Tempting Trouble
By Snap

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Chapter 24


God I'm frigging knackered. Raven crossed her weary arms behind her head, listening attentively as Phil's noisy footsteps clomped up the staircase in his mother's cosy little house. Coach Redburn sure didn't let me cut any corners round that track this afternoon. What a bitch. Hmm, at least I didn't get stuck with Ms.Keeny instead, I'd sooner run a thousand miles than be stuck in a room with that lecherous weirdo.

Raven sighed tiredly, kicking her shoes off and planted her bare feet on the clean, fresh smelling sheets. Philly's monster of a Mom must have changed his sheets again. Raven snickered at the thought. Dunno why she bothers to do them everyday, it's not exactly as though he's ever had any reason to dirty them. Heh.

Talking about Phil's Mom...Raven shivered. The whirl wind of a woman had stormed into the room catching Raven by surprise. It's lucky I can move quick, the dark haired girl grumbled. Otherwise I would have been caught and chucked out on ma rear. As soon as the dark haired girl had realised that it wasn't Phil entering the room, Raven had hurriedly jumped into Phil's closet.

Getting fed up of hiding from that woman. Then again, it's better than going back to Uncle Charles' trailer that's fer damned sure! Hmmm, jumping back in the closet is certainly something I don't plan on doing ever again! Fed up of hiding...even from Phil's Mom. Not that I ever was in the closet in the first place. Raven grinned, remembering her past experiences of kissing or holding her past girlfriends' hands when she was younger, not giving a crap who had said or thought anything bad about her.

Raven calmly looked up as Phil strutted into his bedroom like a prize stud, putting her thoughts away for the moment. Jesus, you'd think he was king of the hill the way he's parading around. Snickering softly, Raven nodded her tired head in welcome at the merry geek.

" Rae!" Phil cried jubilantly, his hands pumping in the air as soon as he realised that the dark haired girl was in the same room as him." Oh Rae, you just wouldn't believe what happened today! It's just been sooooooo amazing!" Phil gushed, pirouetting around the room like a ballet dancer." Don't you just think that today has been the best day ever!?" Phil stopped as realisation hit, remembering exactly what Raven had been through that morning. Uh oh, she saw Nicky kissing Brad. Big fat uh oh. Well, maybe today wasn't amazing for everyone.

Kicking at his carpeted floor, Phil hopped over to his bed and sat down, giving Raven a pitying look. " I'm sorry, I was just kinda excited...I know that today wasn't so hot for you what with Nik and...."

" Bah." Raven said, shrugging her shoulders, a knowing smirk creasing her face. Brad can kiss ma arse, I refuse to be jealous of him dammit." Who said today wasn't a good day for me as well Philly?"

" A good day for you as well...But?" Phil took his glasses off, rubbing them clean on his sweater before perching them back on his slightly crooked nose. " But I thought that, you know, what with...you know, what happened this morning and then you got into trouble over smashing that door to pieces." Phil stared in puzzlement at his friend, curiosity running rampant through his mind." By the way, what did happen to you after Redburn carted you away? I thought for sure that after all of today's fiasco that you would have been in real bad mood. So c'mon, spill it. What happened?"

" Ahhhhh, not much." Raven smirked again, sitting up and crossing her long legs to make way for her friend." Things just didn't turn out as bad as I thought they would. Granted I've got to spend most of the next three weeks like an indentured slave to Redburn and Keeny, but other than that....Everything was fine. Infact I'd even go so far as to say everything was grrrrreat!" Raven rolled her tongue over the word, lowering her sparkling eyes as her grin widened.

" Great? Huh?!" Phil scratched the side of his head. Women are confusing. Nicky kisses Brad, Raven smashes a door, Rae gets carted off to the principal's office....and now Raven's happy?" C'mon, there's got to be more to it than that!"

" Oh there's ALOT more to it than that matie. Lets just say that I had a rather.... unexpected treat this afternoon." Raven quirked her eyebrows and tried to keep the shit assed grin off her face. Nope, impossible, just crank that grin up Rae!

" Treat?" Phil blinked twice. Women are also rather weird.


" Okayyyyy." Phil drawled, standing up to pull his jacket off, tossing it onto a near by chair. Someday, it may be a long time from now, but someday Raven Vlade will actually make sense." So tell me about this treat. What did it involve?" Phil turned around to face his extremely smug looking friend. Must have been good to get her to grin like that! Talk about the cat getting the cream.

" Give you one guess." It's strutting time! Oh yeah.

Phil frowned, kicking his own shoes off. " Guess? Hmmm." What could possibly make Rae grin that much? Phil ran a hand through his tangled mud brown hair. Ok, hmm, think about it. Nicky's just the obvious answer to making Rae happy..but there's no way that the two of them could have..... Hold on! Phil cocked his head to the side, staring at Raven as his jaw swung open. Last time I saw Nicky she was being lead off to...to..... Greener's office! Gulping, Phil bounded back over to his friend. " You don't say....it can't have been..you were in Greener's office.... did you and Nicky...!?"

Raven bit her lip, sucking on it slightly as she recalled Nicky's flushed face, her writhing body... her adorably addictive smile. Ohh, heavenly." Yup."

" Oh...oh my!" Phil said, shock not stopping him from grinning right along with his friend." Again? You two bumped monkeys again?"

" Ewww! Do you have to put it like that?" Raven reached over and swatted the goofy teenager." The answer is still yes though."

" In the Principal's office?" Phil gasped.

" Absolutely."

Phil grinned." You are a God!" Shit, wish I could get up to half the stuff she does! Then again, I've got my Penny now...sooooo, who knows what might happen! Goody, goody gumdrops! I might turn out to be a stud like Rae! Oh yeah! Great stuff!

" You've got the devil's own luck, you know that?" Phil said, nudging the tall girl with his knee as he plonked down beside her.

" Yeah, you think so?" Raven smirked. Yeah, I don't feel too bad right now. Being with Nicky certainly brightens up my day...especially in THAT way! Yee ha! Pant, pant, pant. " Hey, what about you?" Raven asked, fluffing the pillow up behind her."Seems like you've done well for yourself. I heard your Mom screech and holler excitedly about something, so c'mon, spill it Philly Boy."

Phil blushed, yanking at his shirt collar uncomfortably. " Well, hmm. I took your advice Rae. About Penny I mean."

Raven smiled, encouraging Phil to continue. Cool. I'd like to see him end up with someone as nice as Penny.

" And I asked her out..." Innocent brown eyes glanced shyly at her.

" And she said yes, right?" Raven interrupted, confident in her answer.

" Yeah." Phil muttered, fidgeting with the bed cover. Phil's puppy dog eyes glanced up to peer at Raven. " Thanks Rae. I mean, if it weren't for you..."

" Nah! Shurrup Phil!" Raven scoffed, holding a hand up to silence the gushing boy." It had sod all to do with me and you know it. Penny fancies the socks off you Philly." Raven reached over and punched the scrawny boy on the shoulder." I knew you could do it. Told ya she'd find you irresistible."

" I don't know about irresistible, but she still said yes to the Dance." Phil crossed his legs in a placid, content manner." It was great Rae...really it was. I didn't think I'd ever be getting a date this side of 30 years old."

" Ahhh, don't be silly Phil, there's nothin' wrong wid you. So have ya decided what you're gonna wear to this Dance?" Rae asked, twiddling her thumbs slightly. Raven froze suddenly, halting her motions as she cocked her head to the side.

Hold on...am I about to start discussing fashion?! Raven shook her head, blue eyes roving around the room slightly. Shit, I'm turning into a girly girl! Urggh! No way! Raven unconsciously straightened her back, defining her broad shoulders. Good thing only Philly's here. Don't want people getting the idea that I actually CARE about what anyone wears...hmm, maybe with the exception of Nicky. Grrrr!

" Nah, I told my mom I'd be taking a girl to the Dance and she said she'd get me dressed and make sure I was clean and scrubed up...." Phil glared over towards the now snickering girl on his bed." What's wrong with that? My Mom always picks my clothes and.." Phil scowled at Raven." You're just jealous because your Mom doesn't do that stuff for you and...and..."

Raven's snickering had silenced, ice blue eyes staring at him. Phi's eyes widened. Uh-oh! Nice one Phil! The scrawny boy quickly launched up off the bed, fearful of Raven's wrath.

Raven remained silent, continuing to sit casually on Phil bed. Ohhh, that hurt Phil. Shaking her head, the dark haired girl propped her face up with a sneering smile.

" Yeah well, that's the way I like it Philly. The way I've always liked it. I don't need my mother to baby over me...if I need anyone to do that, then I'll just get my little cheerleader to do it." Raven looked up at Phil, her teeth flashing in the early afternoon light." And as we both know, I LOVE being petted by Nicky Mayfair."

Phil blushed, his lean face glowing red. " Rae, I didn't mean it to sound like that. About your Mom I mean. I know that..."

" You know nothing!" Raven snapped, her scournful smile momentarily dropping.

" I....erm.." Time to panic Phil!

" Just drop it Phil. I don't wanna argue with you." Raven said, shucking her jacket off her shoulders, letting it land in a heap on the floor. C'mon Rae, be nice to the guy. He didn't mean to rile you up, you know that. Scratching her neck uncomfortably, Raven gnawed on the inside of her lip, hating the uncomfortable atmosphere that surrounded the room like a stifling barrage." Listen, I shouldn't have teased you about your Mom like that. I know she loves you and...and stuff. I'm sorry ok?"

Phil walked cautiously back over to the dark haired girl and wrapped a consoling arm around her.

" Rae, I don't know how your Mom could ever not love you. You're the neatest person I've ever met. I'm proud to call you my best friend."

Raven sighed, trying as subtly as possible to shirk off Phil's touch. No offence pal, but enough with the touchy-touchy thing. Choosing to simply stand up and pick her jacket up, Raven smiled at her friend, hoping to ease his apprehension. There! That wasn't so hard to do was it Rae? Maybe you should apologise more often?

Raven watched as her clumsy friend got to his own feet and scuttled over to his closet. Me? Apologise? A mischievous grin spread across the tall girl's face. Spying a hefty feather pillow, Raven scooped her weapon up and stalked her nerdy prey. Me apologise like some wuss? Never!

Grinning like a mad rabbit at the height of mating season, Raven pounced on her friend, whacking him solidly on the back of his head.

" Ouch!" Phil screeched, unprepared for the feathered assault. Turning around on wobbly feet, Phil quickly took his glasses off, knowing from experience that Rae was trying to make things better...in her own slightly..bizarrely violent way.

" Hehehe! Run Philly, run Philly, run, run, run!" Raven snickered wickedly, whacking the squealing boy harder. " Round one to me! Get up you wimp!"

Phil, half laughing, half screaming, crawled his way over to his bed, acquiring his own fluffy weapon." Prepare yourself wench! I'm gonna get you!"

" Wench?" Raven growled, stalking closer to the slightly panicking Phil. " Did you just call me a wench?"

Phil hastily dropped his glasses on his bed side table. Dammit can't see a thing now! Oh well, prepare to be flogged Phil." I..er.. you are a wench."

" Argghh!" Raven yelled, launching her leab form at the slender boy." No one calls me a wench and lives to tell the tale. Prepare for battle Philly."

Phil grabbed at the corner of his pillow, getting it ready for the first assault." Phil is ready for the primary assault. If you strike, your attack will be met with immediate retaliation."

Raven raised her cushion, her brow arching with superiority." Then let the battle commence. To the winner the spoils!"

Unbeknown to the scrapping teenagers in Phil's room, downstairs sat a smug Mrs.Rogers, smiling and nodding to herself as she continued enthusiastically with her knitting. Hmm, yes indeedy. The content woman stared at the ceiling above her. The two love birds are playing again.

The woman sighed happily, her head titling to the side with a dreamy expression lodged on her portly face. She had known right from the start that Phil's 'girl' had been staying with him in his room. She wasn't senile or stupid for that matter. Wish they'd just tell me the truth, that they're 'together' that way, Phil knows I can't wait for him to settle down.....age be damned. 17 is old enough to get married. I can't wait!

Practically bobbing in her seat with excitement, Mrs.Rogers giggled to herself and glanced down at the pink baby-grow that she was half way through completing. Yes indeedy, won't be long before the pattering of little feet will be heard in this house again. Fun, fun, fun!




" Yo Nik, how's it going babe?" Stacy called to her friend, grinning as the small blonde trotted towards her. The red head glanced past Nicky, to the head cheerleader's boyfriend who was now speeding off in his car like a bat out of hell. Raising an eyebrow, the red head pursed her lips." You and Brad still talkin'?"

Nicky sighed, her smile dropping a little." Well sorta. He wasn't too impressed with the situation this afternoon." Nicky dropped her bag on the floor and sat beside Stacy on the white steps outside her front door." Hey, what you doing sitting out here? Why didn't you just go on in?"

Stacy shrugged her shoulders. How could she tell her friend that she didn't like to be in the house without her if Daniel Mayfair was there. That guy is just plain old mean and I ain't gonna be the target of all that anal aggression. Nooo way. Taking the blonde girl's hand with her own Stacy leant into her friend and sighed wistfully.

" Just didn't want to be impolite." Stacy said primly, batting her eye lashes. The red head girl dropped her goofy face and stared seriously at her friend." Bet you wish you were going to this dance with your bit of rough from the trailer trash rather than bully boy Brad, huh babe?" Stacy lifted her ginger eyebrows and wrinkled her nose.

Nicky bit her lip and closed her eyes, giving her friend a hug. " Something like that."

Nicky gave her friend a final squeeze before leaning back. Hmmm, time to shift the subject methinks before Stacy starts pressing for more information about this 'trailer trash' dude.

" Hmm, so..." Nicky's green eyes scrunched up, trying to think of a different category to switch to." Hey!" Green eyes sparkled as a gleeful thought entered her head." Did you see Philip Rogers this afternoon? You know with...."

" With Penny?" Stacy's voice tried it's best not to sneer, knowing Nicky would not appreciate her thoughts on the less than sleek girl. Be nice to the nerds, be nice to the nerds. You can do it Stace! Phew being nice is hard work. Takes lots of dedicated hard work that's for sure." Yeah, I noticed them in the cafeteria. Word is that Phil's actually taking her to the Dance tonight."

