear and excitement as she stepped onto the wet tiles, one hand instantly reaching out for a slick wall covered in condensation to steady herself with. "Come on out Raven!"

Raven snickered again quietly as she continued to follow the other girl. I don't need to come out Nicky baby....Raven licked her lips as she stalked the small girl stealthily, her smooth form cutting through the misty air effortlessly. I'm thinking, by the smile on your face that it's you that needs dragged out of the closet sweetheart. Raven padded bare foot over to the blonde cheerleader, silently entering one of the shower cubicles directly behind the ever curious Nicky.

"RAVEN!" Nicky yelled impatiently. She was beginning to get annoyed now...Where is she? Urrgh! Impossible woman that she is..." Raven if you don't come out here right now this very moment I'm going to make you regret it! Dearly!" Nicky cocked her blonde head to the side, frowning as she quickly whipped her head around one of the shower stalls. She had expected to see a gloriously naked Raven and her features scowled prettily in disappointment when the shower stall proved to be vacant. A cute little growl escaped Nicky's pursed lips causing the hiding Raven to grin, soaking up the sound of blonde girl's voice. "Raven! Stop playing around with me! I know you're here!"

Raven grinned wildly and crept closer to Nicky who was leaning over to look into another stall. Creeping forwards and placing herself directly behind the smaller girl, Raven closed her eyes for one moment, inhaling the sweet fragrance that belonged to Nicky and Nicky alone. Licking her lips once more with the tip of her wet tongue, the taller girl clenched and unclenched her strong hands, desperately trying to restrain herself from grabbing Nicky's shapely rounded hips that were swaying right in front of her. Raven...behave nicely with the little cheerleader.... Yeah, right! Raven grinned and slowly leant forward, her nose passing Nicky's shoulder as she hovered behind the little blonde girl, until her red lips were nestled securely near the delicate shell of Nicky's pink ear. What I wouldn't give to really play with her.

"Now , now my sweet Nicky... demanding little vixen, aren't you?" Raven grinned wolfishly and chuckled deeply at Nicky's reaction to her words. The small blonde practically jumped at least a foot in the air in utter surprise as those words were growled sexily into her sensitive ear.

"Arhhhhhh!" Nicky yelped loudly, hunching her shoulders and swivelling around in shock. "Raven!" The small blonde turned around to face Raven's rakish grin, feeling as though the whole world had disappeared when she came face to face with the girl she had been having less than pure thoughts about for weeks now. Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save me now! Nicky's jade eyes widened in shock, her pupils dilating with desire in reaction to having Raven so close to her again. Scratch that, Raven, Ravie, Rae, TAKE ME NOW!!!!

Raven backed up a bit, unknowingly giving the awe struck cheerleader a good view of her lean muscular physique. Oh bloody bollocks.... how'm I supposed to resist THAT!? Nicky openly gawked at the stunning vision standing not 3 feet in front of her. Nicky's hungry jade eyes eagerly devoured the tempting image of Raven's half naked torso. Only a surprisingly lacy white bra prevented Nicky from fully seeing Raven's firm luscious breasts. As it was the top half of those ripe curves looked all too delicious to Nicky, her mouth literally watering as two hard nipples could be clearly defined peeking out from under all that sexy white lace. Ohh me. No.. I-I mean.. Nicky subconsciously backed up away from Raven's half naked body, causing the still chuckling dark girl to gradually frown in bemusement at the smaller girl who was retreating away from her. Oh Rae...take me now.... Nicky continued to stare at the tall girl helplessly, knowing that what she wanted was standing right in front of her, but not daring to take it.

"Nicky? Hey, Nik...what's wrong?" Raven stepped forward in worry, following Nicky's movements once more. What the hell is wrong with her now? She looks like a scared rabbit or something. "Nicky?"

Nicky heard Raven's smooth husky voice and felt tingles of arousal skitter down her flushed neck, travelling up and down her spine, making the small blonde shiver as repressed lust raised its greedy head. Oh by all that is holy.... Nicky's frantic eyes left Raven's breasts that had instantly captured her attention and travelled down the tall girl's rib cage, past a taut lean stomach, tanned healthy skin covering young strong muscles that made Nicky want to clench her thighs together to stop the sudden throbbing that had started pulsing between her legs. You're perfect.

"Nicky?!" Raven reached out to the blonde girl with one graceful hand, confusion evident on her beautiful angular face. "Has something upset you? C'mon Nik, tell me you're Ok? Huh? Have I done something wrong? I mean I didn't realise that you were looking for me... I-I was just playing around... Nik? Nicky? Are you Ok?"

