I do not own Xena or Gabrielle or any of this alcohol Gabrielle drinks.

Warnings: Drunk Gabrielle thoughts and Xena’s warm, naked body…


A Good Night’s Sleep





She drank too much, that is now very apparent. The way the room is spinning... and the candlelight looks... What is that? Purple? Hmm, that’s different.

Normally, she can handle various ales and spirits. Of course, normally, she does not drink this much. What did the barkeep call it? Devil’s Horn...? Horny Devil?

That makes her laugh out loud and earns a muffled ‘shut up’ from the bed. She covers her mouth to stifle more laughter and trips over a pair of boots. The floor rushes up much too quickly. That’ll leave a mark...

So, she stays there and figures this is a good enough sleeping place as any. Just as she drifts off, though... someone or something is moving her...

“Wha..?” She mumbles, blinking her eyes rapidly. A tall person looms overhead, dragging her unmoving body and shoving her into the warm folds of a bed.

“Seems as though you’ve had a full night.” A voice whispers into her ear. She moves closer to the voice and finds a warm body there. Mmmmmmmmm...

And that sound of happiness is out loud as well, making the body she is holding chuckle. All is nice and lovely, until a sound of disgust registers in her ears.

“Ugh... you are drooling on me...” The warm body says, not too pleasantly.

She brings a hand up, wiping away a sticky substance from her lips. Then moves back to the warm body... the wonderful, naked, warm body...

She hears a distant sigh and arms go around her. She snuggles closer. This is perfect.

“Next time, though... don’t let them buy you round after round just to hear your stories, Gabrielle...” The warm body says before going back to sleep.

And Gabrielle, knowing that in the morning her head will regret so many things... It won’t regret sleeping like this.

The End

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