" Really?" Nicky grinned, tilting her head as she imagined the cute if somewhat unusual couple the two of them made. No more unusual than you and Rae though, huh Nik?

Stacy's eyes lit up mischievously as her thoughts settled in on the socially misfortunate couple, unable to resist her natural instinct to diss on the chubby, less popular girl." Me and the other girls from the squad are taking bets on what the hell she'll be wearing!" Stacy practically glowed with the horrendous possibilities." 7-1 on her wearing pink. Urggh!" 

" Stace!" Nicky chastised, swatting her friend on the arm.

" What!" Stacy screeched, an indignant look on her pixie like face." C'mon! Have you seen what the both of them wear on regular days!? Penny in that awful day glow pink all the time. Someone really need to tell her that she looks like a bloody freakish condom gone wrong in that colour."

" Stacy!" Nicky narrowed her eyes and raised an eyebrow. Yeah, this should intimidate my red dragon of a friend, Rae does it and she always looks cool. Hmm, why do I get the impression that no one but Rae can pull it off properly?

Stacy stared at her friend, a smug smirk on her face." Nicky sweetheart, is there something wrong with your face?"

" My face?" Nicky added a frown to her image. Oh yeah, shiver in fear Stace.

" Yeah, your face." Stacy reached out and poked the wobbling eyebrow in question." I think your forehead is having convulsions or something."

" Convulsions?!" Nicky said indignantly, dropping the struggling raised brow in favour for plain old simple glaring." I'll have you know that I was intimidating you for saying those nasty things about poor Penny."

" Poor Penny my arse. All she has to do is lose 30lbs and get a dress sense then maybe she wouldn't be the object of everyone else's cruelty." Stacy grinned sweetly at her friend." And if THAT was an attempt to intimidate me then I pity you my dear friend." Stacy's grin widened at Nicky's cute, pouting face." If you're needing lessons in that area then all you have to do is go grab some lessons of that tall amazon you insist on following around."

Nicky choked on her next words, coughing as her mind processed what Stacy had just said. Too late Stace, already been to Rae for lessons and they were miiiighty fine thank ye very much!

" Hey, you ok?" Stacy shifted closer to Nicky, thumping her on the back as the young blonde cheerleader continued to choke." You swallow something? Did it go down the wrong way?"

" Swallow? Down the wrong way???!" Nicky gasped. Go down the wrong way? Not a chance in hell! A sudden vivid image of Raven spreading her legs open and flicking her tongue across her open folds ran through the steadily blushing teenager's mind." I errr...no."

Nicky took a deep breath and pulled away from Stacy's well meant although extremely painful pounding fists." I'm ok...now."

" Good!" Stacy beamed." Wouldn't want you to have a mishap just mere hours away from this dance. It's gonna be great!"

" Yeah." Nicky said, struggling to maintain her smile.

" Hey." Stacy murmured, a thoughtful expression passing over her sly fox like features. " Do you reckon Raven'll have a date to the Dance?!"

Nicky stopped dead still. Shit! I never even thought of that possibility!" I...hmm. I dunno Stace."

" Can you just imagine it?" Stacy beamed, her mind working 100,000, miles a minute." Which guy would actually have the balls to bring Raven Vlade in on their arm?"

Nicky remained silent, no fake smile evident this time.

" I mean, it's not as if they wouldn't want to bring her to the Dance." Stacy continued, reaching over to her hand bag to rifle for her lip gloss." I've heard those boys talk about her, all over the school. I must say she is totally gorgeous though." Stacy admitted reluctantly.

" You think so?" Nicky mumbled, knowing that what Stacy was saying was true. Raven was absolutely stunning. Of course someone was going to be taking her to the Dance. Who is it? Who's taking her. Nicky ran a list of possible boys through her head and came up with no lucky culprit. Dammit! Nicky sighed deeply.

" I've heard it all from the side lines during practice, the way they talk about her every time she passes by on the running track in her short sport skirt," Ah-ha! Stacy pulled out her elusive lip gloss and paused a second to apply it." Bet more than a few have came away with a boner in their pants."

" Stacy!" Nicky growled, scandalised that her friend had even said that. No one! I repeat no one better be thinking of her like that! Nicky was fuming.

" Hehe. You should have stayed behind after school like the rest of us. Me and Donna and May watched her circle that track a million times over. She's fast, I'll give her that. Bet those long legs of hers come in use fer more than just running as well." Stacy clipped the lid back on top of her gloss and threw it idly back in her bag." That girl has stamina. What I wouldn't give to have thighs like that!"

" No need to tell me about her stamina." Nicky mumbled darkly. I've experienced it first hand.

" Huh?" Stacy cocked her head to the side and regarded her friend's miserable countenance. What's up with her?

" I..I mean, I know...her stamina." Nicky's eyes guiltily avoided Stacy's again." I've seen her work out too...impressive huh?"

Stacy nodded her head, unsure what to make of her friend when she was acting this weird. Then again Stace, remember she's probably emotional right now, you know, with the new guy in her life." Yeah, impressive."

Time to change the subject. Stacy had learned from recent experience not to talk about Raven for too long....it seemed as though for some odd reason that Nicky could talk about the tall girl for hours non-stop and that was an experience that the red head had no intentions of repeating. Big fat yawn!

" Sooooo, are we gonna get a move on or what?" Stacy demanded, nudging her friend with her shoulder." I'm getting my shower first, no arguing!" Stacy asserted, grinning and putting a finger to Nicky's lips halting any complaints.

Urgh. Back to the Dance." Ok, ok." Nicky mumbled, giggling behind Stacy's finger.

" Let's go then!" Stacy practically screamed, shaking her flaming head of hair with excitement shining from her face.

Stacy jumped up off the steps and held her hand out for Nicky to grab hold of.

" Ok, I'm a-coming Stace." Nicky grinned, enjoying her friend's jubilant behaviour.

" Ohhh I'm so excited! This is great! I love you Nik!" Stacy blurted unexpectedly.

Nicky's grin grew as Stacy wrapped her short arms around her trim waist, hugging her tight.

" I love you too Stace." Nicky said clearly, a small bubble of excitement growing inside of her. Who knows what may happen tonight? With Raven Vlade around anything is possible." Right, lets go get ready."

Nicky took her friend's hand and lead her into the large house, both girls skipping excitedly up the grand stair case, oblivious to the worried gaze of Joan Mayfair.

" They love each other!?" Joan whispered frantically to herself, shaking hands pulling at greying hair. Granted, she felt low as a dog peeking out of the curtains to spy on her own daughter, but now the evidence was all there. Nicky stayed at Stacy's. Nicky had a HUGE love bite on her neck the next morning. And the girls always openly and repeatedly embraced each other...

" And they told each other that they love one another. Oh dear, oh...oh dear." Joan sank into a near by chair holding her head in her hands, a feeling of overwhelming confusion and desolation flooding her as she heard her youngest daughter's bedroom door slam shut." My daughter's gay. She's having an affair with her best friend. What on earth am I going to do?"




" Ohhh! My baby boy! All grown up!" Mrs.Rogers gushed, partially sobbing as she embraced her only child with both of her arms." My oh my, you're getting such a big boy! Just look at you, such a strapping young man!"

Strapping? That wasn't exactly how the rest of the world would describe the happy go lucky geek. Raven grinned from her position at the top of the stairs, watching the scene with interest.

I'll give that woman one thing, she sure does love her kid. Feeling suddenly self conscious, Raven looked down at her own out-fit. Wonder if Nicky'll approve? Raven's hands ran over the deep blue silk shirt she was wearing. Ahhh, dammit. Who gives a damn what that little cheerleader thinks? It's not as if I'M the one that's gonna be picking her up, now is it? Raven shoved her hands into the pockets of her black Levi's.

" Awwwwe, Mom." Phil blushed, allowing his mother to cuddle and fuss over him.

" Shush now my baby boy. Let your momma have a good long look at you." Mrs.Rogers grabbed hold of her son's slender shoulders and spun him around, admiring his lilac tuxedo and white ruffled shirt that had once belonged to his rather effeminate uncle Hank.

" Will I do?" Phil asked his mother, finishing his dance with dramatic flare.

Mrs.Rogers clasped her hands together in delight. " My oh my, yes you do indeed!" The short woman's eyes flickered to the tall, incredibly beautiful girl fidgeting on the top of the stairs. Oh, what a handsome pair they make! " Come down here my dear!"

Raven's eyebrow rose, hands still determinedly shoved in tight jean pockets as she shuffled down the stairs towards the older woman who was thoroughly giving her a good look over. Talk about feeling like a piece of meat.

" Hey Mrs.Rogers." Raven said politely, smiling at the shorter woman.

" Come closer and let me have a good look at you dear...." Mrs.Roger's insisted, ushering the awkward girl towards her with open arms. Hmmm. Beautiful as always. The older woman's critical gaze swept over the healthy toned body of the young woman infront of her, sighing as she noticed the ever present jeans." You look lovely dear..."

Raven and Phil both noticed the frown on his Mom's face, waiting for her to continue.

" But?" Raven prodded.

Small hands curled uncomfortably around a peach coloured apron." But my dear, I wish you had come to me....to help you pick a dress out."

" A d-dress?" Phil chuckled, his eyes teasing the frowning brunette.

" A dress?!" Raven repeated, a horrified look on her smooth face.

" Yes. A dress dearie." Small agile hands quickly prodded and poked at Raven, measuring lengths and estimating sizes." Yes, I coulda whipped up a real nice dress for you Raven. Such a beautiful girl deserves to have an equally pretty outfit, especially for such an event as tonight...."

" But..." Raven tried backing away from the excited woman, her eyes seeking Phil for help. Reign in your Mom...now!

Phil chuckled, propping up and elbow on the pine banister as he watched his mother track down the skittish tall girl.

" Hmmm. Yup. I do believe that you would look particularly delightful in a pink satin."

" Pink?" Raven was absolutely aghast, her mouth drooping open. What the HELL is wrong with this woman! Doesn't she know a rough, tough rebel when she sees one? Urggh! What her dress sense would do for my reputation!" Satin?!"

" Yes...yes." Mrs.Roger's hands sneaked towards the retreating girl who was desperately shrinking backwards against the wall." A touch of lace at the neck line would be perfect."

" LACE!?!?" Raven almost screeched. Help. Help. Help. This woman is insane! I'm a dyke! I don't care what anyone says! Dykes do NOT wear pink lace! Hummph!

Phil grinned. That's the highest I've ever heard Rae's voice go...and damn it sounded painful! Hehe. Better go rescue the damsel in distress again.

" Mom, I don't think Rae quite..." Phil paused as the doorbell rung loudly." Penny!" A look of delighted glee stole over the boy's youthful face.

"Penny?" Mrs.Rogers said in confusion, taking a step back from her future daughter-in-law to go answer the front door." Who on earth is Penny?"

" Penny!" Raven cried out loud in abject relief. Shit, I owe that girl one. Phew!

" Philip?" Mrs.Rogers whispered as looked curiously towards her giddily hopping son." Who's Penny?"

" My date!" Phil declared gleefully as he raced to the kitchen counter to hastily grab the corsage he'd bought on the way home from school. Hope she likes it! Strutting proudly back into the room, the brown haired boy grinned happily at his mother.

" Two dates?" The short woman pressed one palm to her flushed face, the other hand shaking slightly as she reached for the lock on the door. My baby boy's become a stud! Two dates! In one night..at the same time!

A small smile of paternal pride graced the older woman's face as she opened the front door, stepping back to let the lone figure who stood expectantly outside. That's ma boy!

" Come in, come in my dear!" She gushed happily. Her little family was going to be growing soon enough.

Shuffling further backwards, Mrs.Rogers took in her boy's 'new girl'. Hmmmm, the older woman paused thoughtfully gazing critically at Penny as the chubby girl stepped shyly into the room. This one's definitely got better child bearing hips...but, Phil's Mother regarded the classic beauty who was smiling at her son affectionately. But I want my grand children to look like THAT.

Nodding sagely to herself, Mrs.Rogers practically skipped to the kitchen, calling back over her shoulder to the youngsters." I've got some nice hot cocoa of anyone's up for some? Lovely delicious marshmallows as well. Who's game?"

" Nah." Phil said, his gaze never leaving the mass of cute pink before him.

" Nope. None fer me." Raven muttered, patting her stomach. Don't think I could handle it right now. You're not...nervous are you Rae? Raven clenched her jaw determined to convince herself otherwise. Hell no! Nervous over what?

" Yes please Mrs.Rogers!" Penny squealed excitedly. She'd been so busy finding a dress and getting all dolled up for Philip that she had gone without eating dinner. Her parents had nearly fainted when she had refused to eat the meal in favour of getting ready for the Dance.

Mrs.Rogers nodded once more and hopped into the cluttered kitchen, humming a merry tune.

"Someone sounds happy wouldn't you say Phil?" Raven mumbled, shoving her hands in her back pockets.

" Umm hmmmm." Phil continued to gaze at Penny, a goofy expression on his clean shaven face.

Uh-oh. Looks like Philly's been bitten by that blood thirsty love bug! Raven shifted from foot to foot, her toe kicking at the carpet. Damn, feel like a bloomin' gooseberry here!

" Erm...listen." Raven took a hand out of her pockets and scratched the back of her neck uncomfortably. These two need to be alone. Like now.

" Umm hmmmmm." Phil murmured absent mindedly, walking slowly towards his date who was blushing coyly, her face becoming as pink as her dress.

" I'm just gonna...head on over to the school now. Ok? I'll meet you there." Raven edged her way towards the front door, her eyes darting to the kitchen hoping to God that Phil's mother would not reappear and make her stay. Not that I would stay just because some silly bossy woman told me to. Raven nodded to herself. Yeah and who're you trying to convince Rae ya bloody wuss?

" Huh?!"

" What?"

Penny and Phil answered simultaneously, disappointment in both of their eyes.

" I thought you were coming with us Rae?" Phil pleaded, his eyes now searching Raven's.

Raven smiled good naturedly at her friend, patting the scrawny boy on the back.

" Listen Philly, I don't mean to be funny with you or anything but I really don't like being the third wheel if ya know what I mean?" Raven nodded towards Penny who was standing there looking like a little porcelain doll in all her frills. I don't want to spoil this for them, they deserve to have a good time without me and the trouble that follows me bothering them.