Nicky whimpered and backed up even more, licking her suddenly dry lips as her anxious green eyes continued their journey downwards to where the tall girl's denim jeans rode so sensually low on her gently curving hips. The buttons of Raven's jeans were left unfastened, giving the increasingly aroused blonde cheerleader a glimpse of brief white panties... Nicky whimpered once more in defeat, the soft mewling sound capturing the taller girl's attention.

The confused cheerleader chewed on her lips as Raven stepped forward once more and Nicky's gaze was drawn down to the firm thighs encased in form hugging denim. Nicky placed her hands behind her, her fingers and nails desperately digging into the wet wall behind her as a small, almost inaudible groan escaped her open mouth. "Rae...?" Her bottom lip trembled with fear as the first real flutterings of carnal lust travelled through her veins, coming to rest deep inside of her, making the girl ache for another's touch... for Raven's touch. Nicky could already feel a curious dampness collect on her cotton panties, causing her to squirm even more uncomfortably under Raven's dark knowing gaze.

"What?" Raven asked softly, her bright eyes scanning over the smaller girl's flushed face and heaving chest. Ravens' sapphire eyes narrowed as she took in the sight of Nicky clinging to the wall, edging away from her that fear? Is she scared of me? Raven's jaw clenched and she took a hesitant step backwards away from Nicky who was visibly shaken. "Nicky what's wrong? What have I done wrong now?"

"!" Nicky squeaked, shaking her head from side to side in a last half hearted attempt of denial. I am not here...this is not happening...I do not just want to shove Raven to the floor and...No! Nicky squeezed her eyes tight shut and gasped loudly in alarm, trying in vain to shut off her wayward thoughts.

Raven lurched forward once more, fearing that something was dreadfully wrong with the other girl. Nicky peeked open one eye and yelped once more in panic as she saw Raven draw closer to her. "No!" Nicky shook her head and made a valiant leap sidewards, attempting to get away from the other girl, to escape all of these feelings she knew that she shouldn't be having. Unfortunately heeled shoes and wet tiled floors never mesh very well and Nicky was left flailing in mid air as she slipped and gravity beckoned her downwards. "Ahhh!" Nicky felt herself falling and squeezed her eyes tight shut to erase the image of the wet floor rising upwards to meet her. Oh Christ, here we go again!

"Shit!" Raven anticipated what was about to happen and as soon as the small blonde slipped on the wet surface that they were both standing on, she shot out both strong arms and hauled Nicky towards her. Raven's momentum was immediately thrown off balance by the cheerleader's weight and the tall girl subsequently lost her foot hold. Raven felt herself falling backwards and cringed, knowing the impact of the hard floor was going to bloody hurt.

Nicky helplessly clamped her small arms around Raven's trim naked waist and nestled herself securely in Raven's embrace. "Not again!" Raven muttered under her breath as her body hit the hard floor, causing her to wince in pain. Nicky hid her head in Raven's broad shoulder, relaxing as she realised that she wasn't about to earn herself a black eye. Slowly, she became increasingly aware of the dark girl's half naked body pressed so tightly against her, Raven's smooth hot skin felt so damn good..... Nicky was so caught up in holding the other girl close to her that she became afraid to even breathe lest she break the spell that had over come her pulsing body which was melting comfortably into Raven's long limber form.

Raven chuckled deeply, her chest bobbing up and down with every laugh that escaped her parted lips. So here we are again....falling into one another's arms...must be Fate Little One. Raven exhaled heavily and peered down at the angelic countenance that refused to open it's glorious green eyes. "Nicky..." Raven's hot breath whispered against Nicky's warm neck, gently nuzzling the soft creamy skin that she found there, Raven could barely restrain herself from nibbling on the smaller girl's tempting flesh. "Come on baby, you're all your eyes."

Nicky slowly opened one dazed green eye which connected solidly with a pair of equally inquisitive and amused blue orbs. "Rae?" Nicky's hushed voice whispered as she opened her other eye and lifted her head away from the other girl slightly. The dark haired girl flashed a brief grin at the small blonde which was interrupted with a grimace of pain.

"Ouch! Bloody hell!" Raven gasped, feeling a glimmer of pain in her side as Nicky leaned backwards. "You're gonna have to stop falling for me, huh Nik?" Raven chuckled, trying to make a joke out of the whole situation. Nicky gave Raven a concerned look and pushed her slender body off Raven slightly, leaning her weight on her arms instead so that they were positioned by the side of Raven's head.

"Rae...are you Ok..I m-mean I'm sorry...I don't know what came over me. Well I do ...but...I-I'm sorry Rae, I mean you're Ok..aren't you? You know I didn't want to hurt you..and I have..again. Is your side sore...should I go and get some me where it hurts Rae." Nicky waited with baited breath for Raven to reply, her green eyes scanning the half naked body that fit underneath her own so perfectly. Nicky sat up a little but left her legs straddling Raven's long body with her bare knees supporting her weight on the cool tiles beneath her, needing to keep contact with Raven while she still had an excuse to touch the other girl.

