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Notes – Season Three beginnings. Gabrielle is trying to change subtext into maintext. Silly bard. ;)


Love Without Sex

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It makes her feel like a child all over again.
If it wasn't the worldly ways that used to escape her or for the worldly people who used to laugh at her, Gabrielle might have thought she just wasn't enough of an adult these days
But adults suffer. And she has suffered too much, had the gaiety of life ripped away. The sorrow of growing up found her and made her the woman she is today.
Now, I want some of the good aspects. Is that so wrong?

It has been a decent day. It is a decent night. And she holds this hand, so strong and so soft, and she wants more. Gabrielle wants it all and she wants Xena to give it all.
'I love you' comes with every death and with every near-demise... And that is sweet. It is endearing to be so loved that another human being cannot bear the thought of losing you.
But we've been here already. I've walked this path. I'm ready for the next step.

Gabrielle runs her fingers slowly down Xena's still open palm, waiting for the calm to break and to find those eyes upon her, asking questions that the warrior is afraid to answer.
She halts at Xena's elbow, not bothering to turn away from the shadows of the forest around them.
Those eyes, those heartbreaking blue eyes, will be frozen in fear... Is it that bad? Is it that bad to want? To need?

"Do you love me?" Gabrielle asks.
"You know I do." Xena replies.
"I love you... but I want more... Because love without sex just isn't fun anymore." Gabrielle states.

And, taking that hand back within her own warm grip, Gabrielle faces that which she cannot live without.
Not anymore.


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