" But?" Phil bit his lip. He didn't want his best friend in the whole wide world out there on her own." Me and Penny don't mind..."

" No, we don't mind Rae. We'd love to have you with us." Penny added hastily, stepping cautiously towards the beautiful girl. How could any girl so gorgeous be gay? She could have any man she wanted. It just doesn't make sense. Penny sighed, trying to smile for Phil's sake.

" Pen, it's not that I don't wanna be with you two. I just think it's be better all round if I went stag, Ok?" Raven patted Phil on the back one more time and winked at Penny, causing the young brunette to blush hotly." I'll see the two of you there yeah?"

" You're sure?" Phil walked Raven to the door, passing her leather jacket to her.

Raven's crystal blue eyes glowed ethereally against the dim dusky back drop of the evening sky. Leaning in towards Phil the dark haired girl surprised her friend by giving him the briefest of hugs." Truth to be told Philly by, the only person I really want to be with tonight is Nicky."

" Oh." Phil sighed, breathing in the tall girl's exotic fragrance. It's so easy to love her.

" Now you go and give your girl that flower thingy you bought her, ok? I'll see you there. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I always am." Raven released her friend, waved at Penny and strode out of the front door, making her way to the Dance by herself.

Penny walked up behind her date and put a comforting arm around his waist, squeezing slightly in reassurance." She's right Phil, you shouldn't worry about her, she can take care of herself."

" I hope you're right Penny." Phil took the little brunette's hand in his own, his watchful gaze following the lone figure of Raven as she made her way out of his garden, down the street and out of sight of the apprehensive boy." I hope to God you're right."




"Ok. Ok Carl, this is it! Are we in for a night of fucking or are we in for a night of fucking?!"

Brad's car screeched to a halt, causing his passenger to jerk forward harshly.

"Ouch! Shit man! Careful! I could have strained something!" Carl rubbed at his neck, glaring at the grinning blonde boy angrily.

Brad reached over and punched his friend in the arm." Stop being such a chicken shit you dweeb. If we're gonna be straining anything tonight it ain't gonna be our necks.." Brad reach down and grabbed his crotch shaking his head from side to side and moaning. " IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Can you feel the heat? I SAID can you feel the heat!?"

" Jesus, calm down man." Carl shook his head." Anyone'd think you'd never gotten any dude."

Brad stopped swinging his head and straightened his shoulders, sneering at his friend.

"Yeah, whatever Carl. I can have whatever I want when I want it." Brad scowled at his smirking friend.

I HAVE had some, the blonde footballer mentally whined. Just NOT with the cheerleading babe that I've been lusting after since...like.... forever. Urggh! But as of tonight, little Miss.Nicky Mayfair is no longer gonna be a virgin. Oh yeah, I'm gonna pop that cherry then the bitch will be all mine. Once she's had a taste of Little Brad, she'll be gagging for it all the time! 

Brad flipped down his mirror and posed for himself, grinning at the handsome image that greeted him. Oh yeah Nicky, I'm gonna show you what a real man is made of

" Hey man, c'mon." Carl grumbled impatiently." Sooner we pick the chicks up then the sooner this damned dance will be over with."

" Yeah and the sooner we get into their pants, huh pal?" Brad snickered, patting his blaser pocket where a pack of condoms sat in preparation for the big night.

Carl shook his head. Brad sure can be a jerk sometimes. Opening the car door, the captain of the football team got out of the vehicle and took in the amazing sight of the Mayfair residence.

" Wow." Carl gawped, straightening his jacket.

" Yeah I know, cool huh?" Brad stated smugly." My girl's daddy is the richest sonuva bitch in the whole damned county!"

Carl nodded as the two of them walked up the steps to the porch, impressed at the opulence that greeted his eyes. Turning to stare at his friend, Carl motioned with his hand for Brad to do the honours of knocking on the front door.

" You ready for this?" Carl asked, taking a deep breath.

" I've been waiting for this moment for ages Carl." Brad smiled, his perfectly perfect teeth glinting against the illuminated gold tinted lamp over head. With that, the cocky teenager reached over and knocked on the white door, standing back slightly in anticipation. Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Tonight is our night.




" Nicky sweetheart!" Joan Mayfair called anxiously up the stairs for her daughter. She was afraid of walking up there to find the two girls....being more than just friendly with one another." The boys are at the door."

" Please answer it Mom!" Nicky yelled back down to her mother.

" Oh for God's sake Nicky SIT STILL!" Stacy growled. The little red head was all frantic motion as she whizzed around the room, picking up scattered pins to hold Nicky's hair-do into place." Uhmmhummm...there! All done!"

Stacy let a sigh of relief loose." I swear I've never met anyone who squirms around as much or complains as much as you do when getting your hair done. Honestly, it's like pulling teeth with you Miss.Mayfair."

Nicky grinned at her friend, leaning over to look at her reflection in the mirror. Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all Nik.

" Think I'll do?" Nicky said, smiling at her friend as she stood up and performed a little twirl. Stacy grinned affectionately.

" You look lovely Nik, you really do." The red head sighed and tilted her head to the side as she regarded her best friend. Wish I was like that, like her. Always looking so pretty no matter what she does." You all nervous?"

" Nervous?" Nicky walked over to her vanity desk and picked up her Prada shoulder bag." Why would I be nervous?"

" Well....what if Brad tries something on tonight. You know, what if he expects a certain something from you." Stacy's eyebrows waggled, crossing one leg over the other in a prim posture.

Nicky licked her dry lips only to be scolded by her friend.

" Nik!" Stacy screeched, quickly jumping off Nicky's bed and dipping her hand into her own purse in search for some lip gloss." You're wiping all the lip stick away! Urggh! Really!"

" But.."

" But nothing, stay still while I re-apply. Don't worry, this damage can be rectified..this time." Stacy shot Nicky a disgruntled look, ignoring the evil little grin she got in return.

Nicky forced herself to remain still, toes tapping impatiently as she desperately reined in the temptation to stick Stacy's lip gloss where the sun don't shine.

" You done yet?" Nicky complained. Sheesh, Stace is worse than Monica and Mom!

" Yep." Stacy muttered, placing her emergency cosmetics back in her purse." So, Brad. What're ya going to do with him Nik? I mean, after yesterday with your new guy, I assume you won't be wanting to get all hot and heavy with Mr.Maitland? And there is the fact that you not going to be wanting Brad to be seeing that huge hickey on your neck."

" Ahh shit." Nicky cursed, wandering worriedly back over to the mirror and tilting her head to the side." Maybe I should have worn my hair down? Then it would cover it more? Is it visible? Stacy?"

Stacy stared at her work-manship. Granted the hideous hickey had been dramatically reduced, but if one was specifically looking for it, it could be found, of that there was no doubt. Time to tell some little white lies. Confidence boost, here I come.

" Of course you can't see it Nik! I mean c'mon, remember who you've had helping you cover the bugger up." Stacy raised her head proudly and adopted a smug look on her face.

" Really?" Nicky asked, gazing directly at her friend.

" Yes. Now stop asking Nik. C'mon, lets get a move on. Our guys are waiting downstairs."

" Ok." Nicky sighed, glancing once more into the mirror." As for Brad, I'm just going to play it by ear. I'm really hoping that he'll just respect my wish to be left alone...in that way." Now if it was Raven doing the groping, you wouldn't be hearing me complain.

Stacy walked with her friend arm in arm towards the bedroom door, a sceptical look on her pixie like face.

" You really think that'll happen?"

Nicky paused and turned to look at her friend, a serious expression on her pretty young features." He better had respect my wishes or he won't like the result Stace."

Stacy slid her hand into her friend's and squeezed the slightly shaking fingers." You know I'll be there for you, doncha Nik? If he gives you any problems.."

" Stacy, lets just see what happens yeah?" The blonde cheerleader opened the door an strode out with her friend, squeezing the red head's hand in return." I'm not looking for trouble Stace, I know you'll always be there for me." Please, please, please be there for me when the truth gets out about me and Rae. And I KNOW the truth will eventually come out." That's why I love you Stace. You're the best friend a girl could have."

" Ahem."

Nicky looked up to see her mother standing at the top of the grand staircase, looking rather uncomfortable as she stared back at them.

" Hey Mom." Nicky greeted the older woman with an enthusiastic hug." You ok? You look a bit flushed?"

" I-I...errr, no I'm fine darling, just fine." Joan's eyes flickered back and forth between the two girls. Uh-oh. That's twice I've heard them declare their love to each other! Daniel will kill Nicky if he finds out!

" You sure?" Nicky took her mother by the shoulders, unable to understand the weird vibe she was getting off her.

Joan placed a smile on her face. I can deal with this. I can. Taking a deep breath and shaking her youngest daughter's hands off her, she gestured towards the stairs.

" The boys are waiting for you downstairs." Joan smiled once more at Nicky and Stacy before trotting off.

" Is it me or is everyone acting peculiar?" Nicky muttered to Stacy, who in turn was raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

" Hmmm, you're not far wrong my friend." Stacy nodded her head, agreeing with Nicky's comment." Come on Nik, lets go. Time to meet our dates."

Nicky rolled her eyes skywards. God give me strength. I'm going to need it tonight.




" Well this is just great." Raven mumbled to herself, watching from the corner she was residing in as several teenage couples entered the double doors at the front of the gym.

The whole room was decorated in flimsy multicoloured tissue paper, banners hanging gaily all over the walls, sparkling disco balls and glittering make shift stars blinded anyone who dared stare upwards towards them as they hung precariously from the ceiling.

" Impressive." Raven snickered sarcastically to herself, immediately reaching in her back pocket for her nifty little whisky flask that she had tucked away." Ahhh, I knew I'd be needing you." Whisking the top off, the dark haired girl took a nice long swig of the liquid inside, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand." Ahh, needed that."

Why the fuck are you here Rae? Look at you, just slouching in the corner, watching everyone, secretly wishing....Raven sighed and placed the lid back on the flask, hiding it inside of her leather jacket this time, away from prying eyes. Loser. Why are you here?

" Vlade. Raven Vlade. Didn't think I'd be seeing you here." A smug voice interrupted the tall girl's dark thoughts.

Raven slowly turned her head, her eyes flickering over the distinct vision of Ms.Keeny. Ahhh crap. Here we go again.

" Yeah well I am here. So what about it? I ain't bothering you or no one so just leave me alone." Raven turned her back to the annoying teacher, determined to ignore her.

" Ah, ah, ah. Now Raven is that any way to talk to your elders?" Ms.Keeny dodged around the other side, eager to watch the expressions on Raven's beautiful face. Raven Vlade. Yum yum yum. Gimme a bit of tall dark and broody if you please. Make Rachel Keeny a happy woman.

" Ask me if I give a flying fuck whether I'm being polite to you or not Ms.Keeny. You earned me extra hours at school doing a load of crap for you. I ain't exactly gonna get all warm and fuzzy with you now, am I?" Raven's voice was calm and indifferent as she once again turned away from her teacher's garishly made up face.

" Don't be like that Raven." Keeny pouted, following Raven once more like a bloody homing missile." I just came over here on request of Coach Redburn." The art teacher nodded towards the bulldog of a coach who was standing protectively by the front doors, barking at random people and demanding tickets from all those attempting to enter." Neither of us recall you entering through the front doors...nor I we recall you moseying on over to pay for entry."

Raven raised one brow, a despondent careless shrug showing Kenny that she didn't much care about either inquiry.

" Fine, I'll just leave." Raven pushed herself up off the wall, more than ready to leave the Dance prematurely. It's not as if I'm here for any reason right? Raven shook her head, images of Nicky, of what the blonde cheerleader might be wearing, of what the smaller girl might get up to in her absence seared through the dark haired girl's head, causing a frown to wedge firmly on the tall girl's chiselled face. Yeah right, of course you've got no reason to fucking stay! Whoa Rae, whatever happened to not getting jealous?

Keeny's eyes widened in surprise. Shit! I don't want her to go! Damn! The art teacher hastily stood infront of Raven, pushing her back with one hand.

" Don't!" Kenny said quickly, her fingers reflexively stroking Raven's lightly muscled torso through her shirt." It doesn't matter Vlade...I'll....I'll tell the Coach that you've already paid. Ok?"

" Why'd you care so much?" Raven muttered darkly, stepping back away from Keeny's clinging claws. You know why Rae, because for some strange reason if given the chance this chick would get into your pants faster than a farmer would lunge for cover if cows with diarrhoea were flying overhead.

" Just leave it at that, ok Raven?" Keeny husked, the temptation to pin the girl to the wall and smother her with kisses almost unbearable.

Feeling Coach Redburn's blazing gaze levelling on her, Raven simply nodded at her art teacher and accepted. What can it hurt? You know you can't leave until you see Nicky you idiot, so you might as well stay for the free ride courtesy of Ms.Keeny.

" Great!" Keeny clapped her hands together, careful not to dislodge any of the new bright red fake nails she'd had glued on at the local beauty saloon earlier that afternoon." Just one more thing."

" What?"

Raven growled angrily as Keeny's hand sneaked inside of her jacket, pulling out her handy little flask.

" I'll be keeping hold of this for now. No alcohol allowed remember?" Plus it'll mean that you'll have to come to me at the end of the night to get it back and then....then perhaps we'll be able to play.

" Fuck." Raven grumbled. If this is any indication of how the night is going to go then I'd be best heading off back to Phil's right now! Urgggh!

" Now, now Raven Vlade. Don't sulk." Keeny shook a finger at the tall girl, loving Raven's grumbling and cursing.

" Ms.Kenny!"

Raven and Keeny both looked over towards the stout women's coach who was barking irritably in their direction.

" Whoops. Time to go." Ms.Keeny winked lewdly at the younger woman, licking her scarlet tinted lips before walking off and calling over her shoulder." Try not to miss me too much."

" Heh. Fat chance of that!" Raven scoffed, shoving her hands in her pockets, trying her best not to pout." Not fair."

The dark haired girl was just about to storm off out of the dance hall in a disgruntled huff when she spied Phil and Penny walking through the front doors.

"'Bout bloody time." Raven growled softly. Talk about being bored to death." Yo Philly Boy!" Raven called in welcome over the growing crowd of overly dressed up teenagers.

