Love and Affection

Gabrielle is not sure of it. All her questions are answered by more questions.

Why would she take me along if not from some kind of affection?

But if she feels affection for me, why does she not show it?

The bard feels words stall in her mind, no longer finding purchase on parchment. Her emotions scattered now, Gabrielle throws herself back and hits the ground.

She can let loose for a moment since Xena is away, stalking dinner.

Of course, that image just sets off other aspects of thinking. The bard tries, in vain, to halt this particular process. It does not matter. There she is – all gleaming and brave and beautiful… Damn.

And then, there she is. Xena, standing proud with her prey… Xena, staring into the night… Xena, sleeping all too closely and letting a strong arm stretch out, letting that same strong arm wrap around one terribly love struck bard.

This is all I’ve ever wanted, Gabrielle’s heart says. And she moves further into this warrior’s embrace.

Xena is here, whether the bard understands the why or what-for… Xena is here, holding her all through the night and not pushing her away.

The warrior princess is here, breathing softly into Gabrielle’s hair.

Well, if that is not a sign of affection… They sigh in tandem, one from relaxation and the other from joy… Then I don’t know what is.

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