Raven let the small smile that had been inhabiting her face slide away as she felt one of Nicky's slender hands begin to hypnotically track over her side and linger against her heated skin. As her eyes fluttered closed, Raven gulped deeply while trying to prevent a groan of arousal from escaping her parted lips. Small delicate fingers rubbed over her heated skin, skimming over hard muscles, leaving hot tingling where ever those fingertips roamed.

"Rae...I'll make you better...just tell me where it hurts Rae." Nicky whispered, sorry that she had harmed the other girl, but still guiltily enjoying having an excuse to touch the tall and often stoic brunette who had, from the outset, been protecting her. Why does she do it? Nicky wondered, biting her pink bottom lip as her body unconsciously sank back down against Raven's prone form, their trembling legs instinctively entwining and slightly rubbing against each other. Why does she put herself at risk all the time just to help me?

"Hurts?" Raven's glassy stare looked at the pretty cheerleader with puzzlement. Hurts? Raven let her eyes drift closed, her long, dark sooty eyelashes brushing her flushed cheeks as Nicky's touch continued to circle her skin The blonde girl's nails had started to lightly scrape against her quivering flesh causing Raven to shift her body closer to the smaller girl. Pain? What pain? This feels soooooo damn good!

Groaning once more, Raven's hips lurched forward, proving that she was unable and unwilling to prevent her body reacting to Nicky like this. Raven looked up to watch the head cheerleader's prettily flushed face, the smaller girl continuing to avidly stroke Raven's naked torso with what appeared to be rapt attention. Huh? Raven shook her head sending her dark damp locks flying until they settled once more on the tiled floor like a black cloud of silk. Hmmm, ohhh gods....Raven sucked her bottom lip into her mouth trying to prevent herself from moaning out loud. Since when do my boobs need petted back to health? Arggggh! She's driving me insane! " Nicky?..."

Nicky's pulse beat grew steadily faster as she gave into temptation and let her hand swoop over the edges of the white lacy material that supported Raven's generous breasts. An intense kernel of desire curled between her legs causing Nicky to unconsciously begin to grind herself against Raven's firm muscled thigh that rested between her parted legs. " Mmmmm..." Nicky whimpered, licking her lips as her hand instantly covered the whole of Raven's right breast, amazed at the dizzy feeling that over came her when she touched Raven like this. So soft and firm and.... Mmmmmmmm....God I want you Rae! Nicky began to move against Raven's hot, slick body, her hips gliding smoothly against Raven's leg as her fingers suddenly circled Raven's prominently aroused nipple, making the dark girl squirm and growl deeply.

"Nicky?! " Raven gasped, as her eyebrows sky rocketed. She was almost unable to believe what was happening. "Shit! Urrrr....Nicky!?" Raven's deep voice husked, steeped in desire and lust. Raven hastily brought her hands up and placed them on Nicky's slim waist, her long fingers taking the opportunity to rove around slightly over Nicky's supple body, wanting to feel and know every aspect of this amazing girl who had walked into her life. Raven groaned deeply as she felt the blonde cheerleader grind harder against her, Nicky's hips beginning to thrust into her as her own responded in kind. Arrgggh! I'm not made of stone woman! Please..... Raven gritted her teeth and tried to stop herself from simply taking control and making Nicky ride her until she screamed in release. You do know that she'll regret it when she sees sense though, don't you Raven? Raven scowled at her thoughts and tried to regain control over the situation.

"Nicky? Come on Nicky...pack it in..I...Ohhh....oh christ....yeah, just like that Nik.....oh God...hmmm harder..ahhh what the hell!" Raven cursed, giving in to her desires. Sod control! Who am I to resist?...just this once...I just need to touch her... With that decision made Raven growled and guided one strong hand to Nicky's firm thigh, sliding her fingers up underneath the little blue pleated skirt, her fingers rubbing Nicky's red hot skin, trailing upwards, clasping the small blonde's backside. The dark girl groaned loudly and arched her back into Nicky's writhing body, relishing the incredible feeling of Nicky's soft flesh under her eager hands." Nicky." Raven husked, her other hand tangling itself in Nicky's silky strawberry blonde hair while stroking the cheerleader's creamy neck.

Nicky's eyes drifted open, her emerald eyes flashing with need connected with Raven's electrifying sapphire gaze. " Rae..." Nicky moaned, her hips rocking harder against Raven's thrusting thigh." I..I-err....oh Rae!" Nicky tilted her head down towards Raven and stared into her gorgeous blue eyes before swooping down the last couple of inches, passionately claiming Raven's lips red with her own.