" Hey Philip, there's Raven!" Penny gushed, seeing the tall girl stride confidently towards them, the throng of teenagers parting to let the now notorious girl through.

" Rae?" Phil's head perked up, his glasses already beginning to steam with the growing heat in the congested hall." Where is she?" Phil followed the direction of Penny's pointing finger, a smile burning across his face as he watched Raven move gracefully through the mad mass of giddy students.

Wow. She really is gorgeous. Feeling Penny grab onto his arm, Phil's gaze guiltily dropped to the floor for a second. C'mon Phil! There's nothing wrong with appreciating beauty when you're faced with looking at Raven everyday of your life. Lifting his eyes back up, Phil sent Penny a gentle smile before greeting Raven with a cautious hug.

" Hey pretty lady. You been having a good time?" Phil looked around at the assembled crowd." Seems to be a pretty swinging party, huh?"

" Swinging?" Raven smirked, causing the boy to blush." Erm, if you say so Phil."

" Hey what's up? You don't sound too chipper." Penny asked the tall girl. Calm, be calm Penny. She may be one of those homosexuals but I don't think that she's going to be jumping your bones anytime soon.

Raven's glared towards Ms.Keeny, then back to the clueless duo who were regarding her with interest." Ahhh, nuthin' much. Ms.Keeny's just being a pest."

Phil tilted his head to the side." Ms.Kenny is being a pest." As in...as in what Rae? Phil's forehead wrinkled as he tried to silently mouth the questions spiralling through his head. She coming onto you again?

Raven ignored Penny's puzzled gaze, trying to silently reassure her best friend that Ms.Keeny was just being a pest in general, not trying to rape her or anything...yet.

" I...err. She just took my little 'happy flask' away from me." Raven admitted sheepishly.

" The happy flask?" Penny was still puzzled. Why do I always get the feeling that I'm missing something here? That I'm not getting all of the conversation? The petite brunette's curly head glanced nervously between the two friends. Definitely silent communication going on here. Jealous? Perhaps so.

Phil turned as he heard his date sigh." Hey you ok Penny?"

Raven raised both brows as the chubby girl continued to stare at her. What's her problem?

" Nothing Phil. I'm just going to go and get something to drink. You want anything?"

" Nah. I'm just gonna talk wid Rae for a while." Phil answered, concern marring his young features. Have I done something wrong? Maybe she doesn't really want to be here with me? Phil frowned. Then why would she be here with you in the first place doofus!?

" Ok I'll be right back you guys, ok?" Penny huffed quietly, walking away to the punch bowl without looking back at the secretive duo.

" What's wrong with her?" Phil wondered, looking questioningly at his friend.

" Women." Raven huffed, her lovely face screwing up in exasperation." I don't think she likes being left out of the conversation Phil." Raven answered truthfully, feeling a glint of guilt.

" But we weren't leaving her out. Were we?" Phil's eyes darted back to where Penny had disappeared. Shit! Hope I haven't screwed things up with her already!

" Chill out Philly, she'll be ok." Raven took Phil by the arm and led him over to her little safety corner furthest away from the main entrance." And don't worry about Keeny. She was only checking to see if I'd paid my way in or if I had a ticket. I can sort her out either way."

" And did you?"

" Did I what?" Raven asked, an innocent expression on her mischievous face, blue eyes glinting like a naughty little sprite.

" Pay yourself in, I know for a fact you never had a ticket Raven." Phil stared expectantly at Raven's sneakily grinning features, her innocent expression melting under the pressure of the devilish one that eagerly replaced it.

" What do you think ya goof?" Raven smirked, adjusting the collar of her black leather jacket, hoping her bad ass image would keep unwanted attention for the group of boys that were presently leering at her from the opposite corner of the hall. Oh yeah, what a rebel you are Rae. Glaring at them and flashing the leather will intimidate them. Not!

Phil simply shook his head, his darkening sandy brown hair falling into scruffy disarray.

" Typical." Phil grinned at Raven's antics." So she wasn't hot for you or anything?"

Raven chuckled, bringing a hand up to her mouth to cover the huge grin and flashing dimples that had appeared.

" Hot for me? Shit Phil, it's not like she was humping my leg or anything." Although if given the chance I wouldn't put it past the wench." She caught me swigging out of the happy flask and confiscated it. So my romance with Jack Daniels is unfortunately over for the evening."

" Might not be such a bad thing Rae." Phil sighed, kicking at the floor.

" What do you mean by that?" Raven said softly, offence evident in her low voice.

Phil scratched his forehead in consternation." I didn't mean nuthin' nasty by it, just if you see Brad and Nicky it might be better if you're sober Rae. You know, act rationally..."

" Brad and Nicky? Act rationally?" Raven scowled, her brow lowering over her blazing blue eyes in broody anticipation. Think he's got me mixed up with someone else. Raven clenched her jaw and rubbed tiredly at her weary eyes. This is all getting to be a bit too much. Nicky..Nicky...Nicky. Raven swallowed hard. Why does she mean so much to me!? Dammit!" They here yet?" She barked impatiently.

Phil's nose twitched, his gaze vague as he shrugged his shoulders." Dunno."

Suddenly every student started cheering, whistling, jeering and whispering amongst themselves, this sudden flurry of activity causing hordes of students to gather near the entrance.

Raven and Phil stared at the rushing pupils and then looked curiously towards one another. That's got to be them. Looks like the 'in' crowd just arrived.

" Well, that's got to be them. They're here now, Rae." Phil stated solemnly at his friend. The scrawny boy was gazing so intensely at Raven for her initial reaction to this news that he jumped in fright as a soft hand tapped him on his shoulder." Jumpin' Jesus, Hairy Mary and Impotent Joseph!!" The slim boy turned to his date and attempted to smile at her freckled face, his eyes soon wandering back to his moody friend.

" It's only me Philip." Penny said quietly, unsure of whether she should have come back so soon. Phil and Rae seemed to be in a deep conversation. Maybe I should just go." Do you want me to wait for you over there?" A small plump finger pointed to a spot on the far side, well away from Raven's little isolated refuge.

Phil struggled to tear his eyes away from Raven's immobilised face." Huh?" Phil saw the disappointment in Penny's pretty eyes and instantly felt a shard of regret pierce his heart. Glancing back at his friend Phil sighed. You're going to have to face this one alone Rae my friend." No, don't go Penny."

" Really?" Penny glanced up at Phil through her eyelashes, hope glinting slightly in their gentle depths.

" Really." Phil whispered, bringing his arms around Penny's pink covered, slightly portly stomach." Wanna go boogey on the dance floor?"

" Yes!" Penny squealed with excitement, practically beaming with delight. This is more like it, she thought as she snuggled into Phil's gangly arms.

" Ok babe." Phil said proudly. Maybe I can do something right. Hope she doesn't mind that I've got two left feet. Phil's gaze turned back to Raven. The only sign of movement in the tall girl were her sharp sapphire eyes that scanned the crowd like a pair of electronic lasers." Rae, I'm going to take Penny for a dance. I...I'll talk to you later, yeah?" Damn, why do I feel like I'm abandoning her in her hour of need?

Raven heard her friend's voice and nodded slightly, strands of silky onyx hair dropping into clear blue eyes, hiding their intent." Go ahead. I'll be fine." Raven said, distracted. Where is she? Raven's heart was beating so fast she was sure that she was going to have a heart-attack.

" Hmmm. See you in a bit then Rae." Phil muttered, leading his girl off to the dance floor, trying not to feel so bad about leaving the brooding girl all alone in the corner like a lonely wall flower.

" Yeah. Later." Raven mumbled in a thoroughly preoccupied manner. Dammit people get outta ma way! The tall girl cursed silently to herself, mentally shoving students who were blocking her view aside. Where is she? Where is she...where....

Raven's agitated moves halted, her heart jumped into her throat and her palms screamed in agony as her fingernails dug into her hands. There she is. A soft sigh escaped Raven, her chest heaving as the blood in her veins rushed rampantly through her body.

Raven didn't dare close her eyes, a small smile lifting the corners of her mouth as she covertly watched Nicole Mayfair, the pride and joy of Thursville walk gracefully into the interior of the school hall.

And she looks absolutely stunning. Raven sighed again, leaning against the wall for support. Raven's smooth glossy hair fanned out over her broad leather clad shoulders as she rested her head against the wall, watching the vision of loveliness glide across the dance floor in very form hugging emerald dress.

Raven's left eyebrow quirked, the dark haired girl licking her bottom lip as she stared intently at the blonde girl's slim calves, moving on up past the cheerleaders knees to the point where the hem of the dress covered the rest of Nicky's firmly tanned thighs. Hot in here...hot, hot, hot. Raven gulped as she felt a bead of sweat roll down the back of her neck, causing her to shake out her stiffened shoulders.

She looks gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful. Raven frowned as her gaze reluctantly flicked momentarily to the blonde boy at Nicky's side, a grimace etching away at the usually stoic girl's countenance. And she also looks decidedly taken Rae my friend. So what ya gonna do about it? Raven physically had to restrain herself from marching over to the 'perfect' couple and ripping the blonde girl away from the footballer's possessive grasp.

" Motherfucker." Raven hissed, anger radiating clearing from her tense profile, the unblemished skin on her forehead wrinkling as she ground her teeth together, jealousy tearing through her body faster and as equally devastating as a pure strike of lightning.

Darkening blue eyes followed the head cheerleader and her cocky consort, never once straying from the little blonde in her perfectly perfect apparel. It should be me dammit!

" Fuck this!" Raven growled, turning away from the sight of her girl with Brad Maitland. My girl? Yeah, right. Curling her fists up into balls of abject frustration, the angry girl shrunk back further into her corner not daring to look over in the happy couple's direction lest her temper brake. Why bother Rae? Why bother?




" Brad can you stop squeezing so hard? I can't breathe!"

The blonde haired footballer frowned at Nicky's brusque tone. Hmmm, seems my little Ice Queen needs to be melted. Brad shot his girlfriend a beaming smile, his whiter than white grin blinding in it's insincerity. Time to lay on the romance.

" Babe? Don't you wanna be as close to me as possible?" Brad whispered, disregarding Nicky's request, squishing the petite blonde to him even more.

Is this guy for real? Urggh! Nicky bit her lip, trying to control her temper. Remember Nicky, people are watching you. Recall what Daddy says about public appearance. Closing her eyes, the cheerleader counted slowly to ten and plastered an artificial smile on her face. Just go along with it Nik, you only have to put up with it for a couple of hours.

" Hmm." Nicky's answered ambiguously. I can't believe I've been going out with this guy for as long as I have!

Brad's grin widened. Ahhh, this is more like it. He wrapped a bulky arm around his girl's waist and let his hand rest possessively on her hip. No doubt about it, Brad thought staring at the other male students and taking what their dates looked like. My Nicky is definitely the best looking babe here. Yup." Wanna dance babe?"

" D-dance?" Nicky muttered." I erm...." No! Not with you anyway!

" Dance? Are you crazy?" Stacy had been watching her friend's reaction to even being physically close to Brad. Shit, she looks like shed rather be kissing a camel's arse then be standing next to him. Time to save my pal again." C'mon Brad, we only just got here, we're gonna go over there." The red head pointed to where the rest of the popular crowd had gathered, near the punch bowl table.

" Over there, huh? Ok." Brad easily agreed. Don't bother me none, not that fond of dancing anyways, dancing is for puffs. But I must admit, it IS a good way to get close to the girls and cop a feel.

" C'mon Nik." Stacy reached over and grabbed her friend's shaking hand, pulling her away from Brad. Quickly leaning over, Stacy gave Carl a quick kiss." You two boys play nice, me and Nik and the other girls are going to discuss fashion."

Both football players groaned as if in pain.

> >" Not frigging fashion! Who cares what someone else is wearing?" Carl moaned gruffly. I knew I hated going to dances for some sodding reason! Women!

" Yeah," Brad agreed, trying to wrap himself around Nicky again." All I need to know is that MY babe is looking gorgeous for me, don't care what all the other losers are wearing."

Nicky winced again, hopping away from Brad's touch. Oh this is getting bad, I can't stand to even be near him! I don't want him touching me! Raven you've ruined me! Stacy watched the play of emotions on the head cheerleader's face and adopted her no nonsense tone.

" Tough titty gentlemen, me and the Nickster here have an appointment with fashion." Neither boy appeared ready to argue with the little spitfire." Carl go get us some refreshment. Then come on over, I expect you by my side in approximately 20 minutes. See you then ok boys?"

" Yeah whatever." Carl muttered. Dammit, she acts like I'm 3 years old! The stocky boy took a deep breath. Cool it bro, if you play your cards right you KNOW Stacy will be giving out the goods tonight. Just gotta be patient.

Brad just remained silent, shooting Nicky an inquisitive glance before stumbling off after Carl.

" Men." Stacy chuckled, shaking her head. Whoa, less head movement. A small bejewelled hand reached up to pat the elaborate flaming red curls. Don't want to spoil the hair-do now do we?

Keeping hold of Nicky's soft hand, Stacy's curious eyes sought those of her best friend's as they trotted their way through the crowd of students, ignoring the coos of admiration sent in their direction.

" Ok." Stacy said quietly, just loud enough for the thoroughly uncomfortable blonde girl to hear." Whats the deal?! I thought that you could pull this thing with Brad off tonight?"

Nicky sighed, her eyes turning downwards to the floor." Stace, I don't know...I.."

" This isn't going to work if you can't even stand to be near Brad! He's not exactly Einstein but he's gonna bloody notice that something's up if you keep flinching every time he's remotely near you Nicky!" Stacy, clasped her friend's hand to her, worried for her distraught friend." You want to be here with him don't you?"

" I am here with him." Nicky said, puzzled at her friend's line of questioning. Yeah, you are here with Brad, so at least ACT like it. Got to belong, got to be one of the popular crowd. Daddy says..... Daddy says......Nicky sighed again, her shoulders slumping. I just want Rae.

" No. I don't mean Brad...I mean your other one." Stacy's red brows rose dramatically." You know, your other dude. The trailer trash."

" Trailer trash." Raven, Raven, Raven. Nicky's forehead furrowed. Get OUT of my head Raven! Damn you! I NEED to be normal! At least for tonight.

