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Chapter 8

Strolling steadily through the crowded corridors of Thursville High, Raven buried her hands deep inside the snug pockets of her black denim jeans. Giddy adolescents were swarming around the congested hallways, and her scowl intensified as she deftly dodged them. Realising that her fellow students were regarding her with something akin to fear, Raven set about softening her features, a self-deprecating smile playing on her pursed lips.... Ok, so you're becoming a frigging grinch Rae, chillout! The last couple of days had been downright confusing to say the very least...

Once Raven had left the Diner that emotionally bewildering night, she had wandered the streets for hours upon end, nonchalant towards the drizzly rain that had soaked her to the skin. Maria was a first class bitch - that much was obvious, but Raven just couldn't figure out WHY the petulant cheerleader had it in for her... talk about having your knickers in a constant twist! And then there was the ever adorable Nicky, the girl who had defended her, the girl who - for some strange reason - persisted in wanting to be her friend... the girl who left Raven fighting for her last vestiges of self-restraint. Like yesterday for instance, when Nicky had bravely approached the unpredictable brunette. The little blonde had been wearing such a cute cheerleader uniform that Raven had found her even more irresistible than usual. With a miniature logo of the school's mascot emblazoned on the front of her chest, Nicky was unwittingly drawing anyone's and everyone's eyes to the pert breasts that begged to be man-handled... Or woman handled more likely, Raven mused, absently lost in thought. Recalling the irrepressible image of the bubbly blonde, the brunette couldn't help but smile grudgingly. The endearing sight had inevitably left her body hot and flushed with repressed desire, her skin tingling, yearning for the blonde's touch like a man in the desert yearns for life sustaining water.

Nicky had cautiously walked over to Raven and placed a small caring arm around her shoulders, slowly dragging her fingers across the rough material covering taut, lean muscles. In response, Raven had just coldly turned away, ignoring the blonde cheerleader's attempts to comfort and care..... She just HAD to get away from Nicky before she did something she might seriously regret.... like throwing the blonde girl to the floor and taking her then and there, regardless of who may be watching.....Urrggh! Raven dug her nails into her legs in frustration, oblivious to the strange looks she was frequently receiving from passers-by.

Raven had just wanted to turn around and possessively seize the smaller girl, to take her in to unyielding arms and never let her go, but insecurity had stopped her. She wouldn't allow herself to care for someone that deeply. She couldn't need or depend on someone like that. Hell, she wasn't even sure if she could trust anyone - not even Nicky, or her faithful friend, Phil.

The dorky boy had practically dissolved in to tears when Raven had persistently ignored his presence time and time again..... But that can't be helped, Raven thought glumly, taking one tanned hand out of her pocket and opening the door to her art class, anyone who gets close to me is bound to get hurt....

Raven took a deep, shuddering breath in a final attempt to help steady her wracked emotions....they'll all grow to hate me soon enough to distance myself from them now, before I'M the one that gets hurt....with that thought blazing in her troubled mind, she entered the hustle and bustle of the busy classroom, not giving a flying fuck whether or not she was late to her lesson...again. The way Raven saw it, at least she was still attending the goddamn classes.




Phil glanced up eagerly as his tall friend walked through the door, closing it firmly behind her. He immediately raised his hand in greeting, and the exaggerated movement sent his glasses sliding down his crooked nose. Hastily adjusting them, he gazed hopefully at the sombre brunette. Raven didn't even acknowledge his presence.....DAMN! Phil thought in a sudden she ever going to forgive me for not coming to her defence like a true friend should? Why did I have to be such a fucking wimp! Phil's lanky frame drooped in a depressed stance, his thoughts irrevocably sad and solitary as he realised that due to his own weaknesses, he may have just lost the most precious gift he had ever been given....his best friend. But I'll be damned if I'm going to give up on her! She'll come around...she's just got to....

Oblivious to her friend's thoughts, Raven sank down in to a lurid orange chair, her leather jacket squeaking as it brushed against the cheap plastic. Ignoring the curious glances she received, she stretched her legs out on the desk and crossed her arms in a defiant stance.

Miss.Keeny glanced over at the broody, silent girl, her eyes running over the firm young breasts and long legs in anticipated delight....Hmmmmm. "Raven!" Her voice was unnaturally high as she sought the younger girl's attention, yet she managed to sound surprisingly sweet considering Raven had purposefully humiliated her in front of all the others students, reducing her to a puddle of quivering desire. But they weren't to know that...she thought smugly, glancing quickly around at the obliviously busy students...they're too self involved anyway, she mused silently, directing her gaze back to that of her newest and decidedly more interesting student. Ohhh, the lesson's I could give that girl...