"Ahhh yessss!" Raven muttered, her breath coming in short harsh pants as Nicky's mouth took possession of hers. Raven immediately opened her mouth and ran her tongue over Nicky's sweet lips, begging for entry. " Nik...please?" She mumbled, her mouth wildly nibbling at the other girl's soft lips.

Nicky made a little mewling sound in the back of her throat and slowly parted her lips with the constant onslaught of Raven's talented tongue. " Mmmmm!" Nicky whimpered again, the sexy little sound making Raven's nipples to become even more painfully erect as Nicky threaded her small slender fingers through the tall girl's dark hair." Rae.... Raven ...hmmmmm. I want you....." Nicky could feel her body spiral out of control, her heart beating so fast, her fingers itching to touch and discover all of Raven. Nicky closed her eyes and cried out in longing and pent up frustration as she thrusted harder and faster against Raven's strong body.

Raven's hips matched the frantic animalistic rhythm of Nicky's writhing body, grinning in delight as the cheerleader's lips and tongue duelled eagerly with her own. I can't believe this is happening! Shit, I never want to wake up! Raven happily continued to stroke Nicky's hot little body, her hands running over smooth firm flesh, making Nicky moan softly into Raven's mouth as the cheerleader's tongue followed the dark girl's into her gasping mouth, stroking and learning the feel of the other girl. Raven couldn't stop her body from reacting to Nicky with such vehement passion even if she tried....not that she wanted to try though.

Nicky closed her eyes tight shut, shaking with the intensity of what she was feeling. Her breasts ached and her mouth needed to kiss frenziedly with Raven's more than it needed air...and the desire to just rub herself all over the other girl was almost unbearable.....So this is what I've been missing out on! Nicky's mind thought as her body throbbed mercilessly with need for the dark haired beauty who she was straddling. Raven's hand snaked up the front of Nicky's skirt, her fingertips caressing the creamy expanses of the smaller girl's inner thigh, almost making Nicky faint with the hazy desire she was feeling.

Nicky arched her back, her jade eyes widening in disbelief that something could feel this damn good. Now if Brad could make me feel like this we wouldn't have had a problem.....Nicky stopped still, halting her jerky movements against the dark girl and swallowed..... hard. Oh shit....what am I doing?!? Nicky looked down at the incredibly gorgeous girl beneath her who continued to stroke and caress Nicky's sensitive skin with such passionate dedication. Holy SHIT! Nicky began to tremble with abject shock at Raven's beautiful her beautiful body.....into two worried blue eyes.

"Rae?" Nicky whispered, taking her still shaking hands off the other girl, the cheerleader made an attempt to scramble off Raven's half naked body, but only succeeded in lurching her still throbbing crotch against Raven's. Arrrghhhh, Jesus! That feels so good. NO! " can't be happening!" Nicky shook her head in denial. "Let me go!"

Raven's brow creased in confusion. " Nicky? What's wrong?" Raven swiftly removed her hands away from the blonde cheerleader who seemed to be freaking out. Oh well done Rae! You've just gone and fucking ruined your friendship with the only girl whoever truly liked you...Arggh! You shit head! " Nik...I'm sorry!" Raven bit her lip and suppressed the groan that she was dying to let rip so that it could echo around the empty locker room to give evidence to the frustration and self loathing she was feeling.

Oh God....Oh Christ....Oh shit! Oh crap...Nicky hastily pushed herself off Raven's tempting body and backed away as quickly as possible, torn between returning to Raven's passionate embrace and running away. Oh fuck, oh pissing hell...oh no! " I...gotta go...." Nicky stuttered, unable to look Raven in the eye as she stood up and rushed passed the distraught dark haired girl, her heels clicking on the tiled floor in the same manner as they had when she entered the locker room....only now she was leaving this place a changed girl and unfortunately she was more confused than ever.

Raven continued to sit on the cold damp floor of the shower stall, staring into thin air. Sighing heavily, Raven stumbled to her feet, placing one hand over her abdomen that still ached with need for the little blonde. She dragged her bare feet over to her locker and clenched her fists. Within the blink of an eye, the frustrated girl lashed out, letting her locker take the brunt of her emotional turmoil and her physical aches " FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Raven screamed in fury. Once she had beaten the poor metal locker to a pulp, she glanced up towards the heavens and muttered in a deeply pissed off tone, "You are a shittin' cruel bastard whoever You are..." Getting no response from God or any other Divine Being, the agitated girl stuck a single rebellious finger up at the ceiling and decided to rely on the one person that she could totally trust to sort out her new complications with the little blonde....herself.

To be continued in chapter 18........

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