" Yeah, I can tell you wanna be with him, right? Jeez, he must be really something for you to be acting like this Nik." Stacy stared speculatively at the head cheerleader. She'd looked up to Nicky all of her life. The small blonde was always kind, never bullied or ridiculed anyone. She really is the nicest person I know....but this isn't like her. I've never ever seen her act like this before." Are you in love with the trailer trash or something?"

Nicky stopped walking and ripped her hand away from Stacy as though she'd just been burned." What!?!?" In love? Me!? No way! No! Nooo nooo nooooooooooo!

" Well you're damned well acting like it Nik! And we all know it isn't with Brad, now don't we?" Stacy put her hands on Nicky's trembling shoulders. Uh-oh, emotional crisis going on here. Better back off for now. Don't want to be dealing with running mascara and smudged lipstick.

" I...Stace...I..." I can't be in love with Raven...can I? An image of Raven's quirkily smiling face passed through her mind, her penetrating blue eyes, her long, thick onyx hair, those sharp angular cheekbones that any model would die for. Nicky felt her heart flutter, her pulse quicken. Damn, my arms feel so empty not being able to hold her. How does she do this to me?! I just have to think of her and I'm a fucking mess! Nicky shook her head gently, a small smile on her lips. Plus my language is getting worse. Potty mouth must be catching. 

" No, forget I said anything, I'm just being an insensitive bitch like I usually am Nicky sweetie. Just forget I said anything ok?" Jeez, last thing we need right now is for our head cheerleader to brake down on the dance floor during the frigging dance. Nope, we'll have none of that. Change the subject." Just forget it sweetie. Oh my gawd!" Stacy's eyes quickly searched for something to distract the miserable and distraught blonde girl." Would you look at what Donna is wearing? How big are her hips? Shit, a rhino could pass through those buggers as she was giving birth and she wouldn't bat an eyelid."

Nicky shook her head, trying to clear out the visions of Raven, the memory of having the dark brooding girl touching her, inside of her.....Nicky closed her eyes and bit her lip as her heart thumped steadily with excitement. Hmmmm.... moving together. Green eyes blinked open. Arrrgh! Dammit Rae!

" What?!" Nicky ground out, frustrated with her inability to get those damned blue eyes out of her head. I hate you Raven Vlade!

" Can't repeat it." Stacy muttered." They'll hear us." Stacy strolled on over to the group of popular girls who were thoroughly enjoying themselves discussing and criticising every other girl's attire.

" Hey! Girls!" Stacy greeted the other cheerleaders, who welcomed both Nicky and Stacy warmly. All that is, except the miserable looking Maria who was glaring ice chips at the head cheerleader.

" Hey!"

" Hi darlin's!"

" Great dress Nicky!"

Nicky returned the warm smiles, ignoring Maria's malevolent scowl. Someone's got her panties in a twist.

" You think?" Nicky ran her hands down the smooth silky emerald material that clung flatteringly to her curves.

" Oh yeah!" May gushed, linking arms with her captain. Never does wrong to kiss ass with the princess of Thursville High." You look just fab in that dress sweetie...and those earrings!" May declared excitedly." Where on earth did you find such gorgeous earrings?"

Nicky's smile stiffened slightly. Shit, we really are going to talk about frigging fashion aren't we? Urggh. Where's Raven and Phil when you want to talk about inane subjects?

" My Mom bought me them for my 16th birthday last year May." Nicky answered politely, disengaging herself from the preppy girl. Deep breaths Nik, take long deep breaths, you'll make it through this. Surely talking about clothes for the next half hour none stop can't be that painful? Nicky took a long detached look at the other cheerleaders who were gushing and joining in on the conversation with genuine interest. Can it?!

" I think they look a bit tacky myself." Maria piped up, looking over the rim of her punch glass.

Nicky sighed and gave the snipey girl a quirky smile in return. Kiss my arse you anorexic bitch." You would think that Maria sweetie, since tacky is all that you're used to." Nicky snapped right back, earning herself a high five from Stacy and snickering from the other girls. Don't mess with me you little tit-head.

Nicky snarled briefly in Maria's direction before dismissing her totally. I'll not be letting her ruin my night, even though I seem to be doing a mighty good job of that myself without any help from her. Come on Nicky girl! You can do this, you've been playing this role all your life, just slip back into it.

A small naughty smile crept the blonde cheerleaders healthy tanned features, her fingers twitching slightly in response. Hmm, I know what I'd rather be slipping into though. Raven, where are you when I need you? A brief scan of the room brought Nicky's investigations to nothing. Bloody hell.

Maria continued to glare at the superior acting blonde girl, wishing she could scratch her eyes out, especially after the fiasco that happened in the cafeteria. Glancing briefly past the head cheerleader, something decidedly pink caught Maria's critical eye.

" Oh my good gawd!" Maria shrieked hysterically pointing at the dance floor." The Pink Menace strikes again! Would you just look at the pathetic display flopping across the floor over there."

Every girl in the cheerleader entourage turn to look at the so called monstrosity stumbling across the dance floor. Oh dear, Nicky thought as she regarded the awkward, but never the less obliviously happy couple plodding their way around the room. Phil and Penny. Nicky's eyes left the geeky couple, her eyes once more searching for her dark lover. Raven. Where are you?

" That is revolting!" Maria squeaked, her hands whipping around flamboyantly, as the group if girls grinned with insidious intent at the innocent duo." I mean, as if it's even legal to wear anything that bright. Eww! Oh, for gross!"

Nicky bit her lip and screwed her face up. Ignore the bitchiness....ignore it. You've heard it all before Nik, just let it go.

" Oh yeah Maria! I like, totally agree!" Donna gushed, her painted face sneering cruelly as she placed her hands on her hips, her whole body language reading disgust." I mean like, I thought that it was against the law to let the nerds breed. It just ain't natural, huh Stace?"

Stacy was grinning to herself, but caught herself from joining in and responding nastily when she caught the look of anger flit across Nicky's prettily flushed face. Uh-oh.

" Hmmm, whatever." Stacy literally bit her lip, nearly chewing the bugger off with her need to add a scathing remark. Pleading doe eyes gazed at Nicky beseechingly. Nicky rose a single brow at her friend and crossed her arms. Ahhh fuckit! The red head scowled at her blonde friend, sulking like a real pro. Not fair. Being a bitch is what I do best! Not fair. Nicky's making me curb my natural talent!

" Whatever?" Maria's sly brown eyes regarded the red head with disbelief." Yer kidding right?! Shit, that fucking Penny what-do-you-ma-call-her looks like a frigging neon wobby jobbly jello gone wrong! And as for that ugly little dweeb that's escorting her, he's wearing a purple tuxedo. Purple for Gods sake!"

" Now that is a crime." May added in solemnly. Purple is so not an in colour, especially on dweeby guys like Phil Rogers.

Nicky frowned at her 'friends'. This is so bloody unreal! May and Donna were snickering softly, Maria was gloating, enjoying the brief feeling of power that always came along with putting someone else down...and Stacy. Stacy was trying her best not to join in and make fun of the clumsy couple. Why!? What's the frigging point of making fun of Penny and Phil? What have they done to harm any of the cheerleaders?

" Why bother teasing them Maria? I mean, they've done nothing to harm you." Nicky said softly, a feeling of sadness washing over her. Was I like this? Was I like them? Nicky's frown deepened, her young face looking troubled. Am I still one of them?! No, no I'm not. I'd never treat anyone bad like that!

Maria raised a sceptical dark brow at the blonde cheerleader, a malicious intent in her snide tone." You're not above us Nicky, you needn't pull this holier-than-thou routine. You're just like us and you know it."

" I am not like you!" Nicky snarled, her temper flaring as her emerald eyes darkened dangerously. Oh yeah Nicky girl? You'd never hurt anyone, huh? What about Raven? If you really cared about her or even had the fucking guts to be honest with yourself you'd be with her this evening and not stuck in this nest of vicious vipers. You made your bed, so sleep in it!

" Not like us?" Maria saw a chance to knock the little princess off her pedestal for a moment. The slim brunette swayed her way over to Nicky, stopping within inches of the apparently flawless young blonde girl. Bitch. Maria's eyes scanned Nicky's face for any sign of blemish and was beyond frustrated when she was unable to find any. Dammit, how does she keep her skin so clear?" Hear that girls?" Maria said loud enough for even the hangers-on to hear." Seems like our dear little leader is ashamed to be known as one of us."

Murmurs of disapproval and nervous censure wandered throughout the group.

" That is NOT what I said! Stop twisting my words Maria." Nicky exclaimed defensively, her eyes searching around the group for their reaction.

" Oh yeah?" Maria was practically rubbing her hands together with delight. It wasn't often she got to put one up on the intelligent blonde girl, so this opportunity she was willing to exploit as much as possible." Then how come you don't hang out with us much anymore? How comes you're always running off with that tall freak and her dweeby friends?"

" I...I don't run off." Nicky defended herself, her eyes going to Stacy for help.

Maria saw where Nicky was looking. Nuh-uh, don't even play that card Nicky babe.

" Hmmm, is that so?" The conniving blonde turned to the silent red head." So Stace, how much time have you been spending with Nik lately? I mean, like, the two of you are usually joined at the hip, but I've seen you wander around without Nicky dear here..isn't that true?"

" Me and Nicky are always together!" Stacy claimed, immediately backing up her friend.

" Really?" Maria sneered nastily." Is that why you've spent the last week hanging on Carl's arm and roughing it with us." Maria motioned towards herself, May and Donna." C'mon, tell the truth, Nicky's dumping you in favour of Raven Vlade."

Stacy clenched her jaw reflexively. The bitchy brunette had hit a raw nerve.

" It's not like that..." Stacy began, trying to bury her insecurities that Nicky had indeed found a new best friend. Stace, you know that can't be true! Me and Nik have been pals since we were knee high to a grasshopper. Stacy turned to her long time friend and was unable to say anything to comfort her. It WAS true that Nicky had distanced herself from the crowd...and the one person she seemed to be always following was Raven Vlade. Maybe she was just being friendly with Raven so that the tall girl could introduce her to the dude she's banging? Yeah! That's gotta be it!

Nicky stood uncomfortably under intense scrutiny from her fellow cheerleaders, fed up of Maria's mean attitude towards her and everyone else.

" Listen, if that's the way you feel then maybe I should just go. I'm fed up with your attitude." Nicky sighed heavily. Sod this. I'm not putting up with their empty accusations. Hmm, but Nicky, are they really so empty? Think about it, who would you rather be with now; your cheerleaders or tall, dark and moody?

Several of her cheerleaders immediately responded.

" No!"

" Nicky, don't say that."

" You can't go Nik!"

" Huh?" Maria said in disbelief, sending the rebellious girls a sharp glance." Do you really want our team captain to be someone who is ashamed to be seen with us?"

" That's bullshit." May spoke up, shifting more towards Nicky again. Sure I'm a bitch but I know what's what and Nicky has always stood by any of us." She's here standing with us now isn't she?"

" Yeah but..." Maria floundered. Noooo! What's going on here? Why can't they just realise that she isn't so fucking perfect?! The infuriated brunette was steadily doing serious damage to her slinky black dress, her fingers curling like talonous claws in the delicate material. It's not fair! Nothing ever goes my way!

" But nothing." Stacy found her voice once more, ignoring her own hidden insecurities." You're just jealous Maria. You can bitch about Nicky all you want. We all know that you do it behind her back as well as being nasty to her face. What's it to you or me or any of us if she wants to be friends with Raven? Nicky is just doing what she always does, she's being NICE, something I'm sure you would know nothing about."

" What a load of shit!" Maria hissed, her slim shoulders hunched defiantly.

" Maria, just drop it." Nicky said quietly, tired of all the useless arguing between her friends." I can't be bothered with...."

" Hey babe, miss me?" Brad interrupted, sliding his hand around Nicky's trim waist, placing a kiss on her flushed cheek." Howdy girls." The smug footballer winked at the irate cheerleaders who were muttering amongst themselves.

Maria glared at Brad who was studiously ignoring her, feeling the jealousy just eat her up inside. That little bastard! Wasn't like that after the food fight when he helped me 'clean up' after little Miss.Perfect had disappeared into Greener's office. Sneaky turn coat.

" Just a slight disagreement." Nicky murmured, consciously trying her best to stand still and not to squirm away from Brad's clinging arms.

" You girls bitching at each other again huh? Meow! I like it." Brad snickered, looking over his shoulder to his buddies who laughed in agreement. Nothing like seeing a bunch of girls get into a cat fight. All those long limber limbs flying around, skirts being lifted, blouses being ripped...hmmm, ample cleavage exposure. Brad shook his head, his wheat blonde locks shining in the lights overhead.

" Ahhhh, not more frigging arguing." Carl grumbled, his voice indicating his irritation. The captain of the football team reached over and grabbed Stacy's small hand in his own, dragging her away." C'mon sugar-lips, me and you are going to boogey."

" Hey!" Stacy squeaked in protest as she was hauled off and spun around the room.

Nicky watched with a small smile to her face. Come on Nik, liven up. This is a dance...so be happy, smile...that's it! You can do it! A painfully small smile lodged on the blonde cheerleaders lips.

Brad tilted his head to the side and watched a pretty smile spring to Nicky's soft lips. God she's such a hottie. Squeezing the small girl closer, he leant in and started nibbling on her ears." Hmmm babe, you taste good."

Yeah, like you'd know. Not. Nicky winced slightly, fighting the urge to move away. Just stay still, you can pull this off. Brad continued to chew at her ear and neck, the rest of the group, including a highly pissed off Maria, apparently forgotten about. Ewww! Nicky cringed a glop of spittle slimed down her neck, left behind by a very pleased Brad. Ewww, Ewww, EWWWWWWWW!

Nicky jumped away from Brad and swiped at the trailing slime. Ewwwww! Yukky, yukky, double yukky with shit eating, arse licking, scum sucking flies on top!

Brad opened his eyes with disappointment. Nicky took one look at Brad's expression and panicked.

" Nicky...?"

" I erm...wanna dance? Lets dance!" With that the petite blonde grabbed Brad's large hand and pulled him towards the dance floor.

" Well why didn't you just say so?" Brad asked, bemused but delighted at the thought that Nicky just couldn't wait to be seen out on the dance floor with him. Yeah, well I am quite a mover if I do say so myself.