Raven slowly raised her tired head, her stormy blue eyes zoning directly onto the bimbo teacher with ironic amusement. "What?" She questioned, hiding her confusion upon recognising the speculative glint in her teachers eyes...Where had she seen that exact same lustful gaze recently?...Uncle Charles...Raven thought, a snarl of disgust almost escaping from her lips. The little creep had taken to trying to burst in on her while she showered....Ok, the first time he had done it, it MIGHT have been an actual accident, but to burst in on someone each and every time they went into the shower stall was pushing the boundaries of chance a bit too far. I'll snap his scrawny neck the next time he tries that.....

Rachel Keeny smiled eagerly at her tall student's deep, drawled reply, a blush skittering across her tanned cheeks. Taking this as encouragement to pursue a discussion with the reluctant girl, she drew closer to Raven's still form.

Breathing in and ever so subtly repositioning her bra, Keeny swayed her way towards the seemingly unimpressed Raven, her hips swinging from side to side in a shamelessly blatant fashion. Someone's in heat.... Raven mentally smirked, allowing her admiring gaze to freely wander over the art teacher's physique......

Hmm, not bad I suppose, Raven relented absent-mindedly, admiring the exposed expanse of ample cleavage. If Keeny even dared to exhale too sharply, then the whole room would be graced with the sight of the art teacher's abundant assets. Grinning wickedly at this mischievous thought, Raven uncrossed her legs as Keeny reached the side of her chair. Placing a manicured hand on the putrid plastic, Keeny leaned towards Raven so that she could talk to the cantankerous girl face to face.

"And where, pray tell, have you been Ms.Vlade?" Keeny murmured, letting her full lips pout and her eyes coyly engage interaction with Raven's electric blue orbs..... "The lesson started over half an hour ago."

Raven placed a self assured grin solidly on her face, gazing back at the continuously pouting mouth and batting eyelashes of her teacher. Is she flirting with me??? Well Jesus Rae, it wouldn't exactly take Einstein to work that one out! Anyways, quit talkin' to yourself! Huh? I'm not talking to myself...Yes you are! Gods, I'm sooo sad. Snapping back to attention, Raven pursed her lips and replied to her teacher's friendly overture.

"Why Miss. Keeny, anyone listening would think that you've been missing me or something." Raven continued to grin cockily at the flirting teacher, shaking her head slightly to rid herself of the dark bangs obscuring her view.

Keeny stood up abruptly, yanking at her tight top and quickly glancing around...Nope. No one was watching her converse with this alluring girl....good. "Hmmm, now Raven, you know fine well what I'm talkin' about sweetie. You've been continuously late for this lesson three days in a row. Now what on earth can you possibly do to make up for all of this neglect?" Keeny leaned back down towards Raven, thrusting her chest into Raven's shocked face.

Raven coughed and struggled to control the sudden outburst of panic that invaded her eyes..... Shit! She's coming on to front of everyone....oh my God! Raven sat up and cleared her throat, trying to maintain her cool facade and congruously regard the coyly smirking art teacher....who was leaning forward, her proximity so intimate that Raven could even read the brand name of Keeny's wonderbra. Hmm, at least SOMEONE'S interested in me. The tall girl gulped audibly, her skinned flushed with embarrassment and to her own disgust, in part arousal as well. That is of course, until the leech of a woman pushed herself even further forward, assaulting Raven's sensitive senses....Bloody hell! "Miss.Keeny, back off!" Raven growled, her eyes shooting a warning to the blissfully unaware teacher. "I really don't need a second skin, the one I've got is doing just fine!"

Keeny backed off just a little, giving the younger woman some much needed breathing space. "So I see...." Keeny murmured in a slightly screechy voice, her eyes running freely and unabashedly over the leather clad girl.

Raven's nose twitched and she grimaced as the overwhelming scent of perfume made her eyes water. Christ, she smells like a goddamn whore's armpit! Hurriedly standing up and brushing past the flirtatious teacher with a mixture of contempt and reluctant arousal, Raven stalked quickly into the small supply room, where she immediately headed for the window and deftly opened the latch, inhaling a huge gulp of fresh air whilst trying to calm the hot pounding blood in her veins....which at this precise moment seemed to be running and centering downwards.

You creep Rae! The tall girl berated herself, you've been so busy lusting day and night after that Mayfair girl and now you've let your libido get outta control, just GREAT! Hmmm, you'd better get laid soon or you'll soon be reverted to humping the legs off the cafeteria's dining tables! Urrgh! So much for control! Just when she thought that her senses had been cleared of that disgustingly strong aroma of cheap perfume, there it was again!....Which means that...yup, Keeny was there as well.

