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The Art Of The Trap

natrurally you are drawn to me … out of no will of your own. You imagine you are the hunter. Of course, you are a hunter – you were born a hunter!

Like a seeker of mystery you are driven by the uncovered. You are attracted by the unknown. You starve for that which remains undiscovered!

And it is the first flower of spring you hunt for. My little white flower which blooms for the first time. A white of youth. A white of purity!

I am a nonconformist – the feminist of my kind. I am free to act, or rather react.

I am unconventional in every sense of the word– almost not what nature had intended. Yet I too need what everyone else needs… I am a goddess of love, yet I await you!

I have seen , you say, for you have seen my embodiment. The persona justifies the truth. In fact your eyes have perceived what the lighting has allowed in the moment in question. Your mind believes you have found what you seek- The truth is within your reach. Why not reach for it!

I could not survive if not for you. Presently I believe that my very existence depends on you. If you were not to touch me – how could I go on? Thus patiently I tilt my flower towards the sun in hope that I would catch your eye - catch all your senses. In hope that my flower would indeed be the one you would finally come for!

You are a female of warm blood. An animal that follows its instincts. A creature guided by its sense of attraction. What could be more natural?

Your warmth travels through the air. My fine hairs stand up, without a chance of hiding. My outer being can feel you are near. The anticipation of your touch is known to be even more overwhelming then the touch itself.

Now I breathe. If I were to reveal how eager I am that you have come for me, you would turn away.

Finally my hunter has come to catch me. You touch but the invisible hairs of my skin and now my whole being reacts to your presence.

I pull you closer. I embrace you; I wrap myself around you. You could not leave if you pleaded to. As it is in your nature to seek, to hunt – it is in mine to have… to hold!

You are being sucked and loved as though there were no tomorrow. The end of the game is here – the beginning of love. Like a moth to a flame or a fly to a Carnivorous

Plant… I am as irresistible to you as you are to me. You needed me and I need you!

You are inside me now. You have become one with me – you are a part of every vein in my body!

I will never let you go – my hunter.

The End

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