Nicky walked through the bustling students and stood ready at the edge of the dance floor, waiting for Brad to take the initiative. Glancing at the closely packed, shuffling partners, Nicky suddenly realised that perhaps having Brad draped all over her in these close confines wasn't the best plan she'd ever devised. Oh crap, the head cheerleader thought as Brad smuzzied on up to her again, wrapping his arms around her. This was definitely not a good idea at all.




" What the hell are you staring at Rachel?" Coach Redburn grumbled, glaring out into the room, her beady eyes tauntingly making contact with any student that dared to look her way. Gotta keep the fear factor going. Fear is power.

" Huh?" Ms.Keeny mumbled, her wistful gaze never straying from a certain secluded little alcove in the corner. Taking out the small sliver flask, the bottle-blonde teacher snapped open the top and took a good long sniff of the strong alcohol found within. Raven Vlade has good taste, Keeny thought appreciatively as she studiously prevented herself from licking the rim of the flask where she knew Raven's soft lips had no doubt grazed.

Hmmm, that girl makes my blood boil! Keeny squeezed her eyes shut and crushed her thighs together to control the wave of lust that was gathering inside of her as she purposefully ignored the Coach's constant yammering and steady complaints about the student body as a whole.

Raven Vlade is addictive.

" Are you listening to me?" Coach Redburn grumbled, staring at the attractive teacher with appreciation.

" Yes I am." Keeny said with a sigh. Why did I agree to bloody supervise this event? I can't stand the kids during the day, I sure as hell don't want to see more of them then need be. Well, except from one student. Raven! Keeny grinned brightly and hopped up on the table that the Coach was seated at.

" What's so funny?" Redburn asked, her whiskers twitching as she attempted to keep her eyes on Keeny's face and not...any other part of her pleasantly rounded body.

" Nothing, just thinking."

" Care to share?" Redburn smiled seductively, her slightly yellowed teeth showing.

Keeny stared coldly down at the Coach and gazed nonchalantly at her. " No"

" Okkkay then." Take that as a no all round. Damn. Redburn brought a hand up to her face and ran it down her weathered cheeks, her gaze dropping to the silver flask that Keeny had a death grip on." You find that on one of the students?"

Ms.Keeny sighed. Why is this woman still talking to me? Do I look interested? Urggh. Can't she see she isn't exactly in my league? Flicking long stands of peroxide hair over her shoulder in a vain display, the art teacher's first impulses were to protect Raven.

" No, it's my own." Keeny muttered, stroking the rim once more. I'd give anything to have those luscious lips on mine right now. Oh, oh, oh. Raven Vlade, light my fire anyday girl.

" Gonna give me a drink then?" Redburn groused.

" No!" Keeny huffed, appalled at the thought of the Coach's cracked lips defiling the flask.

" No need to be greedy." Redburn snapped, her eyes narrowing. Just what is it that she's looking at? Squinting her eyes even more, the Coach tried to make out what it was that was so interesting in the far corner of the room." It's not as though you're drinking any yourself!"

" Oh yeah?" Keeny smiled smugly. Bringing the flask up to her pouting mouth, the art teacher parted her lips and sexily attached them onto the rim, tipped the flask back and proceeded to swallow each and every drop within the container.

" Whoa." Redburn stared, her mouth open and her tongue almost hanging out as she watched Rachel Keeny practically make love to the damned flask with her mouth. Whoa! I think I'm wet! The Coach grimaced, her cheeks turning ruddy and as shifted in her seat. Yup. I'm wet all right. What a tease! Maybe she's just playing hard to get? The Coach's whiskers twitched again like a nervous tic. Perhaps I am still in with a chance.

Keeny reluctantly took the empty flask away from her lips and shoved it down her low cut top, hiding it from view between her ample cleavage. Hmmm, warming up now. Keeny smiled in triumph. Tasted good. Not as good as Raven herself though I'll bet.

" See...there's none left now." Where's Miss.Vlade? Keeny glanced over to the corner again, just able to see the dark girl's out line. Gotta see her again up close. Keeny jumped up of the table and almost lost her footing." Shit!" She squawked, wobbling unsteadily. Don't know what was in that flask but it packs one hell of a punch!

Redburn quickly reached up to steady the swaying teacher.

" You ok?"

" Ummmn, hummmn." Keeny murmured, shrugging herself away from Redburn's sweaty hands.

" Ok then." Redburn said, a small sigh escaping her bristled mouth.

" I'm...going to go check..." Keeny's finger twiddled around in aimless circles." Just... around...you know...the place."

" Sure." The Coach muttered. Ahh Redburn, another lovely escapes your grasp.

" Toodle pip!" Keeny said merrily, skipping off in the general direction of Raven's corner. Ha! Makes her sound like a troll of something, stuck in a cave...erm...corner? Keeny shrugged. Who cares? I feel all snugly and warm inside! Yipee! With self assured strides the art teacher made her way determinedly towards the girl of her lustful dreams. Watch out Rae, here I come!




Arms crossed, face devoid of all emotion, shoulders stiffly pronounced, eyes glinting with the strength of steel. Raven could not move. The anger was too severe. The jealousy too much to bare. There they were, Thursville High's golden couple laughing, smiling, dancing....together. For all intents and purposes they were perfect heterosexual couple. Part of the American Dream. It makes me sick.

Raven's jaw clenched briefly, a soft wash of tears lining her sky blue eyes for the briefest moments as she watched Brad gently hold Nicky, his arms wrap around the cheerleader protectively, Nicky laying her head on his shoulder.

How can she do this to me!? As soon as she felt her bottom lip tremble, Raven's defiance raised its head and she bit down harshly on the offending flesh. I'll be fucking damned if I cry over her! No way! No one is worth all this pain Rae, especially a two faced cow like Nicky Mayfair.

How can she just have sex.....no, make love with me one minute and then turn up on Brad's arm like she belongs there instead of with me by my side? Raven shook her head, her arms wrapping round her body slightly in comfort. Maybe because she does belong with him Raven.

The anguished girl continued to stare, unable to tear her saddened gaze away from the painful scene infront of her. But if that's so, why does it always feel so damned right when I'm with her? And why does she always come back for more?

Raven's ears perked up as she heard the head cheerleader's gentle laughter flutter towards her like a silken caress. I can't take this. I just can't. Yet neither could the silent figure turn away from the blonde girl who looked simply stunning as she sparkled and seemingly glided smoothly across the dance floor like an ethereal angel.

" Why do I want her so much? Why her?" Raven whispered to herself. Some bloody Dance this is. I've spent most of my time getting told off and trying by best not to bloody cry. What a sodding wuss.

" Hmm, hello good looking." A sultry voice distracted the silent girl's musings.

Raven refused to alter her stance. She was fine so long as she maintained her defences. Looking out of the corner of her eyes, she saw who was welcoming her again and re-thought her situation. Dammit. Ms.Keeny.

" What do you want this time?" Raven said lowly, her voice barely audible over the loud din in the room.

Ms.Keeny smirked, her red lips curling up sensually with obvious intent.

" Hmmm, how about you come with me for a moment and I'll tell you exactly what I want." Keeny smoosied right on up to Raven, standing not a bare centimetre away.

" I don't think so lady." Raven grumbled, finally turning away from the scene of the dancing couple.

" Awww, c'mon Raven." Keeny licked her lips and didn't even try to disguise the fact that she was staring at the swell of Raven's breasts. Damn she's fine!" I'll make it worth your while."

Worth my while? Raven raised a slightly amused brow. Does this woman ever give up?

" Thanks but no thanks."

" But I've got something you want."

Raven gave the art teacher a good once over, her eyes quickly running over the attractive woman." Nah, I don't think you do Ms.Keeny."

Keeny stepped back, stumbling a little as Jack Daniels gave her a quick kick up the arse.

" Yes I do." Think quick! Hmm, how to get her alone..hmmmm. The blonde teacher's eyes lit up as an idea struck." Your flask!" Keeny quickly covered her chest up just in case the observant girl could see the hidden item.

" My flask?" Raven stared at the teacher, boredom written clearly across her face.

" Yes. You want it back right? Looks like you could do with it. Or whatever's in it anyways."

Raven frowned, puzzled. What is it with women? Contradictive being an understatement.

" Why the heck would you give me my flask back if you just took it off me?"

" Because....hmmm, because I was watching you and you look...sad." Keeny watched with interest as Raven seemed to detach herself from all emotion and visible expression." So I thought I'd put a smile back on your face."

Raven stared at the teacher with disbelief. What a load of bullshit." Really?"

" Yeah!" Keeny exclaimed enthusiastically, clapping her hands together, trying not to drool as Raven relaxed her stance slightly, her broad shoulders looking quite remarkable in all that leather. Impressive. Raven has definite stud potential." Come with me, I left it in..." Ms.Keeny quickly looked around, her eye catching the entrance doors to the girls changing rooms." In the changing rooms. Come on! Lets go!"

Ravens gaze dubiously followed the extravagantly chirpy teacher with suspicion. I'm no fool, she's up to something. Glancing briefly back to the dance floor, Raven felt her gut clench painfully, raw emotion bubbling up and surfacing as resentment. Bastards. What have I got to lose!? With that the angry girl stormed after her art teacher, the doors of the girls changing room loudly slamming shut behind her.




" Ahhh, Brad?" Nicky was trying her best sound civil." That was my foot again."

" Huh?" Brad smiled back down at the blonde girl, oblivious to her discomfort." Well, stop getting them in my way then!"

" Me...what?" Nicky was lost for words. Of all the arrogant, big headed, selfish... urggh! That's it! Nicky dropped her arms and pulled away from her dancing partner, her poor bruised feet itching to rebel and kick the jerk right in the shins. That'd serve the bugger right. Ah ah ah. Control your temper Nicky.

The blonde girl took a deep sigh and backed slowly away from the footballer and his huge clog-like feet. Jesus, what has he got in those damn feet? Nicky looked down towards his shiny black shoes. Three tons of concrete?

" Hey, what's up babe?" Brad asked, bemused at his girlfriends behaviour.

" I'm going to the ladies room." Nicky huffed. I can't take any more of his nauseous clinging arms and troll stomping feet!

" But Nicky..." Brad complained, earning himself an evil glare." 'Kay, 'kay." Brad held his hands up in defeat." Chill out."

" Whatever. Go ask one of the others to dance." She nodded towards the swooning cheerleaders who were drooling over Brad. Yeah and then maybe you'll start gravitating towards one of them! It'd solve alot of my problems." See you in a bit."

" Okayyyyy." Brad drawled, scratching his clean shaven chin. Things weren't working out according to plan. But I'll be damned if I don't get a little bit of booty tonight! The blonde boy took off in look of his next conquest.

Nicky quickly lost herself amongst the congested crowd of dancing students, heading for the girls bathroom. Just before she entered the toilets a movement of something sleek and dark caught her attention. Glancing momentarily out the corner of her eye, Nicky saw another quick flash of blue and black before it disappeared into the changing rooms. Raven? It's got to be her.

Nicky dead stopped, turning around totally to peer in the direction that had caught her attention, hopeful green eyes zoning in on the place she'd disappeared. That was Raven wasn't it? Nicky felt her heart start bouncing around in her chest, a smile inexplicably finding it's way to her weary face. Raven. Forgetting her need to just get away from Brad, Nicky now concentrated on her need to be with the one girl who made her feel like she truly belonged.

" Raven." Nicky whispered the name reverently. Don't know if I hate you or love you all the more for making me want you so much, but dammit, I need you. I need to be in your arms, not Brad's. Following her instincts and her heart Nicky quickly ploughed her way back through protesting dancers, not giving a flying fuck if they were disgruntled. She needed to be with her Raven.

Nicky made her way to the heavy doors where she had seen the dark haired girl vanish, pushing her way through, a small grunt of effort escaping her lips as she shoved the doors with both hands.

" Raven?" Nicky walked softly into the corridor of the room, her eyes searching in the dim light." Rae...you in here?" Nicky jumped up in fright as the heavy doors slammed shut behind her." Sugar! Phew." Nicky glared menacingly at the door behind her." Sneaky bugger."

Taking a deep breath, the head cheerleader smoothed down her dress again, unexpectedly nervous to be facing Raven again. How can you be nervous? Look at how close you were this afternoon, you can't really get much more intimate than that!

" Rae...you here?" Nicky said louder, walking further into the room. Nicky stopped walking and all movement as she heard scuffling. What the...? Quickly springing around a set of lockers Nicky nearly keeled over in shock." WHAT THE HELL?!"

With her mouth wide open in horror Nicky just gawped at the scene infront of her. Ms.Keeny was pressing Raven up against a locker, her hands disappearing inside Raven's blue shirt.

" I don't fucking think so!" Nicky instantly snarled, throwing her purse to the floor regardless of the damage the wet tiles would do to the expensive accessory. The head cheerleader strode purposefully up to the art teacher who was doing a pretty good imitation of a clinging vine.

The closer she got, the more Nicky could see. The horny teacher was doing her best to ride Raven's thigh.

" Arggh!" Nicky yelled in absolute anger. No one touches my girl! Nicky stormed right up to the wrestling duo and grabbed hold of Keeny's peroxide blonde hair, getting a good strong grip before clutching her fingers tightly around the bitch's hair, pulling her arm down and yanking with all her might.

" Get the fuck away from her." Nicky snarled viciously, teeth baring as she ripped Keeny's head away from Raven.

Keeny screeched, her lips tearing away from Raven's as her head was thrown back painfully.

" Eeeeeeeek!" Keeny squealed like a pig being jabbed with a long sharp pointy stick.

Nicky felt her veins flood with the thrill of exhilaration as she bodily dragged the twisting and squealing teacher away from a gasping Raven. No one touches my girl Goddammit!

Raven leaned heavily against the lockers, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand trying to get the taste of the sly teacher off her. Raven was too astonished to move as she watched Nicky's slender frame seemingly effortlessly drag the larger, older woman away like a sack of potatoes.

" Whoa." Raven gulped as Nicky let go of Keeny's hair, instead the small cheerleader grabbed the teacher by the throat, slammed her against a wall and continued to add pressure as her fingers tightened around the sneaky woman's throat.

" Bitch. You fucking whore!" Nicky growled.