Raven felt something repeatedly brush up against her back and the startled girl promptly turned around, only to come face to face with a leering Miss.Keeny. Fucking hell! Raven's mind screamed. Perhaps walking into a partially secluded room isn't the brightest of things that you could have done Rae, especially when you've got a sex mad barracuda after you! Nope, this hadn't been a very good idea after all.....this was the only section of the classroom that was obscured from the other student's sight.

"Ms.Keeny..." Raven growled, placing her hands on the wooden window sill behind her to steady herself...Shit, I can't believe that this woman's fucking coming onto me! Raven thought in panic. And I can't believe that I'm reacting to it! How shallow am I?

Keeny felt herself drawn towards her tall student and impatiently pushed herself up against the tall girl, panting in glee as she noticed with lustful anticipation that Raven's nipples were duly hardening beneath her tight white cotton shirt...Ohh, the things I would do to this girl...Keeny relished her thoughts, licking her garishly red lips and closing the distance between them.

"Come on know there's something between us.....I can feel it," Keeny murmured sensuously, her hand coming up to possessively cup Raven's firm breasts, fingers eagerly wandering over helplessly aroused nipples. No! No! No! This is not happening! Raven's mind shouted at her, but the young girl was helpless in the face of her body's needy reaction. Slowly closing her eyes, she selfishly enjoyed the sudden rush of lust flooding through her veins, aching with arousal as her teacher pinched her tingling nipples into two hard nubs of desire. Raven gasped, and biting her lip, she tipped her head back in sudden abandon. Gods! Her mind was screaming at her to run away from this woman and her rather unorthodox methods of 'teaching'. This should NOT be happening! Can you imagine the trouble you'll be getting yourself into Raven?!? But it wasn't her head that Raven was listening had been too damn long since another woman had touched her like this........

"Hmmm, Raven...." Keeny panted enthusiastically, pressing her full and curvaceous form against her pupil's lithe physique. Wrapping one hand firmly around Raven's heaving breasts, she slowly trailed deft fingers down a firm denim-clad thigh, red talons digging into the rough material. Keeny smiled with confidence as she regarded her student's heavy-lidded blue eyes. "Come on know you want it too.."

With that Raven succumbed to her animal instincts, and growling deeply at this torturous stimulation, she wrapped unyielding arms around her gasping teacher, pulling the petite woman in to a rough embrace. Encircling Keeny's slim waist, she trapped her in a vice-like grip, tanned hands mauling a soft backside and needy lips assaulting an acquiescent mouth.

"Ummmmm!" Keeny moaned in desire, immediately opening her mouth under the onslaught of her tall, dark student, biting and nipping at Raven's tender lips. She knew that she shouldn't be doing this, but the dark girl was just too irresistible....and no one will ever know......

Raven continued to devour Keeny's mouth with unleashed passion, her hands roaming over the writhing flesh of her whimpering teacher. She suddenly scooped the art teacher up into her arms and effortlessly twisted the pair of them around, so that Keeny was placed harshly against the window sill, the cool air from outside causing a pleasant tingling sensation across her heated skin. Ohh Gods, I need this...want this.....

"Ohhh Nicky....." Raven groaned deeply into Keeny's mouth as she placed a muscled leg between Keeny's resisting thighs...Huh?!? RESISTING? Raven groggily opened her eyes and tilted her head back so that she could look at the red faced art teacher... Oh shit.....

"Nicky?" Keeny squeaked, her jaw clenched in disbelief....." NICKY!!!!"

Raven withdrew from the incensed Ms.Keeny, her arms lying limply by her sides, grimacing as the art teacher ground her teeth together, making a terrible grating sound.

"Ms.Keeny.." Raven mumbled, running a shaky hand through her tangled black hair, breathing heavily. "I..I.." She just couldn't find the words. Raven didn't know what incensed her more, the fact that she had just had a hot making out session with a total bitch of a teacher, or the fact that it was Nicky's name that she had cried out whilst lost amid the throbbing sensations of utter arousal. Fucking hormones, Raven quietly cursed while dragging a now steady hand through her snarled black locks.

Keeny glared at the tall girl, rage igniting deep inside of her still needy body.... This was the LAST time that Raven would embarrass her like this....and who the hell is this Nicky?!? Arrggh!

"Get out," Keeny hissed in a deadly serious voice, her hands clenched and shoulders shaking. Raven brought her head up in confusion and dismay, dark bangs of hair clouding her vision once more, as they were prone to do. " I said GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!"

Raven stared at Keeny for a single moment, noticing the rage and jealousy whirling within Keeny's brown eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Raven stated, not sure why she was saying it, but she voiced the apology none the less. Straightening her rumpled clothes, Raven quietly stalked out of the silent classroom, avoiding the curious looks she was inevitably receiving. Pulling open the door, she slammed it hard behind her, disappearing down the hallway of Thursville High. Why does life have to be so goddamn difficult?


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