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Warnings: X/G love and lust content






Xena could have never had those dreams, those fantasies. Xena could have stopped it all from taking place. Could-a, should-a, would-a... doesn’t matter now, does it?

Gabrielle is dancing around and Xena falls in love a little more. Gabrielle is making mistakes and Xena finds her more charming. Gabrielle is stronger and Xena gives more respect now. Gabrielle is older... and Xena is noticing.

Noticing curves... Best not to think on that one. Noticing how clothes fit the woman better... And in all the right places. Noticing Gabrielle’s sly little smiles and her golden hair and her beautiful eyes... Where is a cold lake now??

And Gabrielle has no clue the torture she is putting Xena through! All these hugs and kisses and ‘I love you’ being said all the time... I’m about to go mad!

Xena isn’t sure what to do... let the woman just keep getting closer without getting closer... Or tell Gabrielle the truth. A version of the truth... I could lie, but she’d know that I was... Hmmm, the truth? How would that go?

Xena practices a little, sort of muttering to herself... trying to ignore the fact that Gabrielle is taking off her boots, then her skirt, then her top...

“Gotta go... check the parameter.”

Ignore her suspicious look and get some clarity. Right, the truth... the truth is...

Xena stands opposite a tree with only the moon as a witness. Thank the Gods for that...

She clears her throat and crosses her arms.

“Gabrielle, I like you. As in... physically. I like you physically.”

Wow... that line deserves to go to Hades, it is so bad...

“Gabrielle, you know I love you... very much. And I love you so much that I...”

Nope, too sappy. Too much emotion.

“Hey Gabrielle, want to have sex? More than once?” Maybe simple is good?

Are you kidding?

Xena slams her fist into the tree. Nothing she could say would make the bard interested... Gabrielle loves her, sure... just not in that way. Xena decides to just disregard her lust for her friend. Gabrielle need never know about it.

As she turns around, however, Gabrielle is standing there. Eyebrows raised, eyes wide and her staff leaning just a little too far to the right as she holds it... Oh. My. God. Did she hear me? Play it off, play it off!

Xena asks why Gabrielle is there and the woman does not answer. Xena makes a comment about the night sky, hoping to distract Gabrielle’s gaze... That did not work.

Xena thinks the best move is to make a quick get-away. Gabrielle stops her though.

“Don’t you want an answer to that last question?”

Xena coughs loudly, saying how she could really use some water... Need. To. Get. Away. Now.

“Fine, go get some water. Just wanted to let you know the answer is yes.”

And Gabrielle goes past Xena, toward their camp. Xena just stands there...

...What was that last question again? ...About having sex? And she said yes...? She said... yes. As in yes, let’s have sex. Yes. To sex. She said yes to having sex with me.

Xena feels the nervousness of before slide off, replaced by a determination and a mischievous grin. Gabrielle said yes and Xena is going to start this new phase of their relationship right now.

The End

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