Raven blinked in surprise. What the hell is going on? Ok, I was pissed off at Nik, so I went in here with Keeny. Next thing I know I've got the octopus of a teacher grabbing at me, now here's Nicky....protecting me? This is a pretty damn frightening version of Nicky actually.

Raven winced as she heard the sound of Keeny's whimpering pain at the hands of Miss.Nicole Mayfair. Remind me never to piss this little blonde spitfire off again. The dark haired girl couldn't help but smirk as she recalled Nicky's heatedly hissed words to Keeny. So I'm HER girl now, huh? Cool.

Nicky brought her face within inches of Keeny's, her pulse throbbing erratically as the dislike for this woman notched up to downright hatred.

" Get the hell out of here before I do something we might both regret." Nicky's clearly enunciated words were chillingly cold.

Keeny's eyes widened in fear. Who would have thought Nicole Mayfair was a violent, raving lunatic?

" You wouldn't dare." She choked out, trying to wriggle free. Her eyes went beseechingly to Raven." Raven..."

Nicky slammed the woman harder against the wall." DO NOT even talk to her! You hear me?!" Nicky shouted, her green eyes gleaming menacingly, a threat clearly evident." If I see you talk to her ever again or even look at her again I'll make sure your life is pure hell. Don't doubt that I can do it Ms.Keeny. My family's influence in this town ranks a hell of a lot higher than yours does, so just don't fuck with me. STAY AWAY FROM RAVEN!"

Keeny gulped, her throat constricting painfully.

" You understand me?" Nicky asked, loosening her grip slightly.

" Yes." Keeny squeaked, fear shining in her glazed brown eyes.

Nicky released Keeny and flexed her hand as the fingers began to cramp from holding onto Keeny so hard.

Keeny dropped to the floor in a heap, almost sobbing in fear and disappointment.

" Raven..." Keeny looked to the dark haired girl. Save me? The art teacher stared at the dark haired girl and realised right then and there that Raven would never be hers.

Despite the situation Raven's whole face had lit up, her gorgeous sapphire eyes glowed brightly, a small smile etched upon her chiselled features, a softness appearing that Keeny had never seen before..and all of this was aimed proudly at the little blonde cheerleader.

Sighing, the semi-drunk teacher stumbled to her feet, carefully edging away from Nicky who looked like a cobra, ready to strike at any moment.

" Get out." Nicky spat.

Keeny, rubbed the aching skin around her neck and warily backed away from the teenagers, heading for the door. This isn't over Nicky Mayfair...this isn't over by a long shot.

Raven watched the whole scene with a sense of detachment. A sigh of relief escaped her mouth as Keeny shuffled out of the changing rooms.

" Phew, thank God that's over..." Raven muttered, moving towards Nicky.

" No!" Nicky shouted angrily at Raven, pointing a small cautioning finger at the surprised tall girl." Don't you bloody move one muscle Raven Vlade."

" Huh?!" Raven cocked her head to the side, confused. What did I do wrong?

Nicky took a step towards Raven, her face like thunder." You are in big trouble Raven Vlade."




Maria's teeth crunched furiously on the ice from her drink that she held in a death grip in her hand. Why hasn't he asked me to dance?! Nicky's pissed off somewhere and he's asked three other stupid bimbos to dance..why not me!? Grabbing hold of a lock of chestnut hair, Maria proceeded to methodically chew on it.

She watched Brad hold another cheerleader close to him as the song drew to a end. The blonde boy gave the gushing cheerleader a charming grin before leading her off back to the congregating 'in' crowd.

" Wow. You're such a great dancer Brad!" The anonymous girl prattled, her hand repeatedly touching the star footballer as often as possible.

" Yeah well, what can I say? I'm gifted." Brad said, smug grin in place.

Maria crunched down on another ice cube and placed her glass on a near by table as Brad approached.

" Hey Brad." Maria said, her eyes warming up as she stared admiringly at his handsome profile.

" Oh. Hey." Brad muttered absent mindedly. Another favourite song started, causing all the couples to make their way enthusiastically to the dance floor." Great! I love this song!"

Brad looked over in Maria's direction and held his hand out." How about it? Wanna groove with me babe?" > >Maria's usually sullen face suddenly transformed as a beautiful smile graced her face. Yesss! At last! I knew he cared! I knew that he really wanted me. He's just making a show so that everyone doesn't find out that we've been getting it on. Taking a step forward Maria coyly reached for Brad's hand that was held out towards her.

" Thought you'd never ask sweetie." Maria said softly, a gentle grin on her face as she took his offered hand.

Brad screwed his face up and stared in annoyance at the brunette, quickly dropping Maria's hand as if she had the bubonic plague.

" What the fuck're you doing Maria?" Brad scowled." Get the hell offa me."

Maria released her grip, stung by Brad's harsh words." But...?"

" But nothing. Move out of my way." Brad pushed passed the startled girl and held his hand out again to the girl standing behind Maria." C'mon Donna. Lets boogey!" Brad said gleefully, grasping Donna's hand and dragging his new partner to the dance floor with the rest of the couples, pushing a thoroughly hurt Maria out of the way in the process.

The slim girl stood, rooted to the spot, unable to move as she watched Brad twirl Donna around the hall.

" Ohhh, that's gotta hurt." Stacy whispered to May as they stood watching the shell shocked slim girl.

May nodded, a snide smile placed firmly on her face." Serves her right. She runs after that boy too much."

" Tell me about it." Stacy agreed, continuing to observe Maria's reaction." She needs to learn to treat 'em mean. Then again, Brad isn't even hers to treat mean, if you know what I mean."

" Yeah. I know what you mean."

Maria finally shook herself out from her stupor, resentment bubbling to the surface. Unfortunately it was aimed at the wrong person. This is all Nicky's fault! Maria took a deep breath trying to prevent herself from crying. Gotta get out of here.

Maria walked off into the corners of the room, away from prying eyes. I hate Nicky Mayfair. It's all her fault! If it wasn't for her then Brad would be with me. He loves me, I know he does. She's the one that's stopping us from being together. Well watch out Nicky, I'm gonna find a way to bring you down.




Keeny swayed her way towards the desk where Redburn sat, scowling at students and generally looking like a bulldog that had been chewing on wasps for the last hour.

Redburn looked up as she saw Keeny approach, her ruddy countenance turning redder as she watched the art teacher walk towards her, the short skirt she was wearing clinging to the tops of her thighs.

" Where've you been?" Redburn growled in annoyance.

Ms.Keeny simply looked at the Coach for a couple of seconds before her face turned a decidedly interesting shade of green.

" I...I..fresh air...help!" Keeny flopped onto the desk, her head landing in the Coach's crotch.

" Bloody hell woman!" Redburn barked, her gruff voice inching higher as Keeny wiggled around, vainly trying her best to get up. The Coach inhaled and immediately smelt the alcohol on the other woman." Jesus, knew downing that crap in that flask would do you no good woman. Hold still while I get you up!"

Keeny felt a sudden weightlessness and let out a belt of laughter, confused as to what was going on.

" Ohhh. Oh wow! I'm flying! Look at me! Weeeeeeeee!" She yelled at the top of her voice as Redburn carried her out of the school hall, away from the snickering students and disapproving staff members.

" Keep still Rachel!" Redburn shouted at the squirming woman." Goddamn it woman!"

" Look at me Reddy!" Keeny reached around and pulled at the coaches salt and pepper hair, causing the older woman to grunt in pain." I'm zooming through the air. No, n-not zooming...walking in the air! Like that snowman..you know...the flying snowman and the little boy that flies and sings as well and... and..and...uh-oh..."

Redburn frowned as the wildly swinging woman suddenly lurched forward.

" Shit!" Redburn hissed, immediately dropping the art teacher to the floor as she spewed everywhere." Urggghhhhh." Redburn screwed up her face in disgust, watching the other woman wretch till her stomach was empty. Then and only then did the coach approach the other woman." You finished?"

Keeny nodded weakly, little hiccuping sounds escaping from her mouth as she sat in a puddle on the cold ground.

" Here, take this." Redburn handed the art teacher a hanky." Think you can stand up?"

Keeny shook her head, sobbing softly.

" Jesus...women!" Sighing heavily, feeling very badly done to. Redburn reached down and grunted again as she picked the lighter woman up." I'm taking you home, ok?"

Keeny sighed and closed her eyes, imagining that it was another woman carrying her like this." 'Kay Raven." Keeny mumbled, snuggling closer.

" Huh?" Coach Redburn stared at the art teacher with confusion as she shifted to reach for her car keys." What did you say?"

Keeny just hung on for dear life, her arms wrapped tightly around the stout woman who was carrying her." Nuthin'...." She whispered." Absolutely nuthin'."




" Now Nicky.....you have to understand..."

" Shut up Rae." Nicky held a hand up to silence the tall girl." Just keep quiet for a moment will you."

Raven did as she was told, her head cocking to the side again curious as to Nicky's behaviour. What's she up to?

Nicky took a deep breath, her hand still in the air, not moving. The cheerleader closed her eyes, trying to banish the image of another woman all over Raven. Damn I know that she's gorgeous, I know that Raven could have anyone she wants, man or woman...but...damn that hurt! It hurt to see that stupid woman all over Raven.

Opening her tearful green eyes, Nicky felt a lump form in her throat, her hands now shaking. Damn she's beautiful. Raven had done as she requested, she wasn't moving, she wasn't hassling her at all.

The pair of dangling gold earrings that the dark girl wore caught the cheerleader's attention, their golden sparkling adding a sense of contrastive style as they lay against the back drop of her long jet black hair that cascaded down the tall girl's back and along her strong shoulders like a velvet inky wave.

Raven's hypnotic crystal eyes gazed intently at Nicky. What's she doing? Don't like it when people look at me so intently.

Nicky let her eyes glide along Raven's angular profile, down her sculpted cheekbones, along the slightly square jaw, to two slightly parted red lips. Raven's thighs and butt were encased snugly in black denim jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle riding low around her waist. Black boots without a heel and a waist long leather jacket finished off the assemble perfectly making the tall girl a vision of volatile beauty.

" You look....beautiful." Nicky said softly, releasing a sigh as she felt the familiar flood of warmth fill her whenever she looked at Raven." Blue really suits you...brings out your eyes." Oh God does it! Nicky continued to take a good look at the tall girl, unable to tear her needy eyes away.

The silk shirt she wore fit nice and snug across Raven's breasts, making her eyes look bluer if that was even possible. Like what you see huh Nik? You sure as hell didn't react like this when Brad came to pick you up. Take a hint cheerleader!

Nicky could feel those same haunting eyes repeatedly glint self consciously at her. She looks good enough to eat. No wonder frigging Ms.Keeny pounced. Rae looks dangerous, exotically wild....phew...pant, pant, pant...yep, this definitely does it for me. Raven Vlade in denim and leather looking like hell on wheels. Nicky felt her stomach clench with anticipation, her breathing become shallow as she lifted her eyes back up to the silent girl.

Raven bit on her lip, quelling the urge to pull the smaller girl into her arms. Just being physically near the blonde girl was making her light headed.

" Nik..."

" No!" The cheerleader held up her hand again, a determined scowl creeping over her face again.

Uh-oh. Someone's not amused. The dark haired girl sighed heavily and slumped back against the lockers in defeat.

" You've got some explaining to do Rae." Nicky stated firmly, hands now on her gently rounded hips.

Raven bowed her head. Shit, I feel like a bloody puppy sent to the damned corner for doing something wrong! Rebellious eyes the colour of a startlingly clear summers day looked up at the toe tapping cheerleader from beneath thick black lashes. Why should I have to explain?

" What do you mean explain?" Raven said cautiously. Nicky's face was darkening to a pink, the colour the cheerleader usually went when she was all excited. Ha, I wish that was the scenario right now. Raven noticed the clenched jaw and blazing green eyes staring expectantly back at her. But it's not the case this time. Damn. She looks like she's gonna explode..and not in the good way.

" I MEAN EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU AND THE ART TEACHER WERE SUCKING FACES?!" Nicky shouted, her little fists curled up, her chin jutting forward as she stepped closer to Raven.

The dark haired girl's breathing escalated. Why's she accusing me?! She's the one that came here with another date for fuck's sake! 

" I WASN'T sucking faces with Ms.Keeny." Raven said defensively.

" Huh!?" Nicky stormed closer, standing right next to the dark girl." You could have bloody fooled me!" Nicky stood toe to toe with Raven, the taller girl standing a good 10 inches over her, the top of the cheerleader's head only reaching the dark haired girl's chin.

" What does it matter to you anyways?" Raven was starting to get angry. Where does she get off criticising me? She's the one out there parading around like some fucking prized mare on the arm of the biggest jerk in Thursville.

" What does it matter...?" Nicky opened her mouth to say something and quickly shut it. What does it matter to me? Nicky moved away slightly. Raven had struck a cord. Nicky looked at Raven's motionless face, the only evidence of feeling or emotion coming from the tall girl's crystal eyes. All I know is that it does matter...don't know why, but it does.

" See!" Raven pounced on the opportunity for the upper hand." You can't even answer. You have no right to tell me what I can or can not do!"

Nicky's incredulous face glared up at her. Raven could almost feel the heat from the angry spitfire radiate through her clothes.

" No right?! After what we did last night...after what we did this AFTERNOON, I have NO right?!" Nicky took a deep breath, willing the tears that were burning her eyes to disappear. You're MINE Rae!

" That was ...." Raven stopped herself from saying it. Just sex? Raven stared down at the one girl who managed to capture her heart, her imagination, her emotions. She didn't know how it had happened or even when it had started, but with Nicky Mayfair it would never be just sex. Raven lifted a hand and ran it through her hair, a practised movement to help calm herself down." Listen Nicky, I just thought the bitch was going to give me my flask of booze back..."

" You've been drinking? Again!?" Nicky asked, surprised. I would have thought after the other night that neither Rae or Phil would want to drink ever again.

Raven's face flushed. Sounds bad when she says it like that. The tall girl shuffled her feet slightly." Erm, yeah. Well, I was trying to, before Keeny snatched my flask offa me."

" Soooo, you thought she was going to give it back to you?" Nicky's face crinkled up in thought, tongue in cheek as she cocked her head to the side.

Raven gazed at the picture Nicky presented. Gods she looks cute when she's pissed off.

" Did I mention that your hair looks great? You look really beautiful with it up like that." Raven suddenly blurted, reaching out to gently touch a soft golden tendril, a small smirk tugging at her lips as her finger trailed down to the juncture of the cheerleader's throat, along the heavily covered up area where Raven knew a hickey was hiding.

" Huh?" Nicky felt herself leaning into the touch, those hypnotic blue eyes working their magic once more. Snap out of it Nik! Nicky shook her head and stepped back from Raven." Nu-uh. No touching." Nicky stated clearly. Yeah. Right. And how long is that going to last when Miss.Sexy is wearing leather and tight denim not a foot away from you?

" Ok..." Raven sighed, leaning back against the lockers again and dropping her hands to the side.

" Why on earth would Keeny give you a flask back after she took it off you in the first place? C'mon Rae, you aren't that dumb!"

" Oh gee thanks fer ya vote of confidence." Raven huffed, grumbling at the knock at her intelligence.

" Oh you know what I meant!" Nicky muttered darkly.

Raven sighed. How you gonna get out of this one Rae? Raven stared down at the fuming blonde cheerleader and ran a hand over her face, an image of Nicky dancing and laughing in the arms of Brad skittering it's way insidiously through her head. How about you go with the truth?

Raven stared directly into Nicky's open green eyes.

" I didn't give a damn what Keeny was up to Nicky." Raven shoved her hands in her pockets.

" You...you..knew that she'd come on to you?" Nicky stuttered, not wanting to hear what she thought she was about to hear.

" Well...truth is, it isn't the first time she's done it Nik."

Nicky's whole face fell. It wasn't the first time???? Oh I did NOT need to hear that! " I need to sit down."

Raven followed Nicky over to a bench, standing against a locker closer to the distressed teenager.

" When...how long...?" Nicky's throat closed up, emotion hitting her like a ton of bricks. So it was just a fuck. I was nothing but a fuck for Raven. Nicky's head fell forward into her hands.

" It's not like that Nicky." Raven tried to explain, worried at Nicky's reaction. Damn, she looks so lost." Me and Keeny...there ain't nuthing going on between us."

Nicky raised her head and looked sceptically at the dark haired girl." Didn't look like nothing from where I was standing."

" No...no, it...." Raven ran another agitated hand through her long black locks." Listen I don't want or even like that bimbo Nik. It's the truth, I don't want her."

Raven moved away from the lockers and dropped down on her knees crouching before Nicky, her eyes pleading for Nicky to hear what she was trying to say.

" It started when I was in class with her, she just kept looking at me in THAT way. Then she would flirt with me. Nicky, this was way before me and you...you know." Raven ducked her dark head, trying to capture shiny jade eyes with her own.

" Before me and you?"

" Yes. Before the two of us...got together...like that." Raven's fingers dug into the wood on the bench, desperate to take the smaller girl's hands in her own, but fearful of rejection." I turned her down Nicky...I turned her down..because...." Raven felt her heart pound relentlessly in her ears, her palms sweating." Because all I could think about was you, not her and then when the two of us got together Nik it was like...heaven."

Nicky felt a hot tear trail softly down her cheek." Heaven?" She whispered softly, feeling vulnerable.

" I...Nicky...you've got to know that...I...I..." Raven hunched her shoulders, her hands shaking...just tell her! Tell her you love her! Tell her she means everything to you, that you'd gladly kill to be with her! Tell her! Raven stared at the object of all her desires, her hormones flying all over the place like a psychotic bees on a rampage.

Nicky shifted to the edge of the bench to where Raven was kneeling. " You...what Rae?"

" I....I..." Raven's glistening eyes said it all. Her eyes said it all but she couldn't actually voice it. Why can't I do it? Sighing, the dark haired girl reached out and took one small trembling hand in her own as she scooted closer to her girl, her fingers gently running over the soft skin she was delicately holding." I'm sorry."

" Sorry?"

" Sorry for what just happened, sorry for being a jealous ass.."

" Jealous?" Nicky squeezed her own fingers around Raven's gaining strength from the dark girl's long nimble digits." What were you jealous of?"

Raven snorted and gave the cheerleader an incredulous look. Smiling slightly Raven ran her fingers along Nicky's face, wiping the tears away. Give her a break Rae, she's emotionally shattered.

" What am I jealous of?" Raven stared at Nicky, her eyes lovingly tracing each and every feature on the young girl's face." Erm...." Can't believe I'm actually admitting this!" I was kinda....jealous of.." Raven broke her gaze with Nicky and ducked her head, her cheeks flushing slightly." Of you...and Brad. Being together and all.."

Nicky's heart jumped in her chest. She was jealous of Brad? Blonde eyebrows rose. She doesn't have ANYTHING to be jealous of when it comes to Brad. Nicky wrinkled her forehead again. God this is all such a mess.

Nicky reached out and stroked a needy hand through Ravens luxurious black hair, loving the feeling of the silky strands part through her fingers like a dark mist. You do realise Nik that all this trouble and heartache could be over with if you just told the girl you loved her, broke up with Brad and got with her for good?

" Raven, you don't have to be jealous of Brad...I...you should know that..it was...erm...you I was with...like that. Only you." Nicky slipped her other hand beneath Raven's chin, caressing the smooth skin along the way, tilting her young lover's head up towards her so she could gaze into those clear blue eyes she dreamt of. Blushing furiously, Nicky just managed to keep eye contact, her palms sweating slightly with nerves." I mean, you KNOW you're my only one...don't you? I've never ...you know...with anyone else. Not Brad..just...you." Nicky poked a finger gently into Raven's chest." Just you."

" Just me." Raven repeated Nicky's words, a small smile lighting up her face." I know that I was your...first."

" Yes." Nicky mumbled, feeling fragile. God I need a hug. Green eyes peered down into crystal blue.

Raven's smile grew. I love you." C'mere." Raven whispered huskily as she knelt up and snuggled between Nicky's thighs, her arms wide open to envelop Nicky.

Nicky grinned quickly before jumping in Raven's arms, her own arms wrapping securely around the dark girl's neck, her face buried in the inky mass of Raven's hair.

Raven tightened her hold around the little blonde's waist, holding her as physically close as possible. I can felt her heart beat. Raven thought with wonder as she closed her eyes and inhaled the cheerleader's intoxicating scent of lavender and lilac. Oh yeah, now this feels like home. This is where I belong.

Nicky snuffled gently against Raven's neck, her tears clearing up." I'm sorry too you know." Nicky whispered in the dark haired girl's ear.

Raven shivered in response, enjoying the tingles that always came along with holding Nicky close." What for?"

" I shouldn't have reacted like that. When I saw you and Ms.Keeny together." Nicky frowned even at the thought." I never thought I had it in me to be so violent!"

Raven chuckled at the tone of Nicky's voice, hugging the blonde girl even tighter to her. I'm addicted, I'm soooo gone.

Nicky pulled back slightly until they were facing one another, their noses were lightly rubbing against each other, small knowing smiles gracing their faces. Nicky was content just to hold Raven like this all night.

Raven smiled back at the cheerleader, cuddling her closer as the strains of music floated softly around them.

" Lady In Red." Nicky whispered softly." I love this song."

" Huh?" Raven rose a brow, looking down at the sweetly smiling girl.

" This song. I love it."

" Oh." Raven bit her lip and almost shyly glanced back up at Nicky, her big blue eyes looking with hope at the smaller girl." Erm...would you...I mean." Raven puffed out her chest and released a big breath." Would you do me the greatest honour of dancing with me?"

Raven stood up infront of the blonde girl and held a shaking hand out to the cheerleader.

" Please? I just wanna hold you."

Raven's low sincere voice struck a cord within the blonde girl, causing Nicky's eyes to fill up again." I'd love to."

Raven gave the smaller girl an adorable grin, her dimples winking in her tanned cheeks as Nicky slipped her hand into her own. Raven wrapped her fingers around Nicky's, careful not to hurt her as she pulled the blonde girl to her feet. The dark haired girl slipped her hands around Nicky's waist, her fingers fanning out alongside gently flaring hips, holding the other girl possessively to her. Nicky reached up and put her arms around the tall girl's neck, linking her fingers behind Raven's head, her fingers gently brushing along the tall girl's silky hair.

" This feels nice." Raven sighed, closing her eyes as she felt Nicky resting her blonde head on her shoulder, the cheerleader's lips gently grazing the sensitive skin around the dark haired girl's throat.

" Hmmmm," Nicky mumbled, her tongue darting out, unable to resist flicking over the speedy pulse she found there.

Both girls simply held each other, swaying together perfectly as the whole world disappeared, nothing existed but the two of them together, loving each other in the only way they knew how. One of Nicky's hands unclasped itself from the other, slowly trailing down the sharp angles of the tall girl's face, cupping it lovingly.

" I don't like fighting with you Rae." Nicky said softly, her gentle green eyes reflecting the honesty of that statement as she continued to stroke Raven's flushed cheek." Just doesn't feel right." Nicky felt Raven nod her head in agreement. An adorable smile lit up the cheerleader's face as the song drew to an end." I'll tell you what does feel right though."

" What would that be?" Raven asked, leaning her forehead against Nicky's, snuggling the smaller girl closer.

" Holding you...hugging you...like this." Nicky squeezed Raven slightly, pressing her body closer to the tall girl.

Raven gulped, her nipples hardening as Nicky pressed her agile little body closer to her, their breasts rubbing up against one another. Whoooeee, definitely sensitive there.

 Raven frowned slightly, mentally giving herself a slap to the back of the head. C'mon Rae! Here you are just making up and all you can think about is getting down and dirty with Nicky? Raven gulped hard as she felt Nicky's hard little nipples brush against hers. Ok, so I'm not the only one feeling it then! Even still, you shouldn't be thinking those sort of thoughts right now....

" And do you know what feels even more right?" Nicky husked, her thumb sensually brushing Raven's parted lips.

Raven's breathing became erratic, matching the rhythm of Nicky's thumping heartbeat.

" What?" Raven said hoarsely, blinking rapidly as the cheerleader snuggled even closer.

" This...."

Nicky rubbed Raven's nose playfully one more time with her own before leaning in and sucking the dark haired girl's bottom lip between her lips, licking softly and groaning when Raven reacted immediately with much enthusiasm.

Raven frantically scooped the blonde cheerleader up, manually wrapping Nicky's firm thighs around her waist as she kissed the blonde girl with all the pent up passion she had, backing her up against the nearest locker as she thrust her hips forward, pinning the smaller girl in place. Jealous of Brad? Ha, not when I know that I'M the one that Nicky really wants.




" I hate life. It's not fair!" Maria moaned, sniffling into a handkerchief." Oh dammit!" Maria took her hand away from her face and saw that her mascara had run all over the place leaving dollops of black along her cheeks." Urggh. Can't anything go right for me?!"

The angry cheerleader stomped towards the girls toilets, hiding her face as best she could with the single hanky.

" Oh it was hilarious."

Maria stopped as she recognised the voice. Stacy.

" I know!"

And that's May. Maria froze and quickly ducked behind a table as a small group of the cheerleading squad made their way to the bathroom, no doubt going to re-fresh their make-up.

" The look on her face when Brad dropped her hand. That is going to stay with me for a long long long time." Stacy snickered." It was worth coming to this dance just to see that. Infact I would have paid to see Maria go through that all over again. God, Brad was such an arsehole, but I admit I did enjoy him being a bastard on this occasion."

" Tell me about it." May agreed." Wonder where Maria skulked off to?"

Maria clutched at the edge of the table, her red varnished nails digging into the wood leaving little grooves on its surface. Bunch of nasty fucking bitches!

" Who cares?" Stacy replied blithely, disappearing inside the toilets.

" Shit, shit, shit." Maria was fuming. I need to get this frigging make up off before it stains, but I can't go in the toilets while they're there. I ain't giving them the satisfaction of knowing that I've been crying. Bunch of evil twats.

Her head quickly swivelling around, Maria found an escape route and crawled on hands and knees behind the stacked chairs and tables to her destination.

" Urggh. Bloody hell!" Maria squirmed her way through the doors, rolling on her stomach until she heard the doors close behind her. Maria glanced down, dismayed at the state of her dress." What a shitting mess!"

The slim girl stood up and brushed herself off, as pissed off as a girl could possibly be.

" Where's the bloody sinks?" Maria stumbled her way along, obliviously walking right past a couple who were getting rather heated against the lockers." Gods get a room." Maria muttered sarcastically, stumbling to the sinks and quickly running the taps.

Just as the fuming girl was about to start wiping away the clumps of make-up, Maria froze. Hold on. Wait one darned minute!

Maria dropped the tissue she was holding, her jaw slowly gaping open as though it was about to hit the floor. That couple.....brown eyes bugged out.

One was wearing a green dress. There's only one chick wearing a green dress tonight.

Maria felt a thrill of excitement rush through her. Almost afraid that she was imagining it all, Maria slowly stalked backwards, her head peering cautiously around a group of lockers.

The bitchy cheerleader gasped in utter shock, all breath escaping from her, the blood rushing to her head as she stared in an amazed daze at the sight before her.


Maria quickly jerked her head away from the lockers and backed up against the wall, one shaking hand resting over her madly beating heart.

Oh, there IS a GOD! Eyes blinking, legs trembling, Maria could not believe her luck. I knew something was up between them!

Sneaking her head back around the lockers once more, Maria was practically floating in glee. Yup. It was true, there was little Miss.Perfect, Nicole Mayfair with her dress hiked up around her hips like a slut grinding into Raven Vlade like a bitch in heat.

 Oh my GAWD! The two of them were going at it like starved dogs, lips tongues, hands and fingers everywhere. They were practically eating each other up in their hunger for one another.

No wonder Brad isn't getting any action from her! Nicky's a fucking dyke! Oh yes. Oh yesssssss! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you God! Maria slowly slipped into the toilet cubicles again to hide from the heavily involved duo.

At last! Yesss! Maria pumped a fist in the air, the beaming smile on her face almost cracking her cheeks. AT LAST I have some dirt on that perfect bitch! An evil smirk smeared across the brunettes face, her eyes glazed as the possibilities floated through her head. Oh, I've got you now Nicky. The possibilities are simply endless. It just so happens that Little Miss.Perfect isn't so flawless after all. 


Continued in chapter 25!!!!!!!!!!! <grin>

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